The Social Media Conundrum

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					                                       autumn 2011

The Social Media Conundrum
           connections and concerns
  Americorps*VisTA   monTAnA mesA         serVing on
      profiles         progrAm      The googolplex™ boArd
       page 4          page 5             page 15
editoriaL & reports

                                                    From My Perspective by James robert Lay
                                                    Many credit unions continue to talk around the idea             credit unions must be
                                                    of social media. And that’s as far as things get some-          aware of the quickly
                                                    times for many reasons. However, in today’s rapidly             changing competitive
                                                    evolving world, social media for business is not what           environment that is
                                                    it used to be. The evolution of social media is social          being driven by social
              coVer sTory                           commerce and for credit unions this may mean social             commerce.
        Social Media:                               banking. But what does that mean? How will this                In my opinion, it is no
    Connections & Concerns                          affect our industry? As we go into planning session
            page 3                                                                                                 longer bank vs. credit               James Robert Lay
                                                    season, I invite you to bring the following topics to the      union, but credit union
            MESA Program                            table to spark conversations amongst your peers.               vs. Facebook, Paypal, Foursquare, Twitter, Google,
               page 5                               More and more, I am hearing credit unions talk about           Apple, etc. The competition for credit unions is rapidly
           Social Media                             other credit unions as their competition. Just the             changing to include organizations who are not the
         Impacts Advocacy                           other day I was at an industry event and when talking          traditional financial service provider.
              page 7                                SWOT with some, no one wanted to mention other                 Take for example, Facebook, the social network that
           Why Open Up                              local credit unions. Yet, I brought the issue to discus-       used to connect people together. Now, one can turn
          Mobile Channels                           sion and all those in attendance wanted to laugh off           real currency into Facebook credits to buy things in
              page 8                                the fact that they do “compete” with other community           a virtual world. But when will Facebook turn real
                                                    credit unions.                                                 currency into a way to create a new “global bank?”
         Corporate Merger
             Update                                 Yes… we go to the same conferences, break bread and
             page 11                                even share an adult beverage together… or two… or                             FroM My perspective, continued on page 14
         Sitting on the                             three. While this has been a traditional “threat” model,
       Googolplex Editorial
            page 15

      ~ in each issue ~
                                                     sisco kid is a Friend oF Mine
                                         page                                                                       MCUN
                                                     tracie: So when my friend Cindy created a Face-             Board Chair
 Cover Story. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                     book page for me (only so I could view my high             Chris Sisco and
 Philosophy in Action. . . . . . . . 4,5
                                                     school class reunion photos), my college-aged              Tracie Kenyon
 For Your Dues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 7
 League Service Group. . . . . . . . 8, 9            nephew “friended me” immediately and posted:
                                                    “Welcome to the soul-sucking world of Facebook.”               to tell something about a stranger or acquaintance,
 TSCCU Update . . . . . . . . . . .10, 11
                                                                                                                   fishermen, knitting and crochet)
 CUsource Update. . . . . . . . . . 12, 13          chris: Wow…was his prophetic uttering correct?
 Recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15                                                                  chris: There is a whole new world of connectivity,
                                                    tracie: Actually, no…though I can see how it could             complete with its own language…
                                                    get out of control.
         Network News                                                                                              tracie: No doubt! I’ve heard the terms “hashtag” and
        Publication Staff                           chris: We live in an age where everything can be              “mashable” thrown around while doing my research.
                                                    shared through tweets, Facebook, Linked-in…
               beth satre                                                                                          chris: I’m not even going to attempt to guess at the
       Editor and Design/Layout                     tracie: Instantaneously! When I did a Wikipedia                meanings of those words…
                                                    search for “social media sites,” I found a list of more
           editorial board                          than 200, with this disclaimer: “Please note the list is       tracie: Me neither…
   Tracie Kenyon, Tabitha Garvin,                                                                                  chris: What we both understand is that social media
     Tracy Houck, Steve Howke,
                                                    not exhaustive, and is limited to notable, well-known
  Donya Parrish, Jeanne Saarinen,                   sites.”                                                        is here to stay, and that it’s changing the way we
     Karen Smith, Ranel Smith,                                                                                     communicate.
           Tracy Thornburg                          chris: It should also be noted that no online dating
                                                    sites were included in your count (grin)!                      tracie: Absolutely… anyone can post nearly any-
                                                    tracie: I was amazed at the social networking sites            thing and find an audience.
                                                    available for select audiences (just a few: European           chris: What we hope to do is foster a conversation
                                                    jet set and social elite world-wide, anyone who wants          through social media.
    2—network news
                                                                                                                              cover story

credit unions and sociaL Media
Connections & Concerns
At first blush, social media and credit unions seem       BuiLding reLationships & creating coMMunity:
to be a perfect fit. After all, credit unions have been   Social networks allow credit unions to get their
working to build community and reaching out               "fans" and "followers" to participate in discussions
to create "circles" of friends since Roy Bergengren       and respond to things that
started organizing workers in the 1920s. Translating      are posted. If members
those core cooperative values into the electronic age     are engaged, social me-
should be a natural step for credit unions.               dia "done right" can lead
                                                          to more interest in and a
But it's not that easy. Balancing the risks and re-
                                                          deeper commitment to a
wards of social media is a challenge for credit unions.
                                                          credit union. Social net-
Robert Reh, Vice-Chair of the CUNA Technology
                                                          works can also offer en-
Council, lays out key risks and rewards in a column
                                                          gaged members an easy
that appeared in Credit Union Magazine1
                                                          opportunity to spread
                                                          the word about their
                                                          credit union … to their
Reh emphasizes the following "perceived and very
                                                          "friends" or members of their "circles,"
real dangers" that credit unions need to consider
                                                          and "groups."
when they start using social media.
reputation risk: Anything negative about your             investMent Makes the diFFerence                                sociaL Media
credit union that appears on social networks can          To reap the rewards of social media, however, it is
spread really quickly.                                    important to do it "right." It's not enough for a credit
productivity risk: Access to the Internet and social      union to just start a Facebook page or Twitter feed.           Forms of electronic
media sites can suck up a lot of staff time.              A recent Filene study2 examines the social media               communication (i.e.,
security risk: Incoming and outgoing messages can         practices of 187 credit unions that are "engaged in            websites for social
make your system more susceptible to viruses and          social media." The following three findings are key.           networking and micro-
                                                                                                                         blogging) through
hacking attacks.                                          there's no suBstitute For tiMe: Credit unions                  which users create
coMpLiance risk: The mention of products, even            that spend more than eight hours per week (and                 online communities
casually, in social media forums might require dis-       those with more than 10 marketing staff) are the               to share info, ideas,
closure statements.                                       most likely to have successful social media programs.          personal messages,
Like any other risks, these can be managed with           sociaL Media works Best iF a credit union is                   and other content.
some prior planning. Working with a credit union's        otherwise active: Credit unions that update a logo                           Dictionary
IT provider and using antivirus software can ame-         or brand, launch new products, or run campaigns
liorate the security risks. Developing a social media     have more social media success.
policy can help staff learn appropriate use of the        successFuL sociaL is purposeFuL: Credit unions
Internet and social media sites and disclosure state-     that have their social media goals aligned with their
ments are necessary.                                      strategic goals report the highest level of success with   1
                                                                                                                      "Social Media Risks and
                                                          social media.                                              Rewards" published in Credit
rewards                                                                                                              Union Magazine (December
                                                          Many people believe that credit unions must adopt          2010, page 60).
Finding a way to deal with the risks opens the door
                                                          social media and its corresponding technologies or
to a number of rewards for credit unions—rewards                                                                     2
                                                                                                                      The State of Social Media in
                                                          they run the risk of losing marketplace legitimacy.        Credit Unions: Opportunities
that can reap great benefits in this day and age.
                                                          The ever-improving technology and the growing              and Challenges published by
                                                                                                                     Filene Research Institute (April
Branding: As Reh writes, social media lets a credit       number of people—of all demographics—who par-              4, 2011).
union "take its website to the next level provid-         ticipate in social networks make social media some-
ing ... a personality that interacts with members and     thing that credit unions cannot ignore if they want
the community."                                           to serve their current members and attract new ones.
                                                                                                                         network news—3
phiLosophy in action

