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  “Distinctions in Urban Education”

   “Out of Little Seeds, Great Trees Can Grow.”


             1000 Atlantic Ave.
          Camden, New Jersey 08104
     PHONE: (856) 225-0511 FAX: (856) 668-2197

   Dr. Doris C. Carpenter, Chief Education Officer/Principal
          Sandra McKithen, Assistant Principal (K-4)
            Robert Mungo, Assistant Principal (5-8)
            Randall W. Johnson, Dean of Students
Parents/Guardian, please note:

This handbook is intended as a guide to parents and students and should be used when
there are questions of policy and/or procedure. Suggestions about ways to improve our
program are welcomed. Any changes or additions will be sent to you prior to effect. We
are looking forward to a very productive school year.

This Handbook Belongs to:

Student:                                                Room #




                            D.U.E. Season Charter School

                                     Board of Trustees

Ralph B. Green, Sr.                             President

Jennifer Idler                             Vice-President

Wellington Davenport         Board Secretary and SBA

LaTonya Bland, Esq.                                                                Solicitor

Walter Milton                                   Trustee

Edward Venable                                 Trustee

Danyelle Barnes                    Parent Representative

Lawana Dykes                                     Trustee

Brandi Johnson, Esq.                           Trustee

Linda Jones                                      Trustee

Pastor Amir Khan                                  Trustee

                           Chief Education Officer and Principal
                                   Dr. Doris C. Carpenter


                               Message from Dr. Carpenter

Welcome to D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL! Your teachers and I are very anxious to
begin working with you to help prepare you for your future. The early school years are very
exciting years, years of self-exploration, character building, and discovery. We have many
curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities planned to help you along the way. In
order to take full advantage of all that has been designed for you, you must contribute a few
essentials, as listed below:

Come to school each and every day. Regular attendance to school is a critical ingredient in our
success formula. If you are not here we cannot teach you and we will miss you.

Come to school on time. Promptness is an extremely useful life skill. We will start each day
promptly and desire that you miss nothing.

Come to school prepared to learn.      Bring with you all of the necessary materials for your
learning; including pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, etc.       Include a positive attitude and
determination to do your best in this package.       Non-school related paraphernalia become
potential distractions to learning. Leave them at home for your enjoyment later. These items
will be confiscated by the teacher/principal and not returned until June. Beepers and cell phones
create an extraordinary interruption in the instructional process and are not permitted on school
grounds. If confiscated, beepers and cell phones will not be returned.

Come to school with completed homework. The daily completion of homework is the beginning
of the development of good study habits. Good study habits lead to life success.

Come to school demonstrating self-respect and respect for others. Let us respect the right and
privilege to learn, the right to peacefully coexist in a safe environment, and the right to be
different.   Let us demonstrate acceptance for the differences we will bring to our learning
environment so that we can grow as individuals. It is through mutual respect that we are
empowered to reach the highest heights.

This handbook has been prepared to assist you in understanding our expectations for your
behavior, curricular and extra-curricularopportunities, and safety regulations to govern your stay
at D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL. Having a complete understanding of these critical

issues will help you be successful during your time here and in life. Take time to read the
complete contents of this handbook with your parents/guardians.

I look forward to a productive and fulfilling school year. I know that together we will accomplish
great things at D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL. Plant just a little seed and watch great
trees grow. “Out of little seeds, great trees can grow.”

                               CORE BELIEFS
We Believe That:
      Urban students enter the learning environment with a uniquely rich skill set
      Urban students are not at risk, rather AT POTENTIAL
      Students learn best when teachers are first caregivers.
      Teachers must model a desire for learning, which is transferred to the students
       as an example of life long learning.
      Protective factors in the learning environment will increase student achievement.
      PARENT PARTNERS are an integral component of student achievement.

And…We Believe That:
      Cultural synchronization is a needed component of the learning environment.
      Students learn to love and respect themselves and others through interaction
      The development of PERSONAL TALENT lends to the development of discipline
       and self- efficiency.
      Student achievement is enhanced through focus on the WHOLE STUDENT;
       developing the mind, the soul, the spirit and the character.
      POSITIVE EXPERIENCE with one’s heritage assists in the development of
       purpose, passion and hope for the future.

Vision Statement

We strive to significantly impact the lives of urban learners in a manner that builds
successful contributors to the American society through the establishment of a K-8
learning laboratory charter school. The technology-rich academic program of or Charter
school will become a model geared towards the academic success of the urban learner.

We will work to find solutions to technical problems in learning, teacher/student
interaction.   The model, brain and learning theory, will offer an alternative to the
traditional means of educating urban youth, will be utilized as a tool close the
“achievement gap”.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL to provide a distinctive
education for students in urban America in a supportive learning environment
permeated with protective factors which continuously give students opportunity to:

      Demonstrate academic mastery and social competency,
      Develop an insatiable thirst for learning and hope for the future,
      Learn to love, value, and respect themselves and others,

      Develop an honorable character and self-efficacy;

      Understand the wealth of their heritage;
      Develop an appreciation for the arts and the talents they possess,
      Develop purpose and passion for life and embrace the priceless contribution they
       can make to the American society.

Equity Statement

D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL does not discriminate on the basis of race,
religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital status, or military veteran status
as it is defined by law I employment, admission, programs or operation of its
educational programs and activities as prescribed by Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights
Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational amendments of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Acts of 1974 and 1975 and all
other pertinent federal and state laws and regulations. D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER
SCHOOL provides equitable opportunity for enrollment, equitable treatment, opportunity
to learn, equitable access, and inclusion and equitable resources for all students and
staff regardless of gender, race, national origin, color, disability, or age.

D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL staff provides patterns of interaction that are free
from threat, humiliation, danger, and disregard. Students and staff will exist within a
supportive, quality environment, characterized by genuine acceptance, value of
diversity, respect, support, safety, and security. D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL

students, parents, community, and staff will feel empowered to take risks and become
invested in the pursuits of learning and excellence.

D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL creates challenging learning opportunities that
afford every child, regardless of characteristics and needs, the requisite pedagogical,
social, emotional, and psychological supports to achieve the high academic standards
of excellence that are well established within the model.

Resources, including quality staff, appropriate facilities, quality instructional technology,
instructional materials and equipment, and all other instructional supports for learning
are distributed in a manner that allows diverse learners to achieve high academic
standards. All facilities and activities are handicapped accessible.

                               2010-2011 Staff
Dr. Doris C. Carpenter                   Principal and Chief Education Officer
Sandra McKithen                          Assistant Principal K-5
Robert Mungo II                          Assistant Principal 6-8
Randall W. Johnson                       Dean of Students
Wellington Davenport                     School Board Sec/ Bus. Administrator
Maureen Edozie                           Business Manager
Merdis Hill                              Personnel Assistant
Keith Carpenter                          Technology Coordinator
Olivia Glenn                             Development Manager
TBD                                      Director 21st CCLC
Brian Mistretta                          Coordinator 21st CCLC

Administrative Support
Daphne Carter                            Executive Assistant to the CEO
Denise Lowe                              School Secretary
Alexandra Carpenter                      Administrative Assistant
Asia Crawley                             Administrative Assistant
Rosetta Dweh                             Administrative Assistant
Debbie Scott                             Admin. Assist to the Bus. Manager
Wilbur Sellers                           Assistant Technology Specialist
Terrance Hedgepeth                       Technology Assistant
Mary Mercado                             Parent Coordinator

School/Student Support Staff
Rosa Moseley                             Guidance Counselor
Jehita Kitchen                           Guidance Counselor
Denise Martinez, BSN                     School Nurse
Lawrence Carpenter                       Security Liaison
Frances Brown                            Security
Ron Clark                                Security
Tejuan Clark                             Security

                           2010-2011 Staff Continued

Rodney Holliday                                   Security
Germany Mayfield                                  Security
Chris Scott                                       Security
Taiwo Sonnebeyatta                                Security
Margaret Yates                                    Security

                         Important Numbers and Extensions

Important Numbers
Administrative Offices                                   (856) 225-0511
Main/Attendance Office:                                  (856) 225-0511
Main Office Fax:                                         (856) 668-2197
Executive Office Fax:                                    (856) 668-2196

Important Extensions
Executive Assistant                                      305
Assistant Principals (Mrs. McKithen/ Mr. Mungo)          309/384
Dean of Students (Mr. Johnson)                           343
Administrative Assistant for Foods                       432
Main Office                                              301
Business Office                                          338
Fifth Floor Office                                       341
Personnel Assistant                                      310
Guidance Counselor (Mrs. Moseley)                        312
Guidance Counselor (Mrs. Kitchen)                        345
School Nurse                                             307
Parent Coordinator                                       336
Child Study Team                                         345
Technology Coordinator                                   417
Instructional Coach                                      306
Academic Coaches                                         344
Development Manager                                      335
                            INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF
S. Francisco             A. Fullerton        H. Ahmad                 A. Baker
M. Granville             C. Magdin           A. Dubé                  S. Browdy
K. Hageman               A. Pizzo            V. Lawrence              L. LaScala
C. Morrison              K. Rehill           D. Otis                  L. Nelson

S. Branch                E. DiMeola          M. Doornbos (S)          K. Latka (LAL)
S. Chakraborty           A. Gagliola         C. Orr (LAL)             K. Leonard (M)
J. Haughey               A. Matias-Castro    M. Powell (M)            B. Webster (SS)
M. Siler                 T. Martin           S. Rogers (SS)           S. Williams (S)

EIGHTH GRADE             SPECIAL ED.         NEXT LEVEL               PHYS. ED.
A. Brown (M)             A. Adams            H. Baker                 N. Drago
G. Corrigan (S)          E. Andrews          D. Brennan               T. Wilgus
A. Gorski (LAL)          T. Corsey           A. Castro
D. Henon (SS)                                K. Guidry                HEALTH
                                             L. Hinton                K. Jenkins
ARTS                                         V. Nair
S. Brady (Piano Lab)                         C. Urbanczyk             WORLD LANGUAGE
B. Doherty (Arts Integration)                V. Vallese               G. Thompson-Rosario
K. Paulson (Dance)                           T. Wagner
D. Swinchoski (Instrumental Music)

T. Roats                                               N. Olivo

INSTRUCTIONAL COACH                                    INSTRUCTIONAL INTERNS
E. Castro                                              H. Murphy
                                                       C. Sawyer
ACADE MIC COACHES                                      J. Smith
T. Roats (Techonolgy)                                  J. Whitthohn
S. Selden (Writing)
K. Sutton (Math)                                       BUILDING SUBSTITUTE
                                                       D. Whalen

“Out of little seeds, great trees can grow.”   2010-11 School Year Calendar

            August 30                                        First Day of School: Half Session Day
            August 30-September 3                            Half Session for students (12:30 Dismissal)
            September 6                                      Labor Day – School Closed
            September 14                                     Back to School Night
            September 24                                     Professional Development: School Closed
            October 11                                       Columbus Day: School Closed
            October 22                                       End of Seeding Period
            October 29                                       Professional Development: School Closed
            November 2                                       Election Day: School Closed
            November 4-5                                     NJEA Teachers’ Convention: School Closed
            November 11                                      Veterans’ Day: School Closed
            November 25- 26                                  Thanksgiving Break
            December 23                                      Half Session Day – End of Watering Period
            December 24                                      Christmas Eve: School Closed
            December 24 – Jan. 2                             Winter Break
            January 3                                        Staff and Students Return
            January 6                                        3 Kings Day: School Closed
            January 17                                       Martin Luther King Day: School Closed
            January 28                                       Professional Development: 12:30 Dismissal
            February 21                                      Presidents’ Day - School Closed
            February 25                                      Professional Development: 1/2 Session Day
                                                             End of Sprouting Period
            March 25                                         Professional Development: 1/2 Session Day
            April 21                                         End of Sunshine Period
            April 22-May 1                                   TENTATIVE Spring Recess: School Closed
            May 2                                            Staff & Students Return from Spring Recess
            May 30                                           Memorial Day Observance: School Closed
            June 7                                           Election Day (12:30 Dismissal)
            June 17                                          End of Blossoming Period
            June 20-22                                       Half Session Days for students
            June 22                                          TENTATIVE Last Day of School for Students
            June 24                                          TENTATIVE Last Day of School for Teachers

               What Makes Us Unique?
Code of Conduct
   · Teaching/Restorative approach to discipline
   · Non-punitive
   · Promoting self-governance
   · Protective factors to counter exposure to risk

Specific Learning Plans
Staff will hold weekly conferences with each student to set learning goals and discuss
his/her progress. Students will set academic and social competency goals. Contracts
are sent home weekly. Parents should read them with the student, sign and return to
the teacher.

Five (5) Marking Periods
D.U.E. Season will have five marking periods to provide parents the opportunity for
more immediate feedback in the beginning of the school year and to provide students
greater opportunity for success.

Class Size
D.U.E. Season Charter school provides a close learning environment for optimal
student outcomes. Kindergarten classes consist of 15 students per class while all other
grade levels have no more than 17 students per class.

Arts Integration
The arts are integrated across content areas at D.U.E. Season Charter School.
Contemporary educational research shows that students who are engaged in the arts
demonstrate higher academic outcomes than their non-arts participating counterparts.

High Expectations

Teachers and staff will be trained in communicating high expectations for students.
Students will internalize high expectations for themselves and become increasingly
empowered to achieve.

Morning Splendor

Morning Splendor is held the first fifteen minutes of school each day. This is one of the
most important times in the school day. It is the time when the school community
begins each day on a positive note. This is a time of renewal for the inner self. This
period includes a focus on character development, team building, and attitudinal
preparedness for the day. Students engage in shared activities that build self-esteem
and social competence.


