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					                                    BSA TROOP 1011
                                                 April 2010
                               George Welborn – Committee Chairman (678) 644-9376
                                 Tom Whitfield – Scoutmaster:
                               Claire Count – Newsletter Editor:
                      Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, 4385 Lower Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30068
                                    Tom King, Charter Organization Rep. (770) 645-1496

APRIL CALENDAR                                                  New Troop Leadership Inducted
                                                                Submitted by Mr. Whitfield
2     Good Friday
4     Easter                                                    Scout and Leaders of Troop 1011,
5–9   Spring Break (no Troop Meeting)
8     Roundtables, 7:30 PM,                                     It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you your
      OA Chapter Meeting, 7:30 PM                               new TLC. Once again, we have an All Star cast of
9-11 Veterans State Park Outing
                                                                scouts to serve you over the next 6 month-period.
12    Troop Meeting, 7:30 pm
      FIRST YEARS report at 7:00 PM
      Summer Camp payment due $100
                                                                Please bear with them as they assume their new
14    Skills Review
      FIRST YEARS report at 7:00 PM                             roles over the next 2 weeks. Transitions can be a
15    Eagle District Board of Review                            bit daunting at times.
17    MERIT BADGE – Railroading
17-18 Backpacking – Silver Bald                                 If you have questions about your leadership
18    Justin G. Eagle Ceremony                                  position, or lack thereof, please see Joseph
19    Court of Honor, 7:30 pm Parents invited                   Rondone or me at your earliest opportunity.
21    Skills Review
      FIRST YEARS report at 7:00 PM                             Yours in Scouting,
23-5 North Carolina Steam Engine/Mountain
      Camping trip                                              Mr. Whitfield
26    Troop Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm                          Scoutmaster
      Game Night outdoors                                       Index:
28    Skills Review                                             Page 1-2 Calendar and Leading Stories
30    OA Ordeal                                                 Page 3-4 First Year Scouts, Upcoming Events
30-1 First-Year Skills Campout – Scout Lodge                    Page 5- Recognition and Accomplishments
                                                                Page 5-6 Wrap-up & Scout Shout Outs
Source: Troop calendar found here.                              Page 6-7 Adult Training and Looking Ahead
                                                                Page 7 National and Centennial Events
                                                                Page 8 -9 Merit Badge News
                                                                Page 10-11 Eagle Scout Reminders and Miscellany
                                                                Page 12-170 Attachments

          12/5/2011                                   1 of 19          2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Your Troop Leadership Council                                CHANGE on Summer Camp Medical
        SPL                               Joseph R.          Forms
       ASPL         2- 3rd Year Patrols   Kevin W.           Submitted by G. Welborn
       ASPL         Troop Guides          Peter D.
       ASPL         Quartermasters        Clay P.
            PL      Scorpion              Odom D.            Medical Forms – Each scout and adult
            PL      Flaming Arrow         Adam S.            attending will need a completed scout medical form
            PL      Cobra                 Mathew F.          including Parts A, B and C. Part B requires a visit
            PL      Raccoon               Will R.            to your scout’s doctor. The form can be found at
            PL      Rattlesnakes          Walker C.
            PL      Jaguar                Wes B.             pdf.
            PL      Wolf                  Michael C.
            PL      Panther               Spencer H.         Due to the large number of scouts attending the
      Historian                           Drew S.
                                                             summer camps this summer, we are requesting that
       Bugler                             Nick B.
                                                             each scout visit their own doctor for the required
   Chaplain's Aid                         Zach S.
      Librarian                           Ian C.
                                                             physical and have their doctor complete the medical
     Instructor                           Michael T.         form. This is an important change from what was
     Instructor                           Austin H.          announced at the First Year Parents Meeting.
     Instructor                           William H.          Please get your scout’s physical scheduled now
     Instructor                           Barlett K.         with your regular doctor. On May 8th the Troop
     Instructor                           Lawson W.          will conduct camp physicals only for those with
     Instructor                           Connor W.          extenuating circumstances such as financial,
       Scribe                             Steven P.          scheduling issues, etc. Anyone requesting a
    Scribe – FY’s                         Ryan M.            physical on May 8th will need to contact Janet Hall
    Troop Guide                           Cody H.            to set up an appointment and explain the
    Troop Guide                           Hunter H.
                                                             circumstances. Janet may be reached at
    Troop Guide                           Deford S.
                                                    Walk-ins will not be
    Troop Guide                           William D.
     Den Chief                            Andrew B.
     Den Chief                            Christian S.
     Den Chief                            Neil R.            Welcome First Year Scouts
   Quartermaster                          Braxton F.         Submitted by J. Hall
   Quartermaster                          Jonathan D.
                                          Deven H.
                                                             Welcome to 38 new First Year scouts to Troop
   Quartermaster                          Gabriel W.
                                                             1011! We look forward to helping these young
                                                             men on the Eagle trail. Special thanks to Pete
SAFETY NOTICE                                                Wilson and Dennis Bowman for an excellent job.
Submitted by G. Welborn                                      Parents if you have questions please see Al Friel,
                                                             George Welborn or Tom Whitfield. Welcome!
NO Driving to the Scout Hut –
Spring sports at Mt. Bethel are now                          First Year Skills Campout
in session so please do not drive                            Submitted by J. Hall
to the scout hut unless you have
something to deliver that requires a vehicle.                The Troop will have their First Years Skills
(Delivering a scout or a check does not count as a           Campout, Friday April 30th – May1st at the Scout
reason to drive! )                                           Hut. The objectives of the camp out are to learn
                                                             and reinforce fundamental camping skills prior
                                                             to going Troop Camping and Summer Camp,
                                                             work on Tenderfoot and Second Class Rank skills