                                proFiLes in voLunteering
                                MCUCD Americorps*VISTA Members
                                One key reason for MCUCD's ongoing success is its                                              and three new members started theirs. Currently,
                                partnership with Americorps*VISTA, and the work                                                four VISTA members are part of the MCUCD
                                that VISTA members invest in MCUCD's various                                                   team. To introduce themselves, they provided their
                                programs during their year or two of service. This                                             profiles and their reasons for volunteering with
                                         summer, Aaron Hirsch finished his service                                             MCUCD—ala Facebook.

                                             wiLLiaM w. aMes Jr                                               Helena, Montana           AmeriCorps VISTA: MCUCD Program
                                                                                                                                                      or in Religious Studies
                                                                                                         Evaluation B.A. in Philosophy, Min
                                                                                                                                                   ks, sewing,
                                                 Kenosha, WI        MCUCD                                INTERESTS: cooking slowly, art wal
                                            AmeriCorps*VISTA–Program Expansion                           indie fabric design, the sme    ll of creek beds, black
                                                                                                                                                       g the “Big
                                                 B.S. in Molecular Biology &                              and white (film) photography, explorin
                                          Bioinformatics, Mathematics Minor at                            Sky,” the world from the    view of my sleeping bag,
                                          University of WI–Parkside                                       flea markets, making things by hand,
         INTERESTS: Bioengineering, Bioethics, Camping, Cooking, Economics,                                mountain tops, contribu    ting to a better system.
                                                                                                                                                      band and
         Fishing, Folk and Traditional Music, Green Architecture, Hiking, History,                         I am originally from Arkansas. My hus
         Technology, Transhumanism, Yoga                                                                   I moved to Montana four      years ago to these
                                                                                                                                                       e. We spend
         I previously served in Americorps as a Midwest Campus Compact–Citi-                                mountains that instantly felt like hom
                                                                                                            most of our free time trav   eling the state. The wild                            JaMi kirksey
         zen Scholar (M3C) Fellow with an environmental project. While em-                                                                              ires us to live
         ployed at the University of Wisconsin–Parkside’s Center for Community                               beauty we encounter in Montana insp                              se
                                                                                                             with intention. I feel very  lucky to be working with MCUCD, who
         Partnerships, I had the pleasure of working with four different VISTAs.                                                                        ome Montana     ns.
         Each VISTA made major impacts on the ability of youth in poverty to                                 efforts are so empowering for low-inc
         access both recreational and educational activities on the Root River in
         Racine, WI. In committing to an Americorps*VISTA service term, I hoped
         to build the same kind of capacity and transformative resources for those
         in need. Butte is a community of rich and vibrant history, a microcosm of                                                                          dan o'Brien
         the American experience. The potential to ascend beyond the economic
         vacuum left by the end of the mining industry is absolutely here, within
         the citizens of Butte. Working together, MCUCD, local agencies, and the                                                                                   Wauwatosa, Wisconsin            AmeriCorps
         unbreakable spirit of the good people of Butte can overcome all odds                                                                                  VISTA, MCUCD–CRC              B.A. in Sociology,
         and restore the community to economic vibrancy. I look forward to                                                                                     Religious Studies & Philosophy Minor; Beloit
         being part of that story…                                                                                                                              College, Beloit, WI
                                                                                                                                                                INTERESTS: Economics, Art, Architecture, En-
                                                                                                                                                                gineering, Self-sufficiency, Everything related to
                                                                                                                                                      food, Community Development/Planning, Happiness, etc.
                                                                                                                                                      HOBBIES: Playing sports, cooking, baking, playing vid-
    thor kasenko
                                                                                                                                                      eogames, listening to music, watching movies, reading,
                                              Schenectady, New York           MCUCD Outreach VISTA
                                                                                                                                     York             being outdoors, traveling, drinking beer, etc.
                                                                                           tical Science; State University of New
                                                Education: B.S. in Philosophy and Poli                                                                Studying Sociology taught me about the institutional
                                          College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY                                                      ns                     influences that impact individuals’ thoughts and actions,
                                                                                  ee, Philosophy, Writing, Montana, Kitte
                                          INTERESTS: Political Economy, Coff                                           ntaineering,                   and about the need for wide-scale sustainable change.
                                                                                   ic of questionable quality, Mou
                                          HOBBIES: Traveling, Producing mus                                                                           While I still believe this, I have also come to believe that
                                          Reading, Karaoke, Dancing, Sipping                                                      s, I                this kind of change takes a long time, and individuals
                                                                                        of the Catskill Mountains for four year
                                         After living and studying in the foothills                   in Albany. After a half year in Al-
                                                                                                                                                      and communities need help now. These ideas are a large
                                                                                       ing this time
                                          moved back to the Capital District, resid                            s. I had traveled 43 states            part of the reason why I took the position with MCUCD,
                                          bany, I realized that I oug ht leave New York for better horizon                      ewhere                because this organization’s work does a lot to improve
                                                                                      arch, knew exactly where to go; som
                                         by this time, and after a little bit of rese                 vist at heart, I had to believe in
                                                                                                                                                      the quality of life across the state via economic and social
                                                                           Montana. Being an acti
                                  new, a landscape anew, in the west:                                               did I happen into a               mobility, and I was excited to help somehow. Another
                                  the project that would be a part    of the next chapter of my life. Not only                                        reason why I chose to apply was that the program is a
                                                                                                                        believe in.
                                                                           ed a movement that I wholeheartedly
                                  state that I feel at home in, I discover                                                                            great opportunity for me to transition from school and
                                                                                                                                                      figure out what will be next. It did not hurt that the VISTA
                                                                                                                                                      position was located in beautiful Montana too :).
  4—network news
                                                                                                                      phiLosophy in action

