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					              The Playing Field
          Surrey County Playing Fields Association Newsletter

 Battlebridge Recreation Ground                                                             Spring 2009
                                                                                    2.    From the County Sec’s Desk
                                                                                    3.    Must not abandon the vision
                                                                                          says Play England
                                                                                    4.    RPII Play inspections
                                                                                    5.    The Buck stops where? asks
                                                                                          the API on play area design
                                                                                    7.    RoSPA Playsafety News
                                                                                    8.    Safer Playground Surfacing
                                                                                          Feature from SAPCA
                                                                                    10. FA Respect programme
                                                                                    11. Qualifications and good
                                                                                        training matter
                                                                                    12. PLAYFAIR EXHIBITION
                                                                                        June 23 and 24
                                                                                    14. How unique is your play
                                                                                    15. Go Wild - 101 things to do
  This recreation ground is situated to the south of Redhill just off the               outdoors before you grow up
Brighton Road. It has a number of facilities as shown on the picture above.         17. Youth Shelters Feature
  The Surrey County Playing Fields are working with a number of partners,
                                                                                    19. National seminar invitation
including the local council and the local sports council, to bring the some of          Nuneaton gets Skate Plaza
the facilities back into use.
                                                                                    20. How to provide successful
  The play area looks well protected, maintained and suitable for its purpose.
                                                                                        Skatepark by Andy Peerless
The running track has not been in use since the changing rooms were
destroyed by fire. The athletics club that used this are now based at a field in    21. Playground redevelopment
Tandridge. There is a another club, in the Reigate area, that could use the         22. Sport England Investing in
track. They would prefer to have changing rooms but they may be able to                 rural sports opportunities
cope if toilet facilities are made available. We must ensure that areas like the    23. Abbey Rangers FC
long jump pit are made secure to prevent fouling by dogs.
                                                                                    24. A new Challenge
  This is one of a number of sports facilities the SCPFA have come across
which are no longer of a requisite standard. We understand the pressures on
local authorities; but we are all being asked to encourage an active                            Lightmain
community and are told that 2012 is a priority. Please help us to work with              Miracle Design and Play
our partners to ensure that there are playing fields of a high quality across the                  Eibe
county.                                                                                            Rekk
                                                                                         Children’s Play Company

                                                                                            The Playing Field
                                                                                      is published quarterly by the
                                                                                       Oxfordshire Playing Fields
                                                                                                  for the
                                                                                      Surrey County Playing Fields
          SURREY COUNTY PLAYING FIELDS                                                  9 Copse Edge, Cranleigh,
                                                                                             Surrey, GU6 7DU
                   ASSOCIATION                                                               Tel 01483 275628
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2                                                                                                The Playing Field

           The work of the                 From the County Sec’s Desk
    Surrey County Playing Fields
      Association is funded by
subscriptions from local authorities at   Honouring Volunteers
 county and district level and parish       In Surrey we are blessed with many volunteers who give time to sport and
  and town councils and other local       leisure. It is easy to take them for granted, so it is pleasant to be able to
 organisations that have received our     highlight two.
   help. Details are in our Annual
     Report; we thank them all.

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   Advisory Committee
  South East Regional Play Assoc.
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  Active Surrey Sports Partnership
            Surrey Police                   Bill Braid, the honorary treasurer of Surrey CPFA, was awarded the Downs
     Surrey Community Action              sponsored trophy for sport in the community. In its inaugural year, Sport
                                          Godalming wanted to give this new and important award to an individual,
We are grateful for their support and     team or club who came into the voluntary bracket, yet had a high profile in
           wise counsel.                  the community.
                                            The judges felt that the winner needed to be very well known and
                                          appreciated by sports clubs, public organisations and sport governing bodies
 Acknowledgements                         in the area and who genuinely works for the best interests of sport in
                                          Godalming. There were a number of candidates but one person met the
The SCPFA is pleased to                   criteria better than anyone. For his outstanding contribution to Sport
     acknowledge the                      Godalming, the Surrey County Playing Fields Association and just simply for
         invaluable                       his support over many years to local community sports clubs, the winner was
                                          Bill Braid.
  assistance provided by
       the following                      TONY BABBAGE OBE
   organisations in the                   Chairman of Runnymede Sports Council retires.
      production and                        After serving on Runnymede Sports Council (in recent years Sport
origination of material for               Runnymede) for about nineteen years, seventeen as its Chairman, Tony has
        this issue of                     retired. Most of us involved in sport in Surrey know that he has been
                                          suffering serious spinal problems for some years. However, he told me
    The Playing Field:                    "while that is a factor, the main reason is that it was in any case time for
OPFA, FIT, RoSPA, IOG, SAPCA,             change; to bring in some new blood; fresh thinking and new approaches.”
       API, PSLG & ISPAL                  Tony was undoubtedly the driving force, raising considerable sponsorship,
      The views expressed in              devising innovative lottery funded projects, focusing on youth, disability and
     The Playing Field are not            equality and supporting the local sports clubs at the grassroots with sports
necessarily the views of the SCPFA        festivals, "have-a-go" events and the like. As a personal project he raised the
  The inclusion of any products or        funds for and introduced New Age Kurling to the Borough and hopes others
 services in this newsletter implies      will finish the task of getting a club started.
    no endorsement by SCPFA
                                           Unsurprisingly the citation for his OBE included services to community
Whilst every care is taken with the
                                          development, the tenets of which his voluntary work were very much based
  content, no responsibility can be
                                          upon. I am sure you will all join us here at SCPFA in congratulating Tony
  accepted for errors or omissions
                                          on his valuable contribution to sport and wishing him well for the future.
        made in good faith.
The Playing Field                                                                                                     3

 “The Play Strategy …. a vision we                                                      The
    cannot afford to abandon”
  So writes Adrian Voce, Director of Play England, in his                           Playing Field
  editorial in ‘PlayToday’ which is reprinted in full below.
 The Playing Field makes no apology for focusing, in this                              The Playing Field newsletter is
 edition, on Children’s Play and, whilst it may not always                           published four times a year by the
    be the core interest of some County Playing Fields                                   Oxfordshire Playing Fields
                                                                                        Association on behalf of, and
Associations and TPF readers, it is essential that the good                            together with, seventeen other
  work initiated by the Children’s Play Strategy not only                           County Playing Fields Associations or
    continues but more importantly, it is expanded and                               Rural Community Councils around
   developed, despite uncertain global economic times.                                          the country.

