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           ISSUE TWO 2007

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Fine Gifts for Every Occasion

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               2301 S. Broadway • Tyler
           903-592-8585 • 800-241-4734

                                 from the                                   league            LINES
                                 EDITOR                                         LEAGUE LINES EDITOR
                                                                                     Judie Bower

                                                                                 ASSISTANT EDITOR
                                                                                  Rebekah Williams

                                                                                     Trudy Lynch
                                                                                   Christine Sperow
                                                                                    Shea Taucher
As we approach the holiday season, we invite you to join us for
                                                                                ADVERTISING SALES
Mistletoe & Magic 2007, Fifth Avenue Flair. A tradition since 1979,               Michelle Blackburn
Mistletoe & Magic is an opportunity for friends and families to usher               Wendy Farmer
in the holiday season together through special events, parties,                    Cadie Johnson
shopping and entertainment. It allows the community to celebrate the            SUSTAINING ADVISOR
season but also serves as a fundraiser for the Junior League so that we              Karen Ford
can continue to support community agencies through financial and
volunteer assistance. The Mistletoe & Magic committee has been
working throughout the year preparing for this event and invites you          JUNIOR LEAGUE OF TYLER
                                                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
to come be a part of the festivities.
In this issue, we highlight the TISD Foundation Teacher Grant Program.             Leann Strnadel
Through this program, educators are given the opportunity to bring               PRESIDENT-ELECT
new projects and innovative ideas to the classroom. Students investigate           Kathy Bauman
and learn new concepts in science and technology as well as history,
                                                                                 ADMINISTRATIVE VP
math, language and self-discipline. These grant opportunities are opening         Chalease Denson
the doors for creativity and allowing teachers additional support as they
                                                                                COMMUNICATIONS VP
enhance learning environments.                                                       Terri Good

                                                                                  COMMUNITY VP
We hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know the 2007-2008 Junior League
                                                                                   Gillian Sheridan
Board of Directors. These women share a passion for volunteerism and
are continually working towards building our community. Each lady is               FINANCIAL VP
                                                                                   Stacy Bengtson
dedicated to serving and leading the Junior League membership over
the next year.                                                                 FUND DEVELOPMENT VP
                                                                                    Leslie Watson

                                                                                  MEMBERSHIP VP
Happy Holidays!                                                                    Kathy Bauman

                                                                                 NOMINATING CHAIR
                                                                                     Kim Farrell

Judie Bower                                                                     SUSTAINING ADVISOR
League Lines Editor                                                                  Terri Smith


         NATIVITIES                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tyler
                      an Boeck
                              man Collection of Mexican & Latin A                                                                                                                                  Urgen
                ra & D                                            merica
           e Lau                                                        n Fol
                                                                             k Ar
    From th                                                                       t
                November 18, 2007 – January 20, 2008

                                                                                             David Villafañez. Nativity, c. 1997. Wood, wire, aniline dyes, paint. 33 1/2 x 45 5/8 x 7 1/2 in.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Walk-In Medical Care
                                                                                                                                                                                                             1809 Capital Drive at
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Old Jacksonville Highway
                                                                                                                                                                                                 (1/2 Mile South of Loop 323 Across From Brookshire’s Wildlife Museum)

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fever / Infections           Lacerations
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sprains / Fractures            School, Sports, Work Physicals
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Occupational Medicine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Most Insurance Accepted

                                                                                                                                                                                                               No Appointment Necessary
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                 Also continuing through January 6                                                                                                                                                            Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                “Past/Present/Future: Folk Art of Mexico”
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Brad Robertson, M.D. • Bill Wallace, M.D.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  903 - 509 - 4499
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Visit Our Website:
                1300 S. Mahon Ave, adjacent to TJC Campus • 903.595.1001 • tylermuseum.org                                                                                                                 www.tylerurgentcare.com

                                                         F E AT U R E S

                                                         6       2007 Mistletoe & Magic
                                                                 Fifth Avenue Flair

                                                         28      History of Mistletoe & Magic

                                                         32      2007-2008 Board of Directors

                                                         34      TISD Grants

                                                         COLUMNS AND DEPARTMENTS

                                                         1   Letter from the Editor
                                                             Judie Bower

                                                         5   Letter from the President
                                                             Leann Strnadel

                                                         42 Classic Cookbooks

                                                         44 Accolades
                   On The Cover
     2007 Mistletoe & Magic Steering Committee

  Special thanks to Bryan Rockett - Portraits by Bryan   VOLUME 50 NUMBER 2
Design by Autry Design • Printed by Designer Graphics    www.juniorleagueoftyler.org
             Center of
             for 59 Years

             Upscale Shopping
             located in the
             geographic center of
             Tyler in the heart of
             the Azalea District

         We Are Proud
        to Support the
    Junior League of Tyler.

                                                                                                            League Lines
                                      from the                                                           is a quarterly magazine

                                      PRESIDENT                                                              published by the
                                                                                                       Junior League of Tyler, Inc.,
                                                                                                         to promote the League’s
                                                                                                        mission and goals and to
                                                                                                        educate League members
                                                                                                        and the community about
                                                                                                       the projects, fundraisers and
                                                                                                       membership of the League.

“   It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
                                                                                ”                    The Junior League of Tyler, Inc.
                                                                                                       is an organization of women
    “You can have the most wonderful mission in the world, but it takes people
    to make the mission a reality.”                          Wayne Olson                                 committed to promoting
                                                                                                       voluntarism, developing the

    As soon as my children start to see Christmas decorations go up around town, they love to            potential of women and
    sing the line, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” They enjoy gifts, food and family     improving communities through
    during the holiday season. They take all of this for granted. However, there are so many in          the effective action and
    our community who are not able to sing the very same song with glee and anticipation.
                                                                                                           leadership of trained
    The Junior League of Tyler is not just an organization that decorates Harvey Convention             volunteers. Its purpose is
    Center and puts on a big party and shopping weekend. The true meaning of                           exclusively educational and
    Mistletoe & Magic is funding our mission. You see, the proceeds of this incredible event
                                                                                                         charitable. Its vision is to
    do things that might really surprise you.
                                                                                                        commit our volunteers and
    When you contribute to Mistletoe & Magic, our largest fundraiser, you will:                       resources to positively impact
    • Help adults and children learn to read                                                          the present and future quality
    • Build someone a house                                                                              of life in our community.
    • Feed the elderly
    • Provide a wish for a sick child
                                                                                                         The League Lines staff
    • Support the arts through our local museum and theatre
                                                                                                           hopes that you enjoy
    • Support families with parent education courses
    • Help children who have suffered abuse                                                           this issue of League Lines and
    • Support teachers                                                                                we encourage your feedback.
    • Help low income families with affordable health care                                            If you would like to contact the
    • And much, much more… for a complete list, visit our website at www.juniorleagueoftyler.org         editor, be added to our
                                                                                                          mailing list or receive
    We simply could not fulfill our mission of improving the community without the help of our
    underwriters, partners, and friends. You are the people who help make the mission of the            information on advertising,
    Junior League of Tyler a reality. With your help, it’s the most wonderful time of the year all          please contact the
    year long for Tyler!                                                                             League office at (903) 595-5426

    Building with you,
                                                                                                     or send an email to jbow@tjc.edu

    Leann Strnadel                                                                                       Design by Autry Design
    Junior League President                                                                           Printed by Designer Graphics