heLping students achieve their education goaLs
Montana's MESA Program
Higher education is an investment, similar to buying a    Here’s how MESA works. Participating schools allocate
                                                                                                                             More Mesa
home or starting a business. And, just like becoming a    a part of their scholarship funds to the MESA Program.
home or business owner, it takes money and hard work.     MCUCD doubles their scholarship funds through a
In the coming years, more Montanans will be able to go    federal grant from the Assets for Independence Program
to college thanks to the new Montana Matched Educa-       administered by the US Department of Health and                    pArTicipATing
tion Savings Account (MESA) Program.                      Human Services. The money is then used to match the                   schools
                                                          savings of qualifying credit union members for tuition              Carroll College
MCUCD— together with Carroll College, University                                                                              UM–Missoula
of Montana, Student Assistance Foundation, and            and related costs.
Montana’s credit unions—recently developed and                                                                               pArTicipATing
                                                                                             For Mesa
launched this new, innovative program.                                                                                       crediT Unions
interview with one oF our partners                              QuaLiFic ation                               , students
                                                                                                                               Missoula FCU
                                                                                                                              Montana 1st CU
                                                                                             ESA program
                                                                 To partici   pate in the M                        ons.     Rocky Mountain CU
                                                                                                  ven qualificati
                                                                                  e following se
MCUCD recently sat down                                          must meet th                                               mesA AccoUnTs
                                                                                                      that	is	less	
with Janet Riis, Director                                                              hold	Income	
                                                                  •	 A nnual	House                   rty                    now AVAilAble
of Financial Aid at Carroll                                                          f Federal Pove
                                                                     than 200% o                               ding	
College, to talk about the                                                                     10,000	(exclu
                                                                   •	 Net	wo   rth	less	than	$                              projecT bUdgeT
MESA program and Carroll's                                                              one vehicle)
participation. Below are her                                          one home and                                             $235,200
comments.                                                           •	 Have	earned                               	             pArTner
                                                                                                 eposits	with	a
                                                                     •	 Minim   um	monthly	d                                conTribUTions
                                                                                        credit union
why did carroLL coLLege pur-                                            participating                        oney	
                                                                                                                             Carroll College
sue this prograM?                                                                            nal	finance/m
                                                                      •	 Co mplete	a	perso g                                    $30,000
Partnering with MCUCD and                                                management                                           UM–Missoula
the Student Assistance Foun-                 Janet Riis                                ducation	plan                             $45,000
                                                                       •	 Create	an	e                         school
dation (SAF) on the MESA matched savings pro-                                                	participating	                Student Assistance
gram was an opportunity Carroll couldn’t pass up.                       •	 Spend	funds	at	a                                    Foundation
The program is a win-win for our students and for                                                                                $25,000
Carroll, so it wasn’t a difficult decision. Students                                                                              MCUCD
are given the tools necessary to learn how to save        funding at the $4,000 level may mean a student
and manage budgets while they earn dollars for            doesn’t have to borrow as much in a loan which will
                                                                                                                            US Dept. of Health &
education. At Carroll the match is an 8:1 ratio so        reduce their overall loan debt when they graduate.                  Human Services
a student can save $500 and receive up to $4,000                                                                                 $117,600
                                                          what outcoMes do you hope to see as a resuLt?
to help them pay for their Carroll education—a
pretty remarkable return on investment for the            In the current academic year, Carroll would hope to
student and for Carroll.                                  see students pay for their education with fewer loans
                                                          while learning the benefits of
what was the need carroLL saw?                            saving. Long term, Carroll                   mcucd is on
Students pursuing higher education often need
more funding than the limited amounts they
                                                          would like to see our MESA
                                                          students graduate with lower                 facebook
receive from the federal government and the col-          loan debt, begin their post-col-!/
lege in financial aid, so it’s up to the student to be    lege life with a better under-          montanacreditunions
creative in finding resources to pay their education.     standing of debt management
Students apply for hundreds of scholarships and           and how saving will strengthen
try to borrow as little as possible, but sometimes        their future.
loans are the only other option. The MESA program         For more information on the MESA Program, contact
is another avenue for our students to pursue. MESA        MCUCD Director of Outreach Karen Smith.
                                                                                                                          network news—5
For your dues

 Your Network Staff                Ask Compliance
 Tracie Kenyon
                                   Q:       what should a credit union address in a
                                            social media policy?
                                                                                                      •	 require	professional	presence	and	responsibility	
                                                                                                         when an individual can be identified as a credit
                                                                                                         union employee;
 Kara connors
 Office Manager
                                   A:        According to a July 2011 Risk Alert from
                                             CUNA Mutual Group, credit unions
                                   should consider several types of risk in a social me-
                                                                                                      •	 determine	and	make	clear	how	the	credit	union	
                                                                                                         will be monitoring usage and resources; and

 Tabitha garvin                    dia policy. They recommend that a policy is needed                 •	 set	forth	expectations	for	reporting	and	handling	
 COO, Business Development         to communicate expectations and protect the credit                    any violations.
                                   union from unnecessary liability—especially if a
                                                                                                      If a credit union is considering or just starting to
 renee lyman                       credit union allows employees to use social media
 Marketing Coordinator                                                                                get involved with social media, it's smart to think
                                   via credit union resources.                                                                                                                        proactively. The social
 rachael milne                     The alert discusses the risks that                                                                  network is a dynamic
 VITA Program Manager              social media poses in the areas of                                                                  place, and a lot of un-
                                   compliance, network security, data                                                                  expected things can
 donya parrish                     leakage, reputation, and litigation.                                                                come up. It's impos-
 VP–Dues Supported Services
                                   It also provides the following tips to                                                              sible to plan for ev-
                                   mitigate risk. Credit unions should                                                                 erything, but having
 jeanne saarinen                                                                                                                       a policy in place that
 Executive Director, MCUCD         •	 educate	staff	about	the	risks	of	exposing	confi-
                                      dential information about their employer, other                 addresses these issues and sets clear expectations can
 beth satre                           employees, volunteers, and members;                             help a credit union avoid problems in the future.
 Communications Manager                     •	 establish	"best	practices"	for	such	social	media	use,	          The risk alert can be found in the online CMG
                                      lsuch as discouraging a supervisor from “friend-                Protection Resource Center or by contacting the
 Karen smith
 Dir.–Outreach Services, MCUCD        ing” direct reports;                                            Network Compliance Department.

 ranel smith
 Education Services Director


 Tracy Thornburg
 Director of Compliance Services                                                                                       sMaLL credit union workshop
                                                                                                       november 8, 2011 • bozeman mt
                                                                                                        Montana's smaller credit unions have the
                                                                                                        chance to spend a day with the NCUA, getting
                                                                                                        first-hand information and advice from the
                                                                                                        federal regulator on such topics as …
                                                                                                               • Issues FacIng credIt unIons