                                                                                        Each January, April, July and
  “The mood has darkened since last
                                                                                    October some 15,000 copies of The
April, when the Fair Play                                                            Playing Field are distributed free of
consultation was launched by Ed                                                     charge to town and parish councils,
Balls from an adventure playground                                                    to members and officers of local
swing. Some have commented that,                                                    authorities such as District Councils,
in the light of the worst recession for                                              Metropolitan Boroughs and Unitary
many decades, investing in children                                                 Authorities. It is also sent to sports
simply enjoying themselves is a                                                      clubs, voluntary organisations and
luxury we can no longer afford.                                                          individuals in the following
                                                                                                 18 counties:
But, while we are unlikely, in this
climate, to see a repeat of that            In the wider arena, the debates that               Bedfordshire
ministerial first, the Play Strategy,     are raging as politics tries to find an            Buckinghamshire
published in December, has re-            adequate response to the whirlwind                 Cambridgeshire
stated that children’s play and a         that is sweeping the world , may                       Cheshire
more child-friendly public realm are      well offer opportunities for play                     Derbyshire
a central part of the government’s        advocates. A re-evaluation of global                    Devon
long-term ambition to make this the       economics may call for some                             Essex
best place in the world to grow up.       fundamental tenets into question. Is               Gloucestershire
  The Play Strategy sets out an           preparing children for their place in                 Hampshire
ambitious 10-year plan not just to        an economic world that is, itself, not               Humberside
expand and improve play areas but         working still justifiable? Or, in              Leicestershire & Rutland
to make the public space where            preparing children for the future we                    Norfolk
children live more responsive to          imagine for them, are we not                       Nottinghamshire
their need.       Wider government        perpetuating the problems they will                  Oxfordshire
policy, like the statutory guidance to    inherit?                                              Shropshire
Children’s Trust, and on Creating           Through playing, research                           Somerset
Strong, Safe and Prosperous               suggests, children don’t so much                        Surrey
Communities confirm the                   develop skills they will need for the           York & North Yorkshire
seriousness of the government’s           future as develop their qualities of         Each county has a unique cover
intent that children’s well being is      resilience, creativity and                (pages 1, 2, 23 & 24) reflecting news,
now the responsibility of the whole       adaptability, increasing their             stories and advertisements of local
local authority, not just children’s      capacity to shape it. Playwork may         interest whilst the remaining pages
services.                                 yet be a lowly profession, but in a         (3 - 22) are common to all editions
  Of course the forthcoming squeeze       world badly in need of a new and            with news, articles and advertising
on public finances, after the huge        better future, it has much to offer.       with a wider, more national, appeal.
injection of funds to save banks and        Far from being a luxury that we            For this reason the views and
jump-start the economy, makes             can no longer afford, the Play             opinions expressed in The Playing
optimism about the future for ‘soft’      Strategy and the long-term role of          Field may not always reflect the
policy areas, like play, difficult. We    playwork in how we raise our                views and opinions of individual
will need to make its case anew and       children, contains a vision we            County Playing Fields Associations or
                                                                                         Rural Community Councils
hope that ’upstream’, quality-of-life     cannot afford to abandon.”
                                                                                         distributing the newsletter.
policies are not sacrificed to the                                  Adrian Voce
reduced budgets that children’s and                       Director, Play England             R Davis, Editor
other services will undoubtedly face                    (taken from ‘Play Today’      Email:
in the years ahead.                                         Issue 65 Spring 2009)
4                                                                                                    The Playing Field

                                                                  Comprehensive Play Inspection in
                                                                    the Vale of the White Horse
                                                                    Daily, monthly and annually! The thirty-one play areas
Planning and Design for Outdoor Sport and Play                    in the Vale of the White Horse District Council in
                                                                  Oxfordshire are inspected frequently. They are checked
                         OUT NOW!                                 and visually inspected by the District Council’s grounds
    Planning and Design for Outdoor Sport and Play (PAD)          maintenance contractor to RPII Routine inspection levels.
    is the new name for the updated and revised Six Acre
    Standard. PAD continues to uphold our original                  The frequency of the inspections ranges from daily to
    recommendations that 6 acres of recreational land is          once-a-week depending on the location and usage of the
    required for every 1000 people.
                                                                  play area. That is followed up by monthly inspections by
    PAD also addresses:
                                                                  one of the Council’s three parks management staff, they
       • Issues relating to quantity, quality and accessibility
          of facilities
                                                                  have all been trained on the RPII syllabus and passed the
                                                                  RPII Operational Inspector exams.
       • The sustainability agenda
       • The importance of local assessments and
                                                                    For the annual play safety inspection the District
                                                                  Council uses an independent, external RoSPA inspector.
    Annual updates to PAD are available by subscription
                                                                  He is examined every three years and certified competent
    and the first year’s supplements are free of charge!
                                                                  as an annual inspector by the RPII.
    Available now for £95 with a 20% reduction (£75) for
                  Fields in Trust members
    To order your copy today call 020 8735 3380 or send
         an email to
           Fields In Trust, 2D Woodstock Studios
           36 Woodstock Grove London W22 8LE
                      Tel: O20 8735 3380

                                                                    RPII Play Equipment Safety Inspectors must pass rigorous
                                                                         exams routinely to maintain their independently
                                                                                    Certificated Competence
                                                                    “Before the RPII everything was based on an inspector
                                                                  being believed to be a ‘competent person’. What that
                                                                  actually meant with regards to play area inspections was
                                                                  never very clear,” said Ian Matten, parks manager at the
                                                                  District Council. “Having a recognised qualification such
                                                                  as the RPII certification is very important. It gives you
                                                                  some assurance that the person doing an inspection has
                                                                  the knowledge and background needed.”
                                                                      RPII: Register of Play Inspectors International,
                                                                           more at:

                                                                  TPF Says: It is still not uncommon to find town
                                                                  and parish councils responsible for a children’s
                                                                  play ground, a skatepark or BMX dirt jumps trail
                                                                  or a multi use games area (MUGA) without
                                                                  having an independent annual inspection from a
                                                                  reputable independent and suitably qualified
                                                                  inspector or play inspection company, despite
                                                                  the benefits such inspections give to lay people
                                                                  and voluntary playground managers. To rely on
                                                                  “We’ve never had an accident or claim yet”
                                                                  beggars belief in this day and age.
The Playing Field                                                                                                     5

       Limited budgets cannot justify
       separate costs for design and
            project management
API Members deliver more than 2000 play                         No separate fees
                                                                  With API Members, there are no separate design fees
spaces a year and have developed a contract
                                                                and in the event of the project not proceeding, there is
method that works best for local authority                      usually no risk, commitment or financial exposure for the
customers. Association Manager at the API,                      local authority before contracts are signed at the
Deborah Holt, takes a look at play procurement                  ‘Contract Management’ stage. Of course, design and
and supply - and a ‘liability line’ that shows                  project management (not ‘fee earners’ for API Members)
                                                                do have a net cost but API Members absorb it.
who has to do what.
                                                                Compare the API solution with a possible
  Keep it simple! That is what API Members do every             alternative in Diagram 2
day for local authorities, other public sector and private        The API members are specialists in play space design
sector clients. The key is a contract with short, direct and    and delivery. There are engineering projects where
clear lines of responsibility. (See Diagram 1 – API             qualified project management is essential, but typically
Members Free-Design & Build Contract)                           play spaces are delivered on limited budgets which
  The client, most likely a local authority, at the top of      cannot justify separate costs for the design and project
the flow chart has a clear and continuous line of               management.
responsibility and liability from the API member. This is         API Members are concerned that a significant
used for single play areas as small as a few thousand           proportion could be paid in fees. These could be 2-5
pounds to very large destination park play areas and for        percent for ‘procurement’ plus 10-30 percent for design
multi-site projects. And it works!                              and project management. Try convincing a community
                                                                group that has worked for five years to raise funds that
                                                                they will loose ten to fifteen percent in fees. Advice like
                                                                that is clearly not practical.
                                                                  The message from API Members is clear, “To deliver
                                                                the best value to the Department for Children, Schools
                                                                and Families (DCSF), to local authorities and to children,
                                                                keep contract liability lines simple and use an API
                                                                members’ play space free-design and build and project
                                                                management services.”

