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					                         DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE
                              LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, VIRGINIA

                                                                                 25 August 2005


SUBJECT: Request for Service Designated Official (SDO) Approval

1. Request SDO approval to incrementally fund the current option year of an existing contract
awarded with Lockheed Martin (originally ACS Government Services, Inc.) through the General
Services Administration Federal Technology Service Office of IT Solutions. SDO approval for
the basic order was not obtained prior to award in June 2002. We are currently in our third
option year period.

2. In accordance with Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement 5337, the following
is provided for review and approval by the SDO:

   a. Project Number/Order Number: GSA Contract Number: GS07T00BGD0019, Order
      Number T0302DSL005 / R320020939 originally awarded under the ACS Government
      Services, Inc. GSA IT Federal Supply Services Schedule, Contract Number GS-07T-
      00BGD0019 for a 12-month base with four 7 12-month options. Copy of original SOW

   b. Scope of contract: The purpose of this project is to provide advisory and assistance
      support in maintaining and updating the AFC2ISRC Master Workplan, C2 Roadmap,
      Operational architectures, POM inputs, and Decision support tool set development. In
      addition, the contractor supports the Spiral Development Integrated Product Team
      (SDIPT) in the management and integration of Agile Combat Support (ACS)
      requirements, as well as supporting the enterprise command and control systems,
      associated Integrated Product Teams (IPT), and ACS Implementation Plan development

   c. The current order is a time & materials contract. All services for this contract are
      purchased through GSA at a rate of 4% (fees to date: $218,900), estimated fees for
      remaining option year: $52,000). The current Statement of Work is not written in
      performance based terms and it would not be feasible nor cost effective at this time to try
      to make the contract performance based. Every attempt is being made to re-compete this
      requirement prior to the next option period. Consequently, we hereby request the SDO to
      grant a waiver from performance base for this option period.

                            Global Reach-Global Power
   d. Type and year of funds, including the period of performance (POP) that will be
      incrementally funded across fiscal year annual year appropriation: remaining year on the
      project will be funded with current or projected fiscal year 3400 O&M dollars:

       Basic Year: 1 Jul 02 – 30 Jun 03 FY02/03 Funds $697,601.97
       OY 1 POP: 1 Jul 03 – 30 Jun 04 FY03/04funds: $ 1,954,151.30(total funded/ceiling)
       OY 2 POP: 1 Jul 04 – 30 Jun 05 FY04/05funds: $1,954,151.30(total funded/ceiling)
       OY 3 POP: 1 Jul 05 – 30 Jun 06 FY05/06funds: $ 612,817.00/1,492,828.8 (inclusive
       of this action/ceiling)
       OY 4 POP: 1 Jul 06 – 30 Jun 07 Recommend not to exercise
       OY 5 POP: 1 Jul 07 – 30 Jun 08 Deleted via GSA Mod P00015
       OY 6 POP: 1 Jul 08 – 30 Jun 09 Deleted via GSA Mod P00015
       OY 7 POP: 1 Jul 09 – 30 Jun 10 Deleted via GSA Mod P00015

   e. Contract Administration: This contract is administered by Chris Lauer Information
      Technology Specialist, GSA/FTS Mid-Atlantic Region, 757-
      483-5815. The current QAP/COTR for this effort is Maj Mark O’Reilly. He is scheduled
      for QAP training in Oct. Our program managers work in a teaming environment with the
      vendors, and track performance through monthly activity reports and meetings. They
      monitor all deliverables ensuring they have been provided to the government as required
      in the task order and meet professional standards for format, content, and quality. All
      travel is monitored and performed in accordance with the SOW. Contractor oversight,
      including inspection and acceptance of services corresponding to the SOW, is performed
      by the QAP.

   f. Delivery or performance-period requirements: Request approval for the current option
      year as identified in paragraph d. above.

   g. Economy Act Determination: Not applicable to GSA orders. Authority is granted by
      U.S. Code 53.11.

3. Request favorable consideration and SDO approval to fund the current year of this project.
Subject funding for the current option year will expire 30 September 2005. Approval and MIPR
must reach GSA no later than 26 August 2005.

4. The point-of-contact for this action is myself at 757-764-0187 and Ms. Charlene Mangual
757-764-0552 AFC2ISRC/FM.

                                                  MARGARET SANTOS
                                                  AFDW – AFC2ISRC
                                                  Contracting Officer
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