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Issue 973 - Amazon Web Services by yaosaigeng

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                                                                            JaN 11             HeaLtH
                                                                             2011              ON TOuR
    wHat’S HaPPeNiNg
    muSic NewS                                                                        6
    NewSbeat                                                                         10
    baSemeNt raver DANcE & ELEcTRO                                                   22
    HeLL awaitS METAL                                                                23


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    JaSoN coLLett                                                                    12
    tHe bLacK KeYS                                                                   12
    tHe DeatH Set                                                                    12
    guiLtY SimPSoN                                                                   16
    tiN caN raDio                                                                    16
    tHe gaSLigHt aNtHem                                                              17
    De HØJe HÆLe                                                                     17
    maHaL Kita                                                                       17
    tiNiaN’S boY                                                                     17
    mr. maPS                                                                         18
    tHe beautiFuL girLS                                                              18
    uNDeroatH                                                                        19
    iLLY                                                                             19

    aLbumS                                                                           20
    SiNgLeS WITH ALASDAIR DuNcAN                                                     21
    iNDie reLeaSeS                                                                   22
    Live                                                                             24

    geareD MuSIcIAN'S
    burSt citY VENuE PROFILE                                                         26
    StatiStic FaNtiStic WITH SIMON TOPPER                                            26
    mi auDio PRODucT OVERVIEW                                                        27
    QmuSic broaDcaSt INDuSTRY NEWS                                                   33


    tHe DiLemma VINcE VAuGHN INTERVIEW                                               30
    coNtroL FreaK VIDEO GAME NEWS & REVIEWS                                          31
    ciNema                                                                           32
    wiN StuFF                                                                        32
    DvD reviewS                                                                      33

                                                                                            briNg tHe (PoP) NoiSe
    artS                                                                             33

    coNcert caLeNDar                                                                 34
    gig guiDe                                                                        35

       Quote Of The Week                                                                    cHaD ParKHiLL chats with JaKe DuZSiK of L.A. post-hardcore noise-rockers HeaLtH about songwriting, the dialectic between bands and fans, and the perils of
           i want to have a lot of                                                          touring without a laptop.
       babies but my wife doesn’t                                                               It’s weirdly appropriate that, while I’m waiting         don’t give a shit about what our fans think, we just             by grilling Duzsik about HEALTH’s live performance
       want to … i had this dream                                                           to be connected to Jake Duzsik, singer and de facto          wanna make the music we wanna make’,” Duzsik says.               set-up, which eschews the use of a laptop and per-
       of having my kids being my                                                           bandleader of L.A.-based noise group HEALTH, a blast         “I think those things are one and the same, most of              formance software in favour of a huge flight case of
       backing band.                                                                        of static-y noise comes through the phone line. To
                                                                                            my ears it sounds like a tinny, compressed version of
                                                                                                                                                         the time. We’re certainly aware of who’s going to listen
                                                                                                                                                         to our music, and what they’ll think.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          guitar effects pedals and a mess of patch cords to pull
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          everything together. “It’s a massive pain in the ass for
                                                                                            what HEALTH themselves often do – which is to make                This dialectic method of responding to fan feed-            us in Australia, since you guys charge by weight on
                                                                                            brutally loud and transcendentally ugly noise music.         back garnered from live shows is not without its pit-            flights!” Duzsik says. “We never had a flagship rule that
    creDitS                                                                                 When I mention this strange coincidence to Duzsik,           falls, though, as Duzsik explains: “The only problem             laptops are verboten, but I’ve never seen a band and
    EDITOR Chris Harms /                                          he’s genuinely perplexed: “Maybe it’s some kind of           for us is that we’re going to have to take time to write         seen a laptop on stage and not had that bum me out.
    PUBLISHER Colin Rankin /                                      supernatural effect,” he says. “Usually I have Vivaldi as    the new album after this Australian tour. We’ve writ-            We use MPCs and samplers and stuff, and the reason
    ADVERTISING Tony Vollmerhause /
    Ross Kingston /                                                my ringtone when people call.” Duzsik’s love of Vivaldi      ten some songs, but the way the last two have come               we still use those is because we don’t come from that
    LAYOUT & DESIGN Aaron Sammut /
    ASSISTANT EDITOR Emily Williams /                             seems at odds with the brutal, pummelling sounds his         out is that they’re sprawling, dark, epic rock songs.            perspective. We’re a rock band. That’s what we wanted
    ARTS EDITOR Zenobia Frost /
    DANCE EDITOR Alasdair Duncan & Scott Harms /
                                                                                            band makes, but it makes sense: there’s a strong me-         It’s not like those won’t be on the record, but it’s not         to be when we started. It’s a pain in the ass, but that’s
    INDIE EDITOR Jody Macgregor /                                  lodic method to HEALTH’s madness.                            like the third record’s going to be a post-rock record.          one of the virtues of our live show and one of the rea-
    GEARED EDITOR Denis Semchenko /
                                                                                                2010 single USA Boys, with its slick pop produc-         Unfortunately, we’re going to have to write in a block           sons why people still come to see us, because we put
    PHOTOGRAPHERS: Aaron Sammut, Davey Rintala, David Burness, Elleni
    Toumpas, Fiona Stafford, Justin Edwards, Justin Ma, Kristen Ashton, Kylie
                                                                                            tion and hip hop-influenced beats, is itself a bit of a      and then start recording, and that’s a scary thing for           on a rock show. I mean, we could take a song like Die
    Keene, Mark Marin Matt Palmer, Mitch Carlin, Nadia Hall                                 departure from HEALTH’s previous guitar-based work.          us. We’ve always been such an active, touring band, so           Slow and have the main track be a backing track, and
    CONTRIBUTORS: Michael Pincott, Meg Collis, Nils Hay, Alasdair Duncan,                   Is this the direction the band will continue in? “What       it’s weird to record a song and release it without test-         it would be the same every time, we wouldn’t have to
    Alice Rezende, Andrew Tuttle, Ben Johnson, Chad Parkhill, Chris Driver, Denis
    Semchenko, Jack Langridge, James Stafford, Lindsey Cuthbertson, Luke Smith,             we want to do in terms of production now is have both        ing it on an audience. With USA Boys, we didn’t even             worry about it, but that wouldn’t be the same thing.
    Matt Thrower, Mitch Alexander, Michael Wendland, Richard Coombs, Sally                  things,” Duzsik says. “Have avant-garde noise stuff, but     learn to play it before we recorded it. It was written               “It can go terribly awry,” Duzsik tells me. “I’m not
    Latter, Scott Harms, Tess Curran, Tian Zhang, Tim Retrot, Tom Hersey, Victoria
    Nugent, Bonnie Gardner, Jack Reed, Amrita Das, Tim Milfull, Olivia Stewart,             have it produced in a way that it’s really clean and         separately, not so much as a band, and recorded, then            going to tell you how we make the signature sound
    Anna Angel, Bianca Valentino, Chris Pickering, Darragh Murray, Dermot Clarke,
    Fiona Stafford, Heidi Axton, James Brindley, Krissi Weiss, Lee Hutchison, Nina          separated. We want to be able to make a record that
    Bertok, Simon Topper, Siobhan Thakur, Sophie Benjamin, Susan Milanovic,
    Andrea Lam, Anthony Gough, Peter Taggart, Tiffany Bridger, Jason Conlan,
                                                                                            doesn’t sound like the kind of record bands that make
    Glenn Manders, Zenobia Frost, Mel Stringer, Patrick Perrier, Liam McKernan, Rob         music like us, or similar to us, have had. That’s a big
    Newcombe, Alastair Craig, Sam Hagaman, Brad Cameron, Chelsea Heaney
                                                                                            goal of ours.
                                                                                                “If you want to start a band, you might want to start
                                                                                            a garage rock band,” Duzsik continues. “Or, you know, a              we never had a flagship rule that
                                                                                            punk band. The tools and the sound palette are already
                                                                                            there, and you grow as a songwriter, or you don’t. For us,      laptops are verboten, but i’ve never seen
                       11 Stoneham Street, Stones Corner 4120
                                                                                            the process has been really gradual, because we’re not
                                                                                            a typical band. It’s been a long process for us to figure      a band and seen a laptop on stage and not
                                                                                                                                                                    had that bum me out.
                           PO BOX 802, Stones Corner 4120
                        Ph: (07) 3397 2760 Fax: (07) 3397 0341                              out how to make songs that sound new and relevant
                          Web:                                      and exciting for us to write, then figuring out how to
     TIRED OF MISSING AN ISSUE? SIGN UP FOR THE FREE DIGITAL EDITION BY                     have vocals over music that’s atonal, then figuring out
       FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON WWW.TWITTER.COM/RAVEMAG                                  how we can write a song with a structure that feels like
                                                                                            a pop song, but that has components that don’t sound
                           PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE
                                                                                            that way. We’re at the point where we have the tools to      we had to learn how to play it live. We’d only done that         of Die Slow, but it’s a combination of feedback loops.
                                                                                            do that in a way that makes sense to us, so we want to       once before, but this is something we’re going to have           We toured it around the US first, then we recorded
                                                                                            draw on all those things.”                                   to do for the next album.                                        the album, and it got released as a single. So we go
                                                                                                Indeed, if there’s one thing that has defined                “I want our records to stand on their own, and for           to Europe, and the main attraction is this new single,
                                                            HEALTH’s career thus far, it’s their measured, careful       us there’s such a massive disconnect between the live            and we discover that there’s some bizarre thing where
                                                                                            approach to sonic evolution. All bands change over           performance and the record just because we’re a noise            different amps, different bass cabinets will not make
                                                                                            time, but HEALTH’s approach is more thoughtful than          band,” Duzsik continues. “It’s going to be incredibly            the sound. So now we have to carry an amp head with
                                                                                            merely letting the muse carry them where it will. “We        loud live, and very physical on stage. You can’t translate       us on flights, and it’s not made for touring, so it breaks
                                                                                            have diehard fans that wouldn’t want us to sound             those strengths in the recording, even though you have           all the time. The most common backline bass head
                                                          any other way,” Duzsik says. “But in terms of looking        to try, but there’s so much more latitude to experiment          you’d get from any festival or show is the Ampeg V4
                                                                                            at our fanbase – which is specific, and represents a         when you’re recording, and to layer sounds. So we’re             pro head. It’s fantastic, but it won’t make the sound.
    Rave is published every Tuesday by RAVE MAGAZINE PTY LTD ACN 098 049
    668. The publisher reserves the right to alter or omit any advertisement.               very small percentage of the music-enjoying public –         not really concerned if it’s like, ‘Oh, if we do it like this,   But we never ever thought about putting that sound
    Advertisers and/or their representatives indemnify the publisher in relation to         gauging by our live shows, the songs they enjoy most         we can’t play that live.’ That’s fine. Do what you want for      on a laptop.”
    defamation, slander, breach of copyright, infringements of trademarks of name
    of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation    are USA Boys, Die Slow, and We Are Water, which are          a recording, and then you figure out a way to interpret
    of rights of privacy and warrant that the material complies with all of the             the songs that still sound like us, but have elements        that live. You can drive yourself crazy trying to make a          HeaLtH play woodland on Saturday Jan 15,
    relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any
    rights against or liabilities in the publishers, its servants or agents. Any material   that are more like pop songs. So if we play what our         record that sounds like you sound live, especially if you        supported by the Death Set and DZ. get coLor and
    supplied to Rave Magazine is at the contributor’s risk. No responsibility will be       fans want to hear, it’s more stuff like that.                make music like we do.”                                          DiSco::2 are out now through Lovepump/Popfrenzy.
    taken by the publisher, its servants or agents. Opinions in Rave Magazine are
    not necessarily those of the publisher or staff of Rave Magazine.                           “I find it really unrealistic when bands are like, ‘I        On the subject of live sound, I close the interview

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                                                                            NewS From tHe worLD oF muSic

                                                          NewSbiteS                                                    with Dreadnaught, Recoil, 4ARM, Dead Letter Open-
                                                           The Ingrid James Trio bring laid back jazz to Limes        er and many more set to play. $15 pre-sale tickets are
                                                          Rooftop Bar on Thursday this week (so long as the rain       available now from
                                                          holds off!). It’s free entry from 7.30pm.
                                                           Guerilla Gigs are tackling Brisbane’s venue
                                                          closures with a unique approach, setting up seemingly
                                                          spontaneous shows in unusual locations. This Friday
                                                          that will take the form of ace Brisbane electro-rock act
                                                          Re:Enactment playing from 7pm at the top of a scissor lift
                                                          on the corner of Grey and Melbourne Sts, South Brisbane.
                                                          Check out to find out more.
                                                           The Mr. Maps CD launch for album Wire Empire at
                                                          The Alley (77 Elizabeth St) this Saturday looks set to be
                                                          a cracker, with support confirmed from Skinny Jean,
                                                          Doom Doom and Grids/Units/Planes. You can also
                                                          expect to see artwork and installations curated by Kate
                                                          Palella, featuring work by Peter Alwast, Alexandra Win-       The 5th Annual All You Need Is Beatles tribute
                                                          ters and more. Doors are at 8pm and it’s $18 (inc. a copy    night is coming up on Saturday Feb 5 at The Zoo, with
                                                          of Wire Empire).                                             Drawn From Bees (pictured), Grand Atlantic, Inland
                                                           Blank Realm, Feathers, Dreamtime and Die On                Sea, Blame Ringo, Lovers Of Modern Art, 26, Charlie
                                                          Planes play Burst City on Saturday, with Sunday see-         Mayfair, Daisie May, The Slow Push and The Ocean-
                                                          ing a Zine Fair/Fundraiser take over the South Brisbane      ics joining forces to play their favourite Fab Four tunes
                                                          venue from 2pm, with Steve Towson and more TBC               in support of Medicins Sans Frontiers.
                                                          providing live music. Funds raised will go to the Das-        Canberra sludge merchants I Exist and Sydney
                                                          marinas Info Shop & Library; to book a table or do-          rockers Phantoms are touring in February in support
                                                          nate zines please contact            of their split 7-inch Bad Romance, featuring two songs
                                                                                                                       from each band named after Wet’n’Wild rides (!) They
                                                          For tHe DiarY                                                play The Step Inn on Thursday Feb 10, no doubt after
                                                           Club 299 continues to host live music and DJs on           some waterslide action in the hours preceding.
                                                          Wednesday nights from Jan 19 with the launch of the           Linked by a love of ‘80s alt-pop in the vein of XTC,
                                                          Let’s Get Naked!? mid-week party night. First up will        REM and The Pixies, Brisbane band Cartoon Physics
                                                          be young pop-rockers Flash Cobra, alongside Boss             bring their warm tunes to The Zoo on Friday Feb 11.
                                                          Level Monster and The Ninjas. It’s free for students         They’ll be supported by The Brunswicks and Bazal-
                                                          and there will be giveaways from Dangerfield clothing.       gette in a night of melodic indie pop/rock.
                                                           Brisbane genre-skippers Beatronica have a new               Singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos brings her clas-
                                                          Nashville-mixed single – Train – up on www.beatroni-         sic melancholic pop to the Brisbane Powerhouse on Sat-
                                                , and they’re also playing Mid Summer Bliss at         urday Feb 12 as part of the free Waxing Lyrical sessions.
                                                          The Zoo on Wednesday Jan 19 alongside the very ex-           She’s touring in support of new single Beg For Love, her
                                                          cellent electro and rock stylings of Videomatics, Edge       first release since the well-received 2009 LP, The Amazing.
                                                          Of Colour and Elah.
                                                           Gold Coast band The Oceanics have scored some
                                                          US radio interest, with their music to be included on
                                                          the nationally syndicated Passport Approved radio
                                                          show. The good news comes as they gear up to sup-
                                                          port Tin Can Radio at The Zoo on Thursday Jan 20 and
                                                          perform at the GC Big Day Out.
                                                           Rhythm Section Mgmt. is presenting the inaugural
                                                          Annual Family Vacation tour this month, with Chase
                                                          The Sun, Cass Eager & The Velvet Rope and Claude
                                                          Hay all hitting the road. They play Byron Bay Brewery
                                                          on Thursday Jan 20, Currumbin’s Sound Lounge on Fri-
                                                          day Jan 21 and Joe’s Waterhole in Eumundi on Saturday
                                                          Jan 22.                                                       Classically-trained cellist Kathryn McKee (pictured)
                                                           Adelaide 12-piece (!) punk funk party band God God         has created a pop-fan-friendly distillation of classical,
                                                          Dammit Dammit are Queensland-bound this month,               alternative and electronic music in her first album Sang
                                                          launching their debut album at Fat Louie’s with a free       Chaud, which she’ll be launching with her five-piece
                                                          show on Saturday Jan 22 (with Headaches, Ironhide            band at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday Feb 13 in
                                                          and The Poisoners), followed by a gig at Sun Distortion      a free show supported by Silver Circus. Head along to
                                                          Studios in Albion (2/24 Corunna St) on Sunday Jan 23         check out one of 2011’s new local talents.
                                                          (with Connections, The Blasted Heath, Thick Skin              Melbourne act Nightmaster are bringing their Ti-
                                                          and Kelsey [The Island]). The Sunday show is all ages        ger EP to Brisbane with a show at X&Y on Saturday Feb
                                                          and will set you back $10.                                   26, supported by Mr. Maps. Expect ‘angular rock, Afro
                                                           Country singer-songwriter James Blundell kicks of          beat, calypso rhythms and surf melodies’. Sounds like
                                                          the Treasury’s Livewire Bar Australia Day entertainment      summer!
                                                          with a show on Tuesday Jan 25.                                On Saturday Feb 26 world-renowned didgeridoo mas-
                                                           The unique sounds of local psych-types Pink Bullet         ter William Barton and acclaimed guitarist/composer
                                                          will be echoing amongst the CBD towers come Satur-           Anthony Garcia will perform at the Brisbane Powerhouse
                                                          day Feb 5 when they launch their Salt Vultures EP at The     launching their new CD Desert Stars Dancing. Book tick-
                                                          Alley, with assistance from Seismic Toss and artist Tim      ets now from
                                                          Warren. Tickets are $10 pre-sold or $15 on the door.          Formerly the Green Earth Festival, Green Earth Day
                                                           All-Australian metal festival Retribution 2011 is          will be happening in the City Botanic Gardens on Satur-
                                                          coming to the Acacia Ridge Hotel on Saturday Feb 5,          day Mar 12, and is set to feature live bands, performers

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                                                                        more NewS & DaiLY uPDateS

and roving entertainment; green cuisine, demonstra-          a commission selling concert tickets and music, has
tions, speakers, a children’s zone, video zone, art and      added Brisbane-based vendor OzTix to its list of ticket-
fashion displays, plus stalls from many local businesses     ing partners.
and not-for-profit organisations. The event is running a      National peak music association AMIN is part of a
competition for artists, filmmakers and fashion design-      taskforce initiated by airline V Australia to develop
ers in the lead-up, which you can find out more about        strategies to address problems faced by flying musi-
at                                    cians. AMIN has set up an online survey (www.amin.
                                                    to find out what concerns musicians and also
PoSitiveLY bLueSFeSt                                         compile a snapshot of artists who fly.
    Bluesfest promoter Peter Noble had to threaten            Rogue Traders have parted with Sony Music, they
legal action against Byron council before being granted      twittered, after the label wasn’t happy with the direc-
permission for a second Bob Dylan set. Dylan’s Easter        tion of their new album. The band’s management con-
Monday performance has sold out, so Noble applied to         firms it’s in talks with other labels.
extend Bluesfest to six days, allowing a second Dylan ap-     George Michael is back in Sydney, staying at the $6
pearance on Apr 26. Council initially said it had a lot of   million five-bedroom home he bought late last year in
applications and wouldn’t make a decision until Febru-       Whales Beach, in addition to pads in LA and London.
ary. Noble needed to know by mid-January to lock Dy-         Local photo development outlets are advised to up-
lan in for the second show, “or he (Dylan) will make other   grade their accident insurance appropriately.
plans,” adding it would cost local businesses $2 million.     Speaking of photos, is Rihanna to sue Kodak for a
Council finally gave permission – but only as a one-off.     campaign in the US where they used her name along-
                                                             side Drake, Pitbull, and Trey Songz? They got their per-
big Year For broNZe waLLY                                    mission, but not hers she says.
    Suncorp Stadium was set to sell its 1 millionth ticket    In good news for someone other than the artist re-
for 2010 at the second U2 show, with the million-ticket-     sponsible, the new Michael Jackson CD had sold 3 mil-
baby scoring a Suncorp Stadium season membership.            lion copies worldwide by end of last year.
Since the state government redeveloped the venue              Paramore founding members Josh and Zac Farro
in 2003, more than 7.2 million patrons have passed           have said they were forced out of the band after years
through the gates. There was a drama at the venue            of label and management battles for control with back-
last month when 100 Bon Jovi fans had their tickets          ing singer Hayley Williams.
cancelled by Sydney-based after          Pharrell Williams has confirmed he is working on
two fans complained they paid $250 for premium tick-         tracks for the next Madonna album, as well as Nep-
ets and got only $99 tickets. The venue and site have        tunes music and scoring another Despicable Me film.
clashed before: the site charges fans for hard-to-get         RIP Gerry Rafferty, the Scottish musician respon-
tickets, but Qld law forbids reselling of tickets at 10%     sible for ubiquitous supermarket sound system and
more than their face value.                                  AM radio hit Baker Street, who died on Jan 4 at the age
                                                             of 63 from liver failure. Rafferty was also a member of
bitS’N’PieceS                                                Stealers Wheel, responsible for Reservoir Dogs sound-
 Radiohead’s OK Computer was named the greatest             track rediscovery Stuck In The Middle.
album of the past 25 years by the greying Britrock read-
ers of Q magazine. Nirvana’s Nevermind came second           HeLLo to 2011!
and Oasis took third and fourth place with (What’s The           Welcome to the first edition of Rave for 2011, the
Story) Morning Glory? and Definitely Maybe. In fifth         year in which we reach 1000 issues! The tireless mon-
place was Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m          keys of the News Desk hope you had a great Christmas
Not by Arctic Monkeys followed by U2’s The Joshua            and New Year’s and that the big wet hasn’t dampened
Tree, The Stone Roses, Radiohead’s The Bends, U2’s           your enthusiasm for live music and the bundle of fes-
Achtung Baby and Muse’s Black Holes & Revelations.           tivals coming up (BDO, Laneway, Soundwave and
 Sony Music’s cloud-based Unlimited digital music           Bluesfest, kids – superb line-ups all round). There’s
service – which launched before Christmas in the UK          plenty look forward to this year, with Rave faves Cut
and Ireland – will soon arrive in Australia as part of a     Copy, The Rapture, PJ Harvey, British Sea Power,
roll-out to eight other territories. It features six mil-    M83, Ladytron, Gang Of Four and, er … The Lonely
lion tracks from Universal Music Group, Warner Music         Island … all putting out new records in the coming
Group, EMI Music and Sony Music.                             months. So towel off, brush your teeth and get ready,
, the Aussie website that lets fans make          2011 here we come…

 5 miNuteS witH...                                            5 miNuteS witH...

  ...DaN robiNSoN, frontman of local metal five-              …blues-rockers tHe cHuteS, headed for the                                                                                               F r i JA N 1 4
  piece triNatYDe.                                            stage once again before heading into the studio

  What influences do you have that the rest of
                                                              to record their second EP                                                                                                              LUNGSPASM
  the band don’t share and where’s the common                                                                                                                                                      Plus special guests
                                                              Is this your last show before decamping to
  ground?                                                     record your sophomore EP?
  Good question, all the band members have differ-            This is our last show before we head into the stu-
  ent influences from bands they like but we all like         dio the very next day! So I don’t think there will be                                                                                   S a t JA N 1 5
  each others’ influences. The music that comes out           much drinking at this one unfortunately. We have
  in Trinatyde is a metal/rock sound.                         been extremely hard at work in the last month mak-                                                                          BLOWHARD JJ SPEEDBALL
  How did Trinatyde come together?                            ing sure we are ready for this show and this record,
  Myself and Josh (guitar) used to be in a band for a         getting better as musicians and tighter as a unit.                                                                           THE STUNTPEGS A.I.M.
  few years. When we started this band we basically           Will you be testing out much new stuff in the
  advertised and then met each member before ac-              set?                                                                                                                            HARMING MONICA
  tually playing a single note in the jam room. Once          We’ve just taken on a new drummer, Anthony. The
  we had Mico (bass) and Matt (guitar) all we needed          addition of Anthony, and the energy he brings, has
  to find was a drummer. After trying out only two
  drummers we found Jason (drums) and he is per-
                                                              in many ways been the catalyst for a new batch of                                                                                       F r i JA N 2 1
                                                              material. We have kept our heads down and have
  fect to our style.
  And while I’m at it, what does the name mean?
                                                              been writing profusely. The majority of our set will
                                                              be new material, with a couple of old songs we en-
                                                                                                                                                                                       THE JOHN EXPERIMENT
  Trinatyde came from the word trinitite, which is the
  glassy residue on a desert floor from the atomic
                                                              joy playing and hope people enjoy listening to.                                                                              MYRTLE PLACE
                                                              You last played a sold-out show at The Zoo.
  bomb called Trinity, which was tested in 1945. So           You seem to have a good relationship with the                              proudly                                     KOMBI KILLERS THE IRRITS
  instead of calling ourself Trinitite we came up with        venue.
  Trinatyde, it is pronounced Trin-a-tyde                     We’ve had a few big nights at The Zoo. We launched                        Supporting
  Do you come from a musical family?
  No, I think most of the members made music on
                                                              our debut EP at The Zoo to a sold-out crowd, and
                                                              have been excited to play there ever since. More
                                                                                                                                       Local Music                                                   F r i JA N 2 8
  their own back actually.
  What did your parents listen to?
                                                              recently, we headlined a charity event at The Zoo,
                                                              which sold out fairly quickly.
                                                                                                                                                                                     WHISKY & SPEED GOLDSTOOL
  Well, I can’t speak for the rest of the members but
  my parents had varied influences from Fleetwood
                                                              Blues and rock have a way of being more power-
                                                              ful in a live setting. Why do you think this is, and
                                                                                                                                                                                       1.1.1. THE PURGATORIES
  Mac and Metallica to Phantom Of The Opera and               how will you aim to translate such an intensity
  Billy Joel ... ha ha ha ha.                                 when you’re in the studio?
  Do they like your music?                                    The blues/rock genre is one punctuated by high en-                                                                                     S a t JA N 2 9
  My parents support my music. I would say it’s a             ergy and an emotional intensity. High-energy mu-
  little too heavy for them even though we are not            sic has always translated well to a live setting, and                                                                     THE ½ PINTS LEGLESS
  that heavy!                                                 we have been fortunate in this sense. Additionally,
                                                              blues music has an emotional energy that comes
                                                                                                                                                                                          BEWARE THE HIPPOS
   triNatYDe play at burpengary community
  Hall on Friday Jan 14 (all ages) and the Step inn
                                                              across powerfully in person.
                                                                                                                                      1154 Sandgate Rd                                 THE LOST CAUSE THE SCAM
  on wednesday Jan 19 with the Last outlaw and                 tHe cHuteS play the Zoo on Friday Jan 15                               Nundah, Q 4012                                         MACHO GRANDE
  meat Snorkel. their debut eP will be available at           alongside royal artillery and Simone elias. it’s
  both shows. See for               $12 on the door. check out
  more information.                                           thechutesmusic for more information.                                      07 3266 8077                                 

jANuARY 11 2011                                                    TIRED OF MISSING AN ISSuE? SIGN uP FOR THE Free DigitaL eDitioN BY SENDING A BLANK EMAIL TO SuBScRIBE@RAVEMAGAZINE.cOM.Au                        WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au   7
                                                                                             LocaL, NatioNaL aND iNterNatioNaL tour aNNouNcemeNtS
                                                                                                                                                               cHecK tHe rave webSite For more
                                                                                                                                                               tour NewS & DaiLY uPDateS

                                                                                               FamiLiaL obLigatioN
                                                                                                  Friends Of Folk is to be held at the beautiful Old
                                                                                               Museum on Sunday Mar 6, and is set to feature Don
                                                                                               Walker, The Gin Club (pictured), Andrew Morris,
                                                                                               Asa Broomhall, Emma Dean, Tara Simmons, Hotel
                                                                                               Motel, Mardi Lumsden & The Rising Seas, Hannah
                                                                                               Macklin, Mark Lowndes, Rachael Brady, Matt Niel-
                              648 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley                                 son and Plastic Wood. Phew. The event is all ages, runs
                                                                                               11am to 8pm and tickets are available at OzTix ($44+bf
                                                                                               adults, $38+bf students, and there are family packages

                               Tuesday 11th January
                                     A Our Talons
                                                                                               wiLt & woNDer
                                                                                                  With new album Temptation due in stores early
                              Wednesday 12th January                                           March, The Waifs (pictured) return to local stages
                                                                                               next month. The group now call the USA ‘home’, and in
                                   Cortez and Crow                                             something of a rarity the trio head out to Byron’s Great
                                  Mt Augustus (solo)                                           Northern on Tuesday Mar 1, Nambour’s Civic Centre on
                                                                                               Wednesday Mar 2 and The Tivoli on Thursday Mar 3.
                                  DJ Maggie Collins                                            Mama Kin supports on all dates, and tickets are avail-
                                                                                               able now at all regular venue outlets.

                              Thursday 13th January
                                       Boys & Girls
                                     Mary Jane Kelly
                                Infinite Thought Process
                                          Brazen                                               Live, LouD & LocaL
                                                                                                   Dubbed the ‘all Aussie Soundwave’ and featuring
                                 $12/ 10 tickets on door                                       a stack of heavy hitters, including Dreadnaught, Re-
                                                                                               coil (pictured), 4ARM and Dead Letter Opener (and
                                                                                               a whole slew more), the Retribution Festival takes over
                                Friday 14th January                                            the Acacia Ridge Hotel on Saturday Feb 5. With two
                                                                                               stages in operation, tattooists completing live art and
                                        Fushia                                                 ‘an awesome display of riff shreddery as Djan Shred
                                       Payne Rd                                                Factor and Rob Stanley go head-to-head’, tickets are
                                                                                               only $15+bf from OzTix. Get amongst it!
                                       Van Merit
                                      Danny Cool

                                Saturday 15th January
                                    Hello Satellites
                                       Mckisko                                                 iNcomiNg
                                      Toy Balloon                                                  AXXONN (pictured, AKA Tom Hall) is packing up
                                                                                               and heading east – off to live in the USA. He’ll play
                                         Slynk                                                 two final shows over the next two months, at Wood-
                                                                                               land on Saturday Feb 19 and X&Y on Saturday Mar 19
                                     Charlie Hustle                                            (he departs for LA the very next day). Look for ticket
                                                                                               info soon, and head along to say your goodbyes.

                               Sunday 16th January
                                    The Androgyny
                                   Race of Harridan
                                     Discount djs                                            No JoKe                                                      iceD HaNDS
                                                                                                 Sure, this was announced last year but we don’t              Hot on the heels of dates from Stanton Warriors and
                                                                                             care when it comes to Lemmy’s mole… we mean                  Kaskade, Treasure Fingers (AKA Ashley Jones) has an-
                                                                                             Motörhead. The trio aren’t playing Brisbane, so book a       nounced some dates for Friday Jan 21 at Byron’s Great
                               Monday 17th January                                           hotel and take a trip down the M1 if you must to catch       Northern, Tuesday Jan 25 at The Bowler Bar (downstairs
                                      Bar Closed                                             them at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Friday
                                                                                             Apr 1 (no, this isn’t a joke). The gig is all ages, and
                                                                                                                                                          at The Tempo Hotel) and Sunday Jan 30 at Titanium Bar,
                                                                                                                                                          Gold Coast. Look for tickets from the venues. Italian DJ
                                                                                             tickets are on sale now from Ticketek for $99.90+bf          Reset! plays Monastery on Tuesday Jan 25.
                                                                                             (mad-keen fans can attend a meet and greet for a cool
                                Tuesday 18th January                                         $499.90+bf ).                                                ScHooL NigHt Hoe DowN
                                                                                                                                                              Ratatat play a side show to their Big Day Out ap-
                                    Howling Rabbits                                          No Sam KeKovicH                                              pearance at The Hi-Fi on Monday Jan 24. Supports
                                    Capital Control                                              Bringing their first new album in eight years to
                                                                                             Australian audiences, UK electronic duo Lamb play
                                                                                                                                                          have been announced in Canyons and Alps, with
                                                                                                                                                          tickets still available from the venue and regular out-
                                         Swim                                                The Hi-Fi on Friday Feb 18. These will be the first dates    lets for $40+bf.
                                                                                             for their 5 World Tour that will see them on the road
                                                                                             for much of 2011 and 2012. It will also be the first         more LaNeS
                                                                                             opportunity many will get to hear new songs from 5                Inland Sea have been added to Laneway’s Fri-
                              Wednesday 19th January                                         (Lamb’s new LP). Tickets are $60+bf from regular out-        day Feb 4 Brisbane date after winning the Triple J
                                    POCKET MUSIC                                             lets, and                                Unearthed competition. Congratulations! Tickets are
                                                                                                                                                          still on sale from for
                                        Hunz                                                 maKe HiStorY                                                 $110+bf – hop to it!
                                                                                                The Deadshits event gets a second instalment at
                                       Dot.Ay                                                Woodland this month, with Boomgates, Circle Pit,             aLL aboarD
                                    Potato Master                                            Holy Balm, Assassins’ 88, Superstarrr and Per Pur-
                                                                                             pose all descending come Friday Jan 28. Bring ear-
                                                                                                                                                              Katie Noonan & The Captains return one last
                                                                                                                                                          time for a swing around the nation – playing The Ju-
                                      Mahal Kita                                             plugs, and prepare to get messy.                             dith Wright Centre on Friday Mar 4. The band then
                                                                                                                                                          goes on a bit of a hiatus as Katie plans to spend some
                                    Charlie Hustle                                           StoLeN <3s                                                   time with her trio Elixir, and classical guitarist Karin
                                                                                                 I Heart Hiroshima have their drummer back in             Schaupp. Tickets are $45+bf from www.judithwright-
                                                                                             the country (if only fleetingly), so they’re heading out
                                                                                             on a whirlwind three-date East Coast tour – calling
                                                                                             into Woodland on Saturday Jan 29. This may be your           roaD triP!
                                t 07 3257 1259                                               only opportunity to see them this year.                          Don’t forget, Beach House play a regional date at
                                                                                                                                                          Mullumbimby Civic Hall on Saturday Jan 22, teaming
                                                                                             worKiNg tHe corNerS                                          with The Middle East and Kiwi Tiny Ruins (currently
                                                                     UK producer well known for his remix work of
                                                                                             HEALTH, Telepathe, Little Boots and Simian Mobile
                                                                                                                                                          in the studio with J Walker). Rave voted Beach House’s
                                                                                                                                                          Teen Dream #9 on our official writers poll of 2010 – so
                                                                                             Disco, Gold Panda plays Alloneword on Thursday Jan           you should have an inkling it’ll be worth the effort!
                                                                                             13 supported by Elroy 3.0, Herts, Puzahki and Wal-           Tickets are $45.90+bf from OzTix, Barebones in Ban-
                                                                                             rii. Tickets are $16.35+bf from OzTix.                       galow and Mullum Books in Mullumbimby.

8   WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au                                      FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                      ISSuE 973
                                                               NewSbeat                       wHat'S HaPPeNiNg tHiS weeK
                                                                                                                                                                                   cHecK tHe rave webSite For more
                                                                                                                                                                                   iNFormatioN oN FeatureD gigS

                                                                                            caNaDiaN mYtHoLogY                                                                            beautiFuL PHarm
                                                                                                Sydney’s Dead Letter Chorus (pic-                                                             Fans of coastal jaunts, The Beautiful
                                                                                            tured) support Broken Social Scenester                                                        Girls (pictured), head out in support of the
                                                                                            Jason Collett and fellow Canucks Zeus                                                         latest single to be taken from their Spooks
                                                                                            when they call into The Zoo on Thurs-                                                         LP, My Mind Is An Echo Chamber. Catch
                                                                                            day Jan 13; Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi,                                                         the Girls (who are actually boys) at Byron’s
                                                                                            on Friday Jan 14; The Loft on Saturday                                                        Great Northern on Wednesday Jan 12 and
                                                                                            Jan 15 and Byron’s Great Northern on                                                          Thursday Jan 13, The Coolangatta Hotel on
                                                                                            Sunday Jan 16. Look for tickets from                                                          Friday Jan 14, The Hi-Fi on Saturday Jan 15
                                                                                            regular venue outlets (The Zoo show                                                           and Kings Beach Tavern on Sunday Jan 16.
                                                                                            costs $22+bf from OzTix).                                                                     The Chemist support at all dates.

               THU 13TH JAN                                                                                                              orbitiNg SeQ
              NOXIOUS                        JuNgLe booK
                                                  Not to be confused with Pete Wentz and
                                                                                                                                             Helmed by Melbourne musician Eva
                                                                                                                                         Popov, Hello Satellites (pictured) play
            + THE IRRITS                     Ashlee Simpson’s child, the name Mowgli
                                             (pictured) also belongs to 20-something
                                                                                                                                         Currumbin’s SoundLounge on Friday Jan
                                                                                                                                         14 and X&Y Bar on Saturday Jan 15 to
           + THE CILIKIS                     Italian-born DJ and producer Michele
                                             Savasta. He is playing a few dates over sum-
                                                                                                                                         launch their new single, Heartbeat Fast
                                                                                                                                         As A Rabbit. Have you seen rabbits hop?

        PROGRESSIO PROJECT                   mer, heading to Monastery on Friday Jan 14
                                             and Platinum on Saturday Feb 5. The Mon-
                                                                                                                                         That’s pretty fast. First lady of Brisbane ex-
                                                                                                                                         perimental pop, McKisko, supports. Tick-
        DOORS OPEN 7Pm - $12 - 18+ID         astery show will set you back $15.                                                          ets for the Currumbin show are $12+bf

                                                                                            tHorougHbreD StYLe                                                                            FrieNDS LiKe You
                                                                                                 Tyrone Noonan (pictured), best                                                                With over 50 years in the game, folk
                                                                                            known for his work with ARIA award-                                                           icon Judy Collins (pictured) decamps from
                                                                                            winning band george, heads to Broad-                                                          her native USA to play an Australian tour,
                                                                                            beach to pay a set at the Sofitel Hotel’s                                                     calling into QPAC on Saturday Jan 15 and
                FRI 14TH JAN                                                                Room 81 on Saturday Jan 15. He’ll be
                                                                                            performing a set of ‘funky bossanova’
                                                                                                                                                                                          Caloundra’s Events Centre on Sunday Jan
                                                                                                                                                                                          16. Tickets for the QPAC date range between
      THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY                                                                 for post Magic Millions race day revel-                                                       $69 and $89 (available from Qtix), and The

              F1 ELEVENS
                                                                                            lers who prefer something a little more                                                       Events Centre cost $78 (available from www.
                                                                                            refined to the post-racing on-field fes-                                             The Saints’ Chris Bai-
                                                                                                                                                                                          ley supports on both nights.
         + SONS OF THE SOIL
                                                                                            tivities. He kicks off at 4pm.

