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Timberwolf Times by K8R0b2R9


									      Timberwolf Times
  Grades 7/8                 Midland Middle School                                                   Fall 2006

Principal’s Report                                                                 SPEECH TEAM
By Sapphire Mitchell                                                             By Lexi Lewandowski
        Today I interviewed Mr. Mair about the 2006–
2007 school year. I asked him what his plans were for                   For the first year ever, the Speech Team
this school year. He said that, in general, he‟s going to       includes fifth and sixth graders. In the previous nine
continue school improvement and work on the                     years, the Speech Team consisted of only seventh
students‟ character. He plans to continue attempting to         and eighth graders. The Speech Team is coached by
create an environment where students feel welcome               Julie Quimby for seventh and eighth graders and Jan
and want to learn.                                              Tomlin for fifth and sixth graders. In all, there are 49
        I asked another question, “Are there any                speech participants! The contest this year was on
changes that you are going to do this year and what             Friday, November 3 in Mossville from 4:30-9:30. This
are a few of them?” He said, “Nothing major. I made             year, in fifth and sixth grade, doing a solo, is Maggie
the changes at the beginning of the year.” But he is            Schoepke, Laura Hoffman, Wilson Gilkerson, Erin
giving recess to the 7th and 8th graders for a privilege        McKee, and Myranda Weide. Doing a duet is Carly
that they earned. I asked, “What made you decide to             Rinaldo and Myranda Weide, Michelle Adolphson and
have only two lunch periods instead of four?” He said,          Rachel Sloan, Kaylee Kingen and Ashley Kyle, Abby
“The school isn‟t having that many kids enrolling for           Colvin and Rachelle Judd, James Holocker and
hot lunch and to get more instructional time during the         Deanna Poignant, and Anna Nofsinger and Paige
day.”                                                           Steffen. Doing a small group is Amelia Carr, Alex
        To end the conversation, he added that he is            Lord, and Emily Rock, and Amber Bennington, Abi
proud of the students and teachers. He has a good               Desmet, and Abbie Smith. For seventh and eighth
working relationship with the teachers and he‟s proud           graders: doing a solo is Kathryn Meyer. Doing duets
to have the students learning and getting smarter               are Ashlyn Pagani and Carlie Toepper, Madison
every day.                                                      Pagani and Taylor Streitmatter, Erin Giosta and
                                                                Sapphire Mitchell, Mallory Blunier and Olivia Steffen,
              ~*RED RIBBON WEEK*~                               Kristin Leigh and Kira Stork, Hannah Monier and Tori
                By Donna Gagliardo                              Streitmatter, and London Drake and Kathryn Meyer.
                                                                Doing a small
        The week of October 23-27 was Red Ribbon                group is Kristin
Week. Every day in DENS, they passed out cards with             Leigh, Kira Stork,
something that had to do with drugs and how they                and Carlie
affect your life, things like how to say „no‟ and better        Toepper; Nikki
things to do than drugs. The card came with some                Kargol, Liz
candy that was somehow related to what the card                 Koehler, and Katie
said. We had some assemblies about drugs and what               Nofsinger; and
they do to you. It included goggles that made it seem           Karly Haworth,
like you were drunk. They had you shoot a basket                Sammy Hosler, Josh Murphy and Hans Vik. Doing an
without the goggles and then they had you try to shoot          improv (which is when you make it up as you perform
a basket with them on. Another thing they had you do            while all the rest are memorized) is Hans Vik and
was walk a straight line with and without the goggles.          David Webber, Nikki Kargol and Liz Koehler, Karly
We also had door decorations that the woman from                Haworth and Sammy Hosler, Jocielyn Hays and
M.A.D.D. judged. Many of them were very creative                Kathryn Meyer, Jon Jason and Jake McClary, Haley
and they all should have gotten a prize for being so            Hrovat and Mandi Hunt, and Madison Pagani and Kira
creative. However, that is not possible so she judged           Stork. Congratulations on your excellent performances
and Mrs. Elliot‟s DENS won a pizza party.                       at contest!

