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					           Syllabus/Rules & Classroom Procedures for
                Tresky’s Civics & Economics Class

Course Title: United States Civics and Economics
Instructor: William J. Tresky Jr. Contact:

Daily Homework & Class Information Check for Parents: This will tell you everything you need to know when your
child says…”I don’t have any homework!!!!!!!!” Is that not evil????!!!!!!!!

Course Textbook: Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics and You.

Course Description: The 8th Grade Civics & Economics curriculum promotes
effective citizenship by providing the student with the basics for understanding the
principles of government and economic systems and the rights and responsibilities of
individuals in a FREE society. The course provides opportunities for promoting good
citizenship in the classroom and the community as well as prepares the student to make
responsible decisions in the future. Current Events, thinking skills, and contemporary
problems and issues are emphasized.


*The student will also learn how to form an opinion about issues that are relevant and
current. The student will need to learn how to listen and be respectful of other people
who share a different opinion.

*Not only will the student learn to form an opinion, they will be required to back up their
opinion with substance and facts.

*The student will need to participate in classroom discussions.

Mr. Tresky’s role as Instructor (Parents must read)

In classroom discussions Mr. Tresky will serve as a facilitator , meaning he will spur
discussion on hot issues by playing the “devils advocate”. This means that what ever Mr.
Tresky says in class does not necessarily mean that Mr. Tresky really believes what he is
saying!!!! He is just trying to get the kids to see that there are many sides to an issue. If
Mr. Tresky does his job correctly, the children will never fully guess Mr. Tresky’s
political persuasion.

“Not meaning what he says”… only regarding class discussion on issues, he does
mean what he says about curriculum and classroom behavior.

Materials Needed For Civics:
* #2 Pencils                    * Highlighter
* pens (black or blue ink)      * 3 x 5 index cards (lined) 100
* 1 box colored pencils          * 1 box of tissues
* 3 Ring Binder with loose leaf paper for this class only


All grading is done on a Total Points System, Tests will have a higher point
value than a quiz, a quiz will have a higher point value than a homework grade.
Unit Tests = 100 points
Quiz and Map Tests = 20 to 50 points
Homework Checks = Anywhere from 3 to 15 points depending on the assignment
Participation Grade will equal a 100 point Test for each grading period, every
little flower of knowledge will start out with 100 points, however if caught not
participating or not being on task , the student will be notified of point deductions.
Usually 1 point for offense.

Homework Policy- Mr. Tresky does NOT accept late homework, it is due the day
it is due or the student will receive a zero!! That’s how it works in the real world and
high school is next year…..suck it up!!!! If the student is sick, it will be due the day after
the child comes back. If the student was assigned something in advance and knew about
it, being sick the day before the due date does not excuse the student.
I teach responsibility, if the students grade suffers because of zero’s in the grade
book, do NOT expect to be able to make them up for half credit unless it is a sizeable
project. If a student has missed a number of days, we will work together on a time frame
for the child to make up missed work. If caught copying homework you and the person
who let you copy will get a ZERO.

Test and Quiz taking: There will be NO TALKING the moment the first test is
given out and the last one is picked up. Any talking during the test or quiz will result in
NOT just a FAILURE but a ZERO! Hand must be raised to be recognized. Make up
Tests and Quizzes, will be taken the day the student returns to school, why?
Because every test and quiz will be announced two days in advance, the child can
expect to stay after school or take it during lunch. If child fails to show up for the make
up test or quiz, your child can expect to take it during the class period and will miss what
is covered that day in class. The student will be responsible for any work missed as a
result of this.

Roanoke County Grading Scale:
A 94-100
B 87-93
C 78-86
D   70-77
F   69 and below…..You have to try pretty hard to fail this class!!!!!!!!

How to figure out your grade in a total points system:
*The student should keep track of all grades given back to them, on the grade sheet given
to them today. This grade sheet should be kept in their 3 ring binder so that they know
their grade at all times. To figure the average the student simply divides their points
earned by the possible points available: Example: If little Johnny has earned 335
points out of a possible 350 points……get a calculator punch in 335, then division sign
and then 350!!!! Little Johnny has a 97.7 Average.

The Secret to a good grade in Civics:
*This class should be easy if you do what you are suppose to do. The NOTES will
match the quiz, the quiz will match the test review, the test review will match the
test basically word for word. So to do well takes one basic task called
reading the notes!!!!!. If you don’t read the notes, you won’t do well. Simple as
that folks.


