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Turgeon Named National Technologist of the Year


									                  VOL.27 No.4 : OCTOBER 2010

                     Turgeon Named
              National Technologist
                        of the Year
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                                                                                        Table of Contents
                                                                                         President’s Message                          6
             VOL.27 No.4 : October 2010
                                                                                         Chief Executive Officer’s Message            9
                                                                                         Turgeon Cover Story                          10

                                                                                         Volunteers Make It Happen                    13
    1630-10020 101A Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5J 3G2                                          ASET News                                    14
    Tel: 780.425.0626 Toll free: 1.800.272.5619 Fax: 780.424.5053
                                                                                         CPD is Mandatory in 2011                     16
    ASET Mission: “To benefit the public and the profession by being the
    premier regulator, service provider to and promoter of safe, high-quality            Student Member Profile                       19
    professional technology practice.”
    ASET Vision: “To be publicly recognized as certifying and promoting                  Scholarship Values Increase                  20
    technology professions to support Alberta’s success.”
    ASET is a professional organization for applied science, engineering and             Awards: Nominate Today                       22
    information technicians and technologists in Alberta and the Territories.
    ASET evaluates the qualifications of individuals who voluntarily apply for
    certification and issues professional credentials accordingly. ASET acts as          ASET Council Nomination                      25
    an advocate for the profession to governments and the general public.
    It also delivers a number of benefits and services to its members and their          Chapters’ Calendar                           26
    NOTE: Editorial opinions, reports and similar articles published herein do not
    necessarily reflect the opinion or policy of the ASET Council or the Association.

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               November 10, 2010                                                         Definition of practice—applied science and
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    sue. For full publishing schedule and advertising specifications contact
    ASET or visit                                                “Practice of applied science technology and engineering
                                                                                         technology means: accepting responsibility for the re-
    Write to us. Send your comments, suggestions and feedback                            porting on, advising on, evaluating, designing, preparing
    about this or any issue of Technology Alberta, via e-mail to                         plans and specifications for, or directing the construc- or by mail to the ASET office.                                  tion, technical inspection, maintenance or operation of
                                                                                         any structure, work or process that is:
                                                                                         A. aimed at the discovery, development or utilization of
    ASET CEO Barry Cavanaugh                                                             matter or energy or in any other way designed for the
    (at right) congratulates Dean
    Turgeon, R.E.T., LEED® AP,
                                                                                         use and convenience of society;
    (at left) for being selected as
    the 2010 National Achievement                                                        B. concerned with the safeguarding of life, health, prop-
    Award recipient. Turgeon,                                                            erty, environment, public welfare or economic welfare;
    President and Founder of Vital
    Engineering, is especially noted
    for his work with alternative en-
    ergy technologies in the build-                                                      C. in accordance with legislation and industry recog-
    ing industry in Alberta.                                                             nized codes, standards, procedures and practices, through
                                                                                         the application of established engineering or applied sci-
                                                                                         ence principles and methods of problem solving.”

                                                                                         Approved by ASET & APEGGA Executive Committees,
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         1630-10020 101A Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5J 3G2
         Canadian Publications Mail Agreement 40065106

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ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                                         3

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                                                 Your Opinion Counts
                                                 ASET to Conduct Membership Opinion Survey
    Executive President
     Dave Merralls, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)           ASET is working with Banister Research and Consulting to prepare a compre-
     WorleyParsons, Calgary
    First Vice President
                                                 hensive membership opinion survey, which is expected to be conducted later in
     Elizabeth McDonald, C.E.T.                  November 2010. Watch for upcoming email for more information. If ASET
     Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co., Edmonton
    Second Vice President
                                                 doesn’t have your email address, or if you want to update your address, please let
     Norman Kyle, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)             us know by email,, or by calling ASET at 780.425.0626 or
     Aquatera Utilities, Grande Prairie
    Past President
     Kevin Harrison, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)
     Edmonton Police Services
                                                 The survey, a web-based questionnaire, is designed to provide member feedback
                                                 on a variety of topics in order to:
    Jodi Arrowsmith, C.E.T., B.Tech.
     St. Paul
                                                 •	   provide the best possible products and services to ASET members
    Don Cheeseman, R.E.T.
     Edmonton                                    •	   assess how ASET is currently meeting member needs and any additional
    Laura Kennett, C.E.T., P.Eng.                     services or products that members may be beneficial to members
     Enbridge Pipelines Inc., Edmonton
    Peter LaGrandeur, R.E.T.                     •	   assess the value of the ASET membership, and
     SNC Lavalin, Calgary
    Neil McNeil, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)              •	   provide direction to the future goals and activities of the organization.
     WorleyParsons, Calgary
    Dave Moller, R.E.T.                          A similar survey was conducted by ASET in 2005, also with Banister Research and
     Red Deer
                                                 Consulting. All responses will be collected and analyzed by Banister Research to
    Public members
    Peter Portlock, CD, MHSA                     ensure that feedback will be confidential and the analysis of findings is objective.
       Lethbridge Family Services                All data collection will be conducted in compliance with privacy laws.
    Chris Warren, Q.C.
       Warren Sinclair, Red Deer                 Thank you for your feedback and continued support.
    Linda Wood Edwards, CAE, B.Admin.

    Calgary: Keith Galliott, C.E.T.
    Cold Lake: Ajaz Quraishi, C.E.T., PE
    Edmonton: Chadwick Paddick, C.E.T.
    Fort McMurray: vacant
    Grande Prairie: Sandra Pippus, C.E.T.
    Lethbridge: Adam Campbell, C.E.T.
    Lloydminster: Bill Parke, C.E.T.
    Medicine Hat: Lloyd Jesse, C.E.T.
    Red Deer: Don Nikonetz, C.Tech. (Eng.)
    Chief Executive Officer
     Barry Cavanaugh
     Perry Nelson, R.E.T.,P.L.(Eng.), B.Mgmt.
    Deputy Registrar
     George Germain, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)
    Director of Communications
    and Member Benefits
     Russ Medvedev, MA
    Director of Finance and Administration
     Norman Viegas, B.Comm., CMA, CAE
    Manager, Executive Secretariat
    and Special Projects
     Jennifer McNeil Bertrand, BA
    Registration Facilitator
     Jackie Sousa
    Coordinator, Competency Programs
     Linda Moore
    Coordinator, Member and Public Relations
     Lynnell Prediger
    Communications Coordinator
     Judith Chrystal, BA
    Accounting Assistant
     Nicole Miller, BComm.
    Coordinator, Special Programs
     Carol Adams
     Shannon Demkiw

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                     5
President’s Message

Dave Merralls, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)