Grades 7/8                     Midland Middle School
FALL 2006              Packleaders
                   By Tasha McKeever                                 High Honor Roll and Honor Roll
                                                                            By Jessica Adolphson
        Do you ever wonder why some students don‟t eat
lunch with the others at the beginning of the month? Well,
we meet to talk about things that we could do to help the                  First Quarter, Grade 7
school or other people. We babysit the children for the
Parent‟s Club when they have a meeting. The creative            High Honor Roll              Honor Roll
bulletin board is put together by us. All the money from        Jeffrey Gilkerson   Jillian Allen
those eye-drawing snacks at lunch time goes towards the         Emma Schoepke       Brian Bartel
Santa Fund.                                                                         Brittany Bennington
        Sometime in November, Packleaders are planning                              Jacob DeFrance
to have snacks but with one exception. We aren‟t going to                           Chris Fandel
sell all of the sugary things like last year. Snacks like                           Mark Girone
pumpkin seeds, trail mix, and other delicious goodies will                          Jocielyn Hays
be available. We hope you will help us help you.                                    Drew Herridge
                                                                                    Molly Kelleher
                                                                                    Eli Koehler
                                                                                    Madison Pagani
                                                                                    Katie Price
                                                                                    Doug Shanklin
                                                                                    Katlen Siwinski
                                                                                    Kira Stork
                                                                                    Taylor Streitmatter
                                                                                    Carlie Toepper

                                                                           First Quarter, Grade 8
                Student Council Elections
                    By Sammy Kohn                               High Honor Roll     Honor Roll
                                                                Jessica Adolphson   Morgan Benz
        This year instead of teachers voting, we had            Nicole Kargol       Brianna Bodie
elections for Student Council and the students got to vote.     Liz Koehler         Megan Downs
The positions for Student Council are as follows: two fifth     Lexi Lewandowski    Josh Fenoglia
grade representatives, two sixth grade representatives,         Josh Murphy         Blake Galley
and for seventh and eighth grade there is a president, vice                         Samantha Hosler
president, treasurer, secretary, and public relations                               Aimee Judd
director. The parties were divided into green and silver                            Sarah Marshall
then they were divided into states. The first election was                          Tasha McKeever
our big convention. At the convention, we nominated                                 Brad Nelson
people or voted for people who nominated themselves.                                Katie Nofsinger
The second election was when the candidates remaining                               Brooke Phillips
made there speeches. Then we voted and there were two                               Jason Rock
candidates left for each position in seventh and eight grade                        Raeann Schoepke
and four for fifth and four for sixth. Next, those candidates                       Daniel Scoon
made their final speeches. Then we made our final vote.                             Chad Wright
The two fifth grade representatives are Jake Scoon and
Emily Rock. The two sixth grade representatives are
Amber Benningtion and Wyatt Marschang. Then for
seventh and eight grade the president is Hans Vik, the vice
president is Jason Rock, the treasurer is Brad Nelson, the
secretary is Jeffrey Gilkerson and, the public relations
director is Brianna Bodie. Hopefully, these people will help
our school to the best of their ability.

  Grades 7/8                     Midland Middle School
  FALL 2006                                                                     Birthdays

         By Joy Kissee and Stephanie Van Dehy                               By Shelbie and Tara