Students spend time at the end of each day in a period of exploration and enrichment.
Community partners and teachers work with students in arts, sports, tutoring, homework
assistance, and self-improvement. This period is when a sense of closure from the
work of the day is established, academic contracts written, and students are motivated
for the coming day. Students during Evensong will work in “clubs” with teachers that
support the academic program and explore interests in the arts and sports.

Common Values

D.U.E. Season Charter School has a common set of values to which all must subscribe. The
goal of the Code of Conduct is to establish a common set of values to which all can
subscribe, rather than focusing on those areas where discrepancy exists in belief

Among the areas expected are:

             The responsibility for oneself and one's actions.

             The responsibility to help others in need.

             Core values including honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, and

             Respect for diversity including the physically and mentally challenged,
              people of different races, cultures, genders, religions and belief systems.

             Expectations for acceptable academic effort, including homework
              completion and preparedness for classroom instruction.

             Expectations for acceptable personal behavior.

             Expectations for interpersonal interaction including each person's right to be
              treated with respect, kindness, dignity, and fairness.

             Expectations for respect for property and the belongings of others and of
              the school.

             Individual responsibility for intervention when a student observes a violation
              of the conduct code.

Admissions Policy

D.U.E. Season Charter School is open to all students on a space available basis and
does not discriminate in its admissions policies or practices on the basis of intellectual
or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, status as a handicapped
person, proficiency in the English language, or any other basis that would be illegal if
used by a school district on a grade level space available basis.

D.U.E. Season Charter School is a free, independent, public school. There are no fees
or tuition for attending. There are no academic or other requirements for enrollment. All
children, grades K – 8 (as grades become available), are welcome. Our admissions
policy is a two phase one: Application and registration. Preference for enrollment is
given   to    students    residing   in   Camden;     however,      students   from   other

districts in New Jersey are welcome as space permits. If there are more students than
spots available, we will hold a lottery to determine the priority in which students are
admitted. The DSCS requires the same documentation for registration as other public
schools. You must provide:
                 Proof of guardianship, such as an original birth certificate, tax return
                  listing the student as a dependent, or court order granting custody
                 Two forms of identification that prove residency, such as a driver’s
                  license, utility bill, or tax return.
                 An up-to-date immunization record.
                 Proof of enrollment in your local district (transfer card/sheet).

Important Note: Parents should register the child in the local school district prior to
registering him/her at D.U.E. Season Charter School =. Contact your local school
district for instructions, or contact us if you have questions.

Lottery Procedures

Preference for enrollment in D.U.E. Season Charter School is given to students who
reside in the school district in which the D.U.E. Season Charter School is located. If
there are more applications to enroll in D.U.E. Season Charter School than there are
spaces available, the school will select students to attend using a random selection

D.U.E. Season Charter School will conduct a public random lottery. Each applicant is
assigned a number; the number is placed on a card in a sealed container, categorized
by grade level and in/out of district residency.          The official list of applicants, their
corresponding numbers, and the cards, is made available for viewing prior to the

An impartial official randomly draws the numbered cards from the sealed container one
card at a time. The designated number of students’ names is drawn and placed on the
school roster. The remaining names are placed on a waiting list in the order in which
they were drawn.

Parents/Guardians must complete and sign the application form before the student can
be entered into the lottery. All students who are not immediately admitted to D.U.E.
Season Charter School are placed on a waiting list. Students remain on the wait list
through the subsequent school year. Parents are notified that their child(ren)’s name
remains on the wait list for the subsequent year only.

                      ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL TIMES
      BREAKFAST PROGRAM                      7:30 AM
      STAFF ARRIVAL                          7:45AM
      STUDENT ARRIVAL                        8:00AM
      STUDENT LATE ARRIVAL                   8:10AM
      STUDENT DISMISSAL                      3:00PM
      STAFF DISMISSAL                        4:00PM
      HALF SESSION DAY                       12:30PM
      EARLY DISMISSAL                        1:30PM
      AFTERCARE                              3:00-6:00PM
      DELAYED OPENING                        10:00AM

Arrival, Dismissal and Lateness

It is essential that students arrive on time, and are dismissed at the scheduled time.
Students arriving late or leaving early lose valuable instructional time. With the very
busy schedule planned this year, students must be ready to learn from the time they
arrive to the time they leave. Occasional lateness will occur, as will the occasional need
to leave before dismissal time. However, when a student is repeatedly late or is picked
up routinely prior to the end of the day, learning will be disrupted for all students, and
students will develop undesirable work habits.

Late Arrivals

If in the event a student is late to school, the parent(s) must escort him/her into the
building and sign in at the Main Office. The same procedure is used to sign a student
out for an early dismissal. DO NOT drop students off at the front or rear of the building
when late. The sign-in/sign-out books are located in the Main Office of the school.
Excessive lateness and incidents of early dismissal are counted towards the number of
unexcused absences accrued during the year. For this reason, student lateness’s and
early dismissals are treated seriously.

Whenever a student is late he/she must serve administrative detention the next day.
Failure to serve detention will result in further disciplinary action.

Early Dismissals

A parent or guardian must come into the main office to sign the student out of school.
Whenever possible, we recommend that appointments be scheduled for after the school
day or days that we are not in session. When requesting an early dismissal, the student
must submit a written report from the parent to the main office at the start of the school
day. No student will be permitted to leave the building without the main office being
informed directly that he or she has parental permission to leave. Failure to sign out
properly can result in disciplinary action. We also discourage sending young children
home in a taxicab, although some parents may need to make those arrangements on

If a person other than the parents, guardian or person registered is to pick up a student,
a written letter of consent must be given to the classroom teacher and to the school
secretary. Under NO circumstances will a child be released to a person other than a
parent without written permission. No minor is allowed to pick up any student.

Anyone picking up a child from school must sign the logbook. The logbook is found in
the Main Office of the school. This request should include a reason for the early
dismissal, the time of the appointment, and the time the student needs to leave school.
Keep in mind that students must be in school four hours in order to be considered as a
full day. Parents are required by law to keep children in school for the full day. Patterns

of early dismissal are prohibited Students who leave school prior to 12 noon and do not
return, will be recorded as absent for the day.

Student Attendance

Good and consistent attendance is directly related to student success. If a student is
frequently absent, it becomes more difficult for the student to catch up. Each day’s
lessons build upon what occurred the day before and continue the day after. Learning
is sequential, and learning experiences of one day are difficult to repeat. Learning
depends upon the planned interaction of the student, the teacher, and the other
students in the class. While it is possible to make-up worked missed after a short
absence, it is very difficult to make up work for either extended absences or intermittent
attendance. Ideally, every student will attend school every scheduled day.             It is
understood that children occasionally get sick or family emergencies occur.

Attendance Status

Attendance in school is required in order to successfully complete the grade level. In the
evaluation of grades, teachers are obligated to follow the attendance policy.

PRESENT- Students are considered present if:
      They are present in school from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
      They sign in before 10:00 a.m.(with a doctor’s note) and are in classes until
       3:00 p.m.
      They are present at 8:00 a.m. and signed out after 12:00 p.m (for a doctor’s

EXCUSED ABSENCES- students are not present but excused if:
      A written excuse for illness, court appearance, or bereavement is presented.
      They are receiving Homebound Instruction

      Any other reason a child is not in school
      An accumulation of five or more unexcused absences will require a parent

Parents or guardians will be notified in writing when the student reaches five, ten, fifteen
and twenty days of absence. The parent or guardian will have five days after the receipt
of these notifications to have an attendance conference and provide adequate medical
documentation. If there is no response to our letter, it will constitute acceptance of the
unexcused absences. Attendance information also appears on the marking period
progress and grade reports. The DSCS Policy governing excessive absences is as
      A total of 18 or more unexcused absences will result in the student loss of credit
       for the year.
      Students are placed on homebound instruction when they are absent 4 or more
       days consecutively in the event of administrative intervention or supported by a
       medical note.
      Accumulation of three unexcused absences will result in a three day letter,
       accumulation of five unexcused absences will result in a five day letter, and an
       administrative conference.
      After a student has accumulated ten (10) days of unexcused absences,
       parents/guardians will receive a certified letter advising of court referral. At any
       point during the administration of the attendance policy, the parents may appeal
       to the Principal for due to extenuating circumstances.        The Chief Education
       Officer will rule on any such appeal.

Return to School

A child who is absent from school for three consecutive school days for illness is
required to present a doctor’s note to return to school. . Documentation (Medical or
Personal) must be submitted within 3 days. This documentation does not classify the

absence as excused. Parents or guardians are also encouraged to call the school (225-
0511) in the morning to report when their child will be absent from school.

Make-Up Work

Students who were absent have the privilege of making up any work missed. However,
class participation cannot be made up. For all absences, the student must approach his
or her individual teachers to request make-up assignments. It is not the teacher’s role to
contact the student. Teachers can require students to come after school to get make-up
work. The teachers will make every effort to get the make-up work to students when
they return from an absence. The parent is responsible for supervising the completion of
the make-up work. Some of the work may need to be completed after school or at
home. The board grants the authority to teachers to use discretion to this policy in case
of long-term projects.

      Students with more than 15 absences and students who fail to complete make-
       up work may not be promoted to the next grade.
      Students who cut class or who are truant from school will not be provided make-
       up work and will receive no credit for the day/period.

Doctor’s Appointments & Make-Up Work

Please reference the school calendar, and note the days scheduled for early dismissal
or school closing. Doctor’s and dentist’s appointments should be made on those days
whenever possible.       If an absence is anticipated for any reason and arrangements
cannot be made for a time other than school hours, notify the classroom teacher and
make-up work will be provided. The parent may make arrangements with the teacher to
pick up any make-up work.

Attendance and Extra-Curricular Participation

When a student is absent from school for any reason, he or she is excluded from all
school activities, including class activities, student council, school trips, band or chorus
rehearsals, practices, performances, club activities, dances, and athletic games or
practices on the day of the absence. The student is ineligible for extra-curricular
participation until he or she has been in attendance at school for one full school day.
Unexcused Friday absences will also negate participation in Saturday and Sunday
activities. All students must be in school for a minimum of four hours to be considered
present in school for the day.

                                 General Information
Inclement Weather

If severe weather occurs overnight, tune to your local radio station KYW News 1060 and
listen for school closing #951 for announcements regarding school closing or delayed
opening. Television station Channel 3 will carry our school closing or delayed opening
information as well.    School closings will also be posted on the school Website:, and channels 3, 6, and 10. The
Chief Education Officer makes all school closure decisions.

Emergency Procedures

There may be times in the school year that your child has to be sent home early, due to
an unforeseen event. Children get sick; weather becomes severe, or other serious
situations result in the necessity to have a parent or approved emergency contact
person notified of either early dismissal or the need to have the child picked up before
the end of the school day.

To that end, all parents/guardians must maintain an up-to-date emergency contact file.
The file must contain the following information:

1. Current contact numbers
                    Daytime phone numbers for parent and emergency contact
                    Current cell number(s) for parent and/or emergency contact

Please Note: If a number changes or is disconnected, it is the responsibility of the
parent to inform either the child’s teacher or the main office.

2. In the event that neither a parent/guardian, nor an emergency contact can be
reached, and a true emergency exists, the Principal will determine the most appropriate
action to be taken to assure the health and safety of the child. In some situations it may
be necessary to contact the Camden City Police Department or DYFS.

Fire Drills

As per state law, two fire drills are held each month. An alarm is sounded and everyone
must evacuate the building. Directions are posted in each classroom that students will
follow. During a fire drill students must:
   1.   Remain quiet. Listen for and follow directions.
   2.   Leave the building through the designated exit, unless told otherwise by a
        teacher or staff member.
   3.   Walk quickly, but do not run.
   4.   Move through the hallways in an orderly manner.
   5.   Remain together as a class once they are outside.
   6.   Stop all physical activity if students are outside for recess.

It is the responsibility of the teachers to close all doors. The principal or his/her
designee will signal when the fire drill has ended, and it is time to return to the building

Health Services

The health services of D.U.E. Season Charter School are available to any student who
becomes ill or injured during school hours or during school related activities.

When a student requires medical attention, every effort will be made to comfort the
student. However, the school is not permitted by New Jersey statutes to provide aspirin
or other drugs or medications to a student. No medication can be taken in school

without the written permission of a doctor. All medications are to be held in the nurse’s
office and must be brought in their original bottle with name of the medicine and the
dosage to given during school hours.

Parent or guardians of sick or injured students requiring additional medical attention will
be notified immediately. In the event the parent or guardian cannot be reached the
person on the student’s emergency card identified, as the emergency contact person
will be notified. No student will be sent home sick or injured to an empty house.

Student health records are kept in a secure location in the health office. The nurse will
contact parents when health records need to be updated. State Law requires that all
immunization records must be up to date and on file prior to the student attending the

Field Trips

Groups of students under faculty supervision are often granted the privilege of
participating in field trips that are an outgrowth of their classroom or school activities.

To be eligible to participate in the field trip the student must satisfy the following:
      Return the standard “Parent Permission” form signed by the parent or guardian.
      Be a member of the class or organization taking the trip.
      Students who are serving a suspension are not eligible to participate.

All school policies and regulations apply during school-sponsored trips and activities.


The telephones in the school offices are not for student use except for school business.
Students will not be called from class for telephone calls, but urgent messages
(emergencies only) will be delivered to them as quickly as possible. Students may not
use the office phone without permission from the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Student cell phones cannot be used in the building or during school hours. Under no
circumstances are students allowed to text or call parents during and after a student has
become upset with any staff member. All incidents will be reported to the
parent/guardian in a timely manner by a teacher or an administrator.

