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Weekly Prayer Requests (DOC)


									Weekly Prayer Requests

Thought for the Week:
“The Lord is near to all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of those
who fear Him, He will also hear their cry, and will save them.” Psalm 145:18-19.
The point is, that we ask only for that which it would be for the glory of God to give to us; for that, and that alone,
can be for our real good. But it is not enough that the thing for which we ask God be for His honor and glory, but
we must, secondly, ask it in the name of the Lord Jesus. That is to say, expect it only on the ground of His merits
and worthiness. Thirdly, we should believe that God is able and willing to give us what we ask Him for. Fourthly,
we should continue in prayer till the blessing is granted; without fixing to God a time when, or the circumstances
under which, He should give us the answer. Fifthly, we should, at the same time, look out for and expect an
answer till it comes. If we pray in this way, we shall not only have answers, thousands of answers to our prayers;
but our own souls will be greatly refreshed and invigorated in connection with these answers.

Our Core Group:


Children’s Ministry
Pastoral Oversight: Trevor Mares
Administrative Assistant: Jake Singer
Leadership: Corinne Conley, Missy Singer, Carolyn McDaniels, Andrea Neeser, Penny McClain, Edith Bringman,
Maxine Myhre, Monte and Melinda Eldfrick, Cynthia Groom, Frank and Kathy Coprivnicar, Phyllis Vermilyea,
Terry Meloche
 About 150 volunteers
     Please pray the Lord would bless the At-Home Activity Competition between all the classes; that parents
       will take time, each week, to review the class lesson and participate alongside their children to complete
       the lesson. Pray that this activity will help the parents build a Christ-centered family and home.
     Please pray for our Harvest Food Drive during the month of October that many hearts will be moved to
       compassion and generosity so that God would use this to teach the children how they can joyfully give
       and bless the Lord through meeting this practical need.

Chapel Missions Mexico
Pastoral Oversight: Bob Caldwell
Administrative Assistants: Lauren Phillips, Anna Moreno
Missionaries: Dave and Merrie Neely
    Dave and Merrie are leaving for a 6 months to southern Mexico on Oct 22. Pray for their safe travel
       through the country and that God would provide for the resources needed.
    Oaxaca, Mexico will be their base for the mission. Pray that God pours out His Spirit on them and all the
       people they meet as they bring the Gospel message to the indigenous people.

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