            + STONECHIMP                     SYmboLic DePictioNS                                                                         bLue SaturDaY
                                                 Brisbane instrumental post-rock/ex-                                                         Arriving in Brisbane in the ‘70s after
        DOORS OPEN 7Pm - $12 - 18+ID
                                             perimental group Mr. Maps (pictured)                                                        his tour of duty, Wiley Reed (pictured)
                                             launch their long-awaited debut album                                                       has established himself at the forefront of
               SAT 15TH JAN                  Wire Empire at The Alley (77 Elizabeth St,                                                  the Australian blues scene. He plays Palm-

               SPOOK HILL                    the City; alleyway between Cozy Corner
                                             and Ezyway Convenience) on Saturday
                                                                                                                                         woods Hotel on Saturday Jan 15 with
                                                                                                                                         support from the ‘stomping traditional

                   + JAK
                                             Jan 15. Support comes from Skinny Jean,                                                     blues with a booty-shaking funk edge’
                                             Doom Doom and Grids/Units/Planes.                                                           of Claude Hay and young’uns Apollo

            + THE BUZZBEES
                                             Tickets are $18 on the door (and that in-                                                   Inperil (No Problem). It’s free, kicks off at
                                             cludes a limited handmade copy of the                                                       5.30pm and there’s even a free shuttle so
                                             shiny new disc!).                                                                           you can leave the car at home.
              + DIRTY LIARS
        DOORS OPEN 7Pm - $12 - 18+ID

                                                                                                                                                                                          SoutHerN eScaPe
                                                                                                                                                                                              Rob Robot (pictured) have escaped the
                                                                                            eaSterLY eScaPaDeS                                                                            floodplains of their homeland (that’s Rock-
                                                                                                Melbourne based roots/rock trio,
                                                                                                                                                                                          hampton) to team with friends Pseudo
                                                                                            The Jed Rowe Band (pictured) head
                                                                                                                                                                                          Promise on a southern city tour. Too bad
                                                                                            north along the East Coast this summer
               SAT 20TH JAN                                                                 to visit a town near you. With favourable
                                                                                                                                                                                          the rain has followed them south. It’ll be an
                                                                                                                                                                                          evening of anthemic indie when both acts
               Folken Rock                                                                  reviews of their Midnight Sun release,
                                                                                                                                                                                          play Fitzy’s Loganholme on Wednesday Jan

        The mouldy lovers                                                                   catch the lads at Byron’s Buddha Bar on
                                                                                            Friday Jan 14 and Nimbin’s Freemason’s
                                                                                                                                                                                          12 (with heavy hitters Without A Witness,
                                                                                                                                                                                          $8), BarSoma on Friday Jan 14 (with Tour-

            + Orphan Ann
                                                                                            Hotel on Saturday Jan 15.
                                                                                                                                                                                          ism, free entry), and Maroochydore’s Club
                                                                                                                                                                                          Envy on Saturday Jan 15 (with locals The

            + Lilly Rouge
                                                                                                                                                                                          Marsden Lees, $10).

          + Bremen Town
               Muscian                       #1
                                                 Riding high after their song Home was                                                   FaSter! KiLL, KiLL
                                                                                                                                             The Quickening (pictured) open
                                             awarded top honours in the annual 4ZzZ
        DOORS OPEN 7 - $12 - 18 ID
                             Pm          +
                                                                                                                                         their 2011 gigging calendar with a date
                                             Hot 100, the duo of Transvaal Diamond
                                                                                                                                         at Fat Louie’s Pool Hall (Albert St, City) on
                                             Syndicate (pictured) present their blues-
                FRI 21ST JAN                 rock at one of Brisbane’s ‘most authentic
                                                                                                                                         Saturday Jan 15. The Quickening seem
                                                                                                                                         to have a liking for Lord Of The Rings
                                             old-school blues venues’ Goodna’s Royal
                                                                                                                                         (see their website www.thequickenin-
                                             Mail Hotel from midday on Saturday Jan
                                                                                                                                and will be ably supported
                                             15. The lads are currently stuck in Rocky –
                                                                                                                                         on their night of metal by Army Of
                                             but promise to get to Goodna by boat or
                                                                                                                                         Champions, The Ordinarys and Ring-
                                             chopper if need be. Red Eye Junction and
                                                                                                                                         pull. Fat Louie’s shows are usually free,
                                             Gold Coast foot-stomper Jackson Dunn
                                                                                                                                         but bring some dimes just in case!
                                             support in an afternoon blues blow out.

       DOORS OPEN 5Pm - $18.40 - 18+ID
                                                                                            marY JaNe’S                                                                                   PLace Your betS
                                                                                                Having played the Boys Of Summer                                                              The Gold Coast is all about the Magic
                                                                                            tour last summer Mary Jane Kelly (pic-                                                        Millions Carnival this week, but there are
                                                                                            tured) strike out on their own with date                                                      extra-curricular activities for the non-
                                                                                            at the X&Y-hosted Boys & Girls club night.                                                    horsey with Party In The Paddock featuring
                                                                                            Happening on Thursday Jan 13, and fea-                                                        Surecut Kids, Alison Wonderland, Casey
                                                                                            turing support from Infinite Thought                                                          Barnes (pictured), Ramjet, Geoff Raynor,
                                                                                            Process and Brazen, tickets are $12 on                                                        Charlie Hustle and Vinyl Assassins. The
                                                                                            the door. MJK then front up at The Fort                                                       Gold Coast Turf Club will be turned into
                                                                                            on Friday Jan 14 for an all ages date with                                                    something of a sideshow with rides, games
                                                                                            Signal The Firing Squad, Time Has                                                             and of course the racing, on Saturday Jan
                                                                                            Come, Northlane and Done For. Tickets                                                         15. Tickets are $45+bf from Ticketek (and
                                                                                            are $15, and doors open at 6pm.                                                               that a includes the shuttle bus to and fro’).

10 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au                                                    FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                              ISSuE 973
                                                  JaSoN coLLett
                                                  ON TOuR

                                 Find us on

   Brisbane’s Premier
  Entertainment Venue
                                              Broken Social Scene member JaSoN coLLett’s touring schedule is hectic to
                                              say the least, with 22 shows in four countries over the next two months. He talks
                                              to tom giLLeSPie about touring with his backing band Zeus, the beauty of
                                              Newfoundland, and never missing an opportunity to make a mistake.

                                                   For an artist with as many accolades as he has fans,         he says frankly.                                                  leased yet, they learned my material before that. And
                                              you’d think Jason Collett would be able to explain to                 His latest full-length album, Rat A Tat Tat, was done         they had rehearsed it without me,” he laughs.
                                              you the secret to his song-writing, which has sent him            differently to his other albums since he wrote it with his            With his latest tour, Collett had the pleasure of play-
                                              all over the world. But in reality, he doesn’t know what          backing band Zeus in mind.                                        ing on the island of Newfoundland, which has proven
                                              he’s doing much of the time.                                          “In the past, I would typically do a little bit of pre-pro-   to be his favourite place to play in Canada so far.
                                                   “The more intellectualised the (writing) process,            duction with a producer, partly to save some money in the             “The thing about Canada – I don’t know whether it
                                              the more you fuck it up,” he says. “So I tend to leave all        studio and partly to iron out ideas and stuff. We didn’t do       has any similarities to Australia – is a part of our culture is
                                              my intellectualising for the interviews.”                         any of that on this record, but neither did the band know         that we are rather reserved, so you get a polite audience,
                                                   And how do the best songs come about? One of his             the songs. It was purposeful that way because I know that         but it’s really difficult to get a read on them,” he laments.
                                              most common methods to write songs is to stumble                  they’re fast, and they have great instincts.”                         “But when you go out to the Atlantic, and you go
  Thursday January 13                         upon it.                                                              Collett even admits to writing material while in the          out to this small island, people are far more comfort-
                                                   “One of the ways I write is like if I have an idea, I will   studio before bringing it to the band. “I’ve indulged             able expressing themselves. And that might be to tell
             MOS DEF                          try it and it won’t feel like I got what I wanted, then I’ll
                                              try it again. And sometimes I’ll write the song three or
                                                                                                                myself far more,” he says. “Sometimes I would try a song
                                                                                                                that I had just written then and there, and those things
                                                                                                                                                                                  you to get the fuck off the stage, or that might be to tell
                                                                                                                                                                                  you you’re awesome.”
                                              four different [ways]. And then all of a sudden, out the          proved really fruitful in my mind.”
                                              blue [while] I could be doing any daily task – washing                Collett met Zeus as Paso Mino six years ago, and               JaSoN coLLett and Zeus play the Zoo on thursday
                                              dishes, making coffee, the idea will come,” he explains.          they were cocky enough to proclaim themselves to                  Jan 13, Joe’s waterhole, eumundi, on Friday Jan
                                                   “But I think the best things tend to be mistakes, and        him that they were his new band.                                  14, the Loft on Saturday Jan 15 and byron’s great
                                              if you’re not taking chances to make them, and if you                 “I was smart enough to check them out and not                 Northern on Sunday Jan 16. Dead Letter chorus
                                              have a plan, you are going to miss those opportunities,”          only had they learnt the record that wasn’t even re-              support at all dates.

                                                 tHe bLacK KeYS
                                                 BIG DAY OuT

  Thursday January 20                         babY
  & Friday January 21
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              i want to have
  TOMMY & PHIL                                                                                                                                                                                                              a lot of babies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              but my wife
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             doesn’t want
   EMMANUEL                                   In the lead-up to the annual Big Day Out festival series,
                                              DaN auerbacH – procreation-crazy frontman of tHe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            to … i had this
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           dream of having
                                              bLacK KeYS – talks to KYLie HumPHrieS about the                                                                                                                              my kids being my
                                              band’s ascending career.                                                                                                                                                     backing band.

                                                  While enjoying some pre-tour rest in San Jose,                obvious to everyone else,” says Auerbach.                         the location has no bearing on the finished product.
                                              California, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach is keen to talk               “The Blakroc album was just one big experiment,                   “When it comes to an album we never talk about
                                              about the latest highlight in the blues-rock duo’s career.        a record like that had never been done before. People             it beforehand. It’s a very natural kind of experience; all
                                              The Black Keys and six other bands on the Nonesuch la-            said, ‘you know Aerosmith did that with Run DMC’, but             these songs are gut reactions to our first instincts
                                              bel have been nominated from Grammys this year and                that wasn’t the same thing at all. Run DMC’s track was                “When Pat and I get together we make music no
                                              Dan admits he is happy it finally happened.                       essentially a DJ who sampled Walk This Way, and that’s            matter where we’re at. That’s what we realised after
                                                  “It’s exciting. It’s our first time ever being nominated      completely different to what we did.”                             making this album, Muscle Shoals, Ohio, Los Angeles,
                                              and we’ve put out six records now, so it’s cool”.                      Blakroc was a huge success, blending the talents of          New York, Sydney … wherever the hell we are, it’s gon-
                                                  2010’s Brothers is the band’s sixth and most com-             The Black Keys with the lyrical nous of hip hop super-            na be the same thing”.
                                              mercially successful album to date, with the single               stars like Wu Tang’s RZA, Mos Def and Ludacris. “In the               The band has a huge couple of months ahead of
                                              Tighten Up having won them a new audience of fans.                morning we went in cut it all with real instruments, the          them, but Dan is already looking ahead to his musi-
  Monday January 24                           Of course, the band’s unique sound has regularly                  emcees came in the afternoon, heard the song for the              cal future. “I want to have a lot of babies but my wife
                                              earned them followers from different musical back-                first time, were not allowed to take the song home with           doesn’t want to,” he laughs. “My hero was Junior Kim-

    GRINDERMAN                                grounds. The stripped-back guitar mixed with vocals
                                              resonating in the region of Otis Redding have made
                                                                                                                them, wrote the lyrics on the spot and then recorded
                                                                                                                them. We finished that record in like 11 days, so that’s
                                                                                                                                                                                  brough and he had a lot of babies and they ended up
                                                                                                                                                                                  being his backing band, and I had this dream of having
                                              them favourites of blues fans, plus the hip hop commu-            never been done before.                                           my kids being my backing band”.
                                              nity has turned out to be as equally fond of them after                 “Our music is like a basic riff played over and over
                                              2008’s Blakroc project made it obvious the band had a             again and it felt to us like samples; funky Stax drums             tHe bLacK KeYS play big Day out at gold coast
                                              love for that style of music.                                     and basic guitar riffs”, he recalls. “It was us taking what       Parklands on Sunday Jan 23, alongside tool, Primal
                                                  “Pat [Carney] didn’t listen to blues, he is not a fan,        we were capable of doing and creating a rhythm.”                  Scream, crystal castles, Lupe Fiasco and many
                                              and both of us were hugely inspired by hip hop. I mean                 With every Black Keys album the recording process            more, followed by a show at the tivoli on tuesday
                                              we called our first album The Big Come Up, you know?              has been different. Until 2008’s Attack & Release they had        Jan 25. brotHerS is out through Nonesuch/warner.
                                              So it was obvious to us, and we didn’t see why it wasn’t          never recorded a ‘proper’ studio album, but Auerbach says         check out for more info.

                                                  tHe DeatH Set
                                                  ON TOuR

  Tuesday January 25

  The Black keys
                                              Never SaY Die
                                              JoHNNY Siera has come a long way since meeting his late bandmate
                                              Beau Velasco on the Gold coast last decade, the pair moving to
                                              Sydney, then across the Pacific to Baltimore, Philadelphia and Brooklyn.
  Coming Soon@                                Having mourned Velasco’s tragic 2009 passing, tHe DeatH Set are
                                              now ready to unleash a second album of genre-smashing indie-punk
  Wed JAN 26
                                              jams. toPHer HeaLY catches up with prodigal Gc son Siera, back
  Thu JAN 27
                 Brooke Fraser
 52JAN 30Costin St,
  & FRI JAN 28                                temporarily on the glitter strip.
               Sufjan Stevens
 Fortitude Valley
   TUE FEB 15
               Rob Schneider
 (opp RNA)
    SAT FEB 19
               M. Ward
 Tickets available
               Martha Wainwright              TOPHER HEALY: Given The Death Set’s coastie ori-                  TH: Was there ever a moment when you felt you                     friends from Brooklyn Cerebral Ballzy very soon. Bad
   TUE MAR 1
  Thu MAR 3
               The Waifs                      gins, what’s your ex-pat attitude to Australia? Is it             might not want to continue The Death Set, espe-                   Brains meets Beavis & Butthead in the best possible
 through Ticketek
   FRI MAR 4
               Joanna Newsom                  good to be playing some shows on sacred soil for                  cially given the sad circumstances of 2009?                       way. Jump on it!

 132Belle & Sebastian
  MON MAR 7                                   the first time in a while?                                        JS: Yes most definitely. Beau passing was just so, so             TH: Do you have any tips for surviving the NY winter
                                              JOHNNY SIERA: Hell yes! It’s great to be on home turf.            heavy. And just yesterday I visited his family. But we de-        to Australian summer climate flip?
                                              The weird thing is that Australia is the territory we have        cided as a group to make this record a celebration of his         JS: I’d like to say just endless erotic encounters with                         played the least and we are from here. But I love com-            life rather than let the sadness and despair encompass            multiple sensual strangers, but that’s definitely not it.
                                              ing home. And to be hedonistically honest, I am seri-             the great things that we and the band were proud of.              TH: What’s the one thing fans should bring to a
                                              ously on my endless summer steez. Escape the New                  And to continue to do so.                                         Death Set show?
                                              York winter, come home and enjoy the Oz summer,                   TH: What was it that gave you the momentum to fin-                JS: Just themselves and a willingness to get loose. A
                                              play some awesome shows … that’s a life I enjoy.                  ish Michel Poiccard?                                              maybe too simple but very important truth is the cra-
    52 Costin Street                          TH: The new DS album Michel Poiccard is due out
                                              in March and I’m guessing we’ll be getting a good
                                                                                                                JS: We just went for it. Last year was very hard, but I
                                                                                                                think with this band when we decide to do something
                                                                                                                                                                                  zier everyone gets, the more fun it is. Trust me.

 Fortitude Valley (opp RNA)                   preview of the tunes when you support HEALTH this                 we just go full steam. Writing the record was a long pro-          tHe DeatH Set and DZ support Health at woodland
                                              week. Can you hint at what we should expect?                      cess. But with the help of XXXChange and collabs with             on Saturday Jan 15, followed by a show at the
  Tickets Available Through Ticketek          JS: Yes, you will get a preview of the new record. Still the      Diplo and Spank Rock, I feel very fulfilled with what we          gold coast’s elsewhere on Friday Jan 28. micHeL
    CALL 132 849                              spaztic [sic] energy, but I’d like to think the new songs
                                              have more depth in the songwriting than the just 150%
                                                                                                                came up with and I’m excited to let people hear it.
                                                                                                                TH: Is there anything you might have seen/heard
                                                                                                                                                                                  PoiccarD will be out in march on Ninja tune/
                                                                                                                                                                                  counter records. See                        balls to the wall of the last record. Even some slower
                                              songs – who would have thought?
                                                                                                                recently that we should be looking out for?
                                                                                                                JS: I’m pretty sure everyone’s going to know about my
                                                                                                                                                                                  thedeathset for a free song download and www.

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                                                                                                             (QLD)                                                   (NSW)

                    Backline supplied by
                                                                                                                                                         me skills
                                                                                                                                    W i t nes s the aweso OB STANLEY
                                                                                                                                                   ACTOR & R
                                                                                                                                 DEJA N SHRED F issed’ SHRED OFF!!
                                                                                                                                                 be m
                                                                                                                                  In a ‘not to
                                    IDLE THEORY • DEJAN SHRED FACTOR

                         ACACIA RIDGE HOTEL - FEBRUARY 5 2011
                                                                1386 Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge
                         DOORS OPEN AT 11AM • TICKETS THRU OZTIX - $15


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   cat Power
   ON TOuR

cHaN marSHaLL, better known as cat Power, talks to cHaD ParKHiLL about
her album-in-progress, Sun, the difficulties of choosing, and what keeps her coming
back to Australia.

      I’ll admit that I approached interviewing Chan Mar-       was what I always did, and I never ever thought it was               One of the difficulties Marshall is currently battling is   friends, but the confusing part of that is that every friend
shall – the style icon, rehab survivor, and singer-songwrit-    different to what anyone else ever did, I thought it was        the process of choosing what goes and what stays in the          always likes the song that the other friends didn’t like.
er better known as Cat Power – with some trepidation.           normal. So I slowed down and started writing, and               album: “It’s like having a split personality, because you        So there’s nobody’s opinion I hold greater than mine.
Not that she’s famous for primadonna antics à la Alison         started developing a new part of what I thought was             have to decide,” she says. “It’s like having a ton of babies,    I’m not saying my opinion is greater than anybody else’s,
Goldfrapp, but she has a reputation for being more than         just going to be a part of the album, because the al-           and you have to decide which ones get to have a public           and there are times where I don’t trust my opinion about
a little distant. Her first concert DVD (Speaking For Trees)    bum was going to be mostly songs I’d already written.           life. Which ones do you send to school, which ones do            something that’s confusing the shit out of me. But I don’t
was, after all, filmed in an isolated location where the only   But now, some time later, I’m not recording the older           you do home-schooling with? I’m not saying that my               know how I’d work with a producer.”
audience were trees; her early concerts were notorious          songs I had thought were going to be the core of Sun,           songs are as precious as a child, but I’m going a little              Despite taking time off from touring to focus on
for such stage antics as hiding behind the piano, giving        and I’ve written more songs …” She trails off. “Sorry, this     bonkers trying to figure it out. There’s also the aesthetic      Sun, Marshall has still made the time to visit Australia,
lengthy monologues, and cutting songs short when she            is so boring!” she giggles, clearly uncomfortable with          differences in the material, given the amount of time            a country she clearly holds dear. Aside from her most
tired of them. Then there are her well-known personal                                                                                                                                            recent tour, seeing in 2010 here in Brisbane, she has
struggles, including alcoholism and a stint in the psych                                                                                                                                         also toured here frequently, including a support slot for
ward of Mount Sinai hospital. And although it’s clear she’s                                                                                                                                      homegrown hero Nick Cave, and recorded the entirety
gotten her act together over the past few years – begin-                                                                                                                                         of her breakthrough album Moon Pix in Melbourne in
ning with the more sunny disposition of The Greatest and
continuing through to her measured, mellow, and as-                  it’s like having a ton of babies, and you have to                                                                           1998 with members of Dirty Three. (Dirty Three drum-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 mer Jim White plays in Marshall’s touring band, Dirty
sured performance at the Brisbane Powerhouse on New
Year’s Eve 2009 – I’m still not sure which Chan Marshall            decide which ones get to have a public life.
                                                                                                               cHaN marSHaLL ON SONGWRITING
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Delta Blues.) So what is the basis of her close connec-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 tion to the country?
I’ll end up speaking to. Will she be the flighty, inattentive                                                                                                                                         “The country reminds me of something – I love
genius, or the candid, eloquent survivor?                                                                                                                                                        the terrain, I love the landscape. Maybe it’s based on
      As it turns out, Marshall is a little more complicated                                                                                                                                     a romanticised observation of the people, but there’s
than that simple dichotomy suggests. She’s cheerful                                                                                                                                              something earthy about the place. It’s not industr-
and polite, asking me how I’m doing in her low, slow            talking about herself.                                          I’ve been recording: which ones do I respect, and which          ialised – there’s major cities, obviously, but I just love
drawl, but it’s also clear that there’s quite a few things          “This is the first time I’ve ever had time off to write     ones am I tricked into respecting because they’ve been           all that earth you have over there, and all the people
on which she doesn’t want to be drawn. I start by talk-         an album,” she presses on. “There’s a couple of writers         around for a few years? Which ones do I truly respect and        you’ve got walking on it.”
ing to her about Sun, the much-delayed record she’s             I know, painters I know, who’ve had a situation like            value, and which ones are just familiar to me?”
working on, and her first album of original material            that, but for me, it’s the first time anything like that’s           Since Marshall relies only on herself as a producer,        cat Power and DirtY DeLta bLueS play the
since 2006’s The Greatest.                                      happened. I do a tour occasionally, but I’m not run-            the responsibility here is all hers. “I’ve always been the       brisbane Powerhouse on Friday Jan 28. JuKeboX
      “I started it out about two years ago,” she says,         ning around the globe any more. I don’t know if that’s          person, the producer – if there’s eight songs out of 30          and DarK eND oF tHe Street are out now through
“never having stopped my life to do something. I think          changed the way that the songs are being written, or            that I didn’t know wouldn’t be on the album, I have to           matador/remote control. check out www.myspace.
that was just the way of life I had adapted to: touring         musically being recorded, but …”                                make that call,” she says. “I’ve always played iffy songs to     com/catpower for more information.

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                  WEDNESDAY 26TH JANUARY
                     (AUSTRALIA DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY)

                   TIVOLI THEATRE
                                ALL AGES / NO ALCOHOL
                                 TICKETS ONLY $44+BF

   guiLtY SimPSoN
   ON TOuR

guiLtY SimPSoN is an emcee who lives at the coalface,
constantly laying down his thick workmanlike drawl in order to
paint everyday stories from the Motor city in vivid monochrome
detail. DaviD eDgLeY finds out more.

     Most of us first heard Guilty Simpson spittin’ on the   close knit family, that’s what hip hop is though. Espe-           Front Door, was one I could remember. It was like Large        back to you.
Jaylib track Strapped back in 2003. There were plenty of     cially underground hip hop; it takes individuals to be            Pro was speaking for all men, at least the ones I knew go-     DE: The chemistry that Madlib and you have togeth-
guest verses after that, but we had to wait until 2008 for   involved in something before it’s the thing to do. Usually        ing through drama with their girlfriends. Pete Rock and        er has always been on point. What initially drew you
his first full length Ode To The Ghetto to drop on Stones    something so unique will grow from the embryo stage               CL’s TROY was another one; that song made me reflect           and Madlib together and why do you both vibe as a
Throw (thanks to a hook up from J.Dilla), which was          and become something bigger and more defined. So                  on my own family. Outkast’s Git Up, Git Out is another         duo so well?
closely followed by the exclusively Madlib-produced          people support, just not in numbers consistently like             one. I played it every morning for motivation. I’ve been       GS: Because he understands who I am and respects it. He
Guilty Simpson. Both LP’s gave us Guilty verbally laying     an artist would like. And I think it’ll stay like that, for the   told Man’s World and Stress have had that effect on peo-       has so many layers of production, I picked the lane I liked
down his gritty heart on the cold streets in calculated      underground at least.                                             ple. Songs like that are needed.                               the most and went from there. With the foundation es-
bars. This was raw and honest and dangerous lyricism         DE: You definitely don’t preach, but there are a lot              DE: Dilla was one of the first heads to reach out to           tablished I can pick a majority of the Guilty style Madlib
all at the same time. An emcee who could talk openly         of life lessons within your lyrics. Why do you feel               you and you worked extensively with the man over               stuff and then journey more into the leftfield Madlib
about his troubled relationship with his father in one       such a responsibility to embed those morals in your               the years. What is that one Dilla story that always            stuff to balance it off. He’s a sick producer it’s not difficult
breath and then be tossing molotov cocktails in your         rhymes?                                                           brings a smile to your face?                                   to make dope music with him.
crib in the next. I caught up with the man before his Aus-   GS: I do that because at times I admit I can be a bit selfish     GS: I had recorded a song over one of his tracks that I re-    DE: So what’s good with the Random Axe project that
tralian tour with Phat Kat this month.                                                                                                                                                        you Sean P and Black Milk put together? I thought
                                                                                                                                                                                              Duck Down were going to drop that this year? Is it
DAVID EDGLEY: I’ve always thought of your music,
and the Detroit scene in general, as real blue collar
                                                                    So many are slaves to technology – it’s                                                                                   true that the entire LP was somehow deleted from
                                                                                                                                                                                              Black’s computer?
hip hop – the honest and humble sound of the every-             sick. Just because i’m easy to call, doesn’t                                                                                  GS: Not all of it, but a lot of it was deleted. It’ll be out

                                                               mean i’m easy to reach... leave a message and
day man’s struggle. But what do you think makes the                                                                                                                                           first quarter of next year. What we did after the stuff got
Detroit scene so unique?                                                                                                                                                                      deleted crushes the previous anyway.
GUILTY SIMPSON: I think it’s the changes the city goes
through in a year’s time. The harsh winters, blazing sum-                  i’ll get back to you.                                                                                              DE: Can you tell us anything about the collaboration
                                                                                                                                                                                              project that we hear is in the works with Jay Elec-
mers and everything in between. The music has the                                                                                                                                             tronica? Did you guys meet through Kon Artis/Mr
heart of winter in it to me, if that make sense. The cold    in my music. Everything I write is me, me, me. But the            ally wanted him to hear, so I had been trying to get him       Porter?
dark element, the beauty of struggle and grind of the        world isn’t about me, not all the time at least [laughs].         on the phone for a few weeks. When I finally caught up         GS: Well we’ve talked about that for years now! With all
winter. After that, is the energy of spring and summer. I    So I try to include the reality of life in my music. I have to    with him, I told him I was trying for a while to reach         that’s going on with him, I hope we have time to do it. I
think our music takes all of those personalities.            include what I know and see in my music all the time!             him, to let him hear this song. He told me he has mix-         admit it could’ve been done already and I was difficult
DE: It always seemed that Detroit artists were get-          DE: Has there ever been a time in your own life                   ing and simply put he said “You can be a slave to that         to catch for a while. Regardless he’s a good friend and I
ting more love outside of Detroit (especially over-          when the words of an emcee has made you seri-                     cell phone man. Especially when you’re working.” That          wish the best for him.
seas) than in their hometown. Does the D still not           ously reflect on a situation, perhaps even changed                was the realest thing ever to me. So many are slaves
support its own or has it been coming around in              the course of your actions, and led you away from                 to technology – it’s sick. Just because I’m easy to call,      guiLtY SimPSoN [uS] and Phat Kat [uS] play X&Y
recent years?                                                trouble or bullshit?                                              doesn’t mean I’m easy to reach. The ones closest to me         on Sunday Jan 23. tickets available now through
GS: I think the scene will continue to be what it is. A      GS: Yes most definitely. Main Source’s Looking At The             can get in touch with me, leave a message and I’ll get         oztix.

                                                                                                                                  tiN caN raDio
                                                                                                                                  SINGLE RELEASE + SHOW

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         it’s kind of like

                                                                                                                               raDio oN recorD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   living two lives, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   that’s something we
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     really push on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    album, because we
                                                                                                                               tiN caN raDio guitarist SimoN irviNg tells tom HerSeY how the local five-piece                      all live two lives, our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     working lives and
                                                                                                                               are bringing the excitement of playing live into the studio for their first full-length.            then our life lives.
                                                                                                                                    “We’ve tried to do more live recordings to get the        the band’s ability to bring their songs to a live setting
                                                                                                                               energy when we play live...” Talking to Simon Irving,          with a new dynamism. “We’ve played the songs and we
                                                                                                                               one fifth of Brisbane indie synth-pop outfit Tin Can Ra-       know then inside out so we can start to play with them
                                                                                                                               dio, on the tail end of recording their debut album, our       live. We’re moving as one unit at the moment, rather
                                                                                                                               man is discussing what the band are trying to capture          than five individuals.”
                                                                                                                               on their latest offering. “The last time, on our EP, I don’t        Simon suggests the vibe that dominates the band’s
                                                                                                                               think that really came across. It sounds very mathemat-        live show is forged out of escapism, and that they play
                                                                                                                               ical and precise whereas this is a bit freer.”                 music as an antidote to tribulations of regular life. Even
                                                                                                                                    If you’ve witnessed Tin Can Radio in action, at a         recording their album and facing a harrowing record-
                                                                                                                               show or festival, you’ll have some idea of the energy          ing schedule, Tin Can Radio have found inspiration in
                                                                                                                               guitarist Simon alludes to. Unsurprisingly, he further         the double lives they lead, and when they hit the road,
                                                                                                                               explains that Tin Can Radio is very much a live band.          they hope to celebrate that duality with anyone who
                                                                                                                                    Since forming with the intent to play a few gigs and      wants to get loose after a hard week.
                                                                                                                               growing as a band to play festival slots and national               “We spent a whole three months where we’d work
                                                                                                                               tours, the live show is central to Tin Can Radio. Even         during the day and then go straight to the studio in
                                                                                                                               discussing the mud and muck of their recent Woodford           the evening, and we’d be there until midnight, 2am. It’s
                                                                                                                               Folk festival slot, a lingering note of glee hangs in Si-      kind of like living two lives, and that’s something we
                                                                                                                               mon’s voice.                                                   really push on the album, because we all live two lives,
                                                                                                                                    “We thrive on the live experience. It’s pretty much       our working lives and then our life lives.
                                                                                                                               why we do this whole thing. Even at shows where not                 “If everyone’s had a shit week, they can come to see
                                                                                                                               everything seems to work out, like Woodford, where             Tin Can Radio and have a great time. We have a serious
                                                                                                                               we got our bus caught in the grass outside the camp-           side, but most of the time we like to focus on enjoying
                                                                                                                               ing tent and we were pretty much caked in mud for the          life, and enjoying it with as many people as you can.”
                                                                                                                               whole three days, playing live was still such a kick for
                                                                                                                               the entire band.”                                              tiN caN raDio play the Zoo with LeSuits and
                                                                                                                                    The fruits of Tin Can Radio’s touring can be heard in     oceanics on thursday Jan 20, Kings beach tavern
                                                                                                                               the band’s fluidity and synchronicity onstage. As they         with arch Dukes and cat magic on Friday Feb 11, and
                                                                                                                               set out on a state-wide tour preceding the release of          the basement on the gold coast thursday Feb 24. the
                                                                                                                               the as-yet-untitled album (we’re told to expect it to          DaYS to DuSt single is available online. check out
                                                                                                                               drop around April), Simon feels comfortable about     for more information.

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   tHe gaSLigHt aNtHem                                                                                                                  KYLeSa
   SOuNDWAVE FESTIVAL                                                                                                                   SOuNDWAVE FESTIVAL

gaSLigHt to LimeLigHt DoN’t LooK bacK
New jersey natives tHe gaSLigHt aNtHem have graduated from basement shows to festivals and arenas, but they                          Ahead of their Soundwave appearance, KYLeSa’s Laura PLeaSaNtS tells tom HerSeY about the
haven’t forgotten their roots. Lead guitarist aLeX roSamiLia discusses the transition with rob Newcombe.                             remarkable change the band underwent to make Spiral Shadow.
    Rosamilia is on the line from Gainesville, Florida, the        Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that The Gaslight                        “We don’t sit around only listening to sludge. Our            only fair categorisation available for such a record
latest stop on The Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang            Anthem are a quintessentially American band, trading                  musical tastes run the gamut even if our roots remain              is the sometimes dubious but fittingly nebulous
Tour, and a town that holds a special place in the band’s      more in sepia-toned reflections on small towns, broken                in the sludge punk scenes we grew up in.”                          alternative label.
collective heart.                                              hearts, and classic automobiles than the urban aliena-                     If you’ve listened to Kylesa’s latest full-length, the             So was the stylistic curveball part of Kylesa’s master
    “We used to play Gainesville a lot, so it’s good to        tion and suburban ennui of their US punk forebears.                   assertion from Pleasants, one half of Kylesa’s twin-               plan? According to Pleasants, not really.
get back here. It was really one of the first places that          Indeed, these days they’re frequently mentioned in                guitar, twin-vocal attack, that Kylesa haven’t just been                “We talked about what we wanted to do with the
took us under its wing outside of New Jersey. We’d have        the same breath as The Hold Steady, whose own clas-                   listening to sludge comes as no surprise.                          new album but ultimately the changes came naturally. I
to somehow make it through the Carolinas alive, and            sic-rock preoccupations have come to seem less like an                     “I listened to all sorts of stuff when writing Spiral         think they are a result of what we wanted to expand on
then we’d end up in Gainesville, like ‘All right, we’re safe   ironic posture over the years. I ask Rosamilia why he                 Shadow. I didn’t listen to a lot of sludge. I love sludge,         from Static Tensions as well as what Phillip and I were
again for another day or two.’”                                thinks this particular brand of earnest, heartland rock               that thick, slow, sludgy guitar. But during the writing            listening to while writing. We’ve written brutal songs
    Despite their latest effort American Slang edging          has struck such a chord with music fans recently.                     process I was jamming on some indie rock, ‘60s and                 and brutal riffs. I personally really wanted to expand
closer to the wide-screen classic rock sound that began            “Well, rock has always had that push-and-pull be-                 ‘70s folk, ‘70s rock, late ‘70s metal, psychedelic jams,           on our psych and indie influences. Each of our records
to crystallise on their 2008 sophomore effort, The ’59         tween the flashier side of things and the bare-bones                  electronic music and some of the ‘90s bands that I                 have their own personality and feel. I don’t think it’s as
Sound, The Gaslight Anthem’s roots in the East Coast           stuff. Like, the early ‘90s were a reaction to hair metal;            grew up listening to. It all seeped in somehow. To avoid           much a conscious effort as it is a natural progression of
punk community have served them well, and are what             even the first wave of punk was kind of a reaction to                 pitfalls of cliché and blandness, it’s good to bring in            our songwriting and musical desires.”
keep them tied to small towns like Gainesville.                that gaudy, over-the-top quality that prog and glam                   influences outside the genre you’re working in. We                      With their sights now set on their first Australian
    “The Gainesville scene was pretty a much a circuit of      had. But here we are, 30 years later, and no-one really               aren’t setting out to copy another band. What’s the                tour, Laura explains that, in the flesh, the intoxicating
basement shows, and where we’re from in New Jersey,            gives a shit anymore. It’s all just music. “                          point of that?”                                                    dynamism that Kylesa brings to their records will
there was a huge basement scene. Pretty much any Friday            Rosamilia makes a good point; in this day and age                      With Spiral Shadow, not only did Kylesa set                   be buoyed by the raw energy you’d expect from an
or Saturday night there would be houses that had shows         John Lydon is as much a classic rock dinosaur as Dave                 themselves apart from other bands, they took a detour              underground metal outfit.
on, and they were put together really well. A friend of        Gilmour, and even ‘prog’ isn’t the dirty word it was a                from their diverse back catalogue. Spiral Shadow bears                  “People can expect lots of energy and loud
mine had Gallows and Dillinger Escape Plan playing in his      decade ago. Does that make it easier to stay connected                little resemblance to the trawling down-tuned riffs of             guitars. Loud double drums. I’m sure they’ll sense
basement one night to a packed house of like 45 people.”       to the idea of being punks, even if the music has gotten              2005’s To Walk A Middle Course, or the psychedelic                 our excitement on stage. Performing live is a great
    Having graduated from the party circuit, tonight           further away from the rigid ideal some people have of                 music made for a generation weened on punk rock that               feeling and it sounds very different than listening to
The Gaslight Anthem hit 8 Seconds Nightclub, an old            what that should mean?                                                featured on 2008’s Static Tensions.                                the record.”
C&W venue complete with a mechanical bull and a                    “I definitely think we still carry that ethos, that punk               The new album sees Kylesa transform into a
dance floor built for line-dancing. Amusing though it is       rock mentality. Honestly though, I think the kids that are            thoughtful, layered songwriting unit. A sludge                     KYLeSa play Soundwave 2011
to imagine the band sequestered behind chicken wire,           really punk rock grow up to be humanists. It’s basically              metal outfit playing indie rock songs, with Spiral                 at the rNa Showgrounds on
Blues Brothers style, endlessly covering Stand By Your         about believing in everybody, and not being a dick.”                  Shadow Kylesa have crafted an album as melodic                     Saturday Feb 26, alongside
Man to keep a crowd of angry cowpokes at bay, it’s safe                                                                              as it is brutal, as nihilistic as it is catchy. In doing so,       melvins, Fucked up, High on
to assume they’re in for a somewhat warmer welcome.            tHe gaSLigHt aNtHem play Soundwave at the rNa                        the band have created an album that exists outside                 Fire, the Sword and many
A series of high-profile festival appearances last year,       Showgrounds on Saturday Feb 26, alongside Slayer,                     of the miniscule scene where they once dwelled.                    more. SPiraL SHaDow is out
including an onstage duet with hometown hero Bruce             Primus, iron maiden and many more. americaN SLaNg                     Spiral Shadow is an exercise in harrowing dynamics                 now through Seasons of mist/
Springsteen at Glastonbury, have raised their profile          is out now on Shock. See                       and stylistic deviations. So much so, that the record              riot. See and www.
considerably, both at home and abroad.                         and                                        cannot even been pigeonholed as metal. Rather, the        for more information.

    De HØJe HÆLe                                                                         maHaL Kita                                                                                     tiNiaN’S boY
    ON TOuR                                                                              ON TOuR                                                                                        EP LAuNcH

                                                                                     Kita aSPect
                                                                                     JoeL SauNDerS talks about the genesis of electronic two-piece

No PLatFormS PLeaSe
                                                                                     maHaL Kita with JoDY macgregor.