Diagram 1 API Free Design & Build Contract                     Diagram 2 A possible alternative but not from API
6                                                                        The Playing Field

                                               Are your play
                                                           inspections
                                                 OUTDOOR   INFLATABLE       INDOOR
                                                   Tel: 024 7669 3787

The Playing Field                                                                                                       7

                                  RoSPA Playsafety Limited
                               The Old Barn, Wicklesham Lodge,
                               Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7PN
                             Telephone 01367 244600 Fax 01367 244112
  The weather is getting better          For details of the scheme contact          All RoSPA inspectors are
and children are playing outdoors        your local County Playing Fields           members of the RPII at
more and more frequently.                Association at .
                                                                                    annual level
  It won’t be long before many of        Insurance cover                              All our inspectors are members at
you will be getting the inspection         For your protection all our              the highest possible level of the
reports for the local play area, pond,   inspectors     carry      £5,000,000       Register     of    Play     Inspectors
playing field, or sports pitch. When     professional indemnity cover. One          International (RPII - the professional
you get your RoSPA report do read        leading    insurer     is    currently     body for play inspectors) and we
the introduction pages at the front of   negotiating about a payout of £4.75        have a regular programme of training
every report. Reading these pages        million as a result of a playground        throughout the year for all our
might save you a lot of money.           accident     (not     involving      a     inspectors to maintain the expected
                                         RoSPA inspection). Many non
As safe as necessary -                                                              RoSPA high standard.
                                         RoSPA inspectors do not carry
not as safe as possible                  anywhere near this level of cover.         Email Helplines
  RoSPA believe that areas where
                                                                                      You may be interested to know that
children play should be as safe as       Litigation Protection
                                                                                    we have a dedicated email service. If
necessary – not as safe as possible.        RoSPA       Playsafety      (through
                                                                                    you have any questions use:
We therefore only recommend action       RoSPA Playsafety International) has
where we feel that it will make a        world wide experience and RoSPA
                                                                                    all other enquiries or if you have
measurable difference to the safety      experts sit on the world’s leading
                                                                                    forgotten to book an inspection use:
of the child. We have no financial       Standard Committees. This means,
interest in persuading you to            for instance, that if there is a serious
undertake remedial work and don’t        accident on a play area due to             Sports Pitch Quality
believe in asking you to spend           equipment      problems       in    say,
money for the sake of it. The            Australia, all our UK inspectors will      Assessments
introduction pages will make it clear    be aware of the problem within 48            The January edition of “The
where no action is necessary.            hours and will be looking out for          Playing Field” featured an article on
                                         similar problems when inspecting           our Sports Pitch Quality Assessment
World wide knowledge                     next. A satisfactory RoSPA report          service. Not only does this give you
  We exercise strict quality control     gives considerable protection against      the advice you need to improve the
and are ISO 9001 registered (the         litigation. Indeed the ‘Insurance          quality of your sports pitches but it
international     quality     control    Times’ stated that the best protection     also gives you valuable supporting
standard). RoSPA monitor accidents       the industry can have is a satisfactory    evidence for any applications for
throughout the world and we base         RoSPA report.                              grants.
our assessments on this knowledge.                                                    As our inspector who provides this
This enables us to confidently advise                                               advice has a Master’s degree in the
                                         Keeping the reports                        subject you can be sure of expert,
you that in some cases failures
                                           We archive all our reports for 21        impartial low-cost advice. What’s
against safety standards require no
                                         years. This includes the hand written      more the advice is aimed at “self
remedial action. On the other hand,
                                         original, written by the inspector on      help” - in other words work that can
although a play area might meet the
                                         site. It is this original that Courts      often be undertaken by yourselves,
required standards, there may be
                                         prefer to see as a typewritten report      saving even more money.
additional hazards present not
                                         could have been produced at any
covered by the standards, and these
                                         time. It also means that if you lose         For more details of all RoSPA’s
will require some action.
                                         old reports we are able to re-produce      services contact us at the addresses
  Our reports are fully acceptable for   them for you. We recently dealt with       shown below.
insurance purposes and indeed the        a claim (unsuccessful as we had the
new Insurance scheme run by the          original report) against a parish          RoSPA Playsafety,
County Playing Fields Associations,      council by a 20 year old for an            2/3 The Old Barn,
and underwritten by one of the major     accident that happened when he was         Wicklesham Lodge,
insurers, only accepts RoSPA             six. The play area no longer existed       Faringdon, Oxon SN7 7PN
inspections so you don’t need an         and the council no longer had their        Telephone 01367 244600.
insurance inspection as well.            copy of the RoSPA report.                  Web:
The Playing Field                                                                                                  19
                                                                                                    The Playing Field

                                              SAFER PLAYGROUND SURFACING
                             With the launch of the government’s recent Play Strategy,
                             arguably one of the most important considerations when
                          planning a play area, is providing a high-quality, safer surface.
                         In the following article, first published in “Sports Management”,
                           Dr. Colin Young discusses SAPCA’s new code of practice for
                                                playground surfaces.

  There are many different play                 To satisfy safety and performance      installation of wet-pour surfaces for
surface types and options                     criteria, playground surfaces are        playgrounds.
available, but it is very                     subjected to a range of tests. Over
important that the one selected               the past several years there has been
meets the requirements of the                 a normalisation of British Standards
facility, its equipment and the               to European Standards and
current and potential users.                  consequently a set of tests have been
Traditionally, little attention has been      published with stringent
given to playground surfaces but              requirements. It is essential that any
demand for high durability, low               playground surface meets the
running costs (maintenance) and               required standards for potential legal
better safety performance has                 ramifications and, more importantly,
changed this approach.                        the safety of the users.
                                                Due to the above requirements
  Playground surfaces include wet-
                                              there is a growing demand for
pour, pre-fabricated tiles, loose fill
                                              s h o c k a b s o r b ing playground
and synthetic turf. Each surface type
                                              surfaces. Most systems are designed        It has been produced after wide
and design will have different
                                              with shock attenuating properties        consultation with companies
advantages and should be selected
                                              which can be tuned to provide the        within the play sector. The code
based on the requirements of the
                                              required safety and performance          focuses on wet-pour surfaces only
facility and on-site play equipment,
                                              criteria.                                and is intended for installers,
such as swings and climbing frames.
                                                In the UK market wet-pour              manufacturers, specifiers and
                                              surfaces have become very popular        clients and comprises four main
                                              and there are many different systems     sections. These include:
                                              available.                               Standards and Specifications:
                                                Although there are differences           This section provides
                                              between systems they all utilise the     comprehensive information on the
                                              same basic material content of           latest standards and specifications
                                              polyurethane resin binder and rubber     including the latest European and
                                              granulate.                               British Standards (BS EN 1176 and
                                                Wet-pour systems are mixed and         BS EN 1177).
                                              installed on site, hence a high            It contains information on test
                                              degree of skill and knowledge is         methods and requirements -
                                              required to construct them correctly     including slip resistance, critical fall
                                              to a high standard.                      height, extent of surfacing etc.
                                              CODE OF PRACTICE                         Base Construction:
                                                Recognising the difficulties             A good quality base is essential for
                                              associated with the systems'             a stable surface and to ensure
                                              construction and after-care, the Sport   maximum useful life. The code
                                              and Play Construction Association        provides details on how to produce a
                                              (SAPCA) has developed a new              new base structure and how to utilise
                                              code of practice for the Installation    an existing hard surface as a base.
 High on the list of the many benefits of     and Maintenance of Wet-pour Safer        Sections include information on
  using wetpour safer surfacing are the       Surfacing for Playgrounds.               foundation layers, geotextile layers,
infinite designs, patterns and colours that                                            perimeter edging and the structural
                                                This new publication, outlines for
  can be achieved let alone the reduced                                                layer.
            maintenance costs.                the first time a detailed, universally
                                              accepted approach for the                                    (Continued on page 9)
     Photos provided by Playtop Ltd
The Playing Field                                                                                                           9