Making Progress                                                     Competency-Based Certification
This fall marks one year since the new legislation has passed.      As of January 2010, ASET moved to a competency-based
While on the surface, it may seem that it’s been business as        certification process which has proven effective. The new
usual, much activity has been taking place behind the scenes        system has benefited all applicants because it allows new
to move initiatives forward. We’re starting to notice substan-      and innovative ways to demonstrate technical competency.
tial progress with several of these initiatives.                    Again, Alberta has played a lead role in the development of
                                                                    this process and, while other provinces have opted for phased
One of these initiatives is the new Professional Technologist
                                                                    introduction of the process, Alberta has fully transitioned to
(Engineering), P.Tech.(Eng.) designation. Response from
                                                                    the new process as of January 2010. Please visit the ASET
members has been positive and it is one topic that I’m of-
                                                                    web site to find out more if you know of work colleagues
ten asked about when attending ASET functions around
                                                                    who may have let their membership lapse and then found
the province. After a slow start, the pieces are starting to
                                                                    it difficult to rejoin, know suitable candidates with overseas
come together and I’m pleased to report that the process is
                                                                    education, or those making the climb up the technology
moving to the next stage. The public member has recently
                                                                    career ladder and deserving of membership.
been appointed and the joint board is scheduled to hold
an orientation meeting in November. The ASET office has
more than 200 files ready for board assessment and we are           Stakeholder Meetings
optimistic that the first P.Tech.s will be practicing in 2011.      Behind the scenes, our team has also been working dili-
The logistics to process 200 files will be a time consuming         gently to meet with stakeholders. In September, I had the
and lengthy process. In an effort to manage our membership          pleasure of meeting with The Honorable Thomas Lukaszuk,
expectations, we ask that all parties are patient as we work        Minister of Employment and Immigration, to discuss issues
the process going forward; the heavy lifting is about to begin.     relevant to our members. One of the topics of discussion was
As part of our regulatory mandate, ASET has also introduced         the evolution of the new One Act, Two Association model.
a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.                In addition we touched on how ASET could continue to
The program is voluntary in 2010 and will be mandatory              represent members practicing in the North West Territories
next year for all members. This is an aspect of our legislation     with the new P.Tech.(Eng.) designation and agreed further
that demonstrates to the public and to government that our          discussion would be beneficial. Our legislation is important
members are performing at the highest standard and that             in that it demonstrates how government has confidence in
we take our responsibility seriously. In truth, we know that        our members, who perform at the highest standard and are
our members are already staying current and fulfilling their        now accountable for public safety. One year after the legisla-
CPD requirements. ASET has developed an excellent, user-            tion was passed, the model is working well and the Minister
friendly on-line CPD site for members to plan and record            remains supportive. In fact, other jurisdictions in the country
activities. In fact, I’ve found the site a helpful resource and a   are watching the Alberta example and have expressed an
great way to plan my activities.                                    interest in implementing a similar model. We’ll continue
                                                                    to work with government to move this initiative, as well as

    National Framework                                              new developments will remain a priority. We appreciate your
                                                                    cooperation during this transition to a more effective and
    One of the pressing issues facing ASET is the develop-
                                                                    responsive national framework model.
    ment of a new national framework for technologists. Ear-
    lier in 2010, ASET made the decision to withdraw from
    the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists           Chapter Open Houses
    (CCTT). With other provincial partners, we’re working           Since my last report, I have had the pleasure to meet with
    toward building a new association, Technology Professionals     members and other partners across the province. Meeting
    Canada (TPC) and a new accreditation team, Technology           colleagues during the Chapter Open Houses is an invaluable
    Accreditation Canada (TAC). We continue to work toward          way to keep connected with members, respond to your ques-
    giving a structure to these new entities. ASET CEO Barry        tions, provide an opportunity for ASET to share its vision
    Cavanaugh provides more details about TPC and TAC in            and outline priorities.
    his Message in this issue. One important message, however,
                                                                    We can only be successful moving forward if we move for-
    that I would like to convey to members and stakeholders
                                                                    ward together.
    is that during this transition, we want to assure you that
    ASET will do everything it can to ensure that everything will
    remain business as usual for members, students, academic
    programs, and other stakeholders. Keeping you apprised of

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                               7
                             EPIC Educational Program
                                Innovations Center
                               Upcoming Courses                                                    PDHs* Location                    2011
Civil                                                                                                                       Jan       Feb       Mar
Pavement Design, Maintenance and Rehabilitation                                                      12        Calgary                10-11
Design and Construction of Earthworks                                                                18      Edmonton                23-25
Design and Analysis of Earth Retaining Walls                                                         18        Calgary                            7-9
Hydraulic Network Modeling of Water Distribution Systems                                             12        Calgary                          14-15
Hydraulic Network Modeling of Sewer Collection Systems                                               12        Calgary                          16-17

Electrical                                                                                                                  Jan       Feb       Mar
Power System Neutral Grounding and High Voltage Substation Grounding for
                                                                                                     12      Edmonton                14-15
Industrial Plants
Canadian Electrical Code - 2009                                                                      12      Edmonton                16-17
Transformer Operational Principles, Selection and Troubleshooting                                    18        Calgary               22-24
Electric Power Distribution System for Industrial Plants                                             24        Calgary                          22-25

Environmental                                                                                                              Jan        Feb       Mar
Assessment and Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Releases                                         12        Calgary                 7-8
Challenges in Air Emission Requirements                                                              12        Calgary                          28-29

Construction                                                                                                                Jan       Feb       Mar
Bidding, Evaluation, Negotiation and Contract Award - For Construction Projects                      12        Calgary                 3-4

Industrial & Mechanical                                                                                                     Jan       Feb       Mar
Industrial Piping and Associated Equipment                                                           18       Edmonton     24-26
Effective Equipment and Facilities Maintenance - Striving to Achieve the Required
                                                                                                     12      Edmonton      27-28
Reliability at Low Cost
Process Design and Engineering of Petroleum Process Plant and Equipment                              24        Calgary                 1-4
In-Plant Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices - Types, Components, Inspection,
                                                                                                     12        Calgary               24-25
Operation and Safety
Failures, Failure Prevention and Repair of Pressure Vessels, Piping, Boilers and
                                                                                                     24        Calgary                 28          3
Rotating Machinery with Life Extension Considerations (4 days)

Project Management                                                                                                          Jan       Feb       Mar
Fundamentals of Project Management                                                                   18       Edmonton     26-28

                  * Continuing professional education for licensed engineers is measured in Professional Development Hours (PDHs).
                                                A PDH is one contact hour of instruction or presentation.
                                                                    Online Courses
 EPIC offers online courses in the following areas: Information Technology, Business Management and Engineering. For more information, please visit
                                                                    Onsite Programs
  EPIC courses are available onsite at your location and they can be customized to suit your specific requirements. For more information, please visit
     You can also call Tim Chugh at 1-888-374-2338 ext 242 or email him at

EPIC Learning Center: 5759 Coopers Avenue • Mississauga, ON L4Z 1R9 • Toll Free: 1-888-374-2338 • Fax: 1-800-866-6343 • Email:
    Chief Executive Officer’s Message

                                                                           transition. I recently attended, with my colleague from
                                                                           Ontario, a meeting of the National Deans of Technology
                                                                           to review our collective position and our commitment
                                                                           to the academic institutions and students.
                                                                      •	   Our four provinces are undertaking the development of
                                                                           Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) as a new entity
                                                                           to manage our common issues and national interests
                                                                           with a very defined mandate. Likewise, a consultation
                                                                           document is being prepared to invite all stakeholders,
                                                                           including the Deans of Technology, to participate in
                                                                           reforming and modernizing the national accreditation
                                                                           process through our new entity, Technology Accredita-
                                                                           tion Canada (TAC). President Dave Merralls and I will
                                                                           be attending a meeting of the four Presidents and senior
                                                                           staff in Vancouver in early November to review and ap-
                                                                           prove next steps in the development of TPC and TAC.
    Barry Cavanaugh
                                                                      ASET and the three other associations support a national
                                                                      federation, but after extensive and costly efforts to intro-
    Business as Usual…Only Better
                                                                      duce sorely needed reforms in recent years, your Council
                                                                      concluded that the existing structure was not serving our
    As you may know ASET and our colleague associations in
                                                                      members’ interests, and the few remaining member organi-
    British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan have officially
                                                                      zations refused to consider serious restructuring to a model
    withdrawn from the national federation, CCTT. We joined
                                                                      which we considered to be more fair and more effective.
    Quebec, which withdrew last year. Some important points
                                                                      We are very conscious of the need to manage the transition,
    for your information:
                                                                      involving our partners and moving forward with a new way
    •	 Use of your designations (C.Tech. and C.E.T.) remains
                                                                      of doing business.
         fully secure for you to use under both EGGPA (the
         provincial statute giving ASET the licensing authority       As the development of Technology Professionals Canada
         and control of the designations) and a licensing agree-      (TPC) continues, we will keep you updated, and we will
         ment previously signed between CCTT and the other            appreciate your advice about what national aspects are of
         provinces. Your designations are secure and we will con-     importance to you (i.e., national professional mobility, na-
         tinue to enforce protection of the right to use them and     tional government relations, public policy of importance to
         its limitation to ASET members who have earned them          the profession, etc.). As far as most members are concerned,
         and hold them under the statute.                             it’s “business as usual”, but we will try to keep you informed
    •	 Inter-provincial labour mobility is secured as we main-        of anything which may be of interest.
         tain our commitment to the legislated Agreement on           What we expect is that in TPC we will achieve a national
         Internal Trade (AIT) and through the work of the             organization which truly reflects and respects the legitimate
         Council of Registrars (comprised of all ten Registrars       interests of the profession in Alberta, which is based on
         in the country continuing to work together to maintain       best practices, and which supports rather than hinders the
         standards).                                                  advancement of technicians and technologists across Canada
    •	 The CTEN job site, which is administered by our On-            in a cost-effective way. Worthy goals, I think… and with the
         tario colleagues at OACETT and in which ASET is a            volunteer leadership of our four provinces leading the way,
         full participant, exists wholly independent of CCTT and      I believe we can build on the modern vision of a profession
         members continue to have complete access to this valu-       which is absolutely integral to our modern society. Willing
         able service.                                                collaboration on agreed goals is what it’s all about.
    •	 ASET has made a commitment to our technology in-
         stitutions and CTAB, which undertakes national ac-           Let us know how we’re doing!
         creditation, that we will continue during transition to
         our new approach to national accreditation, to support
         with staff, volunteers and resources to participate in na-
         tional accreditation activities. This commitment also in-
         cludes the ongoing development of National Technology
         Benchmarks during the transition. We intend to ensure
         that no program or student is harmed by the effects of