        Do you think that there are cliques in our school?     These are birthdays for the second quarter.
Well, in the survey we took, 93 out of 100 people said “yes”   Wish them a Happy Birthday!
and only 7 said “no”.                                                 Austin Fredrickson     10/20
                                                                      Travis Griswold        10/20
                        Comments!                                     Sapphire Mitchell      10/24
                                                                      Megan Downs            10/25
“They are fine as long as you don‟t make fun of the other             Tyler Terrance         11/01
groups/people because, overall, they‟re just your friends.”           Mrs. Costley           11/02
                                                                      London Drake           11/03
“Some people feel left out of things and ignored by the cool          Carson Barger          11/10
kids or people who think they‟re better than others.”                 Chris Fandel           11/14
                                                                      CarlieToepper          11/15
“They are hurtful to some who feel excluded and aren‟t in             Kira Stevenson         11/16
cliques, so everyone should get along and hang out                    Cody Meece             11/17
together.”                                                            Elizabeth Koehler      11/18
                                                                      Tyler Mayo             11/18
“They are good in the way that everyone has their own                 Doug Shanklin          11/18
individual groups to be in.”                                          Ashley Miller          11/19
                                                                      Jenna Smith            11/19
“Some think that it‟s a way of judging people on the                  Rachel Jones           11/22
outside, not what‟s on the inside.”                                   Stephanie VanDehy 11/22
                                                                      Brandon Chamness 11/25
      Dear Wolfie Advice Column                                 Chantelle Cody         11/25
            by Mr. B and Miss S.                                      Ashlyn Pagani          11/25
                                                                      Madison Pagani         11/25
Dear Wolfie,                                                          Mrs. Quimby            11/26
What do you do if you like someone but they don’t like                Jocielyn Hays          11/27
me back?                                                              Jason Rock             11/29
How do you know that they don’t like you? Ask around but              Cody Blunier           11/30
do not make it obvious that you do. Mr. B.                            Bradley Nelson         12/02
Have you asked them? Try to talk to them; they could be a             Sarah Marshall         12/06
good friend. Miss S.                                                  Zachary Kenyon         12/07
                                                                      Sammy Rocco            12/09
Dear Wolfie,                                                          Mrs. Oltman            12/09
You see lately boys have been asking tons of girls out,               Kira Stork             12/10
how come I’m never chosen? (I’ve never had a                          Ashley Medearis        12/14
boyfriend)                                                            Chad Wright            12/18
~Please help                                                          Christina Edens        12/21
They may not know that you want a boyfriend since you                 Matthew Hodge          12/22
have never had one. But remember, you should not get a                Joy Kissee             12/22
boyfriend just to say you have one. You should really like            Tara Murphy            12/24
the person and sometimes boys aren’t worth the trouble.
Also, try asking one of the boys out, they do not always
have to ask you. Miss S.
Have you ever tried making yourself available, letting them
know you want a boyfriend? Mr. B

 Grades 7/8                     Midland Middle School
 FALL 2006     Girls Basketball
       By Michelle Appel and Megan Downs                                         Boys Basketball
                                                                         By Josh Murphy and Travis Griswold
         The 7th grade girls have done great in their
conference. They are number one in the Little Tri-County.
The players are: Kim Kinsey, Madison Pagani, Ashlyn                        The boy‟s basketball season has
Pagani, Emma Schoepke, Kristin Leigh, Stella VanDehy,              started. So far they are 2-0. They won their first
Erin Giosta, Silver Mitchell, Taylor Streitmatter, Tori            game at Streator Woodland on Monday,
Streitmatter, Carlie Toepper, Olivia Steffen, Kira Stork, and      October 30th. Thursday on November 2, they
Taylor Nunley. They will have a game on Monday                      played Mossville and won 48-22. They have
vs. Washburn. Their Little Tri-County will be held at                done a lot of hard work. The players for
El Paso Gridley. The 8th grade girls are currently 4th               eighth grade are: Mitchael Dunphy, Josh
in Little Tri-County. The starters are: Ashley                        Murphy, Brad Nelson, Josh Fenoglia, Tyler
Adams, Brianna Bodie, Karly Haworth, Jade                              Tarrence, Travis Griswold, Austin Collins,
Robinson, and Brooke Phillips. The other players are:                   Zack Siwinski, Jason Rock, Cody Blunier,
Liz Koehler, Steph VanDehy, Tasha Mckeever,                             and Reggie Robinson. The players for
Sapphire Mitchell, Megan Downs, Lexi Lewandowski,                       seventh grade are: Doug Shanklin, Leroy
Ashley Miller, Shannon Graham, Sarah Marshall,                           Poignant, Brice Elsasser, James Dunphy,
and Shelena Wiley. The 8th grade girls Little                              Chris Fandel, London Drake, Brandon
Tri-County is held in Wenona. The coach for                                Hack, Eli Koehler, John Hodge, Jon
both 7th and 8th grade teams is Coach Bjorling                     Leikvoll, Jake DeFrance, and Drew Herridge.
and Coach Kenny Kuehn. Haley Hrovat is the manager.                The manager for the teams is Daniel Scoon.
The girl‟s last home game is November 14 vs. Eureka. Go            The eighth grade coach is Mr. Smith and the
Lady T-Wolves!                                                     seventh grade coach is Allan Hatton. Good
                                                                   luck on the rest of the season boys!

