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					The Calculation of 2011 English Entitlements
The aim of this spreadsheet is to allow you to see the process that we have            Disclaimer
applied to your English entitlements in order to calculate their 2011 value. The       This document reflects our interpretation, at the time of publication
entitlements have changed in value because the flat rate element has                   (October2011), of the legislation applicable to the Single Payments Scheme
increased in 2011 and the historic element, where it applies, has decreased.           and how we currently intend to apply it. We reserve the right to review this
You may also use this calculator to check your 2011 Entitlements Statement.            interpretation if circumstances change, such as new conflicting guidance being
                                                                                       issued by the European Commission. You may wish to seek your own
The publication of this 2011 Entitlements Calculator is intended to assist             independent legal advice if you are considering making any changes to your
the calculation of an approximate value for entitlements. It is for guidance           farming activities.
only and will not provide a definitive value for those entitlements. The
figures produced by this calculator are for your information only - this               For further details see the Entitlements page on the RPA website.
spreadsheet does not need to be returned to us.
                                                                                       If you have any specific queries on your entitlements statement you can write
Please note that this is not a payment calculator. Whilst the calculation              to us at:
of entitlements is the first step in the payment calculation process,
payments will be subject to EU and National Modulation reductions and,                 Rural Payments Agency
where applicable, other reductions such as penalties.                                  PO Box 1058
                                                                                       NE99 4YQ
How to use this spreadsheet
To use this spreadsheet you will need your 2010 Entitlements Statement                 For general queries please phone us on 0845 603 7777. Opening hours are
and details of any transfers of entitlements that you may have made in                 8:30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Please ensure that you have your
early 2011.                                                                            Single Business Identifier to hand when you call.

To move through the spreadsheet use the yellow NEXT boxes. The BACK
boxes are provided if you want to go back to previous pages. The NEXT
and BACK boxes need to be clicked on with a mouse. Pink boxes have
a default answer to a question and if this is the correct answer simply tab
past them. However if a different answer applies to you, you will need to
select the box and then pick the correct answer from the drop down menu
that will appear when the box is selected. Yellow boxes are provided for
you to complete with the number and value of your entitlements.

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2010 Entitlements Data
Please list the entitlements you owned in 2010. Use the pink drop-down boxes to select the area and type of entitlement and enter the number and unit
value (not total value) in the yellow boxes. These figures should be the latest 2010 position that you have been informed of, including any updates from
RPA regarding any 2010 transfers.
                                                             Area                       Type                       Number             Unit Value    addition

The aim of these boxes is to allow you to                    None                       None                          0.00                € 0.00      N
record the details from your latest 2010
Entitlements position. These figures will come
from your latest 2010 entitlements statement,
minus any transfers out and including any
transfers in you might have made. This is the                None                       None                          0.00                € 0.00      N
start of the Entitlements calculation process.

Each row of the calculator should contain
information relating to different entitlement
                                                             None                       None                          0.00                € 0.00      N
blocks (entitlements that are the same type
and share the same value). This calculator only
has 5 rows, you are therefore limited to
calculating 5 variations of entitlement type and
value (i.e. 'blocks') each time it is used. If you           None                       None                          0.00                € 0.00      N
hold more than 5 variations of entitlements you
will have to repeat the calculation process
again for the additional entitlements, and add
together the total values given on the final
page.                                                        None                       None                          0.00                € 0.00      N

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Sugar Tonnage Information

As part of the calculation of 2011 entitlement values an addition needs to be made for Sugar producers. Producers who received a Sugar
top-up in 2007 will receive an uplift to their 2011 entitlement values relating to their sugar tonnage.

From SPS 2007 onwards, sugar funding has been included in the entitlement value shown on the statement and, where activated, will be
included within the SPS payment. As these values were added to the 2006 entitlements we need to know the number of 2006 entitlements
to carry out the calculations.

Please note that the sugar aspect of this calculator will only work for single entitlement blocks. If entitlements have been transferred in for
any year, with or without a sugar element, the sugar element of each will need to be calculated separately.