                               stletoe &Magic 20
                              i                 0

                                                    &MaM letoe
                                                           c gic

                 Fifth Avenue Flair
    Our signature fundraising event is just around            Tyler, Texas, children and the young at heart can
    the corner, and this year, Mistletoe & Magic will         lace up and glide around a real ice-skating rink
    take you to the fabulous frenzy of New York City.         at the Scammahorn Center! Stop and eat a
    “Fifth Avenue Flair” promises all the glamour,            bite at the Central Park Promenade where
    excitement, fun, and of course shopping of the            local vendors will sell great tasting treats.
    city that never sleeps. From store-front stylings         During Preview Party, you can play a high-stakes
    created by our talented Decorations Steering              game of “Heads or Tails,” for the chance to walk
    Committee to the unique vendors hand-picked
                                                              away with a ladies stainless steel Rolex! Just by
    by the Merchants Steering Committee,
                                                              participating in these events, you will help promote
    Mistletoe & Magic 2007 will be a treat for
    the community, as well as the members of                  the mission of the Junior League of Tyler.
    The Junior League of Tyler!
                                                              Our tried-and-true events like Silent & Live
    I am proud to present this event to the                   Auction and Breakfast with Santa will continue
    community on behalf of all of you, both                   to liven up your holiday season, so don’t forget
    Steering Committee members, and Committee                 to buy your brunch, preview party, and Breakfast
    members. Because of your strong support and               with Santa tickets, as well as your Bryan Rockett
    energetic participation, “Fifth Avenue Flair” will        gift certificates. There is truly something for
    be a fabulous event with even better benefits             everyone, so come prepared to bid!
    for the community. Just think: each five dollar
    ticket sold means a meal for someone who                  As the week of “Fifth Avenue Flair” draws near,
    otherwise might go hungry; job training for a             keep your energy level high, and get ready to
    woman in need of a hand-up; a dream-come-                 bring an incredible event to Tyler. We need and
    true for a sick child, and health services for an
                                                              value your time and talent above all else, and
    underinsured patient. This event represents
                                                              know that it is because of our League’s
    our commitment to those in need, as well as
    our own dedication to serving our community.              strength that we are able to make such a
                                                              phenomenal impact on Tyler. I’ll see you soon,
    I can’t wait to see all of you in the Mistletoe &         on the streets of Manhattan, during
    Magic trenches! The Steering Committee has                Mistletoe & Magic, 2007!
    been working hard to bring an exciting mix of
    the old and new events to keep you and your               Andy Wells
    family entertained. For the very first time in            2007 Mistletoe & Magic Chairman

                                    Fifth Avenue Flair
THURSDAY, 12 NOON – 9 P.M. • FRIDAY, 12 NOON – 9 P.M. • SATURDAY, 10 A.M.–5 P.M.

                                  Harvey Convention Center
                                      2000 West Front St. • Tyler, Texas
                            Tickets available at the door • $5 each per day • All sales final
            Order tickets online at www.juniorleagueoftyler.org or call 903-593-1080 for more information.
                                                                     Photos by Bryan Rockett
      2007 Mistletoe &Magic Committee

                                                          Andy Wells, Mistletoe & Magic
                                                          Chairman and Leann Strnadel,
                                                          JLT President.

                                                              Liz Ballard, Merchants Steering Committee;
                                                               Rebecca Ballard, Decorations Chairman;
                                                              Meredith Roberts, Merchants Chairman; and
                                                               Cindy Brady, Staffing Steering Committee

       Zoe Kerr, PR Steering Committee; Kelly Haney,
    PR Steering Committee; and Amy Lively, PR Chairman.

  2007 Mistletoe &Magic Committee

 Trina McAllister, Marketing Steering Committee;
    Heather Pickett, PR Steering Committee; and
 Kimberly Abeldt, Marketing Steering Committee.

 Rebecca Robinson, PR Steering Committee;
   BethAnne Bruce, PR Steering Committee;
Ginger Haberle, Marketing Steering Committee;
  and Mitzi Hardee, Special Events Chairman.

                                                   Kelli Armstrong, Special Events Steering Committee
                                                           and Stacie Walker, Staffing Chairman.

             2007 Mistletoe &Magic Committee

                                                                             Leigh Ann Bugg, Children’s Events Steering Committee;
                                                                             Melanie Baker, Special Events Steering Committee;
                                                                             Jo DeMoville, Reservations Chairman; and Brandi
                                                                             Lamberth, Marketing Steering Committee.

                                                                                  Christy Calbraith, Administrative Assistant;
                                                                              Carissa Fisher, Decorations Steering Committee;
                                                                              Vickie Hammer, Rentals & Signage Chairman; and
                                                                             Callie Caruthers, Reservations Steering Committee.

     Jeanne Ramunni, Treasurer Assistant; Laurie Ann Frank, Marketing
       Steering Committee; Stacie Gregory, Marketing Chairman; and
           Kamala Scammahorn, Marketing Steering Committee.
10                                                                  All Mistletoe & Magic Committee photos courtesy of Bryan Rockett - Portraits by Bryan
              Pure Luxury.

                                                                   Let Birthdays Be
                                                                   An Adventure At

      E   P   I   S   C   O   P   A   L   S   C   H   O   O   L    308 N. Broadway Tyler, Texas 75702
     2695 SSW Loop 323 • Tyler • 903-579-6001                          903.533.8011 Extension 24
     www.all-saints.org                                           Visit our web site at www.discoveryscienceplace.com

                                  Chance Drawing
                            2007 Chevrolet Silverado Truck
              $100 per chance. Someone will be the lucky winner of a brand new four-door black Silverado Truck!
               The 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Half Ton Crew Cab Truck won 2007 Motor Trend Truck of the Year.
                                                       Sponsored by

                                                Heads or Tails
           The Live Auction will begin with a game of chance easy to win. Each participant can purchase up to a maximum
             of two game cards at $20 each. Before each toss of the coin, patrons will have to decide “Heads or Tails.”
            The final winning flip of the coin will determine who takes home a Ladies Stainless Steel and Gold Rolex from
                            Susan Robinson Jewelry. The prize is amazing and your odds are spectacular!
                                                              Sponsored by

                                                         Official Rolex Jeweler

                   Gift “Sak”
    Ramsey Fritz Jewels unwraps on Fifth Avenue for one
  night only! Be one of the first to select your Ramsey Fritz
  Jewels Gift “Sak” at the Mistletoe & Magic Preview Party.
 Only 100 lucky shoppers will have a chance to win a suite of
 Lagos jewelry valued at over $1,000. Each Gift “Sak” has a
   gift certificate or surprise inside valued at $25 to $600
    and only one has the Lagos jewelry. Your $50 donation
                                                                                             Special Thanks
                   will give you a chance to win!                                                      Margo Adams
                        Sponsored by                                                                  Gillian Brasfield
                                                                                                 Discovery Science Place
                                                                                                      Jennifer Hallisey
                                                                                                        Susan Hene

Discount Shopping Card
                                                                                                           Mike Hill
                                                                                                        Amy Lauffer
    Mistletoe & Magic, “Fifth Avenue Flair” presents the                                          Bob & Lianne Sanchez
  2007 Discount Shopping Card. Purchase a card for $10                                           C. Strickland-TJC Theatre
   and receive 10% OFF at participating merchant booths                                             Terri & Neal Smith
 during Mistletoe & Magic. Shopping cards will be available
starting in November at the Junior League of Tyler office and                                           Joyce Turner
    also available for purchase during Mistletoe & Magic.                                                Janet York

                                                   Information available as of print deadline.                               13
       New For 2007
     Mistletoe &Magic
     Discount Shopping Card
      Mistletoe & Magic, “Fifth Avenue Flair” presents the 2007 Discount Shopping Card.
       Purchase a card for $10 and receive 10% OFF at participating merchant booths
     during Mistletoe & Magic. Shopping cards will be available starting in November at the
     Junior League of Tyler office and also available for purchase during Mistletoe & Magic.