                                                                        Need for Speed: Most Wanted
                                                                         By Chris Hunt and Blake Kingen

                                                                         This game is very long and requires good
              Talking To Myself                                 game skills. Cops will chase you and you must be
               By Rachel Jones                                  able to escape or you will pay a fine. You must go
    (Who was happy when she typed this)                         through many races then face the blacklist
                                                                members. You can use many things such as
                   11/06/06                                     billboards, gas stations, and construction stands.
          You know that old saying:                             There are also many
It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack?                hiding places and safe
         Why would you try to find it                           houses. You can do
                                                                many things with your
when you could just go to the store and buy one                 car such as putting
               for like a penny?                                upgrades in it and
                                                                painting it. There are
                                                                many races such as
                                                                circuit, sprint, drag,
                                                                and tollbooth. The
                                                                best car is Camaro, and the slowest is a van
                                                                thingy. You can customize your car or other cars.
                                                                You can play up to two players or you can do free
                                                                run or race with a computer.

                                By Graham Gauwitz & Andrew Sigmund

        Ace Combat Zero. You might be asking “What kind of game is this?” Well, this is the kind of
game that puts you in a virtual cockpit of any modern fighter. It makes you think you‟re in the jet with
bullets flying next to and through you. There are at least 20 different jets you can fly through the skies
with shooting down enemy fighters. There are also many special weapons for each fighter to unload
on any enemy fighter.
        Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan Wars takes place in several imagined countries in Europe. You
fly with 2 wingmen that fly missions with you, helping whenever they can. There are 18 missions for
you to fly and shoot your way through. With every mission you complete, you earn a new plane.
Before each level you can choose what plane you wish to use on a certain mission. You can fly
planes such as the F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F/A – 18 Hornet, F-22 Raptor, F-4 Phantom, F-100
Super Saber, F-117 Nighthawk, and the A-10 Warthog.
        We recommend this game because it keeps you on the edge of your seat, not knowing what is
going to happen next. Out of 5 stars we rate this game a “5”. You will be playing this game for
probably 50+ hours to unlock everything and, even once you do, you‟ll want to keep playing.

                                             By Austin Collins

        World of Warcraft is a massive online game for the PC. There are over six million people that
play World of Warcraft. You can make friends from all over the United States and Europe. In this
game you do quests for experience, helpful items, and money. When you start you can choose
between two sides, Alliance or Horde. There are eight different races. For the Alliance, there are
Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Night Elves. The Horde has Orcs, Taurens, Trolls, and Undead.
The money system in this game has copper pieces, silver pieces, and gold pieces. One hundred
copper pieces equals one silver piece. One hundred silver pieces equal one gold piece. You cannot
go higher than gold.
        Each race has different abilities. Humans are Warriors, Mages, Priests, Rogues, Paladins, and
Warlocks. Each of these has different abilities, powers, and magic powers. Gnomes are Mages,
Warriors, Rogues, and Warlocks. Night Elves are Hunters, Druids, Rogues, Warriors, and Priests.
Dwarves are Hunters, Warriors, Paladins, Priests, and Mages. Warriors have expertise in weapons
and have the most HP (hit points). Hunters rely on range weapons and their pets. Mages are masters
of magic which they use for defense. Priests can heal other players and themselves. Rogues are the
most lethal characters of all the classes. Druids can heal other players and change into different
animals for more power, speed, and armor. Paladins are a mix of warriors and priests.
The Warlock has dark powers and can have minions. The Horde has basically the same powers as
the Alliance. The only difference is that the Horde has Shamans other than Paladins.
        As for me, I have a level twenty-nine Night Elf Hunter with two pets; a raptor and a cat. The
highest level that you can get to is level sixty. At first, the hunters aren‟t very good but you can learn
how to use different spells, learn how to use different weapons, and you can buy better armor and
weapons as you level up. There are guilds that you can join. Guilds are groups of people that go
raiding and help each other out in quests and level up. If you get the game, you have to pay for an
account. The account costs fifteen dollars and eighty-seven cents a month. The first month is free.
You can get the game at Wal-mart or any other place that sells games.