                                                                                                                                                                                    FortuNate SoNS
                                                                                     JODY MACGREGOR: What brought about the end of your previous
morgaN JoHNSoN catches up with Danish punks De HØJe HÆLe                             band, Ambitious Lovers?
(aka The High Heels) as they escape winter and soak up the overcast                  JOEL SAUNDERS: Ambitious Lovers broke up at the end of 2009 when I
summer skies of Brisbane.                                                            was leaving overseas for India. It seemed like the opportune time for my                       Not wanting to be shoehorned, local indie quintet tiNiaN’S boY launch
                                                                                     projects to conclude, and create a new project that took from both my solo                     their debut EP Animal, at The Zoo this week. morgaN JoHNSoN
MORGAN JOHNSON: Brisbane’s punk lineage arguably started with                        work, that with Crazy Hearse, and Ambitious Lovers. Ideally I also wanted                      catches up with vocalist aDam StoNeHouSe to learn more about the
The Saints and took a toehold from there. What’s the history of punk                 to create something that was more collaborative, as Ambitious Lovers had                       group’s formation and music making.
in Denmark?                                                                          been a little dictatorial in its running. That said, for the most part, Mahal Kita
DE HØJE HÆLE: The earliest bands started playing around 1977 in Copen-               is a re-imagining of songs from both projects                                                  MORGAN JOHNSON: You’ve recently celebrated your one-year anniver-
hagen and Aarhus. Sods and Lost Kids were the first two to release punk              JM: What does Mahal Kita sound like compared to your other projects?                           sary as a band. Can you recount the ‘coming together of like-minded
records. There were a lot of other bands as well. Then in the ‘80s all the new       JS: Hopefully a middle ground. Hopefully something new. It is still all about                  souls’ for us now?
wave and hardcore bands came around. A lot of people from the first wave             setting pop songs in slightly uncomfortable scenarios and making the most                      ADAM STONEHOUSE: The band started sometime in ‘08 when Jeremy Bellis
of bands started forming new wave bands. War Of Destruction from Aarhus              of our musical limitations and domestic instrumentation. It’s definitely                       (guitar) and I were looking at starting a new musical project: we mentioned
was probably one of the most active HC bands, releasing a hand full of tapes         more upbeat and bright-sounding than either project. More pop than folk                        it to old high school mate Ben Keating (bass) and his eyes just lit up. After
and records. Then around 2000 a lot bands [formed] in Copenhagen and                 or hip hop, or country or however people pigeon holed previous outings.                        that, almost every Friday night for the next six to nine months we would get
started playing and releasing records.                                               Like Ambitious Lovers we take found objects and incorporate them. Like my                      very drunk and lay on Jeremy’s lounge-room floor, listening to mixes of our
MJ: Is there any intention behind naming your band The High Heels?                   solo stuff it is built around cut-up electronics.                                              favourite songs. It took until mid-‘09 to ask another high school mate Shan-
DHH: It sounds nice and cool. Both in Danish and English. And in every               JM: Mahal Kita means ‘I Love You’ in Tagalog, right? Why choose that                           non L. Ridley (guitar) and until Dec ‘09 to find Owen Tilbury (drums) down
other language.                                                                      as your name?                                                                                  the local grocery store. Since then we have been one happy family.
MJ: Kicking against the pricks and having a typically anti-establish-                JS: I didn’t know what the phrase meant when I suggested it, but I liked                       MJ: For how long has this EP been in the planning?
ment aesthetic, what’s the measure of success for a punk act nowa-                   the look and sound of it. After having a band that ran for a while that used                   AS: It seems like forever. We started recording in April 2010 and released our
days? (Or what’s the measure of success for De Høje Hæle?)                           another band’s name (the ’80s group Ambitious Lovers) I decided it best                        first single The Sea Orchids in July. We had to go back and re-do some gui-
DHH: We are really happy about being able to travel around the world and             to try for something unique. I think it captures the more pop nature of this                   tar parts with some minor tweaking here and there before we were happy
play our music.                                                                      project compared to Ambitious Lovers. Also, Tagalog is the language of                         with it.
MJ: Do you find much of a language barrier when you play, or is the                  [singer] Kelly’s mother’s family.                                                              MJ: With whom did you work with in the studio and how did you find
language of punk rock universal?                                                     JM: You’re playing alongside some chiptune acts at Super Pocket Music                          that experience?
DHH: No, we are universal.                                                           – do you fit in with those guys?                                                               AS: We really wanted to get the rock & roll part of the band across in this EP
MJ: What sees you escape winter and venture south to our shores?                     JS: I met Alex (Dot.AY) a few years ago when we both supported Girl Talk                       and I think we achieved it, we did it all at 180 Studios with Matt Whitehouse
DHH: Winter sucks and is very long and cold in Denmark. This year they say           and then Dan Deacon. For a while we played together often and I really                         behind the desk. He got some good tones and captured a lot of our live
it’s the coldest winter in 100 years ... so we’re lucky escaping from it.            enjoyed his stuff. We aren’t in anyway a chiptune band – though we do use                      energy in the studio. Then Tim Baker’s famous magic ears took over and he
MJ: Is there anything in particular you hope to get up to (aside from                a Commodore 64 from the ’80s as a synth – which is what I like about the                       really got things sitting nicely.
some rocking shows) while you’re here?                                               ‘Super Pocket Music’ idea – to expand the tight-knit scene from kids making                    MJ: We’re fresh into a new year. Gazing into your collective crystal ball,
DHH: Not really, we are here to rock out and meet some awesome people                music on their Game Boys to include other like minded but different acts                       what’s in store for you likely lads?
and have a good time. If we see a shark it would be cool!                            (like Potato Masta or us).                                                                     SLR: We have a collective Magic 8-Ball … and all signs point to ‘yes’.

 De HØJe HÆLe (the High Heels) play burst city on Friday Jan 14 with                maHaL Kita perform at browning Street Studios’ almost invisible on                             tiNiaN’S boY launch their debut eP aNimaL at the Zoo on Saturday Jan
Spew Your guts up, undead apes, Pastel blaze and Sips, before playing                Saturday Jan 15 and at Super Pocket music, X&Y bar, on wednesday Jan                           15 with help from montpelier and Desert ghost. tickets are $12.25+bf from
4ZzZ’s car Park at 1pm on Saturday Jan 15 with Stag and Sweet Dreams.                19 alongside Hunz, Dot.aY and Potato masta. check out www.myspace.                             oztix. aNimaL is independently released and available on itunes. check
check out for more information.                             com/mahalkita for more information.                                                            out for more information.

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   mr. maPS                                                                                                                     tHe beautiFuL girLS
   ALBuM LAuNcH                                                                                                                 ON TOuR

Not PoSt-rocK                                                                                                               boLD & beautiFuL
                                                                                           any composition is just                                                                                                              i’m hugely
                                                                                       kind of string of things that                                                                                                        indebted to the
                                                                                      you already know and things                                                                                                             people who
                                                                                      that you don’t yet know. So i                                                                                                           listen to my
cHriS PerreN of local instrumental ensemble mr. maPS talks to                         guess we’re really conscious          tHe beautiFuL girLS are the only reason you’ll need to stay in Brisbane this summer.            music and i owe
DarragH murraY about the imminent release of their debut record and                   of the balance between those          mat mcHugH speaks with JameS raLPH about finding the ideal mix of reggae,                      them pretty much
                                                                                                  two.                                                                                                                       everything.
the band’s aversion to the label ‘post-rock’.                                                                               dubstep and the rock of days gone by.
     It’s been a long time coming, but finally Mr. Maps        Perren believes is a misnomer.                                   It’s worth mentioning when a band can transform            A lot like their records, The Beautiful Girls consid-
are on the verge of offering the world their debut long            “We’re are actually trying to steer clear of the post-   celebrated genres to the point where they sound            er every concert a chance to show off what they can
player, Wire Empire. Forming in 2007, the group released       rock label just because I guess it’s a really homogenous     both recognisable and innovative, a goal reggae-           do, and are hoping that this tour will be their best
double EP, Mimicry of Lines and Light, in 2009 and dou-        genre. Usually when people hear the words ‘post-rock’        rock fusionists The Beautiful Girls have managed to        set of performances yet. The band prefer to play live
ble A-side, Nice Fights, in 2010, but the journey to the       they think 15-minute songs with three chords. And            attain. This ability is evident in the current tour for    concerts over studio recording, as shows provide an
debut record has taken much longer than expected.              because we try to avoid that, I guess we don’t call our-     new single My Mind Is An Echo Chamber, off 2010’s          opportunity to recreate songs in a new light while
     “It’s been a really long time in the making,” Perren      selves post-rock.”                                           Spooks LP, where frontman Mat McHugh has worked            connecting with their ever-growing audience.
reveals, “When we started talking about it, it was going           While not formulaic by any stretch of the term, Per-     to combine Caribbean pace and rhythms, crafted                 “There’s not going to be fireworks or anything
to be coming early 2010, then late 2010. Now it’s going        ren reveals that there is a rough philosophy behind the      rock reminiscent of The Police, dubstep fundamen-          fancy, but hopefully our show will be better than last
to be coming out early 2011. It’s been a long road and         music found on Wire Empire.                                  tals and an impressive horn section to carve out a         time and that’s how we approach it every single time
it’s really good to be finally prepping to actually get it         “I’m really conscious of the balance between famili-     niche sound.                                               we go on tour. We just know what we did last time
out there.”                                                    arity and I guess something more challenging in the              McHugh considers finding the balance between           and we want to have a better setlist, put on a better
     Utilising the skills of local producer, Steve Bartlett,   music. Any composition is just kind of string of things      the familiar and the original essential to making no-      show than we’ve ever had and that honestly drives
the band opted to tinker with the initial recordings,          that you already know and things that you don’t yet          ticeable music. “I guess the thing is with music, what     the band. If that wasn’t a consideration then I’d prob-
with each member collaborating in the editing process          know,” Chris states, “So I guess we’re really conscious of   I consider the ultimate goal, is to find a sound that no   ably just stop playing music and do something else.
before it went through an extended mixing process.             the balance between those two.”                              one else is using, and to try and combine all you love         “Our agenda in the January tour is basically just to
The record was then sent to New York to be mastered.               Promotion duties will see Mr. Maps travel south to       and all of things you enjoy listening to into your own     have a lot of fun and just play songs that people know
And while Mr. Maps are known for their meticulously            launch the record in both Sydney and Melbourne, after        brand of music. We collectively enjoy reggae and a         and want to hear, and just make it a party in the sum-
wrought instrumental math rock numbers, the new                which the band hope to explore fresh pastures.               very broad range of music; from hip hop to more of         mer. We’re a perfect band to go see by a beach, some-
record reveals a change in approach to the one used                “Now that this record is done, we’re really tempted      the modern R&B Stuff and dubstep and all that stuff        where in summer where you can just dance and have
on their first EP.                                             towards new material and a different sound. So we            … We also love drum & bass, and I guess the rock           a good time, and if the mood is good and new songs
     “With the first record I think we took ourselves real-    might be looking at changing the sound of the band           that comes in with guitars.”                               can come out that night, then it will happen.”
ly seriously and all of the songs had this very epic gran-     quite considerably after the album comes out. I guess            While the band is clearly pleased with their work,
deur about them and I think with this album we cleared         we want to explore something a little more experimen-        McHugh says keeping the fans happy is crucial for          tHe beautiFuL girLS play byron’s great
a lot of the clutter away from the ideas so they’re much       tal perhaps.”                                                The Beautiful Girls. “I’m hugely indebted to the peo-      Northern on wednesday Jan 12 and thursday
more focused and much less trying to be earth-shat-                                                                         ple who listen to my music and I owe them pretty           Jan 13, the coolangatta Hotel on Friday Jan 14,
tering,” Perren reveals, “It’s a lot more condensed and        mr. maPS launch wire emPire on Saturday Jan                 much everything. They’ve paid the bills for quite          the Hi-Fi on Saturday Jan 15 and caloundra’s
even kind of fun and frivolous at times, which is a new        15 at the alley in brisbane city (77 elizabeth St).          a few years now, so in that regard I always want to        Kings beach tavern on Sunday Jan 16. all
thing for us. ”                                                tickets are $18 on the door and include a copy of            push forward and progress musically, but I don’t           shows supported by the chemist. SPooKS is out
     This sense of fun may also correspond to the band’s       the record, with supports including Skinny Jean and          want to just do something that is not going to be          now though Die!boredom records. visit www.
efforts to shake the spectre of post rock, a label that        Doom Doom.                            enjoyed by the people who enjoy our band.”        for details.

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    uNDeroatH                                                                                                                              iLLY
    ALBuM RELEASE                                                                                                                          ALBuM RELEASE

                                                                                                              ...we were

cHaNge iN tHe air                                                                                                                      cHaSe DowN a Dream
                                                                                                           just trying to
                                                                                                         figure out what
                                                                                                        we were going to
                                                                                                         do; we all really
                                                                                                        felt like we really
uNDeroatH keyboardist cHriS DuDLeY speaks with ScottY HarmS and explains                                 wanted to keep                iLLY’s career doesn’t give him much free time, barely enough for this interview, but it’s evident he’s going
why the band’s new album is so personal to him.                                                               going.                   places. JameS raLPH speaks to the influential lyricist about his latest record The chase.
     Underoath are in Rochester, New York, less than             wanting to make it darker and heavier in general; as a                     While my interview with Illy about his new release       performers, Crooked Eye has been both a sounding
an hour away from their set. As warm-up act The Word             lot of people know, Aaron was really leaning towards                  The Chase is clearly about his second album and un-           board for ideas and a source for words of wisdom and
Alive plays to a full house, I speak with Chris Dudley,          more of a pop kind of thing, which wasn’t really where                deniable artistic potential, what also impresses me           honest criticism. This support is essential while Illy’s
who’s just gotten into his ‘stage clothes’ – basically, just     we wanted to go at all. So when Daniel came in, he saw                about the Melbourne rapper is that while running              material advances into the wider Australian scene.
a dirty shirt and pants. “We have different clothes that         eye-to-eye on what we wanted to do.”                                  a music career he is currently studying for a law de-              “Going national means you’re in a bigger pond
we play in so that we don’t dirty a ton of clothes every              The new album has taken a decidedly dark turn in                 gree. These university studies have nothing to do with        really, but it’s been good. A lot of dudes that are my
night,” he says. “Then usually I just stretch, so that I don’t   sound, but there is beauty amongst the chaos thanks to                Illy’s music career and so I won’t dwell on them, yet         peers are also my mates, and everyone that’s in the
fall or anything or hurt myself.”                                Chris’ electronic textures providing a contrasting atmos-             they illustrate not only his persistence, but also the        scene are pretty supportive of one another so it’s just
     Even though Underoath’s success has seen them               phere. His equipment list for the record and live show,               degree of intelligence and insight he brings to his lyr-      been a lot of fun, getting to see a lot of the country
upgrade from vans to buses, it seems some aspects of             surprisingly, includes an Apple iPad. “There are programs             ics. A strong successor to his debut Long Story Short,        that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do,” Illy says.
touring don’t change. “A lot of times it’s hard to do laun-      on it that I use on the record; different synths and differ-          The Chase reflects Illy’s ambitious career and his plans           “I still see the Crooked Eye boys all the time. J-
dry on tour,” he says. “Sometimes the venues will have           ent bass beats and things. In order to play those songs               for the future.                                               Skub and Phaser are part of the crew and they’re all
washers and dryers which make it a little bit easier, but        live, I have to use it – so it just worked out that way.”                  “The idea behind The Chase is that over the time         over this album. Obviously I’ve known them for a fairly
we try not to count on it.”                                           Chris’s mark on the record is probably best demon-               since our last record came out, it’s been full-on with        long time now, so I can totally tell them when I’m not
     On the road in support of their recent record, Ø            strated on the soft and gloomy Driftwood. “It’s actually              finishing uni, touring flat-out and finishing another         really digging the direction, and then having into the
(Disambiguation), the departure of founding drum-                a really important part of the record to me,” he says of              album. It’s just been like this sort of pursuit of goals      actual album making process is a real privilege. Those
mer Aaron Gillespie earlier in the year was something            the largely electronic piece, which contains audio of a               and not really having the time to stop and pause and          dudes are to me the two best in the country so it’s re-
Chris says the band obviously felt at first. “He left, and       family funeral, recorded on a phone by guitarist Tim                  reflect on it. It’s been sort of chasing a bigger picture,”   ally good to work with those people.”
then we were just trying to figure out what we were              McTague. “My stepdad actually passed away while                       Illy says. “Definitely in my opinion it’s a stronger al-           With intelligent insights into the nature of the mu-
going to do; we all really felt like we really wanted to         we were recording and I had to go home to deal with                   bum. There is a lot of different variety on there, there      sic industry combined with strong beats and inventive
keep going.”                                                     family stuff and go to his funeral,” he says. “It’s just eve-         are some tracks that are definitely introspect and in-        musicality, The Chase is yet another memorable contri-
     Taking ex-Norma Jean drummer Daniel Davidson                rybody in the room talking at the funeral service. We                 sightful, but there are other tracks that aren’t. There’s a   bution to the Australian hip hop scene. While Illy is cur-
on board, the new Underoath scrapped their ideas                 dedicated the record to him and I thought that if he                  broad spectrum of different styles on this one.”              rently taking the summer off, I’m told another record
written with Gillespie and went back to the rehearsal            were alive he would hear that and he would think that                      With over a decade’s experience in the music indus-      may be in the loop … and it may or may not contain
room. “95 percent of the record we wrote with Daniel.            was pretty cool – so I decided to put that in there.”                 try, it’s not surprising that Illy has found a few mates      references to powdered wigs and Boston Legal.
There’s some stuff that was written while Aaron was                                                                                    willing to contribute time and advice to his work –
in the band but we didn’t keep anything that was his             Ø (DiSambiguatioN) is out now on Solid State/                        meaning The Chase was produced with help from Illy’s          tHe cHaSe is out now through obese records. go
idea,” he says. “Daniel’s on the same page as us with            roadrunner.                                      original crew, Crooked Eye. As a group of individual          to for more information.

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aLbumreviewS                                                                                                                                                                                                       cHecK tHe rave webSite For
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   more aLbum reviewS

                                                                                                          didn’t think through, something stuck on           Hercules & Love Affair, and 80s synth-poppers
                                                                                                          his skin even though he’s not that guy any         Yello all get a spin on her Fabric mix – which
                                                                                                          more. Born Free is his middle-aged attempt         she renders into something approaching
                                                                                                          at grabbing a handful of authenticity, reject-     minimal techno by breaking down into atom-
                                                                                                          ing his rap-rock days in favour of hiring Rick     istic units and sprinkling lightly over her sets.
                                                                                                          Rubin as producer and doing his best Bon           So she’s got a great ear for blending tracks
                                                                                                          Jovi impersonation. Yes, Kid Rock is honestly      together, but does it translate to a satisfying
                                                                                                          trying to grow old gracefully. The guitars are     solo production début? Unfortunately, the
                                                                                                          electric, but they’re playing Nashville twang      answer is “not really.” Maybe this is because
                                                                                                          and they’re underscored by some sensitive          Magda has designed these tracks to mesh
                                                                                                          piano and Kid Rock singing about how he’s,         with others in a set, but for whatever reason
                                                                                                          “Deep like the grandest canyon / Wild like an      the tracks on From The Fallen Page don’t seem
                                                                                                          untamed stallion.” This is a soundtrack for the    to build up to structural climaxes so much as
                                                                                                          fist-pumping, gun-collecting American frat-        have layers of sound patiently added on and
                                                                                                          boys to settle down and put on some serious        stripped away. And while From The Fallen
DURAN DURAN – All You Need Is                        FINAL FLASH – Homeless                               weight too. Sometimes it veers away from           Page attempts to emulate a lot of the weird          CIARA – Basic Instinct
Now                                                  (Code One/Indica)                                    Bon Jovi and into George Thorogood’s boot-         and wonderful sounds Chojnacka peppers her           (LaFace/Sony)
(Tapemodern)                                         Stirring, Built To Spill-esque rock from             wearing, whiskey-drinking territory, but even      sets with, it’s all very well-mannered (in typical   Basically, it stinks
Images of yachts and models come                     Canadian combo                                       then he’s singing, “Today’s the day I’m gonna      Berlin minimal style) and sounds entirely dig-            Remember when Ciara was princess
flooding back                                            With Besnard Lakes’ singer/guitarist Jace        take things slow.” Laser surgery has removed       ital (what makes her source material so inter-       of crunk? No, me either. Her re-invention
    After the commercial disaster of their last      Lacek as producer, this Montreal group have          almost every trace of the old posterboy for        esting is, of course, the richness of analogue       as princess of the middle-of-the-road R&B
effort Red Carpet Massacre, Duran Duran              an able hand guiding them through this like-         Parental Warning stickers Kid Rock used to         synthesis and acoustic instrumentation). No          diva blandness is so complete it’s wiped
have taken a look in the mirror and decided          able collection of atmospheric Americana (or         be, although he does get T.I. In for an out-of-    doubt these tracks work brilliantly in the con-      her past clean. Basic Instinct, her fourth al-
that rejuvenating their classic ‘80s sound is        should that be “Canadacana”?). It begins in          place guest verse, and he’s succeeded in be-       text of one of her own sets, but on their own        bum, is just background music for the club
the answer to their prayers. They’re partially       very Doug Martsch fashion with the ringing           coming every bit as blandly middle-of-the-         they’re underwhelming – and unless you’re a          or the bedroom, all heavy beats and single
correct – producer Mark Ronson has a sym-            guitars and loose, intuitive drums of Chosen         road and middle-America as he’d like to be.        DJ as talented as Chojnacka herself, you won’t       entendres. Most of the album is produced
pathetic ear and the band coat these songs           Generation (also, frontman Joey Chaperon                  H                      JODY MACGREGOR         get much use out of these.                           by the team of Tricky Stewart and The-
with many of the features that marked their          Cyr’s vocals frequently resemble those of the                                                                HHH                        CHAD PARKHILL        Dream, responsible for Rihanna’s Umbrella
golden-era music: Nick Rhodes’ distinctive           Built To Spill singer). Precious Field immedi-                                                                                                               and Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put A Ring On
synths, John Taylor’s slinky bass lines and the      ately follows and takes us into more gothic                                                                                                                  It), but these tracks sound like their lefto-
classic dance-rock hybrid that DD may not            country territory. Back to breezy indie pop in                                                                                                               vers. Ciara’s serviceable but not particu-
have created, but certainly perfected. Their         the forebodingly titled When The Day Turns                                                                                                                   larly distinctive voice doesn’t do anything
new album has already been a big iTunes hit,         Black, before the power-pop hoedown of                                                                                                                       to elevate them. Basic Instinct clearly isn’t
with the CD version emerging next month.             Welcome To The House On Fire brings six-                                                                                                                     designed to be listened to very closely and
Their skill at swelling, atmospheric ballads         string flurry and banged saloon piano to the                                                                                                                 trying is like grabbing at something slip-
continues with Leave A Light On and they             party. The skilled production and solid band                                                                                                                 pery – it’s music so smooth and inconse-
partially revive the spooky synth minimal-           arrangements are all present and correct, but                                                                                                                quential it slips through your fingers. Best
ism of key Rio track The Chauffeur in two            the songwriting isn’t quite there yet – many                                                                                                                 not to try. Girls Get Your Money is catchy,
outstanding tunes, closing track Before The          of the tunes sound better than they actually                                                                                                                 but then you realise what you’re singing
Rain and the Kelis-featuring The Man Who             are. That said, there’s enough substance go-                                                                                                                 along to: “They always wanna holla / But
Stole A Leopard. But it’s the up-tempo sing-         ing on for the aforementioned songs and the                                                                                                                  they ain’t got no dollars.” Every moment of
alongs that keep the fans coming back, and           psychedelic shimmer of The Awakening to                                                                                                                      feisty female empowerment is balanced by
these are delivered with panache in the form         shine quite brightly indeed.                                                                                                                                 something like Wants For Dinner, which is
of lead single and title track All You Need Is           HHH                       MATT THROWER           SOLA ROSA – Get It Together                                                                             all about how you can’t steal her man away
Now, the nervy Being Followed and the pro-                                                                (Way Up/Fuse)                                        T.I. – No Mercy                                    because she knows what he wants for din-
pulsive Blame The Machines. The rapturous                                                                 Mint collection of choice NZ grooves                 (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)                            ner (which is apparently Ciara, twist). I’m
reception the record is receiving is partially                                                                 If there’s something New Zealand’s fa-          They should start building recording               not really sure who the audience for a Ciara
a warm reaction to the return of the classic                                                              mous for apart from the All Blacks, breath-          studios in prison                                  albums is any more, but I guess strippers
Duran Duran sound – despite many strong                                                                   taking scenery and top-quality wine and                   Lil Wayne gets out of jail and puts out       have to dance to something.
moments, the album isn’t quite the triumph                                                                beer, it’s grooves. Fat Freddy’s Drop, Salmo-        an album, T.I. goes in and does the same.               H                    JODY MACGREGOR
many are trumpeting. Filler like Runaway                                                                  nella Dub and Shapeshifter are the best-             In his guest spot Kanye West blames both
Runaway and Girl Panic detract from the                                                                   known names, but Auckland’s Sola Rosa                incarcerations on the system, which forces
experience, but overall it’s still a very strong                                                          – a project of versatile musician/producer           rappers to drive around in cars full of drugs
record. But, hey, I liked Red Carpet Massacre                                                             Andrew Spraggon – easily deserve to join             and guns and violate the their probation.
as well!                                                                                                  the same ranks. After quietly making do-             But where Wayne’s post-penitentiary al-
    HHH                       MATT THROWER                                                                mestically-acclaimed records for a decade,           bum was just a solid Lil Wayne album, No
                                                                                                          Spraggon drops the big one with Get It To-           Mercy is all about T.I. doing time because
                                                                                                          gether – an instant NZ hit blending chilled          it gives his life of “fast money, flashy cars”
                                                                                                          beats, funkalicious basslines, surging soul          an element of struggle. In the liner notes
                                                                                                          strings and sharp guitar work. In a nutshell,        there’s a quote from Helen Keller on the
                                                     FINGER ELEVEN – Life Turns Electric                  this is what Tijuana Cartel and The Bamboos          subject of hardship beside a moody black-
                                                     (Wind-Up/EMI)                                        would have sounded like if they had an in-           and-white photo of T.I. looking pained
                                                     Chunky, chunk alt-rock                               spired jam. The Ace Of Space’s cinematic             and pretending he knows what she’s talk-
                                                         Finger Eleven come blazing from On-              soul and spy movie tribute Bond Is Back are          ing about. He clearly doesn’t; the only real
                                                     tario, Canada with their sixth album Life            both immaculately executed, while Del Ray            complaint he can muster is, “Same clown
                                                     Turns Electric. It opens with a delightfully         spouts dazzling Latin guitar licks and the           that was Twitpic-ing at my wedding / On
                                                     Thin Lizzy-esque tune entitled Any Moment            title track riffs on a classic rhumba progres-       the same Twitter page, disrespecting.” That’s      VARIOUS ARTISTS – Russkie Wig
                                                     Now. What’s even more impressive is they             sion to a hip-swivelling effect. Proof of SR’s       in Get Back Up, which he spends a chunk            Out!: Surf/Electro/Exotica From
                                                     even tackle the dreaded genre of funk-rock           quality control, the heady, blaxploitation-          of minimising his crimes before magnani-           Behind The Iron Curtain
                                                     in Living In A Dream and don’t sound like            tinged jazz-funk instrumental All You Need           mously accepting responsibility for them.          (Omni Recording Corporation)
                                                     horrific Chilli Peppers copyists. In fact, it’s      doesn’t even slightly recall the scenes of           He sounds spoilt and disconnected from             Back in the weirdo USSR
                                                     a rather kick-arse song! The main genre on           Howard Moon proselytising the sniggering             reality, which is the only explanation for              How’s your record collection going for
BLACKIE – Break Bread With The                       offer throughout the album is melodic and            Vince Noir about the marvels of the termi-           Christina Aguilera’s appearance in Castle          post-Soviet Union underground surf freak-
Mono-Brows                                           loud alt-rock, unashamedly hook-filled and           nally uncool genre. Topping off the LP, guest        Walls. If you don’t want to sound like a           out house music? Pretty good, surely. But
(Cool Banana Records/MGM)                            commercially appealing. The twin guitars             singers and MCs Bajka (Humanised, Lady               whiny, over-moneyed princess, getting              just in case it’s not entirely up to scratch,
Hard-Ons frontman reveals softer side.               of James Black and Rick Jackett (the duo             Love), Spikey Tee (perfect Cuban rhythm/             Aguilera to sing, “Everyone thinks that I          this recent compilation from obscure mu-
     At the end of 2009, I spoke with Blackie        also produce the album) along with vocalist          NZ soul hybrid Love Alone and reggaefied             have it all / But it’s so empty living behind      sic miners Omni may fill in some gaps. In
about an upcoming Hard-Ons tour and re-              Scott Anderson ensure the songs reach their          closer These Words, These Sounds, These              these castle walls” is a mistake. The hubris       all the pop culture products coming out of
lease of a best-of where the tracklisting was        desired anthemic heights (eg, the brilliant          Powers), Iva Lamkum (Turn Around) and                peaks when he claims to be the second              America soon after the Cold War, the strug-
picked by their fans. While he seemed excited        chorus in Good Intentions, the Bob Mould/            Serocee (delivering a stinging address on            coming of 2Pac over a sample of what I             gling nation of Russia was always drawn as
about getting out on the road again with his         Sugar rush of Ordinary Life). There’s more           the conscious hip hop effort I’ve Tried Ways)        assume is Pac spinning in his grave. Much          those that were now desperate to immerse
longstanding bandmates, the bulk of his at-          tasty groove rock in Don’t Look Down and a           bring plenty of vocal diversity to the plate.        better is Amazing, a hooky hyphy track             in all the trappings of modern capitalism –
tention was being given to the solo album            pulsing pop element to Stone Soul, though            As they say in Aotearoa, choice as, bro.             blessed with The Neptunes’ production.             blue jeans, movie stars and rock & roll. Hol-
that is currently pouring out of my computer         this tune is noticeably quieter than most of              HHHH                   DENIS SEMCHENKO          His only complaint there is having too             lywood enjoys kicking things when they
speakers. It’s taken longer than anticipated –       the album’s beefy riffs. All in all, Life Turns                                                           many girls to choose from.                         are down. This collection suggests that,
both then and in the press release, Blackie is       Electric is an earnest, passionate hard rock                                                                   H                    JODY MACGREGOR           while there was a certain fascination with
upfront on being short of the cash required          album that won’t make you throw up. For                                                                                                                      Western culture, there was a scene that
for the project – but it’s here and it’s certainly   that, Finger Eleven deserve our applause.                                                                                                                    could only originate in a foetal country still
a solo album. A significant departure from The           HHH                      MATT THROWER                                                                                                                    uncertain of their new place in the world.
Hard-Ons’ tried and tested, brash and messy                                                                                                                                                                       While promoted as a sampler, there are two
pop punk, even their most mainstream tracks                                                                                                                                                                       names that are responsible for much of the
would have a hard time being slotted into                                                                                                                                                                         product, Oleg Gitarkin and Oleg Kostrow.
on this album. Everything from alt-country                                                                                                                                                                        Through various monikers – Messer Chups,
(I’m Sorry Julie) to orchestral rock (Break My                                                                                                                                                                    Supersonic Future, Messer Für Frau Müller,
Bones) makes an appearance on Break Bread                                                                                                                                                                         loosely and unkindly translated to “knife
With The Mono-Brows, and despite the stern                                                                                                                                                                        the bitch” – the two Oleg’s appear as mad
figure on the album cover – it’s all in the eye-                                                                                                                                                                  scientists, mostly stitching together pieces
brows, isn’t it? – Peter Black sounds like he’s                                                                                                                                                                   of surf rock, ‘50s noir soundtracks and B-
having a great time. But Hard-Ons fans may                                                                                                                                                                        grade sci-fi movie samples. It’s packaged
have a bit of trouble connecting with orches-                                                                                                                                                                     as an allsorts curio collection (with gor-
tral flourishes and solemn acoustic guitars;                                                              MAGDA – From The Fallen Page                                                                             geous propaganda-aping album art and
good thing that there’s the odd dollop of                                                                 (M_nus/Inertia)                                                                                           helpful liner notes), and that’s basically
power pop (Look At All Those Pretty Girls) to                                                             Not so much a début album as a                                                                             how it should be considered, because
bridge the gap. In the end, the album’s diffuse-                                                          toolkit for minimal DJs                                                                                      I’m struggling to imagine another sce-
ness could be its downfall, more than Blackie’s                                                                Magdalena Chojnacka, better known                                                                         nario where I would play this album
relaxed approach to vocal production which           KID ROCK – Born Free                                 by the diminutive Magda, is without                                                                             in its entirety again. That’s not to say
comes off more charming than irritating, but         (Top Dog/Atlantic)                                   doubt one of the best DJs in the notori-                                                                         it’s bad, in fact the many small bites
listening to his album is like talking to the man    Kid Rock becomes Dad Rock                            ously fussy Berlin minimal scene. She has                                                                         contained within are frequently en-
himself: lots of humour, cultural references             Occasionally you see someone’s tattoo            a much broader palette than most mini-                                                                             gaging, but if my post-Soviet Union
and profanities used like salad dressing … if        and think, “That’s going to be hard to ex-           mal DJs by virtue of her source mate-                                                                              underground record collection was
you really like salad dressing.                      plain when you’re old.” Spare a thought for          rial – vampy Italo soundtrackers Goblin,                                                                           still nil, I’m sure I’d survive.
     HHH                     MITCH ALEXANDER         Kid Rock, whose entire career is a tattoo he         nü-disco wonders Bostro Pesopeo and                                                             t.i.                   HHH              MITCH ALEXANDER

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SiNgLereviewS                         SiNgLeS & ePS witH aLaSDair DuNcaN
                                                                                                                                                                    SPeciaL Feature

