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									                                                            MGA FOCUS
                                                         Serving the retail grocers of Maine

      Board of Directors                                                                                  Number CXXI
                                                                                                         Newsletter #18
         Troy Plummer, President
          P.W. Plummer & Sons                                                                            August 19, 2010
     Kim Brackett 1st Vice President
          Brackett’s Market
     Steve Culver, 2nd Vice President
                                                     MGA Members to Serve On Dairy Work Groups
           Hannaford Bros. Co.
        Cathy Callahan, Secretary
       Associated Grocers of Maine
                                                     State Agriculture Commissioner Seth Bradstreet recently appointed
         Leo Ouellette, Treasurer            MGA President, Troy Plummer, Plummer’s Supermarket, MGA Board
          Shaw’s Supermarkets                member, John Economy, Garelick Farms, Tom Brigham, Oakhurst Dairy
Barbara Davidson, Immediate Past President
         Carver’s Harbor Market              and John Blake, H P Hood Dairy to serve on two work groups charged
            Don Blanchette                   with examining different aspects of Maine’s complex milk handling fee.
         C&S Wholesale Grocers
                                             One work group will examine how the handling fee is charged on milk
              Bill Boutin
    Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of No. NE         bound for sales outside of Maine, while the second work group will focus
                Dan Brock                    its attention on the merits of expanding the handling fee to other milk
                                             products or the adoption of an excise tax on dairy products. The handling
              Keith Canning
          Pine State Trading Co.             fee is currently assessed on fluid milk products and is deposited into the
               Scott Carlin                  State’s general fund. In turn, these funds are distributed to the state’s 320
              Star City IGA
                                             dairy farmers who have come to rely on these payments since the
               Mark Davis
        Pepsi Beverages Company              programs inception in 2005. The program was designed as a safety net for
             John Economy                    farmers and like other such state funded programs, it has been modified
             Garelick Farms
           Dana A. Edwards
                                             and sustained cuts leaving some lawmakers and farmers interested in
      Edwards Family Shop ‘n Save            tapping into other funding sources. The first meeting is scheduled for
            Sanford Goodwin                  Thursday, August 19.
             Dick’s Market
              Kim Murphy
           Trenton Marketplace
                                                              National Grocers Association
              Craig Paradis
       Paradis Family Supermarket                        Counterfeit/Fraudulent Coupon Resources
              Greg Rand
             Oakhurst Dairy                         The MGA is pleased to announce that its partner, the National
              Zachary Sclar                  Grocers Association is responding to a number of retailers and
               Food City
                                             wholesalers regarding an increase in counterfeit coupons and has
               Sean Thomas
        Altria Sales & Distribution          developed a number of contacts and resources to assist MGA members
            Mary-Jo Tozier                   personnel in recognizing counterfeit internet coupons, including making
         Tozier’s Family Market
                                             available a poster created by the Association of Coupon Professionals.
             Mike Waterman
               H.P. Hood
            Robert Wentworth                        This poster provides tips for cashiers to look for certain elements
             Rangeley I.G.A.
             Mike Violette
                                             within the coupons such as no free/high-value offers, obvious
   Associated Grocers of New England         alternations, unusually long expiration periods, and other features and
             Shelley F. Doak
            Executive Director
                                             design elements. Visit
                                             ACP_CouponPoster_11x17.pdf to download the poster.
                            IRS Reaches Out to Small Businesses
                            Please Answer Their On-Line Survey

        The IRS is reaching out to small businesses to make it easier to understand and meet their tax
obligations. As a result, they are conducting an on-line Survey that will be used to recommend
improvements to tax education and guidance for small business owners. The information received
will help shape future IRS outreach efforts. MGA encourages you to take a moment to open the link—they need to hear from you.

               Fruit and Veggie "Prescriptions" Aimed at Cutting Obesity

       Participating Maine doctors will be writing out some unusual prescriptions -- or vouchers --
worth $1 a day to low income people to buy fresh produce. The program was created by
Connecticut-based Wholesome Wave. The Fruit and Veggie Rx program is aimed at measuring how
increased consumption of fruits and veggies affects blood pressure, weight and other health

       Local fruits and veggies are most plentiful during the summer, but available at Maine grocery
stores all year long! For more information on the program, go to

                          FDA Partners with We Card on New Tobacco Regulations

                            The FDA says it's looking to retailers to help enforce the sweeping
                    tobacco regulations that took effect June 22. The FDA is reaching out to retailers
                    through direct mail, web, training, podcasts, Twitter and yes, even text
                    messages. The FDA has named its retail campaign "Break the Chain of
                    Addiction" and offers free posters, badges and other material to retailers to post
                    in their stores. Visit

      Maine Grocers Association MGA Focus Newsletter—New Email Format!

       Calling all MGA members—sign up to receive the MGA Focus Newsletter via email. Sign
up today and receive the MGA Focus Newsletter the same day it is published. It is packed with
useful information helpful to the busy grocer. Why not sign up today to receive the MGA Focus
Newsletter via email.

      It’s simple, call Shelley Doak at 207.622.4461 or send her an email at
and begin to enjoy the MGA Focus Newsletter and important news alerts!
      As a reminder, here's what you, the retailer, need to know about FDA tobacco regulations:

      ⋅    Remember to check ID for any customer younger than 27 years old.
      ⋅    All tobacco sales must be made face-to-face - that means no vending machines. It also
           means that all displays of cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco must be kept behind
           the counter.
      ⋅    Do not break packs up into smaller quantities. No sale of "loosies" or cigarettes in packs
           fewer than 20.
      ⋅    Do not sell T-shirts, ball caps, mugs, key chains or other items promoting tobacco
      ⋅     No free samples of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco

                              Members in the News Insert Logo

Troy and Cindy Plummer, Plummer's Supermarket showed their community spirit and dedication
to the MGA supported Got Your Bags? Maine campaign when they marched in the Buxton
Community Days Parade. "We donated over 1,000 reusable bags and collected hundreds of canned
foods for the Buxton Food Cupboard," said Troy, MGA President. To see photos, visit the Got Your
Bags? Maine Facebook Page at and become a Fan!

          Join the movement everyone is talking about Got Your Bags? Maine.

                                         Upcoming Events

                                      AG of Maine Trade Show
                                           September 13, 2010
                                         Augusta Civic Center
                                    Visit the MGA & MFPA Booth!

                                      C & S Wholesale Grocers
                                            Trade Show
                                         September 22, 2010
                                      MGM Grand at Foxwoods

                           National Frozen Refrigerated Foods Convention
                                        October 16 - 19, 2010
                                           San Francisco

                                        Maine Food Means
                                         Business Summit
                                          October 28, 2010
                                        Samoset in Rockport
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