12/5/2011                                      2 of 19   2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
and earn Totin’ Chip. Sign up is in the notebook
on the table in the Scout Hut.
                                                                UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                     DEADLINES for SUMMER CAMPS HAVE
First Year Scouts Action Item                                                     PASSED
Submitted by G. Desio
                                                                 If you wish to attend summer camp, you need to
All first year scouts need to meet with Glen                                  contact Brad Fulkerson
Desio, Troop Record Keeper, to verify accuracy          or George Welborn
of troop records. To make sure emails are                        
correct and phone numbers correct to assure                                         immediately.
communication – especially in case of
emergency.                                                      District Roundtable: April 8, 7:30 pm

                                                                Targeted for Scout Leaders, Cub Leaders,
                                                                Venture Leaders or anyone interested in learning
                                                                more about all things Scouting in our district,
                                                                this informative meeting is held on the second
                                                                Thursday of each month at Roswell Street
                                                                Baptist Church. Scouts, Cubs, and Venturers
                                                                open the meeting, and then adjourn to separate
                                                                meetings and breakouts.

                                                                Contact Al Friel for information regarding the
Our Scouts have Talent                                          meetings, or see the Chicken Sheet here.
Submitted by J. Meaux
                                                                OA Meeting: April 8, 7:30 pm
Does your troop have any boys who are natural
entertainers? Real hams? Great singers, jugglers,
musicians? If so, here’s their chance!                          The Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge of the
                                                                Kennesaw Chapter of the Order of
We have not one but TWO great opportunities in
our Scouting’s Got Talent competition. We want to               the Arrow meets on the second Thursday of each
showcase our best entertainers at the Campout of the            month at the Roswell St. Baptist Church, at 7:30
Century arena show on May 15 AND we would like to               pm. All OA members are urged to attend these
have a youth help MC the event.                                 monthly meetings, especially the Troop OA Rep.
Scouts who are interested in a piece of the spotlight
need to forward an audition video by APRIL 15!        
To learn more, see the Scouting’s Got Talent flyer in the
NEWS section of the Campout of the Century webpage!
                                                                Veteran’s State Park Outing April 9-11
                                                                Submitted by J. Meaux
Check it all out at the AAC Campout of the
Century webpage !                                               We have a great trip for those in Atlanta over
                                                                spring break! It'll be a wonderfully historic and
                                                                relaxing trip going to Andersonville National
                                                                Historic Site.

