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					                                                                 Vol II, Autumn 2006

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Seasons Greetings…                         Inside this Issue
                                           Seasons Greetings                          1
As the days grow shorter and the
                                           Inspiration for Respiration                2
nights grow longer, we say goodbye
                                           Healthy Snacks for Back Packs              2
to warm days and make the gradual
                                           Natural Immune Boosters                    3
transition into winter. With each
                                           In Gratitude                               3
new season there is both a sense of
                                           Good News for Acupuncture                  4
loss and a feeling of hope as we
move forward and face the                  shifts her focus inward in order to
possibility of new beginnings. The         preserve her vitality through the
ancient sages of China recognized          cold, dark months. According to
that these times of transition were        Chinese medicine, this time of year
great opportunities to improve our         sees a transition from yang to yin.
health and to become more                  Summer is the peak of yang energy
balanced within our external               which is external, warming, bright,
environment. The shifting weather          and active. Yin energy, with its
patterns and shortening hours of           cooling, dark, calming, and internal
sunlight can affect our emotions and       nature sees its peak in winter.
our health. Becoming aware of how          Autumn and spring act as the pivots
these changes affect us can help us        on which these two opposites
move through them smoothly.                revolve.
Autumn is the time of year when            Our bodies are a microcosm of our
things in nature reach their full          environment, following the patterns
maturity. This is the time of the          of nature with an internal shift from
harvest, when grains are ripe and          yang to yin at this time of year. By
ready to be picked. The leaves             making appropriate dietary and
achieve their most brilliant colors,       lifestyle changes we can remain in
maple sap flows in abundance, and          balance with our environment, stay
apples are at their peak of                healthy, and prevent disease. This
sweetness. However, autumn is also         newsletter offers some tips on how
a time of slowing down and turning         you and your family can achieve
inward. After nature has reached           wellbeing this fall. Cheers!
her peak, she withers externally and                                    Cristin

                                                           Vol II, Autumn 2006

Inspiration for
                                         Healthy Snacks
Respiration                              for Back Packs
According to Classical Chinese
Medicine (CCM), each season is          We all know a healthy diet
associated with a specific organ, and   contributes to how well a child does
autumn happens to be the season of
                                        in school and in life, but healthy
the lungs. The lungs, in CCM, are
                                        doesn’t have to taste awful or be
not only in charge of breathing, but
they also rule the skin and the         complicated. Try a few of the
pores. They’re in charge of our         following ideas this fall and your
sense of smell and our ability to       kids won’t even miss sugary cereals,
sweat, and they play a big role in      fattening cookies, and salty potato
protecting us from bacteria, viruses,   chips! (Please do not ignore food
and allergies.                          sensitivities or allergies)
The lungs can be harmed by grief,
                                           •   Hummus Dip with carrot
by dryness, and by wind (these two
environmental conditions are also
associated with autumn).                       Combine the following
During the fall, take good care of             ingredients in a food
your lungs by practicing deep                  processor:
breathing and meditation for at least              o    1 can of organic
5 minutes a day. Inhale deeply,                         chickpeas (drained)
filling the whole abdomen from side
                                                   o    1 clove of raw garlic,
to side and back to front, then
exhale with the sound “Sssss”. This
                                                   o    3 Tsp olive oil
is the sound of the lungs and can be
used to strengthen and tone these                  o    ¼ cup sesame tahini
delicate organs. You should also                   o    2-3 Tsp lemon juice
avoid smoking and being around                     o    ½ tsp ground cumin
second hand smoke as much as                       o    Salt to taste
possible. Smoke draws dryness and                  o    Pepper to taste
heat into the lungs which can injure
                                               Blend the ingredients until
them and impair their function. Be
                                               smooth and serve with whole
sure to drink 4-8 cups of warm
green, black, or herbal tea a day to           grain crackers or carrot
counteract the dryness of the                  sticks. You can also sneak
season. Also, if you experience grief          some spinach, roasted red
during the fall, try to maintain a             peppers, or roasted eggplant
healthy diet and sleep schedule to             into the mix. Play with the
avoid stressing your body further,             recipe to see what suits your
and to help you process your
                                               family. (Makes 3-5 servings)
emotions in a healthy way.