      New SAPCA code of practice for wetpour safer surfacing
(Continued from page 8)                  MAINTAINING STANDARDS                      FURTHER READING:
Wet-Pour Surface Installation:             SAPCA’s play surface division            The SAPCA code of practice for the
  The materials for wet-pour             comprises many of the leading              Installation and Maintenance of
surfacing are mixed on site in a         installers of wet-pour surfaces. All       Wetpour Safer Surfacing for
controlled environment. The mixing       SAPCA play surface division
process is such that only specially                                                 Playgrounds (available free from
                                         members are investigated and their
manufactured mechanical mixers will      work inspected.                  
achieve the correct consistency of         If any quality issues are identified     BS EN 1176 (2008) Playground
mixed material. This section of the      they are not entitled to join the          Equipment and Surfacing: Parts I to
code goes into considerable detail on    division until they can provide            11 (from
how to achieve a desirable surface,      competency. These rigorous entry
which includes placing, surface          requirements ensure all SAPCA              BS EN 1177 (2008) Impact
patterns, surface levels, jointing and   members are working to the very            Attenuating Playground Surfacing:
quality of surface (full reference is    highest standards and provides peace       Determination of Critical Fall Height
made to the requirements during          of mind to potential clients that their    (from
installation).                           new playground facilities will meet
Maintenance:                             and exceed expectations.                      Many thanks to Dr Colin Young and
  There is no such thing as a                                                        SAPCA for allowing TPF to reproduce
maintenance-free surface and all           This code of practice will further                       this article first seen in
impacting absorbing surfaces will        strengthen the SAPCA approach by                              Sports Management
                                         providing a frame-work to which all              the official magazine of SAPCA
require some degree of routine
                                         members must adhere and will                                      Volume 13 2009
maintenance during their life. This
section details what maintenance         furthermore empower clients and
needs to be undertaken. The sections     specify         one      important
include; moss and algae, cleanliness,    information they need during all
weeds, snow and ice.                     phases of installation.

  The Government's £235m 10-year play strategy is England's first national government plan for play - following
last year's Fair Play consultation, which received 9 , 0 0 0 r e s p o n s e s f r o m c h i l d r e n a n d y o u n g
p e o p l e . Announced as an idea from the Children's Plan a year ago by Ed Balls, the Children's Secretary, the
strategy outlines the Government's long-term vision and actions to deliver more and better play provision and play
space for children in England to make this country the best place for children to grow up in.
  The strategy outlines five key areas for government action, which include:
  •Providing more places to play by investing £235m in new and improved play areas and 30 new adventure
  •Supporting play throughout childhood
  •Addressing safety issues with new guidance to help local authorities deliver exciting, safe and accessible
  •Establishing child-friendly communities with guidance and training available to help ensure that the design
   and management of public space responds to the needs of children
  •Embedding play in local priorities, with children's trusts & local authority planners taking account of
   children's play needs. A new national indicator will check levels of children's satisfaction with their local play
  Children and young people had responded to the Fair Play consultation by asking for more places to play
outside, more exciting play opportunities and perhaps to be able to take more risks - so the strategy will
provide funding and advice to local authorities to do that.
  Under the plans, £30m due to be spent in 2010/2011 is being brought forward to 2009/10 as part of the
Government's drive to get the country through the economic downturn. This will result in all local authorities being
able to access play funding of at least £lm by spring 2009.
  The strategy also sets out Play England's role as the Government's national delivery partner: supporting and
challenging local authorities, leading the Play Shaper cross-professional training programme (with Skillsactive and
Playwork Partnerships), developing the capacity of the voluntary and community play sector and working with KIDS
to mainstream inclusive practice in play .
10                                                                                               The Playing Field

               The FA Respect programme with Ray Winstone
  Hollywood tough guy Ray Winstone is
supporting The FA’s Respect programme by
starring in an online film that aims to improve
parental behaviour on the touchline at youth
football matches.
   The film promotes The FA’s new Respect Parent
Guide after research showed that more than 7,000
youngsters had hung up their boots over the last couple
of years due to pressure from the sidelines.

   And Winstone, who was an FA England Fans
ambassador at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, believes           Winstone admits that while his youngest daughter has
that parents need to lose the “win at all costs” attitude     only just started kicking a ball around the garden, he
and bring some enjoyment back to the game: “Kids want         won’t be sharing a football touchline with over-
their parents to watch them play football but they want to    enthusiastic parents anytime soon. “It must be a right
be supported by them, not embarrassed.”                       headache to stand next to these mugs every week who are
                                                              arguing over kids football. It’s tough on the referee and
                                                              difficult for the other parents who are trying to enjoy the
                                                              game. “It’s as if they’re living their own dreams through
                                                              their kids and it’s not right.”

                                                               Winstone believes that all adults involved in grassroots
                                                              football should watch The FA Respect Guide and make
                                                              the game more enjoyable for players, referees, coaches
                                                              and parents. He added: “Football’s our national sport and
                                                              something has to be done, otherwise kids won’t want to
                                                              play anymore and no-one will be interested in refereeing
                                                              which means we won’t have a game left.”

   “You’ve got all these adults screaming and shouting          Other FA plans to improve pitch-side behaviour include
on the touchline but seven- and eight-year-olds aren’t        teaming up with the Football Foundation to provide
interested in tactics. The kids just want to play the game,   grants for Respect Barriers, which ensure that spectators
be their hero for the day and dream of scoring a goal at      are standing well away from the touchline at youth
Wembley Stadium.”                                             football games.
  Winstone, 52, plays two roles in the Respect Parent
Guide film – an overbearing parent who abuses the
referee throughout a youth football match and a
“Godfather” style character who calls for people to use
their common-sense at games instead.

   The FA Respect programme has already had a major
breakthrough in the grassroots game with dissent figures
showing an 8% improvement nationwide on last season’s
totals, while 567 leagues have shown their support by
becoming Respect Leagues. Two years ago, an FA
consultation showed that 98% of referees had been
verbally abused from the touchlines, while 5,000 match
officials quit the game last season with spectator abuse
cited as the main reason for dropping out. With one in          You can watch the Ray Winstone film by
three matches taking place across the country without a       going to and follow the
qualified match official, The FA is aiming to recruit         link to The FA Respect Programme
8,000 new referees by 2012.
The Playing Field                                                                                                     11