                                           *Boiler Room Brawl*
                                                  By *Liz Koehler*

           “Hey, Lucy, what‟s wrong?” Miley asked as she was coming up to her locker, which is right next to
Lucy‟s. Lucy was pulling on her locker, kicking it, and then trying the combination. It seemed like it was not
going to budge, but this always happened to Lucy. “Scoot over Luce; you know I can cover this.” Miley always
saved Lucy from being late, ever since 2nd grade, when they met. Miley put in Lucy‟s combination: 56-72-21.
          “Thanks Mi, you can always get me out of pickles.” Lucy said as Miley was putting in her last digit.
“What‟s wrong?”
          “It, pull, won‟t, pull, come, pull, loose!” Miley practically screamed in anger. “Why, kick, won‟t, turn, it
come, pull, kick, open? Lucy, go to the office and get the master key so you can open your locker.” Lucy went
off in the direction of the office and soon disappeared around the corner. Miley turned and tried her locker, it
would not budge either. Great, Miley thought to herself.
          They were both going to be late for class, hopefully the janitor (Grimy Gene) would not be on patrol. If
he was, he would hang Miley and Lucy by their thumbs in the boiler room until next hour. Help!
          Ding, Ding, Ding. “Shoot! That was the bell.” Lucy came back. She looked scared and she did not have
a key in her hand. “The master key is missing and I heard Grimy Gene coming behind me before I came up the
stairs!” Lucy said, almost out of breath.
          “Come on, I hear his cowboy boots. Run and hurry!” They both ran around the corner and into the
bathroom. “We can‟t go to class or we will get three detentions in a row. Besides, we won‟t be able to make it
all the way down to the first floor (their lockers were on the third floor) without getting caught.” Miley was saying
as they both went into the handicapped stall.
          “Yeah, I know, but we can‟t stay in here all day. He can come in here, he is the janitor.” Just then, they
heard his boots coming down the hall. “Shh, be quiet - don‟t say a word!” Lucy whispered. They both crouched
there, on top of the toilet trying not to fall or make a noise. Then, they did not hear him coming any more.
          “That w__” Miley tried to say, but Lucy hastily covered her mouth.
          “Shh, he‟s not gone yet!” Lucy whispered sternly. She was facing the door and could still see his boots,
standing there outside the door, listening. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Grimy Gene moved on. The
girls still did not dare move or make a noise for about five minutes. “Okay, let‟s get going. He went to the left,
let‟s go to the right and make a run for the first floor. Come on, but take off your shoes and carry them!” Lucy
stated, still whispering to Miley. Miley and Lucy were both wearing boots and the clip-clop would give them
          They took off their boots and started going. They made their way to the second floor without any
problem, but right before they went down the next flight of stairs, Miley stopped. “Do you hear that? Here he
comes, quick hide!” she said. Miley hopped into the empty locker next to her, but Lucy just stood there. “Luce,
get out of there, hide, quickly, before he sees you!” Lucy seemed to hear her that time, but she was too late.
Gene saw her, grabbed her, and practically dragged her down the stairs. He opened the door to the boiler
room and went down, taking Lucy with him.
          Miley stood in the locker, shocked that Lucy had been caught. She got out and then decided what she
was going to do. She was safe now as long as Grimy Gene was down there with Lucy. Miley took a while to
think and finally decided to go down there, save Lucy, and get Grimy Gene fired once and for all. Miley put
their boots (she dropped them when Grimy Gene grabbed her) in the empty locker that had saved her from the
same fate Lucy was enduring right this minute. As Miley was going down the stairs, she got a lot hotter. She
took off her sweatshirt, went back, and put it in the empty locker their boots were in. She made her way down
the stairs and when she got to the bottom, she heard it - Ahhhhh! This hurts, owwwowwowwow! - Lucy. Miley
made a quick dash and got behind the big boiler.
          “Good, it‟s supposed to. Maybe now you won‟t be late for class, Ha Ha Ha!” Grimy Gene laughed his
evil laugh. Miley made her way around the room until she could see were Lucy was. She was indeed hanging
by her thumb and it looked like she was crying. She saw Grimy Gene look at his watch, “The bell is going to
ring in thirty minutes, I‟ll be back then, you can hang around here „til I get back.” He marched away from them,
up the stairs, and then slammed the door shut. You could hear him lock the door on his way out. Great, now
we are both stuck in here! Miley thought to herself. Lucy was still crying. Miley came out from behind the big
          “Lucy, it‟s me, Miley. How do I get you down?” Miley asked her frantically. She figured that if she got
her down fast, then maybe they could figure out a way out of here.