        Parties & Special Events
         Under the Lights of Times Square
                      PREVIEW PARTY – $85
               WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 • 7 P.M. -11 P.M.
                 Start your trip to New York with an elegant evening of
         private shopping while dining on a cocktail buffet by G-Texas Catering
             Heads or Tails Game sponsored by Susan Robinson Jewelry
                  Live Auction sponsored by R.W. Fair Foundation
                    Gift “Sak” sponsored by Ramsey Fritz Jewels
                     Preview Party Silent Auction sponsored by
                           Threlkeld Insurance & Company
              Dancing to The Brent Van Sickle Orchestra sponsored by
                                BrickStreet Pharmacy
                     Complimentary Valet Parking sponsored by
               C. Woods Co., L.L.C. & Classic Toyota Mercedes-Benz
                            Preview Party sponsored by

                 Breakfast at Tiffany’s
                         BRUNCH – $30
           THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 • 9:30 A.M. – 12 NOON
                Enjoy the high-fashion Style Show brought to you by
               Bridgette’s & Harley’s complete with private shopping,
                        silent auction and a delightful brunch
                                 by G-Texas Catering
                     Sponsored by Bob L. Herd Foundation
             Complimentary Valet Parking by Tyler Valet Parking Services

                      Magic on Madison
                        GRANDPARENT’S NIGHT – $5
                      THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 • 7 P.M.
                     Style Show by Spinout & Nana Bananaz
                         Sponsored by Ann & James Hardin

     Holidays &Happenings on Herald Square
                           BRUNCH – $30
              FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 • 9:30 A.M. – 12 NOON
             Watch for this runway-ready Style Show straight from
                    Herald Square, home of Macy’s New York.
                         By Macy’s. Enjoy private shopping,
             silent auction and a delightful brunch by G-Texas Catering
                            Sponsored by Oak Hollow
             Complimentary Valet Parking by Tyler Valet Parking Services

    Parties & Special Events
                 A Night on Broadway
                           FAMILY NIGHT – $5
                      FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 • 7 P.M.
            Style Show by 8th Street Boutique and Punkin Patch
                        Sponsored by Regions Bank

                     Saturday in SoHo
                    PRIVATE SHOPPING – $10
         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10 • 8:30 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.
  A shopper’s dream! Enjoy the luxury of shopping early before the crowd!
                    Sponsored by Henry & Peters, P.C.

                    Scammahorn Center
                  OUTDOOR ICE SKATING RINK – $10
               THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 • 4 P.M. – 9 P.M.
                FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 • 4 P.M. – 9 P.M.
              SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10 • 11 A.M. – 4 P.M.
Give your child a taste of New York City’s Rockefeller Center during the holidays!
Lace up your ice skates and take your turn around the outdoor ice skating rink.
 Skates in all sizes are provided. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
                   Sponsored by Kamala & Scott Scammahorn

 Breakfast with Santa in Central Park
         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10 • 8:30 A.M. – 10:45 A.M.
  Bring your children for a magical breakfast with Santa and ice skating at the
   Scammahorn Ice Rink. A 4x6 photo is included. Pictures will be provided by
Spotted at TylerPaper.com. All children must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.
                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Z. Ornelas Special Events Tent
         Sponsored by Anita A. Ray; Dr. Kent Boozer-Pediatric Dentist;
                       & Dr. Sherri J. Reuland-Orthodontist

               Central Park Promenade
                               FOOD COURT
                             NOVEMBER 8 – 10
            What New York shopping experience would be complete
            without a boardwalk? Don’t miss out on the fare featuring
          Chick- fil -A, Double Dave’s Pizza, Yahooz’s and Heartland Ham
                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Z. Ornelas Special Events Tent
           Sponsored by Tyler Morning Telegraph & TylerPaper.com

           8th Street Boutique – Tyler, TX                          Accessories* – Austin, TX
                Allyson’s – Chandler, TX                        Menagerie Rowe Int’l. – Dallas, TX
    Andrew’s Candy Company – Arkadelphia, AR                           Michele’s – Austin, TX
      Art & Tile of Santa Fe* – Santa Fe, NM               Minnie Beasley’s Cookie Co. – Denver, CO
           Articulations* – Santa Fe, NM                           My Destiny* – Cypress, TX
          Autry Antiques – Jacksonville, TX                        Nana Bananaz* – Tyler, TX
               B. K. Swayze – Spring, TX                Nancy Brown Custom Jeweler – Santa Fe, NM
 Barbara’s Antique Button Jewelry – Kingwood, TX          Outfitters of Little Fork Ranch* – Dallas, TX
           Beautiful Gems*— Houston, TX                     Pandora de Balthazar*– Round Top, TX
                Beijo Bags – Coppell, TX                          Portraits by Bryan – Tyler, TX
          Biscuit Barrel Antiques – Tyler, TX                        Punkin Patch – Tyler, TX
             BNR Designs – Ft. Worth, TX                          R. L. Davis – Booth – Tyler, TX
           Caliente Company* – Lipan, TX                          R. L. Davis – Cart – Tyler, TX
          Canterbury Court – Corsicana, TX                 Round Top Natural Soap – Round Top, TX
         Chasin’ Our Tails – Whitehouse, TX                        RTZY Works* – Austin, TX
      Cherchie’s Specialty Foods – Malvern, PA                       Ruffles – Jacksonville, TX
       Cherith Valley Gardens – Longview, TX                   Sharon Young Boutique – Tyler, TX
         Cloverleaf Boutique – Ardmore, OK                             Shine!* – Houston, TX
          Cooking with Marie* – Austin, TX                  Snappy Time Designs Inc.* – Dallas, TX
          CowboySanta.com – Fitzhugh, OK                                 Spinout – Tyler, TX
           Cowgirl Cool.com* – Dallas, TX                           Sterling Grace – Tyler, TX
           Delicious by Design* – Tyler, TX                      Stitches Embroidery – Tyler, TX
         Delta Pecan Orchard – Tutwiler, MS               Susie’s South 40 Confections – Midland, TX
              Dolls by Eve* – Amarillo, TX           Sweet Gourmet*/ Birdsong’s Unique Gifts – Tyler, TX
               Easy as Pie – Hearne, TX                          Take Up the Cross* – Allen, TX
                Fabric Café* – Tyler, TX                         Talaya’s Collection – Austin, TX
               Fleur de Vie* – Austin, TX                        Teacup Traditions by Sherrye*
        Forever, Rebecca and Fluff – Tyler, TX                             Beaumont, TX
          Funshine Music – San Angelo, TX             Texas Ranger Books & Merchandise – Marietta, GA
             Grace Notes* – Clinton, MS                      Texas Red Hot Rooster* – Lufkin, TX
   Guadalupe Gourmet Pantry – Schulenburg, TX               The Discovery Science Place – Tyler, TX
              House of Lamps – Tyler, TX                         The Gift Solution* – Austin, TX
               IMPS – Chesterfield, MO                            The Mills Company – Tyler, TX
            In Courage! – San Antonio, TX                     The Pewter Company* – Ruston, LA
                   In Detail*– Tyler, TX                      The Rhinestone Cowgirl – Emory, TX
             Izzy and Ash* – Del Valle, TX                            Two-O-Five – Kilgore, TX
                J’s Interiors* – Tyler, TX                 Tyler Rose Museum Gift Shop – Tyler, TX
             Jewels and Jeans – Tyler, TX                          Under Wraps* – Dallas, TX
           Julie’s Boutique – Charlotte, NC                      Unique Gifts – Ben Wheeler, TX
        Junior League of Tyler, Inc. – Tyler, TX                 Vintage Revisited* – Austin, TX
        Kozy Kids Creations* – Houston, TX                 Waldenwood Gifts & Accessories – Athens, TX
Laura’s Cheesecake & Bakery, Inc. – Mt. Pleasant, TX         “What’s Hot” in Sterling – Searcy, AR
       Lewis Design/Pendulum – Athens, TX                  Wildgoose Mfg. & Mail Order – Ingram, TX
           Magic Happens* – Houston, TX                            Wine-a-Rita – Texarkana, TX
           Mama Says Wash! – Austin, TX
              Melissa Moze Handbags &                       * New Merchant to Mistletoe & Magic