                                                                 directors conFerence                          • the ncua consumer
                                                                  In August, 35 credit union                     protection oFFice
                                                                 directors from around Montana                 • collectIons
                                                                converged in Helena for the Direc-
                                                               tor's conference. Here you see Ernie            • examInatIon Issues
                                                              Carlson (McCone County FCU) and                  • other hot topIcs
                                                              Doretta Hofland (Trico Community
                                                             FCU) istening to speaker Dan Clark.        The workshop is free to all and includes a con-
                                                            Below Randy Boysun (Montana FCU)            tinental breakfast and buffet lunch. Registra-
                                                           shows off the iPad he won at the
                                                                                                        tion is required. Register and read the agenda
                                                          America's Credit Union Conference earlier
                                                       this summer. (More photos from the Direc-        at (under Education).
                                                       tor's Conference on page 14.)
  6—network news
                                                                                                                                 For your dues

Social Media Impacts Political Action by donya parrish, cuce
As reporter Andrea Lutz recently stated in a news          and Facebook posts to
article, “Most of us know, Facebook is a great way         put their issue “on the
to connect. But the platform is changing every day,        table” so to speak. Ses-
now more than ever people are using the social net-        sion recaps have been
working site as a way to spread valuable information       replaced by weekly and
about a cause, a group, campaigns or even about the        daily emails, tweets,
place they live.”                                          and other methods of
                                                           social media.
My first sign that the 2008 election was different
came when a young co-worker mentioned he was go-           The good news is
ing to find out the outcome of the presidential race       that it is easier than
when he received his tweet from the Obama cam-             ever for the average
paign. Members of older generations (including me!)        citizen to partici-
planned to be plugged in to a 24-hour news channel         pate in our demo-
late into the night, but this young man was going          cratic process. The
to go about his regular life and still know the result     downside is that it can be                    Senators Jeff Essmann and Shannon Augere,
as soon as the race was decided. The truth is, some        a little time-consuming and addicting to      both strong allies of credit unions, came to
probably fell asleep before polls closed on the west       start following issues, with so many view     the Senate page luncheon aponsored by the
coast and resorted to an even older style of getting       publically available. Dinner table conver-    Network this past session. Senator Augere is
                                                                                                         a legislator who has embraced social media.
the election results—reading the morning paper!            sation is out there and the “family” is not   He is on both Facebook and LinkedIn … and
                                                           necessarily just in your community.           carries a smartphone.
poLitics and sociaL Media
                                                         It will be interesting to see where this
There is no question that politics has picked up on                                                                                 league board
                                                         trend goes by the 2012 election and the 2013 Mon-
the use of social media. It allows legislators to com-
                                                         tana Legislature. One can only imagine!                                          chris sisco
municate with their constituents—by                                                                                                                Chair
updating them on the progress of legisla-                                                                                         bernie neibauer
tion, offering their thoughts, and solicit-                                                                                                    Vice Chair
ing input on issues they will be voting
on. Updates, photos, videos, and more
                                                         keeping up with Montana's                                                  jeremy presta
are circulating before the gavel even                    congressionaL deLegation                                                          Tom boos
comes down in the hearing. No longer
do reporters run out of meetings to find               senator tester                                                                  bob bjelland
the nearest bank of pay phones (do they
                                                   !/senatortester                                        leslie hunter
even have those these days?). They are                                                                                                           Director
sending emails, tweets, texts, and other           !/jontester	                                                   Kathy shea
electronic communiques directly from                                                                                                             Director
their seats in meetings.                               congressMan rehBerg
Montana's 2011 Legislative Session saw               !/
a few state senators and representatives
using Twitter accounts, a couple finding             	
success in Facebook pages for their cam-             	
paigns, and even more politicos following
and featuring their actions regularly on
                                                         senator Baucus
these sites.
advocacy and sociaL Media
There are new strategies in grassroots
efforts too. Advocacy groups are post-
ing their views directly on web pages
                                                                                                                             network news—7
Lsg Business           Why Open Up to Mobile Channels
                       Consumer interest in all things mobile is higher        who are the MoBiLe Bankers?
co-oP Financial        than ever, but are mobile channels worth the invest-    People who download a banking app for their phone
                       ment? FIS™ Enterprise Strategy studied the market       (rather than just accessing their financial institution’s
cUadvantage            and conducted a large online survey in February         site through their phone browser) are more than
cU auditing            2011. Their research found that three things are pro-   likely mobile users. They are mostly young, connect-
cU Recovery            pelling mobile banking:                                 ed, and a big-bank patrons.
cU Succeed
                       Better technoLogies for mobile devices allow            Gen Y accounts for 26% of mobile phone owners but
cUNa Mutual Group
                       consumers to use their mobile phone connections to      54% of banking app users. These mostly 20-some-
digital compliance
                       do more things— from creating and sharing a video       things (the oldest are now 31) are beginning to build
empire office
                       to accessing information, including one’s financial     and feather their nests. They demand quick access
                       accounts, anywhere and anyplace.                        to funds wherever they are and whenever they need
                                                                               them. Access to mobile banking is the cost of entry
    Harland clarke     There are more MoBiLe Banking apps than ever —
                                                                               if you want to do business with Gen Y (Figure 1).
icUl Service
*                      between 1,400 and 1,600.
corporation                                                                    Large banks have led the way in providing apps to
                       peopLe want to stay connected; 73% of mobile
invest in america                                                              their customers, and customers of the top-10 banks
                       phone owners say they don’t go anywhere without it.
John M. Floyd &
                                                                               account for nearly six out of 10 banking app us-
                                                                               ers (Figure 2). FIS's survey also found that large
Mountain West                                                                  banks give their customers a more satisfying mobile
                                                                               banking experience, which makes them “stickier”
Repo Remarketing
business partners of                                                           Another important thing that sets mobile bank-
both lSG and cSS
                                                                               ing users apart is their financial habits, which are
                                                                               driven by their above-average mobility and online
cuna strategic
services (css)                                                                 It's important to note, however, that FIS's research
                                                                               shows that mobile banking is not a substitute for
3Si Security Systems                                                           a physical trip to the branch or ATM. Mobility
accel                                                                          increases exposure to places where financial transac-
agility Recovery                                                               tions can be conducted. For mobile banking users,
cU calendars                                                                   mobile banking is an additional point of contact
diebold                                                                        with their financial institution, not a substitute.
id analytics                                                                   are MoBiLe Banking users worth the eFFort?
intuit Financial                                                               The answer to this question is, unequivocally, yes.
Services                                                                       When compared against non-mobile banking users
MoneyGram                                                                      within their generations, mobile banking users have
ongoing operations                                                             higher asset balances. The young ones — Gen Y and
Panini USa                                                                     Gen X — also have higher credit and loan balances
Passageways                                                                    as a result of their acquisitive life stages.
                                                                               This article was adapted from Clearing the Runway for
Switch SuperNaP
                                                                               Mobile Banking Adoption, which was written by Mandy
                                                                               Putnam, FIS Director of Research & Thought Leadership
                                                                               and appeared in the August 2011 issue of Strategic Insights.
    8—network news
People Silent About Montana Credit Unions
by tabitha garvin, phd
“This nation will survive, this state will prosper, the
 orderly business of life will go forward if only men
 can speak in whatever way given them to utter what
 their hearts hold by voice.” – William Allen White
Giving the people a voice is a risky enterprise when
you consider the risk to your credit union’s reputation.
Yet, the power of social media is providing a forum
in which people may voice their thoughts. Internet
searching sites like and help
consumers find information about businesses in their
let me gIve you an example. While on vacation, I                                                                                                              ish brewing
                                                                                                                                        n cup of coffee to fin
                                                                                                         ile wa  iting for her afternoo                      obile phones
pulled out my smartphone to find a restaurant op-                                   her smartphone wh                                 ers who take their m
                                                                Tabitha Garvin uses                         is one of the 73% of us
tion for dinner. I was intrigued by one choice. And                                  ces, proving that she
                                                                at the Network's offi        page 8).
                                                                                       ry on
then I read some of the comments people had posted.              EVERYWHERE (see sto
Mostly negative. I selected another option. Why take
a chance?                                                  unions had been reviewed. People seem to be silent
                                                           about Montana’s credit unions.                                                      lsg serVices
Like me, many people use their smartphone to search
for businesses and closely read the reviews. According     danger ahead! Those who speak are the only ones
                                                                                                                                               Smart MoVeS
to Nielson’s Q1 report, smartphone usage has now           that can be heard. Cranky and complaining mem-                                      	 •		Volunteer	Training
outpaced traditional cell phones. Many potential           bers may be the first to let the world know of their                                	 •		Strategic	Planning
credit union members are going to use their smart-         experience. On the social media sights, the first re-                               	 •		Succession	Planning
phone, iPad, or computer to search for a financial         views and the negative reviews seems to always be at                                	 •		EZ	Finance	Reports
institution. What are people saying about your credit      the top of the list.                                                                	 •		Board	Retreats
                                                           opportunity aBounds! Review your own credit                                         Network compliance
As I searched online for some of Montana’s credit          union. If no one else has, put up a five star rating.
                                                           Keep your comments short. Let the world know that                                   Nada
unions, I found many sites that offer people the op-
portunity to write a review. I found very few credit       your credit union is great for your community.