Internet Usage

Students and staff of the DUE Season Charter School have the ability to pursue
extraordinary opportunities by directly accessing the Internet. Students and staff can
enhance instruction as they explore real world web sites containing information on any
subject supporting curricular interests.

The Internet is an international linking of networks that will allow our school population
access to a wide range of information from around the world. Using the Internet for
educational projects will help to prepare our students for success in life and work in the
twenty-first century.

Some information, however, is not appropriate for school age children. To help ensure
that information received is age appropriate, we have installed filtering software
designed to screen out objectionable material. It is impossible, however, to guarantee
that all objectionable material will be made inaccessible. Reference the following
Acceptable Use Policy, a written agreement signed by Internet users, to give guidance
for proper Internet use.

All students are required to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file at the school.

Terms and Conditions of Internet Use / Acceptable Uses

   1. Access to the Internet using school systems/networks is for school purposes only
       and not for personal or business use.
   2. Users are encouraged to conduct research and communicate with others in an
       educational setting.
   3. Users should limit themselves to information that is for administrative purposes or
       applies to the approved curriculum.

  4. Students will have e-mail access only under their teacher’s direct supervision
     using a classroom account. E-mail transmissions are not considered confidential
     and may be monitored at any time by authorized individuals to ensure
     appropriate use for instructional and administrative purposes.
  5. Students should only download the information needed and which has been
     approved by a teacher.
  6. Students and staff should immediately notify a teacher or administrator any time
     they receive an uncomfortable message that is threatening, obscene, or has
     suggestive material. It is very important not to respond to this type of information
     on the Internet.
  7. Students and staff should use proper network etiquette on-line (i.e. be polite, use
     appropriate language).

Prohibited Uses

  1. Students will not offer, provide, or purchase products or services over the
  2. Students will not give out personal information about themselves or anyone else
     (i.e. home address, phone number, etc.).
  3. Students will not attempt to gain unauthorized access into files or computer
  4. Students will not try to intentionally degrade or disrupt equipment or system
  5. Students will not engage in the use of social networking sites (Facebook,
     MySpace, and Twitter), inappropriate language, profanity, discriminatory attacks,
     or harassment/bullying of others.

Privileges and Consequences

Use of the information network is a privilege, not a right. Students are expected to act
responsibly and honor the Acceptable Use policies and agreements. Violations will
result in the loss of systems/network access and may also result in disciplinary actions
including expulsion from the DUE Season Charter School for students .

Electronic Device Usage

D.U.E. Season Charter School will not be responsible for students’ money and
valuables. Students should not bring valuables to school, neither on the bus, nor in the
classrooms. No electronic devices are allowed in the school or on the bus. This
includes CD-players, walkmans, cell phones, beepers, or electronic games, IPODS,
Video Now, PSP, MP3 players. When students bring any of the above devices in
school, they will be confiscated by a staff member and surrendered to the Assistant
Principal. The parents will have to report to the school to retrieve them. Confiscated
items will not be returned to students under any circumstances. If for any reason a
teacher is giving a student permission to bring in such a device a note will be sent home
to the parent beforehand. Beepers will not be returned. The use of cell phones in the
school is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. Students using cell phones (placing or
receiving calls or text messages, taking pictures or any other use of the phone) will be
suspended from school. Students must keep cell phones turned off in their book-
bag/locker during school hours.


No student is permitted in the halls during class time unless he or she has a pass from
the teacher. In the event a pass is issued, the destination is to be reached by the
shortest route. Students are not to loiter or wander to other areas of the building.

School Property

The student is held responsible for the proper care and use of all books, supplies,
apparatus or equipment issued to him/her by the school. The parent will be charged the
replacement cost of all lost or damaged school property.

Food and Beverage

All students must adhere to the following:
    Food and beverages are not permitted outside the cafeteria or other area
       designated for eating at any time.
    Students are not permitted to eat in Virtua’s cafeteria during school hours
       (without permission from the Principal and accompanied by a teacher).
    Students must eat breakfast purchased from Virtua cafeteria or other outside
       sources downstairs in Virtua’s cafeteria before the school day begins, under
       parental supervision.
    Breakfast must be finished in time for your child(ren) to promptly begin the school
    No food may be purchased from Virtua’s cafeteria and transported to DUE
       Season’s cafeteria for the purpose of providing a meal for students.
    Students can bring a packed lunch from home or eat the school lunch.
      Packed lunches from home must not require refrigeration or to be heated in the
       microwave. Lunch aides are not permitted to heat up the food for students.

Breakfast Program

Students, who have returned a completed lunch application form, are entitled to enroll in
the breakfast program. The breakfast program starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends promptly at
8:00a.m. Students who wish to eat breakfast must wait outside to be escorted by a staff
member to the multipurpose room. At the close of breakfast, students will be escorted to
their respective grade level floors. Under no circumstances are students allowed to
leave the cafeteria without permission. Students found wandering without a pass are

subject to disciplinary action.

D.U.E. Season Charter School is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment.
Therefore, all students, who attend the breakfast program, are expected to conduct
themselves in a manner that reflects dignity, courtesy and respect for themselves, as
well as all members of the school community. Students who exhibit unacceptable
behavior at breakfast are interfering with our goal and may risk denial of this service.
D.U.E. Season Charter School will continue to strive to assist these students to become
productive and orderly citizens of our community

Lost & Found

Articles found by students should be taken directly to the Parent Coordinators office.
Any student who has experienced a significant loss should go to the Parent
Coordinator’s office immediately to either claim his or her property or to report the loss.
Articles not claimed at the end of each marking period will be given to charity, destroyed
or distributed to students and families in need.

Change of Address or Telephone Number

NEW!!!!! For your convenience , parents can update any changes to either their address
or telephone number by using the Parent Portal on our
website( . The Parent Coordinator will be able to help
if you need assistance with using this feature. Parents who do not have Internet
accessibility can continue to make updates through the Main Office.

School Supplies

All textbooks and workbooks are provided for students, free of any charge, unless they
are lost or deliberately destroyed or damaged by the student. Textbooks and other
books are very expensive and represent a substantial cost to the school. Once a
textbook has been distributed, it is the student’s responsibility to take care of it. All texts
should be covered and kept free of marks, clean and dry. If a textbook is lost, a
replacement fee is charged to the parent/guardian. Students are expected to come to
school prepared to complete the work assigned. Students in grades one and above
should have pencils, pens, paper and/or notebooks, folders for their work, and other
materials the classroom teacher requires. In general, teachers cannot supply pencils
(or pens in the upper grades) to all students every day. We encourage parents to
provide a book bag for students at all grade levels to neatly carry work and notices that
are sent home. Individual teachers may require additional items


At the beginning of each school year, students in grades (6-8) are assigned a hall
locker. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the locker secured. The lockers are
the property of D.U.E. Season Charter School and are subject to searches at the
discretion of administration.

Lock combinations are to be confidential. When an issued lock is lost, damaged, or
stolen, it is the sole responsibility of the student assigned the locker to pay for the lock
and purchase a new lock from D.U.E. Season Charter School. Only D.U.E. Season
issued locks are permitted on the lockers.

The locker is assigned to a student for use during the school year based on the
following rules and conditions of use:

          a. Students are responsible for assigned lockers. The locker is not to be
              used by any unauthorized person.
          b. The school and the D.U.E. Season Board of Trustees are not responsible
              for loss, theft or damage of material stored in student lockers.
          c. Only approved locks may be used on student lockers and the combination
              of the lock must be registered at the school office.
          d. No illegal substances, weapons or other prohibited or offensive materials
              are to be placed in school lockers.
          e. Permission to use the locker may be terminated when a student does not
              comply with the conditions of use or school policy.

Student Locker Searches

A student locker search may be undertaken under provisions of the 1007 Police
Investigations in Schools/Drug Free Protocol. Lockers will be searched if there are
reasonable grounds to believe that a school rule has been or is being violated and that
evidence of the violation will be found in the student's locker.

   1. The following criteria per reasonable grounds must be considered by a school
       administrator in the determination that reasonable grounds exist to conduct a
         i.    Information received from one student that is considered to be credible;
         ii.   Credible information received from more than one student;
        iii.   A teacher’s or principal’s own observation;
        iv.    Any combination of these pieces of information which the relevant
               authorities consider to be credible.
   2. School officials may search a student locker in those instances where there
       exists reasonable grounds to do so. Prior notice is not required to ensure
       compliance with the conditions of use and other school policies and rules. Every
       effort will be made to ensure that the student and an additional staff member will
       be present when a locker is searched, except in an emergency situation.
   3. All requests or questions regarding student locker searches will be referred to the
       school administrator or designate.
   4. The administrator or designate may invite the local law enforcement agency to
       assist in a search where there is reasonable cause to believe illegal or
       dangerous materials or weapons may be in a student’s locker. In these instances
       the local law enforcement agency will determine how to proceed with the search
       and how they will be involved.
   5. If a student has reason to believe that any locker contains material that may
       threaten the safety of other persons, that student is expected to immediately
       report the information to a teacher or the school administration. The name of the
       student making the report will be kept confidential.

                     Transportation To and From School

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Students can be transported to school either by parent/guardian or another responsible
adult. Students may be picked up at the end of the day by either a parent/guardian or
another adult specifically identified by the parent, in writing, as having permission to
transport the child home.

Student drop-off and line-up area is located on the Mt. Ephraim Ave. side of the Virtua
Building. Parents will enter the parking lot of Mt. Ephraim Ave. and exit on Everett
Street. All drivers are to adhere to the speed limit and directional signage. Student
safety and the convenience of all drivers are critical. DO NOT DROP OFF OR PICK UP
STUDENTS ON MT. EPHRAIM AVE. There is supervised drop-off in the safety of the
parking lot.

Parents will pick up students in the staging area within the school lot. In an effort to
maximize student safety, no child should be removed from the class line prior to
reaching the staging area. Early dismissal pick-ups and late arrivals to school may use
the Atlantic Ave. entrance at the security desk and proceed to the third floor to sign the
staff is NOT responsible for D.U.E. Season students.

Please note:

   1. No students will be dismissed between 2:30 and 3:00. This is a time when
       teachers are preparing all students for homework and general closure.

   2. Student pickup is not at the Atlantic Avenue entrance to Virtua. Students awaiting
       parent pick-up (at normal dismissal) must wait in the staging area where they will
       be under staff supervision until 3:10. Any student pick-up after 3:10 p.m. must be
       completed at the Main Office

   3. Students will not be sent downstairs when a parent is requesting early or timely
       dismissal. Early dismissals must be completed in the Main Office of the school.

Bus Transportation

Most children that attend DSCS will not be eligible for transportation. Transportation or
aid in lieu of transportation is provided to elementary students who live more than two
(2) miles from the school and secondary students (grades 6-8) who live more than two
and a half (2 1/2) miles from the school.   Eligibility for transportation is established by
N.J18A and is not at the discretion of D.U.E. Season Charter School staff Parents
whose children are eligible for transportation will be notified in mid-August of the
student’s bus stop and time of pick-up. You may direct any questions and/or concerns
regarding student transportation to the Dean of Students.

Bus Safety

The bus ride to and from school should be safe and pleasant. Many children will be
riding a bus for the first time, and may not understand the rules for bus safety. We
encourage our parents to join us as partners in making sure our students arrive to
school safely. Explain the rules to your child (ren). Help the children understand that
misbehavior on the bus is dangerous, does not represent the school well, and will not
be accepted since the safety of all passengers will be compromised. Failure to comply
with bus safety guidelines may result in suspension of a student’s bus riding privileges
for periods from one day to permanent suspension.

Parents are encouraged to have someone meet children in grades K – 4 at the bus
stop. The bus driver will not release a child if no one is there to receive him/her.
Students will be returned to the school to ensure their safety, and the parent will be
called to pick up the student.

If a student is suspended from the bus for any amount of time, it is the parent’s
responsibility to provide transportation to and from the school regardless of hardship. An

absence due to lack of transportation because of a bus suspension will not be an
excused absence.

All students riding the bus must adhere to the following safety standards:
      Face forward and wear a seat belt
      Remain seated for the duration of the bus ride to and from school
      Keep hands and feet to yourself
      Keep noise to a minimum
      No eating or drinking is permitted on the bus
      Do not put anything out of the windows (heads, arms, hands, paper, etc.).
      Do not throw any objects in the bus or out of the bus window.

“A pupil may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the principal, and
his/her parents shall provide for his/her transportation to and from school during the
period of such exclusion.” N.J.S.A. TITLE 18A: 25-2.

                                     Dress Code

D.U.E. Season Charter School is a uniform school. All students are required to dress in
uniform each day.       When a student is first enrolled at this school it is with the
understanding that there is a dress code requirement. Parents are responsible for
supervising their children’s attire. The Board of Trustees has agreed to the following
uniform for students:


                  Kindergarten through 5th Grade Dress Code
      White button-up dress shirt                     (Dress up and special days)
      Hunter green uniform tie with logo              (Dress up and special days)
       Hunter green uniform slacks                       (Daily wear)
       Hunter green cardigan with logo                   (Daily wear)
       Gold or green polo shirt with logo                (Daily wear)
       Plain white, black or hunter green socks.         (Daily wear)
       Plain BLACK leather belt                          (Daily wear)
       Plain ALL-black shoes – No exceptions!