                                  Shopping Card
  Mistletoe & Magic presents the 2007 Discount Shopping Card. Purchase a card for $10 and receive
10 percent off at participating Merchant booths during Mistletoe & Magic. Shopping Cards will be available
         for sale in November at the Junior League Office or at the entrance of Mistletoe & Magic.
      Platinum Sponsor                      Flowers-Davis, P.L.L.C.
                                                 Franklin Bank
                                                                                           Lisa B. Gardner
                                                                                 Gollob, Morgan, Peddy & Co., P.C.
                                                                                                                        Linda & George Rowe
                                                                                                                        Eleanor Scarborough
       Bob L. Herd Foundation                 Graemont Estates                         Jan & Brian Hancock                 JoAnn D. Simons
          Peltier Chevrolet                                                            Mitzi & Henry Hardee              Kathy & Jeryl Story
                                          Heritage Home Health/
     Kamala & Scott Scammahorn                  Legacy Hospice                        Carol & Jack Langston            Greg & Leann Strnadel
      Diamond Sponsor                        Hoeffner Foundation
                                         William S. Hommel, Jr. P.C.
                                                                                       K&K Electric Co., Inc.
                                                                                           Kay & Paul Latta
                                                                                                                          Joan Hertz Taylor
                                                                                                                       Amy & Shane Walters
      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Z. Ornelas          Kyle Lake Foundation                          Maurine G. Muntz           Jennifer & James Watkins
          Wachovia Securities           Moody & Phillips Electric Co.               Reserve Management, Inc.          Sharon & James Wynne
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Roosth
          Gold Sponsor                  Murphy Payne Charitable Trust
                                             Ramey & Flock, P.C.                   Charlotte and Fagg Sanford
                                                                                                                       Ingrid & Robert Young
      Brookshire Grocery Company                  Anita A. Ray                       Gillian & James Sheridan        Media &In-Kind
       East Texas Medical Center
      Regional Healthcare System
                                              Mary John Spence
                                                                                          Jill & Steve Spain
                                                                                      Elizabeth & Ben Sutton
          Ann & James Hardin                  Swink Investments                       Punkin & Cotton Turner                Platinum
          Jan & Neil Hupfauer              T.B. Butler Investments                The University of Texas at Tyler
                                                                                     Stacie & Kenney Walker             BSCENE Magazine
            Amy & Bill Lively                        TCMC
              Merrill Lynch                                                            Leslie & Carl Watson          KNUE - Mix 93.1 – KKTX -
                                           Trinity Mother Frances                                                            Hot 107.3
            Southside Bank
        The R.W. Fair Foundation
                                                Health System
                                          Trinity Vascular Institute
                                                                                                 Friend                Tyler Today Magazine
                                                                                       Margo Hirsch Adams
      Watson W. Wise Foundation        University of Texas Health Center
                                                                                        Sandy & Jim Baugh
                                                                                                                       Diamond Sponsor
         Silver Sponsor                    V.I.P. Sponsor                            Kathy & Chuck Bauman                  CBS19-KYTX
           Brighton Accessories                                                            Rosie Bellenfant          KOOI Sunny 106.5 - KYKX
                                                       AT&T                                                          105.7 – The Ranch 104.1
            Citizens State Bank                                                         Myrna & Billy Braly
                                        A.W. Riter, Jr. Family Foundation
          Food Fast Corporation                                                        Camille & Dick Brown                  92.1 FM
                                        State Representative Leo Berman
         Hall Buick Pontiac GMC                                                        Pam & Roger Chesley                  KETK - TV
                                              Kent Boozer, D.D.S.                             Jean Clark
             Mills Bays Wealth                                                                                               FOX 51
                                               Brasfield Oil & Gas                   Dr. & Mrs. Wm. R. Clyde
             Consulting Group                                                                                            KLTV - Channel 7
                                           Shirley & Donald Chase                          Kathryn Droder
               Nana Bananaz
                 Oak Hollow
                                       Cornerstone Brokerage, L.L.C.                   Grace & John English               Gold Sponsor
                Regions Bank             Global Mailing Services, Inc.                  Paula & Mike Estes                    The Blaze
         Striping Technology, Inc.             Billie & Bill Hartley             Holly Ethridge –Conaway Homes             99.3 Jack FM
     Threlkeld & Company Insurance           Henry & Peters, P.C.                             Donna Flatt                 Lamar Outdoor
     Tyler Hematology Oncology, P.A.          Heritage Land Bank                        Mia & Foy Forehand
                                             Bobbie & Harvey King                                                      Portraits by Bryan /
        Tyler Morning Telegraph &                                                 Dr. & Mrs. J. Chris Freeman              Bryan Rockett
              TylerPaper.com                   Bette & Jack King                     Barbara & John Gabriel
                                              Landmark Title, Inc.                                                      Ramsey Fritz Jewels
            Andy & Mark Wells                                                        Fredna & Carter Gabriel
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                                                                                 THE TEAM
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     COLLEGE PLANNING*                                                       CPA, CFP, CLU, CFS

