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Annwyl Riant Warcheidwad,

Fe fu rhieni Treganna ynghlwm gyda’r gwaith o          Parents at Treganna have been involved in the
ffilmio “Weston’s Warriors “ ar gyfer y BBC.           filming of a BBC series “Weston’s Warriors” and
Maent wedi cynnig yn garedig y ffilm ar fenthyg i’r    have kindly offered the school the opportunity to
Ysgol er mwyn i’r plant cael ei gwylio. Mae’r ffilm    show an episode dealing with World War 2 to our
yn olrhain hanes ymweliad a thraethau                  pupils. In the video, Simon Weston returns to
Normandy gan Simon Weston. Yng nghwmni                 Normandy with six Welsh veterans who relate
iddo mae chwe hen filwr sy’n sgwrsio ac yn hel         their fears and memories of those landings. The
atgofion ynglŷn â’r ail rhyfel byd. Nid yw’r defnydd   archive images used to illustrate the programme
o ffilmiau archif yn cynnwys unrhyw ddelweddau         do not include any gruesome detail. The personal
erchyll. Mae hanesion yr hen filwyr, ar y llaw         accounts of the veterans, however, deals on
arall, yn ymwneud ar fwy nag un adeg a                 more than one occasion with death and the
marwolaeth ffrindiau, gelyn ac erchyllterau rhyfel     reality of war.

Yn dilyn y ffilm fe fydd gan y plant gyfle i gwrdd     Following the viewing of this film on Thursday,
â’r cyflwynydd Simon Weston (Eto trwy                  thanks to Mr and Mrs Roberts, the children will
garedigrwydd Mr a Mrs Roberts)                         have the opportunity to meet with the host, Simon
Mae’r llywodraethwyr a finnau yn teimlo ei bod
hi’n bwysig i blant gael y cyfle i drafod materion     Whilst the governors and I feel it is important that
sylweddol fel hyn. Rydym hefyd yn ymwybodol o          pupils have the opportunity to discuss issues of
natur sensitif y sesiwn. Rwy’n ysgrifennu atoch i      this gravity, we are equally aware that some
ofyn a hoffech atal eich plentyn rhag mynychu’r        parents may wish to withdraw their children from
sesiwn ffilm a’r cyfarfod a Simon Weston. Os           these sessions. If you are willing for your child to
ydych yn fodlon i’ch plentyn gymryd rhan yn y          view the video and meet with Simon Weston,
gweithgaredd, anfonwch y rwyglen isod i’r Ysgol        please complete the proforma below and return
erbyn dydd Iau                                         to school by Thursday

Yn gywir,

Rh.G.Harries Ba MSc
Pennaeth Headteacher

      Gwylio Fideo “Weston’s Warriors” a cyfarfod a Simon Weston
        Viewing of WW II video and meeting with Simon Weston
Rwy’n fodlon i fy mhlentyn    ENW’R PLENTYN                             fynychu’r gweithgaredd uchod
                              PUPIL NAME
I am willing for my child                                               to take part in the above activity

                                                                  LLOFNOD RHIANT
                                                                  PARENT SIGNATURE
Weston's Warriors (BBC ONE Wales Press Release)

Falklands veteran Simon Weston – no stranger to the horrors of war – follows six members of the 'Welsh
Band of Brothers', the Royal Welch Fusiliers, as they return to France, Belgium, Holland and Germany to
retrace the route they took from Normandy to Hamburg in 1944/45.

From the fierce battles in the bocages of the French countryside to the staunch German resistance around
the Pas de Calais; from liberation celebrations in Holland to the Battle of the Bulge; from the West Wall to
victory and peace, their tale is the story of the campaign in northern Europe.

"Two hundred and fifty five men died throughout the whole of the Falklands campaign," says Simon.

"One hundred and twenty Royal Welch Fusiliers lost their lives in the first two nights of battle in France.

"In the campaign to liberate Europe, nearly 1,500 men from the regiment were killed and nearly 9,000
were injured or listed as missing.

"We must never forget those who never saw home again.

"I think the journey for the veterans was at times poignant, at times emotional, at times sad. It was a
special journey because their story has never been told before.

"I just hope we have done them justice because they were heroes." (DC)

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