                                                                                                                                                    adding or
  28,000 reasons                                             locate atms vIa text messagIng                                                         reviewing
  Members Love credit unions                                 Simply determine your location and text the ad-
                                                             dress, intersection or zip code to 692667 (MY-
       Members of a CO-OP Network credit union               COOP). You’ll receive a prompt response with the                                     For QuaLity
       have surcharge-free access to 28,000 ATMs             location of the CO-OP ATM nearest the location
       nationwide. And, CO-OP's gone mobile— get             you requested.
       more info at                                                                                                           soLutions
                                                             Locate atMs via gps                                                                    For your
       Locate atMs via iphone app                            Download the database of more than 28,000 sur-                                       credit union
       CO-OP’s Locator App for iPhone makes find-            charge-free ATMs directly to your Garmin®, Tom
       ing an ATM a snap. Search ‘CO-OP ATM’                 Tom® or other GPS device. You can get the link at                                       Tabitha Garvin
       in the iTunes App Store. The app is free, easy, You’ll never be lost look-                                    800.745.5546 ext 132
                                                             ing for your CO-OP ATM again.                                              
       and there’s no registration process.
                                                                                                                                                network news—9
                                               CEO Corner
                                               I’ve really got to hand it to the       I have, in the past, used these columns as an oppor-
                                               folks who decide on the theme for       tunity to reflect on my youth, commenting on the
                                               Network News. Each time I think         changes wrought by time and comparing my (and
                                               to myself, “There's no way they can     my kids') lives now to my life then. So, here goes …
                                               possibly come up with a topic that
                                               I know less about than this one for     personaLLy speaking
                                               the next issue.” Then, they do ….       To be honest, it's a little hard to imagine what life
                                                                                       would’ve been like if Facebook, Twitter, and You-
                                                  "Gen X and Gen Y," "Women in         Tube were a going concern when I was growing up
                                                   Leadership," "Technology" were a    in a relatively small town in northwest Montana.
                  steve howke, president/ceo       few topics that were challenging,   After all, I felt plenty connected to the people in our
                                                   but "Social Media" has got to be    little community without the benefit of those social
                                    the toughest by far … In fact, I have to admit     channels, and the neighborhood grapevine seemed
                                    that I wasn't really even sure what "Social Me-    to work awfully quickly. I'm still astounded by the
                                    dia" is, so I had to ask someone.                  speed in which my parents heard about my mis-
Your TSCCU Staff
                                 I'm not sure I got much clarity … but, here goes.     chievious activities and misdeeds. I don't think my
Steve Howke                                                                            life would have been any richer (or easier) had Mrs.
                                From what I understand, "Social Media" is a
President/CEO                                                                          Linde been on Twitter, monitoring and tweeting
   ( 128                        way for people to stay connected with “friends”
                                                                                       the activities in the neighborhood.
                                via the Internet. If they connect frequently and
Sylvia Jackson                                                           And, I'm extremely glad that digital cameras and
                                invest enough in those connections, they might
Director of Compliance
and Risk Management
                                                                         videos weren’t around. The last thing I would’ve
                                establish an electronic community. I also un-
    ( 129                                                                wanted was a video of me, standing on a stump in
                                derstand that you can disseminate information                                                front of a bonfire at Five-Mile gravel pit performing
                                that is important to you and obtain feedback
Frances Calhoun                                                          an air guitar routine to Blue Oyster Cult's “Godzil-
                                from your “friends.” I was also told that in this
Member Service Representative
   ( 125
                                                                         la” with a tutu wrapped around my head. There's
                                age of digital technology it is very easy to post                                                     a good chance it would have gone viral… Since
                                photographs or videos to your Facebook page
Diane Halferty                                                           it wasn't recorded for posterity, let's just say it was
                                … or other people can post images of YOU to
Member Service Representative                                            an inspired performance. So inspired that had my
                                THEIR page to share with their “friends.”
   ( 130                                                                      dad happened to see that on the
                                                                                            Internet, I can say with certainty
                                                                                            that "Social Media" would’ve
                                 … the neighBorhood grapevine seeMed to work                been responsible for killing my
                                 awFuLLy QuickLy. i'M stiLL astounded By the speed          social life.
                                in which My parents heard aBout My activities                             That story almost makes me recon-
                                                                                                          sider my reluctance when it comes
                                and Misdeeds. i don't think My LiFe wouLd have                            to "Social Media"— after all my
                                Been any richer (or easier) had Mrs. Linde Been on                        kids are growing up. Thankfully,
                                                                                                          they're not quite to the air guitar
                                twitter, Monitoring and tweeting the activities                                                                                            stage so I have a few more years to
                                in the neighBorhood.                                                     "get with it."