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                    9
                                                                    of the Year
                                                                    ASET member recognized as
                                                                    leader in green building

Dean Turgeon, R.E.T., LEED® AP

Dean Turgeon, R.E.T., LEED® AP, was recently chosen                 “Children give you a new perspective on life. You want to
to receive the 2010 National Achievement Award in rec-              see things that you grew up enjoying being maintained and
ognition of his achievements in engineering and applied             sustained for them and their children,” he explains.
science technology. Turgeon is acknowledged as a leader in          Turgeon became more involved in LEED® (Leadership in
technology, in business and in the community, especially for        Energy and Environmental Design) in the early 2000s. In
his work with alternative energy technologies in the building       2003, he decided to make a change and approached Scott
industry in Alberta.                                                Koehn, P.Eng., about building a company that was environ-
Turgeon is President and Founder of Vital Engineering and           mentally conscious. Vital Engineering was born.
considered at the forefront of the green industry in the prov-      Not long after starting the company, specialties were de-
ince and nationally. A graduate of the Engineering Design           veloped in several alternative energy technologies but geo-
and Drafting Technology program at NAIT, he brings ex-              thermal was the first to take off when Alberta’s construction
pertise in mechanical system design and project management          industry picked up. Instead of letting the business grow be-
in commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. He is        yond its capabilities, he and Koehn have opted for “controlled
recognized as a pioneer of geothermal systems in Alberta.           growth.” Today, the firm employs eight engineers and three
Under his management and direction, Vital Engineering               technologists at its Sherwood Park office.
has rapidly grown into a prominent consulting firm serving
Western Canada.                                                     It’s helped that Alberta’s green building scene is also rac-
                                                                    ing ahead. Green building is also becoming more visible
“I was enthused by the fact that my work in Alberta was             thanks to public projects like the upcoming Station Pointe
recognized at a national level,” says Turgeon. “I find it stems     Greens in north Edmonton, in which Vital is involved. The
from the fact that I haven’t been afraid to take chances. There’s   project is one of only six winning projects under the Federal
always risk but there are rewards and it’s often more than          Government’s EQuilibruim Communities Initiative, which
financial.”                                                         promotes building sustainable communities that use clean
Turgeon developed an appreciation for the outdoors growing          energy technologies and energy-efficient designs. By using
up in Lac La Biche, AB. His family’s acreage was near Lac La        renewable energy systems – including solar, passive venti-
Biche lake and many of his favorite memories revolve around         lation, and geothermal – the combined structures should
fishing, camping and other outdoor pursuits. Having children        produce as much energy as they consume. It will also feature
brought Turgeon’s environmental consciousness to the fore.          a closed-loop wastewater treatment system. Station Pointe

    Dean Turgeon, R.E.T., LEED® AP, and associates of Vital Engineering

    will be a mixed-use cooperative development, housing both             to NAIT to develop a new Alternative Energy Technology
    businesses and affordable residences for low-income Ed-               diploma program and recently, he signed a letter of intent
    montonians.                                                           with another Alberta institution, which is interested in a
    While sustainable building is becoming more widely sup-               similar program. Vital’s stewardship project called “Vitality
    ported, there’s a great deal of public misinformation, says           Gardens” is a partnership with a local elementary school,
    Turgeon. That’s why Vital devotes a lot of energy to educating        various community groups and local businesses to establish
    clients – and prospects – about what’s possible with green            a curriculum-based functional garden. Recently, Turgeon
    energy systems. This sometimes involves debunking some                became a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
    of the myths about cost. “One of the barriers we often meet           Environmental Policy Committee and a board member of the
    in our industry is that people look at sustainable and green          newly formed Alberta CleanTech Industry Alliance.
    as cost prohibitive options,” Turgeon says. “In reality, while        Turgeon’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2010, he was
    there may be on occasion a higher front end capital invest-           recognized as the Technologist of the Year by ASET and was
    ment, if you evaluate the return with accurate financial tools        named as a finalist for an Emerald Award in the “Individual
    the return on investment is quite attractive to most clients.”        Commitment” category for “Individual Contribution to Al-
                                                                          ternative Energy Development in Alberta.”
                                                                          In his view, change is inevitable. “We must continue to be
                                                                          forward thinkers and consistently be aware of our need to
     “It’s more than just a business, it’s a new way of                   prepare for the future,” says Turgeon. “Vital is very much
                 thinking,” says Turgeon.                                 prepared to be an engineering firm that is able to support
                                                                          a long term energy transition. When desired, we will work
                                                                          with our clients to find alternative ways to provide new and
                                                                          renewable sources of energy to our communities and, in do-
    Vital is also invested in helping upcoming generations of             ing so, support Alberta’s role as an “Energy” province. As we
    technologists interested in alternative energy. “It’s more than       see our projects coming to fruition, we are hopeful that our
    just a business, it’s a new way of thinking,” says Turgeon.           ideas will have a lasting impact on how buildings are designed
    For the last couple of years, Turgeon and members of the              and how communities are created.” For more information
    Vital Engineering team have been providing their expertise            on Vital Engineering, please visit

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                        11
Update from Bell Mobility                                        With the incredible iPhone, Google Android units, and the
                                                                 new Blackberry Torch, and special share plans for the new iPad,
                                                                 Bell is leading the way with the best devices, fastest speeds and
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Mobility is leading the way! Bell Mobility has just launched
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and YouTube to stay on top of what’s current with your friends   tion needs.
and family.                                                      Bell is pleased to support ASET with competitive custom
In the last 12 months Bell Mobility has made some signifi-       pricing plans to assist in your communication needs.
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generation devices.