         “Pull that lever and I‟ll be lowered to the floor. Then you push the green button to release me. HURRY!”
Miley pulled the lever, and as soon as she was touching the floor, she pushed the button. “THANK YOU SOO
         “Yeah, okay, let‟s get out of here before he comes back. Is there another way out of here besides that
main door?” Miley asked her as she looked around.
         “Yep, there is a window right there. Let‟s go!” Lucy responded. They hoisted each other through the
window and Miley told Lucy her plan.
         “Okay, we‟re going to go get the principal (Mr. Matthews), take him down there and he and I will hide
behind the big boiler. Sorry, Luce, but you will have to go up in the thumb thing if my plan will work. Please, I
know it hurt you, but we‟ll get Grimy Gene fired if Mr. Matthews knows what he has been doing to those of us
who are late for class, Please!”
         “Okay, as long as Grimy Gene gets fired, I‟ll do it.” Lucy said hesitantly. The girls went and got Mr.
Matthews. At first, he did not believe them. Then, Lucy showed him her thumb. It was black, blue, and swollen.
They got back into the boiler room and put Lucy back in the thumb thing. Miley and Mr. Matthews crouched
behind the big boiler and waited for the bell to ring.
         Ding, Ding, Ding, went the bell. “OK, he‟ll be here any minute. Stay quiet.” Miley whispered to Mr.
Matthews. Just then, the door swished open and they all heard him coming down the stairs. Thud, Thump,
Ding, Thud, Thud.
         He was getting closer, and Lucy started screaming,”Owwweeee! Please sir, bring me down, I promise
I‟ll never be late for class EVER EVER again!” she sounded convincing, even though she had only been up
there for fifteen total minutes.
         “I knew that you would say that, everybody does.” Grimy Gene managed to say. He was so busy
laughing that he did not even notice Miley and Mr. Matthews come out from behind the boiler.
         “Mr. Jusifiroy, I think that you and I are going to have a serious talk about this in my office. You know
that you were given a warning before. I don‟t think I can let it slip this time.” Mr. Matthews said while Miley
lowered Lucy down to the ground. Grimy Gene and Mr. Matthews went out of the boiler room and up into his
office. Ten minutes later, Grimy Gene came out of his office and ran into the bathroom very upset. Mr.
Matthews came down to the boiler room and said, “Ms. Lucas, Ms. Cohen, Mr. Jusifiroy has been fired and you
two are excused from the class you missed. Now go, before you are late .for your next class. Miley and Lucy
ran up the stairs, went to the empty locker, and put on their shoes. Then, they went to their lockers, tried to
open them, could not, and slunk down to the floor. Miley and Lucy both banged their heads on their lockers,
heard the click, and were relieved. Now their lockers were open AND Grimy Gene was gone.

                                               Riddle Poems
                                        Taken from
      The beginning of eternity,                            At the back of every Igloo,
       The end of time and space,                             And the middle of the Moon,
       The beginning of every end,                            Always running around in Loops you’ll
       And the end of every place.                            find me,
              -The Guess Book (c. 1820)                       If you look inside the Room.
      We are little airy Creatures,                          What am I?
       All of diff’rent Voice and Features,
       One of us in Glass is set,
       One of us you’ll find in Jet,
                                                                                             oo
                                                                                             Vowels
                                                                                            The letter e

       T’other you may see in Tin,
       And the fourth a Box within,
       If the fifth you should pursue
       It can never fly from you.
              -Jonathan Swift

Grades 7/8   Midland Middle School
FALL 2006


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