                                                                Eagle District Board of Review April 15

12/5/2011                                     3 of 19       2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Third Thursday of every month, Mt. Paran North                       Upcoming activities (camping, hiking,
Church of God.                                                        annual Troop picnic)
                                                                     Shout outs and other recognitions
Eagle Boards of Review: by reservation only.                         Service projects
Council approval required before board of                            Eagle project workdays – to be submitted
review can be scheduled.                                              by the Scout and not his parents
MERIT BADGE CLINIC: Railroading April 17                             Eagle ceremony information
                                                                     Alumni news
Eagle Court of Honor April 18 2:30
Submitted by M. Geller                                       Scouts – We want to have your input, too.
Please join Troop 1011 in celebration of our                 Submit articles, stories, or photos.
latest Eagle Scout, Justin G. on Sunday April 18th
at 2:30 at the Mt Bethel Fellowship Hall.                    Troop Committee Meeting April 26 7:30-8:30
Invitation attached.
                                                             Scout outdoor Game night April 26
Backpacking Silver Bald April 17-18
                                                             OA Ordeal April 30th
Court of Honor April 19 7:30
                                                             First Years Skills
Parents are invited to honor accomplishments of              CAMP OUT April 30-
these hard working scouts. Scouts receive Rank               May1
advancements and merit badges.
N. C. Steam Engine/Mountain Camping trip
April 23 – 25
Submitted by J. Meaux
                                                             NEXT MONTH…
This trip is open to 2nd year scouts and above plus          Okeefenokee Swamp Trip – Memorial Day
First Year Scouts attending the RR Merit Badge               Weekend
                                                             Submitted by J. Meaux
                                                             I need a HEADCOUNT for those interested in
Please see the attached flyer for our late April trip.
                                                             canoeing at Okeefenokee Swamp Trip. We are
The trip binder will be at the scout lodge on
                                                             planning a fantastic trip into the swamp over
Monday after spring break.
                                                             Memorial Day Weekend.
                                                             Send email Jeff to express interest in either
                                                             Andersonville trip or Okeefenokee Swamp Trip
Newsletter Submission Deadline: APRIL 25
Submit articles to the editor for inclusion in the
                                                             Memorial Day Flag Placement Service Project
next newsletter no later than the 25th.                      Submitted by J. Hall

Information includes but is not limited to:                  Troop 1011 will be a part of the annual Memorial
     Activity reports (whitewater rafting,                  Day Flag Placement Service Project at Marietta
      family campout)                                        National Cemetery on Saturday, May 29th. All
     Upcoming merit badge clinics                           scouts are encouraged to attend and take part in
                                                             this special service to honor those who made the

12/5/2011                                    4 of 19     2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
supreme sacrifice for our country. It is a                    Where we have been and What we
wonderful way to begin your Memorial Day                      have done:
weekend and remember those in your family
that have served. We will have a church bus for               Pine Straw Success
transportation and appreciate any parents that                Submitted by G. Welborn
would be willing to drive. A flyer with details               Well its over! We survived another pine straw
and permission slip is attached and a notebook                sale and delivered over 14,200 bales of pine
on the table in the Scout Hut.                                straw - over 2,500 more than we have every
                                                              done before. Thanks to all of you for the
We are Proud of Our SCOUTS                                    incredible amount of your hard work you put in.
                                                              You all earned a hardy standing ovation!
Congratulations to:                                           I can’t tell you how amazing it was to see
                                                              everyone taking on such a huge job with such
All of Troop 1011’s New leadership Council                    willing attitudes and with such great teamwork.
Team "Coal Creators" for Best Dessert in Cook Off
Kevin W., Neil R., Will R., Zach S.                            We had a visitor from another troop observing
                                                              our efforts in preparation for their first pine
Team "Iron Chefs” for 3rd place for bread in Cook Off -       straw sale next weekend in another part of Cobb
Peter D., Gabriel W., Nick B., D D., Mathew F.                County. He was amazed to see how well things
                                                              would go even when issues arose. He could not
Ian C. for earning his Brown Belt rank in Tae                 stop talking about what an impressive attitude
Kwon Do.                                                      everyone had. And that is one of the key reasons
                                                              our pine straw sale works so well each year
What has your Scout done? Send shout outs to                  along with all the hard work and long hours put by the 25th to be included              in by so many people!
in next newsletter
                                                              I am proud to be associated with such a
APRIL Birthdays:                                              wonderful and dedicated group of people.

Best wishes to Scouts with birthdays this month.              Thanks Again,
Kyle H. 04/03                                                 George Welborn
Jake S. 04/05
Hunter H. 04/08
Stephen P. 04/14                                              Thank you for Consignment Sale Service
David H. 04/17                                                Submitted by A. Odom
Mark L. 04/22
Christian A. 04/23                                            A big thank you is given to the following boys for
Jonathan D. 04/24                                             their involvement in Mt. Bethel UMC's
Bart K. 04/24
Joseph T. 04/27                                               consignment sale. Over $30,000 was raised to
                                                              help others in our community and around the
                                                              world. The church was extremely grateful to
              Happy Birthday to ALL!                          have such helpful, friendly, courteous, kind and
                                                              cheerful scouts assist with the sale. Scouts
                                                              participating: Wesley B., Walker C., Evan D.,
                                                              Matthew F., William H., Andrew M., Davis O., JD
                                                              P., Neal R., Will R. and Charles S..