                                                                                                          proFessionaLLy speaking
                                 Okay, I guess I do have a vague idea about So-        Even though NCUA and CUNA have Twitter feeds,
                                 cial Media, but I still can't think of anything       the role that Social Media can play with corporate
                                 pertinent or witty to write on the topic.             credit unions is, to my mind, limited. After all,
10—network news
much of our business is centered on providing a                 and webcasts, but I don’t think that really qualifies
supportive role while operating silently in the                 as Social Media.
                                                                                                                                     Your TSCCU
                                                                                                                              Board of Directors
background … and much of what we do with
                                                                So there you have it. A column that contains over
and for our members is confidential. As far as                                                                                                  Kevin Mayer
                                                                500 words saying nothing constructive about the                          Chair • Richland FCU
I’m concerned, we will continue to dissemi-
                                                                topic at hand. Let’s see what they can throw at me                            Steve Grooms
nate information and gather feedback the old                                                                                       Vice Chair • 1st Liberty FCU
                                                                next time!
fashioned way— via phone calls and personal                                                                                                    Kathy Briggs
visits. Lest anybody claim that we are stuck in                                                                              Secy/Treasurer • Family First FCU
the Twentieth Century, we will also use emails                                                                                                    Gary Clark
                                                                                                                                      Director • Missoula FCU
                                                                                                                                      Annamarie DeYoung
Editor's Note: Contrary to what this column seems to suggest, the author does have a seat on the Network News editorial                   Director • Sky FCU
board. If you have topics you think might stump Steve or that you would simply like to see in upcoming issues and columns,           Rhonda Diefenderfer
let Beth Satre ( know.                                                                                                   Director • Altana FCU
                                                                                                                                            Paula Ruddock
                                                                                                                                        Director • Rimrock CU

   An Update on the Corporate Merger
   Due to the fluidity of the merger process for cor-             The staff and board of Treasure State are very                       Committee
   porate credit unions, the timeline for finalizing              encouraged by the support we have received both
                                                                                                                                              Brent Martin
   the merger between Treasure State and Kansas                   from our members and KCCU's members. The                     Chair • Helena Community CU
   corporate credit unions changed a bit over the                 vote to merge was overwhelmingly approved, with                     Annamarie DeYoung
   summer. The adjusted schedule is shown below.                  over 90 percent participation and nary a "no" bal-                             Sky FCU
   Because we are well into the process and have                  lot. We will continue to provide updates as events                             Gary Clark
   been in constant communication with all of the                 warrant, but if you have any questions in the                                 Missoula FCU

   regulatory agencies, we feel confident that we can             meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve                                Al Vukasin
                                                                                                                                                 Bear Paw CU
   adhere to the following timeline.                              Howke at 1-800-745-5546 ext. 128.
                                                                                                                                          Steve Howke and
                                                                                                                                             Sylvia Jackson
                     updated Merger tiMeLine                                                                                                          TSCCU

   Mar. 31, 2011 ....... Both boards voted on the intent        august 2011 ....... Report Results of Membership
                         to Merge                                                   Vote                                                Supervisory
   apr. 7, 2011 ......... Submitted completed Intent            Begining oF ......Start Capital Subscription
                          to Merge forms to KDCU                sept. 2011        Phase. Information Packets sent                             Teri Krakowka
                                                                                                                                  Chair • Southwest Montana
                          Administrator                                           to TSCCU Members. Members                                   Community FCU
                                                                                  have until Nov. 15, 2011 to decide                               Deb Evans
   apr. 12, 2011 ........ Develop a joint member
   & ongoing                                                                      whether to capitalize.                             Great Falls Teachers FCU
                                                                                                                                            Laura Scoville
                                                                Mid sept. 2011 ....Submit Merger Package to NCUA
   June 2011 ............ Develop the Merger Plan and                                                                               Gateway Community FCU
                                                                                   for Final Approval
                          get Approval from Both Boards
                                                                nov. 15, 2011 .......KCCU Capitalization Deadline
   JuLy 2011............. Preliminary Approval from
                          Regulatory Agencies                   ncua nov. .........NCUA Board Review for Final
                                                                Board Meeting Approval of Merger
   august 2011 ....... Membership Vote on Merger
                                                                nov. 30, 2011.......Merger Complete