    Introduction to Civics and Citizenship
    Roots of Democracy
    Political Systems and Public Opinion

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    The Three Branches of Government
    Legislative Branch-Federal, State and Local

     Executive Branch- Federal, State, and Local
     Judicial Branch- Federal, State, and Local

     Introduction to Key Terms and Concepts in Economics
     Global Economy

Class Rules and Procedures:

3 Main Rules of Treskinism: Respect…Respect and Respect
   1. Respect Tresky – Respect the big bald man, there is simply NO TALKING
      when Tresky is talking…..period, no discussion. If you cannot follow this rule,
      you will be removed from my class.
   2. Respect others in the classroom, I will NOT tolerate, rude remarks or gestures
      to other students in my classroom. In my class we are all friends. I don’t care how
      cool you think you are, we are all equal in my class. If you can’t say anything
      nice, you will not say anything or you will be removed from class.
   3. Respect yourself, if you are in the 8th grade and do NOT know how to act in a
      public building you will be removed from my class.

*If the students grade suffers because they are constantly removed, I suggest they learn
how to grow up………I will fail you without reservation.

Once inside the classroom:
*When you come into my class you will take your assigned seat, when the bell rings,
there will be NO talking. You will hear my three directions. Sit, Shut, and Listen.
1. Mr. Tresky will take role.
2. Mr. Tresky will go over what lesson will be taught.
3. Mr. Tresky will then go over Homework and Announcements
( the student should be writing this information in their planner
during this time).

*There will be NO QUESTIONS asked by the students until these 3 things are done, do
NOT waste everybody’s time asking personal questions about bathroom, water, or going
to your locker, the answer will be……….NO, NO, and …………….NO.

Come to class prepared: I am not your mommy, come to class with the materials
needed to learn as stated in this syllabus. I teach responsibility, maybe after your
grade suffers you will learn to grow up and go to your locker before class and bring your
binder, Atlas, colored pencils etc. I will not let you go to your locker after the bell, I will
let you fail.

Tresky Tardy Policy:
   1. One tardy in a 2 week period, warning.
   2. 2nd tardy in a 2 week period, 2nd and final warning.
   3. 3rd tardy in a 2 week period, ASD (After School Detention)

Basic Rules and Suggestions:
  1. See Roanoke county Conduct Code and WBMS handout about rules and dress
  2. Copy homework and announcements daily into your planner, while waiting for
     bell and Tresky to take role.
3. Sharpen pencil, go to bathroom, locker and water fountain before the bell rings,
    after the bell rings, I will always say no, no and …………….no.
4. Stay quiet and in your seat upon entering my class until the bell has rung, NO
    WALKING around the room (less horse play and less lawsuits).
5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself, do NOT handle other students property.
6. “Four on the Floor”, keep all desk feet on the floor. If in group work return desks
    to their proper row.
7. Candy is permitted in my classroom, however if it disrupts learning it is now
8. Gum will be permitted in my classroom until someone puts it on the floor, under a
    desk or pops or cracks out loud. All it takes is for one doofus to loose the right to
    chew gum for all.
9. Personal Notes may NOT be written or passed around during class, if caught
    doing so Mr. Tresky reserves the right to read the note to the entire class. Yes!!
    Oh yes!!! I will go there…………………….
10. OFF LIMITS AREA, My desk and everything on it, and around my computer
    table. Use my materials on my desk with permission only, and return to proper
11. Clean up any mess you make in my classroom, I am not your mommy, and I am
    not paid to clean up after you.
12. It’s all about timing….It is not all about you!!!! Hello? It is about
    the class! Do not interrupt my class with personal requests while I am
    teaching. If you interrupt my teaching, the answer will always be no, no

THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR: Cursing, teasing, dirty
language, bullying, horseplay, obnoxious LOUD, rude, brassy, rolling of the eyes
mannerisms. Wrong tone of voice, name calling, spreading rumors, note passing,
tattle tales, slamming books, disrespect, DISRUPTION TO MY TEACHING,
harassing students, violent behavior, back talking, putdowns, drama queens and
kings, sucking on your toes and jamming peanut butter inside your armpits and eating
it!!!( Just checking to see if parents are really reading this syllabus!)
Any of this and the student will be ………………….removed.

*It will be your actions and behavior that decide which Tresky you would like to
spend 45 minutes a day with. I can a big, nice, gentle teacher or I can be a drill
instructor. You decide.

*Class discussion must be orderly and one at a time. Hand must be raised to be
recognized, there is no talking while another student is speaking.
Before you sign this syllabus:
 I do NOT put up with disrespect or behavior that ruins an educational
    environment. If in the 8th grade your child cannot behave like a lady or gentlemen,
    your child will be removed.
   My philosophy is that the entire class is more important than one kid who cannot
    behave or does not care.

Class buddy: My class buddy for when I am sick or not in school is
______________________________ and their phone # is

Read carefully, then BOTH parent and student need to sign and return tomorrow for
your first homework grade.

I have read and understand this syllabus and classroom rules and procedures.

Parents Signature ______________________________

Students signature _____________________________

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