12/5/2011                                   5 of 19       2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Booth Museum Cook Off March 14th
Submitted by J. Hall                                      Order of the Arrow

For the third year, 1011 Scouts competed in the           Order of the Arrow held their elections on
Booth Western Museum Dutch Oven Cook off.                 February 27th. Scouts selected will be advised by
Two teams, Peter D.’s and Kevin W.’s entered in           our Scoutmaster.
all three categories – bread – main dish – dessert.
Kevin’s team won 3rd overall for their “Best Darn
Cornbread”. Peter’s team won best dessert for                     WHAT’S COMING IN MAY
their “Apple Crisp”. Great job guys!
                                                              1                     OA Ordeal
                                                                             First Year Skill Camp out
Traffic Safety Merit Badge Clinic, March 20th                 2                     OA Ordeal
Submitted by J. Hall                                          3                 Advancement Night
                                                                              7:00 First Years Report
Mr. Friel and Mr. Mingledorff conducted a Traffic             5           TLC and ASM Meeting 7:30 PM
Safety Merit Badge Clinic March 20th . 23 scouts              8              Summer Camp Physicals
from the Foothills District earned the merit                              Appointments ONLY Troop 1011
badge. Tom Bubel of Allstate Insurance and a                  9                    Mother’s Day
member of the Cobb County Police Department                  10            Drug Awareness Presentation
were special guest speakers. Everyone learned a                       Final Primary Summer camp Payment Due
lot about safety, especially the dangers of using                                  Troop Meeting
the cell phone while driving! Thank you to Kraig             12         Boy’s State Application Deadline
Count and Mark Weber for their help with this                                     Skills Review
clinic.                                                      13               District Round Table
                                                                                  OA Meeting
Great Day of Service – March 27th                          14-16         2010 Centennial Encampment
Submitted by C. Count                                       17                   Troop Meeting
                                                            19                    Skills Review
On a nippy Saturday morning, a troop of scouts              20           Eagle District Board of review
descended upon the scout campus at Mt Bethel                21                 Last Day of School
church. They swarmed eagerly to repair and                  22         MERIT BADGE: Canoeing at Lake
maintain the scout campus. From preparing the                                       Alatoona
fire pit to pressure washing the pavilion, a                              Ranger Camp Open House
tremendous effort produced a well-needed                   23-29      NYLT Training Week 1 for 1011 Scouts
renewal of the facility. The entire area looks              24                   Troop Meeting
great thanks to the efforts of the scouts, parents,         26                    Skills Review
and other volunteers. Special thanks to Mr.                28-31        Canoe Trip Okeefenokee Swamp
Welborn, Mr. Friel, and Mrs. Count for                      29           Memorial Day Flag Placement
coordinating the event.                                     31                   Memorial Day
                                                                              (No Troop Meeting)

2010 Order of the Arrow Dues                                        ============
                                                          SPRING 2010 Adults Training Dates
Each Troop 1011 member is responsible to pay
their dues. Forms are available @1011 office. If          Thursday, April 1, 2009 - RSBC* -
you elect not to pay, you should remove your OA
patch from your uniform.

12/5/2011                                 6 of 19     2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Scoutmaster / ASM Leader Training (SALT) #3            Attention all Scouts who are High School
6:30 PM. - 9:30 PM.                                    Juniors! Now is the time for you to apply for
Sunday, April 11, 2010                                 your position at the Boys State Retreat, held at
Den Chief Training                                     GA Southern Univ. in Statesboro. Georgia Boys
Friday, April 16 - Sunday, April 18, 2010              State is a one-week comprehensive course in
Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (ITOLS)                 state and local government.
NO WALK-INS will be accepted.
              ============                             It is a "leadership action program" where
                                                       qualified, male, high school rising seniors take
                                                       part in a practical government course. It is
            SUMMER EVENTS
                                                       designed to develop a working knowledge of the
                                                       structure of government and to impress upon
Primary Summer Camp – Raven
                                                       the citizen the fact that our government is just
Knob: June 20th - 26th
                                                       what we make it. Along the way, delegates have
                                                       the opportunity to learn the political process by
Secondary Camp,
                                                       organizing a mythical 51st state. Those
Woodruff: July, 11 – 17
                                                       delegates who are elected to serve run each level
                                                       of government. Instruction includes the law and
National Scout Jamboree: July 26-Aug 4th
                                                       court system, parliamentary procedure, and
                                                       Georgia political history
Summer Camp Payment of $100 Due: April 12
                                                       American Legion Post 29 will sponsor four rising
                                                       high school seniors from Troop 1011 for this camp.
                                                       Contact Mr. Friel for details at 404-281-3077.
2010 Summer Camp Staff

