Name Hour Clay Project Unfired project 120 points Glazing optional 20 points Your

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                                      Clay Project
Unfired project: 120 points
Glazing (optional): 20 points

Your clay project is going to be very open-ended. There are an infinite number of
objects you can create, either functional or non-functional, that will satisfy the
requirements. You may choose to make several small objects or one large one. The
project must not be so large that it can’t fit in your locker. If you are not sure if your
project(s) will meet the criteria listed below, please check with me first. A list of ideas is
on the back if you need help determining what to create.

Grading Rubric:
 All parts of your project must be no thicker than ½ inch to avoid explosion.
  Large bodies must be hollowed out and contain a hole to allow the air inside
  to escape when heated. (5 pts.)

 You must construct your piece with care, paying attention to details. It should
  take at least a week of hard work.
  (55 points)

 Your project must use at least one of the following methods in its
  construction. (15 points)

       a) coiling
       b) slab-building
       c) pinching

 You must include at least two of the following in your project.
  (30 points)

       a) a detachable form-fitting piece (such as a lid)
       b) a texture created by pressing objects into the clay or pinching with
       c) a smaller piece of clay that is firmly attached to a larger one
       d) a carving created by removing leather-hard clay with a tool

      clay
      spray bottles and water containers
      sponges
      various tools
      canvas and rolling pin (for slab-making)
      newspaper (to cover desk area)
      plastic wrap and plastic bags (to cover projects)
                            Project Ideas

   bowl
   planter
   animal-shaped planter
   animal figurine
   aquarium decorations
   bank
   mug
   vase
   wind chimes
   wall pocket
   letter holder
   mini teapot
   candle holder
   small box
   relief sculpture
   coasters
   tiles
   plaque
   jewelry
   toothbrush holder

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