                                                                                                                             network news—11
cUsource                            Profiles and Passwords
management Team                     by tracy houck, Marketing & Business development Manager
shirley bailey
President / CEO                     What is the difference between a social media profile            share and connect…. Telling members to not share
                                    page and Internet banking passwords?                             personal information is not going to be advice that's
lora helman                                                                                          widely embraced.
Chief Financial Officer             For millions of Americans, there is no difference. The
                                    various phrases and words used in passwords that pro-
mark mauler                                                                                          education is aLways the Best pLace to start
                                    tect their personal finances is often easily found in the
Programer/Engineer                                                                                   Educate members on the importance of passwords                  material they post on their profiles. High school mas-
                                                                                                     that are strong and impersonal. Encourage them to
Kevin hollingworth                  cots, favorite pets, birthdates, and other identifying
                                                                                                     use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. Help
Technical Services Manager          information is all-too available out on social networks.                                                                                  them understand how easy it is to glean personal
brandi holefelder                                                                                    information from social media sites. Credit unions
                                    sharing soMetiMes undercuts security
Software Services Manager                                                                            should also check in with their members to review                The concept behind social media is sharing. Social
                                                                                                     their security questions and passwords to make sure
Kelly calnan                        networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Four-
                                                                                                     they (unlike my mother's maiden name) are still
Draft Services Manager              square, and Twitter have been designed to build and                                                                                  secure. If they aren't, they should be changed to
                                    connect communities of people with similar likes and
mickey Kunnary                                                                                       something more secure. Remind members that writ-
                                    interests. They keep families and friends linked, even
Print/Mail Services Manager                                                                          ing down passwords to remember them is okay, but                though they may be separated by miles.
                                                                                                     keeping that list in their wallet or next to their home
Tracy houck                         Log on to one of my profile pages, and you will find             computer is not. It is also important not to share pass-
Marketing & Business Dev. Manager                 out where I went to high school (and when I gradu-               words with family, friends, or co-workers.
chandra Thronson                    ated), that I love country music, and think my kids
                                                                                                     Many of these suggestions are just common sense,
Real Estate Manager                 are rock stars. Log onto another, and you will find                                                                                but they are important to repeat. In fact, repeat
                                    out my business experience, training, and education.
                                                                                                     them in your newsletter, on flyers, and (of course)
                                    Between the two, you will also discover my maiden
Real Estate Office                  name and my mother’s maiden name.
                                                                                                                            on your social media site.
dan eggen                           Those two nuggets of infor-
Sr. Processing Specialist                   mation were once the ticket
gail burt
Processing Specialist
                                    to all my financial and insur-
                                    ance records.
                                                                                                                                    dueLing pianos ......                                                                                                                       CUsource brought the
genia hageman                       Credit unions invest in power-                                                                       Salt Lake City duo
Processing Specialist               ful and sophisticated systems                                                                         Dueling Pianos Any-                 to protect member data. They
                                                                                                                                  anos    where in to perform at
                                    offer multi-layered protection and                                             g to Dueling Pi
                                                                                          hers FCU staff dance alon CUsource fundraiser.   the Montana Credit
                                    authentication to online bank-        Great Falls Teac ds in Low Places” at the                        Union’s for Commu-
                                    ing sites. They use firewalls and     Anywhere's “Fri
                                                                                                            nity Development (MCUCD) fundraiser at the
     CUsource, LLC                  software to protect against data breaches and viruses.              CUsource User Conference. Over 100 conference
                                    However, members have to protect their data, too.                   attendees and credit union staff came to enjoy great
     Corporate Office               How good is your security if you lock all your win-                 music and have a lot of fun.
 501 Park Drive S, Ste 400          dows, but the front door is wide open?
       PO Box 3329
                                                                                                    raising Money:
  Great Falls, MT 59403             heLping MeMBers protect their data                              To make a song request, people wrote down the name
  Great Falls and Helena            What can credit unions do to help members protect               of the song and a donation pledge. Anyone in the
       800.823.2876                 their data? When it comes to posting personal infor-            audience could stop a song with a pledge that was at
  Billings: 800.528.6668            mation, conflicting advice abounds, and caution is              least $1 more than the original. Greg Strizich (Hel-
                                    advised when posting anything—especially photos.                ena Community CU) kicked things off with a $50
                                    But again, the purpose of these sites is to help people         pledge, and things started rolling from there, with
 12—network news
   Let's Build Something Together
   by tracy houck, Marketing & Business development Manager
   This September, credit unions from all over Montana            •		 Metered	data	becomes	
   came to Great Falls for the 2011 CUsource user con-                reality
   ference aptly titled Let’s Build Something Together.             	
                                                                  •	 The	rise	of	4G
   Credit unions learned about marketplace trends and             •		 Video	Chat	goes	
   the technology available that they could use to build              mainstream
   and cultivate member relationships while maximiz-              •		 Tablet	competition	takes	off
   ing effiency in the back office.                                 	
                                                                  •	 Mobile	payments	get	real	
   think tank urges credit unions to think MoBiLe                                                                      Mike Resler, Heath Fudge,
                                                             Smartphones are projected to overtake feature .         Joe Wasilewski (seated) and
   CU Tech, a technology think tank for credit unions                                                                Mark Mauler at the CUsource
                                                             phones in the US in 2011 (with an estimated
   based in California, delivered the keynote address in                                                                Tech Department’s booth
                                                             1.8 billion being used worldwide by year's end).        showcasing OnBase Archival
   which the organization's President Girish Shah and
                                                             Interestingly, 1 in 5 smartphone owners admits                and Retrieval options.
   Vice President of Technology Research Jodi Torres
                                                             to being addicted, and 65% of iPhone users
   challenged credit unions to learn more about Enter-
                                                             surveyed by Crowd Science said they would fish               Your CUsource
   prise Risk Management (ERM), mobile trends and
                                                             their beloved device out of a public toilet. Consumer         Investors and
   apps, payment options, and reward programs.
                                                             use of downloadable apps has skyrocketed since the        Board of Directors
   After stating that mobile networks cover approxi-         iPhone App Store opened in July 2008. By July
                                                             2011, more than 10 billion apps had been down-                             Greg Strizich
   mately 90% of the world’s population, CU Tech
                                                                                                                          Chair • Helena Community CU
   highlighted InformationWeek’s mobile predictions          loaded from iTunes, and, as of July 2011, Google’s
                                                                                                                                               Deb Evans
   for 2012:                                                 Android was also gaining momentum with 4.5              Vice-Chair • Great Falls Teachers FCU
    •	 Majority	shift	to	smartphones
     	                                                       billion app downloads.
                                                                                                                                           Wally Berry
    •	 Android	takes	the	smartphone	lead
     	                                                                                                                    Secy/Treasurer • Montana FCU
                                                             where do we stand?                                                              Tom Boos
    •	 Smartphone	user	shifts	toward	prepaid
                                                             A TowerGroup study commissioned by ClairMail                          Director• Billings FCU
                                                             found that adoption and use of mobile banking                             Anna DeYoung
                                                                         is increasing faster than any other                           Director • Sky FCU

.... a Mcucd Fundraiser                                                   channel in banking history. And in                   Rhonda Diefenderfer
                                                                                                                                  Director • Altana FCU
   song pledges ranging from $5 to $500 and everybody getting             January the Credit Union Times ran
                                                                          the story “Mobile Banking Has Be-                                   Tom Kiely
   into the singing and dancing!                                                                                                   Director • EDTECH FCU
                                                                          come a Must-Have for CU Survival.”
                                                                                                                                     Bernie Neibauer
   Favorites oF the night                                                 In Montana, people have access to               Director • Russell Country FCU
   Great Falls Teachers FCU staff laughingly requested “Take This         mobile service and banking options                                Chris Sisco
   Job	And	Shove	It,”	which	Deb	Evans,	President/CEO	quickly	             in places without Internet service.                  Director • Montana 1st CU