  South Birmingham College               SAPCA Qualifications                     Combining expertise to
working with the Sports and Play           “If you insist that your contractors   get the best results
Construction Association (SAPCA)         are SAPCA members and working              The qualification has been
has developed a new qualification        towards the SAPCA qualification          approved by the Qualifications and
for the sport and play construction      you have peace of mind that they         Curriculum Authority (QCA) and is
industry. In time it will give local     have been properly vetted, trained       supported by leading governing
authorities peace of mind that the       and assessed by experts in the           bodies.
operatives building their facilities     industry. The more authorities that
will have a nationally recognised        demand contractors employees have           Brian added: “We have worked
qualification. By simply ensuring        received the specialist training, the    with SAPCA to create this course in
contractors have the NVQ                 more contractors will undertake it       order to promote high standards in
qualification that South Birmingham      and standards across the entire          the industry. By combining our
College has developed, council           industry will rise.”                     expertise we have produced an
officers could be saving themselves a                                             excellent and highly flexible course
headache further down the line.          Raising Standards                        that can be tailored to the
                                           Raising standards throughout the       r e qu ir e me n t s o f ind ivid u a ls
  SAPCA represents specialist            UK is one of the main reasons South      throughout the industry and the
constructors, manufacturers and          Birmingham College and SAPCA             wider marketplace.”
suppliers of sport and play surfaces     launched the qualification for the          “The team at South Birmingham
and related products and plays an        installation and maintenance of          College is really looking forward to
important role in the promotion of       sports and play surfaces.                working with contractors. We think
high standards for sport and play                                                 it will be of huge benefit to everyone
                                           As well as SAPCA, the College
facilities.                                                                       involved with sports and play
                                         worked closely with SkillsActive,
                                         the Sector Skills Council for the        surfaces – from contractors to
Helping to make the work                 sports industry. The new level 2         councils to the members of the
go smoothly                              National Vocational Qualification        community who enjoy these
  Brian Tomkinson, Business              (NVQ), is a National Occupational        facilities.”
Development Manager at South             Standard (NOS), and will act as an
Birmingham College, says that                                                     Helping SAPCA to
                                         essential benchmark for the sports
knowing the contractor uses              and play facility construction           achieve its goals
operatives that have attained the        industry. A level 3 qualification,         SAPCA chief executive Chris
relevant qualification can help          which is currently being prepared,       Trickey states: “The provision of a
ensure the job goes smoothly.            will follow this year.                   comprehensive qualifications and
                                                                                  training programme is a fundamental
  He said: “As council officers will       The qualification is aimed at site-    part of the industry’s work to raise
know, building a play or sports area     based operatives throughout the          the standards of the nation’s sports
can be a significant undertaking and     sports and play construction             and play facilities. South
a big investment so it is important to   industry, with assessments carried       Birmingham College is the perfect
take whatever steps necessary to         out in the workplace by qualified        educational partner for SAPCA to
ensure the project is a success.”        assessors, working on a one-to-one       help us to achieve our goals.”
  “Through no fault of their own,        basis with candidate s. The
council personnel at the forefront of    qualification was launched late in         South Birmingham College is also
local recreation, sport and play         2008 with the first intake due to        recruiting individuals who have
provision may not have all the           complete in the summer of 2009.          experience in the sports and play
needed expertise or knowledge for        National Training Centre                 surfaces industry to acts as assessors
artificial sport and play surfaces                                                for the qualification.
                                         at South Birmingham
facilities, particularly town and
parish councils.”                                                                   For further information about
                                           The necessary training will be
  “When dealing with some                provided at South Birmingham             the launch of the new
contractors they are at a distinct       College’s specialist Centre for the      qualification, or on becoming
disadvantage, so a benchmark             Built Environment in Bordesley           an assessor, call Brian
scheme like this can allow them to       Green, which was formally adopted        Tomkinson 0121 694 6242
make a more confident and informed       by SAPCA as its National Training        or email Brian at
choice.”                                 Centre.                        
12                                                                                                 The Playing Field

             Success breeds success for Playfair in June 2009
  Now in its second year, Playfair is
set for a further triumph on 23-24
June at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.
With twice as much exhibitor space
already sold out for 2009,
enthusiasm is already strong and
further fuelled by the central
attraction of the Playfair Playscape
designed to excite and inform.
Short seminars ensure a valuable
experience for visitors who can see
everything in a day. The show aims
to illustrate, advise and assist public
sector with public funding and
commercial play providers on the
optimum balance and mix of natural
play and fixed equipment for
children’s play.
                                          parties of school children visiting       more modest town and parish
Comprehensive range of                    and playing on the play equipment         budgets and smaller areas available
equipment on show                         with invaluable comments. This            in public spaces, schools, hospitals,
  Visitors can see a comprehensive        creates the perfect atmosphere to see     travel termini, retail centres, holiday
range of playground equipment and         play, children, equipment and             camps and theme parks.
services including the latest in safer    landscaping.
surfaces, natural play, 3 generation                                                  A unique API design group of
play and techno play. For local           Modular Play points                       four companies, Eibe, Kompan,
authority and commercial play               The Playfair Playscape is designed      Proludic and Sutcliffe have created
providers for teachers, schools,          to offer ideas for play providers and     this play area and it is the first time
PTAs,      education    and      child    designers of children’s play areas        these competitive companies have
development professionals, Playfair       for every child from the ages of          collaborated.
2009 offers excellent information         three to sixteen and for the widest
                                          span of abilities. It will offer ideas     Plenty of challenge and
with specialists on hand freely
giving advice.                            to Playbuilder and Pathfinder local       risk on view at Playfair
                                          authorities as it can be easily fitted,     The wide range of play
  Exhibitor stands and Playfair’s         unfenced in to many local authority       experiences will be a highlight of
Playscape offer the opportunity to        public parks.                             the Playfair’s Playscape. Specially
see and try out current and new             Created in modular ‘play points,’       designed and built for Playfair,
equipment - much with 'hidden             Playscape is designed to be installed     Playscape will have the biggest
exercise'. Uniquely, Playfair has         in size-suitable sections to fit the      mixture of play types, materials,
                                                                                    ideas and solutions ever seen at a
                                                                                    play show.
                                                                                       It includes items designed to offer
                                                                                    'risk and challenge' with plentiful
                                                                                    use of sustainable materials that can
                                                                                    be appropriately maintained and
                                                                                    allow for change and evolution.

                                                                                      The Playfair Playscape is ideally
                                                                                    set in Stoneleigh Park and makes
                                                                                    use of available ‘natural elements”
                                                                                    and the landscape. It will use many
                                                                                    surface options including sand,
                                                                                    grass mats, wetpour, natural bark
                                                                                    mulches and grass.

                                                                                                       (Continued on page 13)
12 Playing Field                                                                                                    13
                                                                                                      The Playing Field

(Continued from page 12)
  Many of the items of equipment
are    designed    to    build    in
opportunities to experience risk and

Free API Seminars
  API      seminars    will  cover;
consultation, procurement, design
and build, and maintenance with
opportunities for further seminars
and discussion on these topics with
exhibiting API Members.
  There will be seminars with Play
England which were, ‘standing
room only’ in 2008. Lasting a brief
30 minutes all seminars provide
plenty of opportunity for questions,            the show, notably the Association of   Free entry and parking
discussions and exchanges of                    Play Industries (API).                   Entry and parking is free and to
information and experience. Last                  Confirmed exhibitors for 2009        avoid queuing, visitors can pre-
year the seminars proved very                   include EJ Services (UK), Eibe         register free, on line at the Playfair
popular so taking a seat early this             Play, Kompan, Lappset UK, Park         website:
year is strongly advised.                       Leisure, Playdale Playgrounds, Safe    which will progressively publish
                                                & Sound Playgrounds, SMP               details of seminars, latest exhibitors
Who is at the Show?
                                                (Playgrounds),     Sutcliffe   Play,   and contacts.
  Exhibitors include playground
                                                Husson UK. Meet all of these
designers     and     manufactures,                                                      For more information on Play Fair
                                                suppliers and many more face-to-
installers, publishers of titles                                                       2009 contact Ray Baxter at
                                                face all at one location to try
regularly covering play in the public                                         or call 0207
                                                equipment first hand and compare
sector and the trade bodies behind                                                     973 4695.

   PlayFair 2009
   PlayFair is back….and it’s twice the size from
   last year! This exciting event is for everyone
   involved in the supply, selection, design and
   installation of children’s play, sport and leisure

   See and try the latest in playground
   equipment & services:
   • Safer Surfaces
   • Natural Play
   • 3 Generation Play
   • Techno Play
   • ‘PlayFair Playscape’ feature
   • FREE to visit & FREE parking!