    You make it happen!
    ASET volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization
    Our sincere thanks to you, the members who support ASET                                 other people in his profession. “I thought it was a good ex-
    by volunteering in so many ways. You help promote tech-                                 perience to give back to my community,” he says. “And there
    nology careers, organize chapter events, work on Council                                is value for my employer as well as personally – I have built
    and committees, provide valuable feedback, and much more.                               leadership skills and expanded my professional network.”
    ASET President Dave Merralls, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.), em-                                  Now Vice Chair of the Red Deer Chapter, Mehmood is
    phasizes the importance of volunteerism. “We’re a self-                                 making the most of volunteering with ASET.
    regulating profession and the active participation of ASET
    members is vital to maintaining the level of trust the public                             Volunteer Opportunities
    has in us. The roles are varied, from decisions made by the                               Tradeshows
    Registration Board, Accreditation Board and Board of Ex-                                       Assist with ASET booth usually with a staff member or fellow
    aminers’ to attending Chapter meetings or volunteering at                                      member/volunteer.
    a career fair. These are all equally important responsibilities
                                                                                              Career Fairs
    for members.”
                                                                                                   Provide presentations about ASET and technical careers,
    The benefits are significant and the time commitment is                                        typically to high school students.
    flexible – even as little as 1 or 2 hours can make a difference.
                                                                                              Resource Person
    As a bonus, many ASET volunteer opportunities qualify as
                                                                                                  Secondary school science teachers can contact you when they
    CPD learning activities (for information on CPD activities                                    require assistance (e.g., Edmonton Science Outreach Net-
    and to view the CPD video, visit Not only                                    work, Calgary Science Network).
    will you benefit personally from volunteering your time and
                                                                                              Chapter Executive Member
    expertise, you will be helping your profession reach goals
                                                                                                   Help organize events for local members.
    that are only achievable with the effort of many members
    working together.                                                                         Editorial Committee
                                                                                                    Oversee publication of Technology Alberta and the ASET
                                                                                                    Annual Report (five luncheon meetings/year).

                                                                                              Awards Committee
                                                                                                  Oversee awards presentations, decide recipients for certain
                                                                                                  awards, and develop new awards (three meetings/year).

                                                                                              Registration Board
                                                                                                   Evaluate applications for certification (six half-day meetings/
                                                                                                   year; must be certified).

                                                                                              Accreditation Board
                                                                                                   Accredit training programs at technical schools (two meet-
                                                                                                   ings/year) or Accreditation Teams as required for individual
                                                                                                   program evaluations (must be certified).
    Keith Galliott, C.E.T., at SAIT Polytechnic with Charlene Sapieha, an instructor with
                                                                                              Professional Practice Exams
    the MacPhail School of Energy, and ASET student member Chelsea Steinmann
                                                                                                   Supervise, administer and time exams (must be certified
    There are tangible benefits to volunteering with ASET at any                                   member); exams offered every other month on a weekday
    stage of your career. “The students who came to volunteer at                                   evening or Saturday.
    our chapter meetings last year are all working now – they all                             Panel of Examiners
    got jobs through their networking. That just shows you one                                     Review applicant’s academics (four/five evening meetings/
    example of the benefit of volunteering with ASET,” notes                                       year; must be C.E.T. or R.E.T.).
    Calgary Chapter Chair Keith Galliott, C.E.T.
    In addition to Chapter involvement, Galliott has found other                                  Share your experience, skills and knowledge with less expe-
    ASET volunteer opportunities are equally worthwhile. “I’ve                                    rienced members or students.
    found it gratifying to represent ASET at career fairs. It’s
                                                                                              ASET Council Member
    an excellent opportunity to meet current members and to
                                                                                                   ASET’s governing body (four day-and-a-half meetings/year);
    play a role in helping future members progress through their                                   nomination and election required.
                                                                                              ASET volunteer opportunities are varied and you can choose based on
    ASET member Khalid Mehmood, T.T., started coming to                                       your interests and availability. Fill out a Volunteer Profile form online
    Chapter meetings in Red Deer and caught the volunteering                                  in the Members’ Area at and watch for specific opportu-
                                                                                              nities in TechLink or VolunteerLink e-news from ASET.
    bug. Mehmood began to promote ASET and got to know

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                                                             13

                                            ASET Director of Finance Receives CAE Designation
                                            Congratulations to Norman Viegas, B.Comm, CMA, CAE, the ASET Director of
                                            Finance and Administration, who was recently granted the designation “Certified
                                            Association Executive” (CAE) by the Canadian Society of Association Executives.
                                            Norman completed a rigorous continuing education program, fulfilled the practical
                                            experience requirement, and successfully wrote the certification examination. He
                                            was awarded the designation in September.
                                            The process is built around an extensive array of association management compe-
                                            tencies. Candidates complete five distance education courses with corresponding
                                            assignments and research, plus the final case-oriented examination, and have to
                                            demonstrate several years of related experience.

 Norman Viegas, B.Comm., CMA, CAE

Volunteers Needed for First Lego                                  Mark Your Calendars for AGM 2011
The annual First Lego League Alberta Championship is              The 2011 ASET Annual General Meeting will be held on
taking place at NAIT on Saturday, January 22, 2011. All           Saturday, April 2, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary, AB.
new judges must attend a two hour training session held in        The weekend will also include the annual Awards Gala on
January 2011. Judges must also be available for a minimum         Friday, April 1, 2011 and the Volunteer Appreciation Lun-
of two hours on the Friday evening before event day to help       cheon on Saturday, April 2, 2011. Watch for more details on
with set up and quality assurance. Finally, on event day judges   the ASET web site and in the next issue of Technology Alberta.
will be kept busy meeting with teams, asking questions and
assessing. If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail The official website has full event details:

ASET Meets With
In September, ASET Presi-
dent Dave Merralls, R.E.T.,
P.L.(Eng.), (pictured at left) and
ASET CEO Barry Cavanaugh
(at right) met with The Honor-
able Thomas Lukaszuk, Minister
of Employment and Immigra-
tion, (centre) to discuss issues
relevant to ASET including the
evolution of the new One Act,
Two Association model and the
P.Tech. (Eng.) designation.

                                                                               Supporting Their Community
                                                                               ASET member Melvin Lacebal, C.Tech., along with his As-
                                                                               sociated Engineering colleagues, spent September 17, 2010
                                                                               working for the community at Terra’s Braemar School in
                                                                               Edmonton. The crew of technicians, technologists and en-
                                                                               gineers expanded the outdoor play area for kids, developed a
                                                                               green space, perennial and vegetable gardens, and built arbors
                                                                               and log benches. The engineering teams’ labour was all at no
                                                                               charge – part of the United Way’s Engineering Challenge
                                                                               Day of Caring.
                                                                               When asked why he got involved in the volunteer project,
                                                                               Lacebal explains that, “The United Way supports good causes,
                                                                               like Terra. At Associated Engineering, we work together as a
                                                                               team – so this was an extension of that collaboration, with a
                                                                               bit of healthy competition between the teams.” Volunteering
                                                                               seems to suit Lacebal; he is also one of the newest members
    Members of the Associated Engineering Alberta team get to work at the
    United Way’s Engineering Challenge Day of Caring in Edmonton. Other        of the ASET Editorial Advisory Committee.
    teams came from AECOM, Bantrel, Cohos Evamy, Cosyn Technologies, EBA
    Engineering Consultants Ltd, ISL Engineering & Land Services, Magna IV
    Engineering, Morrison Hershfield Limited, SNL-LAVALIN Ltd, Stantec, TYCO
    Thermal, Williams Engineering, and WorleyParsons Edmonton.

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                             15
 CPD            is
            Mandatory in 2011
It’s Easy – Just Tell Us What You Are                           CPD is any activity that makes you a
Currently Doing                                                 better practitioner or advances the
The ASET Continuing Professional Development Program            profession.
is mandatory, beginning in 2011, for C.Tech., C.E.T., R.E.T.,
and P.Tech.(Eng.) designations.                                 ASET members are required to complete and declare 1
                                                                activity from at least 2 of the CPD categories below.
The CPD Program is based on self-directed learning related
to each member’s individual goals. The essence of the CPD
Program is to “tell us what you are currently doing.”
There is no expectation that the member or their employer
will incur any additional costs or that the member will spend
any additional time away from work.
The CPD Program is a web-based application. You will:
1.     Create a log book online at                         Example: Mentored a student.
2.     Enter a CPD plan and activities into your log book
3.     Declare to ASET that you have completed those ac-
4.     Retain your CPD plan and supporting documentation
       as proof of compliance.