     As you might know if you’ve been               ing the opinion that Phoenix do this sort of           geon. Here’s another fun fact – pigeons
keeping up with the news, flocks of birds           music better? REMAINING PIGEONS: 80.                   all look exactly the same, meaning that,
have begun dropping out of the sky left             Could be a lot worse.                                  in the orgy of pigeon copulation that oc-
and right – a thousand in America, another                                                                 curred during this song, many of the birds
five hundred in Sweden, probably more by            BRUNO MARS – Renegade                                  may have found themselves sincerely
the time we go to press. Nobody has yet             (Warner)                                               wondering ‘who’s that chick, anyway?’ as
figured out why, but some people blame                   When this track kicked in, several pi-            they got busy. REMAINING PIGEONS: 33.
chemical trails in the air, some blame New          geons died instantly of embarrassment.                 No deaths. Proof that a little fun, slightly
Year’s Eve fireworks, and some even see the         One especially bold bird strutted up to the            generic-sounding dance pop never hurt
deaths as a sign of the coming 2012 apoca-          stereo and crapped all over it, as if to say           anyone, especially if Rihanna is involved.
lypse. (Some say it’s just a slow news week,        ‘writing a syrupy R&B song where you tell
but c’mon, what the hell would those peo-           your girl that you’d die for her is all very well,     NEON TREES – Animal
ple know?) Rave’s theory is that pop music          buddy, but how often are you really going              (Universal)
is to blame. To test it out, ALASDAIR DUN-          to come up against that scenario? You know                 Birds began dropping from the branch-
CAN played this week’s singles to a flock of        what I said to my girlfriend the day we met?           es the second we hit play on this one, their
100 pigeons we rounded up in the car park           I told her that any time I found a French fry          mournful cries seemingly saying ‘we trust-
behind the office.                                  that a group of chubby emo kids dropped                ed you – why would you put us through
                                                    outside of Hungry Jack’s on the mall, I’d give         this?’ as they fell. The first to die were the
                                                    her half – THAT’S lasting love and affection.
                                                    And I would know – we mate for LIFE.’ RE-
                                                    MAINING PIGEONS: 61. It’s a surprise that
                                                                                                           fortunate ones, as they were spared the
                                                                                                           bulk of this track, an atrociously-produced
                                                                                                           and awfully thin-sounding synth rock song,
                                                                                                                                                                    remaSteriNg tHe maSter
                                                                                                                                                                    2010 marked the thirtieth anniversary of JoHN LeNNoN’s death. For all the mythologies and "life
                                                    Bruno Mars’s crappy Michael Jackson im-                with beats straight out of a can, and a cho-             in a fishbowl" scrutiny that seemed to accompany Lennon, the most potent way to experience the
                                                    pression didn’t do a lot more damage.                  rus that sounds like a photocopy of a pho-               man remains his music. His wife Yoko Ono realises this and has supervised the re-release and re-
                                                                                                           tocopy of a photocopy of U2 or The Killers               packaging of Lennon’s entire post-Beatles output, starting with john Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and
                                                    THE RATIONAL ACADEMY – “Satan                          on their worst day. Even in the name of                  ending with the posthumously released Milk And Honey. matt tHrower takes a closer look at the
                                                    / Kobe Excerpt” Live In Japan                          science, we felt bad for forcing the birds to            remastered albums in the JoHN LeNNoN SigNature boX (EMI).
                                                    (Bon Voyage)                                           endure this one. REMANING PIGEONS: 1.
                                                        This one ruffled feathers for all the              Some people say that things are ‘the worst’                   John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band (1970) was the
                                                    wrong reasons. The opening snippet, a Jap-             when they don’t really mean it, but Neon                 very first John record to appear after the break-up of The
                                                    anese subway announcer’s voice, sent one               Trees are literally the worst.                           Beatles. John and Yoko had been indulging in Arthur
                                                    pigeon into a frenzy, perhaps reminding                                                                         Janov’s primal scream therapy, which Lennon adopted
                                                    him of the time he flew into a train carriage                                                                   to throat-shredding effect on this record’s Mother and
                                                    and was trapped there for several stops,                                                                        Well Well Well. This record would prove to be Lennon’s
JOSH GROBAN – Hidden Away                           evacuating his tiny bowels all over the floor                                                                   rawest and sparsest album, despite the presence of Wall
(Warner)                                            in terror before being caught and stuffed in                                                                    Of Sound architect Phil Spector as co-producer. With the
    At first, the pigeons seemed pretty             a Dora The Explorer backpack by a sticky-                                                                       desolate Isolation, the angry Working Class Hero and the
flummoxed about this one – many re-                 fingered toddler. The Rational Academy re-                                                                      hypnotic God, it’s an edgy and thrilling left-turn from
mained still on their perches, their heads          duced the bird population by nearly a third,                                                                    latter-day Beatles. HHHH
cocked to the side in confusion, as if to say       many appearing to die simply of boredom,                                                                             With the same production team (Lennon, Ono, Spector)
that they’d heard of Josh Groban before             while the rest cooed in frustration, as if to                                                                   behind it, Imagine (1971) blended the stark confessional-
and were aware that he was some sort of             say ‘we’ll take Josh Groban over this atonal                                                                    ism of its predecessor with warm, rich and commercial
wholesome American pop troubadour, but              bullshit any day’. REMAINING PIGEONS:                                                          SiNgLe           arrangements. Biggest hits are the anthemic title track and
they never expected his music to sound              33. Avian carnage.                                                                             oF tHe           the eerie Jealous Guy, while even the Paul-baiting How Do
quite this awful. As the song – a piano bal-                                                                                                       weeK             You Sleep? sounds lush and infectious. HHHHH
lad in the vein of an ‘80s soft rock track,                                                                                                                              For the first time since their “avant-garde” trilogy of
but with all the fun sucked out – neared its                                                                                                                        the late 1960s, John and Yoko worked on a new record
chorus, Groban’s tearful wail of ‘don’t keep                                                               MITZI – All I Heard                                      together. The result is the sprawling, ranting and rather
your heart hidden away’ set the pigeons                                                                    (Future Classic)                                         difficult-to-love Some Time In New York City (1972). This
flapping their wings furiously in an at-                                                                       When all hope seemed lost, and one                   album combined the pair’s politically-charged songwrit-
tempt to drown the noise out. REMAINING                                                                    pigeon remained, scratching around in                    ing with a bonus “live jam” LP. It’s interesting as a historical
PIGEONS: 81. Not a great start.                                                                            the dust in a hopelessly weakened state,                 artefact – this is the Lennon that so riled Nixon and the
                                                                                                           Mitzi came along to save the day. As their               FBI, with its solidarity anthems and far-left sympathies.
TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB – What                                                                                sweet, laid-back grooves began to play,                  But this time, the politics got in the way of the tunes. That
You Know                                                                                                   our remaining pigeon’s eyes lit up, perhaps              the catchiest song is entitled Woman Is The N****r Of The
(Kitsuné/EtcEtc)                                                                                           reminding him of the time he swooped                     World is unfortunate. As for Yoko’s contributions, she mostly
    Once they calmed down, the pigeons                                                                     down to check out Holy Ghost!’s set at last              resembles Jen from The IT Crowd’s brief stint in Sweet Billy
were mostly happy to nod their little heads                                                                year’s Parklife, lulled in by their swooning,            Pilgrim. HH
along to this song’s gentle groove and                                                                     sophisticated live disco sound, and ended                     It’s not often trumpeted, but Lennon went on to enjoy
chiming guitar motif, although some re-                                                                    up dancing his little pigeon-y face off. At              a brief golden period, ironically when his life was at its most
mained stubbornly still, as if to express res-      DAVID GUETTA FEAT. RIHANNA –                           this point, the unthinkable happened – a                 turbulent. This began with the magnificent Mind Games
ervations at the fact that What You Know            Who’s That Chick?                                      second pigeon stirred, and actually came                 (1973). The politics are still there (Bring On The Lucie (Freda
sounds pretty much the same as every Two            (Virgin/EMI)                                           back to life. The two eyed each other off,               Peeple), the silent Nutopian International Anthem), but the
Door Cinema Club song up to now. The                    Here’s a fun fact that you might now               as any lovebirds would, and we decided at                sweeping title track and Aisumaen (I’m Sorry) showcase a
only pigeon to die during this track was            know – the sound of Rihanna’s voice, when              that point to give them a little privacy. RE-            more reflective and melodic Lennon. It’s one of his most
one who deliberately set himself on fire by         fed through Auto-Tune and swaddled in                  MAINING PIGEONS: 2. Mitzi are awesome                    utterly listenable records. HHHH
eating a smouldering cigarette butt – per-          trance-pop synths, is indistinguishable                and have the power to bring dead birds                        Next came another oft-neglected masterpiece, the
haps a passive-aggressive way of express-           from the mating call of the common pi-                 back to life.                                            brilliant Walls And Bridges (1974). In the midst of his
                                                                                                                                                                    famed Long Weekend, Lennon geared his band (including
                                                                                                                                                                    session aces Jim Keltner on drums and Nicky Hopkins
   ScaLe moDeLS                       PatricK Perrier is back for another year of
                                      unearthing diamonds in the rough – just for you!
                                                                                                                                                    reviewS         on piano) towards a tough, R&B stance. Whatever Gets
                                                                                                                                                                    You Thru The Night (featuring Elton John) was the big hit
   THE CHARIOT –                                     chanteuse who sings and plays guitar,                 full-length outing, Senses Fail do an                    with its proto-Young Americans sax, while the groove is
   Long Live                                         this band will make you weak at the                   admirable job of keeping their musical                   maintained for What You Got and Going Down On Love.
   (Good Fight)                                      knees in the best of ways.                            boat on course without succumbing to                     However, lushness is never far away as the luminous #9
   Who Goes There?:                                  Sounds Like: Tiger Army / Co-Ed / Hor-                theatrically-styled vocal icebergs and                   Dream and Nobody Loves You When You’re Down And
   Four American noise                               rorpops                                               submerged repetitive breakdowns.                         Out vividly illustrate. HHHH
   merchants who obvi-                                   HHH                                               Comprised of listenable and catchy yet                        Rock & Roll (1975) would be the last Lennon record-
   ously don’t know their                                                                                  heavy tracks, the only qualm is the lack                 ing for five years as he settled into fatherhood. It’s a
   amps go below 10.                                 HEADACHES –                                           of evolution from their last album – but                 slight but enjoyable album, as Lennon goes back to his
   How Goes It?: After a quick break                 Headaches EP                                          with the amount of tripe being released                  true love, i.e. the classic rock & roll of Buddy Holly, Gene
   between innings, The Chariot have                 (Arrest Records)                                      these days, this is blessing enough.                     Vincent, Chuck Berry et al. Revived after abortive, drink-
   resurrected their signature brand of              Who Goes There?:                                      Sounds Like: Saosin / Silverstein / Thrice               fuelled sessions with Phil Spector, Rock & Roll showcases
   noisy metallic hardcore and delivered a           Headaches are five                                        HHH                                                  Lennon performing standards (Be Bop A Lula, Peggy
   blistering slab of music that is so visceral,     local gents who make                                                                                           Sue etc) with an all-star band including Leon Russell, Hal
   your eardrums will be lacerated for days.         punk rock sound as easy as breathing.                 VARIOUS                                                  Blaine, Steve Cropper and many more. HHH
   Cue some gritty shredding, creative song          How Goes It?: Rising from the ashes                   ARTISTS – Punk                                                Five years later, Lennon and Ono celebrated
   structures, impassioned screaming and             of The Gifthorse, Headaches take their                Goes Pop:                                                their domestic bliss with their finest-ever joint effort
   feedback that punctuates every pause              heartfelt punk rock to a different place on           Volume 3                                                 Double Fantasy (1980). Of the pair, it’s Ono who seems
   and you can see why this band polarizes           this eight-track EP, speaking volumes of              (Fearless/                                               to have her finger on the pulse of current music as her Kiss
   fans of the genre, but makes devotees of          overcoming adversity through a combi-                 Shock)                                                   Kiss Kiss and Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
   the converted.                                    nation of introspective and observational             Who Goes There?: A                                       illustrate – the former with its urgent Tom Verlaine-esque
   Sounds Like: Norma Jean / Every Time I            lyricism in two-minute bursts. Recorded               bunch of B-grade American emo/metal-                     guitar squall, the latter with its haunting Talking Heads
   Die / Dillinger Escape Plan                       with a DIY feel that does nothing to                  core/whatever bands covering American                    undercurrent. Lennon, never a great follower of contem-
       HHHH                                          distract from the nuances of the playing,             Top 40 tracks from the likes of Usher,                   porary music, is content to simply write warm, inviting
                                                     this EP will pull on your heartstrings                Kanye, Gaga and Jason Derulo.                            songs – (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, Beautiful Boy and
   THE CREEPSHOW                                     whilst simultaneously getting your toes               How Goes It?: As a format, the Punk                      Watching The Wheels have all justifiably become standards
   – They All Fall                                   tapping along.                                        Goes… series has had quite a few hits                    in the Lennon catalogue. The current edition also includes a
   Down                                              Sounds Like: Lifetime / Saves The Day /               amid more than a few misses. Volume                      Stripped Down mix, which liberates Lennon’s voice from the
   (Hellcat/Shock)                                   The Gifthorse                                         3 of the Punk Goes Pop series suffers                    original’s mass of overdubs. HHHH
   Who Goes There?:                                      HHHH                                              on two counts – those being a distinct                        Following Lennon’s tragic murder in December 1980,
   The Creepshow are                                                                                       downgrade in the level of acts contribut-                the fruits of John and Yoko’s continuing labour were
   four Canadians who                                SENSES FAIL –                                         ing, and the fact that most have made                    released just over three years’ later. Milk And Honey
   aren’t afraid of touring and the dark.            The Fire                                              nothing more than a mediocre effort to                   (1984) combines recordings made throughout 1980 with
   How Goes It?: Taking the psychobilly-             (Vagrant/Drive-                                       put their own spin on these cringe-wor-                  Ono’s increasingly pop-focused songs added in 1983. John
   punk-rock-n-country thang to extremes,            Thru/Shock)                                           thy tracks. That said, Of Mice & Men and                 unleashes his inner Lindsay Buckingham in Stepping Out
   The Creepshow gather all the most                 Who Goes There?:                                      Miss May I do make a half-respectable                    and nuts out another pop nugget in Nobody Told Me. A
   palatable aspects of the aforementioned           These four purveyors                                  job on Jamie Foxx and Jay-Z respectively,                pop dialogue like its predecessor Double Fantasy, it’s much
   genres and present them on a silver               of post-hardcore, hail-                               lifting this release from absolute zero.                 better than an unfinished record should sound. HHH
   serving plate for the masses. With bounc-         ing straight out of New Jersey, have been             Sounds Like: Your worst musical
   ing double bass, swinging drum-work,              around the traps once or twice.                       nightmare.                                                JoHN LeNNoN's entire remastered back catalogue
   creepy organs and a tattooed female               How Goes it?: On this, their fourth                        H                                                   is available now for download, as single releases or
                                                                                                                                                                    the definitive JoHN LeNNoN SigNature boX.
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                                                              a chance to escape from underneath the crushing
                                                              heaviness of Dead Meadow’s usual fare and embark
                                                              on some lighter, leaner journeys. But can he? Well,
                                                              there’s no escaping Simon’s distinctive vocals, and
                                                              you can still hear his deft guitar work, albeit mostly
                                                              acoustic. You could take Let’s Begin, slow it down a lit-
                                                              tle, imagine it trembling under some thick swathes of
                                                              bass and it’s a Dead Meadow track. Conversely, there
                                                              are songs here where Simon strikes out effectively on
                                                              his own. Hollow Eyed And Howling highlights a ten-
                                                              derness in Simon’s songwriting. A House On The Hill
                                                              is a dynamic ballad that contrasts crisp fingerpicking
                                                              with stretched vocals. The Dust Does Blow hints at Six
                                                reLeaSe       Organs Of Admittance’s brand of psych folk. Simon
                                                 oF tHe       proves here he’s got more in his bag of tricks than a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 taLK Debut
                                                 weeK         good guitar jam. Even if you’re not a Dead Meadow                                                             coSmic DiSco cHaPS DiScoDeiNe
                                                              fan, you may well find something appealing here.                                                                                                             lle will release their eagerly
                                                                                                                                                                             French producers Pilooski and Penti
                                                                                                  MICHAEL PINCOTT                                                                                                       name Discodeine (pictured) this
                                                                                                                                                                             awaited, self-titled debut under the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        his contributions to the Dirty Ed-
TASH PARKER – Waking Up                                                                                                                                                      February. Pilooski is best known for                             only the odd
                                                                                                                                                                             its series, while Penti le is a little more low-profile, having
(Little Buildings)                                                                                                                                                                                             ther as Discodeine, they have produced
                                                                                                                                                                             remix to his name, but toge
Jazzy songs with a sense of freshness                                                                                                                                                                                       tracks over the last few years,
                                                                                                                                                                             series of warped and wonderful disco
     Listening to this album was a full-on experience,                                                                                                                                                                      will feature recent single Syn-
                                                                                                                                                                              culminating in this debut. The album                                des guest
reminding me just how talented some people are.
                                                                                                                                                                              chronize, a collabora   tion with Jarvis Cocker, and also inclu
Tash Parker has the kind of voice that reaches out and
                                                                                                                                                                              vocals from Matias Aguayo         and Baxter Drury. French labels Dirty
grabs hold of you, and when teamed with the rich                                                                                                                                                                          d.
and unique instrumentation found on this album,                                                                                                                               Psychent will jointly release the recor
it’s pretty powerful stuff. A sharply staccato arrange-
ment is teamed with lyrics that sound like a personal                                                                                                                                     CONTACT DANCE@RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU
monologue in Moving Around, while When It Rains is                                                                                              DANCE & ELECTRO WITH ALASDAIR DUNCAN & SCOTT HARMS

                                                                                                                                               baSemeNt raver
a melodic acoustic number with heartbreaking vo-
cals. Raw passion and edgy riffs combine with steady
hand-beaten drums in I Take The Blame. Beautiful
Town starts off with bird sounds and eerie, melodic
instrumentations, perfectly complement by Parker’s
clear vocals. Baby All The Time is a jazzy number that                                                                      NewS                                                              Terrell Vs Rockfaud and Mark Hammond Vs LS Dair.
builds into some infectious strumming with sultry vo-                                                                       PrePare For more DucK Sauce oN Your Face                           Head upstairs at Family for Brand Spank’d featuring
cals. Parker’s voice takes you on a journey, and it isn’t                                                                       In the wake of their monster club and radio hit Bar-          Cutloose, Surecut Kids, Dr Rob, Tag Team and Kayli.
one that I minded taking at all.                              THE HONEY PIES – Think Of England                             bra Streisand – the one that goes woo-ooo-ooo-ooo-
                                     VICTORIA NUGENT          (Independent)                                                 ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo, Barbra Streisand – New York’s Duck               SaturDaY JaNuarY 15
                                                              Quintessential Britpop care of Adelaide                       Sauce have promised a full-length album sometime                   Hell yes! Divided at BarSoma has special guest Kazu
SEVEN – Seven EP                                                   Adelaide rock-pop outfit The Honey Pies seem to          this year. The duo, made up of A-Trak and Armand Van              Kimura plus Tranceducer, Digital Divide, Miss Jaime,
(Born Fresh)                                                  have done more than just think of England during              Helden, have said that the huge success of the single             Jay Berry and Wadza.
Fresh hip hop with funky beats                                the making of their debut record; the commemora-              took them by surprise, to the point where they have                Very much a legend of UK house, Andy Ward (Soul
    I am not a hip hop fan, but even I can recognise          tive Wills and Kate royal wedding glossies could have         actually taken several tracks right back to the drawing           Central) will be dropping by Alhambra for a set. He’ll
the potential of Seven, the Gold Coast muso re-               been their muse. Their style is so heavily influenced         board. “Now that Barbra Streisand has had this level of           be supported by Brett J, Zach Salar, Aydos and Jason
sponsible for this funky EP (although he has some             by classic Britpop (lo-fi and slightly psychedelic for        success we’re kinda of re-looking at some of the songs            Morley. Interesting indeed!
talented artists to help him along). The Summer has           bonus vintage desirability) that it’s hard to catch any       we made,” Van Helden told the InTheMix website re-                 Electric Playground loves electro – as do many peo-
a scratchy, ghetto quality and bouncy piano under-            hint of a ‘Strine’ accent within their harmonies. Opener      cently. “We have to rethink some of what we’ve done.              ple it seems. If you’re one of them, tonight may be your
scoring rapid-fire lyrics. Pray ft. MT is an ode to the       Sex Wax is an up-tempo warm-up for tracks like Don’t          I know it’ll be fun though, whatever we come up with.             night as Private Property, Murray Brown, Karma,
power of music and of God with a laidback sound               Mention the War. The latter is a brilliantly oldschool        We’ll be done with it soon, that’s for sure.”                     Wahoo, Lok Lazi and Kandiman play the good stuff
and vocals from Yves Klein Blue frontman Michael              anthem that sports riffs galore whilst having some                                                                              from the decks.
Tomlinson. The radio edit of the same song changes            bi-lingual fun. They come out blazing on short punk           boYS NoiZe SetS tHe coNtroLS For SuPer aciD                        Monastery presents Loot & Plunder (Adel), plus
around the sound of the keys slightly, adding an              number DQYDJB, but their lighter side – highlights are            Alex Ridha of Boys Noize has been revelling in the            Noy, Luki, JMac and K.Oh!
extra dimension to an already smooth and infec-               Fool In Love and Aztek – is wonderfully sweet, punc-          techno sound of late, even establishing Trax, a new im-
tious track. Possums starts out with pub-style banter         tuating a jangling ’60s vibe with modern candour.             print under his Boys Noize Records label, to release new          comiNg uP
about a girl mixed with a funky beat and is helped            Think Of England is a delightful series of well-written       music with an explicit techno focus. This month sees               Treasure Fingers plays The Great Northern on Fri-
along by the production of M-Phazes. There’s a much           (if not entirely original) salutes to Britannia, for both     the release of the first Trax compilation, and thanks to          day Jan 21 and The Bowler Bar on Thursday Jan 25.
edgier sound in Shinkansen, with deep vocals from             her yellowing pop ditties and contemporary exports            some contributions from some of Ridha’s best-known                 Kaskade appears at The Met on Tuesday Jan 25.
DJ Joyride giving life to Seven’s soulful lyrics. Seven       like Arctic Monkeys.                                          friend, it’s shaping up to be a doozy. Entitled Super              Reset! tries Monastery on for size Tuesday Jan 25.
mixes Bronx-style ghetto with polish and personal                                                        ANNA ANGEL         Acid, the set opens with a Boys Noize track, 1010, and             Roger Sanchez plays Platinum on Tuesday Jan 25
lyrics and the result isn’t all that bad.                                                                                   includes contributions from the likes of Feadz, Erol Al-          and Electric Playground on Friday Jan 28.
                                      VICTORIA NUGENT         KEITH! PARTY – Roof Raisers                                   kan, Jan Driver, Joakim & Krikor, Brodinski, Siriusmo and          Laidback Luke hits Family on Friday Jan 28.
                                                              (Independent)                                                 more. There are much worse ways to start the year than             Stanton Warriors play BarSoma on Saturday Jan 29.
                                                              Bloody gatecrashers                                           with such quality beats.                                           Gareth Emery plays Platinum on Friday Feb 4.
                                                                   There’s a second strand of Australian hip hop that                                                                          Ferry Corsten returns to Family on Saturday Feb 5.
                                                              runs from Regurgitator’s Pop Porn through Spod,               JÜrgeN PaaPe getS overDue KomPaKt                                  Lamb appears at The Hi-Fi on Friday Feb 18.
                                                              Polo Club and Dirt Child, a hidden strand thick with          retroSPective                                                      Check out a Fort Knox Five DJ set at Alhambra on
                                                              rave beats, filthy rhymes and goofy self-conscious-               Reclusive Kompakt producer Jürgen Paape has                   Friday Feb 18.
                                                              ness. It’s less staunch and more fun-loving than its          released his share of tracks over the last decade, but             MYNC will get down at Platinum on Saturday Feb 19.
                                                              better-known cousin and its practitioners even have           none of them as well-known as So Weit Wie Noch Nie,                Tricky is at The Zoo on Sunday Feb 20.
                                                              haircuts. Hell, they have hair, and that’s a rare thing       the timeless 2002 single that opened Erlend Øye’s re-
                                                              among Australian rappers. According to Air Attack             vered DJ Kicks compilation and kicked off a new (but
                                                              (Ground Force) this group have more members than              like all such things, ultimately very silly) sub-genre of
                                                              the Wu-Tang Clan; that might be an exaggeration but           dance music called microhouse. Kompilation, an an-
                                                              there are certainly more than I can keep track of. Talk-      thology released this month on the Kompakt Klassiks
                                                              show Boy seems to be the ringleader, and Hot Dog, G           label, collects the best of Jürgen Paape’s work over the
                                                              Ninja, DJ Fletch and possibly someone actually called         last 10 years. The highlights, Mit Dir and Come Into My
                                                              Keith are all part of the roster. Whichever one of them       Life, echo the blissful, minimal pop sound of So Weit
                                                              is responsible for the line, “If I had a job at a bullshit    Wie Noch Nie, but it also includes some darker, more
                                                              factory I’d be too real so the boss would sack me” is my      electro house-focussed cuts, such as Nord and under-
                                                              new hero. Keith! Party might be slightly less X-rated         rated 2006 classic Take That.
                                                              than Spank Rock, but they share their love of getting
SEAGULL – Council Tree                                        messy, both in terms of music and debauchery. Which           DiSco iNFiLtrator
(Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control)                             is all you can ask for from any party, really.                tHurSDaY JaNuarY 13
Doing away with excess                                                                             JODY MACGREGOR
    The first thing to be said about Melbourne’s Seagull                                                                                                                                       The Chemical Brothers (pictured) perform at the
is that Chris Bolton’s voice is eerily similar to that of     GILES FIELD – ...Tells A Story                                                                                                  Riverstage on Friday Mar 4.
Thom Yorke. That out of the way, Council Tree is a rather     (Independent)
good second album from Seagull that offers as much in         Once upon a time in Melbourne                                                                                                   FeStivaL traiN
terms of sound and atmosphere as it does in terms of               Giles Field was cursed with a voice like Peter Hel-                                                                         Good Vibrations is at Gold Coast Parklands on
songwriting. Often indie pop is characterised by lush         liar’s, which cracks at the slightest excuse, but he                                                                            Saturday Feb 19. Faithless, Phoenix, Nas & Namian
instrumentation and dense arrangements in which all           hasn’t let that hold him back from a career as a singer-                                                                        Marley, Sasha, Ludacris, Erykah Badu, Kelis, The
available space is filled. Council Tree, however, is strik-   songwriter. He calls what he does anti-folk, but when                                                                           Ting Tings, Miike Snow, Friendly Fires, Fat Freddy’s
ingly minimal, an approach that helps to emphasise            you’re playing story-based love songs on your acoustic                                                                          Drop, Janelle Monae, Mike Posner, Yolanda Be Cool,
Bolton’s effective vocal style. Opener Rain sees a sole       guitar I think that is probably just folk-folk. Is it twee?                                                                     Rusko, Fake Blood, Sidney Samson, Bag Raiders,
skeletal guitar note played repeatedly from start to fin-     The album cover is a hand-drawn felt pen self-portrait                                                                          Koolism, Tim & Jean, Kill The Noise, Fenech-Soler
ish, Bolton’s voice and other elements arriving to col-       of Field crying. Yes, it’s a bit twee. His songs are very                                                                       and more – I will jump the fence if I have to. General
lude with it and then disappearing again. New Arrival         personal and a touch political, somewhere between                                                                               tickets are $144+bf.
and Hum Hum show off smart interplay between guitar           Billy Bragg and The Bedroom Philosopher in tone.                                                                                 Future Music Festival is at Doomben on Saturday
and drums. Bell is another highlight, burying Bolton’s        The other thing he has in common with Beddy Phil               Pistol Whipped presents a live set by the one and               Mar 5. The Chemical Brothers, Dizzee Rascal, Pen-
vocals beneath a simple wash of ambient noise. This is        is his love for Melbourne, exemplified in If Melbourne        only Gold Panda (pictured, Ghostly International/UK)              dulum, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, MGMT,
an easy album to enjoy, with a refreshingly clean sound       Was A Lady. The story of ...Tells A Story is about boy        at Alloneword, with Elroy 4.0, Herts, Puzahki and Wal-            Ke$ha, The Presets, Leftfield, Art Vs Science, Plastik-
and solid songwriting to back it up.                          meeting girl at a party where they discover a shared          rii. A perfect way to start the year if you haven’t already       man, Steve Angello, Sven Vath, Sander Van Doorn,
                                      MICHAEL PINCOTT         language (“Speaking loser comes easy / I’m fluent in all      done so.                                                          Steve Aoki, Loco Dice, Cosmic Gate, Etienne De
                                                              dialects”), after which he tracks her down the modern                                                                           Crecy, Don Diablo, Zane Lowe, The Subs, Sound Of
JASON SIMON – Jason Simon                                     way (“I’ve stalked you to the point that Google will al-      FriDaY JaNuarY 14                                                 Stereo, James Holroyd and more. Second release tick-
(Impedance/Tee Pee)                                           low”) and they hook up, break up and eventually give           Deep house and techno aficionados could do worse                ets are $150+bf.
Taking a stroll away from the meadow                          it one more try. The songs get a bit samey by track           than dropping by Monastery: Mowgli (Deadfish/IT) is                New: Creamfields details are beginning to leak. The
   Going solo is a curious move for Dead Meadow               14, but they’re lightened by self-deprecating humour          set to destroy the dancefloor, along with wall-to-wall            2011 instalment stops at RNA Showgrounds on Sunday
guitarist and vocalist Jason Simon, but when you lis-         and lyrical wit.                                              back-to-back action from Foolhardy Vs Kyle Weir,                  May 1 with Deadmau5 as top billing – stay tuned for
ten to this record it kind of makes sense. Simon gets                                               JODY MACGREGOR          Censor This! Vs Sketti, Danny T Vs Killafornia, Alex              the remainder of the line-up!

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                                               motÖriNg to tHe coaSt
                                                                                    you in on the rumours that Mot
                                                Late last year, Hell Awaits filled                                      ralia a
                                                                                    iety  were teaming up to tear Aust
                                                (pictured) and Black Label Soc                    s for the co-headlining tour
                                                                                     od, the date
                                                new one. Over the yuletide peri                                  metal bands
                                                                                 it seems that the legendary
                                                have been announced and                                         shows right in
                                                 are skipping Brisbane. Whi    le they might not be playing
                                                                                  ced a date at the Gold Coast
                                                 our town, they have announ                    hitting the road in support of
                                                                                  örhead are
                                                 Centre for Friday Apr 1. Mot                                      cted to see
                                                                                    Wörld Is Yours, which is expe
                                                 their forthcoming album, The
                                                 release in Feb. Tickets for the show are on sale now.

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                  HeLL awaitS
NewS                                                             The inaugural Retribution festival is taking place at
caNNibaL returN to tHe SmaLL ScreeN                             the Acacia Ridge Hotel. Kicking off at 11am, the festival
    Death metal royalty Cannibal Corpse are kicking off         will feature an all-Australian line-up of metal heavy-
2011 with the announcement that a DVD is in the works,          weights. The festival is headlined by Dreadnaught,
documenting the band’s world tour on the back of                Recoil, 4arm, Dead Letter Opener, Dawn Heist and a
2009’s bone-shattering opus Evisceration Plague. Global         bunch more. Tickets are on sale now.
Evisceration is due to be released in Mar, and will cap-         Alice Through The Windshield Glass, Ignite The
ture the band performing nearly three hours of material.        Ibex, Lynchmada, Humality and Veiled In Flesh play
Directed by Denise Korycki, who helmed the exhaustive           The Step Inn, Saturday Feb 5.
Corpse tome Centuries Of Torment: The First 20 Years,            The Stormfront Festival hits The Fort in The Valley,
Global Evisceration looks set to be another must-have           Saturday Feb 5. With doors opening in the afternoon,
for Cannibal Corpse fans. Hell Awaits is hoping the new         the all ages festival will include sets from Resist The
DVD will give the band a reason to tour again.                  Thought, Buried In Verona, The Storm Picturesque,
                                                                Heights and a bunch of other bands.
SLiPKNot regrouPiNg
    Given the continued activity of Slipknot members
in their various side projects (Stone Sour, Murderdolls
et al.) it comes as no surprise to Hell Awaits that the
nine would continue in spite of last year’s tragic death
of bassist Paul Gray, albeit as an eight-piece. The band
has announced they will play American shows towards
the middle of the year and both frontman Corey Taylor
and drummer Joey Jordison have confirmed the con-
tinued existence of Slipknot. Of a possible stage set-up,
Jordison explained that the band isn’t looking to find
a replacement for Gray. “We’re not gonna have anyone
on stage right now. The bass player, he’ll be behind
me… there’s no one right now to go onstage. There’s
no replacement for Paul right now.”                              Soundwave is now sold out! And hits The RNA Show-
                                                                grounds Saturday Feb 26. Flying the flag for the metal
aNimoSitY LiNgerS For coc                                       on the bill, there’s Iron Maiden, Slayer (pictured), The
     North Carolina crossover superstars Corrosion              Melvins, Monster Magnet, High On Fire, The Sword,
Of Conformity might be down a singer with Pepper                Kylesa, Dimmu Borgir, Saxon, Coheed & Cambria
Keenan serving time in Down, but that hasn’t stopped            and Fucked Up.
the band’s nucleus getting together and writing new              Sans Josh Homme and Scott Reeder, stoner rock
material. Sans Keenan, Woody Weatherman, Reed Mul-              legends Kyuss are touring once again. The Brant Bjork,
lin and Mike Dean, the trio responsible for 1985’s semi-        Nick Oliveri and John Garcia incarnation of Kyuss will
nal Animosity album, have re-formed C.O.C. and are              play The Coolangatta Hotel Wednesday May 4 and Fri-
planning to release of a full-length some time this year.       day May 6 at The Tivoli up in Brisbane.
On the back of the Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 & 2) single            Swans play The Hi-Fi, Friday Mar 11.
released last year, we think you should definitely look          Hollow are playing a one-off reunion show at Ro-
out for this one.                                               sie’s Friday Mar 18 with support from The Dead and
braiN iN bLooD                                                   Hobbit motherfuckers Finntroll are going to play-
    Indie kids might have a propensity for wearing              ing The Hi-Fi Thursday Mar 24 with Aussie folk death
glasses, but a recent study suggests that metalheads            metal types Claim The Throne.
are the smart kids. The study, a survey conducted                Lemmy and Zakk, two of metal’s fiercest icons, will
amongst a body of Britain’s 120,000 students, who rep-          be combining and touring with their respective outfits.
resent the top five per cent of academic achievement            Motörhead and Black Label Society will roll into the
in their country, showed that the preferred musical             Gold Coast to put on one hell of a show at the Gold
taste for the academically gifted was metal.                    Coast Convention Centre Friday Apr 1.
                                                                 There are rumours floating around that Australia
Home FroNt                                                      will once again get the chance to witness the might
                                                                of Helmet around the middle of 2011. Hell Awaits will
                                                                stay with this one and provide you with more details as
                                                                soon as we hear anything concrete.

                                                                metaL gig PicK oF tHe FortNigHt
                                                                big Day out @ gold coast Parklands, Sunday Jan 23
                                                                If you don’t mind the sunburn and the train ride, this
                                                                year’s Big Day Out has a lot on offer for metal fans.
                                                                Amidst complaints of a revisionist line-up, this year’s
                                                                BDO will see headlining prog metal champions Tool
                                                                mix it up alongside German industrial band/cliché
                                                                Rammstein and will feature the much anticipated
                                                                Australian return of Deftones, after last year’s lauded
                                                                Diamond Eyes album.
 Amidst the obligatory mess of Oz rock and dance
music, 2011’s Big Day Out will also feature sets from           battLe HYmNS
Tool (pictured), Rammstein, Iggy & The Stooges,                 MONICA: Disentomb – Sunken Chambers Of Nephilim,
Grinderman and Deftones. As always, the BDO will                Blood Duster – Lyden Na
one very annoying train ride away, at the Gold Coast            TOM: Monster Magnet – Mastermind, Earth – A
Parklands, on Sunday Jan 23.                                    Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction
 Grinderman play the Tivoli, Monday Jan 24.
 Tool play the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Mon-             coNtact
day Jan 24.                                                     If you’re doing something cool, heavy or loud, tell us
 Needful Things play Rosie’s Friday Jan 28.                    about it at

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LivereviewS                                                                                                                                                                                                 cHecK tHe rave webSite For
                                                                                                                                                                                                            more Live reviewS & PHotoS

No YearS                                                                                                                                                                                         ning with just a few poncho-clad punters braving the
brisbane Powerhouse - Fri Dec 31                                                      JoaN Jett                                                                                                  rain at the Hibiscus Stage. By the time they unleash the

                                                               PHOTO:ELLENI TOUMPAS
     Let’s face it: Brisbane NYE parties normally suck.                               SuNSET SOuNDS                                                                                              frenetically boisterous I Am Dog, the crowd is swollen
Most of your friends have either gone interstate to                                                                                                                                              and bouncing.
cooler places, or are at the Falls or Woodford Folk festi-                                                                                                                                            With lilting harmonies and interwoven guitar lines,
vals. Local entrepreneurs Happy Endings came up with                                                                                                                                             the return of The Middle East’s indie folk travels from
No Years in order to change that.                                                                                                                                                                spare to lush at the River Stage. Their dense, rich lay-
     Kate & Max open the proceedings with some                                                                                                                                                   ers sounding for all the world like some banjo-inflected
lovely, if somewhat somnambulant, gentle acoustic                                                                                                                                                gospel from the Besnard Lakes/Al Green school. Con-
folk-pop. Barely out of high school, Vasy Mollo have                                                                                                                                             versely Boy & Bear’s set is plagued by poor sound
perfected a pastiche of Kitsuné staples Two Door Cin-                                                                                                                                            quality on the Hibiscus Stage, with an onslaught of
ema Club, Cazals and Phoenix – and they manage to                                                                                                                                                bass-bleed from across the gardens. Their lacklustre set
throw in a cheeky indie cover of Daft Punk’s One More                                                                                                                                            peaking with a Crowded House cover.
Time. Ambitious locals Mr. Maps defy easy categorisa-                                                                                                                                                 The most interesting thing about The Soft Pack
tion with their intelligent fusion of math-rock time sig-                                                                                                                                        is that their drummer plays standing up. They look as
natures and folk-rock.                                                                                                                                                                           bored playing their very average, mid-tempo guitar
     Dead Beat Band are a copyright lawyer’s wet                                                                                                                                                 pop as I am listening to it at the Garden Stage. Chil-
dream, shamelessly stealing well-known hooks (The                                                                                                                                                dren Collide on the other hand are playing to a heav-
Kinks, The Surfari’s Wipe Out, Daft Punk) and weaving                                                                                                                                            ing mosh pit, as revellers slide down the crowded River
them into their own garage-rock bricolage. Local col-                                                                                                                                            Stage hillside. These three Melbourne lads are cutting
lective Lion Island have been saddled with Arcade Fire                                                                                                                                           loose with a huge, crowd-pleasing rock set that will go
and Beirut comparisons, but their newer tracks point to                                                                                                                                          down as a festival highlight.
a sound all of their own. Another collective, Velocirap-                                                                                                                                              Hailing from Senegal, Daara J Family take hip hop
tor, could lose up to six members before anyone would                                                                                                                                            back to its African roots at the Hibiscus Stage. They in-
really notice – they make garage-punk à la Wavves, so                                                                                                                                            ject life into the festival with their fun fusion of reggae,
it’s not clear why they need five guitarists simultane-                                                                                                                                          rap and tribal music and manage to get the crowd liter-
ously mashing the same chords. Rocketsmiths man-                                                                                                                                                 ally hopping from side-to-side.
age to turn an epic cock-up – lead singer and guitarist                                                                                                                                               Soon after some female mud wrestling nearby, The
Dom Miller forgetting his lyrics and chords – into a per-                                                                                                                                        Morning Benders charm the audience with breezy
formance highlight, so kudos to them. The Belliger-                                                                                                                                              pop tunes from their album Big Echo. A cover of Fleet-
ents make fun dance-punk with more than a little hint                                                                                                                                            wood Mac’s Dreams and their own Excuses keeps eve-
of U2’s ‘80s stadium-rock, with guitarist James Griffin                                                                                                                                          ryone smiling and singing.
belting out long, sustained Edge-esque tones. Unfor-                                                                                                                                                  ‘80s hitmakers Joan Jett & The Blackhearts treat
tunately, local disco aficionados Mitzi have to cancel                                                                                                                                           the River Stage to a dead-set classic rock show. Ripping
their set owing to tech difficulties.                                                                                                                                                            straight into Bad Reputation and Cherry Bomb, the
     Little Scout are the toast of the day, and with their                                                                                                                                       legendary frontwoman proves she still loves rock & roll
gorgeous, textured twee pop music it’s not hard to see                                                                                                                                           more than we do [and clearly holds the recipe to the elixir
why. Sydney four-piece Parades’ rich, layered post-rock                                                                                                                                          of youth – Live Ed.].
is neatly pinned down by Johnathan Boulet’s fierce-                                                                                                                                                   Fronted by the inimitable José González, Junip’s set
but-metronomic percussion. (Enraptured by Parades,                                                                                                                                               is a definite day two highlight. González’ voice is in its
I accidentally miss Bleeding Knees Club’s fast and furi-                                                                                                                                         usual fine form and the band’s performance is lean and
ous short set – sorry, guys!) Melbourne psych-rockers                                                                                                                                            nuanced. Great musicianship all round at the Hibiscus
Love Connection put a lot of effort into their stage                                                                                                                                             Stage. The Gardens Stage is close to resembling a mud
props – there’s inflatable flamingoes, potted palms,                                                                                                                                             pit as stalwart Paul Kelly radiates magic with staples
glitter on the floor toms, and a bubble machine – but                                                                                                                                            Before Too Long, Song From The 16th Floor and certified
their sound is muddy and poorly-defined.                                                                                                                                                         Aussie anthem To Her Door.
     The Honey Month, by comparison, are tight and                                                                                                                                                    Shortly after the air-raid sirens and balloons come
energetic, but seem content to replicate Arcade Fire-                                                                                                                                            out in full force as Londoners Klaxons close the festival
isms. They’re young and have talent to burn, though,                                                                                                                                             on the River Stage with a new rave party, blasting out
so hopefully they’ll find their own sound. Seja’s set fea-                                                                                                                                       hits Atlantis To Interzone, Gravity’s Rainbow, Golden
tures faithful renditions of her album tracks performed                                                                                                                                          Skans and a mighty finishing double of Echoes and It’s
with virtuosity – a brilliant performance but, unfortu-                                                                                                                                          Not Over Yet.
nately, her melancholic, intricate tunes are at odds with                                                                                                                                             With Jamie Reynolds and co.’s proclamation that
the festival’s party atmosphere. Johnathan Boulet’s                                                                                                                                              Sunset Sounds 2011 is over, it’s time to head home and
sunny, Afro-pop inspired indie music is quite the crowd                                                                                                                                          dry off the ponchos and mud-covered wellies. Festival-
pleaser, and he and his band look like they’re having        tween old-school trance classics and fresh stripped-                 insistence on wearing an anorak in stifling humidity is        licious.
a polyrhythmic blast on stage. Sydney IDMers Seekae          back prog sounds; all things which appear to be appre-               also a tad odd – Live Ed.]                                            MICHAEL PINCOTT, NILS HAY, DENIS SEMCHENKO
provide a nice counterpoint to the festival’s indie-pop      ciated on the floor, especially when combined with the                   The Canadian foursome Hot Hot Heat are play-                                                            & TIAN ZHANG
theme, with their eclectic illbient-inspired instrumen-      visual atmosphere produced by the giant screen and                   ing across their catalogue of the last decade. Front-
tals (Warp records ought to snap them up). Local pop         lighting rig.                                                        man Steve Bay’s hip-thrusting keyboard work taking             mYSterY JetS / tiN caN raDio
heroes John Steel Singers get their devoted fanbase               The current reigning champions of the hard electro              the synth from ‘once again cool’ to ‘truly badass’ at          the Hi-Fi - Fri Jan 7
clapping and singing along to their infectious, Triple-J     sound, Boys Noize seem to be holding back in cutting                 the Gardens Stage; the omnipresent humidity do-                     Coming straight after Sunset Sounds and a run of
approved singles Strawberry Wine and Overpass.               the Field Stage in half. Don’t get me wrong: the quota               ing truly wonderful things for his ‘fro. Meanwhile,            excellent shows at The Zoo (Built To Spill, Future Of The
     Oh Ye Denver Birds make dense, textured pop mu-         is still filled and a couple of thousand people get their            LA indie-rockers Cold War Kids are undoubtedly an              Left, Born Ruffians), Mystery Jets are getting a mix of
sic with lovely electronic touches and an eye for detail     chance to chant ‘Whoop Whoop!’ N*E*R*D are another                   afternoon highlight at the River Stage, playing to an          the dedicated and the musically worn-out tonight at
– it’s just a shame that lead singer Dominic Stephens        big draw to the Field Stage; when you’ve got the good                audience of not one but a couple thousand – louder             The Hi-Fi, a moderate crowd gathered to greet the Eel
isn’t on his A-game today, missing more than a few           stuff like She Wants To Move, Pharrell Williams and co.              than ever. Rather ironically, the downpour starts just         Pie Island indie Muppets at their first Brisbane show.
notes. Sweden’s Shout Out Louds open with an im-             have the advantage of carrying a different sound to a                before they air Hang Me Up To Dry, but still fails to          Buzzed up local genre-smashers Tin Can Radio have
pressive burst of manic energy in recent single 1999,        lot of the club-based material elsewhere in the festival,            ruin celebratory sing-alongs Hospital Beds and We              the unenviable task of warming up a polite if disinter-
then amp things up with more slick pop and lead              which they pull off flawlessly.                                      Used To Vacation.                                              ested audience, and to their credit, put 110% effort
singer Adam Olenius’s impassioned cowbell-bashing.                A relatively small but dedicated crowd are gath-                    Gold Coast party-starters-come-mariachi-funtime-           into their fast-paced, brass-tinged dance rock. Hope-
US chillwavers Neon Indian prove there’s more to the         ered over at the Platinum Stage to witness Yuksek                    band Tijuana Cartel are busy keeping the increasingly          fully the exhortations to attend TCR’s upcoming single
movement than layers of reverb – their live sound is         push some proper techno sounds. Everyone else                        muddy feet shuffling at the Hibiscus Stage while Kiwi          launch pay off, as the five-piece obviously have energy
crisp and clear, produced entirely through analogue          seems to be sucked into the massive hive of activity                 pop-rockers Ladyhawke entertains the Garden Stage              to spare.
synths and outboard effects. Androgynous guitarist           surrounding the Summa Stage where Dave Guetta                        crowd with hits like Back Of The Van, Paris Is Burning              When The Hi-Fi’s curtains part for Mystery Jets,
Ronald Gierhart shreds it like a pro, while Neon Indian      is performing; he doesn’t let up, pumping out hit af-                and My Delirium. Casting psychedelic rock over the             displaying the cheerfully scruffy Blaine Harrison seat-
main man Alan Palomo directs the ensemble through            ter hit. Gettin’ Over You, Sexy Bitch, Memories – love               sodden hillside of the River Stage, Tame Impala oc-            ed front and centre, the underrated Brits open appro-
catchy pop numbers Should Have Taken Acid With You           him or hate him, the man had the crowd eating of his                 casionally grow monotonous. However their closing              priately with Alice Springs from last year’s Serotonin.
and Deadbeat Summer like a haughty conductor. The            hand for the whole damn set. Conversely, with very                   combo of Remember Me and Half Full Glass Of Wine               The first thing this does is make it apparent that Har-
best moment, though, is the chillwave remix of Auld          little new material on hand and questionable track                   sees them truly vindicated.                                    rison is an excellent vocalist, power and pitch blasting
Lang Syne directly after midnight, a subversive and fun      selection, the Justice DJ set leaves a lot to be desired                 An extended break at the Gardens Stage sees                from his small frame, while simultaneously exhibiting
reworking that seems to encapsulate what No Years set        – the French electro duo are looking and sounding                    dapper chaps The National thrill with ease, rattling           the drilled, seemingly effortless musical skills of his
out to do in the first place. I’m already looking forward    fairly flat in comparison to what’s happening on the                 off High Violet and Boxer highlights. The rain pours           band. While in some circles it’s strangely considered a
to the next instalment.                                      adjacent stages.                                                     but that doesn’t stop Matt Berninger from joining the          little bit ‘uncool’ to like Mystery Jets, it’s hard to argue
                                          CHAD PARKHILL           Logistically, the festival did well; toilet lines are           drenched punters for Terrible Love.                            with their skill at creating hooks. Skipping between
                                                             long enough to strike up conversations, but not long                     30 years since the release of Fear Of A Black Planet,      tracks from their to-date high point album Twenty
SummaFieLDaYZe                                               enough to start rioting. The food stall choices seem                 Public Enemy are as relevant and incredible as ever. In        One (Half In Love With Elizabeth, Young Love, Hidea-
Doug Jennings Park - Sun Jan 2                               a little small, but again, nothing to go crazy over. The             addition to a mish-mash of stellar hits from their back        way, Hand Me Down) and Serotonin’s only marginally
     Oh, thank Christ the sun is out today. Perhaps          sound on all stages is stellar; security is relaxed but pro-         catalogue, they perform a mind-blowing scratched-up            less immediate songs (Dreaming Of Another World,
based on this knowledge, festival goers acquiesce to         fessional, and when the whole thing is over, the buses               remix of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Indie-folk dar-    Flash A Hungry Smile, an excellent version of The Girl
the fact their shuttle bus ride into the venue today         heading out are fast – Summafieldayze remains a high-                lings Angus & Julia Stone are mostly drowned out by            Is Gone), it’s a genuine sing-along gift bag of Britpop.
would cost $10 – and a valid ticket. On arrival though,      light on the dance festival calendar.                                the downpour on the Gardens Stage, but those brave             The impossible to dislike Two Doors Down bounces in
entry is painless.                                                                                       SCOTTY HARMS             enough to enter the knee-deep sludge are rewarded              early on – arguably one of the best indie pop songs of
     What isn’t painless is the noise produced by the                                                                             with a quiet set highlighted by Julia’s angelic voice.         the last decade – to a sea of grins, while Williams Rees
day’s resident filler DJ Genre Slut. You know those          SuNSet SouNDS                                                            If there’s one thing Interpol teaches us with this fi-     takes vocal duties for a calypso-carnivale version of
three unloved knobs above those faders you’re prema-         riverstage & botanic gardens - wed Jan 5 & thu Jan 6                 nal set at the River Stage, it’s that their first two albums   their recent dance floor hit with The Count & Sinden,
turely slamming? Yeah, those are your EQs. Whether by        wed Jan 5                                                            were excellent, but their last two, not so much. It’s a        After Dark. Meanwhile, bassist Kai Fish seems content
coincidence, every location he’s playing at today has a          Sunset Sounds 2011 begins with abundant sun-                     slick collection of tracks that reminds just how good          to beam smiles around the room while punters and
bar close by; these have virtually no lines, easing the      shine and deceptively clear skies and Ball Park Music                Interpol can be.                                               Tin Can Radio members take photos of his impressive
pain greatly.                                                kick things off with a suitably sunny performance on                     Encore ambiguity reigns after Interpol, but once the       leopard-print shoes (it’s that kind of feel-good show,
     Luckily, the ‘Slut’s questionable warm-up to Tren-      the River Stage. Although most punters are still lin-                roadies start packing up, the punters commence their           where off-the-cuff dorkiness seems normal). Even
temøller on the Oasis Stage is quickly forgotten as an       ing up outside, they manage to charm the gathering                   squelchy, soggy exodus through the Botanic Gardens,            during the encore’s Lorna Doone – which perhaps
ensemble of laptops, guitarists, vocalists and drum-         crowd with their catchy tunes.                                       hoping for sunnier times tomorrow.                             unintentionally comes across as a Mighty Boosh ver-
mers conspire for brilliant versions of tracks like Syca-        Blue Mountains folk-pop quartet Cloud Control                                                                                   sion of a heavy psych groove at first – and the closing
more Feeling; as per his trademark, the man behind it        and their harmonised croonings are wooing the crowd                  thu Jan 6                                                      heartstring-tugger Flakes (another great showcase for
all has percussion within easy reach to build the live at-   on the Gardens Stage. Dropping a verse of the But-                       It seems everyone is a little more prepared today,         Harrison’s voice), the five young Jets give off a sense of
mosphere further. The pick of the day to these eyes and      thole Surfers’ Pepper into their indie hit Gold Canary               with ponchos and gumboots becoming the outfit of               focus and fun; a kind of polished enjoyment that be-
ears, the Dane continues to impress with every show.         sends the crowd nuts. Sleigh Bells arrive on the River               choice, and despite the insistent drizzle, a small dedi-       lies their knockabout exteriors. They might never be
     Despite my best efforts, most of the world contin-      Stage ready to vanquish the humidity with the power                  cated audience gathers for Charlie Mayfair whose               the first choice of the painfully hip, but anyone who
ues to love Armin Van Buuren, but tonight I’m with           of noise. It’s a fun set that covers all the best bits of            harmonies are as sweet as they are pitch-perfect for           enjoys a good pop song done well won’t be leaving
the team on the Summa Stage as Van Buuren strays             Treats, but there’s something very underwhelming                     the River Stage. Meanwhile the genre-bending Bris-             disappointed tonight.
from his standard ‘Armada sampler’ style to flip be-         about their reliance on a backing track [Derek Miller’s              bane septet, Laneous & The Family Yah, are begin-                                                           TOPHER HEALY