   Register today at
   For exhibition enquiries contact
   Organised by Brintex Events
                                                                                                       23rd – 24th June 2009
                                                                                              Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry
                                                  pantone 349
14                                                                                               The Playing Field

                         Does a bespoke design really matter?
                           How unique are your play units?
  The last few years have seen a          Achieving the Wow factor                 100 year warranty
significant change in attitudes             Sonning Common Parish Council            We were able exactly meet the
towards the declining fitness of          in Oxfordshire benefited very            requirements of the residents
the nation. With the 2012                 recently from the flexibility of         regarding the design of the main play
Olympics looming and the well             design offered by Miracle.               unit as well as the site itself.
documented levels of childhood                     “Although some companies
obesity, calls have been made for                                                    The custom unit finished in unique
                                          offer modifications to their standard
a change in the way society                                                        hygienic paints in combination with
                                          units, Miracle is the only company I
provides     for   its   youngest                                                  the unmatched 100 year warranty
                                          know that is able to offer completely
members.                                                                           was a very attractive proposition for
                                          bespoke units at no extra cost. On
                                                                                   Milton Keynes Council as it means a
  The welcome advent of both              this occasion we wanted a modified
                                                                                   very low cost of ownership for the
Playbuilder and Pathfinder funding        version of the permanent unit they
                                                                                   site with a greatly reduced
streams has seen an unprecedented         installed at the SALTEX venue
                                                                                   probability of vandalism due to the
cash injection in the U.K. play arena     (Royal Windsor Racecourse).
                                                                                   high level of ownership of the site by
aimed at improving play provision           Their huge range of bolt-on
                                                                                   the community.
for the county’s youngsters, with         products meant that we could work
layers of funding available to all        together to create a unit that has the   Using the local landscape
levels of local government.               fun, exciting, and challenging             As is very common with both Play
                                          “WOW” factor the community asked         Builder and Pathfinder schemes, this
The Right to Play                         for. Their no-compromise approach        project required a natural play
  As well as being a great                to design has given us the confidence    element in the form of bunding (a
opportunity for Miracle Design &          to work with them time and again.        mound) around the perimeter of the
Play and other industry players, this     We are now up to our 3rd project         site. In addition to the bunding the
renewed emphasis on the importance        with them.”                              whole site had a significant cross-fall
of the right to play for young people       Sheila Jenkins – Clerk for Sonning     which needed levelling to give the
(Play England, 2009) has increased        Common Parish Council (2008).            inclusive accessibility for all.
pressure on the Play Industry to
provide far more challenging,             Meeting the client’s needs                 “Miracle’s ability to work so
contemporary and accessible play for        At Miracle we believe that the only    closely with us on consultation and
all.                                      way to promote continued exercise is     also day-to-day project management
  The inclusion of highly interactive     to ensure that play areas exactly        was essential for success in this
consultation,       natural       play,   fulfil the requirements of the           scheme.
landscaping and sensory planting as       communities they are supporting, as        The site had complex civil
a pre-requisite requirement for           opposed to offering only a best fit.     engineering requirements that could
funding eligibility will undoubtedly      Not every scheme has the budget or       have posed problems but because of
force some play manufacturers to          availability of space to involve large   great communication with the
raise their game and move away            amounts of earth moving to create        Miracle team and the close working
from their “standard template”            significant mounding for “natural        relationship they have worked hard
production-line style play areas.         play”. Milton Keynes Council were        to develop, we felt very reassured
                                          pleased to see the completion of a       that every aspect of the project
The need to listen                        scheme we have been working on           would be a success.
  There is no question that the ability   together that involved natural play
of an organisation to listen to the                                                  We are working with Miracle on
                                          called the Aspreys in Olney on the       new projects and would happily
views of its stakeholders and truly       outskirts of Milton Keynes.
represent them in a comprehensive                                                  recommend them to other council’s
                                                                                   for any project they are
play design can make or break a new       Lots of consultation
play area.                                                                         undertaking”.
                                            The Aspreys comprised several
  Miracle Design & Play have been         months of close co-operation with
                                                                                    (Jamie Chalmers – Open Space
securing    repeat    business      by    key individuals within the Landscape
                                                                                   Adoptions Officer, Milton Keynes
providing local authorities with          Strategy Team. Following a large
                                                                                   Council March 2009)
consultation-led 100% bespoke             amount of consultation carried out
designs for their modular products        by both the Council and Miracle
and play areas.                           Design and Play Ltd.

                     Please call the office on 01604 658240
           or go to for more information
The Playing Field                                                                                                15

    Go Wild! 101 Things to do Outdoors before you grow up
  Go Wild! A new publication by Jo Schofield and             Every family should have a copy
Fiona Danks describes a range of practical outdoor             So writes Sue Palmer,
adventures to tempt young people outside and is              author of Toxic Childhood
just what families need to escape from virtual worlds        who goes on to state: “Go
and rediscover the wonders of the real one.                  Wild! is just what families
  In this second book, following their very successful       need to escape from
Nature’s Playground, the authors provide clear               virtual worlds and
instructions on how to: forage for food; make fires and      rediscover the wonders of
cook on them; whittle a peashooter; make your own            the real one. It provides
shelter and much more.                                       the perfect recipe for,
                                                             independent, resilient
  Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks are passionately              y o u n g      p e o p l e
committed to introducing young people, from eight            transforming cotton wool
upwards, to experiences that allow them to explore their     kids into confident,
limits, take measured risks and learn new skills, all of     independent, resilient
which will help them to become healthy adults with a         young people. Every family should have a copy.”
connection and a respect for the natural world.
                                                             Essential reading for all Play providers
  Having fun doesn’t have to involve expensive material
                                                               Go Wild! published by Frances Lincoln Limited at
possessions - Go Wild! is all about discovering what         £16.99 flexibind, should prove useful reading to a great
pleasures a simpler life outdoors can offer without          many play providers and open space managers who are
spending a fortune.                                          now striving to offer more natural play environments and
  From making a catapult to catching crayfish, making a      experiences for children and young people following the
Dutch oven to constructing a tepee, this book is all about   introduction of the Government’s Play Strategy.
giving young people and families the chance to               To order a copy of Go Wild! or further information go
experience the excitement of going wild.                      to or

LIGHTMAIN New advert
16                                                                                                                                  The Playing Field

                            o. Ltd Te 0 1                                                LAPPSETT as per Jan 09 page 16
as Jan 09 page 10 o u n d C
                                    g                                          51
                           l   ay                                                   5
                        sP                             e, High
                 re                               e Ry
            ld                              Th
                                    t in



                                                                                                              Free consultation and design

 RoSPA / API member
 CHAS Reg. Contractor
 FSC Certificate available
 ISO 9001

                                 The Playing
                                        Field                                   The Playing Field

PLAYSCAPE new advert                                                                     Make your Jan 09 page 4
                                                                                        SAFE N SOUND asplayground
                                                                                                                                             New website for C
                                                                                                    Safe & Sound!
GROUND EQUIPMENT NATIONWIDE, PROVIDING FOR ALL                                                                             At the site you will find the many facets o
        YOUR PLAY GROUND NEEDS. WITH A                                                                                   together with events news and features. W
 REPUTATION FOR QUALITY, PLAY VALUE AND SAFETY,                                                                          are over 35 mini sites, one for each CPFA
   PLAYSCAPE IS A RESPECTED SUPPLIER TO LOCAL                                                                            site to promote their local work and events.
                                                                                                                           The contact details for all the CPFAs and
                                                                                              This 1m                    Community Councils) that operate where no
                                                                                           1 2m x GA
                                                                                              MU                         can be found at the site.
                                                                                                  95 !
                                                                                                                 The site has been designed to be aestheti
                                                                                                               and simple to navigate.
                                                                                         Unbeatable value for money
                                                                                         in ballcourts, goals and The new CPFA membership insuranc
                                                                                         MUGAs!                  covered in detail and you are able to dow
                                                                                        The one-stop shop for high-required application forms.
                                                                                        quality steel and timber
                                                                                        equipment, accessories and As such, the site offers both local and n
                                                                                        safety surfacing           and informs you why you should consider s
                                                                                                                         work of CPFAs.
                                                                 BS EN 1176     C.R.O
                                                                                                                          The site is launched just in time to anno
                                        From well-
                                        mana ged
                                        forests                   BS EN 1177
                                        1996 Fo rest
                                        Stewa rds hip
                                                                                                                       the CPFA Playgrounds Ltd
                                                                                                                      Safe & Sound National Conference       which ta
                      FSC               Council                   RoSPA                                                  Wednesday 18th & Griffin Lane 19th June 2008
                                                                                                                                                Unit 3