 What do I need to do?
 To find out, and get started, visit                      Example: Volunteered during flooding crisis
                                                                          in my community.
 CPD Resources Online
 •	     The ASET CPD Handbook
 •	     Technology Alberta articles on CPD
 •	     CPD video
 •	     Frequently Asked Questions
 •	     PowerPoint Presentation
Click on Membership, then CPD Program

                                                                          Example: Attended Piping Inspector

                                                                          Example: Toured NAIT Shell
                                                                          Manufacturing Centre.

     For further information, contact the ASET Competency
     Programs Coordinator Linda Moore at

     A                         dvancing
                                 the Profession
     An ASET designation is the sign of a competent professional who is
     up-to-date with current technology because of a dedication to
     continuing professional development

    George Al Haddad, R.E.T., C.L.A.

    How quickly is technology advancing in                          How has ASET assisted you with CPD?
    your field?                                                     “I watched the CPD video at the ASET AGM last spring; it
    “As an automation technologist, the technology can be over-     encouraged me to go and fill out my information online. I was
    whelming. It’s growing, changing and always advancing.”         really surprised at how easy and organized the program is.”

    How do you remain proficient in your field?                     Does the phrase “tell us what you are
    “I always have to keep up with my reading, and attend semi-     currently doing” describe the program?
    nars, but that is not the only way to learn. You can learn      “You do not have to go out of your way to fulfill requirements
    by networking and bouncing ideas off the team. That’s fast-     for the CPD program. For example, do you volunteer? If yes,
    paced learning and sometimes I find it quicker and more         already you have filled one of the four categories. It is easy
    efficient. I am motivated to stay current because my employer   to comply with the requirements. It took me less than 10
    always comes to us with new demands that require new            minutes to fill out my CPD plan for the year, and I did not
    technology and very advanced skills.”                           have to do any extra work or take any extra courses.”

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                  17
Commercial General Liability
Program for Members

        nigroup Western Insurance, a division of Unigroup,   2. Field Operations
        is pleased to offer a Commercial General Liability   This is the practical side, which involves the hands on collec-
        Program (CGL) to ASET members. This program          tion of Data (which includes any of your office preparation)
has been developed in conjunction with ASET to assure
proper CGL coverage at Best Pricing for its members. This    $2,000,000 Coverage *
program is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s   Annual Premium $500 + a processing fee of $75.
of London.
A CGL Policy covers you for acts of negligence relating to   Total Annual Cost $575.00
your business. Unigroup offers two programs.
                                                             •	       Higher	Limits	are	available
1. Office Environment Work                                   •	       24	hour	turn	around
This is working with Data collected by others
                                                             Applications are available online on the ASET website or
$2,000,000 Coverage *                                        contact:
Annual Premium $400. + a processing fee of $75.
                                                             Bill Grieve
Total Annual Cost $475.00                                    Unigroup Western Insurance Brokers Inc
                                                             Telephone 1.780.499.1016
                                                             Fax         1.780.732.3688

    Student Member Profile
                                          Name: Bonaventure              How do you explain your chosen profession to people who
                                          Ayonote                       don’t know anything about it?
                                          What is your home-            Computer Systems Technology is a profession that enables
                                          town?                         one to write programs (computer software) to make a com-
                                          My hometown is Jattu,         puter do what you want it to do. For example if you need
                                          Nigeria.                      to write a letter to someone, you need to use a computer
                                                                        software like WordPad or Microsoft Word to enable you to
                                            How did you end up in       use a computer system to write it and then print it out us-
                                            Edmonton?                   ing a printer. Computer Systems Technology also involves
                                            I am immigrating to         how to design and maintain the physical computer system
                                            Canada. When I first        (hardware) so that it works effectively.
                                            came to Canada seven
                                            years ago, I was based in   What is your ideal first job after graduation?
    Winnipeg. I was a student in the University of Manitoba             My ideal first job after graduation is to be a computer net-
    where I learned some computer programming. I decided to             work technician. A computer network technician takes care
    transfer to Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)         of the computer hardware and software used in a network
    to get more practical hands-on training in computer systems         that meets a particular business application. In some cases
    technology. The city of Edmonton also played a part in my           a network technician can plan, design and implement the
    decision to relocate as it is well developed and industrialized.    computer network.
    I also have some of my family members here.
    What is your program of study?
    Computer Systems Technology at NAIT.
    Why did you become a student member of ASET?
    I became a student member of ASET because ASET has
    many programs that students can benefit from like technical
    tours, seminars and conferences. There are also networking
    events where one can meet with experienced profession-
    als that will help one to develop his/her professional career.
    There are also many volunteering opportunities one can use
    to gain some professional experience, develop team building
    and networking skills.
    Do you think you will apply for certification when you
    are ready?
    I will apply for certification when I am ready. This is because         Put tomorrow’s IT professionals
    certification shows that I am motivated to achieve excellence           to work for you today
    in my professional career. It gives a measurable competence
    standard which people can easily rate me with. This makes               Skilled NAIT Co-op students are eager to take on
    them confident about the level of service I can provide them.           such tasks as:
    It can lead to lower training costs as certified professionals            • Circuit board design and development
    usually have discounts in obtaining training materials for                • System and software testing
    professional career development. It will also give me a net-              • Computer repair/refurbishing
    work of certified professionals like myself that I can easily             • Hardware/software upgrades
    correspond with.                                                          • Technical research and writing
                                                                              • Help desk work
    What is the most cool thing you learned about technology
                                                                              • Database development
    last week?
                                                                              • Network administration
    The most cool thing I learned about technology last week
                                                                              • Web design
    is about personal computer (pc) automation software. A pc
    automation software allows you to connect to a remote com-              For information:
    puter using your local computer; you can then control the               Co-op Coordinator, 780.378.5255
    remote computer from the local computer. What I like about
    this technology is that you can use it to do your office work
    from home - telecommuting.                                              AN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COMMITTED TO STUDENT SUCCESS

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                         19
                                                                        Applications are now being

 The Engineering Technology Scholarship Foundation of Alberta (ETSFA) is pleased to announce that the value of the
 organization’s college scholarships has increased. ETSFA has received an Alberta Community Spirit Grant from the pro-
 vincial government and elected to increase available scholarships to $2,000 each.
 Applications are now being accepted for various scholarships available through ETSFA. A total of 17 different scholarships
 may be presented annually.
 ETSFA is an organization of past presidents of The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of
 Alberta (ASET). ETSFA actively promotes technical education for students at Alberta technical institutes and colleges.
 It also promotes the continued professional development of ASET members. ETSFA accomplishes its aims through the
 establishment and administration of several scholarships.