At the heart of every Boy Scout Summer Camp is
                                                       NATIONAL and CENTENNIAL Events
an outstanding Camp Staff. Camp Bert Adams
and Camp Woodruff are no exception. Older
                                                       2010 National Scout Jamboree
Scouts & adult Scouters, both male and female,
are needed to serve as members of the Camp
                                                       The centerpiece of the National celebration of
Staff. Potential staff from both in- and out-of-
                                                       the first century of Scouting will be the 2010
council are encouraged to apply. Download a
                                                       National Scout Jamboree held July 26-August 4,
staff application from the newly revised camping
                                                       2010. Over 40,000 Scouts and Scouters from
page at:
                                                       across the Nation and around the world will
                                                       come together for a two-week celebration of
                                                       Scouting. The activities will be practically
                                                       endless. More information about the 2010
For more information, contact Bion Jones –
                                                       Jamboree can be found here.
Council Program Director:
                                                       A Year of Celebration – A Century
                                                       of Making a Difference
Boys State: June 13 - 19, 2010

12/5/2011                              7 of 19     2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Eagle Recognition Banquet (October 23)                       This will be THE ONE that you will tell your
Source: The Chicken Sheet, February 2010                     grandkids about!!! Don’t miss it!

Eagle recognition event will be in conjunction
with ScoutFest on October 23, 2010 at the Cobb                        MERIT BADGE NEWS
Galleria Centre as part of the 100 Years of
Scouting celebration. Eagle Scouts for 2009 will
                                                                Merit Badge News
receive a letter with more details. Please contact
Ben Buckelew - - if                     Railroading Merit Badge Clinic – Mr. Friel
you would like to be involved or have any                       will hold a clinic on Saturday, April 147th from
questions.                                                      8:30 – 1:00. This is a 1011 tradition and great
                                                                clinic for First Years. A flyer is attached, leave
2010 Centennial Encampment/                                     completed forms in the notebook on the table in
Campout of the Century                                          the Scout Hut.
Source: The Chicken Sheet, February 2010
                                                                 Personal Fitness, Family Life, and Personal
The Atlanta Area Council is proud to present the                Management merit badges all have 3 month log
2010 Centennial Encampment! Not only will                       requirements to complete the badge. You might
we be celebrating 100 years of Scouting                         want to look into doing it over the summer,
adventures, we will also be celebrating 50 years                especially if you are a Life Scout nearing the
of activities at Bert Adams Scout Reservation.                  magic 18th birthday
Two big parties in one event-- can you believe it?               Questions about Merit Badges, finding
We aren’t talking about your grandpa’s Camp-O-                  counselor or clinic, help finishing up that
Ree, either! All Boy Scout Troops and Varsity                   nagging partial badge please contact Janet Hall,
Teams should be making plans now to be a part          or 770-542-9044
of Scouting’s Past, Present and Future at this
once in a lifetime anniversary event.                        Merit Clinic Dates Announced
                                                             Mr. Friel will hold a clinic for the Railroading
The Centennial Encampment will take place May                Merit Badge Clinic on Saturday, April 17th from
14-16, 2010 at the Bert Adams Scout                          8:30 until 1:00. This is a 1011 tradition and a
Reservation. Cost per participant will be $10.00,            great clinic especially for first years. Sign up as
which will include fees for all activities and a             soon as possible. A limited number of model rail
commemorative patch, fun, activities galore and              car kits are available to purchase for $5.00 in the
an amazing arena show. It will not include                   scout office. A flyer with details and registration
meals which will be planned by the Troop and                 is attached. Let me know if you have any
prepared on site. Complete registration                      questions. Thank you!
information is online, so keep your eyes on our
website:                                                     The Merit Badge Calendar

http://w w w . a t l a n t a b s a . o r g / o p e n r
o s t e r s/ ViewOrgPageLink.asp? LinkKey
=32928&orgkey=2363.                                          Mission: To assist Boy Scouts to locate merit
                                                             badge opportunities outside their own troop.
Most Districts will also hold Spring Camp-O-Rees
and that is great, but this is an Extra-Special              The Merit Badge Calendar is updated regularly.
Event celebrating 100 Years of the BSA and 50                Make it your planning tool. If you would like to
Years of the Bert Adams Scout Reservation.