             TELEPHONE- 0 1 5 0 8 - 5 3 8 0 1 6                                                                                                Bucks for the
                                                                                                                               Keynote speakers HP19 8BP event are S
                FAX - 0 1 5 0 8 - 5 3 8 6 1 0                                                                                                    01296 Youth
                                                                                                                             (Chief Executive of 398344 Sport Trust)
                                                                                         *Exc VAT, delivery & installation   (Chief Executive of ISPAL) and Adrian V
     WEB SITE-
                                                                                                                             of installation and
                                                                                        Playground design, manufacture,Play England).maintenance.
The Playing Field                                                                                                    17

 Youth Shelters - Enhancing Successful Sustainability
  Do you own or manage youth                The paper proposes that four               With these statistics in mind (and
shelters? If so, new research             guiding principles of strategic            considering the further findings of
contends that you may have a              management for youth shelters              the research that we do not have
legitimate claim to the former            should be employed by providers;           room for here), the paper concludes
but, you are highly unlikely to                                                      with a contention; although all
                                          1. R e g u l a r a n d c o n t i n u a l
be doing the latter! Well, at                                                        concerned with the provision of
least not as successfully as                                                         youth shelters appear to believe that
                                          2. Allocation of responsibilities for
you could, with a little more                                                        strategic management is a major
                                             the features’ management to a
effort.                                                                              factor in their sustainability, no real
                                             specific individual.
                                                                                     effort is being made to employ (or
  We are all very familiar with youth     3. Prudent budget allocation.
                                                                                     advise upon) such management.
shelters. They are extremely popular      4. Periodic ‘Re-launching’ of
with providers and users alike and           facilities to promote ‘Ownership’         ‘Youth Shelters - Enhancing
our playing fields would not now             for new users groups.                   Successful Sustainability’ argues
seem the same without them. Their                                                    that there is a correlation between the
numbers have grown exponentially            The dissertation provides the first
                                                                                     lack of strategic management and the
since they first started appearing over   study of any significance on the
                                                                                     apparent lessening of features’
twenty years ago. This may be             subject.
                                                                                     sustainability.      Furthermore, the
attributed to government initiatives,       However, due to the lack of prior        author believes that, if the principles
more accessible financing and             research the paper is reliant on the       of strategic management
advances in product development           anecdotal evidence gathered by             recommended in the paper were
etc. But, largely it is down to our       interviewing representatives of            adopted and employed by those with
acceptance that they are of great         providers, manufacturers, industry         responsibility, then the chances of
value to the communities they serve.      bodies and other experts in the field      successful sustainability of youth
                                          (if you’ll pardon the pun).                shelters would, indeed, be enhanced.
 Their worth has been established
but, this new research poses the            This methodology, however                  If you would like to receive a copy
question; is our lack of management       simple, produces some telling              of the research paper (available as
making them unsustainable?                results:                                   electronic PDF document only)
                                                                                     please email the author at
  ‘Youth Shelters - Enhancing               •Out of twenty interviewed, not          ian.carmichael@thamesvalley.pnn.
Successful Sustainability’ (a             one provider could be said to    
dissertation paper produced for the       regularly and continuously monitor
Advanced Certificate in                   their facilities.                          TPF Says:
Environmental Design and Crime              •Most providers simply assume            Thank you Ian, for this most
Prevention) argues that strategic         that new user groups take                  interesting article on youth
management is the key to enhancing        ‘Ownership’ of the shelter when the        shelters and the full paper is well
said sustainability.                      previous group moved on.                   worth reading if anyone is thinking
                                            •Only four ‘Re-launched’ facilities      about providing a meeting point
  Best practice in the provision of                                                  for older children.
youth shelters has been established in    intending to ensure ‘Ownership’
                                          were passed to successive user             Ian Carmichael worked in local
documents such as ‘Youth Shelters
                                          groups.                                    government for seventeen years -
and Sports Systems- a good practice
                                                                                     (eleven as Leisure Manager for
guide’ (electronic copy available           •Most significantly, more than half      Winkfield Parish Council in
from         of providers have had to remove or         Berkshire).
pdfs/youthshelters.pdf)                   relocate shelters; nearly 10% of units
                                          provided by those interviewed across       He is currently employed by
  This best practice is widely                                                       Thames Valley Police as Crime
emp loyed and the physical                the country have subsequently been
                                          removed (twenty three out of almost        Prevention Design Advisor in
management of units seems to be                                                      Buckinghamshire but, at the time
addressed adequately by most.             two hundred and fifty youth
                                          shelters).                                 of the research, Ian was the
  However, strategic management-                                                     County Architectural Liaison
the way we think about and address          These findings would appear              Officer for Hertfordshire
the management of our facilities-         to confirm the author’s view               Constabulary.
appears to be considered but is at        that the sustainability of youth           He would like to thank his former
best, inadequate.                         shelters is, indeed, under                 employers for the opportunity to
                                          threat.                                    undertake this study.
18                                                                                                  The Playing Field

Tried & tested
MELCOURT AD as Jan 09 page 6
                                                                     Tired of Hanging Around?

play surfaces
                                                                       The Audit Commission published the above
                                                                     report in January 2009. It looked at the relationship
                                                                     between sport and leisure provision for young
                                                                     people and anti-social behaviour.
                                                   Natural.            One of the report’s main conclusions was that still
                                                                     too little attention is paid to what teenagers actually
                                                    Safe.            want, namely, activities that are “cheap, cool and
                                                                     close by”.
                                                                       It also reported that, even where schemes have
                                                     Sustainable     been successful, the continuing threat of lack of
                                                                     secure funding after start up often causes them to
                                                     and             close.
                                                      Recyclable.      Previous studies such as the Make Space youth
                                                                     review highlighted the lack of safe places for young
                                                                     people to go. A key part of the Government’s
                                                         Call no     response was to make £190m available over the
                                                       for you w     next 3 years for Local Authorities in England to
                                                              r fr
                                                         Guide ee    create ‘youth centres’.
                                                                      Whilst they will clearly be a good thing for those
                                                                     young people living in the 'centre' (if they are
     +44 (0)1666 502711                                              properly funded and resourced), by definition,
     w w w. m e l c o u r t . c o . u k                              youth centres will be few and far between.
                                                                       Consequently, this type of expensive, centralised
ASSOCIATED SURFACES as Jan 09 page 16                                provision needs to be supplemented with more
                                                                     widespread and informal provision, such as youth
                                                                     shelters, to cater for the local needs of more young
                                                                     people, particularly the ‘hard to reach’ groups, in
                                                                     places they actually want and can afford to be.
                                                                       Responsible communities across the UK are
                                                                     already seeing the benefits of using an affordable
                                                                     youth shelter project to engage local teenagers,
                                                                     often for the first time.
                                                                       Not only do Police and Government agree that
                                                                     youth shelters work but they are attractive to
                                                                     funding bodies because they are tangible and quick
                                                                     to deliver. They also appeal to the local Council
                                                                     adopting them as they are one-off capital projects
                                                                     with long term benefits, minimal support costs and
                                                                     no employment or HR issues.
                                                                      If your community is considering provision for
                                                                     12-16 year olds youth shelters will be mentioned.
                                                                      To inform the debate youth shelter specialists
                                                                     rekk Limited have just published the third edition
                                                                     of their free guide ‘6 steps to a successful youth
                                                                      Copies are available free from rekk Limited
                                                                     Tel: 0800 6120 111 or via