                                                         Vol II, Autumn 2006
•   Power Breakfast Smoothies
    Blend 2/3 cup vanilla soy or
    regular yogurt, ½ cup organic     Immune Boosters
    frozen blueberries, ½ banana,     When seasons change viruses and
    1-2T honey, 1-2T almond           bacteria thrive. To help fight colds
    butter, and 1-1½ cup cold         and flu naturally try some of the
    vanilla soy or rice milk. Add     following remedies:
    1-2 ice cubes and blend until     Ginger Tea- great at the first signs
    smooth. (2 servings)              of a cold or for upset stomachs.
•   Crispy Rice Treats                Garlic- fabulous natural antibiotic
    Heat 1 cup brown rice syrup,      and anti fungal, especially when
    2/3 cup peanut butter, dash       eaten raw.
    of vinegar, and dash of vanilla   Shiitake Mushrooms-stir fried, these
    over medium heat until            mushrooms can be taken for
    bubbling. Pour over 3 cups        anything from preventing colds to
    crispy rice cereal (in mixing     fighting cancer.
    bowl) and blend well with         PeppermintTea- wonderful for colds
    wooden spoon. Pour into           where there are sweats or fever.
    oiled pan and flatten with        Baked Asian Pears- sprinkled with
    spatula. Let cool, slice, and     rock sugar, these are a Chinese cure
    serve. (8 servings)               for sore throat or lung infections.
•   Healthy Spreads to use as         Echinacea Tincture or Tea- this
    Dips for Veggies or to Layer      Native American herb has been used
    in Tea Sandwiches:                for centuries to boost the immune
       o   Hummus                     system and to fight colds and flu.
       o   Olive Tapinade             Green and White Onion- use as
       o   Roasted red pepper         often as possible to strengthen the
           spread                     lungs.
       o   Egg salad
       o   Herbed Ricotta Cheese               In Gratitude...
       o   Almond butter, with
                                      Refer a new patient to me during the
           cinnamon and honey
                                      months of November and December
       o   Cream cheese or whole
                                      and receive a thank you gift! My
           yogurt blended with
                                      favorite cookbook “Changing
                                      Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook” (a
       o   Peanut butter with
                                      $16.00 value) offers wonderful meal
                                      plans that are in sync with nature
    Layer with shredded carrots,
                                      and will make a wonderful addition
    thinly sliced cucumbers,
                                      to your kitchen. Thank you!!!
    raisins, or all-fruit jams.
                                                           Vol II, Autumn 2006
                                        anti-aging herb extraordinaire.
                                        Being one of the few Chinese herbs
           Medicine                     that actually taste good, dried goji
           In the News                  berries (organic) make a great snack
                                        or garnish. Int J Mol Med. 2006
Acupuncture in the Treatment of         Jun;17(6):1157-61. Source: PubMed
Obesity: Researchers in Turkey have
                                        Acupuncture for Gastrointestinal
found that acupuncture helps to
treat obesity and make weight loss
                                        Duke University Medical Center in
easier. People receiving acupuncture
                                        Durham, North Carolina is home to a
have decreased appetites and
                                        study looking at the effect of
increased intestinal motility (i.e.
                                        acupuncture on gastrointestinal (GI)
metabolism), and are better able to
                                        disorders. For thousands of years,
handle stress.
                                        acupuncture has helped to treat
Int J Neurosci. 2006 Feb;116(2):165-
                                        many GI disorders such as GERD,
75. Source: PubMed
                                        IBS, nausea, diarrhea, constipation,
Traditional Chinese Herbs for Skin      and slow emptying of the GI tract.
Care: Researchers in Taiwan have        Acupuncture has already been
found that certain Chinese herbs,       shown to alter acid secretion,
when applied topically, have an anti-   regulate GI motility, decrease
aging effect on the skin. Four herbs    visceral pain, increase muscle
in particular (Pharbitis nil, Sophora   contractions, and relax the bowels.
japonica, Spatholobus suberctus,        This study at Duke should be able to
and Morus alba) were found to           explain how and why acupuncture
inhibit the synthesis of “age” spots    helps to treat functional GI
and also had potent anti-oxidative      disorders, as well as which of these
activity (protecting the skin from      conditions it is most effective in
pollution and stress). These herbs      treating.
show great promise for use in           J Gastroenterol. 2006
cosmetics and skin care.                May;41(5):408-17.
J Ethnopharmacol. 2006 Feb 21;          Source: PubMed
[Epub ahead of print]
Source: PubMed                                      Cristin Gregory is the owner of
                                                       Wellbeing Natural Health.
Gou Qi Zi, or “Goji Berries” are
                                                    She is a Licensed Acupuncturist
Powerful Protectors: Researchers in                 and Certified Chinese Herbalist.
Hong Kong have proven that the
Goji Berry, a common Chinese                For more information call
medicinal herb, is a very powerful          Wellbeing Natural Health
antioxidant, cellular protectant, and               704-663-6544


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