12/5/2011                                   8 of 19      2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
receive updates, please send an email to                        ( Mr. Huffman will .                                           go over the draft of the project with the Life
Rodrigo Cano, Merit Badge Clinic Coordinator                    Scout, or help with the details to get the project
for BSA Foothills District, AAC                                 into a draft form. He will continue to work with
                                                                the scout until the project is in final form and
Merit Badge Books                                               help get the required signatures from the Troop
                                                                leaders. Mr. Huffman will then take the project,
Summer camp is fast approaching and you will need               make copies and forward the project to the
to read and take with you to camp the Merit Badge               District for final approval. We have had excellent
Books for your badges. The Troop has a large                    results getting projects approved the first time
library of books available for you to use. The library          around when submitted this way. If you have
is in the two bottom file cabinets in the Merit Badge           any questions, please feel free to call Mr.
Room. If you need help finding it, please let me                Huffman or e-mail him at
know and I will be glad to help you. We also          
appreciate donations. Please leave books on the
table next to the file cabinet for the Librarian to file.
If you are attending the upcoming Railroading
                                                                Eagle Ceremony
Merit Badge Clinic, Mr. Friel will have a supply of
books available in the office first come first serve.           Families looking to schedule an Eagle ceremony
                                                                should contact one of our Eagle Ceremony
Take advantage of this Troop resource and save                  Coordinators:
money and a trip to the Scout Shop. A Scout is                     - Diane Hadden 770-639-2817 or
thrifty.                                                    ;
                                                                   - Patty Wilson 770-509-8915 or
Thank you so much!                                           ;
                                                                   - CG Kauffmann 770-649-8002 or

***************                                                 They will handle reserving Mt. Bethel UMC
                                                                facilities and coordinating the date with the
EAGLE’S                                                         Scout Leaders.

LANDING                                                         Newsletter Article announcing Eagle Projects

EAGLE SCOUT                                                     Scouts planning Eagle projects should contact
                                                                the newsletter editor to have their project
                                                                workdays announced in the newsletter. Be sure
                                                                to specify date, time, location, what the project
Eagle Board of Review
                                                                entails, and any other project-specific
                                                                information (such as what tools to bring).
On April 15th, Matthew C. and Luke E. will have
their Board of Review.
                                                                NOTE that the Scout must submit this
                                                                information to the Editor. It should not be
Eagle Project Approvals
                                                                submitted by one of his parents.
When a Life Scout is ready to start his Eagle
                                                                We would gladly also print a thank you to
project, he should contact Mr. Huffman on his
                                                                participants and summary on how the project
cell phone (678/910-8051) or e-mail

12/5/2011                                     9 of 19       2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
went if submitted by the scout. Before and after
pictures are welcome, too.
                                                         MISCELLANOUS Matters
2010 Eagles                                              Service Hours
Submitted by A. Friel                                    Submitted by G. Welborn