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        geared                                           VeNUe PrOFILe :: BURST CITY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          de HOJe HæLe

                                                         After a noisy year, Southbank’s BUrST
                                                         CITY will be closing its doors and joining the
                                                         unfortunate Brisbane list headed by The
                                                         Troubadour and Hangar. geared chats to
                                                         event organiser WILL.

                                                             Having only been on the Brisbane live music map           G: On the same note, how did Burst City come about                 W: Yes, we do. I think we all remember being young and
                                                         for just over a year, Burst City had nonetheless estab-       in the first place?                                                missing out on seeing bands we wanted because of 18-
                                                         lished a strong word-of-mouth reputation as both an           W: I’ve been searching for a warehouse, shopfront or               plus shows. Although, I think younger people need to
             MUSICIaN'S gUIde JANUARY 11 2011

                                                         old-school DIY venue and a haven for punk, noise and          something similar for a while to have shows at. I had              be more responsible and take care of the people and
                                                         experimental music acts and fans alike. Prior to the          walked past the building for quite a while and was                 places that make these things happen (ie not getting
                                                         last-ever event at the South Bank address (the build-         wondering what it would be like inside. After a fair bit           drunk, tagging, breaking windows etc).
                                                         ing is sadly going to be reduced to rubble much like          of research on the internet, I came across some minutes            G: During 2010, which gigs at BC have impressed
                                                         Milton’s Alley Bar in 2008), booker Will – who in his         of the meeting for the Diggers Association stating that            you the most?
                                                         spare time hammers the six-string in local hardcore           they needed to do something with the building. After               W: Isterismo/Kromosom was an excellent show. No
                                                         punkers Teargas – has kindly agreed to answer some            inspecting, I offered to lease it from them.                       Anchor always sound great there and perform really
                                                         questions for Geared.                                         G: Can you tell us why Burst City is closing, consider-            well. To tell you the truth, the most fun I’ve had at
                                                                                                                       ing it’s only been on the local map for a reasonably               Burst City was at the Wasted Dream art exhibition a
                                                         GEARED: First of all, can you please tell us a little         short time?                                                        few weeks back.
                                                         about yourself, Will?                                         W: Burst City is closing on fairly undramatic terms. The           G: And lastly, what can the punters expect during
                                                         WILL: I play guitar in a hardcore band called Teargas         land is worth a huge amount of money, and it was in-               BC’s last bash?
                                                         and have been organising not-for-profit shows in Bris-        evitable that it would be sold. It’s going to be knocked           W: I’m not too sure, actually. It’s looking like it will be a
                                                         bane for the last three or so years under the title of Dis-   down and turned into office blocks as far as I know.               big one. I guess people are going to push the envelope
                                                         content Booking.                                              G: Shame. Do you know if there’s a possibility of                  as much as possible and get as much quality time with
                                                         G: When did you start booking events at Burst City?           Burst City moving to new premises yet?                             the place before it gets turned to rubble. It will be Janu-
                                                         W: I signed the lease to the building at the start of         W: Eventually, I would like to open another venue, but             ary 29 with Teargas, No Anchor, Loose Grip, Thick Skin
 QUICK NeWS                                              March 2010 and had the first show on the 26th of the          I’ve got a few other things to accomplish at the mo-               and Last Chaos.

 Sonic growth
                                                         same month with Teargas, One Shot Salute, Sexual              ment, including a US tour with Teargas. I think I’ll still         G: Thanks Will!
                                                         Chocolate and Melbourne’s Sucio Poder. Since then,            continue to book shows, but I need a short break.
                                                         there have been shows almost every weekend.                   G: In your opinion, what sets Burst City apart from                according to the geared radar readings,
 Gold Coast musos, look a-yonder – a brand-              G: I have to shamefully admit I’ve never been at              similar-type live music venues in Brisbane?                        danish punkers de Hoje Hæle play BUrST CITY
 spanking-new rehearsal space has popped up in           Burst City before – what do you reckon I’ve been              G: As I mentioned earlier, the lack of unsympathetic               on Friday Jan 14, joined by Newcastle’s Spew
 Helensvale (coincidentally, a stone’s throw from        missing out on?                                               security guards like those seen at club venues has cre-            Your guts up and locals Undead apes, Pastel
 where Geared used to dwell in the past). With four      W: I think you’ve missed out on a more relaxed atmos-         ated an open and expressive atmosphere. As well as                 Blaze and The Sips. Headlined by Teargas and
 air-conditioned rooms including the deluxe one, the     phere than most overage venues. The lack of security          this, bands generally play on the floor, with amps and             featuring noisemongers No anchor among other
 Tall Tones studio complex has a flat load-in and is     has definitely kept people off edge. Thankfully this sort     drums onstage, lending itself to a more personal inter-            acts, Burst City’s last stand will take place on
 available for 24 hours. Additionally, if you mention                                                                                                                                     Saturday Jan 29. The venue is located at 69
                                                         of thing is usually self-policing and I’ve only ever had to   action between the audience and the performer. It’s
 the ad, you get your first rehearsal for half-price                                                                                                                                      grey St, South Brisbane. For more info check out
                                                         remove a couple of people. Aside from this, some awe-         also got a cool, gruesome aesthetic.
 – bargain! For enquiries shoot an email to info@                                                                                                                                and www.
                                                         some bands have played there, a lot being underage            G: Do you think Brisbane needs more all-ages live or buzz 0438 142 346.                                                                                                                                            
                                                         ones without many places to play.                             venues?

                                                                                                                         FOLLOWINg THe CHarTS :: WITH SIMON TOPPER                                        An analysis of The Charts, be they

                                                                                                                         Statistic Fantistic
                                                                                                                                                                                                            from ARIA, AIR, airplay, iTunes,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           overseas or any other statistical
                                                                                                                                                                                                           rock we can turn over and think
                                                                                                                                                                                                                way too much about.

                                                                                                                         This week is what chart

           Tired of missing an issue?                                                                                    nerds wait literally all year

                                                                                                                         for – the eNd OF Year
                                                                                                                         CHarTS. We’ll be examining
                                                                                                                         2010’s different charts
                                                                                                                         from around the world in the
                                                                                                                         coming weeks, but let’s look
                                                                                                                         in our own backyard first,
                                                                                                                         with ARIA’s Top 100 Singles
                                                                                                                         and Albums of 2010 – check

          TO RavE
                                                                                                                         the full lists.                                                                                                          P!NK

                                                                                                                              Australia’s unequalled admiration of P!nk has been          Beast’s Tik Tok (Parody) at #77). Radio R&B/dance names
                                                                                                                         widely reported, mostly in terms of her mind-boggling            like Katy Perry, Rihanna, B.o.B., Bruno Mars, David
                                                                                                                         concert ticket sales, but her record sales are also on an        Guetta and even Pitbull arise four-five times each. It’s
                                                                                                                         all-time historic level. Currently in its eighth week at the     telling about the concentration of names amongst our
                                                                                                                         top of the charts, her Greatest Hits... So Far was the high-     biggest sellers, when 34 of the Top 100 songs are attrib-
                                                                                                                         est selling album of 2010, and in this victory P!nk breaks       uted to multiple acts, yet there are only 88 different art-
                                                                                                                         a frankly incredible streak of landing the #2 album each         ists making up the entire Top 100.
                                                                                                                         year since 2006. I’m Not Dead came in at #2 in 2006 (be-              2010 was a horrible year for Australian acts in Sin-

           Get Rave delivered FREE to                                                                                    hind James Blunt) and then #2 in 2007 (after Michael
                                                                                                                         Buble), while Funhouse received the silver medal in
                                                                                                                                                                                          gles. It’s the first time since 1996 that the year’s Top
                                                                                                                                                                                          10 highest selling singles have included no Australian

           your inbox every week.
                                                                                                                         2008 (gold = Kings Of Leon) and again in 2009 (win               names, but at least that year Savage Garden repra-
                                                                                                                         for Susan Boyle). Even more impressively, these two              zented at #12. ARIA’s End Of Year charts only go back
                                                                                                                         albums have clocked over sales of 10 x Platinum and 11           as far as 1988, but in that time the previous low for the

           Simply send a blank email to                                                                                  x Platinum respectively. In ARIA history, only 29 albums
                                                                                                                         have reached 10 Platinum or more status, and only one
                                                                                                                                                                                          year’s highest Australian single was 1990, when Craig
                                                                                                                                                                                          McLachlan & Check 1-2 landed at #15 with Mona. In

                                                                                                                         other act has ever seen more than one of their albums            2010, the bar has well and truly been lowered. Our big-
                                                                                                                         reach this level – ABBA, who have amassed four such              gest local hit was Yolanda B Cool & DCup’s We Speak
                                                                                                                         mega-sellers. To achieve this over the past five years, in       No Americano at #34. This is not to impune the success

           & yOU’ll...
                                                                                                                         an era of collapsing album sales, is even more incred-           of the song itself – that’s a strong effort, and the same
                                                                                                                         ible, and it’s not overstating it to start counting P!nk         goes for our other charting acts such as Birds Of Tokyo
                                                                                                                         alongside Madonna, MJ and Kylie as the giants of                 (Plans, #47), the Idol survivor Guy Sebastian (Who’s
                                                                                                                         modern pop.                                                      That Girl, #42 after only 5 weeks) and The Temper Trap

           NEvER MISS aN ISSUE
                                                                                                                              Meanwhile on the singles charts in 2010, Australia          (Sweet Disposition #55), but for the country’s biggest
                                                                                                                         fell in with a select group of cool kids that don’t go           hit, this is without precedent. Even in the previous low-
                                                                                                                         anywhere without their famous friends. Use of the ab-            ranking 1990, #34 would have ranked as the eighth
                                                                                                                         breviation “Feat.” was at a higher level than ever, with         highest-ranking Australian song. There are 13 Australian
                                                                                                                         collaborations accounting for almost half of the Top 20          singles amongst the Top 100 (I consider ARIA’s inclusion
                                                                                                                         (9), and a full third of the Top 100 singles (34), up signifi-   of Brian “Mr Goodrem” McFadden as a desperate at-
                                                                                                                         cantly from the previous collaboration winner 2007 (6 x          tempt to up the figures, and won’t count him), includ-
                                                                                                                         Top 20, 20 x Top 100). Nonetheless, all this collaborating       ing Stan Walker, Zoe Badwi, Angus & Julia, Jessica
                                                                                                                         isn’t introducing us to too many new names. Of the 34            Mauboy, Short Stack, Vanessa Amorosi, Little Red
                                                                                                                         collaborations, 20 of the “featured” artists appear else-        and Amy Meredith. As a total, this is thankfully above
                                                                                                                         where within the Top 100 as the main artist, often sev-          the miserable seven local singles in 2001’s Top 100, but
                                                                                                                         eral times. The same names appear over and over, with            two years later, we saw the introduction of Idol bump
                                                                                                                         the main offenders the Black Eyed Peas, appearing                those figures up into the mid-20s each year. With singles
                                                                                                                         eight times as either as a group or with individual “Feat.”      selling more than ever in general, the numbers say it’s
                                                                                                                         credits, and Ke$ha, appearing five times on her own              time for Australian acts to work out another way to ap-
                                                                                                                         and a sixth time Feat. with 3OH!3 (plus The Midnight             peal to the iTunes-devoted masses.

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The sea, the sun and the
breathtaking scenery still
on his mind, geared looks
back on his experience with
three more outstanding MI
aUdIO stompboxes at The
Guitar Shop.

    Post-festive greetings, dear readers – I hope you’ve              Touted as “the king of smooth low/medium-gain
all had a fantastic break. A self-declared beach bunny          sounds”, the Blue Boy Deluxe Overdrive (which I briefly
(however ditzy that may sound), I managed to escape             – fleetingly – mentioned in Geared 970) is a well-oiled
the rain for a week in the sunny mid-north coast NSW,           blues machine aimed at a discerning player. Basically, if
but it seems to have returned with a vengeance as I             your Tubescreamer or Blues Driver doesn’t do the sonic
write this. Ah well, I suppose it can’t rain all the time;      job for you, the Blue Boy offers more subtlety and can
now let’s go back to where we left off in 2010. And             be tweaked to suit your style or matched to your amp
lo, here are the last three of the six crackin’, proudly        of choice. The pedal’s controls are pretty much identical
Australian-made MI Audio pedals I was privy to at The           to those of Tube Zone OD: the Vol/Gain knobs and the
Guitar Shop in (then) sunny Paddington, armed with              Bright, Tone, Mids and Char trim pots. Like the Buddy
a Blacktop Jazzmaster and a Fender Princeton amp.               Guy or SRV tone? This way.
Crank-clang-kerrang, gotta love it!                                   Despite being compressor pedal-free for years,
    Featured on ProGuitarShop’s YouTube channel like                I only had good things to say about the MI Audio
most MI Audio effects – where it was tested by the                           Compressor after I found its attack and sus-
ever-awesome host Andy (just how good are                                      tain easily matched the industry-standard
those takes on Big Star’s In The Street and                                       Keeley, early MXR Dyna Comp (both
the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Suck My Kiss?                                          used by David Gilmour – one of my all-
– Geared Ed.) – the Boost N’ Buff does                                            time favourite guitarists, no matter how
pretty much exactly what it says on                                               many times I’ve said it – Geared Ed.) and
the cover. Aside from being a “buffer”                                          the cult-classic Ross Comprossor. Being
that prevents the loss of tone in a busy                                    the last pedal of the lot I’ve tested, I took time
pedal chain, it’s a transparent, high-fidelity                          to enjoy the crisp funky chords, juicy sustain and
boost that adds plenty of sparkle and delicious                    lengthy decay after every octave bend – as well as
grit to your guitar sound. You can also push it hard!           the tonal variations when I tweaked the Compressor’s
Cranked all the way up, it’s capable of generating a Led        Gate, Release, Attack and Level pots and combined
Zeppelin-ish semi-fuzz tone – and I could swear I almost        it with each of the four grit boxes I had admired just
nailed the mythical Black Dog sound with it (despite            earlier.
the fact Jimmy Page DI’d his Les Paul into the mixing                 So that’s the round-up of the exceptional MI Audio
desk to obtain that instantly-recognizable, hairy bite).        pedals I’ve been privy to. Hopefully I’ll be the first to
The only non-true bypass pedal in the MI Audio series,          know when the Pollyanna v.2... no, not the criminally-
the Boost N’ Buff can be run on two 9V batteries or an          underrated ‘90s Australian indie-rock band – the new
18V adaptor for extra power. For me, a 9V-powered               octave unit – lands at The Guitar Shop. In the mean-
daisy chain did the job.                                        time, I’ll be waiting with a flat white at the nearby Sol
    After a few minutes of twiddling the orange box’s Vol-      Bread. Catch ya!
ume and Gain settings and testing it both on the bridge
humbucker and the neck P90 of the Blacktop, I established       rrP $199.95 (Blue Boy deluxe Overdrive v.2),
that Boost N’ Buff is as good as a booster can get – in fact,   $269.95 (Compressor), $149.95 (Boost N’ Buff
it could well be the secret weapon in anyone’s arsenal.         v.2). Check out and
Doesn’t get any simpler and punchier than this.        for more information.