2005/06 Contracted Sugar tonnage =                         0.00                        Number of 2006                            0.00

                                                                                       2010 Amount per
2010 Sugar Reference Amount (in Euros) =                  € 0.00                                                                € 0.00

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Breakdown of 2010 Entitlements

                                       Area   Type   Component   Number       Value
                                                        Flat                  € 0.00
                                       None   None     HRA          0.00      € 0.00
                                                       Sugar                  € 0.00

All entitlements have a flat rate                       Flat                  € 0.00
element, some have an additional       None   None     HRA          0.00      € 0.00
historic reference amount (HRA)
and some have an additional                            Sugar                  € 0.00
Sugar reference amount. This box
                                                        Flat                  € 0.00
details the different elements that
relate to the entitlements you hold.   None   None     HRA          0.00      € 0.00
                                                       Sugar                  € 0.00
Please note that dairy reference
amounts and National Reserve                            Flat                  € 0.00
awards are included within the
HRA and are not shown                  None   None     HRA          0.00      € 0.00
separately.                                            Sugar                  € 0.00
                                                        Flat                  € 0.00
                                       None   None     HRA          0.00      € 0.00
                                                       Sugar                  € 0.00

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Changes for 2011 Entitlements

For the calculation of 2011 Entitlements, the funding for the flat rate part of the payment calculation increases (from 75% of the fund to
90%) and the funding for the historic part of the payment process decreases (from 25% of the fund to 10%). Consequently, the flat
rate element of an entitlement's value increases and the historic element decreases. The new flat rate figures for the 3 English Areas
and the 3 reduction factors to be applied to the historic elements in each area are given below:

                                     Land outside the SDA            Other Land within the SDA         Moorland within the SDA
                                         ( Non-SDA )                          ( SDA )                    ( SDA Moorland )

 Revised Flat Rate (in Euros)                € 289.94                         € 233.95                          € 40.82

2011 Reduction Factor applied
                                         0.3977943979                      0.3989093934                     0.4047346028
to the historic data

 The sugar tonnage rate for 2011 is €1.411122. Your 2011 Sugar Reference Amount is therefore calculated by multiplying your
                                      2005/06 Contracted Sugar Tonnage by €1.411122

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Changes to determine the 2011 Entitlements value

                                     Area          Type   Component   Number          Value
                                     None          None     HRA                0.00
In this box the changes for 2011
have been applied.                                           Flat
                                     None          None     HRA                0.00
The flat rate elements have
increased to their 2011 value, the                          Sugar
historic elements have decreased                             Flat
by the 2011 reduction rate and the
                                     None          None     HRA                0.00
Sugar element uses the updated
2011 sugar tonnage rate.                                    Sugar
In addition, any Set-aside or
English Reserve entitlements will    None          None     HRA                0.00
now be shown as Normal                                      Sugar
                                     None          None     HRA                0.00

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2011 Entitlement Values

The changes that were applied to the elements of your entitlements on page 6 are on this page recombined into a single value for each
type of entitlement. These final figures should be about the same as the figures on your 2011 Entitlements Statement.

                                      Area                    Type                       Number              Euro Value      Total Euro Value
                                     None                     None                           0.00                                        € 0.00

                                     None                     None                           0.00                                        € 0.00
    2011 Entitlements
                                     None                     None                           0.00                                        € 0.00

                                     None                     None                           0.00                                        € 0.00

                                     None                     None                           0.00                                        € 0.00

                                                                                                Total for all entitlements               € 0.00

To convert these values to Sterling multiply the Euro figures by 0.86665, which is the exchange rate for 2011. This is set on the last
working day of September each year, and will not apply in any other scheme year.

Please note, this is not what you will be paid. As stated on page 1, this is not a payment calculator. Payments will be subject to
EU and National Modulation and, where applicable, other reductions such as penalties. In addition, you may not be able
to/choose to activate all of your available entitlements for payment in the 2011 scheme year.

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