       Hunter green skirt or skort,                      (Daily wear)
       Jumper with logo                                  (Daily wear)
       Hunter green uniform slacks                       (Daily wear)
       Gold or green polo with logo                      (Daily wear)
       White blouse with peter pan collar                (Dress up and special days)
       Hunter green cross tie with logo                  (Dress up and special days)
       Hunter green cardigan or hunter green or
       Button-up sweater (with logo)                     (Dress up and special days)
       Plain BLACK leather belt (with slacks)
       Pantyhose and socks (must be plain,               (Daily wear)
        white, black or hunter green)
       Plain ALL-black shoes (closed toe and closed heel)
        No exceptions!

Optional: (All Students)
       Hunter green outdoor jacket with logo             (Seasonal)
Gym Uniform
       Hunter green sweat pants with logo                (On gym days)
       Hunter green sweatshirt with logo                 (On gym days)
       White t- shirt with logo (long or short sleeve)   (On gym days)
       Hunter green uniform gym shorts with logo         (Seasonal)
        Plain ALL –black sneakers -                       (On gym days)
        No exceptions!

                      6th- 8th Grade - Middle School Dress Code
        Hunter Green blazer with logo                    (Daily wear)
        White blouse with peter pan collar               (Daily wear)
         (long or short sleeve)
        Plaid uniform skirt                              (Daily wear)
        Plaid uniform cross tie                          (Daily wear)
        Pantyhose and socks (must be plain,              (Daily wear)
         white, black, hunter green or gray)
        Plain black leather belt (with slacks)           (Daily wear)
        Plain ALL-black shoes (closed toe and closed heel)

        Hunter Green blazer with logo                    (Daily wear)
        White button-up shirt                            (Daily wear)
        (Long or short-sleeve)
        Plaid uniform tie with logo                      (Daily wear)
        Charcoal gray uniform slacks                     (Daily wear)
         (worn on the waist)
        Plain white, black or hunter green socks.        (Daily wear)
        Plain BLACK leather belt                         (Daily wear)
        Plain ALL-black shoes – No exceptions!

Gym Uniform (All Students):
        Hunter green sweat pants                         (On gym days)
        Hunter green sweatshirt with logo                (On gym days)
        Gray t- shirt with logo (long or short sleeve)   (On gym days)
        Hunter green uniform gym shorts                  (Seasonal)
        Plain black sneakers                             (On gym days)

Unacceptable Attire:
        Printed or colored undershirts that are visible through the school uniform
        Large or oversized belt buckles
        Printed, colored or mismatched socks
        Non-black shoes of any kind
        Facial piercings of any kind

Guidelines for Accessories:

Earrings:      No larger than the size of a quarter, Ears only
Rings:         One ring per hand – smooth, no jagged edges.
Necklaces:     Gold/silver necklaces should be tucked into the shirt, no beaded
               accessories of any kind.
Bracelets:     No more than 2 per wrist and of reasonable size. No silly bands.
Headgear:      Headgear and hats are not permitted in the school building. All students
are to remove any hat or headgear upon entering the school building. This includes
bandanas, “do rags”, wave caps, sweatbands, scarves, and all other headgear.

Headbands are acceptable in the following PLAIN colors: hunter green, white, black,
and gold (“D.U.E. Season” gold).

Uniform Policies and Procedures

All students at D.U.E. Season Charter School are required to wear uniforms at all times.
No exceptions to the uniform are permitted outside the approval of the principal.
Parents experiencing difficulties should contact either Vice Principal or Principal to
discuss resolution.     While the uniform provides consistency in student appearance,
some structured choice is available for parents and students. Any student who reports
to school without the appropriate uniform will be sent to the Parent Coordinator’s office.
The parent of that student will be contacted and asked to pick up the student. Failure to
pick up the student for the day may result in the student’s immediate suspension from

school. Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to return to school until they
are in proper uniform.

Please be informed that all uniform infractions will be processed by the Parent
Coordinator and Administrative staff. If you have any questions with regards to the
uniform policy, contact the Parent Coordinator at 856-225-0511 ext.336.

Borrowing Uniforms

Any and all uniform items that are borrowed from the Parent Office must be returned
within 48 hours of the time they are borrowed. Failure to return school property
including school uniform items will result in either a restitution fee, withholding of the
student’s report card, or both. D.U.E. Season Charter School reserves the right to
withhold any student records until all fees are paid in full.

Academic Program

The academic program of D.U.E. Season Charter School is exciting, rigorous, and fun!
The goal of the academic program is to accommodate individual learning styles and
developmental differences among students. Instructional strategies are designed to
help each student meet or exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
and to produce students who will become responsible, life-long learners, prepared to
lead us through the 21st Century.

At DSCS, a team approach is used in order to help meet each child’s individual needs.
Each grade level has four teachers who form the grade level team. Each team plans
lessons together and makes decisions about how each student’s individual needs can
best be served. Individual learning plans are developed for each student. These plans
identify the child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, along with his/her special
interests and abilities. Based on the plans, the teaching team develops a program that
addresses each student’s learning needs. Your child may be working with several
teachers at each grade level. Occasionally, a student may be sent to a higher-grade

level for one of the subjects because that is the most appropriate placement to meet the
individual learning goals. This program is designed to provide a challenge to students
who are more advanced. A Next Level is offered to those students who are in need of
supplemental help in the regular classroom. This program is designed to accelerate the
student’s learning to achieve grade level.

                                   Pillars of Focus

Performing Arts

All students develop skills in a selected area of the performing arts as an integral
component of the D.U.E. Season experience. We believe that all students have innate
talents and skills in one of the performing arts areas and through structured experiences
will develop an appreciation for the arts and the talents they possess. The arts are
integrated across all content areas of study. D.U.E. Season has several partners in the
arts to assist us in providing the best education for our students.

Character Development

D.U.E. Season Charter School provides a supportive learning environment in which
students will learn to love, value, and respect themselves and others.          Students
participate in daily affirmations, a daily pledge, and school-wide character development
activities. Students learn to appreciate themselves and each other, develop a repertoire
of behavioral options that promote the development of a good moral compass, and
develop an honorable character and self-efficacy. Students will learn to live
acceptance of the differences in others and learn ways to positively impact the school
and the community in which they live.


Technology is the third pillar of focus of D.U.E. Season Charter School. Technology is
a daily experience for the students at D.U.E. Season Charter School as it is integrated
into every component of the learning experience. In addition to the traditional utilization
of technology for research and data entry, students at D.U.E. Season Charter School
explore uses for accessing real time information, for development of projects and as
extensions of and integration in the performing arts.

Assessment and Grades

A variety of assessment tools are used to determine student achievement throughout
the school year. In order to get a more complete and accurate picture of the individual
student’s actual learning the Terra Nova is given to students in grades not subject to the
State testing program in the fall and in the spring of each year. The state assessment is
given to students in the 3rd through 8th grades in late spring of each year. Students are
encouraged to show understanding of material through the use of both written and oral
presentations, visual representations, and performances. Students are encouraged to
incorporate performing arts and technology in all demonstrations of proficiency.
Portfolios will be developed to “tell the story of what was learned” at our end of the year
Celebrations of Learning presentations.

Interim Reports and Marking Periods

Interim progress reports will be distributed at the mid-marking period, and report cards
will be distributed at the end of each of the five marking periods.

Formal parent-teacher conferences are scheduled four times a year, at the end of the
Seeding Period, Sprouting Period, Watering Period, Sunshine Period, and (see
calendar for approximate dates). Parents are required to attend conferences. Report
cards will not be sent home by the students.

Grading Scale

All grade levels K-2 are given grades in accordance with the D.U.E. Season Proficiency
Rubric (D, P, A, N, and UP):

      D=      Distinguished
      P=      Proficient
      A=      Apprentice
      N=      Novice
      UP=     Unsatisfactory Progress
All grades 3 – 8 are given a numerical and letter value:

Letter Grade                   Percentile Range
       A                            100-92
       B                            91-83
       C                             82-74
       D                             73-65
       F                          64-BELOW

All grade levels receive a numerical value for each skill learned:

Skill Legend
      4 = Exceeds expectations
      3 = Meets expectations
      2 = Limited expectations
      1 = Minimal expectations


Teachers at D.U.E. Season Charter School assign work to pupils for completion outside
the classroom as an extension of the instructional program of the school. Homework is
a properly planned part of the curriculum, a valid educational tool, extending and
reinforcing the learning experience of the school. Homework should help students learn
by providing practice time in the mastery of skills, experience in gathering information.
Homework may also be assigned to complete or make up actual assignments because
of a student’s absence.     Some homework assignments will require the use of the
computer. Parents should notify the teacher if there is no computer in the home. The
number, frequency, and degree of difficulty of homework assignments is based on the
ability and needs of the pupil and take into account other activities that make a
legitimate claim on the pupil’s time.

                       Promotion and Retention of Students

Student Promotion

The staff of D.U.E. Season Charter School is committed to the success of all students.
FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Students, teachers, and parents are expected to work
to mastery in all areas including academic, character development, arts engagement,
and social competency.       Any student enrolled in the D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER
SCHOOL will be promoted to the next grade after attending school regularly and
demonstrating mastery of essential skills in all the essential content areas. Such skill
mastery is evaluated with the following: Standardized Achievement Tests and/or State
Tests, Unit Tests from the curriculum textbooks being used, teacher made tests,
projects, class participation, and portfolios of school work, and school attendance. In
making any decisions about promotion of students to another grade, objective evidence,
and the above criteria is used to make a determination. No student is promoted to
another grade or is skipped a grade without first demonstrating the ability to master the
skill required. Any decision to promote a student without completion of the required
subject areas and attendance requirements for that grade will be made by the Chief
Education Officer.

Student Retention

An educational program should provide for continuous progress of children from grade
to grade. However, it may be necessary to retain some students because they will
benefit from staying another year in the same grade. Retention of young students in
discouraged but will be considered in grades Kindergarten through Eighth for the
following reasons:
      Failure of two or more core subjects (Reading/Language Arts, Math, Social
       Studies or Science).
      Failure of LAL or Math and any other two subjects
      Consistently performing below the present grade level.
      Poor attendance. He/she has missed 15 days or more during the school year.

When retention is being considered, a letter will accompany the report card for the third
marking period. The parents/guardians shall be invited to a meeting with the teachers
and guidance counselor. The teacher, student, and parent will design and sign the
Student Success Plan outlining interventions for student success. If the child continues
to perform unsatisfactorily during the fourth marking period, a second letter will
accompany the report card about possible retention. The parents/guardians are invited
to a second conference, and there is an explanation to the parents/guardians about
their child’s current academic achievement. If the child continues to perform poorly,
parents/guardians will be invited to the school to participate in a Retention Hearing with
the Principal, teacher and counselor present..

Attendance: Any student that has more than 15 days of absence will be retained in
grade level. However, student achievement and content performance in the basic skill
areas (reading, math) will be considered.

Performance in major content areas: Failure for three or more marking periods in any
two of the major content areas required by the State of New Jersey; Reading/Language
Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health, World Languages and the
Arts are cause for retention. Mastery of all content areas is required satisfaction of the
academic proficiencies of D.U.E. Season Charter School and promotion.
Parents will be notified by the end of the Third Marking Period of problems that may
lead to retention and encouraged to work with the school and the student to ensure
student success. The teacher, student, and parent will be required to complete the
Student Success Plan and adhere to agreed interventions to ensure student success.
Parents are encouraged to save these policies for future reference and to speak with
your child’s teacher or to the Administration should you have any questions.

Student Support Services

Our school counseling program is a comprehensive, developmental program that is
aligned with the American School Counselor Association national model.
The mission of the D.S.C.S. Counseling Program is to promote students’ academic
development, career development, and social/personal development in a safe,
respectful, and motivating school environment through collaborative partnership of
teachers/administration, parents, and the community with the purpose of preparing all
students for lifelong learning and productive citizenship.

Our Guidance Department is comprised of:
       Mrs. Rosa Mosely-Guidance Counselor
       Phone Number: (856) 225-0511 ext. 312
       Ms. Jehita Kitchen-Guidance Counselor
       Phone Number: (856) 225-0511 ext. 345

Child Study Team

The Child Study Team (CST) is a team of specialists employed by the school to provide
consultative, evaluative, and prescriptive services to the students, to the teachers, and
to the parents. The CST, together with school administrators and the I & RS Team
make recommendations for programs and placements that will best address the needs
of students who are experiencing school related difficulties.

                                Parent Involvement

Parent Participation Requirements

D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL is founded on the belief that the education of the
whole child is best accomplished through the collaborative effort of students, parents,
teachers, and community members. Active parent participation is strongly encouraged
at D.U.E. Season Charter School therefore; All parents are required to offer twenty (20)
volunteer hours per year to assist in the educational program at the school. Please
read and sign the parental contract to attest to your commitment of the partnership of
parent/teacher/school in properly educating your child while attending D.U.E. Season
Charter School.

The role that parents play in the child’s education is greatly valued at D.U.E. Season
Charter School. Parents are the first teachers of values, social skills, verbal expression,
and conflict resolution. Lessons learned and habits formed at home prior to entering the
school are important to every child’s development. D.U.E. Season Charter School
respects our parents, grandparents, and other caregivers as the child’s first and most
influential teachers.

Once children are in school, it is extremely important that parents (the first teachers)
and teachers work together to help the child reach his or her full potential. There is so
much a child needs to understand through formal instruction and learning experiences
provided in school.

Parent Parties/ Monthly Workshops

D.U.E. Season Charter School wants your child to experience success in school
because your child’s success is our success. In a charter school, parents are expected
to be active participants. The traditional monthly Parent/Teacher Organization meetings
will be a thing of the past and will now be Parent Parties. Parents/Guardians will now

participate in specially themed workshops and engage in learning with their child(ren) as
they discover the “Keys to Successful Parenting.”