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                                                                                   ENGL 50 SCREAMER GUITAR HEAD FOR SALE Some basic wear & tear                       PEAVEY 6505 HEAD AND LINE 6 CAB Perfect Condition, 6-8 months old,                 GUITARIST AVAILABLE 21yr old guitarist looking to join a rock/metal band.
MUSICaL eQUIPMeNT                                                                  but still sounds a million dollars. Tubes just replaced. Footswitch needed to      never gigged, rarely used. Peavey 6505 Head $1600. Line 6 4x12 Slant Cab           Been playing guitar for 6 years, have decent gear & transport blazed21@
                                                                                   change between the two dirty channels. $1200 or best offer no_quarter2@            $400. Will sell together for $1800 0431 013 784                          
eQUIPMeNT FOr HIre                                                        0416 587 386                                                           PEAVEY VALVE KING VK 112 50w guitar amp, clean channel, w/bright                   GUITARIST AVAILABLE 22yo been taking lessons for 2 years, looking for
PA HIRE Call Psychotic Sound for PA for your next gig. The right equipment         ES335 F HOLE SUNBURST Beautiful Sunburst Jazz or Rock Guitar Grover                boost, lead channel with boost gain. Master reverb control. FX send-return,        dedicated ppl w/direction, inf: bowie, beethoven, manson, radiohead, nick
at the right price.                 Tuners Epi Pups EC See Pics on Photobucket search user natpresaea $1200            texture control, resonance switch, external speaker output. 6L6 valves.            cave, tom waits, snowman, talking heads, qotsa, placebo, etc. No cover
0415 535 329                                                                       ono 0432 178 423                                        Channel change & boost switch pedal. As new 0448 943 527                           bands please. Contact Andrew 0413 264 573
                                                                                   ESP M-II W/CASE $1300! ESP M-II with its case for only $1300! It’s a fantas-       PEDAL BOARD CASE Large: Internal area 88cm by 43cm. Heavy duty,                    GUITARIST AVAILABLE Am sick of half ass bands. Keen to jam all the time
eQUIPMeNT FOr SaLe                                                                 tic guitar with great specs. Has a slight chip on the fretboard but other than     weighs about 20kg. New condition $260 0421                 & make a band happen. Into rock riffage like deftones, cog, karnivool, dub
                                                                                   that it’s pretty much perfect. Message me for more info/pics etc. ralaraji@        664 465                                                                            trio, muse etc. Lots of effects good gear & transport & very committed Con-
                                                                                                                                                 RANDALL RH300 G3 AND 4X12 CAB As new, never gigged, Randall 300W                   tact Damo 0425 794 112
                                                                                   FARFISA COMPACT DUO Portable organ, Italian built in 70s, dual keys, cream         amp & matching 4x12 cab. Perfect condition, rarely used, reluctant sale, but       GUITARIST AVAILABLE Ex-touring guitarist available for band. Covers or
                                                                                   color, no lid, fold up legs $795 0415 393 793                I need the cash $1200                                  originals, can do some front vocals also, history of tribute shows & cover
                                                                                   FENDER 65 DELUXE REVERB AMP 22-watt (at 8 ohms) amp is for rock,                   RECORDING SOFTWARE Protools professional recording software with M-                support bands, has very good gear & transport stringsthatsing@hotmail.
                                                                                   country or blues players. With footswitch & cover. Excellent condition,            Box interface. Perfect condition. Great for recording music with your com-         com 0411 489 564
                                                                                   Bought as-new a few years ago. Great sound! Only for $1700 tsutai@optus-           puter. Sell $275 0411 497 125                            GUITARIST AVAILABLE Lead or whatever, 29, heaps of exp, good gear. Also
                                                                          0432 347 000                                                            REESE RMC4 PICTURE WAH Almost-new condition teese picture wah,                     do back up vox, play bass & some synth. Own prac room with small record-
                                                                                   FENDER TELE 4 SALE 1989 mij 72 reissue. USA pickups. Black with maple              wonderful vintage wah sound, true bypass, adjustable rocker tension, look          ing studio on acreage. Looking for indie/alt or dance act. I’m into strokes,
                                                                                   neck. Road worn naturally. 1000 neg                    these up online! $200. 0422 614 579                    beatles, bowie, groove armada, JJJ
                                                                                   FENDER USA STRAT - WHITE ON WHITE URGENT SALE. Fender USA High-                    RODE NT2-A FOR SALE Perfect condition Rode NT2-A condensor mic for                 GUITARIST AVAILABLE Looking to join a band which plays a bit of 50s, 60s,
                                                                                   way one strat, maple, off-white body. $600 now or make an offer - Best offer       sale, used twice. Great for studio recording. $650 ONO, includes bag & all         70s & 80s Rock&Roll. I can play either lead or rhythm guitar, I also play a bit
                                                                                   received by Monday 11 Jan gets it as I need to sell FAST michaelbperkins@          accessories 0423 051 655                                      of bluesy harmonica 0402 212 959
                                                                          0435 418 155                                                           ROLAND CUBE 40XL Roland Cube 40XL Amplifier as new doubled up xmas                 GUITARIST SEEKING LIKE-MINDED MUSICIANS Guitarist & competent
                                                                                   FERNANDES ELECTRIC GUITAR Beautiful Japanese guitar: JDA-115Y, Ma-                 present $220. 0419 689 136                                        singer (21) looking for like-minded musicians to form original band. Influ-
                                                                                   hogany body, Maple neck, 628mm-scale, 24ft, FRT-10 bridge with pitch-              ROLAND SPD-S SAMPLING PAD (WITH STAND) Selling SPDS for $650                       ences include: The Smiths, The Strokes, Mogwai, Radiohead, BB King, Foals.
                                                                                   shift cavity. Deep Blue color. w/Sustainer Pickup System $900 tsutai@op-           (with official stand), only been used 4 TIMES! However I’m not playing at          Particular interest in artists with unique vision. Contact Matt. williamson.
                                                                          0432 347 000                                                         the moment & am in the need for some cash flow. Is in PERFECT CONDITION   0402 601 500
                                                                                   GARY WILLIS EAR Training book for guitar bass mint with CD $5 improv-              please call if any questions. Dean 0438 724 846                INDIE GUITARIST/SINGER/LYRISIT AVALIABLE! I’m a 19-year-old guitar-
                                                                          0424 812 460                                                    SCHECTER FOR SALE Schecter Damien diamond edition for sale. EMG hz                 ist/singer/songwriter. Have loads of originals written and looking to join a
                                                                                   GIBSON LES PAUL TRADITIONAL 2009 Gibson Les Paul traditional in cher-              pickups, licenced Floyd Rose. Dark red colour excellent condition $650 ono         band!. Inf: arctic monkeys, kasabian, oasis, libertines, tame impala jaredk-
                                                                                   ry sunburst. Great guitar. Excellent condition. Regretful sale. $2300 Offers 0424 335 449                                     0431 099 942
                                                                                   considered 0400 770 985                                    SCHECTER OMEN 8 STRING ELECTRIC GUITAR Brand new in box untouched.                 LEAD GUITARIST AVAILABLE 28 years old with over 20 years experience
                                                                                   GIBSON SG 62 REISSUE (CHERRY) Made USA 1991, 1-piece mahogany                      Bought for a friend who could not pay. Going cheap $700 0410 576 257               including support for The Angels & Screaming Jets. Pro gear & attitude.
                                                                                   body/set neck, trapezoid inlays w/binding (gone creme), small plate, stop          SLIDE GUITAR by Tempo, great slide guitar or trashy garage/blues machine           Available for covers work, fill in gigs, band projects, session work, guitar
                                                                                   tail, 2 humbuckers, all orig guitar, 1 owner, no dings, very very clean, no        (ala Teisco style), mutant strat shape, made 60s?, 3 tone sunburst, 98 per         tuition & more. Visit MySpace for full bio
                                                                                   breaks, this early 90s stuff among best Gibsons $2795 wrecker70@hotmail.           cent orig, 3x pickups, 3 x slider switches, bound neck, trem, amazingly great 0437 238 892
                                                                                   com 0415 393 793                                                                   condition, badge intact $895 0415 393 793                    LEAD/RHY GUITARIST AVAILABLE I’m 22 yrs old been playing for 7 yrs I’m
                                                                                   GIBSON THUNDERBIRD GOTHIC BASS Gibson T-Bird 4 string - beautiful &                SPANISH GUITAR Method book 1 notation Nick Manoloff mint $5 improv-                a lead/rhy player can play most styles of music also been learning bass gtr.
                                                                                   timeless instrument. Comes in hard case. RRP $3500 - bought new 2 years   0424 812 460                                                    Inf: MetallicA, Dire Straits, George Thorogood, etc. If interested pls contact
                                                                                   ago for $2750. Sell for $1750 ono. Can try before buy. VGC Pics at Facebook        SPEAKER CAB 1X12 Celestion 75w 16 ohm. As new, never been gigged                   0410 405 666
                                                                          antzmunkrel@hot-                    $250 0448 943 527                                                                  ROCK GUITARIST WANTS TO JOIN A BAND 22 yr old guitarist wants to
                                                                          0488 999 194                                                              SQUIRE BY FENDER CYCLONE, METALLIC BLUE Basswood body, Maple                       join a band, I can rhythm n a bit of lead, inf: punk n rock, I wouldn’t mind
                                                                                   GIT PARTS Gretsch G5120 white pickguard-$25. Wood bridge base and                  neck, 22ft, 24 3/4 scale, w/vintage style Synchro tremolo bridge. Modified         joining a covers band or a original punk band, I just wana play in a band n
                                                                                   chrome tune’o’matic bridge-$30. Chrome roller bridge-$20. email for pics           to 2 single coil pickups. Kept all original parts $290        have fun 0432 662 815
                                                                                   or measurements 3262 2472/0432 498 962                      au 0432 347 000                                                                    SEEKING LIKE-MINDED MUSOS 44yo gtr/vox looking for like-minded musos
                                                                                   GUITAR CLASSICAL L Spanish Baroque book over 100 songs $5 improvma-                STOMP BOX Wazinator Stomp Box for sale. Good Condition. $50 truckly-               in GC area. I have an idea for covers band playing hard rock hits from last 15
                                                                          0424 812 460                                             0403 683 101                                                       years only. Think Bon Jovi, Live, Foos, 3 Doors Down, that kind of style. This is
                                                                                   GUITAR FINGER Picking blues ragtime tab notation book mint $5. improv-             TASCAM FW-1884 Firewire audio/MIDI interface, 8 XLR mic pre amps, 4                what I want to play. Do you? Let’s talk 0413 180 710
                                                                          0424 812 460                                                    MIDI channels, S/PDIF, ADAT, 9 motorized faders for mixing, transport con-         WRATHFUL FEMALE GUITARIST Let’s Jam. Band & gigging experience.
                                                                                   GUITAR HARD CASE Brand new, never-used guitar hard case for sale. Fits             trols. Standalone mixer. Great for a home studio. $800 ono drumma89@tpg.           With own equipment. Inf: Alice in Chains, Hole, Nirvana, RHCP, Ozzy, Pink
                                                                                   Les Paul style/shape guitars $50 0414 815      0413 353 466                                                                Floyd to Neil Young & even Bjork & Fever Ray. Open to new ideas. Originals
                                                                                   890                                                                                TASCAM US-1641 USB AUDIO INTERFACE As-new, hardly used, still in box               written ready to jam 0415 427 135
                                                                                   GUITAR STEP 3 Advancing CPM AMEB book mint $5 improvmatrix@live.                   with manuals & all accessories. Awesome piece of equipment. 16 tracks,             YOUNG GUITARIST AVAILABLE Looking to form or join a heavy metal
                                                                          0424 812 460                                                                8 XLR w/phantom power. Communication breakdown saw the interstate                  band. Inf: parkway, TDWP, August burns red, as i lay dying, miss may i. Keen
                                                                                   GUITAR STEP 4 Advancing CPM AMEB book mint with CD improvmatrix@                   band buying two, so one has to go. $400                to start turning ideas into actual songs
                                                                          0424 812 460                                                           TELECASTER THINLINE BY TEISCO/EXCETRO “Type 1” thinline copy, made
                                                                                   HARTKE 350 WATT BASS COMBO $650 Good Condition dwjamman@                           Japan late 60s/early 70s, Candy Apple Red, F-Hole, 2x pickups, Bigsby style        OTHer MUSICIaNS aVaILaBLe
                                                                          0415 206 098                                                           trem, rosewood board, upgraded tuners/3way switch, think what real                 FEMALE PRO R/B SOUL AVAILABLE Female semi-pro R/B Soul available
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         for Trio/Duo & recording Ph or email me 3299                                              HARTKE HA7000 BASS HEAD AND 4X10 CABINET Hartke Tube/Solid-
                                                                                   State head road case RRP$1400, sell $800. 4x10 celestion cab w/wheels, sell
                                                                                                                                                                      Fender like this w/3 custom options would cost? very cool guitar $1595
                                                                                                                                                             0415 393 793                                                 5571/0421 002 108
                                                                                   $400, sell head & cab together for $1100, both VGC, reluctant sale but mov-        THUNDERBIRD BASS Epiphone Thunderbird Bass for sale! Rarely gigged, still
                                                                                   ing overseas 0400 088 290                                    in brand new condition, has been set up. Includes Epiphone hard-case and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SINger aVaILaBLe
                                                                                   HOW FENDER BASS Changed The World. Marcus Miller book mint $5 im-                  black leather strap. Make an offer. 0432 220 769          17, MALE, SINGER/GUITARIST, ROBINA Wanting start alternative rock
                                                                          0424 812 460                                                TOTAL GUITAR Magazine iss 20 JULY 1996 hits of punk mint $1 improvma-              band, similar Getaway Plan, Alexisonfire. been singing for last couple
                                                                                   IBANEZ CLASSIC METAL CM5 Soundtank series effects pedal, very clean       0424 812 460                                                      months & improving everyday - sound similar to Getaway plan vocalist &
                                                                                   condition $75 0415 393 793                                   USA MADE DEAN REDWOOD ML FS: Dean Redwood ml made by Pat Baker                     looking play occasional rhythm guitar. Have most own gear, upgrades by
                                                                                   IBANEZ CLASSICAL ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC GUITAR G200ECE-NT(Natural),                     in the USA. 22 Frets, Dimarzio custom pickups. String though. $1800 guitar-        Feb 0430 952 377
                                                                                   Classical body w/cutaway. Solid spruce top, Mahogany back, side & neck.   communist_po-                    FEM LEAD VOX SEEKS AWESOME BAND/MUSICIAN Live experience,
                                                                                   Professionally replaced Gotoh’s high-quality peg tuners (Gold). Just 1 y/o. 0412 080 523                                                   Classic pub rock 60s to today. Passion for 80/90s. Good range. M/F songs.
                                                                                   $350 0432 347 000                                           WAH PEDAL - CRYBABY GCB-95 By Jim Dunlop, near mint condition,                     Looking to playing live regular basis
                                                                                   IBANEZ GUITAR CAB FOR SALE This cab is a 4x12 box in almost per-                   hardly used $125 0415 393 793                                LOOKING FOR GUITARIST OR BAND I have plenty written & in-mind.
     bogner shiva head & combo’s         uberschall head and uber-cab!             fect condition. It is a model TB412S. Can be run as a stereo or mono cab.          WARWICK BASS CAB FOR SALE This is a 15inch speaker and cab. It is new              Light, med, heavy vocals. Age group 25-30. Would like to jam & make songs
        in stock!! 6l6 or el34!             the best metal amp ever!               200watts a side stereo or 400watts mono at either 16ohm or 4 ohm.                  condition. Model is a WCA 115 Pro. Rated at 400 watts and fully ported. I’m        with easy going fullas & some beers. Inf: korn, alice in chains, pantera, stp,
                                                                                   $400ono (07) 3311 4587                                    using 4x10 cabs now so no longer need this cab. $400ono metalntatts@               m.manson
       Showroom open Sat 10 - 3 call bernie 0418 768 236                           IBANEZ POWERLEAD PL5 Soundtank series effects pedal, very clean con-      (07) 3311 4587                                                        SINGER/GUITARIST/LOVES RHCP My name’s Ben McTaggart and I’m 19
                                                                                   dition $50 0415 393 793                                      WARWICK CORVETTE STD 5 ROCKBASS 2010 Perfect condition, been                       years old, would love to sing/play in a rock band (Massive obsession with
                 2/24 Expo Ct Ashmore Qld 4214                                     IBANEZ SUPER CHORUS CS5 Soundtank series effects pedal, very clean
                                                                                   condition $110 0415 393 793
                                                                                                                                                                      professionally setup with new strings. Low action. Would consider a swap
                                                                                                                                                                      for a good 4-string or a good combo bass amp. $520 ono ddomrow@yahoo.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Also love The Offspring, Qotsa, Temper Trap &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         have a versatile taste, mainly rock & funk though) mctaggart_91@hotmail.
        located at Blind Boy Studios - Vintage Vibes, Modern Skills                JOHN COLTRANE 121 Songs Concert Pitch mint $5 improvmatrix@live.          0404 858 970                                                                com 0421 254 308
       P: 0419 717 441                0424 812 460                                                                WARWICK QUAD VI BASS AMP &PEAVEY BOX This is a solid gig-ready rig.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         MUSICIaNS WaNTed
                                                                                   JOHN PATTITUCCI Electric bass 2 book notation mint $5 improvmatrix@                Head is 600 watts w/a vavle pre-amp & the Peavey tx 410 cab is rated at 700
                                                                          0424 812 460                                                           watts & on castors. Good condition all working fine. $850 ono May consider
                                                                                   K. YAIRI, G-1F ACOUSTIC GUITAR Hand crafted in Japan in late 90s. Solid            swapping 0404 858 970
1000-WATT SPEAKERS 2 x 500 watt un-powered pa speakers, 2 x 18”speak-              spruce top,mahogany back and sides, Rosewood fretboard. Beautiful Parlor           YAMAHA PACIFICA PACKAGE Yamaha Pacifica (white) and GA-15 Ampli-
ers plus horns, in each carpeted boxed bins on wheels, great condition,            Model in Sunburst. Great sound. with L.R Baggs M1 Active Pickup System             fier. Unwanted Prize AS new still in boxes $340 ONO.
solid sound, first look will buy, $375, for both drummersince05@hotmail.           and Hard Case - $1,200. 0432 347 000                        guitars/electric/yamaha/index.htm 0418 757 637
com 0414 590 946                                                                   KEELEY MOD TS 808 Keeley mod Ibanez tube screamer, perfect condition,              ZOOM A2.1U PEDAL Acoustic guitar effects unit, 47 effects, expression
30WATT ROLAND CUBE Selling my bass amp, few years old but still in                 has led & true bypass mod. Still the most sought boutique tubescreamer.            pedal, USB, expression pedal, drum machine, feedback control & Cubase
excellent condition. Amp effects: flange/choru/t-wah,compressor, reverb/           $320 ono. Txt or email 0401 317 305                        LE. Includes power adaptor, box & manual $199 miguelholland78@gmail.
delay & cab effects. Powerful sound, only $50 0448 138            KORG AX10A PEDAL Acoustic guitar effects unit, 17 effects, expression              com 0402 220 377
354                                                                                pedal, tuner. Includes box & manual (no AC adaptor) $100 miguelhol-
5-STRING BASS WITH EMG PICK UPS $350 Black Ashton 5 String Great          0402 220 377                                                      MUSICIaNS aVaILaBLe
Tones 0415 206 098                                            KUSTOM GROOVE BASS AMP & CABINET $1900 ono. 12oo watt amp &
56 REISSUE LES PAUL GOLD TOP Fantastic condition GoldSparkleTop P90s               600 watt cabinet. Good Condition. 9 band EQ. Great for gigs. Very good             BaSS PLaYer aVaILaBLe
Fab Neck See Pics Photobucket search user natpresaea $1250 ono beech-              amp. Regretful sale, nowhere to store. RRP $2790             BASS PLAYER 50-something bassist looking for work. Permanent, dep, 0432 178 423                                                 0405 820 013                                                                       stand-in, residency etc. Blues, Motown, Soul, Rock, Country. All styles consid-
650D RICKENBACKER GUITAR A beautiful Rickenbacker 650D Dakota gui-                 KUSTOM HEAD & CAB FOR SALE This 100w head & 260w Cab will blow                     ered from mid-60s to current. Nice equipment. I don’t read dots but do like to
tar. Priced for quick sale $1700. Please check out model online and contact        away any drummer! Great sound, well looked-after & never been pushed               do things right.
me for info. Can email pictures. These guitars are now discontinued. Here          hard $700ono                                                  BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE Over 13yrs exp gear & tsport. Soul, blues, funk,
is you chance to pick one up at a great price               LEFTHAND ACE FREHLEY REPLICA GUITAR Includes all the custom fea-                   reggae, dub, Latin, jazz, roots-music, house/electro, indie/alternative & a
0449 139 593                                                                       tures-Sunburst Les Paul style guitar with 3 humbuckers, Ace Frehley face           bit of rock!
ACTIVE 12 Alto PS4HA Bi-Amp. with DSP processor Low Output 300W RMS                on headstock, Lighting bolt inlays, Ace Frehley signature on 12th fret. Hard-      au 0414 524 912
Class H High Output 100W RMS Class AB Weight 23.4kg www.altoproaudio.              case included $250 0414 815 890                         BASSIST AVAILABLE Creative & reliable looking for indie, alt or electro
com/index.php?template=3&id_prod=122&id_padre=121752675240341                      LEFT-HAND SCHECTER GUITAR Schecter Hellraiser Tempest. Excellent                   band. 29. Have air con prac room at home. Do backup vocals & play heaps 0403 127 797                                                condition. EMG pick ups. Professionally set up. Includes Schecter hardcase         of instruments. Very experienced
AHEAD DRUMSTICKS Brand new unopened pair of Ahead Speed Metal                      $900 0414 815 890                                       BASSIST AVAILABLE I’m a bassist living on the Gold Coast. I have a full GK
(52g) aluminium drumsticks. Bargain at $60.                LINE 6 SPIDER 2 30 WATT AMPLIFER with fbv2 footswitch and lead. As                 bass rig & play a MM Stingay. Experienced & versatile. Looking for a seri-
AMPEG BASS HEAD Ampeg B5R bass head w/travel case, VGC - $700 &                    new condition. $200. 0418 757 637                            ous project/band/paid work. Willing to travel to Bris for the right gig gav-       BaSS PLaYer WaNTed
open to offers 0415 382 533                           LOCKING STRAPS 2x Chrome locking straps. Perfect condition. Can buy       0451 023 962                                                       BAND SEEKING BASS PLAYER Ambient/post-hardcore/rock band seeking
AMPEG CLASSIC 4X10 BASS CAB Ampeg classic 4x10 bass cab for sale.                  both for $30 or separately for $20 each 0411             BASSIST AVALIABLE 35yrs, prof equip & attitude, 18 yrs exp in covers, orig-        committed bassist w/good gear & transport 0404
Selling for $750 great condition 2yo 0404 870 045             497 125                                                                            inals, tribute, looking for covers band with view to gig twice p/m, rehearse       870 045
AMPS AND PEDALS Fender 15w frontman gtr amp PC $120. Crate 15w                     MACKIE PA SPEAKERS Mackie PA system - 2 x SRM450 400w Active 12”                   once a week. for more info email me.                     BASS PLAYER FOR THAT ‘70S BAND Need ‘70s rock attitude, showman-
bass prac amp PC $130. Boss Bass OD pedal PC $120. Boss super octaver              speakers (recently serviced - brand new horns) & 1 x SWA1501 500w Active           BASSIST TO JOIN/FORM AWESOME COVERS BAND 30yo pro bassist to                       ship & appearance. Back vocals, professional attitude & equipment are pre-
pedal PC $150.                                              15” Subwoofer. Great solo, duo or small band system. The lot $1700. Ryan           join/form an ULTIMATE covers act for regular work at upscale QLD venues.           ferred. See website for set list, audio & visual etc. Call Paul if further details
ARIA SINSONIDO, SILENT GUITAR AC-100C/SPL A portable and compact          0407 578 953                                                   Keen to play tunes that get people movin’ and a-moshin’! I want to cre-            are required. Cheers pfb01@bigpond.
Nylon-strings guitar, Mahogany Body and Neck, Rosewood fingerboard,                MARSHALL 1960A CAB CHEAP! Used Marshall 1960A 300W Stereo Slant                    ate both a musical & visually exciting performance! Call to discuss ideas!         com 0411 460 058
650mm Scale, 46mm Nut width, Aluminum frame in soft Rubber Tubing.                 Cab. Loaded with Celestion G12T-75. Is in used condition but still sounds            BASS PLAYER NEEDED We are a 4pce outfit playing rootsy jazz/swing/
Can be played through headphones or amplifier. Incl. padded gig bag. Only          massive! Need to move this quickly & cheaply! Retail for $1299 selling mine        0422 169 387                                                                       blues. Our music includes covers & originals w/fairly regular gigs some bet-
$490. 0432 347 000                                          for $650. Call/TXT Arin!/arin.ozdemir arinozdemir@gmail.            HARD ROCK/ METAL BASSIST wants to Form/join a band. Good gear and                  ter paying than others, Need a solid player experienced in these styles. Toni
BASS GUITAR 4 String method Brian Emmel book notation mint $5 im-                  com 0414 747 575                                                                   transport. Infl inc. White Zombie, Static-x, Mark of Cain. Call Dozer dozer_ 0478 047 801 0424 812 460                                                MARSHALL AVT100 COMBO GUITAR AMP Marshall AVT100 Combo 1x12”              0424 240 906                                                 BASS PLAYER WANTED Brisbane alt/rock band The Ninjas is seeking a tal-
BASS GUITAR Slapping technique notation book mint $5 improvmatrix@                 amp. 2006 model in VGC. Great practice, gig & studio amp. 4 switch Marshall        SEEKING POP PUNK BAND I’m 18. Have been playing bass for a few                     ented & skilled bass player to take over the reins. Heaps of gigs & recording 0424 812 460                                                           Pedal. 16 effects built in. Amp has punchy attitude. Selling as no longer in       months. I would love to join a punk band. Would be very dedicated. Inf:            coming up. Inf: Libertines, Strokes, Vines, Hives, Killers, Franz
BASS GUITAR TAPPING Progressive tab notation book mint $5 improvma-                band. RRP new $1200. $550 ONO or will consider reasonable offers robert@           blink 182, a day to remember, gallows, green day & paramore. Have own              ninjasofficial 0424 812 460                                             0427 696 633                                                 equipment & transport. Prefer txting 0433 350              BASS PLAYER WANTED Brisbane band ‘Sista Loops & The Moh Scale’ look-
BASS SIX STRING Steve Bailey notation book mint $5 improvmatrix@live.              MARSHALL JCM 2000 TSL 100 HEAD Excellent condition, recently                       400                                                                                ing for bad as bassist who jams & picks up the flow to all our originals we 0424 812 460                                                                revalved/rebiased & fully serviced. Three channels of ear-bleedingly loud          drUMMer aVaILaBLe                                                                  have & the ones we’ll form 2gether. Reggae/RnB/hip hop & much more.
BIGFOOT ‘LITTLE MONSTER DELUXE’ STOMPBOX Superb quality Aus-                       Marshall Tone! Road case included. Very reluctant sale $1500 ono MUST                                                                                                 Reliable, ready to gig! Call Loops loops@poetic.
tralian-made stompbox, great bassy sound through good bass amp or PA.              SELL! 0415 339 496                                     COVER BAND DRUMMER Professional, reliable, experienced cover band                  com 0428 579 140
Ideal for acoustic musicians. Paid $350, sell $275. andrew.scrivens@hotmail.       MATON AUSTRALIAN SERIES New Maton Acoustic with cutaway, AP5                       drummer available for fill-in gig or band, cover & corporate. Gear includes        BASS PLAYER WANTED For alternative/industrial metal band. I (the singer/
com 0422 614 579                                                                   pickup. AA solid Sitka Spruce top. Australian solid black wood back and            rock, cocktail & electric kits, mics, lighting & reliable transport. Able to gig   rhythm guitarist) have some songs written but lyric & music writing contri-
BLACKSTAR HT 20 Amp head in perfect condition, less than 6 months old,             sides. Grover deluxe machine heads, herringbone binding. Comes with                wherever necessary. Call anytime. Scott                  butions are appreciated. Available whenever really. Aged 14-17 preferably.
still under warranty. Plays amazingly but Christmas was expensive this year        deluxe hard case and Maton leather strap. $2250. Call Geoff geoffreynwal- 0432 030 278                                             Inf: Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails
$600 ono 0401 317 305                             0437 305 795                                                      DRUMMER AVAILABLE 37-year-old drummer (22 years experience) avail-                 BASS PLAYER WANTED Need a experienced Bassist w/backing vocal abil-
BLACKSTAR HT-DIST PEDAL Blackstar pure valve distortion pedal. Quality             MATON TOMMY EMMANUEL ARTIST 1996 Maton Acoustic Electric solid                     able for paid work, music with a message (eg Midnight OIl, Blue King Brown         ity & availability for established pop/punk/rock originals band, we have
unit. Bought on a whim and never used. Still in original box with all paperwork.   Sitka spruce top with solid Indian rosewood back & sides. With hardcase &          etc) or just to play good music. Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Latin & Punk truckly-    gigs booked & recorded material out there, if interested hit us up for more
Over 300 new. $199 0437 929 089                    leather Maton strap. In excellent condition, one owner, would suit serious 0403 683 101                                                       info, no time wasters please. pinthatpuppy@
BOSS -500H VOLUME PEDAL Adjust pedal feel, expression pedal function,              or professional player $2000 0412 761 184                  DRUMMER AVAILABLE for covers work - pref. paid. Have experience in        0413 681 430
tuner output jack, brand new in box $130. Boss chromatic tuner TU-2 $120.          MESA BOOGIE DUAL RECTIFIER WITH CAB Mesa Boogie dual rectifier                     rock genres & country as well                            BASS PLAYER WANTED Rock covers band-private functions. Late 30’s/early
Boss CS-3,good condition $60. Danelectro Analog echo great analog sound            100-watt head & Mesa 4x12 rectifier cabinet. Great condition. Includes foot-       GOOD DRUMMER SEEKS ESTABLISHED BAND Type: originals or covers                      40’s with families. Looking to practice once/month & gig every 6-8 weeks.
$80 0448 943 527                                                                   switch, covers & manual. Sell for $3500. Offers considered jimmy454nsa@            Genre: rock/alt rock Inf: Sabbath, Floyd, QOTSA, RATM, RHCP, Radiohead.            Set list includes AC DC, CCR, Lenny Kravitz, Oasis, Neil Young, Hoodoo Gu-
BOSS LINE SELECTOR Boss Line Selector for sale. Good condition $50        0400 770 985                                                           I’m committed & solid & I don’t waste anybody’s time. I’m a talent in a city       rus, more. Contact Andrew. 04 3828 2682 0403 683 101                                               MESA BOOGIE, RECTO 212 CAB Great condition, 2 vintage 30 speakers,                 drowning in apathy                                        BASS PLAYER WANTED We are looking for a bass player who likes to play
BOSS PEDAL BOARD BCB-60 w/all leads & power supply, top condition $180.            comes w/custom padded full coverage case. $900 ono. All trades & offers            POP PUNK DRUMMER AVAILABLE Drummer looking for pop punk band.                      70s to 80s rock, rock n roll & rocking Chicago Blues - no permanent gigs
Ibanez Tube Screamer, TS-9 as new $180. Mr Cry Baby volume - wah pedal,            considered. Txt or email 0401 317 305                      Have gear & transport                               yet but they are on the way. We practise Tuesday evenings at Eagle Farm &
EW-95V, volume boost adjust, boost selection on/off $190 0448 943 527              MOSRITE BY EXCETRO/TEISCO Ventures model copy from 60s/70s (old),                  POST-HC/ROCK DRUMMER WANTS ESTABLISHED BAND Endorsed by                            some Saturday afternoons 0408 980 103
BOSS TU-2 CHROMATIC TUNER Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner for sale. Good                 made in Japan, black in color (body & neck), neck binding, german carve in         Billy Hyde Music, extensive experience w/recording & touring, reliable             BASSIST NEEDED Creative yet simple meat & potato drummer in early 30s
Condition. $50- 0403 683 101                               body, tremelo, 99 original & ‘naturally’ worn, the best copies made that haven’t   hardworking. Inf: Underoath, Poison The Well, Anberlin, Saosin, Paramore.          looking for bassist & guitarist to jam with an have some fun making original
CAPARISON HORUS, ELECTRIC GUITAR Caparison Horus with hard case                    got Mosrite on headstock $1999 wrecker70@hotmail.com0 0415 393 793                 Please contact for recorded works                           songs with the view to gig & record, must be keen & reliable w/gear & trans-
for only $2,000! A fantastic guitar with great specs 27 frets, Mahogany body,      MULTI FX PEDAL Zoom 707-II. 74 FX tuner sampler analog knobs drum                  PROGRESSIVE ROCK/EXPERIMENTAL DRUMMER All pro gear. Own trans                      port
specially designed neck position pickup, Schaller S-FRT II bridge, etc. Color:     machine smart card & more. Mint con Cost $395 Sell $170 michael.long8@             and 100 commited. Trained by drummers from Cog, Dlc, Tbe. Aged 27 and              BASSIST WANTED Drummer looking for committed, talented bassist to
Black Night. Bought as new in 2007. Excellent condition. tsutai@optusnet. 0404 063 534                                                          relaxed. Prefer to write drums not learn existing. Must have full line up and      form rock/electro band. Must be willing to experiment with trance, dance, 0432 347 000                                                                MUSICMAN STINGRAY BASS Musicman StingRay bass guitar. 4 string/                    gigs. No texts, no emails, just call. Cheers            dubstep, hip hop, ambient sounds, piano/strings. Call David davidsoole@
CME VX7 76 NOTE MIDI CONTROLLER Built in ASIO audiocard, stunning                  black. Active bass. Good condition. Selling due to no longer playing. RRP          0407 796 269                                                              0408 981 980
red, includes custom made roadcase $1100               $4000 Selling $2000 ono 0414 220 733                         VERSATILE DRUMMER Call me I’m looking for paid work & will play any-               BLUES BASS PLAYER WANTED for a recently formed band. We have just                                                               ORANGE ROCKERVERB 100 HEAD - NEW New in box, with all tags and                     thing you want me to - anytime, anyhow 0405              finished a 6 residency after only being together 2 weeks using stand in-
DIMARZIO PICKUPS (FAST TRACK 2 & SUPER DIST.) DiMarzio hum-                        protective wrap intact. Suit new buyer - grab a bargain. Apartment move            964 019                                                                            bassists. Want a permanent member before we move on. Email me for me
bucker in single coil format w/parallel blades. (1) Fast Track 2 Pickup Black      forces sale. $2000 firm. 0408 062 005                                                                                                               info 0434 620 119
DP182BK, (2) Super Distortion S Pickup Black DP218BK. $80 each tsutai@             ORGAN - YAMAHA YC45D Top of line of the YC series, portable, built-in              gUITarIST aVaILaBLe                                                                CHRISTIAN BASS PLAYER WANTED to join contemp Christian Worship 0432 347 000                                                       Japan 1970s, dual keyboard, lid, detachable chrome legs, built like a tank &       18YO GUITARIST sup foooes, ive been playing for a year and very keen               Band ie: Jesus Culture, Delirious, Chris Tomlin, Kim Walker. Playing weekly at
DRUMS - ELECTRIC DTXPRESS IV - Standard Drum Trigger Module. PER-                  quality, great condition $950 0415 393 793                   to get into a beginner band for fun. Preferably with people similar in age.        churches, confs & fests. Looking to do some recording and playing of origi-
FECT CONDITION. Only used for recording. Has heaps of fuctions and is a            PA COMPLETE PACKAGE Crown 1400w powered amp. Passive 9-channel            0432 513 064                                                  nals later this year. Mature or young players welcome to apply jelbers1@
great drum kit for all players. Perfect for live sound or recording. Comes         mixer. 2xYamaha C115V 500W FOH. 2xJBL 500W Foldbacks. 3x Sennheiser                A1 GUITARIST AVAILABLE Lead/rhythm guitarist available for paid gigs.     0419 148 719
with Pearl stool and pearl kick pedal. Sell $1250        microphones. Various Leads & Stands. Amp/EQ Hardcase. Roland 15 band               Most styles. Pro gear and transport. Call Pat.          JAZZ/FUSION DRUMMER SEEKS OTHERS My passion is for full on jazz/fu-
041 1497 125                                                                       Equaliser. Prof gear. Awesome sound, Worth $9000, sell $3750 chrisharat-  0400 633 136                                                sion. Im seeking confident players who are comfortable soloing in odd time.
ELECTRIC BASS 3 Dan Dean tab notation with record mint $5 improvma-       0411 497 125                                                       FUNKY PRO GUITARIST AVAILABLE Into soul, funk, roots, RnB, & elec-                 No jazz standards - just our own compositions with no vocals. myspace. 0424 812 460                                                      PA EQUALISER Roland 16-band equaliser. Great for live sound or when re-            tronic. ie: Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, Daft Punk, James Brown, The Meters,         com/scottdeanthedrummer 0414 355 091
ELLIS STOMP BOX Great for acoustic soloist. $100 miguelholland78@                  cording. Has many functions. Great condition. Worth new $600. Sell $300            Hendrix. Looking for something original & groovin! Email. Peace ableton_           MAIDEN BASSIST Bassist required for Iron Maiden Tribute show, whole 0402 220 377                                                    0411 497 125                                                                                            lotta fun, contact me if interested. 0449 083 590

28 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au /// GEARED MuSIcIAN'S GuIDE                                                                           FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                                                                           ISSuE 973
WON’T FIND ANYONE MORE DEDICATED Check out song - S.e.x. on the                   KEYS/SYNTH Key/synth player required for an alt metal/industrial style                                                                                             MUSIC BUSINESS Starting 2011 with a new beginning. Learn how to run a
Youtube channel above & LOVE SICK ELEKTRO BABY. Versatile vocalist from           project. Would like someone who is keen to contribute w/appropriate gear,                                                                                          music business or your own career at MSIT. Courses commence late Jan. If it
NZ flying over, drummer from Melbourne flying up this week. Guitarist             mid late twenties, is reliable and is keen to experiment. Inf: NIN, Tool, Under-                                                                                   is your New Years resolution to make something of your career enrol now &
based on sth Briz. Need a bassist. Hit me up if your keen      oarth, Parkway, Rammstein                                                                                                                         celebrate YOUR new beginning andrea.smith@
trix1 0427 018 547                                         KEYBOARDIST WANTED Drummer looking for committed, talented key-                                                                                           1300 657 613

                                                                                  boardist willing to experiment with trance, dance, dubstep, hip hop, am-                                                                                           PRO VOCAL LESSONS Develop the singing skill required at the PRO Vocal
drUMMer WaNTed

                                                                                                                                                                                 mo Pack
                                                                                  bient sounds, piano/strings & pop to form rock/electro band. Call David                                                                                            level. With over 15yrs of singing teaching experience, lessons with Daniel
CHRISTIAN BAND SEEKS DRUMMER Christian band seeking drummer!             0408 981 980                                                                                                                                Kay will have you singing stronger, longer and healthier. Call Daniel to book

Gigs lined up. Hard rock sound, currently three piece. Think a Breaking Ben-      KEYS PLAYER WANTED Brisbane band The Ginger Witches are seeking to                                                                                                 your vocal session NOW! 3398

jamin type sound with female vocalist/bassist. Generally practise Wednes-         add a keys god/goddess to the line up in 2011. Our music is a mixture of                                                                                           6758
day at Marooka                                                 chilled atmospheric psych, to 60s/70s pop rock n roll in the vain of Nuggets,                                                                                      STAND-UP COMEDY WORKSHOP 6-week course. Have fun - learn invalu-
CLASSIC ROCK COVERS BAND REQUIRES DRUMMER All the great songs                     Brian Jonestown etc. Please call if interested                                                                                         able comedy, presentation & life skills from ARIA-nominated instructor
from the last 40 years. Weekly practice with the aim to gig once or twice a       es 0400 221 232                                                                                                                              Robert Grayson. Starts 12 Feb. Intermediate course and private tuition also
month                                                            KEYBOARD PLAYER/COMPOSER to join established band, good original rep-                                                                                              available. 0401 834 361
DRUMMER FOR ORIGINAL METAL BAND Drummer wanted for originals
metal band. Inf: Metallica, Megadeth & Slayer. Must be able to double kick as
well as play tough metal beats. 20 songs to master for recording & gigging.
                                                                                  ertoire recorded & in production. Can contribute to that & next album. Electro
                                                                                  rock/pop/soulful sound, dynamic diva & emcee. Video shot & a track mixed US
                                                                                  due out soon plus gigs & management
                                                                                                                                                                       $200                                                                          VarIOUS SerVICeS
North side of Brisbane or Sunshine Coast 0412 354 439
DRUMMER NEEDED FOR METAL BAND We need a drummer now jadab- 0403 170 185
                                                                                  METALCORE KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED Keyboard player interested
                                                                                  in being in an original melodic metalcore/deathcore/post hardcore type
                                                                                  band. Influences include As I Lay Dying, The Faceless, The Amity Affliction,
DRUMMER WANTED Brisbane Band ‘Sista Loops & The Moh Scale’ looking
for funky fresh drummer who jams & picks up the flow to all our originals
we have & the ones we’ll form 2gether. Reggae/RnB/hip hop & much more.
Reliable, ready to gig! Call Loops loops@poetic.
                                                                                  Carnifex & The Ghost Inside. MUST BE ABLE TO DO HARMONIES WITH GUI-
                                                                                  TARS 0434 782 560
                                                                                  OTHer MUSICIaNS WaNTed
com 0428 579 140
DRUMMER WANTED Experienced professional w/backing vocal ability,
                                                                                  BASSIST AND LEAD GUITAR WANTED Metal band just starting up needs
                                                                                  a proficient bassist & a lead guitarist who can shred. Get the lineup asap            Call Today
transport, availability & demo. For established pop/punk/rock originals
band, we have gigs booked & recorded material out there, if interested hit
                                                                                  then make some noise on the scene. Check out the rough copies on the link
                                                                         0431 396 887
                                                                                                                                                                       0431 016 445 42 Neon Street, Sumner Park
us up for more info, no timewasters please               CANADA HO -THE GRASS IS GREENER EXP.DRUMMER looking for musi-                                      0413 681 430                                               cians to form band -country/blues to perform in Canada--there is work
DRUMMER WANTED for band with a post-hardcore, melodic feel think                  here but Australia has nothing -its worth a shot and I have contacts geoff-         ALCHEMIX RECORDING STUDIOS Established 1998, superb facilities,
vanna, alexisonfire, emarosa, atreyu, 36crazy fist. Must be able to prac twice 07 3315 6562/0416 479 980                                 best of digital and custom analogue gear, in house team who know the
a week 0401 357 093                                          CHRISTIAN TRUMPETER,TROMBONE, SAX MUS’OS 4 Christian Originals                      set up back to front, world-class album releases to cost effective live
DRUMMER WANTED FOR CORPORATE/CLUB ACT An established corpo-                       Band. Seek exp Brass’s. Dte M/F players. Our influe, Christafari, Traffic, B.S&T,   demos. Producers to suit all styles of music. 5mins from Brisbane CBD.
rate/club act is looking for a drummer, must have an ELECTRIC DRUMKIT             Santana, Eli, B.Preston, etc. Style eg, Hard/Rock, J&B fusion, Psychedelic.
like a Roland TD9, TD12 or TD20 & be able to play to backings. Constant           Gigs, Christian & Sec vens/fest. $ take as comes. Prefer 30. www.ozjam.             BLINK TWICE RECORDING Spending 2010 recording with bands &
work, great conditions & pay for the right applicant. Call or email Steven                  engineers over Brisbane I decided to start my own recording service. 0417 728 754                        0459942507 or 07 32932114                                                           Fully qualified Audio Engineer offers cheap rates - $200P/D(8HRS) or
DRUMMER WANTED for heavy/alt rock band. 18-30. Seeking someone                    INDIE OPEN MIC NIGHT. BANDS SOLO OR JUST JAM All you local cats &                   $35P/H(MIN2HRS) MON-FRI, Editing done on W/ENDS. STUDIO LOCAT-
w/talent & dedication who is able/willing to rehearse & gig regularly.            dogs that love to play music in front of a crowd, come down to the Manly            ED AT COOMERA. 0423 355 069
Check out some instrumental demos at termi-              Hotel any Wednesday night for a play. Bookings essential thefebs@hotmail.           INCREMENTAL RECORDS DIY attitude with a professional sound. Low                                                                com 0414 340 954                                                                    daily cost. The band is the boss. Recorded releases for DZ, Little Scout,
DRUMMER WANTED FOR METAL BAND Gold Coast metal band seeks a                       JAZZ/FUSION DRUMMER SEEKS OTHERS My passion is for full on jazz/fu-                 No Anchor, Lion Island, Velociraptor and more. www.incremental-
permanent/dedicated drummer. Planning to record EP soon. All members              sion. Im seeking confident players who are comfortable soloing in odd time. 0409 830 607
are influenced by a mix of metal genres. Email or call if interested myspace.     No jazz standards - just our own compositions with no vocals. myspace.              ONLINE MASTERING $99 PER SONG (PLUS GST) Everyone is talking
com/edgeofdamnation 0402 864 382                            com/scottdeanthedrummer 0414 355 091                       about Matthew Gray Mastering! Internationally recognized, Matthew
DRUMMER WANTED FOR NEW ORIGINALS BAND Looking for a drummer                       MUSICIANS WANTED Musicians wanted for country music band hankcor-                   Gray Mastering is your best choice for mastering right here in Bris-
with a professional attitude to complete trio line-up. No set genre just yet, 0423 534 250                                                         bane. Online rates or hourly rates available. www.matthewgraymaster-
but think bits of U2, Muse & Pink Floyd with some Biffy & a little bit of punk.   MUSICIANS WTD FOR GIRL BAND Out to endorse alternate lifestyles,           0412 741 677
Own equipment & transport preferable                   looking for bassist, keys, guitarist, drummer, backup singer/dancer. Over           SCREAM AHEAD STUDIOS 47 Bunya Street Eagle Farm. Release qual-
DRUMMER WANTED FOR ROCK BAND. Fat originals three piece. Looking                  18s only, based in Brisbane. Variety of influences from 60s-90s pop/rock. No        ity at a demo price. Full info at 3868 2633
for a good player that is easy to work with Jason.Perkins_enviro@yahoo.           princesses or timewasters please 0437 428 859               THE WHITE ROOM Mt. Nebo. 35 minutes from the city. The perfect
com 0410 251 381                                                                  NEW BOOKER LOOKING FOR COVER BANDS to place into venues around                      place to make the perfect record with excellence, atmosphere and
DRUMMER WANTED For young band (around 17 y.o) that wants to play                  QLD. Please email through your contact details, bio, photo, mp3s & songlist         great rates. Clients include The Go-Betweens, The Grates, The Stress
gigs. Some originals & covers. Inf: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Mudhoney, early                                                          Of Leisure, The Scare, The John Steel Singers and Yves Klein Blue. www.
Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam 0450 375 527                     RECORD YOUR BAND FOR FREE! JMC Audio students want to record               3289 8185
DRUMMER WANTED GOLD COAST Drummer wanted for Gold Coast origi-                    your band’s songs for free! Send links to your band’s material if interested.
nal rock ‘n’ roll project. Songs ready to go, gigs await. Influences: Motor-                                                          reHearSaL rOOMS
head, Rose Tattoo etc. good gear and transport, rehearsals in Varsity Lakes.      SKA PUNK COVER BAND Bass guitarist looking for drummer, guitarist,
Don’t be shy. 0414 720 916                                    keyboard & vocals interested in forming a ska punk cover band in the vain
DRUMMER WANTED Guitar bass lookin for a funky/rock drummer. Original              of Rancid, NoFx, Goldfinger & sublime. Initially for fun with prospect of gig-
songs. View to jam/write/gig record. Inf: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janes Ad-        ging. Ages 30 plus 0423 809 257
diction style. Gold Coast or Brissy OK Call Chris ASAP cjfletch66@hotmail.        WANTING TO START A NEW BAND I am looking for a bass guitarist, drum-
com 0426 285 875                                                                  mer, vocals & second guitarist to hopefully start a new band. looking at cov-
DRUMMER, RELIABLE, TALENTED 1st EP is currently getting mastered and              ers & maybe working on tribute acts if the mix is right Just moved to new
2nd is being written. Are you a reliable, talented drummer? If so & you’re        location 0411 489 564
interested in a music career, check out
& shoot us an email. We’re rehearsing for live shows NOW SarajevoRose-            PrOdUCTION PerSONNeL WaNTed                                                                   PAID PROGRAMMING WORK AVAILABLE Great Music requires top music
HARDCORE DRUMMER WANTED! Vox & guitarist seeking drummer, Gold                    programmer, Logic Pro preferred. Must be excellent keyboard player, great
Coast based heavy hardcore/deathcore orientated, (influences: Suicide Si-         knowledge of soft synths & making beats suitable for charting artist. 10-
lence, Misery Signals, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Giants Among Us). Keen         week contract may lead to more work. No timewasters please www.great-
to jam ASAP. 0402 727 297                            0438 800 464
music along the lines of Yo La Tengo, Pavement, The Flaming Lips etc. Male
                                                                                  SINger WaNTed
or Female 25 and under. Listen to my EP at website and contact me if inter-       90S-INFLUENCED FRONTMAN WANTED Originals band w/vintage sound
ested. MEow                          funk, grunge, experimental looking for UNIQUE energetic frontman w/lyr-
mer needed to complete Gold Coast metal line up. Can listen to demos at
                                                                                  ics, crooning, singing & rapping. 11 songs written. Very serious. Must have
                                                                                  PA/Gear. 18-27. Inf: FNM, Bungle, Rollins, RATM, Helmet, Primus, RHCP. jor-                                                                                         FASHION.MUSIC.PORTRAITS
MySpace 0424 712 797       0423 378 506
MUSICIANS WANTED FOR NEW HARDCORE BAND Currently an idea, in                      ACOUSTIC DUO/BAND I’m a soloist, looking for another guitarist/vocalist
need of musicians passionate about the music to turn the idea into real-          (male or female) to play acoustic songs Inf The Beautiful Girls, A & J Stone
ity. Simply put if you love hardcore music and want to come try create            etc. I’ve got 3yrs live experience, 7 years playing guitar. Peace mitchells_
something let me know all musicians needed besides vocalist hasseling-   0435 937 198                                                              BAND WANTS 90S-INFLUENCED FRONTMAN Originals band w/vintage
PASSIONATE DRUMMER WANTED. 30 30 - 40 somethings starting new                     sound funk, grunge, experimental looking for UNIQUE energetic frontman
blues & rock cover (& a few originals) line up with eventual goals to gig but     w/lyrics, crooning, singing & rapping. 11 songs written. Very serious. Must
when ready - no rush as it’s gotta be fun first. Feel free to call milesandmax@   have PA/Gear. 18-27. Inf: FNM, Bungle, Rollins, RATM, Helmet, Primus, RHCP 0402 834 471                                                 0423 378 506
PRO DRUMMER NEEDED ASAP We’re a gigging band looking for a drum-
mer. Must be a solid player, have pro gear & be commited to music. Lots of
                                                                                  COVERS BAND LEAD SINGER Experienced front person/lead singer male/
                                                                                  female for new Brisbane covers band. Join big sound 3-piece, experienced                                                                                                    Phone 0402 724 478
gigs planned for 2011. Prefer age 25-35. We have a good studio on hand            musos, good gear, rehearse Tues Gabba. Music ready just need singer to
                                                                                  complete line-up. Rob 0418 161 162
also theforeignnationals@gmail.
com 0410 070 064
                                                                                  EXPERIENCED FEMALE VOCALIST REQUIRED I am looking for a female
                                                                                  vocalist for duo/trio with existing quality work. Vocalist must be very ex-                                                                                         WWW.JAMPHOTOGRAPHICS.COM.Au
form ULTIMATE party band-musical & visual-to play cafes, pubs/clubs,              perienced with great versatility/stage presence
corp events & weddings. L.Gaga, Presets, B.E.Peas, K.Perry, K.Minogue,  
M.Jackson, Cranberries, RHCP, P.Jam, S.Crow, A.Morrisette, B.Jovi, U2, Pink,      FEMALE VOCALIST REQUIRED Looking for duo & trio covers work partner.
NoDoubt etc! david_musgrave18@                  Just need a mic, ability to work live & time to rehearse. Performance will 0422 169 387                                                          include backings & acoustic material. Excellent work waiting www.jasonk-
SICKO DRUMMER WANTED Metal band Scarekrow seeking inventive              5596 4838
drummer who can blast as well as maintain a beat. Inf: Chimaira, Slipknot,        FEMALE VOCALIST WANTED! Our Symphonic/Melodic Metal band is look-
Hatebreed 0419 821 863                                 ing for a clean singing female vocalist. Have built a fanbase and are looking
SKILLED DRUMMER ALT/METAL Guitarist & bassist in need of a hard-hit-              to record an album soon and then do plenty of gigs. We are after someone
ting drummer that can lock in & play solidly. Would like someone that’s not       who is very committed, motivated and reliable.
afraid to contribute and is reliable with a good attitude, mid/late 20s. Inf:     FEMALE VOX NEEDED FOR ULTIMATE PARTY BAND BASSIST to form UL-
NIN, Parkway, Tool, Underoath                                    TIMATE party band-musical & visual-to play cafes, pubs/clubs, corp events
                                                                                  & weddings. L.Gaga, Presets, B.E.Peas, K.Perry, K.Minogue, M.Jackson, Cran-
gUITarIST WaNTed                                                                  berries, RHCP, P.Jam, S.Crow, A.Morrisette, B.Jovi, U2, Pink, NoDoubt etc!
FEMALE RHYTHM GUITARIST WANTED For all female AC/DCc concept            
band. Medium to advanced playing ability required thechicks@chickflick.           0422 169 387 0417 631 807                                                               IT COULD BE YOU! Original hard rock band based in Brisbane needing                  LUNA AUDIO REHEARSALS High-quality rehearsals in Varsity Lakes.
GUITARIST NEEDED A creative yet simple meat & potato drummer looking              vocalist desperately to complete lineup and get gigging. Influences are             Acoustically designed, air-conditioned rooms with powerful, high
for creative guitarist & bassist to jam with & have some fun making original      Brandnew, Thrice, Emarosa and As cities burns. Demos recorded. Please               quality PAs. Up to 70dB of isolation between rooms, means you are
songs with the view to gig & record. Must be keen & reliable with gear &          call! 0417 720 228                                         able to focus on enhancing the art of YOUR craft and not the band next
transport                                                  LOOKING FOR A SINGER! Professional guitarist looking for a singer to form           door. 0430 294 878                           wedding • portrait • photobooth • rockstar
GUITARIST WANTED Drummer looking for committed, talented guitar-                  duo, rock, pop, covers and originals. Just let me know, which kind of music         REHEARSAL ROOMS AVAILABLE Four great REHEARSAL ROOMS avail-
ist to form rock/electro band. Must be willing to experiment with trance,         would you like to play.                                    able. Flat load in, free parking, air conditioning, drinks & munchies,                                   PHOTO GRAPHY
dance, dubstep, hip hop, ambient sounds, piano/strings. Call David david-         MAIDEN SINGER Singer required for Iron Maiden Tribute show, whole lotta             Strings & picks. Open daily. Ring to Book. Groove Battalion Studios 0408 981 980
GUITARIST/VOCALIST wanted to join sax player/bassist & drummer for
                                                                                  fun, contact me if interested. 0449 083 590
                                                                                  METAL SINGER WANTED Piecing together young band metal band want
                                                                                                                                                             5532 8266                                     
                                                                                                                                                                      SCREAM AHEAD STUDIOS Acoustically designed, air con, fully
jump blues band w/paying gigs would prefer late 40s 50s age group might-          vocalist interested in creating a young band. Inf: lamb of god as i lay dying       equipped, cheap rates. Brisbane’s best rooms. 47 Bunya Street Eagle                                                                PANTERA. Members 2 guitar age 15 & 14 drummer age 16 adamwormald@                   Farm. 3868 2633
LEAD GUITARIST WANTED For alternative/industrial metal band. I (the                                                                              URBAN HUMM STUDIO, WEST END. Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Stu-
singer/rhythm guitarist) have some songs written but lyric & music writ-          NEW HARD ROCK/METAL BAND NEEDS A male lead singer who’s keen                        dio & P.A. Hire. Off street undercover parking, flat loading, aircond., P.A.
ing contributions are appreciated. Available whenever really. Aged 14-            to get out there. Aged 23 to 35 please with good attitude (No egos) solid           provided. Open 6.00pm to 11.00pm. Weekend and day slots available.
17 preferably. Inf: Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails Mechanicaldoom@               voice & writing (some screaming) & willing to do covers for cash izek01@            Phone Andy. Permanent monthly room hire available. Special week-                                                                                                                                      end rates. 0411 632 023
LEAD/RHYTHM GUITARIST WANTED Looking for a lead/rhythm guitarist                  ROCK SINGER NEEDED FOR ESTABLISHED BAND ASAP Singer to join                         WORX STUDIOS Best rehearsal rates in Bris, from $40/session. Session
to jam on weekends. Nothing too serious just someone who loves all forms          our band, our sound & influences range from Audioslave to Tool. we have             times 10am/4pm, 4pm/10pm, flat loadin, air con, good PA’s, $33/hr multi
of music except heavy metal & rap. Must have own gear & transport. Free           shows booked from the 28th of Jan through till June & an east coast tour            track demo recording (established customers only) PA/lighting Drive-
rehearsal area available. Email Brad                           with a signed band. Auditions are on this Sunday the 9th in Marooka please          way hire, prefer bookings by text please, contact FOG. 0412 700 889
LOOKING TO START INDIE BAND! I’m a 19-year-old guitarist/singer/song-             call Dan 0468 679 394
writer. Have loads of originals written & looking to start a band or join one
that needs new direction/songs. Inf: arctic monkeys, kasabian, oasis, liber-
                                                                                  SINGER GUITARIST doing 60’s to 2000’s pop rock with midi backing look-
                                                                                  ing for a singer musician to form duo or band. 0403 522
tines, tame impala 0431 099 942                           772
METALCORE GUITARIST WANTED Guitarist interested in being part of an               SINGER WANTED Drummer looking for committed, talented singer to
original melodic metalcore/deathcore/post hardcore type band. Inf: As I           form rock/electro band. Must be willing to experiment with trance, dance,
Lay Dying, The Faceless, The Amity Affliction, Carnifex & The Ghost Inside.       dubstep, hip hop, ambient sounds, piano/strings. Call David davidsoole@
Needs to have advanced guitaring skills 0434   0408 981 980
782 560                                                                           SINGER WANTED Guitar bass lookin for singer ASAP. Original songs. View
MUSICIANS WANTED FOR NEW HARDCORE BAND Currently an idea, in                      to write/jam/gig record now. Inf: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janes Addiction
need of musicians passionate about the music to turn the idea into real-          style. High energy frontman prefered. Gold Coast or Brissy OK Call Chris                        Unique,�self�paced�courses.
ity. Simply put if you love hardcore music and want to come try create   0426 285 875
something let me know all musicians needed besides vocalist hasseling-                                                                                                          Flexible�payment,�flexible�hours.
                                                                                  VOCALIST WANTED Experienced male vocalist wanted. Check out                                                              the MySpace. Inf: tool, karnivool, faith no more etc. Please don’t an-                         We�are�the�only�course�to�offer�you:
PRO GUITARIST NEEDED FOR ULTIMATE PARTY BAND BASSIST to form                      swer if you don’t have demos or recent recordings. No timewasters
ULTIMATE party band-musical & visual-to play cafes, pubs/clubs, corp                                            One-on-one�teaching,�hands-on�experience
events & weddings. L.Gaga, Presets, B.E.Peas, K.Perry, K.Minogue, M.Jackson,
Cranberries, RHCP, P.Jam, S.Crow, A.Morrisette, B.Jovi, U2, Pink, NoDoubt
etc! david_musgrave18@hotmail.
                                                                                  reCOrdINg STUdIOS                                                                           “I�learned�more�in�three�hours�than�I�did
com 0422 169 387                                                                                                                                                             in�three�months�at�Uni.”:�M�R�Gold�Coast
PROFESSIONAL GUITARIST REQUIRED Seeking an exceptional,young,hip
guitarist to join established Top 40 Cover band. This is a permanent posi-
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VERSATILE GUITARIST WANTED We are looking for a versatile guitarist                BRISBANE’S FAVOURITE REHEARSAL ROOMS                                               years national & international performance, recording & teaching ex-
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& recording originals. Must know your instrument very well. Must be pre-                               07-3846 0111 / 0414-369 286                                    GET SERIOUS Get Lessons. Get Good. Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Gui-
pared to put in rehearsal time                                                            (all messages replied to promptly)                       tar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Strings and Wind. www.independentmusic.
KeYBOard PLaYer WaNTed                                                                                                        3852 1116
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SYNTH NEEDED FOR ULTIMATE PARTY BAND BASSIST to form ULTI-                                           Hire equipment available (guitars, amps, drums)                  HOW TO SING METAL IN 4 EASY SESSIONS Sing metal without dam-                   CD MANUFACTURING Acme Music Australia’s best CD manufacturing pric-
MATE party band-musical & visual-to play cafes, pubs/clubs, corp events                              Off-street parking (with undercover, flat load-in)
                                                                                                                                                                      aging your vocal cords. Chrisse Feros (Assoc.The Grammy’s) the only            es. CD package including, CD full colour, Booklets, Reay inlays, cases, proofs
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                    LIFESTYLE + CULTURE GUIDE JANUARY 11 2011

