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					                     Navy Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)
An educational support program for full time students within 24 months of completing their BSN
degree and who desire to serve the US Navy after graduation.

   Eligible Degree Programs:
        o NLNAC or CCNE accredited BSN programs

      o Monthly Continuation bonus of $1000
      o $10,000 signing bonus paid as $5000 at signing then $5000 6 months into the program

   Military/Service Commitment
       o 4 years of active duty obligation for up to 12 months of scholarship
       o 5 years for 12months and 1 day to 24 months of scholarship

   Eligibility Criteria
       o U.S. Citizen (dual citizenship not permitted)
       o Physically qualified for a commission in the U.S. Navy
       o Accepted into an accredited residency training program
       o At least 18 years old and able to complete 20 years of commissioned service
         before the age of 62
       o Enrolled or accepted into a full time (not on-line) accredited BSN program

      o Find a recruiter:
      o Local medical officer program recruiters assist with application
      o Requires school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores
      o Must complete a physical exam (recruiter will schedule for you)
      o Process typically takes 3 months to complete

   More information:
      o More information on Navy Medicine:

      o Navy HPSP Website:

      o Accessions Department e-mail:
      o Head, Student Programs: LCDR Marlene Sanchez 301-295-1217;

      o Program Manager: Dr. Sandra Yerkes 301-295-9950;
      o Asst. Program Manager: LT Yolanda Adams 301-319-4531;

      o Registrar:Mrs. Frances Smith– 301-319-4526;

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