Justin G. 1-21-10                                        Scouts and Parents please remember to turn in
Preston E. 2-18-10
Zachery C. 2-18-10
                                                         your service hours to the Troop. Last year the
James S. 2-18-10                                         troop had fewer hours on record than past years.
Jonathan G. 3-18-10                                      This was not because we did not volunteer in our
                                                         community, rather due to a lack of reporting.
                                                         These numbers are reported to the District.
Cherokee Patrol Acknowledgements                         Please receive credit for the work you are doing
Submitted by C. Walgren                                  in the community. Any volunteer activity that
                                                         parents or scouts participate in should be
The Cherokee Patrol would like to thank                  reported (for example volunteering at school,
everyone who attended their recent Eagle Court           church, service clubs, and community groups
of Honor. They would especially like to thank            etc.). Place completed forms in the basket in the
the participants in the ceremony, the people who         office. Thank you!
served at the reception, the adult leaders, and
the TLC who helped to take down the
                                                         Great Day of Service Hours Credit
decorations. If you weren't able to attend the           Submitted by C. Count
ceremony, you can read about it on the front
page of the March 22 Marietta Daily Journal.             If you volunteered your time at
Extra copies of the Court of Honor program are           any event other than the Troop
in the Scout Hut. Congratulations to George M.,          1011 Clean Up, please fill out the
Joseph P., Alex W., Connor C. Kirk M., Preston E.,       volunteer hours form and turn it
and Benjy S., who were honored at the Court of           in. These numbers are reported
Honor. Congratulations also to fellow Cherokee           to the District. Please receive
Jonathan G., who completed his Eagle                     credit for the work you are doing in the
requirements on Thursday, March 18. All eight            community.
members of the Cherokee Patrol are now
officially Eagle Scouts! This is a rare                  New Scout Uniforms
achievement in scouting and in the troop.
                                                         The Boy Scouts of America have changed the
                                                         uniforms, and the brand new Centennial Scout
                                                         Uniforms are now on sale. Shirts, pants, and
                                                         socks are all made from moisture-wicking
                                                         materials. See the uniforms here.

                                                         Troop 1011’s policy is that either the current or
                                                         the new uniform is acceptable. The purchase of
                                                         the new uniform is strictly optional.

                                                         Need Patches on Your Uniform?


12/5/2011                               10 of 19     2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Helen Schmidt is available most Mondays to sew           outgrown pants and shorts. Let’s help each other
on patches. If you do not see her, hang your shirt       out!
on the appropriate hook in the kitchen next to
the Scout office. Helen will put the uniform back        RECYCLING – We Need Your Papers!
there when it is ready. Make sure you have your
name on your shirt.                                      Please deposit your newspapers, office paper,
                                                         classroom paper, bulletins, and junk mail in the
What a great service!                                    recycling bin in the MBUMC parking lot. This is
                                                         an easy way to help raise funds for the Troop.
Uniform Exchange
                                                         NOTE the addition of office paper, classroom
Outgrown your Scout shirt? Do not remove all             paper, bulletins, and junk mail to the list, even
the patches to transfer to a new shirt. Turn in          though the bin states “Newspaper Only.”
the old shirt to the Troop and we will provide the
patches for your new shirt! Also, turn in

                                                           BSA Troop 1011 Newsletter
                                                           Published Monthly
                                                           Editor: Claire Count
                                                           Committee Chairman: George Welborn
                                                           Scoutmaster: Tom Whitfield
                                                           Charter Organization Rep: Tom King
                                                           Scout Master Emeritus: Al H. Friel
                                                           Merit Badge Coordinator: Janet Hall

                                                           Contributions to the newsletter are due by the
                                                           25th of the month. Send your email to

12/5/2011                               11 of 19     2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
                          MEMORIAL DAY SERVICE PROJECT
                          MARIETTA NATIONAL CEMETERY
                             SATURDAY MAY 29TH, 2010






Scout ______________________________ will participate in the Marietta National Cemetery Service Project on May, 29 th with
Troop 1011.

Parent _____________________________ will also participate and can transport a total of ________ participant

_________________________________________                      ___________
              Parent Signature                                          Date

12/5/2011                                       12 of 19        2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
                                                  Troop 1011
                                   Railroading Merit Badge Clinic

DATE:         Saturday, April 17, 2010 8:30 – 1:00 (Please be prompt)
LOCATION:     Troop 1011 Meeting Room
Cost:         $5.00
Snack:        You may bring a snack and a drink for the break. Vending machine on site
Uniform:      Class “A”
Limits:       Great Clinic for 1st year scouts
              40 scouts
              No rank requirement
              1. We expect you to have read the Merit Badge Book
              2. A train trip is not required to complete this Merit Badge
              3. Counselors will have model trains set up for education purposes

Please complete the following requirements and bring with you to the clinic.
All other requirements will be completed at the clinic.

Requirement 8
  a2) Build one model railroad car kit or one locomotive kit.
  b3) Locate the website of four rail historical groups, find information on their history.

25 railroad car kits are available at the 1011 scout office @5.00 each. Be prepared to discuss the
different uses for your kit you build, i.e., tank cars – milk, syrup, chemicals, petroleum, etc.

