Aircraft Engineer - Mechanical by nuhman10


									            Aircraft Maintenance
           Engineer (Mechanical)
                                           Job Description

    §   Inspects, tests, repairs and installs aircraft hydromechanical and flight system components
        and aircraft engines, sub-assemblies and components.
    §   maintains, inspects and undertakes fault diagnosis of airframe and engine systems, and
        components and accessories on aircraft.
    §   These include landing gears, wheels and brakes, pressurisation, pneumatic and hydraulic
        systems, flight control systems, environmental control systems, fire detection and
        prevention systems, undercarriage, and ice and rain protection systems.
    §   overhauls, repairs, modifies and tests airframe and engine components, in a workshop
        environment, after they have been removed from the aircraft structure.
`   §   These include landing gear, wheels and brakes, pressurisation, pneumatic and hydraulic
        devices, environmental control components, gas turbine engines and associated engine


    AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing may be required


    Three year work Experience.

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