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									    Post-Secondary Bulletin                                                                      December 2007
                                  The Holiday Edition                                                 Volume 9
Fulfillment Fund, 6100 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048
www.fulfillment.org (323)939-9707

                                   How a Thank You Card Opens Doors
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                  Thank you cards are great ways to show appreciation. Writing a thank you note
                                   speaks very highly of your character, and potential employers are very impressed by
1   Personal Development:          your professionalism when you send a thank you note right after an interview.
    How a Thank You Card
    Opens Doors.                   When to Write Thank You Cards
                                   When in doubt, write a thank you card. They can never hurt, and they show people
2   News: Volunteer                that you are grateful, organized and responsible. Most people know that they should
    Opportunities                  write a thank you card when they receive a gift, but did you also know that you
                                   should write a card when someone goes out of their way to do something for you,
3   College Money: Free            and after a job interview?
    Money for College
                                   How to Write a Thank You Card
3   Student Spotlight: Antonio     When you are getting ready to write your card, keep the following in mind:
    Galvan                         1. Be honest. Writing a thank you card should feel natural, not forced. Don’t say
                                   anything you don’t mean.
4   Classifieds: Scholarships,     2. Be brief. You’re not writing a letter, so keep it short and sweet. It should be
    Fellowships and More           exclusively about thanking someone for their kindness. If it’s too long, it could loose its
                                   power. If you have a lot to say a thank you card may not be what you want to do. A
5   Win a $50 Gift card of your    better idea might be writing a formal letter.
    choice!                        2. Spell Check! Handwritten thank you cards have a much more personal feel to
                                   them and they are definitely recommended, but be sure to, practice on a computer
6   Upcoming Dates                 first! Spelling errors send the opposite message you are trying to give, especially if you
                                   are writing to a potential employer.

                                   What Should You Write
     *Important Loan               It is not enough to buy a card with a pre-inscribed message and sign it. No matter
  Information you can’t            what type of thank you note you are writing, make sure you:
                                   1. Greet the reader (Dear Sally Mae,).
afford to miss in the next         2. Express gratitude (Thank you for your hospitality.).
    issue of the Post              3. Make it personal (You spent a lot of energy making me feel at home in your
  Secondary Bulletin.*             beautiful Spanish villa.)
                                   4. Mention the past, allude to the future (I’ll never forget the good times we had on
                                   your farm, like when we went horseback riding. I hope to one day be able to repay
                                   your kindness).
                                   5. Regards (Sincerely, John). For extra power to your note, include a Worldly Theme.
                                   This is something that can be applied to many other situations (I am reminded of how
                                   it is always the little things that make a person feel special.).

                                   Final Tips:
                                   1. Think ahead. Chances are you will have to write a good share of thank you cards
                                   from now on, so always have a stash of thank you note cards at hand.
                                   2. Avoid pre-inscribed cards so that you can personalize each note card.
                                   3. Be respectful.
                                   4. Avoid clichés.
     Page 2                                                                           Post-Secondary Bulletin

                                      Volunteer Opportunities
                                      With the Holidays in full swing, consider investing vacation time into making
                                      someone’s life a little merrier. Here are some great local involvement opportunities
                                      this winter break for those who have a big heart plus a weekend, a day, or an hour
        “It is every man's            to give.
      obligation to put back
                                      One Hour to Give
      into the world at least
      the equivalent of what          Friends of Animals Foundation: This is a fantastic “no-kill” cat and dog shelter in West
        he takes out of it.”          L.A. that is always looking for volunteers to walk the dogs and feed the cats. Call in
                                      advance to let them know you’re coming. You can also donate used towels and
           -Albert Einstein           bedspreads for the animals.
                                      Website: http://www.foafla.petfinder.com
                                      Phone: (310) 479-5089
                                      Behind Closed Doors: They need volunteers to support their new program, Behind
                                      Closed Doors which helps women who have been emotionally abused. Duties
                                      would involve writing nice cards to women who have been in abusive relationships.
                                      Visit their website today at www.freewebs.com/dionne and click on Behind Closed
                                      One Day or More to Give
                                      American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles: The Red Cross is always looking for
                                      volunteers for a wide spectrum of activities. Here are some of the ways you can get