Additional information or questions: contact Mr. Friel at or cell 404-281-
3077 or Janet Hall at or 770-542-9044

12/5/2011                              13 of 19       2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
Railroading Merit Badge Clinic Registration
Registration Deadline: April 5, 2010

Scout _________________________ has my permission to participate in the Railroading Merit Badge Clinic on Saturday, April17,

I _________________________ (Parent) will attend and assist.

______# Attend the clinic:

$5.00 check# ________ payable Troop 1011

____ please pay $5.00 fee using scout credits

no cash please

Parent Signature: _______________________________________ Phone # __________________________

12/5/2011                                         14 of 19         2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
                                                       HISTORICAL TREK

                            Robbins A.F.B. Museum – Georgia Veterans State Park
                                          Andersonville National Historical Site
                                                            April 9-11, 2010
                                              (Emergency phone# Mr. Friel 404-281-3077)

Depart:            Fri. April 9th, 9:00 AM from Mt. Bethel UMC
                   Wear Class A uniform with Troop Cap for departure.
Return:            Sunday, April 11th, 4:00 PM to Mt. Bethel UMC
              o Friday – Tour Robbins AFB Museum of Aviation – arrive Veterans State Park Pioneer Campsite
              o Saturday – Camp site activities – tour Memorial Park, boating, and bass fishing
              o Sunday – Tour Andersonville National Historic Sites and return

Equipment: Sleeping bag, canteen, eating utensils, mug, pocket knife, matches, flashlight, toiletries, towel,
           personal or troop tent. No aerosol cans, electronic games.
Clothing:          Class A with troop cap for departure and return. Class B at site. Extra set of clothes, socks,
                   sweater/jacket, raingear.

Cost:              The fee is $35 per scout for campsite fee, transportation, food. Please provide up to $10 for a
                   lunch stop on the way home.

Meals:             Picnic lunch for Friday. Patrol cooking rest of the weekend – patrols to make up menus.

                                  Permission Slip (RETURN NO LATER THAN March 29)

Scout ____________________________ has my permission to attend the April 9-11 2010 Historical Trek

Parent ______________________________ will also attend and can transport ______
(Including driver) participants. Check # ________ in the amount of ___________.
Credits __________
12/5/2011                                              15 of 19          2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
            Parent Signature ________________________

12/5/2011      16 of 19    2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
                                           Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Trip

                                                            Bryson City, NC
                                                          April 23 - 25, 2010

Depart:                      Fri. April 23, 6:00 PM from Mt. Bethel UMC
                             Eat dinner before departure,
                             Wear Class A uniform with Troop Cap for departure.
Return:                      Sunday, April 25 th 3:00 PM to Mt. Bethel UMC
Activities:          Friday night at Tallulah Gorge, Saturday train ride and camp in Bryson
       City at Duck Creek Campground, Sunday to Cherokee Village and return.
                             Come ride in the Caboose of the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad!!
                             Work towards the Railroad merit badge.
Fri. 11th:                   Drive to Tallulah Gorge, campfire and crackerbarrel
Sat. 12th:                   Travel to Bryson City for 10:30 Train Ride. Set up camp, campfire and                                cracker barrel.
Sun. 13th:                   Cherokee Village
Cost:                        The fee is $50 for this trip.
                              Scholarships are available based on scouting participation and need.
What to Bring: Class A, Two complete changes of weather appropriate clothes, extra underwear, Toiletries,
towel, washcloth (shower available), mug, canteen or water Bottle, eating utensils with bowl, flashlight,
sleeping bag, Towel & soap
Permission Slip (RETURN NO LATER THAN April 19)

Scout ____________________________ has my permission to attend the April 23 - 25 Bryson City, NC Outing.
Parent ______________________________ will also attend and can transport ______
(Including driver) participants. Check # ________ in the amount of ___________.
Credits __________
                                             Parent Signature ________________________

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              Mr. And Mrs. Matthew Geller
             Boy Scouts of America Troop 1011

             Cordially invite you to attend an

              Eagle Court of Honor
            Recognizing the rank achievement of

            Justin Chancellor Geller
                  Sunday, April 18th, 2010
                  at 2:30 in the afternoon

             Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church
                       Fellowship Hall
                  4385 Lower Roswell Road
                      Marietta, Georgia

12/5/2011             18 of 19   2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc
            Reception to follow

12/5/2011   19 of 19   2649aedf-6405-42e6-98ec-0752cef21e6d.doc

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