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     2007 Mistletoe &Magic Committee
                 Aisle Hostess          Tonya Turnage          Laura Roberts
                 Donna Alfred           Jennifer Walsh         Terri Sawyer
                 Rory Bagwell                                  Stacey Thompson
                                        Chef to Volunteers     Trenda Trevino-Sims
                 Gilly Bedford          Laura Anderson
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                 Lacie Gregory          Wendy Madore           Judie Bower
                 Amy Hendricks          Deborah Makowsky       Yvette Brunette
                 Carrie Hunt            Anna Malone            Amy Cagle
                 Angela Hooper          Kate Newberry          Shelly Calhoun
                 Kenya Johnson          Mary Leigh Roberts     Leigh Ann Camp
                 Tammy Johnson          Terri Sawyer           Kimberly Clark
                 Julie McDaniel         Gaye Schoenbrun        Angie Coleman
                 Holly Morawski         Kimber Spinks          Stephanie Cotton
                 Sarah Massey Olive     Melinda Tefteller      Suzanne Curtis
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Ashley Rowe            Cadie Johnson             Mary Leigh Roberts
Brandy Sawyer          Trudy Lynch               Sandra Rojas
Patti Sheehy           Jennifer Phillips         Lyndsay Shaffer
Gillian Sheridan       Nicole Richards           Jaclyn Sherrell
Ginger Sims            Katie Stokes              Casey Speedy
Susan Soward           Susie Thames              Christine Nelson Sperow
Kimberly Stewart                                 Shannon Stiefel
Andra Terburgh         Santa Breakfast           Christine Stinson
Julie VanderPoel       Assistant                 Cindy Sutton
Yvette Wardlaw         Donna Alfred              Michelle Williams
Gretchen Williamson    Robin Clemmons            Amie Wilson
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                       Laurie Lowery             Ticket Taker
Gift “Sak”Assistant    Julie Pope                Debby Adkins
Lindsay Baranski       Alisa Swink               Laura Anderson
Jill Campbell                                    Gema Blanton
Cindy Klein            Silent Auction            Lisa Breedlove
Melinda Tefteller      Assistant                 Andrea Campbell
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Wendy Farmer           Shannon Graham            Julie Ischy
Gina Gandy             Lucinda Harris            Trudy Lynch
Lindsay Gillen         Amy Mullins               Shannon McDaniel
Laura Haggard          Kate Newberry             Paige Parrish
Susan Hene             Mary Leigh Roberts        Jill Payne
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Cadie Johnson          Tonya Skrocki             Monica Penkilo
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Trenda Trevino Sims    Amie Wilson               Jennifer Rippy
Andra Terburgh
Susie Thames
                       Sharon Wynne              Patty Sheehy
                                                 Heather Spillman
                                                                           Sustainer Committee
Ingrid Young           Special Events/Stage                                   Brenda Cagle, Sustaining Advisor
                                                 Alisa Swink
JLT Office Assistant   Allison Ables
                                                 Shea Taucher              Kim Bailes, Assistant Sustaining Advisor
Stephanie Felsenthal                             Misty Wages                             Sherry Dunn
                       Tonya Boozer
Laura Roberts                                    Sydney Welsh                          Barbara Gabriel
                       Lisa Breedlove
Del Rose Yale
                       Andrea Campbell           Treasurer’s Assistant                 Kathryn Morse
Merchant Aide          Kim Costanza              Stacy Bengtson                          Ellen Peirce
Shelly Calhoun         Angie Daughtry            Elizabeth Murphy
                                                                                        Debbie Peveto
Keri Clark             Chalease Denson           Jill Payne
Sherry Conser          Chasity Dunham            CiCi Shelton                             Jill Spain
Brooke Day             Grace English             Jenny Sloan
Holly Ethridge         Jayme Fitzpatrick         Gay Smith
Christy Evans          Molly Keathley            Mindy Sutton
Amanda Fender          Jennifer Phillips         Leslie Watson                                                        23
                      “Live”on Fifth Avenue
      Now appearing on stage in this year’s Fifth Avenue         “Heads or Tails.” The final winning flip of the coin will
       Flair – A show packed with prizes, entertainment,          determine who takes home a Ladies Rolex Watch
      food and fun. On November 7th you will find all the        from Susan Robinson Jewelry. The prize is amazing
     excitement of the famous big city with its bright lights             and your odds are spectacular!
     at the center of Mistletoe & Magic. The evening’s live
       auction will begin with a game of chance to easily        Now that we have set the pace for the evening, the
         be won. Each participant can purchase up to a            fun will only escalate. The live auction features an
      maximum of two game cards at $20 each. Before             array of items that will exceed any shopping spree on
       each toss of the coin, patrons will have to decide             Fifth Avenue. This year’s line up includes:

            Lights, Ornaments –                                      Truly Fifth Avenue
              Picture Ready                                          Now to see it in person! Whether it is for
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            initiative to do that for you. A complete in              that will please both you and your guest.
            home custom decorated Christmas Tree
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          Angie Reed with “In Detail” will find it’s way not
             only into your home but also your heart.
                                                                         Sound of Elegance
                                                                    A Baby Grand black lacquer or matte finish

                  A Line of Fire                                  Piano (your choice) from Tyler Piano and Organ.
                                                                    This luxurious item will meet and exceed any
            It’s not only the season for decorations of                       dinner party expectations.
         glass but also “decorations” that are destined
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        30-06 Caliber with an attached 3x9 scope from
                                                                       Highway Miles &
           Mac’s Gun Shop Inc. will be an essential in                     Memories
                    securing your trophy mount.
                                                                    “RV”, you’ve seen the movie – now live the
                                                                      adventure. Five days on the road with
                          SCORE                                   family or friends. A motor home donated from
                                                                                  Hayes RV Center.
         You will be right down in the middle of it all with
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          Dallas area. It will only take ONE winning bid to              High Altitude of
         receive this full package deal. Events include but
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                                                                evergreens. It’s a five night stay Ski in /Ski out at

               Over the Hills &
                                                                Angel fire resort donated by David and Holly Navid.

               Through the Woods                                     Home Media Delight
             Hunters and thrill seekers will enjoy this                If home is where you would rather be –
               opportunity to take home a Honda                      there is no room for concern because your
             TRX250TE Recon ATV with a mounted                    room will be surrounded in digital sound and a
                  gun rack from Tyler Honda.                      flat panel HDTV from Don’s TV and Appliances.

                                           A Grand Gathering
                Dinner for fifty with everything you need to make the gathering an evening to remember.
                   Your party will have gourmet food, rentals, flowers, valet parking, a band and more.
        Your Home Loan Experts!
                         Mortgage Loans • Construction Loans• Lot Loans

            KEVIN GARRISON                            CLYN KYER                          JEFF KING
              Vice President, Tyler            Mortgage Lending Officer, Tyler        Senior Vice President
     25 Years Mortgage Banking Experience   25 Years Mortgage Banking Experience   13 Years Lending Experience

                               2001 ESE Loop 323 • Tyler • 903-581-1900
                                “A Casual Gourmet Grill with
                              California Style and Texas Taste.”
                                               Gift Certificates Available

                                   Private Room Available • Seats up to 25 guests
                                        Reservations are accepted on holidays
                                  including New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter,
                                            Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

                             Sonoma Grill accepts Call Ahead Seating for a party of 6 or more.

5875 Old Bullard Road Suite 500 Tyler, Texas 75703 • (903) 534-9779
     Visit us online to see our menu www.sonomagrilltyler.com


        a history of
       holiday magic
               The first Mistletoe & Magic was held in November of 1979.
              There were 20 merchants and the project raised over $30,000.

           Tyler was the 3rd Junior League in the country to host a holiday
     shopping spree fund raiser. The first were Austin, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri.

        In 1982, Mistletoe & Magic was given its first theme: “A Texas Christmas.”

                In 1985, Mistletoe & Magic was moved to The Oil Palace,
       due to renovations being made to Harvey Convention Center. The Oil Palace
     was home to Mistletoe & Magic until 1989, when the renovations were completed.

               In 1987, Mistletoe & Magic surpassed its previous goals
                   and hit an all time record of $100,000 in proceeds.

        In 1989, Mistletoe & Magic moved back to Harvey Convention Center
                                 from the Oil Palace.

                                     By Trudy Lynch

           mistletoe & magic through the years
          1979                       1987                    1994                       2001
      Lynn Heines              Nancy Bentley         Mary Lauren Faulkner         Sherri Pickens
          1980               Christmas in Toyland    Christmas in Bavaria       Home for the Holidays
      Laura Collins                  1988                    1995                       2002
          1981                 Sally Wightman            Jane Coker                 Rhona Meads
     Chaley McCain           A Celestial Christmas     Dreams of Santa       Christmas At The North Pole
          1982                                               1996
                                     1989                                               2003
        Dolly Wolf                                      Debbie Roosth
                              Stephenie Roberts                                    Gillian Brasfield
    A Texas Christmas                                    Let It Snow
                             A New York Christmas                                  Tis the Season
          1983                                               1997
      Dinah Noble                    1990                                               2004
                                                          Beth Guinn
Christmas in Williamsburg       Brenda Cagle                                        Ingrid Young
                                                       Mistletoe Matinee
          1984                Winter Wonderland                                 A Victorian Christmas
     Nancy Graham                    1991                                               2005
                                                          Terri Smith
     Westmoreland               Holley Howard                                      Suzanne Curtis
  European Crossroads                                Holly Jolly Christmas
                               Jingle Bell Rock                                   Deep in the Heart
       Christmas                                             1999
                                     1992                Susan Davis                    2006
                                 Libby Cooper         Mistletoe & Magic –          Leslie Watson
     Margo Adams
   Santa Fe Christmas        Christmas By The Sea     A Holiday Treasure         A Royal Christmas
          1986                       1993                    2000                       2007
 Janie Chilcote Edmonds        Cathy Dougherty             Lisa King                  Andy Wells
Christmas in the Old South   A Christmas Tradition         Ski Tyler              Fifth Avenue Flair

Thank You, Junior League of Tyler!


                board of directors
     The Junior League of Tyler is made up of women who share a desire to build our community.
       This is demonstrated through personal acts of kindness and voluntarism. The 2007-2008
     Junior League Board of Directors is made up of various executive and administrative positions
     and serves as a guiding foundation for all members. These women have proven through their
      extensive service that they are committed to making Tyler and the surrounding community a
       better place to live. As members of the Board, they share ideas and help make decisions
                      that will further strengthen the organization for years to come.