There are many things a parent can do to assist with student behavior and
performance. Here are some suggestions from other parents:

      Send your children to school ready to learn.
      Provide a healthy breakfast each morning.
      Be sure to get sufficient rest the night before (12 hours is recommended). Set a
       regular “bedtime” for children through grade 8.
      Check your child’s book bag for assignments and tests. Check their book bag
      Check their assignments for answers in complete sentences, showing math
       work, and proper headings.
      Stop in at least once a marking period to spot check his/her locker or observe in
      Provide a “study area” free of television, radio, and telephone.     Monitor the
       completion of homework and provide assistance when needed.
      Remind your child about deadlines, and reward him/her for good report cards
      Access the Internet at work, home or the Library to check your student’s grades
      If you work in the evening, have your child stay with a responsible relative or
       friend until you get home, and call to check up on him/her.
      Take away privileges for poor behavior…tv time, Internet time, video game time,
       time on the phone and time with friends. Use these as rewards for completing
       homework and doing household chores.
      Know who your child spends time with…meet their friends and their friends’
      Monitor your child’s chat room, IM sessions, text messages, website history, and
       cell phone directory, social networking pages(i.e. Facebook, Myspace)….who is
       he/she talking to? What are they talking about?
      Write a note to the teacher if your child seems confused about homework or
       other assignments.

             Encourage your child to ask for help when he/she does not understand.
             Talk to your child about careers and research them on the Internet together.
              What will it take for him/her to reach his/her dream?
             Encourage your child to participate in an after school activity.
             Use your Parent Volunteer (20) hours to assist with many different tasks that
              need to be completed each day…. help in the classroom or in the office, special
              events, tutor
             Become a “Class Parent” who will communicate with other parents about events
              where parent involvement is needed.

                              School Organization - What’s My Role?

                         Role                                           Responsibility

Students                                                      Be present and on time,
                                                              Be respectful to parents, teachers, and
                                                              Be in control of emotions and
                                                               responsible for actions
                                                              Try ones hardest to complete work
                                                               and achieve.

                                                              Talk to my child daily about school,
                                                              Check homework for quality and
                                                              Attend conferences
                                                              Encourage study and sleeping habits
                                                               that support learning
                                                              Provide rewards and consequences for
                                                               academics and behavior in school

Teachers              Be present and on time,
                      Be respectful to parents, students,
                       teacher and administration.
                      Call parents and students with successes
                       and challenges,
                      Attend conferences,
                      Listen to students at the appropriate
                       place and time,
                      Be in control of emotions and
                       responsible for actions,
                      Try to make lessons engaging and
                      Provide valuable homework assignments
                       and check them for quality and

                      Be visible, open supportive and
School Counselor
                       responsive to students, parents, teachers
                       and administrators
                      Create a positive and productive learning
                       environment for all students.
                      Lead teams to create interventions
                      Refer parents and students to the help
                       they need in order to succeed in
                       managing emotions, behavior and

                      Be visible, open, supportive and
                       responsive to students, parents, teachers
                       and administrators
                      Establish expectations for teachers,
                       parents, staff and students and

                                                            consistently follow through with them
                                                            each day.
                                                           Create a positive work climate for staff.
                                                           Create a positive and productive learning
                                                            environment for all students
                                                           Hold students and teachers accountable
                                                            for safety, good order and achievement..
                                                           Provide opportunities to staff to continue
                                                            professional growth

Board of Trustees

                                                           Be open, supportive and responsive to
                                                            students, parents, teachers, Principals,
                                                            CEO, and members of the Camden
                                                           Hold students, teachers, Principals and
                                                            CEO accountable for safety, good order
                                                            and achievement.

    Chain of Command

    If there is a concern or disagreement amongst people in the above roles it must be
    addressed through the chain of command. Students and teachers should speak to each
    other before speaking to parents. Parents should take their concerns and the concerns
    of their children to the teacher first, to the Dean of Students, or Guidance Counselor, to
    the Assistant Principals, to the Principal and to the C.E.O. If the concern cannot be
    resolved at the C.E.O. level, request a hearing with the Grievance Committee. If your
    concern is not resolved with the Grievance Committee, you may present it to the Board
    of Trustees.

    In all cases, appointments must be made, so discussion of the concern or disagreement
    doesn’t interfere with instruction. Students and teachers should verbally agree to meet

after class or after school. Call 225-0511 or email to make an appointment with teachers
or the Assistant Principal Mrs. McKithen (K-4), Assistant Principal Mr. Mungo (5-8). The
secretary can also direct you to the building Principal.

Behavior and Discipline

D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL stresses respect for others and for the rights of
others, among them the right to a school and classroom environment which is safe and
orderly, and facilitates learning. Discipline and order can exist in a school when students
are known and cared for by all of the faculty and staff and when their life within the
school is meaningful to them. Given the provision of protective factors within the school
and the active engagement of students in their learning, there will be less
opportunity/need for disruption and problems.

Sexual Harassment

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination. Under this
federal law, a school is required to have a policy against sexual discrimination, and to
notify employees, students and parents of that policy. D.U.E. Season Charter School
Board Policy is provided below.


D.U.E. Season Charter School believes all students should receive an education in an
environment free from sexual harassment or any other inappropriate behavior of a
sexual nature. D.U.E. Season Charter School is committed to creating a safe, healthy
learning environment for all students that encourages respect, dignity, and equality
among students. Thus, sexual harassment of students, teachers and staff will not be
tolerated at school; school sponsored or school related activities such as field trips or
special events where the student is under the supervision of the school.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual
favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that interferes with an
individual’s performance at school and / or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive
environment. The conduct is also sexual harassment when submission to it is made
either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment or access
to education.

   1. Sexual harassment of or by any D.U.E. Season Charter School student or
       member of the staff will not be tolerated. D.U.E. Season Charter School’s Board
       considers sexual harassment to be a major offense that may result in disciplinary
       action for students or dismissal of an offending staff member.

   2. Any student or employee who believes that he or she has been harassed or who
       has witnessed sexual harassment is encouraged to report such incident
       immediately to his or her teacher, the principal, Affirmative Action Coordinator(s),
       or a designee, who shall promptly investigate all such incidents in a confidential
   3. D.U.E. Season Charter School students may receive age-appropriate instruction
       on the nature and prohibition of sexual harassment.

   4. Notice or copies of this policy shall be provided to school staff and parents /
       guardians of D.U.E. Season Charter School, and recipients shall be asked to
       acknowledge receipt in writing.

   5. Administrative regulations and procedures for reporting charges of sexual
       harassment and for pursuing available remedies shall be made available to staff
       and to parents / guardians on request.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to the following:
      Comments, notes or invitations of a sexual nature
      Derogatory comments or jokes that are sexual
      Touching or gestures that are sexual
      Blocking or cornering in a sexual way
      Pulling clothing or grabbing that is sexual
      Displaying or distributing sexually explicit drawings, pictures, and written
      Spreading rumors about or rating other students as to sexual activity or
      Talking about or describing ones physically anatomy
      Showing sexual interest in someone when the interest is not wanted or
      Any expression of sexual interest between adults and students

Sexual harassment has two forms: quid pro quo and hostile environment.

Quid pro quo harassment occurs when a school employee causes a student to believe
that the employee will make an educational decision base on whether or not the student
submits to unwelcome sexual conduct.

Hostile environment harassment occurs when unwelcome sexually harassing conduct is
too severe, persistent, or pervasive that it affects a student’s ability to participate in or
benefit from an education program or activity, or creates an intimidating, threatening or
abusive educational environment. A hostile environment can be created by a school
employee, another student, even someone visiting the school.

Regardless of which type of harassment occurs, in order to ensure a safe working and
learning environment, a school must take appropriate steps to the harassment and to
prevent it from happening again. The best judgment and common sense of the staff
and administration are important parts of any response.

      Preventing and remedying sexual harassment at D.U.E. Season Charter School
       is essential to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory environment which is
       conducive to learning.

What should you do if you think you have been sexually harassed?

Don’t ignore the behavior. You don’t have to put up with it. Even though it’s hard to do,
you should tell your harasser to stop. You should report what’s going on to any adult
staff member with whom you feel comfortable talking to. If you wish, you can bring
someone to help you make your report. You have the right to speak to someone of your
same sex. Our Title IX officers are Ms. Stephanie Selden and Ms. Rosa Moseley. In
the event that someone of the male gender is requested, Mr. Robert Mungo, Assistant
Principal will be available to file a report with.

What will happen to a person who is guilty of sexual harassment?

Students or staffs who are found guilty of sexual harassment will be told that the
behavior must stop and will have appropriate disciplinary and corrective action take.

Students who are found guilty of sexual harassment will be subject to disciplinary action
up to and including expulsion.

Staff members who are found guilty of sexual harassment will be subject to disciplinary
action up to and including dismissal.

Corrective action for students and staff may include oral and written apologies, training
and counseling

                  Student Sexual Harassment Discipline / Infraction Code

  Type III              1st Offense                   2nd Offense                   3rd Offense

                      Meeting with                 Meeting with                 Meeting with Principal
                       Principal or Assistant        Principal or Assistant        or Assistant
                       Principal(s)                  Principal(s)                  Principal(s)
                      Written Report is filed      Written Report is filed      Written Report is filed
                      Meeting with                 Meeting with                 Meeting with
                       Affirmative Action            Affirmative Action            Affirmative Action
                       Officer(s)                    Officer(s)                    Officer(s)
                      Administrative/Parent        Administrative/Parent        Meeting with School
Sexual                 Conference                    Conference                    Social Worker /
Harassment            1-3 days Out of              3-5 days Out of               Guidance Counselor
                       School Suspension             School Suspension             to set up counseling
                      Meeting with School          Meeting with School           Sessions
                       Social Worker /               Social Worker /              Administrative/Parent
                       Guidance Counselor            Guidance Counselor            Conference
                       to set up counseling          to set up in school          10 days Out of School
                       Sessions                      counseling Sessions           Suspension
                      Behavior Contract            Out of School                Extended Suspension
                       Required                      Counseling                    pending an expulsion
                                                     recommended                   hearing
                                                    Behavior Contract

      Reporting Harassment

      D.U.E. Season Charter School requires the principal and/or the principal’s designee at
      each school to be responsible for receiving complaints alleging violations of this policy.

All school employees as well as all other members of the school community, including
students, parents, volunteers and visitors, are required to report alleged violations of
this policy to the principal or the principal’s designee. While submission of an Incident
Report Form is not required, the reporting party is encouraged to use the Incident
Report Form available from the principal of each building or available at the school
district’s central office, or the reporting party may use the district’s web-based reporting
system. Oral reports also shall be considered official reports. Reports may be made
anonymously, but formal action for violations of the code of student conduct may not be
based solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

Investigating Harassment

D.U.E. Season Charter School requires the principal and/or the principal’s designee to
be responsible for determining whether an alleged act constitutes a violation of this
policy. In so doing, the principal and/or the principal’s designee shall conduct a prompt,
thorough and complete investigation of each allegation of harassment, intimidation, and

Response to Incidents of Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying

D.U.E. Season Charter School recognizes that some acts of harassment, intimidation or
bullying may be isolated incidents requiring that the school officials respond
appropriately to the individuals committing the acts. Other acts may be so serious or
parts of a larger pattern of harassment, intimidation or bullying that they require a
response either at the classroom, school building or school district levels or by law
enforcement officials.

In considering whether a response beyond the individual is appropriate, the
administrator shall consider the nature and circumstances of the act, the degree of
harm, the nature and severity of the behavior, past incidences or past or continuing
patterns of behavior, and the context in which the alleged incident(s) occurred.

Reprisal or Retaliation Prohibited

D.U.E. Season Charter School prohibits reprisal or retaliation against any person who
reports an act of harassment, intimidation or bullying. The consequence and appropriate
remedial action for a person who engages in reprisal or retaliation shall be determined
by the administrator after consideration of the nature, severity and circumstances of the
act, in accordance with case law, Federal and State statutes and regulations and district
policies and procedures.

Consequences for False Accusation

Consequences and appropriate remedial action for a person found to have falsely
accused another as a means of harassment, intimidation or bullying may range from
positive behavioral interventions up to and including suspension or expulsion, as
permitted under N.J.S.A. 18A:37-1, Discipline of Pupils and as set forth in N.J.A.C.
6A:16-7.2, Short-term suspensions, N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7., Long-term Suspensions and
N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.5, Expulsions.

Consequences and appropriate remedial action for a school employee found to have
falsely accused another as a means of harassment, intimidation or bullying shall be
disciplined in accordance with district policies, procedures and agreements.

Consequences and appropriate remedial action for a visitor, found to have falsely
accused another as a means of harassment, intimidation or bullying shall be determined
by the school administrator after consideration of the nature, severity and circumstances
of the act, including reports to appropriate law enforcement officials.

Policy Dissemination

D.U.E. Season Charter School will annually disseminate the policy to all school staff,
students and parents, along with a statement explaining that it applies to all applicable

acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying that occur on school property, at school-
sponsored functions or on a school bus. The Chief Education Officer will post the policy
on the school district’s website as well as annually notify students and parents that the
policy is available on the district’s website and shall develop and implement a process
for annually discussing the school district policy on harassment, intimidation and
bullying with students.