 ASET College Scholarships                                         TD Insurance Meloche Monnex
 For students in their final year of study                         Technology Scholarship
 ETSFA offers a total of 14, $2,000 scholarships to recipients     For certified ASET members
 at nine colleges in Alberta: one each at DeVry Calgary,           This annual $1,500 scholarship is made possible by TD
 Grande Prairie Regional College, Lethbridge College,              Insurance Meloche Monnex Financial Services Inc.
 Medicine Hat College, Olds College, Red Deer College
 and Yukon College; plus three at NAIT and four at SAIT.           Eligibility:
 These scholarships have more than doubled in value over           •	    ASET members who have been certified for at least five
 the last three years!                                                   years as of the annual deadline date, and
 Eligibility                                                       •	    are enrolled in full-time post-secondary technical
 •	   Students in their final year of study in an approved               education.
      program that is two years or more in duration,
 •	   in the top 10% of their class based on academic              How to Apply
      achievement in their first year of study, and                •	    Applications are available on the ASET web site or by
 •	   have demonstrated leadership ability through                       contacting the ASET office.
      involvement in school and/or community activities.
 How to Apply                                                      •	    February 1 of each year.
 •	   Application is made in the early fall of each year through
      the awards office at each institution. College scholarship
      winners are selected by institute or college officials in    Don Stirling Memorial Scholarship
      accordance with ETSFA criteria, and are presented at         For certified ASET members in the Calgary chapter, pro-
      various times throughout the year.                           fessional development
                                                                   •	    One, $500 scholarship is sponsored annually by the
 Deadline                                                                ASET Calgary chapter in memory of the late Don
 •	   Please see your college awards office for details and
                                                                         Stirling, C.E.T., one of the Association’s past presidents
                                                                         and a strong supporter of professional development for

                                                                       GIC TAB halfpg BW.pdf   10/27/10   9:24:40 AM

    •	   Certified members of ASET in the Calgary chapter,
    •	   who provide proof of completion of a professional
         development course related to their field of work, and
    •	   are not receiving financial assistance from their employers
         or other sources.

    How to Apply
    •	   Applications are available on the ASET web site or by
         contacting the ASET office, and must be received within
         six months of completion of the course; the scholarship
         is presented at the end of each year.

    •	   December 1 of each year.

    ASET/SASTT Lloydminster
    For a graduating student from a high school in the
    attendance area of The Lloydminster Bi-Provincial
    Chapter of ASET/SASTT.
    One $500 scholarship will be awarded annually. The graduate
    will be continuing his/her formal education in an applied
    science or engineering technician/technology program at a
    post-secondary institute in Saskatchewan or Alberta.

    The student must be a recent graduate of a high school in
    the service area of the Lloydminster Bi-Provincial Chapter
    of ASET/SASTT,
    •	   at the time of the award the applicant must be enrolled in
         a recognized applied science, or engineering technician/
         technology program in Alberta or Saskatchewan,
    •	   the student must declare their intent of becoming certified
         as a C.E.T. (Certified Engineering Technologist), an
         A.Sc.T. (Applied Science Technologist) or C.Tech.
         (Certified Technician), and
    •	   the student must become a student member of ASET
         or SASTT.

    How to Apply
    •	   Detailed submission criteria are available at www.aset. Applications should be sent to the chair of The
         Lloydminster Bi-Provincial Chapter of ASET/SASTT.

    •	   By 4 pm on August 20 in the year of application.

    For more information visit, contact the ASET
    office at 780.425.0626 or e-mail

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                          21
 ASET Awards
 recognize excellence
 Nominate Today
 Some people and organizations just stand out from the           Technical Employer of the Year
 crowd, and the ASET Awards Committee wants to hear              This award is presented annually to an organization for its
 about them! It only takes a few minutes to submit nominees      support of the technician/technologist community in Al-
 for the 2010 ASET Awards. This is your opportunity to give      berta as well as its overall achievements. Judging criteria
 praise to an outstanding colleague, showcase your cutting       include support for ASET certification/membership plus
 edge technology or tell the rest of the technical community     professional development and volunteerism, promotion and
 how great your company is to work for.                          utilization of technology professionals within the organiza-
                                                                 tion, community involvement, safety, innovation, profitability,
 Each year ASET recognizes members, non-members, or-             growth, etc.. Private and public organizations are eligible.
 ganizations, and technical instructors in Alberta’s technical   Nominations should be accompanied by corroborating and
 community for their exceptional contributions. The win-         supporting documents such as annual reports, newspaper
 ners will be honoured at the Awards Gala during the ASET        and magazine articles, testimonials from community leaders,
 AGM held at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in Calgary          clients, employees, etc.
 on April 1, 2011.
                                                                 ASET Technical Excellence Awards
 Technician/Technologist of the Year                             These unique awards recognize individuals or organizations
 This award is presented annually to an individual member of     for their consistently outstanding work. Qualities to be con-
 ASET who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism       sidered include: high levels of technical knowledge, impor-
 and excellence in making a significant contribution to tech-    tant contributions to processes, consistent professional atti-
 nology. Judging criteria used by ASET’s Awards Committee        tude, significant contributions to technical works, innovative
 include: level of knowledge, importance to the organiza-        technical solutions, assistance provided to others, leadership,
 tion, ability, leadership, creativity/innovation, community     etc. Nominations should include support materials and/or
 involvement, etc. Nominations must include corroborating        documentation for review. These awards are open to members
 and supporting material such as: published papers, newspaper    and non-members, as well as companies or organizations of
 or magazine articles, testimonials from clients, supervisors,   all sizes. A maximum of six awards may be given in any year.
                                                                 Excellence in Technical Instruction
                                                                 This award is presented annually to an outstanding instructor
                                                                 (active or retired) in an accredited technology program. A
                                                                 recipient of the Excellence in Technical Instruction Award
                                                                 will exemplify technical ability, leadership, professionalism,
                                                                 and creativity, making a significant contribution to the study
                                                                 of technology at his or her institution. Nominators must be
                                                                 members of ASET (T.T. or higher) and provide supporting
                                                                 documentation for review by the Awards Committee.

                                                                                      Nomination deadline is December 31,
                                                                                      To nominate, simply e-mail Lynnell Prediger at lyn-
                                                                             with your ideas or download one of our
                                                                                      nomination forms from and fax it back
                                                                                      to us at 780.424.5053.

                                                                                      Nomination deadline for these awards is December 31,
                                                                                      2010. The ASET Awards Committee will review nomi-
                                                                                      nations and make the award decisions in February, 2011.

                                                                                      Reap the rewards of nominating!
                                                                                      The ASET Awards Committee offers gift incentives to
    2010 Employer of the Year Kevyn McGregor of TELUS (at right) with Kevin
    Harrison, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)
                                                                                      the nominators of the winners of ASET’s awards. All
                                                                                      nominators are thanked with an ASET specialty promo-
                                                                                      tional item. In addition, the successful nominators for the
                                                                                      prestigious Technician/Technologist of the Year, the Ex-
                                                                                      cellence in Technical Instruction, the Technical Employer
                                                                                      of the Year and Technical Excellence awards will receive
                                                                                      two complimentary tickets to the Awards ceremony and
                                                                                      be acknowledged as the successful nominators.

                                                                                      Get your nominations in by December 31, 2010!

    Kevin Harrison, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.) (at left) presenting the 2010 ASET Technical
    Excellence Award to Pete Van’t Hoff, C.E.T.

                                                                                       Become an engineer by starting your Bachelor of Science
                                                                                       in Engineering degree at MacEwan and then transfering
                                                                                       to complete your education at the University of Alberta.
                                                                                       Students who have successfully completed their first year
                                                                                       are guaranteed* entrance to their second year of studies
                                                                                       at the U of A.

    Kevin Harrison, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.), (at left) presenting the ASET Technical
    Excellence Award to George Al Haddad, R.E.T., C.L.A.
                                                                                       Think Engineering. Think MacEwan.
                                                                              for program details.
                                                                                       *Must have completed a minimum of 30 credits with a GPA of 2.0.
                                                                                        ENGG 100/ENGG101 may not be included in the 30 credits.

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                                            23
                                           Partners With

                                                                                                      Pricing in Effect until December 15th!
                                                                             XS SM M L   XL 2XL 3XL

                                                           Ladies    Navy
                                                           Ladies    Black
                                                           Men's     Navy
                                                           Men's     Black

       Men’s 19596        Ladies 99596                     Name:
 Full front-zip jacket features SMARTech™ 300
 fabrication. Zippered front side pockets and
 adjustable selffabric cuffs. Articulated elbows.          Phone:
 Contrast adjustable draw cord and toggle at               Email:
 hem. Engineered cut-and-sewn details on                   Credit Card #:
                                                           Expiry Date:
 body and sleeves. Stitching details on collar
 and front pockets.

