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									                                                   Registered Charity #558
                                                   2011 Grant Application
                                        www.bermudaendtoend.bm ete@logic.bm 292-6992

                   Our mission is to be Bermuda’s premier annual charitable pledge event, committed to promoting
                         the happiness and wellbeing of our Island community through all-inclusive activities

                             Deadline for receipt of all submissions: Friday November 5, 2010 at 5:00pm

Electronic Applications whenever possible to:                                In person or mailed applications to:
             ete@logic.bm                                                     Bermuda End-to-End, Suite 544
                                                                            48 Par La Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11

We welcome applications from all Bermuda Registered charities. However applications wishing to be considered for funding from
the May 7, 2011 Catlin End-to-End event must be nonsectarian and the funding should support work carried out in the local

A. General Information

Organisation Name:                                                 Date:
Registered Charity Number:                                         Mailing Address:
Contact Name:                                                      Title:
Telephone:                      Fax:                               E-mail:
Member of the Centre on Philanthropy? YES         NO

1. Brief history of the organisation:

2. Mission of the organisation:

3. Annual revenue sources (indicate dollar amounts and percentage of total revenue)
                 SOURCE                                  Dollar Amount                            Percentage of Total Revenue
Fees for Service
Membership Fees
Fundraising Events
Other -
4.   Please provide the following information from your most recent (audited) financial statements:
     Financial Year:
     Annual earned revenue: $                            Annual operating expenses: $

B. Specific Request

5. Type of support requested:
   Specific Project     General Operating         Capital Campaign       Endowment Fund          Other

     Detailed Description of grant request:

6. Amount requested: $

7. Starting and ending dates for this grant:

8. Dates and amounts of previous Bermuda End-to-End grants:

9. What community need(s) is your organisation addressing?

10. Please describe in the below table or a separate document your:
                  Goals
                  Programmes and strategies to achieve the goals
                  Number of people expected to benefit
                  Intended outcomes of the program/strategies
                  Proposed evaluation methodology
                  Previous ETE grant if applicable

Purpose of Grant                    Related Goals
Program / Project                   Report on goals pertaining to the program / project
Capital Campaign                    Report on goals pertaining to the capital campaign and its community benefit
Endowment                           Report on goals pertaining to the endowment fund and its community benefit
General Operating Funds             Report on overall goals for the organisation

                     Goals            Strategies / Programs to      Number of People to           Intended Outcomes of                   Measurement
                                            Achieve Goal                    Benefit                Strategies / Program                  Methodology
Goal 1:  PROGRAM EXAMPLE:          1) Hold a Fundraising         1) ~30 charities that attend 1) Increased knowledge and           1) Workshop evaluation
         Advance the knowledge         workshop for charities    2) All 400 registered           skills on fundraising in the         form and number of
         skills and performance of     (June 2006)                  charities                    Bermuda context                      attendee
         the Third Sector          2) Rewrite and reprint the    3) 3) ~40 charities that     2) Increased accessibility to        2) Number of website hits
                                       Ready! Set! Go! guide for    attend                       up-to-date information on            and annual member
                                       charities (Sept 2006)                                     setting up and running a             survey
                                   3) Hire Board Source to                                       charity in Bermuda                3) Workshop evaluation
                                       conduct Nonprofit Board                                3) Increased knowledge on               forms and number of
                                       development training                                      tools to effectively develop         attendees
                                       (Nov 2006)                                                and manage your Board

Goal 2:    CAPITAL CAMPAIGN           Implement a capital              60 students to attend       1) Create a facility to         1) On-time and budget
           EXAMPLE:                   campaign to raise $3M to         school and their families      encourage learning through      completion of building
           Create a language and      purchase the Good School                                        creative methods             2) Number of students
           learning based primary     building and renovate it to                                  2) Attract 60 primary students 3) Number of students to
           school and outreach        suit the school and outreach                                    (50% with learning needs) to    advance their speech
           centre to open in 2008     program needs, and open in                                      attend the school in Sept       and learning skills
                                      September 2008                                                  2008
                                                                                                   3) Advance the learning and
                                                                                                      speech of all students

Goal 3:    GENERAL OPERATING          Matches students in school       400 students and 400        1) Create 400 student/mentor    1) Number of
           FUNDS                      with volunteer mentors from      mentors                        relationships by June 2006      mentor/mentee
           Keep students focused      the community, business                                      2) Increase student academic       relationships
           through a school based     sector and high school                                          performance                  2) Mentee survey
           mentoring program          seniors who commit to                                        3) Improve student attitude
                                      spending one hour per week                                      towards school
                                      with a student in their school                               4) Improve student decision
                                      and who serve as additional                                     making skills
                                      role models and friends.

