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					                                Writing a Resume
Here are some tips to help you write or review your resume. Your resume is a
reflection of who you are, so make it the best it can be!

                             Use a Resume Template
Instead of reinventing the wheel, use a resume template. Microsoft Office Online
has several available through its Word programme. Choose a template that is
visually appealing to you but which also is suitable for your education and
experience level. The Chronological resume is a good basic template. Despite its
name, the chronological resume usually lists the most current information first
and works backwards in time.

                       First Things First… with One Caution
The first information you input is your name, address and other contact
information. Like the rest of your resume, make sure it is error free and accurate.
One caution about this section – do not include unprofessional email addresses.
If your personal email address reads something like you
may want to sign up for another email address using the first letter of your first
name and your surname (example
If you are already employed, do not give your current employer’s phone number.
No potential employer will be impressed that you use your work number to
conduct personal business, such as finding a new job.

Your objective is your goal, which can be general or specific depending on the
reason you are writing a resume in the first place. Do not make it too short or too
vague, for example “to secure employment in the business field.” A better
objective would be more specific and more detailed, for example, “to secure
employment in the accounting field in a large company, with an opportunity for

                              Educational Experience
If you have more educational than employment experience, put your educational
experience first. Some templates include a section in which to include skills (see
the Microsoft high school graduate resume). Put your most recent educational
experience first, and don’t forget to include current studies. For example, if you
are studying at Bermuda College, include that too:

Bermuda College 2003-Present
     Associate Degree in Arts (Psychology)
     Projected graduation date May 2005.
List your high school educational experience if you graduated with a high school
diploma. Don’t’ forget to include any activities or accomplishments you attained
in high school.

                                   Work Experience
If you have significant work experience, list it before your educational
achievements. List your most recent employment experience first. Although it
may not seem relevant, list the duties and skills you acquired. There are many
transferable skills (skills which are looked for in any job) you can demonstrate on
a resume, such as time keeping, customer service, etc. The duties described
should be detailed and concise.

It is best to keep this section short and simple. “References available upon
request” is sufficient.

                                Some General Tips

The material should fit neatly on one page, and be easy to read.
Your resume should be error-free – no spelling, grammatical or punctuation
Your statements should be clear, concise, on point, and easily understood.
Avoid repeating information.
The resume should portray you in the best possible light.
Eliminate unnecessary information – such as height, weight, gender, health,
marital status – although in Bermuda (due to immigration law) it is advisable to
include nationality.
Be sure to highlight your benefits to the potential employer.

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