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					                       Gossypium and The Eden Project
If the Eden project, that beautiful human creation in deepest Cornwall, has the aim to
create a living theatre between plants, people and resources it was fulfilling its
objective last week as it hosted the creative team from Gossypium.

Mixing the very different elements of botanics and fashion which are at the roots of
Gossypium, the pioneering ethical and organic clothing brand went on location to
hold it’s Spring/Summer 2005 catalogue shoot amid the luscious plants in the
Tropical Biome, as well as check out its dual branded products in the Eden project

Gossypium takes its name from the botanical name for cotton plant and this is where
its clothing starts.
In a unique joint venture which links Gossypium directly to the small scale cotton
farms of India, all Gossypium clothing has been made with cotton grown to organic
and fair-trade standards. Cotton plants grow for 8 months of the year on the garden
sized farms, interspersed with other crops such as lentils. Birds circle overhead to
catch the pests as the farmers don’t use pesticides and as a result their soil and quality
of life have both improved dramatically and they are paid 8% over the market price.

Gossypium’s partner, Agrocel, is then responsible for making this cotton into a pure,
chemical free yarn, which is where Gossypium takes over, making its clothes with
simplicity and great care.
Gossypium’s new Spring/Summer collection includes everything you could want in
cotton basics. Gossypium classics and new products like polo shirts sit side by side
with their uniquely designed fold over waist trousers and roll over waist skirts.
Casualwear, nightwear, underwear, yogawear and babywear….. clothes for living in.

The Gossypium Spring/Summer collection and mail order catalogue will launch at
Organic Products Europe in mid April and samples and/or photographs of Gossypium
at Eden, the spring/summer collection are now available.

 Please call 01273 403084 or email louise@gossypium.co.uk with press requests
                           and for more information.

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