                                        •    Blood Drive Assistant
                                        •    Disaster Relief Volunteer (respond to local emergencies. On call, one week of
                                             the month, 6pm-8am. Free training)
                                        •    Peer educator (more than one day commitment)
                                        •    Presenter at fairs and special events (more than one day commitment)
                                      Contact Information:
                                      Address: 11355 Ohio Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025
                                      Email: info@redcrossla.org
                                      Website: http://www.redcrossla.org
                                      Phone: 310-445-9900

                                      The Hospitality Kitchen: Located in the heart of L.A.’s skid row, the Hospitality
Try this Sudoku challenge. It is an
                                      Kitchen serves a huge homeless population. They are always looking for individuals
easy one. Remember, the object of
                                      to help prepare and serve meals. If interested, call in advance to reserve your spot.
the game is to get all of the rows,   Location: 821 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
columns, and the three by three       Phone: (213) 614-9615
boxes within them to contain the
numbers 1-9 without repeating any
numbers. Have fun! If you really
need to know, the answers are on                                                        For more volunteer
page 3.                                                                                 opportunities visit::

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                             before January 1st , 200 8. Good luck!
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Student Spotlight: Antonio Galvan
    Antonio Galvan, first year student at UC
Davis, came out to greet Fulfillment Fund High
School seniors who visited his campus this
October while on the Fulfillment Fund’s annual
Northern California College Trip. “I liked meeting
them,” he said, “because they are going through
what I went through.” The high school students
spent a week on the road visiting different
colleges throughout the state, including UC
Berkeley, UC Davis, Mills and Stanford.

      Antonio believes he made the right choice
by selecting a college he visited just two years
prior on that same Northern California trip. In
thinking about his first year college experience        Antonio Galvan (center) giving a tour of his campus to Fulfillment Fund High
he says, “The best thing about college so far is        School Students.
dorm life. I enjoy it so much because I live in a       when it rains- and it rains more than down south, we get
suite and it can’t get any better than that. Plus,      what is called a freshman stripe. The freshman stripe is a
my neighbors are very fun too. We are all good          stripe of mud that goes on your back when you ride your
buddies.” However, all colleges have their perks        bicycle without a fender.” We wish him luck with that
and their downsides. When asked what he                 freshman stripe!
dislikes about college Antonio responded, “The
only thing I don’t like about this place is that

Grants: Free money for College!
Whether you are you’re at a four year school or planning to transfer, chances are you
have thought about how to finance your education. Below are a few grants to consider
when applying for financial aid.

Entitlement Transfer Cal Grant- This is one of the least used grants because few students
don’t know about it. Students are eligible to receive it when transferring from a
Community College to a 4-year school. Students must have a minimum 2.4 GPA and be                    Sudoku Answers
graduates of a California high school. Everyone who qualifies and submits their FAFSA
and GPA verification on time will receive it.

Cal Grant A- This federal grant is given to those in low to medium income families. It
covers tuition and fees. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and it pays up to $2,772
for CSU students, $6,636 for UC students and $9,708 for private school students.

Cal Grant B- This federal grant is given to low-income families. Students must have a
minimum 2.0 GPA. This grant provides students with $1,551 the first year of college. After
that, during the 2nd- 4th year of college students will receive $1,551, as well as the same
tuition payoff offered by Cal Grant A.

If you have questions regarding which grant is best for you, please make an
appointment to meet with Yvonne Berumen or Adriana Publico. For appointments
please contact Karina Santos at 323-900-8734 or ksantos@fulfillment.org.