                                                                                            INFORMER CINEMA :: THE DILEMMA

                                                                                            Ron Howard’s first feature directorial effort since his adaptation of Dan Brown’s Angels &
                                                                                            Demons, THE DILEMMA positions VINCE VAUGHN as a man compelled to reluctantly investigate
                                                                                            the apparent infidelity of his best friend and business partner’s wife. Starring alongside Kevin
                                                                                            James, Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly, it’s an all-star comedy drama that puts Vaughn, who
                                                                                            also co-produced the film, right in the centre of the action. GENEVIEVE PARLEY finds out more…

                                                                                            G    ENEVIEVE PARLEY: So I’ve read Jennifer Connelly,
                                                                                                 Winona Ryder and Kevin James all saying that
                                                                                            they agreed on doing The Dilemma to work with you.
                                                                                                                                                           together and our business has a chance of going well
                                                                                                                                                           but we haven’t been doing well. It’s kind of a thriller in
                                                                                                                                                           the movie. You keep learning things aren’t what you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         he’s really being himself’. But people are yelling, “cut”,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “action”. There’s written lines and you are doing it at 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         in the morning…
                                                                                            VINCE VAUGHN: Oh that’s flattering. I did it for them as       think. It keeps changing. So if that’s the minefield, how     In life I always try to recognize stuff that people do and
                                                                                            well. Kevin, I’ve always been a fan of and he’s so genu-       do you navigate that in a way that you don’t destroy          go okay, I understand. They handle it that way or this
                                                                                            ine and likeable. In real life he really is very funny. He’s   your friend or have them kill the messenger? So to me,        way and you draw on those things when you give a
                                                                                            kind. He takes his time to be considerate to people.           I said, this guy is a gambler. He’s quit gambling. He’s a     performance. I’ve been an actor so I haven’t had a lot of
                                                                                            Connelly is just a tremendous actress. She’s beautiful.        salesperson. So I tried to bring that sort of manic-ness      the life experiences that this gentleman has had in The
         QUICK NEWS                                                                         There is a real dignity and elegance to her. To me, Wino-      to the character. You draw on different aspects and I         Dilemma, but I try to bring an honest point of view to
                                                                PHOTO CrediT: KYLie KeeNe

        Greasing                                                                            na has been one of the best actors of our time. She’s
                                                                                            done so many great things. What a great point of view
                                                                                                                                                           thought the fun thing was to see someone go through
                                                                                                                                                           this that’s got kind of an Achilles heel.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         what that would be like and create a reality that you can
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         believe … It’s really about preparation and imagination.
        The Wheels                                                                          she brought to this character.
                                                                                            GP: What was the key for you to say yes to this mov-
                                                                                                                                                           GP: Do you feel any similarities with Ronny?
                                                                                                                                                           VV: No. I mean, I never was an addict to the point
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         GP: What do you think will be most appealing to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         people about this film?
         Sunstate Roller Girls are set
         to have a fundraiser for their                                                     ie as an actor, but also a producer?                           where I couldn’t quit something … Some people can             VV: Well, I think there’s a lot of funny in the movie, but I
         2011 season. To be held at The                                                     VV: Brian Grazer came to me with the idea. He is Ron           get obsessive with things and they can’t stop whatever        think that there’s also some real dramatic stuff in there
         Zoo on Saturday Jan 29, this                                                       Howard’s partner. I didn’t want to miss a chance to col-       it is – in this case it’s gambling. I’ve gambled, but I was   … There’s a fun aspect of being surprised that things
         year will see three new teams                                                      laborate with those guys. That’s what was most exciting        never someone to bet the rent money or have it domi-          aren’t what they may seem … It’s a bit unique. It’s ul-
         in the comp, with Defiants,                                                        to me.                                                         nate my life and start rejecting relationships or things      timately a fun look at something that people can go,
         Furies and Vandals all joining                                                     GP: So what did you bring to the character of Ronny            because of it.                                                ‘how would I do this’?
         the league. Check out www.                                                         Valentine?                                                     The thing with acting is that the best thing we have is       GP: So what’s next for you? and                                                        VV: We kind of talked about it and I thought that if the       our imagination. I was never a salesman or anything           VV: Next for me will be being a dad. I have a kid com- for more                                                         character was someone who was an addict, in this case          like that. You draw on things of yourself but you gear it     ing. I’m going to spend some time with my wife for the
         details as they come to hand.                                                      gambling, he’ll bring that kind of manic energy to a           towards the character in a way that you think is going        first few months for sure and just be at home. I think
                                                                                            situation. So my thought process was to say, is telling        to be the most exciting or truthful. My attitude to act-      that’s where I belong.
                                                                                            my friend that his wife is cheating on him for me to say       ing, starting from Swingers, has always been don’t look
               Contact The Informer on (07) 3397 2760 or
                                                                                            or not? It’s because of the specific minefield we’ve set       like you’re acting. Try and do it like a documentary …        THE DILEMMA opens in cinemas on Thursday
                                                                                            up. The minefield is: we’re best friends but we work           The best compliment I think you can get, is ‘it looks like    Jan 13, rated [M].
ttasf 0007/r

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                                                                                                    THE NEW MUPPETS REALLY
                                                                                                    ARE WEIRD-LOOKING

    The finalists for the IGF
(Independent Games Festival)
awards have been announced.
The Seumas McNally Grand Prize
will go to Amnesia: The Dark
Descent, Desktop Dungeons,
Minecraft (which is still only in
beta!), Nidhogg or SpyParty.
You can see the full list for all
categories at

                                                                                                AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT

ASSASSIN’S FREED                                                see otherwise. Next is a Zelda-esque action game from
    Ubisoft have started removing the infamous copy             the same developer as Recettear, called Chantelise.
protection they added to some of last year’s games, which
made it impossible to play without a continuous Internet        THAT’S A LOT OF PENNIES
connection – in fact, kicking you out of the game imme-            Penny Arcade’s gamer-funded charity, Child’s Play,
diately if you weren’t online. The latest patches for Assas-    which raises money to buy toys and games for children’s
sin’s Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction remove the          hospitals, has put together $US2,294,317.53 over the
online authentication during play, although you still need      Christmas season. You can still donate to Mater Chil-
to be on the Internet when you first boot them up. Ubisoft      dren’s Hospital via Paypal at
have said they won’t be using it in future games.
                                                                NERDY LOVES HIS BOOKY BOOK
100,000 ITEMS SHOPS SOLD                                            A Bioshock novel, called Bioshock: Rapture, will
   Carpe Fulgur translate independently made Japa-              be released in March. It’s been written by splatterpunk
nese games into English, and last year they had a hit           and sci-fi author John Shirley, who wrote Dracula In
with their first title, the PC game Recettear: An Item          Love, City Come A-Walkin’ and the screenplay for The
Shop’s Tale. They sold 100,000 copies of the game of            Crow. He’s got game credentials as well, having novel-
high finance and dungeon crawling, which will enable            ised the Doom movie. He’s also active on the Bioshock
them to continue bringing us quirky games we’d never            wiki, which is heartening.
                                                                                                              SONIC COLOURS


                                                                                                             FIRST ONE TO THE
                                                                                                             SHOPS WINS


  SONIC COLOURS [G]                                                              RAVING RABBIDS: TRAVEL IN
  Developer: Sega                                                                TIME [G]
  Platform: Wii                                                                  Developer: ubisoft
  Sonic and fails                                                                Platform: Wii
       While Sonic 4 recreates two-dimen-                                        Back to the torture
  sional Sonic for nostalgia’s sake, Sonic                                            The Raving Rabbids were originally
  Colours tries to balance side-scrolling                                        villains in the Rayman games, dumb
  platform-jumping with 3D-racing of                                             rabbity-things with bulging eyes who
  a more modern variety. It doesn’t do                                           communicate by going, “Blaaah!” That
  either very well, however. The camera                                          may not sound like much, but it gave
  swings from close behind as you zoom                                           them twice as much personality as Ray-
  along to distantly beside as you negoti-                                       man himself, who has all the appeal of
  ate precision jumps, awkwardly separating the two             Poochie from The Simpsons. The Rabbids’ own games
  parts. In the 3D sections you steer uncomfortably –           have kept them as villains and typically let you torment
  sometimes sluggishly leaning around corners, other            them through minigames. Highlights include the game
  times ‘changing lanes’ with a single tap that sends           that gave you a blindfolded Rabbid who responded to
  you zig-zagging so hyper-responsively across the              ringing bells, which you used to lead it through a mine-
  path you’ll wonder why you can’t do this the rest of          field of bear traps and cacti, scoring points for each trap
  the time. The 2D sections are viewed from a distance,         you successfully set off rather than avoided, and the one
  sometimes pulling back even further as you do the             that gave you a firehose full of carrot juice you could use
  classic Sonic loop-the-loop, meaning that your little         to waterboard Rabbids as they stalked towards you
  blue blur easily becomes lost in the barrage of col-          zombie-style. Basically, they were cartoon torture simu-
  ours that make up each level.                                 lators and they were incredibly fun.
       As well as being garishly colourful because it’s a            While there’s a superficial change in this latest
  Sonic game, the colours are part of a power-up gim-           minigame collection, giving the Rabbids a time ma-
  mick borrowed from Vectorman. Sonic’s rescuing                chine and setting each level in a different time period
  multi-coloured aliens trapped in Dr Eggman’s theme            connected by a museum hub, the real difference is
  park and each colour gives him a different ability, such      Rayman’s absence. Now, rather than tormenting the
  as drilling into the ground or floating upwards. They’re      idiotic Rabbids, you are one. Immediately it loses part
  initiated by waggle, the only time motion controls are        of its appeal, because competing against Rabbids in
  used in the game. Even the targeting is automatic,            races and whatnot is inherently less fun than break-
  which is bound to kill you a couple of times when             ing the Geneva Convention all over them. The flying
  Sonic shoots towards the wrong enemy or trampoline,           games, which have you tilting your arms as if they’re
  or is done in by the auto-targeting’s frustrating delay.      wings, succeed in making you look like an idiot and
  You’ll die from some of the cheap pitfalls and the un-        are enjoyable enough on that level when played with
  der-powered double jump as well, not to mention the           friends, and the shooting games – especially one that
  times when it mistakes your attempt at a double jump          traps you in a Roman arena, with waves of gladiator
  for a homing attack and shoot you off in                                       Rabbids marching in – are as good as
  the wrong direction.                                                           ever. The other games are quite shal-
       While sprinting through neon vomit                                        low though, and the races that have
  at high speed is fun, dying and repeating                                      you co-operating with another Rabbid
  sections make it obvious how little control                                    connected by toilet paper attached to
  you have. There are significant chunks of                                      your feet are exercises in frustration.
  the racing where your input simply isn’t                                       A rhythm game that lets you sing
  required. Appropriately for a game set in                                      famous tunes entirely in “Blah-blah-
  an amusement park, Sonic Colours feels                                         blah-blah-BLAH” is funnier than it has
  like a rollercoaster ride. You’re just sup-                                    any right to be, but you’re better off
  posed to sit there and watch while your                                        sticking to Rayman: Raving Rabbids to
  senses are overloaded.                                                         get your fix of animated viciousness.
       H                 JODY MACGREGOR                                               HH              JODY MACGREGOR

jANuARY 11 2011                                                       TIRED OF MISSING AN ISSuE? SIGN uP FOR THE Free DigitaL eDitioN BY SENDING A BLANK EMAIL TO SuBScRIBE@RAVEMAGAZINE.cOM.Au   INFORMER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE /// WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au 31
  cinema                                                                                                                                                                                                  win stuff               GIVEAWAYS


                                                   TANLGED                                                       MORNING GLORY                                                         UNSTOPPABLE

TANGLED                                                             Tangled – particularly the stunning computer-generated           track, though, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Morning           THE GREEN HORNET TICKETS
In cinemas now [PG]                                                 vistas – is so far removed from the mass-produced vibe           Glory; a few days later, I still don’t. It hits all the beats that       The Green Hornet is the new superhero movie
Directors: nathan Greno, Byron Howard                               of much Hollywood animation that the return of 2D isn’t          a movie like this should hit – McAdams, a down-on-her-               directed by the hyper-imaginative Michel Gondry
Runtime: 100mins.                                                   necessarily Disney’s salvation. However, despite its suc-        luck journalism graduate, lands a dream job producing                of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind fame. It
    It’s ironic yet somehow appropriate that Disney has             cess, Tangled is reportedly the last Disney princess film for    a morning TV show in New York, where she butts heads                 stars Seth Rogen (who also co-wrote it) as a mil-
returned to fairy tale princesses to reinvent its approach          the foreseeable future, with Lasseter and co. pushing for        with a sleazy station manager (Jeff Goldblum) and a pair             lionaire playboy who turns crimefighter with the
to animation. After years of being dominated by Pixar to            greater diversity. Whether songs will stick around is un-        of feuding co-hosts (Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford), and            help of martial artist Kato (Jay Chou). We’ve got 20
the point where it gave up on traditional animation for             known, but they are hardly the key to Tangled’s success.         finds the time to pursue a handsome, aloof love interest             double passes to a screening of Green Hornet in 3D
most of this decade, the studio has drawn a line in the             Greno and Howard stay true to the spirit and conviction          (Patrick Wilson) as she tries to turn the low-rated show’s           at the Myer Centre at 6.30pm on Monday Jan 17 to
sand. Their latest effort proves that they can still produce        of the classic Disney fairy tale but reshape it for contem-      fortunes around. The cast are all pretty superb – McAdams            give away. The film opens in cinemas Jan 20.
an absorbing and visually dazzling film that’s contempo-            porary sensibilities. If this level of innovation and craft is   has the kind of screwball comic timing that makes her
rary but not reliant on pop cultural winks at the audience.         the shape of Disney’s animated future, then we have a lot        ideal for this kind of thing, and a little bit of Goldblum al-       THE DILEMMA TICKETS
    Tangled alters and expands the Rapunzel story. Ab-              to look forward to.                                              ways goes a long way – but there is something genuinely                   Vince Vaughan faces The Dilemma: does he tell
ducted as a baby by the aged Mother Gothel (Donna                        HHHH                                         JACK REED      off-balance at the movie’s moral centre.                             his best friend (Kevin James) that his wife (Winona Ry-
Murphy) for the healing properties of her hair, Rapunzel                                                                                  Even by Hollywood standards, Morning Glory’s gen-               der) is having an affair with another man (Channing
(Mandy Moore) is raised alone in a tower, shut away from            MORNING GLORY                                                    der politics are a little backward. Harrison Ford’s charac-          Tatum)? Remember the guy code, Vince. Misters before
the outside world. At 18, she reluctantly pursues her free-         In cinemas now [M]                                               ter, a gruff old newsman, treats McAdams’ and Keaton’s               sisters. The Dilemma is a new comedy directed by Ron
dom with the unlikely help of dashing but cocky thief               Director: Roger Michell                                          characters like absolute shit throughout; rather than dole           Howard, director of Frost/Nixon and Apollo 13. We’ve
Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), and their interaction trans-            Runtime: 107mins                                                 out any kind of comeuppance for him, though, the film                got five double in-season passes to the movie to give
forms them into more sophisticated characters than we                   From the moment I heard about Morning Glory, I               simply has the two women shrug his terrible behaviour                away. The Dilemma opens in cinemas Jan 13.
might have expected.                                                was positively salivating with anticipation. What can I          off and learn to adapt. The men in the movie don’t pun-
    Although the narrative is fairly conventional, Tan-             say? I’m a sucker for shitty Hollywood Bildungsromans            ish McAdams’ character for putting her work first, they              THE IT CROWD DVDS
gled modernises the classic Disney movie in beautifully             where smart, sassy girls put on their Business Execu-            punish her for prioritising it in the first place. When Wil-             The fourth season of British com-
judged fashion rather than lazily tossing out a self-parody,        tive Barbie outfits and take on the big city, learning a         son’s character takes her ringing phone and puts it in the           edy series The IT Crowd is out on DVD.
thanks to its dry wit and two equally resourceful and intel-        few valuable lessons about life and love along the way.          fridge, we’re meant to be charmed, but it’s a dick move,             The adventures of Moss, Roy and Jen,
ligent lead characters. Directors Nathan Greno and Byron            The week The Devil Wears Prada came out on DVD, I                one of many that go un-remarked on. If you can put all               Reynholm Industries’ IT department,
Howard take their story seriously, earning our investment           watched it close to 150 times, subsisting on a diet of           this aside, Morning Glory is a well-structured and enjoy-            continue as this season they face
and building to a climax that’s genuinely moving. Moore             melted Häagen-Dazs and hissing in a threatening man-             able enough comedy, but it leaves a lingering taste about            exercise classes, Dungeons & Dragons,
and Levi excel as both romantic leads and droll comedi-             ner at all who came between me and the television.               on par with that of Häagen-Dazs left out of the freezer a            Jen becoming a pimp and Roy not
ans, and the physical comedy and subtle acting within the           Morning Glory looked like a decent enough Devil Wears            little too long.                                                     becoming a window cleaner. We’ve got
animation is so deft and elegant that it rivals Pixar. Plus,        Prada clone, replacing that movie’s high-end fashion                  HHH        	                           ALASDAIR DUNCAN          five copies of the DVD to give away.
there are several songs to satisfy Disney musical fans, but         magazine with a morning TV show, and Anne Hathaway
not enough to irritate those who change the channel dur-            with Rachel McAdams, who gets a lifetime pass for her            UNSTOPPABLE                                                          LAIDBACK LUKE TICKETS
ing Glee.                                                           work in Mean Girls, but doesn’t really need it because           Screening now [M]                                                        Dutch DJ and producer (and former graffiti artist)
    While Pixar founder and now Disney animation boss               she’s likeable and super engaging as is.                         Director: Tony Scott                                                 Laidback Luke has worked with everyone from David
John Lasseter’s campaign for more hand-drawn anima-                     As the end credits rolled and an upbeat, friendship and      Runtime: 98mins.                                                     Guetta to Axwell. He’s remixed musicians including
tion will hopefully bear fruit, the artistry on display on          empowerment-themed pop song played on the sound-                      Considering the less-than-stellar work Tony Scott               Daft Punk, Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris and he’ll
                                                                                                                                     and Denzel Washington have done together in the past,                be performing at The Met on Friday Jan 28. We’ve got
                                                                                                                                     I walked into Unstoppable worried I was about to see Un-             two double passes to the night to give away.
                                                                                                                                     watchable. I mean, these guys teamed up for the execra-
                                                                                                                                     ble torture-porn wannabe, Man On Fire and the just plain             THE ROOM TICKETS
                                                                                                                                     silly remake of The Taking Of Pelham 123 – an interesting                There’s so-bad-it’s-good cinema and then
                                                                                                                                     pedigree, given Washington can make good films like                  there’s Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, “the Citizen
                                                                                                                                     Malcolm X and The Hurricane. But Scott has a background              Kane of bad movies” according to Entertainment
                                                                                                                                     in music videos, and it often rears an ugly head in dreck            Weekly. This is the movie The Guardian called a
                                                                                                                                     like Domino and Top Gun. There’s not much music in Un-               mix of “Tennessee Williams, Ed Wood and R. Kelly’s
                                                                                                                                     stoppable, however, as the story in this film is one long            Trapped In The Closet.” Tribal Theatre will be host-
                                                                                                                                     action ride. That’s not to say that sound doesn’t play a big         ing 10pm screenings of The Room every Friday
                                                                                                                                     part in this film, though, but more of that later.                   from Jan 14 to Feb 4. We’ve got five double passes
                                                                                                                                          Washington plays veteran train engineer, Frank Barnes           to the Friday Jan 21 screening to give away.
                                                                                                                                     alongside his new conductor, trainee Will Colson (played
                                                                                                                                     by Chris Pine, who is probably most recognisable for his             To enter any of our competitions, head
                                                                                                                                     recent role as James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek reboot).          to the WIN STUFF section of WWW.
                                                                                                                                     The pair has a routine assignment to tow a dozen or so               RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU and sign up to
                                                                                                                                     freight cars across Pennsylvania, and set off engaged in             have the magazine’s digital edition emailed to
                                                                                                                                     guarded, but good-natured banter. Several towns across               you every week.
                                                                                                                                     the state, engineer Dewey (the excellent character ac-
                                                                                                                                     tor, Ethan Suplee, who played Randy in My Name is Earl)
           12       We         Dinner for Schmucks* M                                                                                completely botches a routine shunting job and sends an
                                                                                                                                     unmanned freight car lumbering off on the same line as
                                                                                                                                                                                                          SCREEN GRABS :: CINEMA NEWS

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rosalie’s Blue Room Cinebar has a couple of spe-
           13       Th         Top Gun* PG                                                                                           Frank and Will. And so the stage is set – now it’s time to in-
                                                                                                                                     troduce a few tension-building elements like a passenger
                                                                                                                                                                                                          cial preview screenings coming up. On Wednesday Jan
                                                                                                                                                                                                          12 you can catch Burlesque for $20, which includes

           14       Fr         Diary of a Wimpy Kid PG
                                                                                                                                     train full of screaming school kids, several freight cars full       a glass of bubbles and the chance to win a movie
                                                                                                                                     of highly toxic and explosive material, a failing marriage           double-pass, a bottle of Dita Von Teese Cointreau and
                                                                                                                                     for Will, the odd spot of corporate greed, and a control
           15       Sa
                                                                                                                                                                                                          a Burlesque Soundtrack. Then on Saturday Jan 15 and
                               The Town MA15+                                                                                        room full of desperate staff including dispatcher, Connie
                                                                                                                                     (Rosario Dawson).
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday Jan 16 the Blue Room screens the Natalie Port-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          man-starring ballet psychosis flick Black Swan.
           16       Su         Despicable Me* PG                                                                                          Unstoppable is actually quite watchable, in a cheesy,
                                                                                                                                     ‘70s, disaster movie kind of way. Scott ratchets up the ten-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Doggie Night returns to Moonlight Cinema in
                                                                                                                                                                                                          New Farm Park on Sunday Jan 16, with dog-owners
                                                                                                                                     sion in the audience, pitting the salt of the earth railway          invited to bring their movie-loving mutts to a screen-
                                                                                                                                     staff against their unscrupulous senior management, and              ing of Despicable Me. You can book tickets online at
                                                                                                                                     building a believable relationship between Frank and Will.  The movie starts at 7pm.
           *   No free list                                                                                                          If I have any misgivings about the film, they involve the             RIP craggy British character actor Pete Postleth-
               Doggie Night                                                                                                          occasional scripting silliness, the train obviously not go-          waite, who passed away on Jan 2 from cancer at the
                                                                                                                                     ing as fast or slow as it’s supposed to be going, and sound          age of 64. Most recently appearing in Ben Affleck’s
                                                                                                                                     effects that are painfully loud and strangely animalistic            The Town, he received an Oscar nomination for his
                                                                                                                                     – kudos to the sound designers for taking the audience               role in 1993’s In The Name Of The Father and ap-
                                                                                                                                     right into the locomotive!                                           peared as the enigmatic lawyer Mr. Kobayashi in
                                                                                                                                          HHH        	                              TIM MILFULL           The Usual Suspects.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rumour has it that director Gareth Edwards,
                                                                                                                                       INFORMER QUICK NEWS                                                who recently impressed audiences with his low-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          budget romance/creature feature Monsters, will
                                                                                                                                        Comedian Heath Franklin is returning his most
                                                                                                                                                                                                          be helming an even bigger giant monstrosity flick
                                                                                                                                       popular character to the Powerhouse as part of
                                                                                                                                       the Brisbane Comedy Festival for one show on                       – a new American remake of Godzilla.
                                                                                                                                       Wednesday Mar 23. Yes, Chopper’s F**kin Bingo                       North America’s Broadcast Film Critics Associa-
                                                                                                                                       sees Franklin joined by Sammy J and Felicity Ward                  tion (BFCA) will be hosting the 16th Annual Critics’
                                                                                                                                       as the one-eared former standover man enters the                   Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood on Saturday
           New Farm Park at                                                                                                            cutthroat world of Housie. Tickets are on sale now
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jan 15, and Australians have quite a large presence
                                                                                                                                                                                                          in the nominations this year. Nicole Kidman is up
           Brisbane Powerhouse                                                                                                          Speaking of Sammy J, he has his own stand-                       for Best Actress (Rabbit Hole), Jackie Weaver for
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Best Supporting Actress (Animal Kingdom), Kodi
                                                                                                                                       up show as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival.
          Tickets at or at the gate.                                                                                  Skinny Man, Modern World runs for four shows,                      Smit-Mcphee for Best Young Actor or Actress (Let
          Gates open at 6pm, screenings at approx. 7.30pm                                                                              Tuesday Mar 22 – Friday Mar 25, featuring an hour                  Me In), and Geoffrey Rush for Best Supporting Ac-
                                                                                                                                       of “songs, jokes, and juice” (?). Tickets from the Pow-            tor (The King’s Speech). Let’s hope they make a
                                                                                                                                       erhouse website, as above.                                         strong start in the awards season.

32 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au /// INFORMER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE                                       FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                               ISSuE 973
  dvd                                                       arts                                                                   ARTS LISTINGS
                                                                                                                                                                                                SEND ALL ARTS LISTINGS TO ZENOBIA FROST
                                                                                                                                                                                                ARTS@RAVEMAGAzInE.CoM.Au oR Po Box 802
                                                                                                                                                                                                STonES CoRnER 4120 By 12PM THuRSDAyS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               @ QPAC, Feb
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3 - 13

  Music                                                     INFORMER ARTS :: MOTHLIGHT                                           FILM, FESTIVALS, ETC.                                           others. Redland Art Gallery. Until January 25. Ph: 3829

                                                            Drawn To
  LADIES AND                                                                                                                     Moonlight Cinema: Catch a flick in the great                   8899 /
  GENTLEMEN, THE                                                                                                                 outdoors this summer. You can even hire a beanbag!              Gaze – People, Relationships and Place: Gaze
  ROLLING STONES                                                                                                                 The Powerhouse at New Farm Park. Until February 27.             features paintings, photography and ceramics by