  11. How were your goals and strategies/programmes developed?

  12. Do you have a strategic plan? Yes        No
      If so, please attach a copy of the plan.

  13. Have you approached other grant makers?                Yes   No
       If yes, please check appropriate categories:     Government    Individual        Corporate
    Foundation            Other

  14. Does your organisation employ or have a contract with a professional fundraiser(s)? Yes   No
      If yes, please name the individual(s)

  15. What are your organisation’s plans if total required funds cannot be raised?

C. Organisational Specifics

  16. Human Resources:                       Number of paid staff:
                                             Number of Board members:
                                             Number of volunteer staff (excluding board members):
                                             Number of consultants currently engaged:
       Please attach a list of Staff, Board members and consultants to this application

  17. How often does your Board of Directors meet?

  18. Has your organization received any type of accreditation or certification?         Yes   No
       If yes, please explain briefly:
       If no, are you in the process of applying for accreditation or certification? Yes    No

D. Attachments

Please submit the following with this application:
 Proposed budget for project/programme to be funded
 Most recent financial statements
 Current operating budget
 Project/Endowment/Capital campaign budget (if applicable)
 Current list of Board of Directors (including their positions on Board)
 Current list of paid staff (including consultants)

                                  Bermuda End-to-End Charity Recipients 1998-2010

1988                                                             1996
 Hope Homes                                                      Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence
 The Bermuda Society for the Blind                               The Coalition for the Protection of Children
 Outward Bound for Youth                                         St. John’s Ambulance Brigade
                                                                  The Bermuda Riding for the Disabled
 The Haven                                                      1997
 S.T.A.R                                                         Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association
 Senior Islanders Club                                           Crime Stoppers of Bermuda
 Parish Homes                                                    Friends of Bermuda Library
 Outward Bound for the Handicapped                               Senior Islander’s Club

1990                                                             1998
 Summerhaven                                                     Bermuda Mental Health Foundation
 Sunshine League                                                 The First International Conference on Deaf
 Springfield & Lagoon Park Preschool’s Bus Fund                     Awareness in Bermuda Committee
                                                                  Open Airways
1991                                                              Pride
 The Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association                  SPCA
 King Edward VII Memorial Hospital
 Bermuda Special Olympics                                       1999
                                                                  Bermuda Diabetes Association
1992                                                              Child’s Wish
 Sunshine League                                                 P.A.L.S.
 Bermuda Hospice Trust                                           Venturilla Foundation
 Fairhaven                                                       Windreach Bermuda Trust Senior Program

1993                                                             2000
 Women’s Resource Centre                                         Hands of Love Ministry
 Bermuda Diabetes Association                                    TB Cancer & Health Association
 Shelly Bay Playground-Junior Service League                     The Physical Abuse Centre
                                                                  The St. George Parish Council
1994                                                              The Teen Haven
 Pride
 Hope Homes
 Alan Vincent Smith Foundation                                  2001
 Pembroke Skating Rink                                           Big Brothers & Big Sisters
                                                                  The Father’s Resource Centre
1995                                                              The Resident/Family Council (KEMH)
 Friends of Hospice-Agape House                                  Women’s Resource Centre
 The Learning Centre of Bermuda
 The Bermuda Red Cross
 The Physical Abuse Centre

2002                                                2008
 Bermuda Autism Support & Education Society         Adult Education School
 Open Airways                                       Bermuda National Trust
 Project Action                                     Duke of Edinburgh
 YouthNet                                           Greenrock
                                                     The Family Centre
2003                                                 Windreach
 St. George’s Foundation
 St. John’s Ambulance                              2009
 The Family Learning Centre                         Aerie Foundation
 The Physical Abuse Centre                          Bermuda Public Library
 The Reading Clinic                                 Bermuda Red Cross
                                                     BIFF Kids
2004                                                 Centre for Talented Youth
 Big Brothers and Big Sisters                       Coalition for the Protection of Children
 The Coalition for the Protection of Children       Open Airways
 Bermuda End-to-End Railway Trail Vision Project    The Family Centre
 Neverland Foundation                               The Menuhin Foundation of Bermuda
 The Bermuda School of Music                        The Reading Clinic
                                                     Windreach
 Age Concern                                       2010
 Bermuda Riding for the Disabled                    Adult Education School
 Bermuda Stroke Association                         Alzheimer’s Support Group
 Crimestoppers                                      Bermuda School of Music
 Open Airways                                       Chewstick Foundation
 Sunshine League                                    Greenrock
                                                     Keep Bermuda Beautiful
2006                                                 The Family Centre
 Bermuda Audubon Society                            The Reading Clinic
 KnowledgeQuest                                     Sandys 360
 Pride Bermuda                                      Windreach Recreational Village
 Project Action
 St. John’s Ambulance Brigade
 The Family Centre
 WindReach Recreational Village
 Women’s Resource Centre

 Bermuda Autism Support and Education
 Greenrock
 Keep Bermuda Beautiful
 Meals on Wheels
 Open Airways
 Raleigh International


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