                                                                             XS SM M L   XL 2XL 3XL

                                                           Ladies    Navy
                                                           Ladies    Black
                                                           Men's     Navy
                                                           Men's     Black

     Men’s 19505        Ladies 99505                     ASET logo will be embroidered
 Waterproof and breathable fabric makes this                   on the left chest.
 garment a great multipurpose piece. Perfect
 on it’s own or as a layering piece, this jacket
                                                          Embroidery is included in the
 is equipped to handle the elements.                                 cost!
                                                                             XS SM M L   XL 2XL 3XL
                                                           Ladies    Navy
                                                           Ladies    Black

                                                           Men's     Navy
                                                           Men's     Black

      Men’s 19594        Ladies 99594                           FREE DELIVERY!
 This multi-seasonal garment melds
 SMARTech 300™ fabrication with the
                                                            (Canadian Addresses Only
 carry-all convenience of 3 zippered pockets                     One Way Only)
 and the dependability of a reverse-coil
 zipper.                                               Please fill out all contact info and fax to
                                                         Mary-Jo Lough @ 1-800-683-7790

    Play A Role in Shaping
    ASET’s Future

    Nominations Accepted for ASET Council                             Who can put their name forward?
    It’s the time of the year when the list of nominees is starting   All Regular Members in good standing are eligible to run
    to be compiled for the 2011 election of ASET Councillors.         for Council.
    ASET is currently accepting nominations from members
    with the election to take place early in 2011. This year, there   Nomination Process
    are three vacancies for Council and nominations from mem-         A nomination for a position on Council may be made in
    bers are welcome.                                                 writing by any twenty-five (25) Regular Members in good
                                                                      standing. In addition, each nominee shall provide a bio of
    Role of Council                                                   approximately 350-400 words with a photo (digital or hard
    The ASET Governing Council is elected by the membership           copy) for publication.
    to act as the governing body of ASET and establishes poli-
    cies, dues, and fees. Council also represents the Association’s   Deadline for Nominations
    members in determining and demanding appropriate orga-            The deadline for receipt of nominations at the ASET office
    nizational performance.                                           is January 5, 2011.

    Council Membership
    The Executive Committee consists of the president, the im-
    mediate past president, the first vice president and the second
    vice president. Six councillors are elected for a two-year term
    with three being elected each year for continuity.

                                                                                  For more information,
                                                                                      please contact:

                                                                               Jennifer McNeil Bertrand
                                                                                  Manager, Executive
                                                                             Secretariat & Special Projects
                                                                              Telephone: (780) 425-0626
                                                                              Toll-free: 1-800-272-5619

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                25
CHAPTERS’                                                  F      or the latest information on upcoming events, watch the
                                                                  ASET website at as well as future is-

                                                           sues of Technology Alberta, mail-outs and CHAPTERLink.
                                                             Next deadline for CHAPTERS’ CALENDAR
                                                             submissions: November 10, 2010.

               Contact: Keith Galliott, C.E.T.
               Phone: 403.519.1132

 Calgary Chapter Open House and New
 Member Celebration
 Join ASET President Dave Merralls, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.), for
 an update on happenings at ASET and to recognize new
 members in the Calgary area.
 Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2010
 Time: 7 PM
 Location: Ramada Hotel Calgary Airport, Skyline Room
 RSVP by Thursday, November 11, 2010 to: ASET PR
 Coordinator Lynnell Prediger at or
 1.800.272.5619 ext. 214.

              Cold Lake
              Contact: Ajaz Quraishi, C.E.T., PE
              Phone: 780.826.0045

 Technical Tour of AETE and 4 Wing
 A SET members were treated to a fascinating tour of AETE
 and 4 Wing on July 20. The tour included information on
 the F-18 Squadron, an experience of the flight simulator,
 lunch and a tour of the maintenance shops. Special thanks
 to Rhonda Ireland, Wing Visits Officer, for her help in co-   ASET/APEGGA Golf Tournament
 ordinating this event.

                                                               It was a hot day for the ASET/APEGGA Golf Tournament
                                                               in Cold Lake on September 4, 2010. 12 golfers enjoyed the
                                                               warmth of the sun and the green of the grass at the Grande
                                                               Centre Golf Club. Every golfer was treated to a substantial
                                                               prize package and a delicious steak dinner.

    AETE Technician of the Year Award                                              sands of dollars in repairs over years, which has substantially
    Presentation                                                                   lessened downtime on vehicles crucial to maintaining airfield
                                                                                   operations. Congratulations, Mr. Sales!

                                                                                   Scholarships Presented to Local High
                                                                                   School Students
                                                                                   Cold Lake Chapter Chair Ajaz Quraishi, C.E.T., PE, pre-
                                                                                   sented two $500 bursary to graduates of Cold Lake High
                                                                                   School. Nicholas McMillan is planning to attend NAIT’s
                                                                                   Instrumentation Engineering Technology program and Jared
                                                                                   Slade is planning to attend NAIT’s Power Engineering Tech-
                                                                                   nology program

    AETE Commander Colonel Paul Ormsby (left) and Cold Lake Chapter Chair
    Ajaz Quraishi, C.E.T., PE, (centre) presenting the 2009 Silver Jubilee Award
    to Corporal Kathryn A. Poudrier)

    Corporal Kathryn Poudrier is recognized for working tire-
    lessly to increase the capability of the AETE IDS Section
    and its technicians. She tackles complex technical issues with
    vigour, continually upgrading her knowledge and skills, ex-
    pertly applying her talent to not only direct mission support
    but also in mentoring her co-workers, developing operat-
    ing procedures, and producing training packages. Corporal
    Poudrier is the go-to Imagery Technician for Air Events –                      Nicholas McMillan
    well beyond her trades training and rank. She is an extremely
    reliable and capable technician, whose cheerful, can-do at-
    titude inspires extraordinary achievements in operations.
    Congratulations, Corporal Poudrier!

    4-Wing Technician of the Year Award

                                                                                   Jared Slade

                                                                                   Cold Lake Chapter Open House and New
                                                                                   Member Celebration
                                                                                   Join ASET 1st Vice President Elizabeth McDonald, C.E.T.,
    4-Wing Commander Colonel David Wheeler (left) and Cold Lake Chapter
    Chair Ajaz Quraishi, C.E.T., PE, (right) presenting the 2009 Silver Jubilee    for an update on happenings at ASET and to recognize new
    Award to Mr. Dale Sales)                                                       members in the Cold Lake area.
                                                                                   Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010
    Mr. Dale Sales was nominated for the Silver Jubilee Award
                                                                                   Time: 7 PM
    because of the excellent technical expertise he has demon-
                                                                                   Location: Best Western Cold Lake Inn, 4-Wing Room
    strated, providing stellar support to his fellow technicians
                                                                                   RSVP by Tuesday, November 9, 2010 to: ASET PR
    and innovative ideas over the many years he has worked at 4
                                                                                   Coordinator Lynnell Prediger at or
    Wing. He has saved 4 Wing and the Air Force many thou-
                                                                                   1.800.272.5619 ext. 214.

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                                  27
             Edmonton                                           Services Advisory Group and Worley Parsons (Gold Level);
                                                                Prolific Graphics, SNC Lavalin Inc. and Transcontinental
             Contact: Chadwick Paddick, C.E.T.                  (Silver Level); AECOM, Al Terra Engineering, Associated
             Phone: 780.992.6157                                Engineering, Enterprise Holdings, Magna IV Engineer-
             E-mail:                        ing, Melcor Developments Ltd., Read Jones Christoffer-
                                                                sen Ltd. and Stratus Marketing/Pavillion Business Services
                                                                (Bronze Level). Three hole-in-one prizes at different holes
 ASET Night at the Races – The Horses at                        were offered – two cars, sponsored by Investors Group and
 Northlands                                                     GoAuto, and $10,000, sponsored by Cornerstone Drafting
                                                                and Design.