               Student Recognition School-Wide Program

R.O.A.R. CARDS- (Recognition for Outstanding Attitude & Responsibility

D.U.E. Season Charter School believes the Restorative Approach Model when it comes
to discipline. The Restorative philosophy puts repairing harm done to relationships and
people over and above the need for assigning blame and dispensing punishment. One
practice that has been inspired by the Restorative Approach is the new school wide
incentive program because it helps to prevent harm and conflict from occurring and also
builds a sense of belonging, safety and social responsibility in students.

As a school-wide incentive program, R.O.A.R cards will be distributed to students in
grades K-8 by their classroom teacher and other staff members. Students who are
“caught” demonstrating the following school-wide rules and expectations each month
are eligible to receive R.O.A.R cards:

    Perfect Attendance

    Homework and class work assignments- completed

    Behavior- No discipline referrals for the month

    Displays the Character trait of the month( Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance,

       Caring, Honesty, Citizenship, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Self-control, Courage)

    Exemplary behavior (The teacher gives an extra card to a student who goes
       above and beyond to create a positive school environment for others. If there are

       multiple students who are deserving, students names will be entered into a

       drawing and one name will be picked.

    Each R.O.A.R. card is assigned a point value:

                               Attendance                     2
                                Character                     1
                                Behavior                      2
                               Homework                       2
                   Exemplary Attitude/Responsibility          5

Students are responsible for turning in the R.O.A.R cards necessary to participate in a
planned incentive activity or to “purchase” an item from the school store. Students must
accumulate (10) points each month in order to be eligible for the months incentive.
Possible incentives: movie & popcorn, game day, karaoke, Luau, roller skating, and
bowling. At the end of the year, students who have an accumulation of 100 points will
be invited to attend a special field trip.

School-Wide Discipline Expectations and Codes

D.U.E. Season Charter School approaches discipline from a teaching rather than
punitive model. Teachers help students develop a variety of acceptable behavioral
choices which will lead to the development of self-governance, a sense of autonomy,
and self-efficacy, and social competence as a part of the character development
proficiency requirement.

A structured and orderly school is valued by all. As such through clearly defined and
taught classroom procedures, expectations for student behavior are emphasized in the
D.U.E. Season community.

Steps teachers will follow when misbehavior occurs:

      Re-direction-Re-direct the student, telling them the positive behavior they would
       like to see.
      Response-Discrete and specific one to one conference using the Restorative
       question card
      Reflection- Teacher seeks the support of her team members and has the student
       take a break in a “buddy room.” During this time away from the regular teacher
       and classmates, the student will respond to a reflection journal with the intent on
       correcting specific behaviors. Parent contact will follow. .
      Review of student learning style and ability level to be certain instruction is
       presented on a challenging, but not overwhelming level and/or format.
      Regroup-Teacher/student conference which leads to greater understanding of
       teacher expectations for classroom behavior.
      Teacher detention and parent phone call.
      Restorative Conference-Review of teacher/student interactive patterns by
       administration, to determine if interaction acts as a risk factor and promotes
       demonstrated behavioral choices.
      Teachers will be encouraged to seek the support of the school social worker,
       guidance counselor and/or the Parent Coordinator and other means of emotional
       support before recommending student to administrator for intervention.


Out of School Suspension

Out-of-school suspension requires that the student not report to school and remain off
all school grounds during the period of the suspension. The student may not participate
in or attend any school-sponsored activities, regardless of location.

The Effects of Out of School Suspension

Parents of students who have been suspended will be contacted by telephone and by
mail. An appointment must be scheduled by the parent/guardian with the Assistant
Principal for a conference to be held prior the suspended student’s return to the regular

school program. No student will be re-admitted to school until the conference has been

Suspension from extra and co-curricular programs takes effect immediately when the
suspension is issued, regardless of when it is served.

During the period of any suspension, students are not permitted to participate in extra-
curricular activities or to be on school grounds at any time until the conditions of his/her
suspension are satisfied. Students found on school property during the period of his/her
out of school suspension, will be considered trespassing, and will be disciplined

This includes, but is not limited to attendance at or participation in the following extra-
curricular and co-curricular activities:

       Class activities
       Student Council
       School trips
       Band, Chorus, play rehearsals, practices, or performances
       Club activities
       Athletics, including games and practices
       Dances, Cotillion or participation in all other co-curricular activities

Causes for Suspension and Expulsion

D.U.E. Season Charter School stresses respect for others and for the rights of others,
among them the right to a school and classroom environment which is safe and orderly,
and facilitates learning. Students who by their disruptive behavior consistently deprive
others of this right are subject to different phases of intervention.               Persistent
demonstration of unwillingness to conform will move the intervention to the final stages
including suspension or expulsion from D.U.E. Season Charter School.               The D.U.E.
Season Charter School Board of Trustees has the right to suspend or expel a student
pursuant to the following criteria, as approved by the Commissioner of Education in

chartering this school, and upon the recommendation of the Director (principal) in
consultation with the student's teachers:

       1) Physical assault upon another student, member of the staff, or board
       2) Gambling on school property or while participating in a school-related activity.
       3) Carrying, brandishing, or using a weapon or any instrument being used as a
       4) Incitement which is intended to or does cause truancy by other pupils.
       5) Possession, sale, or consumption of alcohol, a controlled dangerous
          substance, or drug paraphernalia on school premises, or being under the
          influence of such substances on school premises or school-related activity.
       6) Conduct constituting a danger to the physical and/or emotional well-being of
          other students including the pulling of a fire alarm, bullying, and intimidation.
       7) Continued and willful disobedience or open defiance of any authority figure
          employed by the school.
       8) Taking or attempting to take another student's or a staff member's personal
          property, whether by theft, through force, or by intimidation.
       9) Habitual use of profanity or obscenities when directed at staff person or
          another student.
       10) Willfully causing or attempting to cause damage to school property.
       11) Assault of another student whether physical, verbal, or sexual.
       12) Engaging in sexual activity on school grounds, or while participating in a
          school-related activity.

No student shall be suspended or expelled unless the conduct for which he/she is to be
disciplined is related to school activities and/or attendance and occurred on school
property, including school buses and/or while participating in school-related activities.

A student at D.U.E. SEASON CHARTER SCHOOL will automatically be recommended
to the Board of Trustees by the Chief Education Officer for expulsion when he/she has
reached three suspensions within one school year or been found guilty of an extremely
violent, a weapons, or drug related violation of the Code of Conduct.

The Board of Trustees may expel a student upon the recommendation of the Chief
Education Officer based upon the finding that the student committed one or more of the
offenses and that (a) other means of intervention are either not feasible or have
repeatedly failed to bring about proper conduct or (b) due to the nature of the violation,
the presence of the student causes a continuing danger to the physical safety of the
student or other students and staff. In addition, any student who is guilty of continued
and willful disobedience, or of open defiance of the authority of any teacher or person
having authority over him or of the habitual use of profanity or of obscene language, or
who shall cut, deface or otherwise damage any school property, shall be liable to
suspension or expulsion from school. In the instance of damage or defacing of school
property, the parent/guardian is expected to make complete restitution.

In the event of a suspension, the Chief Education Officer will have the authority to return
a student to school following a hearing for the appeal of judgment.

Students with disabilities may be suspended from school for up to ten consecutive or
cumulative days per school year, in accordance with the student’s IEP. The suspension
of a student with disabilities will be subject to the same Board of Trustees procedures
as non-disabled students in accordance with his/her IEP.


Teacher Detention: Held Monday through Friday every day school is in session except
for early dismissal days. Detention will be held in the teacher’s designated classroom
from 3:10-4:00, however any teacher can hold a student for a longer, reasonable time

Administrative Detention: Begins at 3:00pm each day and ends at 4:00pm. An
extended session is also available to 5:00pm. Students must arrive at the designated
location and be in his or her seat at or before 3:15pm and stay until dismissed by the
Dean of Students. Students must bring work to do or do the work provided by the Dean.

Lunch Detention: Students receive lunch detention instead of administrative detention
at the discretion of the Asst. Principal. Lunch detention is assigned for jumping tables,

cutting in line, leaving a mess, throwing food, misbehaving in lunch activity or other
offenses. The number of days assigned will reflect the severity of the offense and
frequency of infractions. If a student cuts a lunch detention he/she will receive and
administrative detention the next day, but must still make up the lunch detention they

Saturday Detention: Assigned for more serious and repeat offenses. When student are
assigned, parents/guardians are informed by phone of the detention by the Wednesday
before the Saturday they must serve the detention. Saturday Detention is held from
8 a.m.-12 p.m. Detentions can be assigned for one, two, or three hours. Students must
bring their own work to complete or complete the work assigned by the monitor.
Students should report at the front entrance of Virtua no earlier than 7:50 a.m. and will
not be admitted into the school until 8:00am. A student is late after the monitor has left
the floor at 8:10 am. A student is allowed a 5 minute grace period. No one will be
allowed to enter after 8:05 a.m. This will be considered cutting detention. Each cut will
result in a 1 day Out of School Suspension. A parent/guardian must come in for a
conference with the Asst. Principal in order for the student to return to school

Note: If any student is removed from Saturday Detention (SD) for any reason, it will be
considered a cut and will result in at least a 1 day OSS. Further consequences may be
given depending on the offense that caused the student to be removed from the SD.
OSS will be served after parents/guardians are notified on the next school day.

Detention Rules

Students must bring schoolwork to do in Teacher and Administrative detention. Student
many not talk, eat, sleep, put their head on the desk, or be disruptive in detention.
Student must follow the directions of the detention monitor and do all work provided.
Students who do not follow the directions of the detention monitor will not receive credit
for attending detention that day. She/he must make up that detention the next day.
She/he may not participate in any extra- or co-curricular activities until the detention
day/time has been made up.

Cutting Detention

Students who do not attend (cut) scheduled Teacher/Administrative detention will be
assigned a Saturday detention (grades 2-8 only). During the school year, students who
do not make up detentions owed because of rescheduling may become ineligible to
attend class trips, or to participate in extra- or co-curricular activities.

If a student has a reason he/she cannot attend his/her detention, it is the students’
parent/guardian’s responsibility to discuss it in advance with the Asst. Principal to
request the possibility of rescheduling the detention. Detention rescheduling is not
automatic. Students who do not attend and do not visit the Asst. Principal in advance to
make arrangements for a postponement will be considered cutting detention.

Discipline Codes

D.U.E. Season Charter School’s model of “discipline” does not have a cookie cutter
application; individuality and diversity will be considered in all respects.

D.U.E. Season Charter School applies the Code of Conduct to students, staff, parents,
and all visitors. We must all work together to create a community of respect,
acceptance, and caring.

D.U.E. Season Charter School is grounded in the belief that every member of the school
community must listen, be reflective, and accept individual responsibility for his or her own
words and actions. There will be an absolute ban on violence and an insistence on respect for
others and honesty. The Code of Conduct sets the minimum expectations for student conduct
in the school including expectations for positive, contributing behavior.

Please make note that there are two discipline codes. There is an elementary code for grades
K-3, and a middle school code for grades 4-8. Both discipline codes are grade and age
appropriate. Each code is separated into three levels of urgency:

Type I - Infractions handled by the classroom teacher. Infractions will result in a yellow slip

and a teacher detention. Detention time is determined by the teacher.
  Type II - Infractions handled by the Dean of Students.     Infractions will result in a lip and

  administrative detention. Detention time is determined by the Dean of Students.

  Type III – Infractions will be immediately reported to an Administrator for disciplinary action.

  Infractions will result in out of school suspensions. All Administrative decisions are final.

  Due Process Statement

  It is the policy of D.U.E. Season Charter School to adhere to the basics tenets of student due

  process when carrying out the procedures contained in this Student/Parent Handbook.

  Furthermore, the D.U.E. Season Charter School Board, administration, instructional and

  support staff will comply with the legal elements of student due process, which include

  procedural due process and substantive due process.

  With regard to procedural due process, students are hereby informed of the rules and

  regulations applicable to them, will receive adequate notice of any charges that they have

  violated those rules and regulations, and will be given an appropriate opportunity to be heard

  regarding any disciplinary matter.

  With regard to substantive due process, the rules and regulations adopted by the D.U.E

  Season Charter School Board, will be reasonably related to the legitimate purpose and

  function of the D.U.E. Season Charter School and provides students, parents and/or guardians

  a copy of this handbook published with the following concepts in mind:

1. School rules must be clearly stated and related to the educational purposes of the school.

2. School rules must be fair and specific enough for students to know what they may or may not


3. Staff, students, parents and/or guardians must be informed of the rules affecting behavior and

4. Staff, students, parents and/or guardians must be informed of any changes in the rules

      affecting student behavior and discipline, prior to the implementation of any such changes.

5. D.U.E. Season Charter School reserves the right and authority to address infractions of the

      Student Code of Conduct on a case-by-case basis and consider extenuating circumstances if


6. When serious disciplinary action is involved, school personnel and students must comply with

      actions set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and procedures set forth in D.U.E. Season

      Charter School Administrative Procedures.

7. It is the ultimate responsibility of all caretakers of D.U.E. Season Charter School students,

      i.e.-staff and parents/guardians, to be familiar and knowledgeable about the-policies,

      regulations, rules, practices and procedures of D.U.E. Season Charter School. All such

      relevant operational data is available upon request.

8. It is the Administrative right to administer consequences in non-sequential order due to

      extenuating circumstances.

9. Parents and/or Guardians must be notified when there is an Out of School Suspension


10.   For suspensions lasting 1 day or greater, a conference must take place between

      Administration and Parent/Guardian, for student re-entry.

You will find a complete Disciplinary Code Matrix at the end of this handbook. Please take the time to read and
understand all the information that is provided in the Matrix.