                                                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Bryan Rockett - Portraits by Bryan

                                Seated: Leslie Watson, Kathy Bauman, Leann Strnadel, Chalease Denson
                             Standing: Terri Good, Kim Farrell, Terri Smith, Stacy Bengtson, Gillian Sheridan

     Leann Strnadel
     Leann Strnadel has served in the Junior League for 10 years. Formerly an elementary school teacher, she is now busy
     as a full-time volunteer and prominent leader in the Junior League. When asked how she remains motivated toward her
     volunteer job in today’s busy world, Leann says, “The best motivation for staying focused on my commitment to the
     Junior League of Tyler is seeing the results of our voluntarism.” She further comments, “Our League is strong” and
     describes the women who make up this organization as “not afraid of hard work.”

Kathy Bauman                                                       get excited when the books came to life. One of the boys
President Elect and Membership Vice President                      spent all of his Summer Reading Camp tokens in the “store”
Kathy Bauman has been serving the community through                buying books for his family and friends (not buying the candy
the Junior League of Tyler for 14 years, and has a dual            and toys that the other kids spent their extra money on). The
responsibility this year as she fills two major positions on the   JLT really makes a difference in these kids’ lives and I loved
Board. Throughout her experiences in the Junior League,            being a small part of that.”
Kathy says that Summer Reading camp has been one of
the most memorable. She remarks, “You can’t make up                Leslie Watson
better motivation than the kids at [Summer Reading] camp:          Fund Development Vice President
their excitement, appreciation, and joy are priceless.”            Leslie Watson has been a volunteer with the Junior League
                                                                   for five years. Leslie believes that the Junior League’s future
Chalease Denson                                                    in Tyler will be just as promising as it has been in years past.
Administrative Vice President                                      When asked how she sees the Junior League of Tyler
Chalease Denson has been serving in the Junior League for          affecting the community in the future, Leslie says, “I believe
five years and attributes much of her success as a leader to       that the League will continue to serve Tyler, through the
the support she receives from her family. “I would not be able     support of our local agencies and continue to grow the
to do as much as I do or stay motivated if it weren’t for the      potential of women through service.”
support of my husband, Matt, and two daughters, Taylor and
Madison,” says Chalease. She has served on the Board for           Kim Farrell
the 2006-2007 year as Fund Development Vice President              Nominating Chair
and continues this year as Administrative Vice President.          Kim Farrell has been an active member of the Junior League
                                                                   for fourteen years. Kim recalls one volunteer opportunity in
Terri Good                                                         particular that has significant meaning to her. “I’ve served on
Communications Vice President                                      the Spring Sweep Committee for several years and feel
Terri Good has served in the Junior League for 10 years.           strongly that it serves multiple community needs: raising
She has had many memorable experiences over the years,             funds to put back into our community through area nonprofit
but the Christmas Party for Big Brothers/Big Sisters was           agencies and offering many families quality items at very
very special to her. She remembers the children’s reactions        affordable prices. It is also extremely gratifying to work along
to the presents they were given by the volunteers and recounts     side other Junior League members while getting to know
that, “I think more than the material things that they received    them better and making lifelong friends.” Kim also remarks,
at the party, the children really soaked up the attention they     “I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the League and
received from their adult mentors and volunteers.”                 feel like I receive so much more than I give.”

Gillian Sheridan                                                   Terri Smith
Community Vice President                                           Sustaining Advisor
Gillian Sheridan has been serving the community through            Terri Smith has served as an active volunteer with the
her Junior League commitments for nine years. Gillian is a         Junior League for 11 years and as a Sustaining member for
volunteer who believes that the Junior League makes a              five years. As a sustaining advisor, Terri will serve the Board
great impact each year by “awarding a scholarship to a             by sharing her knowledge and experience gained through
young woman in high school”, referring to our Young                her many Junior League placements and positions, including
Woman Leadership Scholarship. Gillian believes this is a           serving as the Junior League President from 2001-2002.
very fundamental way to promote voluntarism among our              When asked to recall a meaningful experience she has had
young people, as well as teaching them to give back to the         through volunteering with the Junior League, Terri remembers
community. “I also truly believe that it is our responsibility     her year as President. “One of the most humbling experiences
to give back and help others,” says Gillian.                       was the year I served as President when I represented the
                                                                   members of the League at various functions and heard the
Stacy Bengtson                                                     stories of how the Junior League of Tyler has impacted this
Financial Vice President                                           community. To see a life touched by your work is an affirmation
Stacy has been a member of the Junior League for five              of the importance of our commitment to this community,”
years. Her favorite and most memorable time in the Junior          says Terri.
League was her first placement with Summer Reading
Camp. As a group leader, she had eight children in her
group. Stacy recalls, “We had a blast! I loved seeing them         By Trudy Lynch
                                               Partnering With Our Community

                                  TISD Grants
                   The Junior League of Tyler has once again shown its commitment
                       to improving our community by helping teachers provide
                        exciting and challenging experiences for their students.

                            Kathy Bauman, Gillian Sheridan, Lisa Preddy, Shelley Calhoun, Gay Smith, Leann Strnadel

     The Junior League of Tyler is continuing with our efforts to        their students. The Fall 2007 grants were awarded to the
     promote voluntarism and improve communities by granting             following teachers for these projects:
     $20,000 to Tyler ISD for the 2007-2008 school year. The
     grants were awarded to nine campuses in the district.               • Christy Allen, Jimmy Bybee and Jennifer Scott of John Tyler
     The purpose of our League is “exclusively educational and           High School in association with UT Tyler, received $3960 for
     charitable” and these grants represent that precisely. In           their project “Can You Float a Cement Boat?” The students will
     addition, five Junior League members have been placed as            build cement boats. They will calculate speed, acceleration,
     volunteers for the TISD Foundation and were responsible for         momentum, and the possibilities of buoyancy through
     the ceremonial presentation of the grants to the teachers           computer design.
     at the TISD Convocation ceremony. The League volunteers             • Deanna Maloy of Hubbard Middle School, received $1000
     placed on this project were Shelley Calhoun, Kim Farrell,           for her proposed “T-Bot Robotics.” The students will be given
     Amy Mullins, Lisa Preddy, and Gaye Smith. Our League                the opportunity to investigate robotic arm, thereby learning the
     fosters effective leadership and action by our membership           concepts of science, technology, engineering and math.
     and we have continued with our educational aspirations              • Melinda Bently, Ginger Pippen, and Steven Ladd of T.J.
     through these school grants. The League is excited to               Austin Elementary, were awarded $3000 for their “Exploring
     reward teachers who use creative processes in teaching              the World of Science” project. Fourth and fifth grade graders

will be forming an after school science club with the aim of enriching their academic support network.
• Heather Gentry of Bonner Elementary, was awarded $996.40 for her “Picture This: Connecting
Photography to Language” project. Fourth grade students will create a display of their photographs
paired with written and verbal reflections. “‘Picture This’ participants showed enthusiasm and interest
from the first time they held the camera and shot the first photo. I can already see that learning about
photography will be a great catalyst for group discussions, meaningful journal entries and better
        communication skills for these students. The kids really are excited, and so am I!
                       Thank you so much!”