                                                            The Light
  (Eagle Vision)                                                                                                                                                   these emerging, mid-career and established Austral-
  A dirty, honest vision of                                                                                                      A New Tomorrow – Visions Of The Future In                      ian female artists. Redland Art Gallery. Until January
  the Stones                                                                                                                     Cinema: GoMA presents screenings of film classics               30. Ph: 3829 8899 /
       Dusted off and liberated                                                                                                  from 2001: A Space Odyssey to The Matrix in a major             Across Country: The Ken Hinds Cultural Collection
  from the vault, the Rolling                                                                                                    program of science fiction and related genre cinema.            is one of Australia’s largest and most individual collec-
                                                            If we go by his name, SKYE GELLMANN
  Stones’ Ladies & Gentlemen                                                                                                     Gallery of Modern Art. December 26 to February 27.              tions. With more than 30,000 holdings, the collection
                                                            seems to have been destined for flight. He
  finally receives its worldwide,                                                                                                                        includes children’s toys, international artefacts and
  small screen release 38 years                             speaks with ZENOBIA FROST about his                                  World Theatre Festival: Embracing the new, the                 some 5000 Australian works of art. QUT Art Museum.
  after its inception. The film is a raw documentation of   new circus work, MOTHLIGHT.                                          risky and the independent from around the world, WTF            Until January 30. Ph: 3138 5370 / www.artmuseum.
  an ever-so-cool Stones in peak form at the pinnacle                                                                            is set to seriously shake up Brisbane when it throws
                                                                 nter the land of the moths: a “dimly-lit space carved
  of their popularity. Shot over a hazy four nights in                                                                           audients and artists together and flicks the ON switch.         Vida Lahey – Colour and Modernism: Vibrant flo-
                                                                 out by the stretched strands of a spiderweb,” says
  Denver the tour was effectively a promotion for Ex-                                                                            The Powerhouse. February 9 to 20. Ph: 3358 8600 /               ral watercolours and depictions of Brisbane in the first
                                                            Gellmann, in which both performers and audience
  ile On Main Street, yet of the 14 tracks on show only                                                                                                      half of the 20th Century are the focus of an exhibition
                                                            can get caught. The show was first inspired by “the
  four derive from the record, effectively making the                                                                                                                                            of work by Vida Lahey (1882–1968). Queensland Art
                                                            symbolism of moths and their relationship with light;”
  film a greatest hits display from a stunning period.                                                                           THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – NOW                              Gallery. Until February 13.
                                                            I imagine acrobats drifting and fluttering around a
       While Scorsese’s recent Shine A Light was rich,                                                                           Letter’s End: Inhabiting a world where mops sneeze             Of Love And War: An exhibition detailing the pas-
                                                            swinging light bulb. But Gellmann explains that this
  polished and pre-meditated Ladies & Gentlemen is                                                                               and storks swoop in bearing gifts and trees grow shoes,         sionate relationships forged during times of conflict –
                                                            source idea has been “extruded, twisted, abstracted,
  quite the opposite. Tarnished in a muddy, haphaz-                                                                              Wolfe Bowart leads his audience on a dream-like ex-             with the pain of separation and the great joy of reun-
                                                            burnt, resurrected, tangled in cling wrap, rearranged,
  ard fashion the shabby, intimate mood of such a                                                                                ploration of a most magical memory lane. Playhouse,             ion. State Library Gallery. Until February 20. Ph: 3840
                                                            deranged – and evolved to the point where we are
  massive spectacle works emphatically in the band’s                                                                             QPAC. January 4 to 15.                          7666 /
                                                            no longer dealing with a show about moths and their
  favour. Shot on wobbly handheld cameras from a                                                                                 Aladdin And His Mysterious Magical Lamp: Grab                  The Gas: Queensland College of Art graduate art
                                                            features, but a creative exploration of the body.”
  number of different, tight onstage angles, every                                                                               your magic carpet and come on an adventure as Alad-             show plus espresso GARAGE awards 2010. Featuring
                                                                 What Gellmann and fellow performer Naomi
  bead of sweat is splashed all over the grainy film.                                                                            din ventures into the Cave of Treasures to retrieve the         live art spectacle, An Abridged History of Western
                                                            Francis have created for Mothlight is a strange, som-
  The eccentric outfits are fantastic, Jagger dances                                                                             legendary lamp containing the most outrageous Genie             Cinema, on opening night only. Griffith University Art
                                                            bre world where “pindrops cause tidal waves” – a
  around in wonderful, vibrant jumpsuits, while Ri-                                                                              of them all. Cremorne Theatre, QPAC. January 6 to 22.           Gallery. November 25 to February 5.
                                                            world of “physical extremes and dangerous intima-
  chards is swathed elegantly in oriental fabric, both                                                                           Ph: 136 246 /                                   au/centre/artworks
                                                            cy,” where fleeting ideas might come to rise into light
  donning post-‘60s mullets and early glam make-up.                                                                              Wicked: This hit musical tells the story of how two            The Stoke – Skateboarding In Brisbane: This exhi-
                                                            or to die with dusty wings outstretched. Gellmann
  Musically, the pair are a supreme pleasure to watch,                                                                           unlikely friends grew to become the Wicked Witch of             bition manoeuvres behind Brisbane’s tight-knit skate-
                                                            describes Mothlight as a “circus installation” that the
  affectingly sharing a microphone on Dead Flowers;                                                                              the West and Glinda the Good. Lyric Theatre, QPAC.              boarding fraternity and its camaraderie to chart the
                                                            audience can explore. They may not directly change
  the ebbing chemistry of two of rock’s greatest co-                                                                             January 11 to March 6.                          city’s historical affinity with skateboarding relevant
                                                            the path of the story, “but their experience is fore-
  writers vivacious throughout. The often-forgotten                                                                              List Operators – More Fun Than A Wii: If you’re                to the international evolution of the sport. Museum
                                                            front in discovering what this world has to offer.”
  Mick Taylor is also incendiary, raining powerful                                                                               a kid you’ll know that there are really only four VERY          of Brisbane. Until February 27. Ph: 3403 8888 / www.
                                                                 Brisbane theatre-goers might remember Skye
  blues hail all over classics Love In Vain and You Can’t                                                                        funny things in this world – farts, poo, rude words and
                                                            Gellmann from last year’s production of Daniel Santan-
  Always Get What You Want. Jagger leering and jeer-                                                                             men pretending to be old ladies. Luckily this show has          Symbols of Australia: The kangaroo, Uluru, the
                                                            geli’s physical theatre piece Room 328. For Gellmann,
  ing at the crowd between tracks is hilarious at one                                                                            all four! The Powerhouse. January 18 to 22. Ph: 3358            Sydney Harbour Bridge – or Vegemite? What says
                                                            promenade theatre “adds an element of danger,”
  point he teases, “Why aren’t you at church?”, before                                                                           8600 /                               “Australia” most to you? The exhibition explores the
                                                            which motivates him to create new work. Of course,
  launching into Sweet Virginia – a tune, fittingly,                                                                             Alice in Wonderland: This charming ballet adapta-              diverse range of national symbols that define and
                                                            there are risks involved “when bodies are pushed in
  about getting wasted.                                                                                                          tion of Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical classic will delight        represent Australia’s national identity. Queensland
                                                            strange trajectories around people, but it also opens
       The now business-savvy Sir Mick ushers in the                                                                             the entire family. Playhouse, QPAC. January 19 to 22.           Museum South Bank. Until February 27. www.qm.qld.
  release with a cheeky interview, which is accompa-                                                                             Ph: 136 246 /                         
  nied by an even cheekier interview from the period.                                                                                                                                            AlphaStation/Alphaville: Performance artist Luke
  The live rehearsal footage included also makes this           I’m struck by the thought that                                   THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – SOON                             Roberts has been a key figure in the Brisbane art scene
  release an all-round winner.                              you cannot actually solidly define                                   Mothlight: Leave your comfort zones and enter a                for over three decades. He has developed an intricate
       HHHH                                 NOLAN GILES      circus. It’s like art, love or life.                                world inspired by moths to reveal the essence of our            personal mythology that collapses personal and po-
                                                                                                                                 primal dreams, desires and destructive tendencies.              litical, local and cosmological, and past and future.
  WEST COAST                                                                                                                     Judith Wright Centre. February 2 to 4. Ph: 3872 9000 /          The Institute of Modern Art. November 27 to February
  SEATTLE BOY – JIMI                                        new possibilities for interplay between the performer                                            26.
  HENDRIx: VOODOO                                           and the audience. “Still, safety was an important con-               Freefall: Winner of the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Best              Light From Light: This exhibition explores the
  CHILD                                                     cern in what Gellmann describes as a “reflective and                 Circus Award, Freefall is an exciting exploration of bi-        properties and metaphors of light, and the idea of
  (Sony/Legacy)                                             vicarious experience in an unconventional space.”                    zarre and everyday fears, human quirks and truths. Ju-                 libraries being sites of enlightenment. The 20
  A respectful look at a short                                  If you’ve been to the circus in Brisbane lately,                 dith Wright Centre. February 23 to 26. Ph: 3872 9000                           light-inspired artworks will be displayed
  and remarkable life                                       you’d know that the artform is shifting away from                    /                                                      simultaneously in the Shanghai Library
      October 9 this year                                   big tops and lion tamers. Gellmann describes this                    Jesus Christ Superstar: Following the success                                    in China. State Library & The Edge. Until
  marked the 70th birthday of                               new kind of circus as a “movement where people                       of their 2010 season, Harvest Rain Theatre                                          March.
  John Lennon. December                                     create new thoughts around what circus can be and                    Company’s smash-hit production returns.                                             Hinterland: For William Robin-
  8 was the 30th anniversary                                can communicate.” In Mothlight, tricks that could                    Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s epic rock                                        son, the verdant rainforest afforded
  of his death. And book-                                   be pure spectacle become tools for “perspective                      musical remains a must-see classic for all ages.                                    a unique opportunity to explore a
  marked between all the                                    change, raising questions, unravelling our identities                Playhouse, QPAC. February 3 to 13. Ph: 136                                        subject that had previously been over-
  pontificating, mythology bolstering and general           and telling stories.”                                                246 /                                                        looked by Australian artists. William
  cashing in on the two events, I found myself being            John Bailey of The Age called Gellmann’s work                    Dead Cargo: The 2011 season of The                                                   Robinson Gallery, Old Government
  thankful for his death. And before you let the rage       “at the razor’s edge” of new circus. The Melbourne-                  Independents kicks off with Tim Dashwood                                              House. Until April 3. Ph: 3138 8005 /
  spew forth, permit a short explanation. Would you         based performer has won festival awards (for both                    and Nigel Poulton’s highly physical absurdist                                
  like to see a 70-year-old John Lennon? Sporadically       production and individual performance) every year                    work. Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts.                                                  21st Century – Art In The First
  commenting on the downward spiral of popular              since 2007. Mothlight sold out its 2010 season at the                March 9 to 26. Ph: 3002 7100 / www.                                                    Decade: Marking the end of the first
  music, releasing a Rick Rubin-assisted collabora-         Melbourne Fringe Festival, and has already secured a                                                                             decade of this millennium, this ambi-
  tion every few years and coughing through an in-          run at the Adelaide Fringe later this year.                          Riverdance: For the first time in eight                                             tious and groundbreaking exhibition
  terview on Letterman? There’s a major element of              Gellmann describes circus with all the passion of                years the pounding feet and swirling mu-                                           will occupy all of GoMA and focus on
  his magic – along with Janis, Jim Morrison, Cobain        a poet, giving us a few clues as to the success of his               sic that has tapped its way onto the world                                        works created between 2000 and 2010.
  and certainly Hendrix – that owes much to an early        career: “I’m struck by the thought that you cannot ac-               stage returns to Australia for a national                                        Gallery of Modern Art. Until April 26. Ph:
  death; the songs not written, the albums never re-        tually solidly define circus. It’s like art, love or life. You       tour. Lyric Theatre, QPAC. April 12 to 17.                                      3840 7303 /
  leased and the action never actioned. So packages         can describe its features, but you can’t say what it is.             Ph: 136 246 /
  like this documentary can both help and hurt the          Circus is elusive. You can never put your thumb on it.               Statespeare: The show that brought                                          MIxED BAG
  legacy. And having Bootsy Collins reading diary           Once you think you have it, it bends in the opposite                 the audience to their feet whooping                                           Koelman Plays Bernstein: Australian
  entries and postcards from the enigmatic guitarist        direction,” he says. “For me, circus is an unsolvable                with glee is back and “Barder” than ever!                                     conductor Benjamin Northey and ac-
  sounds like a harrowing concept if not done well.         puzzle that will keep me free-thinking forever.”                     Roundhouse Theatre, La Boite. April 28                                        claimed violinist Rudolf Koelman join the
  Luckily Bob Smeaton has done a respectful job, as                                                                              to May 6. Ph: 3007 8600 / www.laboite.                                        orchestra to perform Leonard Bernstein’s
  he has done previously with 2003’s Festival Express       Skye Gellmann and Naomi Francis are                                                                                               five movement violin concerto, Serenade.
  and documentary accompaniment to The Beatles              drawn to the MOTHLIGHT at The Judith                                 Empire Burning: Eugene Gilfedder                                            The Powerhouse Theatre. February 5. Ph:
  Anthology. The doco touches on all the important          Wright Centre from February 2 to 4. Ph: 3872                         unleashes a searing script of myth and                                      136 246 /
  pieces economically – his humble Seattle upbring-         9000 /                                    madness, trauma and terrorism, throw-                                      Teddy Tahu Rhodes: Australia’s favourite
  ing, a short army stint, meeting with Chas Chandler                                                                            ing Western anxieties of the Other into                                   opera star returns to his favourite orchestra
  and travelling to the UK, returning to the US a su-                                                                            sharp relief. Sue Benner Theatre, Metro                                   (ACO) to perform twisted nursery rhymes and
                                                            INFORMER QUICK NEWS
  perstar before an early death at 27 – and leaves you                                                                           Arts. May 11 to 28. Ph: 3002 7100 / www.                                  the first ever Romantic song cycle. February
  feeling well informed without drowning in fluff. The       Paris Urbaine, an exhibition by French-Cana-                                                                       14, 2010. Ph: 136 246 /
  Hendrix family are releasing these retrospectives,        dian photographer Alexis Loriot, is coming up at                                                                                               Tim Minchin Versus The Orchestra: Tick-
  including books, album reissues and unreleased            Brisbane’s Alliance Française, opening Thursday Feb                  VISUAL ARTS, ARCHITECTURE                                                  ets on sale now for this comedy rock super-
  material, faster and faster these days. This one          10 at 6pm. An unusual perspective of the French                      Awakening: This exhibition by Taiwan                                       star’s national tour, complete with 55-piece
  passed the test, but how many more can come out           capital, the exhibition reveals details encountered                  born artist Sherry Liu features ceramics,                                   orchestra poised to respond to Minchin’s
  before he’s on the over-exposed list with Gene Sim-       by Loriot over 30-years spent walking its streets.                   paintings and textiles inspired by her dai-                                 every musical whim. Brisbane Convention
  mons and John Lydon?                                      See and for                        ly life experiences. Liu’s works also serve                                 Centre. March 18. Ph: 132 849 / www.tick-
      HHH                          MITCH ALEXANDER          more information.                                                    as metaphors for her relationships with                           

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 coNcert                                                                                                                                                                                      No JoKe
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sure, this was announced last year, but we don’t care when it comes
                                                                                                                                                                                              to Lemmy’s mole … we mean Motörhead (pictured). You know the
                                                                                                                                                                                              story – a hard rocking, hard living, 35-year musical odyssey that’s

                                                                                                                                                                                              seen everyone in heavy-music chanting their praises. The trio aren’t
                                                                                                                                                                                              playing Brisbane, so book a hotel and take a trip down the M1 to
                                                                                                                                                                                              catch them at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Friday Apr 1 (no,
                                                                                                                                                                                              this isn’t a joke). The gig is all ages, and tickets are on sale now from
                                                                                                                                                                                              Ticketek for $99.90+bf (mad-keen fans can attend a meet and greet

                                                                                                                                                                                              for a cool $499.90+bf ).
                                                                                                                                                                                              @ goLD coaSt coNveNtioN ceNtre, FriDaY aPr 1
viSit For tHe eXteNDeD coNcert caLeNDar                                            aNNouNcemeNt                                                                       TIcKETS $99.90+BF FROM www.ticKeteK

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hotel, Byron Bay
                                                               JaNuarY                                                                                                                                                             Soundwave 2011: Iron Maiden / Queens
                                                               20 Stanton Warriors Great Northern Hotel, Byron                                                                                                                     Of The Stone Age / Slayer / Primus / Slash /
                                                                  Bay                                                                                                                                                              One Day As A Lion / Bullet For My Valentine
                                                                  Ben Jorgensen (USA) Rosies, Brisbane City                                                                                                                        / Bring Me The Horizon / The Murderdolls
                                                                  Royal Crown Revue / Boom! Bap! Pow! The                                                                                                                          / Dimmu Borgir / Millencolin / Coheed &
                                                                  Hi Fi, West End                                                                                                                                                  Cambria & many, many more RNA Show-
                                                                  Tommy & Phil Emmanuel Tivoli, The, Forti-                                                                                                                        grounds, Bowen Hills
                                                                  tude Valley                                                                                                                                                      Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Mosman
                                                                  Tin Can Radio (launch) / LeSuits / Oceanics                                                                                                                      Alder Woodland, Coniston Lane
                                                                  Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                               21 Treasure Fingers Great Northern Hotel, Byron                                                                                                                marcH
                                                                  Bay                                                                                                                                                         1    The Waifs / Mama Kin Great Northern Hotel,
                                                                  The Whitlams & QSO QPAC Concert Hall,                                                                                                                            Byron Bay
                                                                  South Brisbane
 SuPPort SQuaD                                                    Maori Boi: The Version / Paua / Darky Roots
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Martha Wainwright Tivoli, The, Fortitude
                                                                  / One Dread / DJ Ragga Khan The Hi Fi, West                                                                                                                 2    Lily Tomlin Brisbane Powerhouse (Power-
   The Mos Def show at The Tivoli on Thursday Jan                End                                                                                                                                                              house Theatre), New Farm
                                                                  Tommy & Phil Emmanuel Tivoli, The, Forti-
  13 sees support from Pharoahe Monch, 2 Dogs,                    tude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Imelda May Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Waifs / Mama Kin Nambour Civic Centre
  and Seven & Crate Creeps.                                       Dead Letter Circus Villa Noosa Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3    Ke$ha Brisbane Riverstage
   Skinny Jean, Grids/Units/Planes and Doom                   22 Charlie Parr Buddha Bar, Byron Bay                                                                                                                               Imelda May The Hi Fi, West End
                                                                  Beach House / The Middle East / Tiny Ruins                                                                                                                       The Waifs / Mama Kin Tivoli, The, Fortitude
  Doom (ex-Ponyloafers) support Mr. Maps launch at                (NZ) Mullumbimby Civic Hall                                                                                                                                      Valley
  The Alley (77 Elizabeth St, City) on Saturday Jan 15.           The Whitlams & QSO QPAC Concert Hall,
                                                                  South Brisbane                                                                                                                                              4    The Chemical Brothers / Art Vs Science /
  Tickets are $18 – and you get a copy of the album!                                                                                                                                                                               Zane Lowe /James Holroyd Brisbane River-

                                                                                                                   recoiLFeStivaL @ acacia riDge HoteL, SaturDaY Feb 5
                                                                  Twilight Hot Rod Show: The Detonators /
   The Hi-Fi hosts Avalon Drive (pictured) on Satur-             West Texas Crude / Miss Teresa & Her Rhyth-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Katie Noonan & The Captains Judith Wright
                                                                  maires / Paulie & His Crazy Rhythm Boys / DJ
  day Feb 5, and opening the night is Awaken I Am,                                                                                                                                                                                 Centre, Fortitude Valley
  Nine Sons Of Dan and The City Shake Up. Tickets
                                                                  Leapin Lawrie Rocklea Showground
                                                                  Big Day Out: Tool / Rammstein / Iggy & The       retributioN                                                                                                     Hard Dance Alliance Masif, Gold Coast
                                                                  Stooges / M.I.A / John Butler Trio / Grinder-    TIcKETS $15+BF FROM                                                                            Craig Pesco: Freddy Mercury QPAC, South
  are $15+bf from regular outlets.                                man / LCD Soundsystem / Crystal Castles /                                                                                                                        Brisbane
                                                                  Lupe Fiasco / Primal Scream Screamadelica                                                                                                                        Joanna Newsom Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                     The Unthanks Brisbane Powerhouse (Visy                  LandCruiser Mountain Park
                                                                  Live & many more Gold Coast Parklands,             Theatre), New Farm                                      Altiyan Childs Norths Leagues & Services         5    Future Music Festival: The Chemical Broth-
                                                                  Southport                                                                                                  Club, Kallangur                                       ers / Dizzee Rascal / Pendulum / MGMT /
                                                                                                                  2 Foals Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
                                                               23 Charlie Parr / Texas Tea Old Museum, Spring                                                                Amanda Palmer Old Museum, Spring Hill                 Mark Ronson & The Business Intl / Ke$ha
                                                                                                                  3 Two Door Cinema Club Great Northern Hotel,                                                                     / The Presets / Leftfield / Art Vs Science /
                                                                  Hill                                               Byron Bay                                               The Getaway Plan / Alive / Secrets In Scale
                                                                  Guilty Simpson & Phat Kat X&Y, Valley                                                                      (18+) The Hi Fi, West End                             Richie Hawtin & Plastikman / Steve Angello
                                                                                                                     Hungry Kids Of Hungary / The Honey Month                                                                      & many more Doomben Race Course
                                                               24 Tool Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall       / Mosman Alder Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi            13   Earth Freq: Monoloc / Heynoka / SQL / An-
                                                                  Ratatat / Canyons / The Alps The Hi Fi, West                                                               Ten-Nae / Grouch / Kazu Kimura / Janover         6    Friends Of Folk: Don Walker / The Gin Club
                                                                                                                  4 Laneway Festival: !!! -The Antlers / Ariel                                                                     / Andrew Morris / Asa Broomhall / Emma
                                                                  End                                                Pinks Haunted Graffiti / Beach House / Bear             / JPOD / Zavosh Rad / Opiuo / Spoonbill /
                                                                  Grinderman Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley                                                                   Dropbear / Dubmarine & many more Land-                Dean / Tara Simmons / Hotel Motel / Mardi
                                                                                                                     In Heaven / Blonde Redhead / Cloud Control                                                                    Lumsden & The Rising Seas / Hannah Mack-
                                                               25 Kevin Borich Coolangatta Hotel                     / Cut Copy / Deerhunter / Foals / Gotye / The           Cruiser Mountain Park
                                                                                                                                                                             The Getaway Plan / Alive / Secrets In Scale           lin / Mark Lowndes / Rachael Brady / Matt
                                                                  Kaskade Met, The, Fortitude Valley                 Holidays / Holy Fuck / Inland Sea & many                                                                      Nielson / Plastic Wood (AA) Old Museum,
                                                                  Reset! Monastery Nightclub, Fortitude Valley       more Alexandria St, Fortitude Valley                    (U18) The Hi Fi, West End
                                                                                                                                                                             Foster The People Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley          Spring Hill
                                                                  Owen Pallett / Jessica Says Old Museum,            Joe Cocker / George Thorogood & The                                                                           Kings Of Leon QSAC, Nathan
                                                                  Spring Hill                                        Destroyers Brisbane Entertainment Centre,          14   Billy Connolly Brisbane Convention Centre,
                                                                  Roger Sanchez Platinum Nightclub, Broad-                                                                   South Brisbane                                   7    Belle & Sebastian Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                  beach                                              Humality / Alice Through The Windshield                 Earth Freq: Fyah Walk / Moneky Marc /            8    Wavves / Bleeding Knees Club Zoo, The,
                                                                  Bowler Bar: Treasure Fingers Tempo Hotel           Glass / Ignite The Ibex / Despotic Ruin Miami           Tetrameth / Kalya Scintilla / Sensient /              Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                             Farebi Jalebi / Mystic Beats / Terrafractyl /    10   Justin Townes Earle Step Inn, Fortitude Valley
 SoLD out!                                                        (Stage Door), Fortitude Valley
                                                                  The Black Keys Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                     Shark Bar, Miami Tavern
                                                                                                                     DJ Gareth Emery Platinum Nightclub, Broad-              Djambouki / Meat Axe / Circuit Bent / CC The          Best Coast Woodland, Coniston Lane
                                                                  La Dispute (USA) / To The North Zoo, The,          beach                                                   Cat & many more LandCruiser Mountain Park             The Clean / The Deadnotes & The Legend /
   Soundwave has sold out! So if you haven’t already             Fortitude Valley                                   Residency: Bang Bang Boss Kelly The Alley,         15   Doves The Hi Fi, West End                             Blank Realm Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                               26 La Dispute (USA) / To The North (AA) Burst         77 Elizabeth St                                         Rob Schneider Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley      11   Mount Kimbie BarSoma, Fortitude Valley
  secured a ticket to the Saturday Feb 26 event going                                                                                                                        Caribou / Four Tet Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley         Alan Jackson Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                  City, South Brisbane                            5 Retribution Festival: Dreadnaught / Recoil
  down at the RNA Showgrounds, looks like you’re not              Kora Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay               / 4arm / Dead Letter Opener / Dawn Heist           16   Swervedriver Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley               Boondall
  seeing Iron Maiden, Queens Of The Stone Age (pic-               Such Gold / No Trigger YAC, Byron Bay              Acacia Ridge Hotel                                 17   Return For Forever IV Brisbane Convention             Justin Townes Earle Joe’s Waterhole, Eu-
                                                               27 The Thing (SWE) / Yan Jun (CHI) Judith Wright      Mowgli Platinum Nightclub, Broadbeach                   Centre, South Brisbane                                mundi
  tured), One Day As A Lion, Slayer, Primus or any one            Centre, Fortitude Valley                           Alice Through The Windshield Glass / Ignite             Black Mountain Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley             Swans The Hi Fi, West End
  of the scores of top-notch bands. We did warn you.              Such Gold / No Trigger Step Inn, Fortitude         The Ibex / Lynchmada / Humality / Veiled In                                                                   The Besnard Lakes Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                        18   The Necks Byron Bay Community Centre
                                                                  Valley                                             Flesh Step Inn, Fortitude Valley                        Residency: Bang Bang Boss Kelly The Alley,       12   Alan Jackson Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                  Brooke Fraser Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley        Stormfront Festival: Resist The Thought /               77 Elizabeth St                                       Boondall
                                                                  Kora Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                    The Storm Picturesque / Buried In Verona /              Lamb The Hi Fi, West End                              D.O.A Prince Of Wales Hotel, Nundah
                                                               28 Cat Power Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse          Heights (UK) (AA) The Fort, Fortitude Valley            Belinda Carlisle Twin Towns Services Club,       13   D.O.A (AA) Shed 5, Gold Coast
                                                                  Theatre), New Farm                                 Awaken I Am / Nine Sons Of Dan / The City               Tweed Heads                                      14   Weird Al Yankovic Jupiters Theatre, Broad-
                                                                  Kora Coolangatta Hotel                             Shake Up The Hi Fi, West End                            The Like Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                   beach Island
                                                                  Roger Sanchez Electric Playground, Fortitude       Choirboys Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed          19   Turbine Jazz: Elly Hoyt (Launch) Brisbane        15   Weird Al Yankovic QPAC Concert Hall, South
                                                                  Valley                                             Heads                                                   Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New Farm               Brisbane
                                                                  Laidback Luke Met, The, Fortitude Valley           The Onyas Woodland, Coniston Lane                       Good Vibrations: Faithless / Phoenix / Sasha          Afro Celt Sound System The Hi Fi, West End
                                                                  John Waters: Looking Through A Glass            6 Condamine Rock & Roots: Halfway / James                  / The Ting Tings / Nas / Damian Marley / Kelis   16   Gerry & The Pacemakers Jupiters Theatre,
                                                                  Onion QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane            Blundell / Big Strong Brute Irish Club, Bris-           / Ludacris / Erykah Badu / Friendly Fires /           Broadbeach Island
                                                                  Residency: Bang Bang Boss Kelly The Alley,         bane                                                    Miike Snow / Fake Blood & many more Gold         18   Tim Minchin & Australian Symphony
                                                                  77 Elizabeth St                                 7 Sting Brisbane Riverstage                                Coast Parklands, Southport                            Orchestras Brisbane Convention Centre, South
                                                                  (HED)p.e. / The Havknotz The Hi Fi, West End    10 Billy Connolly Brisbane Convention Centre,              Belinda Carlisle Kedron Wavell Services Club          Brisbane
                                                                  Brooke Fraser Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley        South Brisbane                                          The Necks Old Museum, Spring Hill                     Gerry & The Pacemakers Kedron Wavell
                                                                  Deadshits: Boomgates / Circle Pit / Holy           Amanda Palmer Great Northern Hotel, Byron               Kate Nash The Hi Fi, West End                         Services Club
                                                                  Balm / Assassins 88 / Superstarrr / Per            Bay                                                     M.Ward / Holly Throsby Tivoli, The, Fortitude    19   John Williamson & Qld Symphony Orchestra
                                                                  Purpose Woodland, Coniston Lane                                                                            Valley
 FeStivaL NewS                                                 29 Stanton Warriors BarSoma, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                     Lloyd Cole’s Small Ensemble Old Museum,
                                                                                                                     Spring Hill                                             The Books Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Neil Diamond Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                  Cat Power Coolangatta Hotel                        I Exist / Phantoms Step Inn, Fortitude Valley      20   Tricky Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                     Boondall
   Bluesfest has been extended for an extra day                  Kora Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra                 Andrew McMahon The Hi Fi, West End                 22   Deva Premal & Miten / Manose Brisbane            23   Neil Diamond Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                  Laidback Luke Platinum Nightclub, Broad-        11 Billy Connolly Brisbane Convention Centre,              Powerhouse, New Farm
  – to accommodate a second show for Bob Dylan                    beach                                                                                                      Dame Kiri Te Kanawa QPAC Concert Hall,
                                                                                                                     South Brisbane                                                                                           23   Stone Temple Pilots Brisbane Riverstage
  (pictured). Event organisers applied to Byron Shire             I Heart Hiroshima Woodland, Coniston Lane          Hard Dance Alliance Family Basement, Forti-             South Brisbane
                                                               30 Princess Rodeo BarSoma, Fortitude Valley                                                              23   Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Mosman        24   The Doobie Brothers Brisbane Convention
  Council for an extension, with an overwhelming ma-                                                                 tude Valley                                                                                                   Centre, South Brisbane
                                                                  Ragamuffin: Mary J. Blige / Jimmy Cliff /          Tin Can Radio (launch) / Arch Dukes / Cat               Alder Pacific Hotel, Yamba
  jority voting in favour a six-day festival over the Easter      Maxi Priest / Sean Paul / The Original Wail-       Magic Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra                24   Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Mosman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Santana Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
  long weekend. The new date will be Tuesday Apr 26               ers / The Black Seeds / Ky Mani Marley / The       Earth Freq: Spankinhide / Sun In Aquarius               Alder Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Finntroll / Claim The Throne The Hi Fi, West
                                                                  Red Eyes Pine Rivers Park, Brisbane                / Andrew Til / Truth Serum / Merkabah /                 Tin Can Radio (launch) Gold Coast Arts
  (the ANZAC Day public holiday). How this will affect            INXS / Train / The Baby Animals / Models           Imandan / Serotone / Bent Intent / Bumble               Centre                                                End
  festival-package ticket sales remains unclear, with an          Sirromet Winery, Mt Cotton                         & many more LandCruiser Mountain Park                   Toro Y Moi / Oh Ye Denver Birds Woodland,        25   Lionel Richie / Guy Sebastian Brisbane
                                                                  Treasure Fingers Titanium Bar, Surfers Para-       Altiyan Childs Logan Entertainment Centre               Coniston Lane                                         Entertainment Centre, Boondall
  entire day being curated.                                       dise                                                                                                                                                        26   Beyond The Darkside Brisbane Convention
                                                                                                                     Mark Sultan / The Horrortones Step Inn,            25   Rihanna Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
   In other Byron related news it looks like Splendour           Sufjan Stevens Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley       Fortitude Valley                                        Boondall                                              Centre, South Brisbane
                                                                                                                     Residency: Bang Bang Boss Kelly The Alley,              Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Oceanics           Usher / Trey Songz Brisbane Entertainment
  In The Grass will stay at Woodford for 2011, the Byron       FebruarY                                                                                                                                                            Centre, Boondall
                                                                                                                     77 Elizabeth St                                         Elsewhere, Gold Coast
  Shire Council not so forthcoming with approval for           1   Kenny Rogers & The Queensland Symphony         12 Earth Freq: Sun COntrol Species / Unseen                Gang Of Four The Hi Fi, West End                 28   Cyndi Lauper QPAC, South Brisbane
  the Yelgun site just yet.                                        Orchestra / Troy Cassar-Daley Brisbane            Dimensions / Fyal Walk / Moneky Marc /             26   Martha Wainwright A&I Hall, Bangalow             29   Cyndi Lauper QPAC, South Brisbane
                                                                   Convention Centre, South Brisbane                 Tetrameth / Kalya Scintilla & many more                 Tin Can Radio (launch) / Dubmarine Beach         31   Uriah Heap Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley

34 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au /// cONcERT cALENDAR                                               TO SEE juST THE uPcOMING DANcE GIGS GO TO PAGE 36 AND FOR METAL PAGE 37                                                                                                   ISSuE 973
      gig                                                                                                                                                                                                                        YearLY PHYSicaL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ear-splitting on previous occasions, Los Angeles na-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 tives HEALTH (pictured) return to Brisbane to play

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Woodland on Saturday Jan 15. Dubbed ‘HEALTH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 vs Australia, Part II’ (and we’re guessing it’s not be-
                                                                          gig                                                                                                                                                    cause of an investigation into Medicare), the noise-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 collective will be supported by The Death Set and
                                                                          oF                                                                                                                                                     DZ. Tickets are $25+bf from Moshtix, and trust us,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 you’ll want to bring earplugs.
                                                                          tHe                                                                                                                                                    @ wooDLaND, SaturDaY JaN 15
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 TIcKETS ARE $25+BF FROM
                         wHo, wHat, wHeN aND wHere?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ecStatic FaNtaStic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Last here with DJ Shadow, talented rapper (and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Grammy Award winner) Mos Def (pictured) returns
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to Australia for his debut solo run of dates. Entitled
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 his Ecstatic Tour (which goes nicely with his re-

     mr aLLeY, SaturDaY JaN 15                                                                                     JaSoN coLLett
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 lease of the same name) Mos Def plays The Tivoli
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 on Thursday Jan 13, with support from Pharoahe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Monch, 2 Dogs and Seven with Crate Creeps.
     @ tHe                                                                                                         @ tHe Zoo, tHurSDaY JaN 13                                                                                    Tickets are $62.30+bf from Ticketek.
     TIcKETS ARE $18 ON THE DOOR                                                                                   TIcKETS ARE AVAILABLE FROM
                                                          Limes Hotel Rooftop, Fortitude Valley: Ingrid James     Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: The Money / Main Street      LocknLoad, West End: Timbah
                                                          Lotus Temple, Byron Bay: Ghost Brothers                 Brats / Lobster Prophet / The Chokes / BMX-RAY           Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: Matty B
                                                          Music Kafe, West End: Cartoon Physics                   Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Mick          Music Kafe, West End: Fuzzy Polaroid / Leggless
                                                          Pacific Hotel, Yamba: Luke Escombe & The                Danby / Mission X                                        Mystique (The Old Arena), Fortitude Valley: DJ
                                                          Corporation                                             Tempo Hotel (Stage Door), Fortitude Valley:              Element / Kenny Hustle
                                                          Rolling Rock, Noosa: JimmyZ: 4Play                      Bowler Bar: Duck Duck Goose                              Neverland, Coolangatta: Surecut Kids
                                                          Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Alter        The Fort, Fortitude Valley: Mary Jane Kelly / Time       Palmwoods Hotel, Palmwoods: Wiley Reed /
                                                          Egos / The Wind Up Dolls                                Has Come / Signal The Firing Squad / Northlane /         Claude Hay / Apollo Inperil
                                                          Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Mos Def / Pharoahe       Done For (AA)                                            Pine Rivers Bowls Club, Lawnton: Darren J Ray Duo
                                                          Monch / 2 Dogs / Seven & Crate Creeps                   The JOYnt, South Brisbane: The Ninth Chapter             QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane: Judy Collins
                                                          X&Y, Valley: Boys & Girls: Mary Jane Kelly / Infinite   The Loft, Chevron Island: The Moderns / Kennigo /        & Chris Bailey
                                                          Thought Process / Brazen                                Holly Terrens / The Shy Musicians                        Queen Street Mall: Isaac Paddon / Ruby Blue
                                                          Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Jason Collett / Zeus /      Woodland, Coniston Lane: Our Ithaca Creek / DJ           Room81, Sofitel Gold Coast: Tyrone Noonan
                  tHe JoN SPeNcer bLueS eXPLoSioN         Dead Letter Chorus                                      Harvey Satan                                             Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna: Transvaal Diamond
                                                                                                                  Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: The Chutes / The Royal       Syndicate
                                                                                                                  Artillery / Simone Elias                                 Sherwood RSL: Akasa
    tueSDaY JaNuarY 11                                                                                                                                                     Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: F.U.C.! / A Murder Of
    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Casey                                                                                                                        Crows (ADE) / Symbolic Weapon / Kyzer Soze
    Fogg                                                                                                                                                                   Swinging Safari, Gold Coast: Ghost Brothers
    La La Land, Byron Bay: Ben Morris & Ryan Rushton                                                                                                                       Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: The        StormY weatHer
    LocknLoad, West End: Lauren Lucille                                                                                                                                    Big Duo / Rokeby Venus
    Music Kafe, West End: Connor Cleary / Andrew                                                                                                                           Tempo Hotel (Stage Door), Fortitude Valley:           Melbourne act Winternationale (pictured)
    Baxter                                                                                                                                                                 Bowler Bar: Light Year (SYD)
    Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:                                                                                                                             The Alley, 77 Elizabeth St: Mr Maps (launch) /        launch their debut 7-inch in Brisbane this week,
    Escalate: GLA / Seven Sermons                                                                                                                                          Skinny Jean / Doom Doom / Grids/Units/Planes          playing at Browning St Studios on Saturday Jan 15.
    Woodford Hotel: Mark Sheils                                                                                                                                            The Hi Fi, West End: The Beautiful Girls / The
    Woodland, Coniston Lane: The Oh Sees / Kitchens                                                                                                                        Chemist
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The date also marks Almost Invisible #6, and will
    Floor / Sulphur Lights                                                                                                                                                 The Loft, Chevron Island: Jason Collett / Zeus /      receive stellar support from Ghost Notes, Mahal
    X&Y, Valley: Our Talons / Cutloose                                                             rob robot                                                               Dead Letter Chorus
    Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: The Jon Spencer Blues                                                                                                                      Woodland, Coniston Lane: Health / The Death
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kita (Ambitious Lovers’ Joel Saunders' new group)
    Explosion                                                                                                                                         De HØJe HÆLe         Set / DZ                                              and Sunshine State. Winternationale then play
                                                          FriDaY JaNuarY 14                                                                                                X&Y, Valley: Hello Satellites / McKisko               The Step Inn on Saturday Jan 22, with Mt Augus-
    weDNeSDaY JaNuarY 12                                  Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Live Stand Up                                                                   Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Tinians Boy
    Boundary Hotel, West End: Blues Jam: Mark Ds Big 3    Comedy                                                  SaturDaY JaNuarY 15                                                                                            tus, Laneway and Yolk & Pixel.
    Club 299, Fortitude Valley: The Last Outlaw / The     Archive Beer Boutique, West End: Leigh Robke            4ZzZ Car Park, Fortitude Valley: De Høje Hæle (The       SuNDaY JaNuarY 16
    Violet Alibi / The Ovaries / Hack / Gathered Below    BarSoma, Fortitude Valley: Rob Robot / Tourism          High Heels, DAN) / Stag / Sweet Dreams                   Archive Beer Boutique, West End: G-Bass &
    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Casey       Beach Hotel, Byron Bay: Ghost Brothers                  Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Live Stand Up           Sterling Silver
    Fogg                                                  Beetle Bar, Cloud 9: Hotel Motel / Lovers Of Modern     Comedy                                                   Basement 243, Fortitude Valley: Jacks Jazz
    Fitzy’s, Loganholme: Rob Robot / Without A Witness    Art / Woodville House                                   Beetle Bar, Cloud 9: Gaffa / Galapogos & Friends         Sunday Session
    Gold Coast Bhaki Centre, Surfers Paradise: Ghost      Burst City, South Brisbane: De Høje Hæle (The           Browning St Studios, West End: Winternationale /         Bearded Dragon Hotel, Tamborine: Mark Easton
    Brothers                                              High Heels, DAN) / Spew Your Guts Up / Undead           Ghost Notes / Mahal Kita / Sunshine State                Boundary Hotel, West End: Mojo Webb
    Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: The Beautiful        Apes / Pastel Blaze / Sips                              Burst City, South Brisbane: Blank Realm / Feathers       Burleigh Heads Hotel: Tyson Faulkner
    Girls / The Chemist                                   Byron Bay Brewery: The Jed Rowe Band                    / Dreamtime / Die On Planes                              Caxton Hotel, Paddington: Mad World Blues Band
    La La Land, Byron Bay: Stafford Brothers              Cabarita Beach Bar: Blind Lemon                         Calypso Bar, Paddington: Jimi Beavis                     Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:
    Rails, Byron Bay: Luke Escombe & The Corporation      Coolangatta Hotel: The Beautiful Girls / The            Clem Jones Sports Centre, Carina: Miss Teresa &          Block Party
    Royal George Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Mark Sheils     Chemist                                                 Her Rhythmaires                                          Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Giv & Guests
    Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: The Poisoners / Du-       Diamonds Bar, Miami Waters: Stairway                    Club Envy, Maroochydore: Rob Robot / The                 Family Basement, Fortitude Valley: Harry K &
    ramata / Nuclear Buddha / Demonica                    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Locky         Marsden Lees                                             Karma
    Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Rich       / The Replicants                                        Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Bastards                          Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: Jason Collett /
    Latimer / Damien Robertson / Sam Goudie / Chloe       Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Rio Lobotomy / Giv               Family Basement, Fortitude Valley: Helena &              Zeus / Dead Letter Chorus
    Turner / Tom Carty                                    Family Basement, Fortitude Valley: Baby Gee /           Seany B / Chris Wilson / Habebe / Jeremy Iliev           Harrigans Drift Inn, Gold Coast: Blind Lemon
    X&Y, Valley: Croteze / Crow Sorry Socrates            Karma / F&E                                             Family Top Floor, Fortitude Valley: Chopshop / Dr        Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra: The Beautiful
                                                          Family Top Floor, Fortitude Valley: Cutloose /          Rob / Jordan Who? / Aniki / Danny T                      Girls / The Chemist
    tHurSDaY JaNuarY 13                                   Surecut Kids / Dr Rob / Kayli / Tay Team                Fat Louie’s Pool Hall, Albert St: The Quickening /       LocknLoad, West End: Luna Junction
    Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Live Stand Up        Hotel Morrison, Woolloongabba: Hemi Kingi Trio          Army Of Champions / The Ordinarys / Ringpull             Music Kafe, West End: Fuzzy Polaroid / Leggless       aLL tHat gLitterS
    Comedy                                                Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi: Jason Collett / Zeus /        Freemasons Hotel, Nimbin: The Jed Rowe Band              Nambour RSL: Darren J Ray Duo
    Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Magic                Dead Letter Chorus                                      Globe, The, Fortitude Valley: JAK / Spook Hill /         Queen Street Mall: Kindling Duo / The Rooftops         According to Basement Raver Alasdair Duncan,
    Alloneword, Fortitude Valley: Gold Panda (UK)         Kawana SLSC: Bloodpoets                                 Buzzbeez / Dirty Liars                                   Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:
    Arana Leagues Club, Arana Hills: Darren J Ray         La La Land, Byron Bay: Loot & Plunder                   Gold Coast Turf Club, Bundall: Party In The Pad-         Tom Carty                                             “Gold Panda is a UK electronic producer whose
    Beach Hotel, Byron Bay: The Ninth Chapter             LocknLoad, West End: The Ride                           dock: Surecut Kids / Alison Wonderland / Casey                                                                 tracks sit somewhere in-between glitched-out
    Beetle Bar, Cloud 9: Shug Monkey / The Louie Louies   Monastery Nightclub, Fortitude Valley: Mowgli           Barnes / Ramjet / Geoff Raynor / Charlie Hustle /        moNDaY JaNuarY 17                                     electro pop and instrumental hip hop … you may
    / Ash Kerley                                          Music Kafe, West End: Triplickit / Missing Jade /       Vinyl Assassins                                          Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:
    Boundary Hotel, West End: Rumblefish                  Sunday Sons                                             La La Land, Byron Bay: Easy-P & Rhys Bynon                                                                     well know him for his remixes of artists like HEALTH,

                       Egig E
                                                                                                                                                                           Amber Williams
    Casablanca, Petrie Terrace: Dub Culture               Mystique (The Old Arena), Fortitude Valley: DJ

                    UIDUIDguiDe LiStiNgS are Free
    Cloudland, Fortitude Valley: After Party: Mos Def     Ricky D                                                                                                                                                                Telepathe, Little Boots and Simian Mobile Disco.”
    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Rob Cini    Norville Hotel, Toowoomba: Lynchmada / A Mur-                                                                                                                          Gold Panda (pictured) plays Alloneword on Thurs-

    Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Confession / Promises          der Of Crows / Acorea / Eternal Rest (AA)
    Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: The Beautiful        Queen Street Mall: Felicity Lawless / Cheap Fakes                                                                                                                      day Jan 13, supported by Elroy 3.0, Herts, Puzahki
    Girls / The Chemist                                   SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL: Hello Satellites /            SuBMIT YOuR GIGS ONLINE AT WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.cOM.Au                                                           and Walrii. Tickets are $16.35+bf from OzTix.

          IDEIG EGI
    La La Land, Byron Bay: Harvey & Garth                 McKisko

D D               FRiDAY nUARY                                                           FRiDAY nUARY                                                          Coming

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                 THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS                                                                                                                          THU 7 APR
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                              + THE CHEMIST                                                               KoRA           nZ                                 WED 4 MAY
                                                                                                                                                                         KYUSS LIVES!FEAT nICK oLIVERI,GARCIA
                                                                                                                                                                                     BJoRK AnD JoHn

                                                                                                                                                            THU 12 MAY
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                                 8pm // Tix $30+bf                                                      8pm // Tix $30+bf

    jANuARY 11 2011
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