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Fall 2007 Fall 2009 by ajizai


									Fall 2009
Prof. Rick Hayes, Ph.D., CPA

                                      ACCT 424A
                                SQL Oracle Project (200 Pts.)
This project is composed of six assignments. The due dates for these assignments are
listed in the syllabus. Following is a description of each of the assignments.

 Assignment 1* (40 Pts.):
 Part I:
 Learn SQL basics by completing parts A through E of the exercise attached
 (labeled “exercise 1”) using SQL Oracle.

 Part II and III:
 Design, create, populate and display the data in the Invoice_200X table as
 instructed in the handout.

          Output 1: A printout of exercise 1 (both the commands and assignment
          along with the spool file).

   Assignment 2 (40 Pts.):
   Design and prepare a chart of accounts using SQL Oracle. The chart of accounts
   (table) should include 32 accounts exactly. The chart of accounts should include
   fields for: account number, account name, amount, debit amounts, and credit
   amounts. It is your responsibility to identify the accounts most likely to be
   included in a manufacturing company’s chart of accounts. Consult your
   intermediate accounting textbook if you need help with that.
   P.S. Do not include the totals of the fields in the chart of accounts

            Output 2: A printout of the chart of accounts along with the spool file.

 Assignment 3 (30 Pts.):
 Using SQL Oracle, design and prepare a trial balance based on the chart of
 accounts you prepared in assignment 2.

          Output 3: A printout of the trial balance along with the spool file.

 * Make sure you bring a flash drive with you to the first meeting to save your spool file on. In
 general, make sure you bring a flash drive with you every time we are going to the lab.
Assignment 4 (40 Pts.):
Using SQL Oracle, prepare a single step income statement based on the trial
balance you prepared in assignment 3. Make sure you use SQL Oracle to
compute net income/net loss. Show net income/net loss as “income summary” at
the bottom of the statement.

   Output 4: A printout of the single step income statement with net income/net
   loss showing at the bottom of the statement. Make sure you submit the spool

Assignment 5 (40 Pts.):
Prepare a balance sheet using SQL Oracle. The only totals and subtotals that
need to show and be inserted into the body of the balance sheet are “total current
assets”, “total assets” and “total liabilities and owner’s equity.” Compute these
totals/subtotals using SQL Oracle before you insert them into the balance sheet.

   Output 5: A printout of the balance sheet including the above mentioned
   totals/subtotals. Make sure you submit the spool file.

Assignment 6 (10 Pts.):
Using SQL Oracle, compute ROA (return on assets) based on the income
statement and balance sheet prepared in assignments 4 and 5. Make sure you use
the aggregate functions discussed in class in computing ROA.

   Output 6: A printout of the ROA along with the spool file showing how ROA
   was computed using SQL Oracle.
         How to Access Oracle 9i SQL from CSULA’s Student Labs

From the Lab computer desktop press:

Start  All Programs  Course Work  Oracle 9i  Oracle -Oracle 9i  Application
Development SQL Plus
You are now in the Oracle SQL program and you see a log-in box.

User Name           scott
Password            tiger
Host String         rhayes

And click OK box

This will put you into the Scott schema (database) running Oracle 9i SQL release Start your exercises with the SPOOL command.

SPOOL E:\YourLastName_424a1.TXT;

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