  Behavior in Public

  Everyone’s behavior reflects the school, the teachers, the parents, and, most of all, the
  students. DSCS expects the very best behavior of all students, during school, on class
  trips, on the bus, or at school performances. Students who misbehave during public
  events will face disciplinary action in accordance with the discipline policy. Parents will
  be notified, and students may loose the privilege of attending events or riding the bus.

D.U.E. Season Charter
     Middle School
Disciplinary Code Matrix

                                         ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISCIPLINE CODE

                                         TYPE I INFRACTIONS- HANDLED BY TEACHER

                                           1st           2nd             3rd             4th                5th
 Infraction   Definition
                                           Offense       Offense         Offense         Offense            Offense
              Behavior inconsistent        Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              with the non-academic        Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
              goals of D.S.C.S.                          Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
                                                         Card/Positive   Room/Reflec     Detention/ Small
                                                         Time Out        tion Journal    Restorative
              Failure to show a            Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              VALID hall pass to           Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
              designated authorized                      Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
Hall Pass
              areas                                      Card/Positive   Room/Reflec     Detention/ Small
                                                         Time Out        tion Journal    Restorative
              Violating the                Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              procedures regarding         Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
              access to restricted                       Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
              areas on school                            Card/Positive   Room/           Detention/ Small
              property                                   Time Out        Reflection      Restorative
                                                                         Journal         Conference
              Forging, falsifying or       Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              altering school records,     Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
              documents; copying                         Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
              another student’s work                     Card/Positive   Room/           Detention/ Small
                                                         Time Out        Reflection      Restorative
                                                                         Journal         Conference
              Non-compliance with          Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              D.S.C.S. Dress Code          Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
                                                         Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
Dress Code
                                                         Card/Positive   Room/Reflec     Detention/ Small
                                                         Time Out        tion Journal    Restorative
              Possession and usage         Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              of electronic devices        Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
Electronic    such as: cell phones,                      Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
Devices       portable music players                     Card/Positive   Room/Reflec     Detention/ Small
              and portable gaming                        Time Out        tion Journal    Restorative
              systems                                                                    Conference
              Refusal to comply with       Warning/      Parent          Parent          Parent-Teacher     Full Restorative
              or carry out a directive     Redirection   notification/   notification/   Conference/        Conference/
              or request of a staff                      Question        Buddy           Teacher            Community Service
              member                                     Card/Positive   Room/Reflec     Detention/ Small
                                                         Time Out        tion Journal    Restorative


                             1st                   2nd                     3rd                     4th               5th
Infraction    Definition
                             Offense               Offense                 Offense                 Offense           Offense
                             Restitution/          Restitution/Repairs;    3-5 hr. Admin.          1-2 days OSS      3-5 days OSS
              Defacing or    Repairs;              1-3hr. Admin.           Detention;              Restitution/
              attempting     Administrative/       Detention;              Administrative/         Repairs;
Vandalism     to deface      Parental/             Administrative/         Parental Conference;    Administrative/
              school         Counselor             Parental Conference                             Parental/
              property       conference; 1 day                                                     Conference
                             Community Service
              Physical or    1-2days Admin.        3-5hr. Admin            5-10days OSS Admin.     1-3 days OSS;     3-5 days OSS
              verbal         Detention;            Detention;              Detention;              Administrative/
              contact with   Administrative/       Administrative/         Administrative/         Parental
              an             Parent Conference     Parent Conference;      Parental Conference     Conference
              unwilling                            Counselor Referral
              Unauthorize    Restitution; 1 day    Restitution; 2 days     3 days Admin.           Restitution/      3-5 days OSS
              d use or       Admin. Detention;     Admin. Detention;       Detention or 2hr        Repairs; 1 day
              possession     Administrative/       Administrative/         Saturday Detention;     OSS
Petty Theft
              of             Parental/Teacher      Parental Conference     Administrative/         Administrative/
              someone’s      Conference                                    Parental Conference     Parental/
              property                                                                             Conference
              The act of     30min. Admin.         Restitution; 1-2 days   3-5 days Admin.         5days OSS         To Be
              obtaining      Detention;            Admin. Detention;       Detention;              Administrative/   Determined by
              money or       Administrative/       Administrative/         Administrative/         Parental/         Dean of Students
              some other     Parental Conference   Parental /Counselor     Parental Conference;    Conference
              thing of                             Conference;             Restitution
              value by the
              use of
              Causing        1 day Admin.          2-3 days Admin.         3-5 days Admin.         5-10days          10days OSS;
              emotional      Detention; peer       Detention;              Detention or 2hr        Community         Administrative/
              harm or        mediation;            Administrative/         Saturday Detention;     Service           Parental
              distress to    Administrative/       Parental Conference     Administrative/         Administrative/   Conference
              others as a    Parental Conference                           Parental Conference/    Parental/
              result of                                                    Restitution             Counselor
              language                                                                             Conference
              Wagering       1 day Admin.          2 hr. Admin.            3hr Admin. Detention;   1 day OSS;        To Be
              or betting     Detention             Detention;              Administrative/         Administrative/   Determined by
              on any                               Administrative/         Parental Conference     Parental/         Dean of Students
Gambling      game of                              Parental Conference                             Conference
              chance for
              the purpose
              of profit
              Behavior       1 day                 2 days Admin.           3days Admin.            1 day OSS;        3-5 days OSS
              that is        Administrative        Detention;              Detention or 4hr        Administrative/
              grossly        Detention;            Administrative/         Saturday Detention;     Parental/
Gross         inconsistent   Administrative/       Parental Conference     Administrative/         Counselor
Inappropria   with the       Parental/                                     Parental Conference;    Conference
te Behavior   non-           Counselor                                     Restitution
              academic       Conference
              goals of


                                     1st               2nd                     3rd                4th               5th
Infraction           Definition
                                     Offense           Offense                 Offense            Offense           Offense
                     Any             1hr Admin.        2 days Admin.           2 days Admin.      1-3 days OSS;     3-5 days OSS;
                     behavior on     Detention;        Detention;              Detention;         Administrative/   Administrative/
                     a school bus    Administrative/   Administrative/         Administrative/    Parent            Parent
                     that is not     Parent            Parent Conference       Parent             Conference        Conference
Behavior on the
                     aligned with    Conference        REQUIRED                Conference         REQUIRED          REQUIRED
School Bus
                     D.S.C.S.                                                  REQUIRED
                     Aggressivel     1 hour            2 hr. Admin.            2 hr. Admin.       4hr Out of        3-5 days OSS;
                     y refusing to   Administrative    Detention or 2hr        Detention or 2hr   School            Administrative/
                     comply or       Detention;        Saturday Detention;     Saturday           Community         Parent
                     carry out a     Administrative/   Administrative/         Detention;         Service;          Conference
Gross Defiance       directive or    Parental/         Parental Conference/    Administrative/    Restitution/      REQUIRED
                     request of a    Counselor         Restitution             Parental           Repairs;
                     staff           conference                                Conference         Administrative/
                     member                                                                       Parental/
                     Missing a       2hr. Admin.       2hr. Admin. Detention   1hr. Saturday      2hr. Saturday     To be
                     teacher         Detention                                 Detention          Detention         determined by
                     assigned                                                                                       Dean of
                     detention 3                                                                                    Students/
Cutting Teacher
                     days without                                                                                   Administration
                     written or
                     In an           2hr. Admin.       2hr. Admin. Detention   1hr. Saturday      2hr. Saturday     To be
                     unauthorize     Detention                                 Detention          Detention         determined by
                     d area                                                                                         Dean of
                     without                                                                                        Students/
                     written                                                                                        Administration
                     from a staff
                     4th Offense     2hr. Admin.       2hr. Admin. Detention   1hr. Saturday      2hr. Saturday     To be
                     of being        Detention                                 Detention          Detention         determined by
                     found in                                                                                       Dean of
Electronic Devices   possession                                                                                     Students/
                     and usage of                                                                                   Administration
                     an electronic
                     Gross           2hr. Admin.       2hr. Admin. Detention   1hr. Saturday      2hr. Saturday     To be
                     profanity or    Detention                                 Detention          Detention         determined by
                     use of                                                                                         Dean of
Vulgarity            language                                                                                       Students/
                     that is of                                                                                     Administration


                                          1st                     2nd                  3rd                   4th                5th
Infraction            Definition
                                          Offense                 Offense              Offense               Offense            Offense
                      Ongoing verbal,     Talking Circles;        Reflection Letter;   2hr. In School        4hr. Out of        To be
                      emotional or        15min. Reflection       2hr Admin.           Saturday              School             determined by
                      physical abuse      Journal;                Detention;           Community Srvc.;      Community          Assistant
                      of others           Administrative/         Administrative/Pa    Administrative/       Srvc.;             Principal
                                          Parental Conference     rental/Counselor     Parental/             Restitution;
                                                                  Conference           Counselor             Administrative/
                                                                                       Conference            Parental/
                       Physical contact   Behavior Contract;      3-5 days OSS;        10 days OSS;          Principal’s        To be
                       or verbal          1-3 days OSS;           Administrative/      Administrative/       Hearing            determined by
                       communication,     Administrative/         Parental             Parental                                 Administration
Sexual Harassment
                       sexual in nature   Teacher/Parental/       Conference;          Conference
                       with and           Counselor               Counseling
                       unwilling party    Conference              Referral
                       Unauthorized       Restitution; 1-2 days   3-5 days OSS;        5-10 days OSS;        Restitution;       To be
                       use or             OSS                     Administrative/      Administrative/       Principal’s        determined by
                       possession of a    Administrative/         Parental             Parental              Hearing            Administration
Theft from Staff
                       staff person’s     Teacher/Parental        Conference           Conference
                       possession or      Conference
                       Aggressively       1-2 days OSS            3-5 days OSS;        5-10 days OSS;        Principal’s        To be
                       refusing to        Administrative/         Administrative/      Administrative/       Hearing            determined by
Gross                  comply or carry    Parental                Parental             Parental                                 Administration
Insubordination        out a directive    Conference              Conference           Conference
                       or request of a
                       staff member
                       Illegal and/or     3 days OSS;             5 days OSS;          Principal’s Hearing   To be determined   To be
                       unauthorized       Administrative/         Administrative/                            by                 determined by
                       use or             Parental                Parental                                   Administration     Administration
                       possession of      Conference;             Conference
Alcohol                alcohol on         Guidance/I&RS
                       school             Referral
                       premises, buses,
                       and school         *potential legal
                       functions          referral
                      Usage and/or        5 days OSS and          10 days OSS;         Principal’s Hearing   To Be              To Be
                      possession of a     medical screening;      Administrative/                            Determined by      Determined by
                      controlled or       Administrative/         Parent                                     Administration     Administration
                      illegal substance   Parental/Teacher        Conference;
                      and/or              Conference;             I&RS Team
                      paraphernalia       Counseling Referral     Intervention

                                          *subject to legal
                                          referral                *subject to legal
                      Participating or    1-2 days OSS,           3-5 days OSS;        5-10 days OSS;        10 days OSS;       10 days OSS;
                      in a physical       Administrative/         Administrative/      Administrative/       Principal’s        Principal’s
                      altercation on      Parent/Teacher          Parental/            Parent/Counselor      Hearing            Hearing
                      school property,    Conference;             Guidance             Conference
                      buses and/or        Counseling Referral     Conference
                      school events
                      Causing             1-3 days OSS;           3-5 days OSS;        5-10 days OSS;        5-10 days OSS;     To be
                      physical harm to    Administrative/         Administrative/      Principal’s Hearing   Principal’s        determined by
Physical Assault to   a staff person as   Parental Conference     Teacher/                                   Hearing            Administration
Staff                 a result of                                 Parental
                      aggressive                                  Conference

                                     1st                   2nd                   3rd                   4th              5th
Infraction        Definition
                                     Offense               Offense               Offense               Offense          Offense
                  Participating in   1-3 days OSS;         3-5 days OSS;         Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
                  any type of        Administrative/       Administrative/                             Determined by    Determined by
                  behavior related   Parental/ Guidance    Parental/ Guidance                          Administration   Administration
Gang Activity     to mischief        Re-Entry              Re-Entry
                                     Conference            Conference
                                     *possible legal       *possible legal
                                     referral              referral
                  Assisting in       1-2 days OSS;         3-5 days OSS;         Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
Incitement/Riot   disrespect or      Administrative/       Administrative/                             Determined by    Determined by
                  disruption         Parental/Conference   Parental/Conference                         Administration   Administration
                  Threatening        1-3 days OSS;         3-5 days OSS;         OSS (days TBD);       To Be            To Be
                  actions            Administrative/       Administrative/       Principal’s Hearing   Determined by    Determined by
                  promoting an       Parental/Guidance     Parent/Guidance                             Administration   Administration
Terroristic       unsafe             Conference
Threats           environment
                                                           *possible legal
                                     *possible legal       referral
                  The possession     5 days OSS;           10 days OSS;          Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
                  of weapons,        Administrative/       Administrative/                             Determined by    Determined by
                  knives or          Parental              Parental/Counselor                          Administration   Administration
                  explosives         Conference;           Conference; I&RS
                                     Guidance Referral     Referral

                                     *subject to legal     *subject to legal
                                     referral              referral
                  Possession of      1-3 days OSS;         5-10 days OSS;        Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
                  devices that       Administrative/       Administrative/                             Determined by    Determined by
                  contain            Teacher/Parental      Teacher/Parental                            Administration   Administration
                  explosive or       Conference            Conference