                                            • Stephanie Atteberry, Ann Frazier, and Karen Phillips of
                                           Clarkston Elementary, were awarded $5000 for their team
                                          science project called “Lab Rats.” The after school science
                                         program will be for third for and fifth graders in joint efforts
                                        with UT Tyler.
                                       • Jana McWain of Dixie Elementary, received $393 for the
                                       Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). Her
                                      project titled “Fine Motor Activity Boxes for Preschool Students”
                                     will create activity boxes for children with disabilities to take home.
                                    Parents will receive training on the use of the motor skills exercises.
                                    • Wheeler Jones, Rodney Miller, Jason Brown,
                                   Sheila Higginbotham, Tammie Herndon,
                                  Tammy Dailey, Sandra Jones,
                                  Camille Buie, and Jana McWain
                                 of Dixie Elementary, accepted a
$2000 grant to fund two projects. “Texas Belles: A Mentoring
Program for Girls” and “Boys 2 Men School Connect” are
mentoring programs for skills in courtesy, poise, confidence,
manners, and self-discipline.
• Leslie Ring and Deborah Sims of Jack Elementary, joined
American History with music and theater for their project titled
“American Patriots-Yesterday and Today.” They received $1000
for their project which will introduce students to early American
Patriots in order to develop an appreciation for past patriots.
• Jessica Cox, Rachel Abston, Anna Lee and Aleshia Walker of
Jack Elementary, acquired $3352 for “Emergency Kits for
                                          Kindergarten Volunteers.”
                                          These kits to be placed in kindergarten classrooms will have
                                           student specific skill training so that volunteers will have exact
                                           curricula for each student.
                                           • Robert Ogden of St. Louis School was awarded a $500
                                            grant for his program “Shopping with a Purpose.” This
                                            program will support students who will participate in shopping
                                            for, making and delivering gifts for Meals on Wheels.
                                             • Patricia Cooper and Katheryn Shannon of TARGET
                                             (Tyler’s Academic Resources for the Gifted and Educationally
                                             Talented) received $1965 for their project. “Liquid Treasure…
                                              Water!” will provide academically gifted elementary
                                              students an opportunity to study water in regards to
                                              personal, public and environmental health.

                           Each of these grants was presented at a Convocation ceremony on
August 20th. Members present representing the Junior League of Tyler were Leann Strnadel,
Kathy Bauman, Gillian Sheridan, Shelley Calhoun, Amy Mullins, Lisa Preddy, and Gay Smith.
Thanks to the decision to gift money for these grants, students in TISD will be able to participate
in these enriching projects.

By Shea Taucher

             Our Work in the Community Has a Name...

                                          We are privileged...                   We care about tradition...
                                          to be part of an organization          the women of the Tyler Service
                                          started by thirteen women in           League started a tradition of
                                          1950 with a vision for improving       making a positive impact in our
     The Junior League of Tyler is        our community. Some of our             community. By investing funds
                                          earliest volunteers assisted doctors   and thousands of volunteer hours
     comprised of nearly 800 women
                                          at the Well Baby Clinic, drove the     into our community each year,
     who are dedicated to improving
                                          Bloodmobile to deliver blood to        the Junior League of Tyler will
     our community. These women           hospitals throughout East Texas,       continue that tradition for many
     carry out the League’s mission       introduced art to hundreds of          years to come.
     with a sense of responsibility and   students as the “Picture Lady”
                                          and nurtured and loved little          Our mission is to promote
     a commitment to excellence that
                                          ones at Tyler Day Nursery.             voluntarism, develop the
     touches the lives of women,                                                 potential of women and improve
     children and families. This year     We are full of pride...                the community through the
     alone, the Junior League of Tyler    for the accomplishments of             effective action and leadership
     will donate more than $250,000       the Junior League women                of trained volunteers.
                                          that came before us. The               Thanks to the faithful support
     to 26 deserving non-profit Smith
                                          Junior League of Tyler has             of our members, underwriters,
     County agencies in the areas         been instrumental in founding          partners and friends, the Junior
     of arts and education, health        several organizations in Tyler         League of Tyler is able to Build
     services and youth and family        and Smith County, including            a Better Tyler, year after year.
                                          Hospice of East Texas,
     issues. Despite our positive
                                          Stewart Regional Blood Center,
     impact in the community for
                                          The Discovery Science Place,           For more information, please
     more than fifty years, you may       Tyler Museum of Art and                visit our website:
     be surprised to learn that:          Tyler Teen Court.                      www.juniorleagueoftyler.org

Autry Antiques
      Specializing in Majolica,
        Turkey Collectibles,
      Transferware, Toleware,
      and Wonderful Oddities!
Treasure Cove Antique Mall • Jacksonville, TX

 113 East Eighth Street        •   Tyler, Texas 75701



                TYLER                      LONGVIEW
      3310 S. Broadway, Suite 100   1127 Judson Road, Suite 233
       Tyler, Texas 75701-7851      Longview, Texas 75601-5157
            903-597-6311                   903-758-0648
         Fax: 903-597-0343              Fax: 903-758-0409

       www.henrypeters.com • E-mail: info@henrypeters.com

            4100 S. Broadway
     903 - 561-1212 • 800 - 443 - 0049
        Life. Liberty. And The Pursuit.
                  Service: 903-509-4434
                 Body Shop: 903-509-4442

              Happy Holidays from the

                        League Lines Staff!

                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Bryan Rockett - Portraits by Bryan
                                            Seated (L-R): Michelle Blackburn, Cadie Johnson
                              Middle Row (L-R): Judie Bower, Wendy Farmer, Rebekah Williams, Trudy Lynch
                                            Back Row (L-R): Christine Sperow, Shea Taucher

                           sustaining advisors
         Kristen Seeber                                 2007-2008                                          Karen Ford
       Admissions / Provisional                                                                            League Lines

         Sandi Hegwood                                                                                 Cindy Robinson
                                                       Deanna Sims                                        Marketing
      Advisory Planning/Bylaws
                                                    Community Coordinating
           Terri Nelson                                                                                Brenda Cagle
                                                      Lynette Birdsong                                 Mistletoe & Magic
     Mary Elizabeth Jackson                                                                         Sheila Leatherwood
                                                          Kay Latta                                    Public Relations
         Arts & Education
           Terri Smith                                2nd Year Investment                             Cathy Thompson
                                                                                                        Spring Sweep
                                                        Sherry Dunn
          Mistletoe & Magic                                                                            Kathryn Morse
                                                        Health Services
                                                    Research & Development                          Training & Development
         Beth Whitney
     Community Assistance Fund                                                                             Diane Hodge
                                                      Julie Shamburger
           Placement                                       Investment                                      Youth & Family
                                                                                All Saints Episcopal School ....................................12
                                                                                Austin Bank..................................................................18
                                                                                Autry Antiques ............................................................37
                                                                                Balance ........................................................................30
                                                                                Bergfeld Center ............................................................4
                                                                                Bosworth & Associates ............................................38
                                                                                Bridge Wealth Management ..................................21
                                                                                The Brook Hill School ..............................................26