                                                                (l-r) ASET CEO Barry Cavanaugh, Pivotal Events President Mandy Foster,
                                                                Edmonton YWCA CEO Jackie Foord, and OACETT CEO David Thompson

                                                                                                     Kevin Blenkhorn, Canadian Long
                                                                                                     Drive Championship competitor,
 July 21 was a lovely night at the races for over 20 ASET                                            provided inspiration for golfers and
 members and guests. A good time was had by all and the                                              a fund-raising assist for the educa-
 evening proved to be an excellent networking opportunity.                                           tion foundations – sponsored by
 With increased numbers this year, the chapter executive                                             Unigroup.
 has decided to make this an annual event! Watch for it in
 summer 2011!

 ASET/APEGGA Edmonton Annual Charity
 Golf Tournament
 The 2010 ASET/APEGGA Edmonton Charity Golf
 Tournament was a huge success again this year! September
 3, 2010, dawned bright and sunny at the beautiful Cougar
 Creek Golf Resort, and the sell-out crowd of 144 golfers en-
 joyed a fabulous day on the links. One lucky golfer, Dorothy
 Johansen, won a Volkswagon Golf with a spectacular hole-
 in-one shot! Special thanks to our sponsors: TD Insurance
 Meloche Monnex (Platinum Plus Level); Stantec (Plati-
 num Level); Acrodex, Capital Power Corporation, CoSyn
 Technology, City of Edmonton – Design and Construction,
 Garrett Agencies, Hemisphere Engineering, Keep In Touch
 Communications/Bell Mobility, Kingston Ross Pasnak,                                                     Dorothy Johansen, winner of the
                                                                                                                        Volkswagon Golf
 Ledcor, McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., National
 Bank Financial Group, First Nations (Alberta) Technical

    Edmonton Chapter Open House and New
    Member Celebration
    Join ASET President Dave Merralls, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.), for
    an update on happenings at ASET and to recognize new
    members in the Edmonton area.
    Date: Monday, November 1, 2010
    Time: 7 PM
    Location: Greenwood Inn and Suites, Evergreen A Room
    RSVP by Tuesday, October 26, 2010 to: ASET PR Co-
    ordinator Lynnell Prediger at or
    1.800.272.5619 ext. 214.

    Technical Tour: CFER Technologies                              Lethbridge Chapter Open House and New
    ASET members Eric Amphlett, R.E.T., P.M.P., and Tony           Member Celebration
    Kateryniuk, R.E.T., will lead a tour of CFER Technologies’     Join ASET 2nd Vice President Norman Kyle, R.E.T.,
    Full Scale Testing Facility.                                   P.L.(Eng.), for an update on happenings at ASET and to
    Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010                             recognize new members in the Lethbridge area.
    Time: 6-8 PM                                                   Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2010
    Location: CFER Technologies, 200 Karl Clark Road (just         Time: 7 PM
    east of South Edmonton Common)                                 Location: Ramada Hotel, Scenic Room
    RSVP to: Eric Amphlett, R.E.T., P.M.P., at                     RSVP by Thursday, November 18, 2010 to: ASET PR                                        Coordinator Lynnell Prediger at or
                                                                   1.800.272.5619 ext. 214.
    Fort McMurray
    NOTE – The Fort McMurray chapter is currently in                                Lloydminster
    transition. To offer your help, ideas or suggestions, please                    Contact: Bill Parke, C.E.T.
    contact ASET’s Co-ordinator of Member and Public                                Phone: 780.875.7888 ext. 119
    Relations Lynnell Prediger at                               E-mail:

                 Grande Prairie
                 Contact: Sandra Pippus, C.E.T.                                    Medicine Hat
                 Phone: 780.513.3950                                               Contact: Lloyd Jesse, C.E.T
                 E-mail:                                  Phone: 403.526.2245

                   Contact: Adam Campbell, C.E.T.                  17th Annual ASET/APEGGA Golf Tournament
                   Phone: 403.393.1130

    ASET/APEGGA Annual Golf Tournament
    It was a cold, wet day in Lethbridge for four dozen golfers,
    but that didn’t stop them from having a great time! Spir-
    its were high and scores were low, in spite of the weather,
    and everyone attending walked away with an amazing prize
    package. Special thanks to our sponsors: Associated Engi-
    neering (Platinum Level); AMEC and EBA Engineering
    Consultants Ltd. (Gold Level) and IPEX (Bronze Level).
    Pictured here are the members of the organizing commit-
    tee (l-r): ASET Chapter Chair Adam Campbell, C.E.T.,
    APEGGA Branch Secretary Ginger Rogers, P.Geol., and
    ASET Chapter Vice Chair Greg Brouwer, C.E.T..

                                                                   Past Chapter Chair, Doug Simpson, C.Tech. with a great drive over the creek

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                              29
                                                                                           Red Deer
                                                                                           Contact: Don Nikonetz, C.Tech.(Eng.)
                                                                                           Phone: 403.342.0049

                                                                              Red Deer Golf Tournament
                                                                              On September 18, 2010, the Red Deer chapter hosted the
                                                                              annual ASET/APEGGA golf tournament at the RiverBend
                                                                              Golf Course.

 Chapter Chair Lloyd Jesse, C.E.T., and Mike Bernhart approaching the green
 on 10 at the 19th Annual ASET/APEGGA Golf Tournament in Medicine Hat.

 August 28, 2010, saw another successful golf tournament for
 ASET and APEGGA in Medicine Hat! 32 players enjoyed
 a great day on the links at the Cottonwood Coulee Golf
 Course with a fantastic steak dinner at the end. Everyone
 walked away with awesome prizes and looking forward to
 next year’s tournament.

 Medicine Hat Chapter Open House and New
 Member Celebration
 Join ASET 2nd Vice President, Norman Kyle, R.E.T.,
 P.L.(Eng.), for an update on happenings at ASET and to
 recognize new members in the Medicine Hat area.
 Date: Monday, November 22, 2010
 Time: 7 PM
 Location: Medicine Hat Lodge, Saamis A Room
 RSVP by Wednesday, November 12, 2010 to: ASET PR
 Coordinator Lynnell Prediger at or
 1.800.272.5619 ext. 214.

                                                                              F       or detailed information on chapter events, visit the
                                                                                      Events Calendar on the ASET web site. If you would
                                                                              like to be added to the ChapterLink e-mail notice list, please
                                                                              contact Public Relations Co-ordinator, Lynnell Prediger at

    ASET Chapter Leaders
    Meet in Edmonton

    On Saturday, September 25, 2010, representatives of ASET’s       Lloyd Jesse, C.E.T., Lloydminster Chapter Chair Bill Parke,
    provincial chapters met with CEO Barry Cavanaugh to dis-         C.E.T., Lethbridge Chapter Chair Adam Campbell, C.E.T.,
    cuss the latest happenings at ASET and the role of chapters      ASET CEO Barry Cavanaugh, Calgary Chapter Chair Keith
    in the Association. Each leader had the opportunity to report    Galliott, C.E.T., Cold Lake Chapter Chair Ajaz Quraishi,
    on the activities in his chapter and to learn from and network   C.E.T., P.E., Edmonton Chapter Chair Chadwick Paddick,
    with the other attendees. Plans for technical tours, social      C.E.T., and Grande Prairie Chapter Treasurer Norman Rief,
    events, and a possible province-wide event were discussed.       C.E.T.
    Attending the meeting were (l-r): Red Deer Chapter Vice
    Chair Khalid Mehmood, T.T., Medicine Hat Chapter Chair

     New and Reclassified
         Due to the migration to our new member database, New and
     Reclassified Members, Retired Members and In Memoriam will appear
                   in the next issue of Technology Alberta.”

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA                                                                                31

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