                                                MIDDLE SCHOOL DISCIPLINE CODE

                                              1st                           2nd                   3rd                  4th               5th
 Infraction       Definition
                                           Offense                      Offense                 Offense             Offense            Offense
                Illegal and/or     5-10 days OSS;               Principal’s Hearing        To Be Determined      To Be            To Be
                unauthorized       Administrative/Parent                                   by Administration     Determined by    Determined by
                use or             Conference; Referral to                                                       Administration   Administration
                possession of      IRS Team
                alcohol on
                school             *subject to legal referral
  Alcohol       premises,
                buses, and

                                   1-2 days OSS;                                                                                  To Be
                Causing            Administrative/Parental      3-5 days OSS;              5-10 days OSS;        Principal’s      Determined by
                physical harm      Conference                   Administrative/Parental    Administrative/       Hearing          Administration
                to others as a                                  Conference; Referral to    Parental
                result of                                       Guidance Counselor         Conference
                                   10 days OSS and              To Be Determined by        To Be Determined      To Be            To Be
                Usage and/or       medical screening;           Administration             by Administration     Determined by    Determined by
                possession of      Principal’s Hearing;                                                          Administration   Administration
                a controlled or    I&RS Team Intervention
                substance          *subject to legal referral
                Participating      1-2 days OSS;                3-5 days OSS;              10 days OSS;          Principal’s      To Be
                or aiding in a     Administrative/Parental/     Administrative/            Administrative/       Hearing          Determined by
                physical           Guidance                     Parental/Guidance          Parental/ Guidance                     Administration
                altercation on     Conference                   Conference                 Conference
                buses, and/or
                school events
                                   5 days OSS;                  10 days OSS;
                Assisting or       Administrative/Parent/       Parent/Administrative/     Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
                participating      Guidance Re-entry            Guidance Re-entry                                Determined by    Determined by
                in any type of     Conference                   Conference                                       Administration   Administration
Gang Activity
                related to                                      *possible legal referral
                criminal           *possible legal referral
                                   1-3 days OSS;
                Assisting in       Administrative/Parental      3-5 days OSS;              Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
                producing          Conference                   Administrative/ Parental                         Determined by    Determined by
                major                                           Conference                                       Administration   Administration
                disrespect or
                and/or unsafe
                                   1-3 days OSS;
                Threatening        Administrative/Parental      3-5 days OSS;              Principal’s Hearing   To Be            To Be
                actions            Conference                   Administrative/Parental                          Determined by    Determined by
                promoting an                                    Conference                                       Administration   Administration
                environment        *possible legal referral

                                              1st                       2nd                 3rd                4th                   5th
   Infraction        Definition
                                           Offense                  Offense              Offense             Offense               Offense
                   The              5-10 days OSS;          Principal’s Hearing       To Be             To Be Determined      To Be
                   possession of    Administrative/                                   Determined by     by Administration     Determined by
                   weapons,         Parental Conference                               Administration                          Administration
                   knives, or
                   explosives       *subject to legal
                   Possession of    1-3 days OSS;           5-10 days OSS;            Principal’s       To Be Determined      To Be
                   devices that     Administrative/Paren    Administrative/Parental   Hearing           by Administration     Determined by
                   contain          tal Conference          Conference; Guidance                                              Administration
                   explosive or                             Referral
                   Ongoing          Talking Circles;        Reflection Letter; 2hr    2hr. In School    4hr. Out of School    To Be
                   verbal,          15min. Reflection       Admin. Detention;         Saturday          Community Srvc.;      Determined by
                   emotional or     Journal;                Administrative/           Community         Restitution;          Administration
    Bullying       physical abuse   Administrative/         Parental/Counselor        Srvc.;            Administrative/
 /Intimidation     of others        Parental Conference     Conference                Administrative/   Parental/
                                                                                      Parental/         Counselor
                                                                                      Counselor         Conference
                   Demonstrated     1-2 days OSS;           3-5 days OSS;             5-10 days OSS;    Principal’s Hearing   To Be
                   open defiance    Administrative/         Administrative/           Administrative/                         Determined by
                   and disrespect   Parental Conference     Parental Conference;      Parental                                Administration
                   by using                                 Referral to Guidance      Conference
                   body language
                   Intimidation,    1-2 days OSS;           3-5 days OSS;             5-10 days OSS;    Principal’s Hearing   To Be
                   bullying or      Administrative/Paren    Administrative/Parental   Administrative/                         Determined by
                   coercion of a    tal Conference;         Conference; Guidance      Parental                                Administration
                   sexual nature,   Possible Guidance       Referral                  Conference;
                   or               referral                                          Referral to
                   unwelcomed                                                         I&RS
                   sexual in
                   Unauthorized     Restitution; 1-2 days   3-5 days OSS;             5-10 days OSS;    Restitution;          To be
                   use or           OSS                     Administrative/           Administrative/   Principal’s Hearing   determined by
                   possession of    Administrative/         Parental Conference       Parental                                Administration
Theft from Staff   a staff          Teacher/Parental                                  Conference
                   person’s         Conference
                   possession or
                   Causing          5-10 days OSS;          Principal’s Hearing       To be             To be determined      To be
                   physical harm    Administrative/                                   determined by     by Administration     determined by
                   to a staff       Parental Conference                               Administration                          Administration
Physical Assault   member as a
 toward Staff      result of

                                     TYPE II INFRACTIONS-HANDLED BY DEAN OF STUDENTS

                                              1st                2nd                  3rd                   4th                    5th
 Infraction        Definition              Offense             Offense             Offense              Offense                  Offense
                                      Restitution/        Restitution/        Restitution/        1 day OSS;              3-5 days OSS;
 Vandalism      Defacing or           Repairs; Dean       Repairs; 2hr.       Repairs; 4hr        Restitution/Repairs;    Administrative/
                attempting to         Parent Contact      Saturday            Saturday            Administrative/         Parent/Guidance
                deface school                             Detention;          Detention; Dean/    Parental Conference     Conference
                property                                  Dean/Parental       Parental
                                                          Conference          Conference
                                      1hr Admin.          2hr. Admin.         4hr. Saturday       1 day OSS;              3-5 days OSS;
Harassment      Physical or           Detention;          Detention;          Detention;          Administrative/         Administrative/
                verbal contact        Parental Contact    Parental Contact    Dean/Parent         Parent/Guidance         Parent/Guidance
                with an                                                       Conference          Conference              Conference
                unwilling party
                with the intent of
                emotional or
                physical harm.
                                      Restitution; 1hr.   Restitution; 2hr.   Restitution; 4hr.   Restitution; 1-3 days   To Be Determined by
 Petty Theft    Unauthorized          Admin. Detention    Admin.              Saturday            OSS;                    Administration
                use or                                    Detention;          Detention           Administrative/
                possession of                             Administrative/                         Parent Conference
                someone’s                                 Parent
                property                                  Conference
                                      2hr Admin.          2hr. Saturday       4hr. Saturday       1 day OSS;              3-5 days OSS;
                The act of            Detention; Parent   Detention           Detention;          Administrative/         Administrative/
                obtaining money       contact             Dean/Parent         Dean/Parent         Parent Conference;      Parent Conference;
                or some other                             Conference;         Conference;         Restitution             Restitution
  Extortion     thing of value by                         Restitution         Restitution
                the use of
                                      1 hr. Admin.        2 hrs. Admin.       4hr. Saturday       1 day OSS;              3-5 days OSS;
                Causing               Detention;          Detention;          Detention;          Administrative/         Administrative/
   Verbal       emotional harm        Parental Contact    Parental Contact    Dean/Parent         Parental/Guidance       Parental/Guidance
   Assault      or distress to                                                Conference          Conference              Conference
                others as a result
                of language
                and/or gestures
                                      1 hr. Admin.        2 hr. Admin.        2hr. Saturday       4hr. Saturday           1 day OSS;
                Wagering or           Detention;          Detention;          Detention;          Detention;              Administrative/
                betting on any        Parental Contact    Dean/Parent         Dean/Parent         Administrative/         Parent Conference
 Gambling       game of chance                            Conference          Conference;         Parent Conference
                for the purpose                                               Restitution
                of profit
   Gross        Aggressively          1 hr. Admin.        2hr. Admin.         4hr. Saturday       1 day OSS;              3-5 days OSS;
  Defiance      refusing to           Detention           Detention           Detention           Administrative/         Administrative/
                comply or                                                                         Parent/Guidance         Parent/Guidance
                carryout a                                                                        Conference              Conference; Possible
                directive or                                                                                              I&RS referral
                request of a staff
                Any behavior on       1 hr Admin.         2hr. Admin.         4hr. Saturday       1 day Bus               5 day Bus Suspension
Inappropriate   a school bus that     Detention           Detention           Detention           Suspension (to and      (to and from school)
   Behavior     is not aligned                                                                    from school)
    On the      with D.S.C.S.
  School Bus    disciplinary code
                Missing a             2hr. Admin.         2hr. Admin.         1hr. Saturday       2hr. Saturday           To be determined by
                teacher assigned      Detention           Detention           Detention           Detention               Dean of Students/
                detention 3 days                                                                                          Administration
                without written
                or verbal
                guardian excuse


                                    1st         2nd         3rd              4th                    5th
 Infraction    Definition
                                Offense     Offense     Offense           Offense                 Offense
              In an            1hr.        2hr.        2hr.        4hr. Saturday            1 day OSS;
              unauthorized     Admin.      Admin.      Saturday    Detention                Administrative/Parent/
              area without     Detention   Detention   Detention                            Guidance Conference
Trespassing   written
              from a staff
              4th Offense of   1hr.        2hr.        2 hr.       4hr. Saturday            1 day OSS;
              being found      Admin.      Saturday.   Saturday    Detention                Administrative/Parent/
Electronic    in possession    Detention   Detention   Detention                            Guidance Conference
Devices       and usage of
              an electronic
              Gross            2hr.        2hr.        4hr.        1 day OSS;               3-5 day OSS;
              profanity or     Admin.      Saturday    Saturday    Administrative/Parent/   Administrative/Parent/
              use of           Detention   Detention   Detention   Guidance Conference      Guidance Conference;
              language that                                                                 Possible I&RS
              is of sexual                                                                  Referral


                                             1st           2nd               3rd               4th         5th
     Infraction         Definition
                                          Offense        Offense           Offense          Offense      Offense
                      Failure to show    Verbal        30min.          1hr. Teacher      Referral to    To Be
                      a valid pass to    Warning       Teacher         Detention         the Dean of    Determined
                      designated                       Detention                         Students       by Dean of
     Hall Pass        authorized area                                                    with proof     Students
                                                                                         of previous
                      Forging,           30min.        1hr. Teacher    Referral to the   To Be          To Be
                      falsifying or      Teacher       Detention;      Dean of           Determined     Determined
                      altering school    Detention;    Phone call      Students          by Dean of     by Dean of
                      records or         Phone call    home                              Students       Students
                      documents;         home
                      student’s work
                      Repeated non-      Warning;      30min.          1hr. Teacher      Referral to    To Be
                      compliance to      Rule          Teacher         Detention         the Dean of    Determined
                      the dress code     compliance    Detention                         Students       by Dean of
                      policy terms                                                       with proof     Students
                      including:                                                         of previous
    Dress Code        improper                                                           detention
                      shoes, no belt,                                                    dates;
                      no neckwear,                                                       Referral
                      no blazer,                                                         indicator
                      excessive/large                                                    will be
                      jewelry                                                            “Defiance”
                      Possession and     Verbal        Confiscation    Confiscation      Referral to    To Be
                      usage of           warning to    of item for     of the item and   the Dean of    Determined
                      prohibited         put item in   return at the   delivery to       Students       by Dean of
                      electronic         school        end of the      Administration    with proof     Students
                      device such as:    locker        school day                        of previous
 Electronic Device
                      cell phones,                                                       intervention
                      portable music                                                     dates
                      players and
                      video gaming
                      Refusal to         30min.        1hr. Teacher    Referral to the   To Be          To Be
                      comply or          Teacher       Detention;      Dean of           Determined     Determined
                      carryout a         Detention;    Parent          Students with     by Dean of     by Dean of
     Defiance         simple             Parent        Contact         proof of          Students       Students
                      directive or       Contact                       previous
                      request from a                                   detention dates
                      staff member
                      The usage of       Verbal        30min.          1hr. Teacher      Referral to    To Be
                      profane and/or     Warning       Teacher         Detention         the Dean of    Determined
                      inappropriate                    Detention                         Students       by Dean of
                      language                                                           with proof     Students
                                                                                         of previous
                      Arriving late to   Verbal        30min.          1hr. Teacher      Referral to    To Be
                      class without a    Warning       Teacher         Detention         the Dean of    Determined
                      written excuse                   Detention                         Students       by Dean of
 Tardiness to class
                      from a staff                                                       with proof     Students
                      member                                                             of previous
                        Failure to       Add an         Add an            Referral to the   To Be          To Be
                        report to a      additional     additional        Dean of           Determined     Determined
 Cutting Teacher        Teacher or       30min. to      1hr. to the       Students with     by Dean of     by Dean of
   Detention            Administrative   the previous   previous          proof of          Students       Students
                        Detention        detention      detention         previous
                                                                          detention dates


                                      1st              2nd                  3rd              4th             5th
 Infraction        Definition
                                   Offense           Offense             Offense          Offense          Offense
 Horseplay    Behavior           Verbal           30min.              1hr. Teacher     Referral to the   To Be
              inconsistent       Warning          Teacher             Detention        Dean of           Determined by
              with the non-                       Detention                            Students with     Dean of
              academic goals                                                           proof of          Students
              of D.S.C.S.                                                              previous


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