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Calculating Speed Activity by nuhman10


									                     Calculating Speed Activity

Objective: Practice calculating the speed of a moving object.

1 science book                      moving object
worksheet                           ruler
pen or pencil each

   1. Using the ruler, measure 30cm from the edge of your desk. Place your Science
      book here. Your desk should look like the picture below.

                                                            30 cm


   2. One person will operate the moving object, one person will use the stopwatch.
      Take Turns.
   3. You will place the back wheels of the object at the edge of the table.
   4. Using the stopwatch, time how long it takes the object to travel the 30cm into the
   5. Record your data on the data table.
   6. You will need to perform this experiment 10 times.
   7. Calculate the speed for each experiment after all testing.

                     Calculating Speed Activity

Data Table:
#    Distance (cm)    Time (s)     Speed cm/s (show all your work)
1          30
2          30
3          30
4          30
5          30
6          30
7          30
8          30
9          30
10         30

      1. What was the average speed for your moving object? (show your work)

      2. Using the average speed, how long would it take your object to travel 1
         meter? (How many cm are in 1 meter?)

      3. How far could your object go in 1 minute? (Use the average speed)

      4. If 1 mile is 160934.4 cm, how long would it take your object to travel 1 mile?

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