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					M A RAFEE
                         `                          +91 9705649349


       Seeking a challenging career with a progressive organization which will utilize my skills, abilities
and education.
               To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education and work
       experience will have valuable application.

        Committed to professionalism, highly organized, work under strict deadline schedules with
        attention to detail, have excellent written and verbal communication skills.


                         B. Tech ( IT ) completed from Green Fort Engineering College in 2010, JNTU

                         Intermediate(MPC) Passed completed in 2006 from Defence Labs School
                                                     Kanchan Bagh

                         Xth Passed out from Defence Labs School [CBSE],
                                                       Kanchan Bagh


             Languages                                        C, C++, (OOPS), Java, VB, C#,
             Technology                                       .NET ( ASP.NET ), VB 6.0
             Operating Systems                                Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux,
                                                              Ubuntu, MAC
             DataBases                                        MS Access, Sql Server 2005/ 2008 (Stored
                                                              Procedure), Oracle 9i (Pl/ Sql)
             Web Programming                                  HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, ActionScript,
                                                              Ajax Tools
             Modeling Languages                               Visual Paradigm, Rational Rose
             Software Applications                            MS Office, OpenOffice, Adobe Reader
             E-Mail Clients                                   MS Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, Mozilla
             Multimedia Applications & Development            Adobe PhotoShop CS3, Corel Draw, Art
             Tools                                            Rage, Adobe Flash 8
             Hardware                                         Computer Hardware

  VCOM IT Services Ltd.                                                            Hyderabad.
  Application Developer/ Freelancer                                         Nov 2010 – Jan 2011

  Developing a application where a user can Add, update and Delete the records of
  computer peripherals.
  Rich GUI is used to for better User Interface and design a database according to the needs of
  the VCom IT Services.
  Used Database as MS Access for simple and fast access to Data.
  Developing a application with use of Crystal reports to print Bill, monthly reports and
  Maintain Reports.
Environment : C#.NET, MS Access, Crystal Reports and Windows XP.



Name             :       Visual Learning Environment
Technology       :       .NET 3.5
Database         :       SQL Server 2005, MS Access
Environment      :       C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows XP

Summary :
In any educational institution, colleges, universities as well as training done at various levels for
staff in an organization, the number of people attending the session has been important.
Most often it is noticed that student’s or trainee’s tend to miss them. For such trainees there
doesn’t exist a system that can backup missed sessions or can they undergo a session again.
These trainees are now subjected to self learning the missed sessions or chapters.
This system to be implemented allows the lecturer’s session to be captured and made available
as tutorials in the library. This electronic library will then be used by trainees to attend missed

Responsibilities :
Lead a Team of 4 members.
Implemented Spiral Model for development of Application, even partial implementation on
WaterFall Model.
Developed the project on .NET 3.5 Framework and even implemented on .NET 4.0
Developed a Dynamic Web Page where the user/ Student/ Staff/ Administrator can login and
access the Required Information.
Uploading the video files in Database in .AVI video file format.
Used VB 6.0 to detect and Interact with hardware components ie Web camera – records the
Created User Controls for splash screen at client side processing with integration of Timers.
Developed Web Forms in ASP.NET in VB at Server side for Admin login.
Even developed small Win Forms to create user controls.
Imported Ajax Tools in .NET 3.5 for more flexibility and reliability.
Used Ajax Tools for user controls like Drop DownLists, ListBoxes and ButtonLists.
Strong orientation on IIS (Internet Information Services) for WebService while developing
Involve in making rich user interface designs and pattern in the application on WinForms and
Rich, User Interface and Graphics are embedded in ASP.NET by creating HTML pages with coding
in CSS styles and XHTML regards to W3C Standards.
Picking up the raw data into given Data format is created in XML.
To Interact with Application and DataBase (MS Access/ SQL Server) used ADO.NET structures
and Data Access Objected are created in Libraries.
All UML Diagrams are developed in both Visual Paradigm and Rational Rose.
Used WebCamera to capture the Sessions or tutorials.
A special Forum is made for students where they can post the queries and these queries/ doubts
are replied/ answered by lecturers.

  Personal Information

Name                                    :       M A RAFEE
Fathers Name                            :       M A SAMEE
Date of Birth                           :       16th Aug 1986
Sex                                     :       Male
Address                                 :       MES Quarters P 6/4
                                                Chandrayan Gutta
Marital Status                          :       Unmarried
Languages Known                         :       English, Hindi, Telugu

Achievements                            :       A and B Certificates NCC
                                                IInd in Chess Inter School Competition
                                                Excellent Gamer (PC) in College.

Hobbies                                 :       Gaming (PC & Console), Reading Comics,
                                                Internet Surfing, Chess and Caroms

I declare that the particular furnished above are true to my best Knowledge.

                                                                                 Yours sincerely

                                                                                   M A RAFEE

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