Building a Better Tyler                                                         Brookshire’s ................................................................14
                                                                                Bryan Rockett / Portraits by Bryan ..........................2

                   Members of the Junior League of Tyler                        Bufe & Babin................................................................31
                                                                                Citizens First Bank ....................................................26
                                                                                Classic Mercedes ......................................back cover

            Junior League of Tyler                                              Designer Graphics ....................................................15
                                                                                Discovery Science Place..........................................12
         Community Projects 2007-2008                                           East Texas Medical Center ......................................37
                                                                                East Texas Medical Center Family Birthplace......30
Alzheimer’s Alliance of Northeast Texas         Junior League of Tyler          East Texas Symphony Orchestra ........inside back
                $7,700                         Summer Reading Camp              Global Mailing Service..............................................26
     ARC of Tyler - Camp Heyday                                                 Heartland Ham Company........................................37
              $10,000                          Literacy Council of Tyler        Henry & Peters, PC....................................................38
                                                      $15,000                   Hospice of East Texas ..............................................27
        Bethesda Health Clinic
              $9,000                                   MADD                     House of Lamps ........................................................18
                                                       $2,000                   Idea Post Production ................................................31
  Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas:
            Power Hour                         Make-a-Wish Foundation           Keller Williams / Michelle Blackburn ....................21
              $12,000                                 $6,000                    Literacy Council of Tyler ..........................................31
                                                                                Nana Bananaz ..............................................................4
      Cancer Foundation for Life          Meals on Wheels Elderly Assistance
              $12,475                                $10,000                    Paper Capers ..............................................................37
                                                                                Ramsey Fritz ................................................................11
     Children’s Advocacy Center            Parents Anonymous of Tyler, Inc.
                                                                                Rick’s /Jake’s ..............................................................18
               $9,000                                 $10,000
                                                                                R.L. Davis..........................................inside front cover
 Christian Women’s Job Corp of Tyler          Smith County Champions            Sherwin Williams ........................................................12
             $13,000                                for Children
                                                                                Sonoma Grill................................................................27
     Community Assistance Fund                                                  Southside Bank ..........................................................15
            $20,000                         St. Paul Children’s Foundation      Stepping Stone School ............................................18
            Cystic Fibrosis                                                     Stiefel Lyles & Allen, PC ..........................................38
               $2,000                      TISD Foundation Teacher Grants       Susan Robinson Jewelry ........................................25
                                                     $20,000                    Swann’s Furniture ......................................back cover
    Discovery Science Place
 Camp Discovery – Volunteers Only              Texas Chest Foundation           TDI Air Conditioning..................................................38
              $0                                   Asthma Camp                  Texas Bank & Trust ....................................................31
                                                      $3,000                    Texas East Gymnastics ............................................38
       Discovery Science Place
              $33,333                     Tyler Civic Theatre (S.T.A.R. 2007)   The Diner......................................................................30
                                                        $7,240                  The Writing Horse ......................................................15
     Fourth Partner Foundation
    College Fair – Volunteers Only               Tyler Museum of Art            Traditions Restaurant & Catering ..........................39
                  $0                              Digital Education             Trinity Mother Frances Vascular Institute ............39
                                                       $2,000                   Tyler Junior College ......................inside back cover
     Heart of Tyler / Main Street
       Festival on the Square                      Tyler Teen Court             Tyler Museum of Art ....................................................2
               $6,500                                    $499                   Tyler Urgent Care..........................................................2
                                                                                Wachovia Securities ....................................................4
        Junior Achievement’s                    Young Audiences of
        Elementary Program                      Northeast Texas, Inc.           Wagner Cadillac ........................................................38
               $7,000                                $10,000                                                                                                   41
              Recipe from
        Cooking Through
      Rose-Colored Glasses
                                                  classic co
            Cranberry -Turkey
          1/2 c. chopped cranberries
                     1 T. sugar
              1 t. grated orange rind
                                               from Tyler’s c
          1 c. chopped cooked turkey
     1/4 c. finely chopped unpeeled apple
             1/4 c. chopped walnuts            From the wonderful cooks of
             1/4 c. chopped parsley            the nation's Rose Capital come
                1/4 c. mayonnaise              hundreds of recipes as wide
                      1/2 t. salt              ranging as the Lone Star state.
                    1/4 t. pepper              From Candy Sushi and Raisin
             1/4 t. poultry seasoning          Bread People for children...
                                               from Buttermilk Ice Cream to
        Mix cranberries, sugar and orange      Christmas Turkey... your kitchen
     rind together and refrigerate overnight   will never smell the same!
         or for at least 5 hours. Mix other
      ingredients together, combine the two
        mixtures and refrigerate until used.
             Makes 2 cups of spread.

                                                                                  In addition to favorites perfected
                                                                                  over generations by family cooks,
                                                                                  our three Junior League of Tyler
                                                                                  cookbooks include professional
                                                                                  signature dishes from renowned
                                                                                  chefs from around the south.

                                               These books make the perfect
                                               gift with quick and easy recipes
                                               as well as tried and true
                                               favorites. Step inside one, or
                                               all three and find magical
                                               things for your next affair!
                                               Bon Appetit!

classic cooks
   Vist Our Booth at Mistletoe & Magic or
 Order Online at www.juniorleagueoftyler.org

                order form
              To order one of these cookbooks, go online at
      www.juniorleagueoftyler.org, come by the League Office or                        Recipe from
    fill out the order form below, and we will be happy to ship it.             Cooking Through
                                                                              Rose-Colored Glasses
     Cooking Through Rose-Colored Glasses
                $18.50 X Qty_______ = Total $__________                              Party Meat Balls
                                                                                      1 lb. ground lean beef
                                                                                    1/2 c. corn flake crumbs
                  And Roses for the Table                                            1/2 c. evaporated milk
                $23.00 X Qty_______ = Total $__________                               1/4 c. finely cut onion
                                                                                   1/4 c. catsup or chili sauce
                                                                                    1 T. Worcestershire sauce
                   Ring Around the Rosie                                                      1 t. salt
                $21.95 X Qty_______ = Total $__________                                     1 T. pepper

                                                                            Mix all ingredients well in a 2 quart bowl.
                        Shipping: $5.00 per book                           With wet hands shape meat ball mixture in 36
               $1.00 each additional book to same address                  small meat balls using about a teaspoonful
                                                                             for each. Place in a 13x9x92 inch pan.
                                                                              Bake in 400 degree oven for 12 to 15
        Total Order $________________________________________
                                                                            minutes or until brown. Serve with sauce.
                                 Ship to:                                                    Sauce:
                                                                                    8 oz can tomato sauce
  Name________________________________________________________________                    1/2 c. catsup
                                                                                        2 T. brown sugar
  Address_______________________________________________________________              2 T. finely cut onion
                                                                                   2 T. pickle relish, drained
                                                                                            2 T. water
  City____________________________ State____________ Zip________________                   1 T. vinegar
                                                                                       Few grains pepper
  Phone _______________________________________________________________       Optional: 2 T. Worcestershire may be
                                                                                         added to sauce

                                                                           Mix all ingredients in a 2 quart saucepan.
                                                                                       Heat until steaming.

     East Texas Thanks The Junior League of Tyler, Inc.


The Junior League of Tyler, Inc.     PRSRT STD
                                     US Postage
         1919 S. Donnybrook              PAID
       Tyler, Texas 75701-4236       Tyler, Texas
      www.juniorleagueoftyler.org   Permit No. 733
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