                                                     Please see Grant on page 4
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                                               $50 Gift Card!
 You choose the store (Starbucks, Bestbuy, Amazon, Target or your favorite store!!).
             To make your suggestions, email ksantos@fulfillment.org.
               Your suggestion must be received by January 1st, 2008.
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    Grant from page 3
    Cal Grant C- It is given to low or middle income students       Additional Grant Info:
    who are planning to attend vocational or technical
                                                                    Chafee Grant- This is a grant intended for foster youth. It
    programs. It is a competitive grant that will give students
                                                                    will supply up to $5,000/year for college.
    up to $2,592 for tuition and $576 for books and supplies a
    year. Students must submit a supplemental application           SMART Grant- Need-based grant that provides grants
    after the FAFSA to receive it.                                  of up to $4,000 for 3rd and 4th year students who major
                                                                    in computer science, math, engineering, physical or life
    To be eligible for these grants you must:
                                                                    science, technology, or designed foreign languages.
        A. File a FAFSA.                                            Must be a Federal Pell Grant recipient and have a
                                                                    minimum 3.0 GPA.
        B.     Submit a GPA Verification before the March 2nd
               Deadline.                                            ACG- Academic Competitiveness Grant is a need-
                                                                    based grant available to Federal Pell Grant recipients
        C.     For Cal Grant C, submit the supplemental
                                                                    for 1st year ($750) and 2nd year ($1,300) of college.
                                                                    Minimum GPA requirement is a 3.0.
    To monitor your Cal Grants, you can go to:

Classifieds: Scholarships, Fellowships, and More…
Applications for the Capital Fellows Programs are now available         information:
online at: www.csus.edu/calst/programs.
The application deadline for the 2008-09 class is February 27,
                                                                      Check out this great scholarship website! Scholarship
2008. The Capital Fellows Programs consist of four individual
                                                                        Deadlines for minority students approaching…
•    California Senate Fellows (www.csus.edu/calst/senate)          http://www.collegescholarships.org/our-
•    Executive Fellowship Program                                   scholarships/minority.htm
(www.csus.edu/calst/executive)                                        Google Policy Fellowship
•    Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship Program                        The Google Policy Fellowship program offers
(www.csus.edu/calst/assembly)                                          undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested
•    Judicial Administration Fellowship Program                        in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to
                                                                       spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue
                                                                       on these issues, and exploring future academic and
These nationally recognized fellowships are an outstanding             professional interests. Fellows will receive a stipend of
                                                                       $7,000 for 10 weeks during the summer of 2008 (June-
opportunity for college graduates to engage in public service
                                                                       August). Applications are due by January 1, 2008.
and prepare for a future career. Fellows work 10-11 months as          http://www.google.com/policyfellowship/
full-time staff members in the California State Assembly, Senate,
or Executive Branch or within the California Court System.
                                                                                    Upcoming Dates:
The only prerequisite for the programs is a four-year college or
university degree and a demonstrated interest in state                  December 6th- Spring Scholarship Request
government and public service. Fellows come from all                    sent out.
economic, cultural, political, career and educational                   December and January- Sophomore and
backgrounds, and no previous legislative or political experience        Senior career advisement sessions. If you are in
is required.                                                            the Scholarship Program, are in your second or
                                                                        last year of college, and have not come in for
For further information please see the website                          career advisement this year, you are required
www.csus.edu/calst/programs or contact the Center for                   to do so in order to receive your spring
California Studies at 916-278-6906.                                     scholarship money. To schedule an
                                                                        appointment, contact Karina Santos at (323)
    Do you know any black male High School seniors who want             900-8734 or ksantos@fulfillment.org.
      to be teachers and want to go to college for FREE? This           January 20, 2008- Date USC requires FAFSA.
      program is a collaboration between four historically black        Don’t rely on the March 2nd deadline. Check
      colleges who would like to ameliorate the critical shortage       with your school to see when they need your
      of black male teachers. Visit their website for more              FAFSA.
                                                                        January 22, 2008- Date UC’s require FAFSA.
                                                                        February 7, 2008- Fulfillment Fund
                                                                        Scholarship Deadline

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