   stopped and replaced with “Whistle While You Work.” Scott                  CUsource offers credit unions a
   Jourdonnais (Curtis 1000), Scott Johnson, (Park Side FCU),                 variety of mobile banking options           CUsource, LLC
   Mike Resler (CUsource), and Scott Smith (MCUN) donned cos-                 through its business relationships
                                                                                                                          Corporate Office
   tumes and performed "YMCA." A flurry of pledges requesting a               with Harland FS, ORCC (Online           501 Park Drive S, Ste 400
   song and dance, then reassigning the dance between Montana 1st             Resources), CU Tech, CUBUS, and               PO Box 3329
   CU and Great Falls Teachers FCU netted over $1,500.                        Bluepoint Solutions. From basic          Great Falls, MT 59403
   Other top bids had CUsource's Tracy Houck enduring “Stair-                 packages that provide simple text
                                                                              alerts on balances and account ac-       Great Falls and Helena
   way	to	Heaven”	and	Shirley	Bailey,	CUsource	President/CEO,	                                                              800.823.2876
   being a good sport with “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”                  tivity to smart phone applications
                                                                              technology, CUsource can fit your        Billings: 800.528.6668
   All in all, the evening was a lot of fun and over $4,000 was               credit union with options that grow
   raised for MCUCD's programs.                                               with you.
                                                                                                                     network news—13
                            FroM My perspective, cont. from page 2
                                                                                                       Jack Dorsey, co-creator of Twitter, started Square in
                                                                                                       2009 to help local merchants accept credit cards via
                                                                                                       iPhones. For example, no longer does the babysit-
                                                                                                       ter have to accept cash. She can quickly whip out
                                                                                                       her iPhone and run a credit card transaction for her
                                                                                                       services. How will this emerging mobile payment solu-
                                                                                                       tion affect credit unions?
                                                                                                       Also, spun off from Twitter is BankSimple with co-
                                                                                                       founder Alex Payne on a mission to, “create a bank
                                                                                                       that doesn’t suck.” He continues by stating that Bank-
                                                                                                       Simple is, “An easy, intuitive, and social bank for peo-
                                                                                                       ple who appreciate simple online services. Unlike other
James Robert Lay facili-    According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “If only one                          banks, we don’t trap you with confusing products nor
tates the discussion this   of every five Facebook users adopted Credits to buy                        do we charge any hidden fees. No overdraft fees. We
summer at the Mountain      things, Facebook would be as big as PayPal. And once                       use sophisticated analytics to help you better manage
Regional Roundtable         Facebook makes us comfortable with Credits, it could                       your finances by providing you a individualized ser-
July in Jackson Hole,
                            then transition to a global bank, storing your financial                   vice, catered to your needs and goals.” Can your credit
                            assets like gem points in Bejeweled Blitz.”                                union provide one-to-one banking like this?
                            While Twitter may not be offering financial solutions                      Going against traditional financial service thinking
                            directly, two of its major plays have done just that.                      Alex states, “We have absolutely no intention of spend-
                                                                                                       ing your money on high-budget ads. The best way to
                                                                                                       sell a product is to have a [fabulous] product. And for
                                  2011 directors conFerence                                            us this means no hidden fees, fantastic online experi-
                                                                                                       ence, awesome customer service and, a much simpler,
                                                                                                       personalized financial service.” What will your credit
                                                                                                       union do to engage both merchants and consumers?
                                                                                                       Or what about Google who has recently partnered
                                                                                                       with MasterCard, First Data, Citi and Sprint to create
                                                                                                          Google Wallet? Not only are consumers excited
                                                                                                          about the possibilities of this new financial service,
                                                                                                          merchants are as well. According to Google, they
                                                                                                          believe they're on the brink of the next big shift.
                                                                                                          How will your credit union adapt to this shift?
                                                                                                          The competitive landscape is quickly changing
                                                                                                          for credit unions. However, it is not something to
                                                                                                          be feared but rather embraced, understood, and
                                                                                                          (ultimately) learned from to grow your credit union,
                                                                                                          because that 6% of market share you are competing
                                                                                                          for is about to get even smaller.

                                                                                                       James Robert Lay is the "grower of relationships" at PTP
                                                                                                       New Media, which he founded in 2002. The folks at PTP
                            Director Conference participants had time to discuss issues with volun-    New Media help organizations (including credit unions)
                            teers from other credit unions. Here are a four photos that show how       engage, connect, and interact to "grow relationships and tell
                            engaged they were. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Corinne Cole (Family          their story through integrated marketing communications."
                            First FCU) talks to Karyl Beattie (Trico Community FCU). Dee Sizeland      PTP New Media started CU*SWAG to give credit unions a
                            (Ravalli County FCU) raises her hand. Dan Clark (a conference presenter)   unique—wearable—way to educate the public and share the
                            takes notes takes notes for his group. Dick Nauman (Altana FCU) gestures   credit union difference. Lay is sporting CU*Swag creations
                            as he makes a point.                                                       in both photos of him.
14—network news

Serving on the Googolplex Youth Editorial Board
For over 12 years now, Googolplex has been CUNA’s         cost money, and
online subscription for credit unions who want to give    that making deci-
their younger members a “youth-centric” way to learn      sions to save money,
money skills. The “plex” is actually three separate       like staying home
websites geared toward three age groups – “5-Spot” for    and playing cards
elementary students, “AJ’s” for middle school students,   instead of going to a
and “C-Note” for high school students.                    $15 movie, can be a
                                                          good thing.”
Each site offers fun, active, and interactive articles,
games, and videos with age-appropriate content and        What Satre valued
regularly posts new content. Managing Editor Rena         most, however, was
Crispen believes that a critical component of Goo-        the editorial process
golplex's success is their youth editorial board. Each    itself. “It made me
year, she sifts through a ton of applications turned in   feel important when
by youthful credit union members from around the          my suggestions were
nation in search of 12 kids, four to serve on each of     taken seriously and actually put into the revised story               Brooke Satre shows
                                                                                                                         Riley Dunn the article she
Googolplex’s three editorial boards.                      or game.”                                                        wrote and published on
                                                                                                                     Googolplex when she served
Because the staff rely heavily on youth editorial board    Satre noted that experience was bolstered when she         on the youth editorial board
members to vet the articles, games, and surveys to         wrote and submitted an article for publication on        of "AJ's," Googolplex's website
make it a “For Kids, by Kids Website,” their writing      “AJ’s” -- an opportunity offered each youth editorial            for middle-school-aged
and communications skills are key. So is their willing-    board member at the end of their term. “Writing the               credit union members.
ness to engage with the content they are evaluating.       article, getting the edits back, and working through
                                                           them made me a better writer. It also made me appre-
“We look for those who have spunk and make sugges-
                                                           ciate the work that goes into a website. Getting paid
 tions,” says Crispen.
                                                           was sweet, too.”
Montana has Been represented
                                                          googolplex Is a great tool For credIt unIons
Two students from Helena, Montana—Riley Dunn
                                                          Clearly, students like Dunn and Satre who serve on
and Brooke Satre—have made that cut and selected
                                                          Googolplex’s editorial board gain a lot. The website’s
to serve on “AJ’s” youth editorial board. Dunn, a sev-
                                                          aim, however, is to provide a fun, accessible learning
enth grader, is in the midst of her nine-month term.
                                                          experience for young credit union members across the
Satre, who is now a high school senior, sat on the
                                                          United States.
same editorial board in 2007-08 as an eighth grader.
                                                          The input from its youth editorial board members
The two agree that the position is interesting but
                                                          combined with the expertise in financial matters
demanding. Each board member signs a formal
                                                          housed at CUNA has allowed Googolplex to create
agreement at the beginning of their term, in which
                                                          something special says Managing Editor Crispen. “It’s
they promise to complete two in-depth evaluation
                                                          wonderful to know that the information on the web-
questionnaires, one for an article and one for a game,
                                                          site is accurate, but written for kids,” she explains.
along with a survey every month.
                                                          Crispen emphasizes however, that Googolplex
Although she’s only a few months into her term,
                                                          should not be used as a stand-alone program, if
Dunn is enjoying the experience. “I like reading all of
                                                          credit unions want to maximize the benefits itoffers.
the stories and playing the games. It’s a fun oppor-
                                                          Rather, it should be considered as only one (albeit
tunity to learn different things. In a lot of ways, she
                                                          powerful) element of a credit union’s youth pro-
explains, “this is my first introduction to money as
                                                          gram. To foster this connection, the Googolplex is
something to think about,” she explained
                                                          set up to allow subscribing credit unions to incorpo-
Satre concurred, saying “being on the Googolplex          rate their logo into all the webpages and their young
board in middle school helped me learn about the          members gain access to Googolplex from their
value of money – that the things in the fridge actually   credit union’s home page.
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