         The Playing Field—October 2008

         Please change telephone/fax details—should read:
         Telephone 01604 768070 Fax 01604 764319
The Playing Field                                                                                                     19

         Design for Play and Managing Risk in Play Provision
              authors join Proludic seminar programme
  Following a successful partnership in 2008, Aileen            Dave Bailey from Proludic comments “We work hard
Shackell (lead author for the Design for Play guide) will     to ensure that our seminars have a real educational value.
again be working with Proludic to deliver the key             This year we are fortunate to be working with two
message in relation to the best practice 10 Design            leading independent industry professionals, enabling us
Principles to creating a successful play space.               to bring key industry hot topics to those involved in
  Tim Gill will also be presenting on the Managing Risk       Playbuilder and Play Pathfinder projects.” As part of the
in Play Provision; Implementation guide.                      seminar days, delegates will be encouraged to share their
                                                              own design ideas and offer critique as part of a Design
  These specialist seminars are aimed at addressing the       for Play workshop.
key areas of change that will influence play provision for
the future. Spaces are limited and will include a               Seminars will be held across the UK, starting on 13th
workshop and discussion with our expert panel and with        May in Leeds / 14th May Nottingham / 20th May
those involved in Playbuilder and PlayPathfinder              Kensington / 21st May Gloucester. Seminar places are
projects.                                                     £75 per booking, which includes lunch and a site
                                                              visit. For more information and to book a place please
  Proludic have built a strong reputation                     contact or simply call us on
     for delivering quality seminars.                         0115 982 3980

  Record RSS install first concrete Skate Plaza Park in the UK!
  Skateboarders, BMXers and inline       said: “It’s brilliant. I like skating
skaters in Stockingford, near            because you have to steer and jump.
Nuneaton now have their own              It’s hard to go down the hill and lots
unique venue to perfect their gravity    of fun.”
defying feats. The skate park, the         Local skater Reece Morrow, aged
first of its kind in the UK has a        15 added: “It’s the first time I’ve
‘street plaza’ theme giving users        tried out the skate park. The staircase
obstacles ranging in difficulty to       is pretty good and it’s small so it
confront and defy.                       makes it easier to ride on it.
  The Record RSS unique concrete           The purpose-built skate park was
system provides a fast, smooth, and      funded by the Landfill Communities
seamless surface. It also has the        Fund with the help of companies
added benefit of being much quieter      such as Sita Trust, the environmental
than non concrete facilities, as well    body Wren and the Veolia
as being a lot more durable. Using       Environmental Trust. The Nuneaton
concrete allows the design to mirror     and Bedworth Area Committee
a typical urban street and also allows   contributed a further £7,000.
for landscaped features to be added
such as trees and shrubs into              The project was spearheaded by
incorporated planters.                   Chris Watkins, chairman of the Ford
                                         Residents’ Association, which has         the first of its kind in the UK and I
  The park cost in the region of
                                         worked to bring the park back into        feel proud that its located in my
£108,000 and took Record RSS just
                                         the heart of the community. Chris         home town of Nuneaton.
five weeks to install. Nuneaton’s
                                         said: “It’s already been extremely
first street-style skate park was                                                    It has been well received by the
                                         popular and it’ll make a real
officially opened with a ‘Skate Jam’                                               kids and the local community with
                                         difference to young people living in
in late January. The park was                                                      children travelling from far a field to
                                         Stockingford and the surrounding
descended on by youngsters from                                                    use the facility. I hope that is
across the town and beyond as they                                                 enjoyed by this generation and many
gathered to sample its jumps, ramps        Record RSS Area Manager James           more to come."
and grind rails. Respected London        Baldry commented: "I'm really
based skate team ‘Scram’ were also       pleased that all the hard work shown         For further info on the
on hand to offer tips and advice.        by Chris and a number of other             Record RSS skate ranges
  Twins Oliver and Thomas                people in the community behind the
                                                                                   please call 01757 703620 or
Mitchell, aged five, were eager to be    scenes has paid dividends with this
                                         new and exciting skate facility. Its       visit
two of the first to try it out. Oliver
20                                                                                                     The Playing Field

                How to provide a successful skatepark scheme
BACKGROUND                                    LOCATION
  Created by Californian surfers who            Today you are likely to find
attached rollerskate wheels                   skateparks or 'wheeled sports
to pieces of wood and                         facilities' in most towns and cities,
skated in empty swimming                      which are used by skateboarders and
p o o l s , t h e s k a t e -boarding craze   BMX riders as well as inline and
arrived and immediately took off in           quad skaters. Some parks are still
the UK between 1976 and 1980.                 built of concrete but the majority
  As enthusiasts started to use street        now feature steel frames and a
furniture to increase the thrill of           variety of surfaces.
boarding, local authorities and                 Although generally viewed as an
private individuals realised that there       outdoor activity, there are a number
was a need for skate areas and the            of all-wood, indoor facilities. Most
privately-owned Rom Skatepark and             indoor facilities tend to be privately-
the local authority-run Southsea              owned and operated - there are in the      Pictured on this page is Andy Peerless
Skatepark were two of the first               region of 20 in the UK. Youth clubs       owner of Fearless Ramps and author of
facilities on the scene.                      occasionally manage to buy a few          this article on planning and providing a
  Originally these parks were built           items of skate equipment, but the                    successful skatepark
from concrete, but wood also became           majority of skateparks are outdoor
                                                                                          Consultants should be able to help
a popular medium as it provided a             council-run facilities - costing
                                                                                        modify the scheme to fit all
softer landing.                               anything from £10,000 to £2m.
                                                                                        guidelines before it goes out to
                                              SPACE REQUIREMENTS                        tender. Most manufacturers offer free
                                                Wheeled sports facilities are often     advice and site visits.
                                              requested by young enthusiasts
                                              between the ages of 13-24 in a given      DESIGN
                                              community, who approach their local         The layout of the skatepark is
                                              authority for space and budget to         important, but the individual shaping
                                              build a facility. These requests are      of the ramps can make or break a
                                              generally dealt with by the               project. A well-shaped ramp can help
                                              authority's leisure or youth services
                                                                                        the users to improve their skills as
                                              and obtaining good advice from
                                              skatepark experts early in the            well as improving the safety of a
                                              planning process can make a big           facility.
                                              difference to the success of the            However, the width of ramps is
                                              project.                                  often incorrect - a fundamental error
                                                The area required for a                 that makes a skatepark harder to
                                              project depends on the type of            enjoy. For example, a BMX rider
                                              equipment favoured. Skatepark             needs approximately 2.4m of space
                                              consultants are often approached to       when they 'carve' a ramp - which
  Between 1980 and 1995, a whole              tender for projects that cannot be        means that they risk falling off the
new generation of concrete parks              successfully implemented simply           sides every time they use a ramp
was being created which were based            because the amount of space required      under 3m wide.
on a versatile European rather than                                                       Local authorities need to give
                                              for the proposed scheme is
American design - Livingstone                                                           consideration to this fact when
skatepark in Scotland being one of
                                                                                        deciding on the width of ramps, as
the most popular.                             USING CONSULTANTS                         many manufacturers will install a
  Many of these facilities also fitted          Consultants are often skateboarders     ramp measuring only 2.4m wide.
the brief for the rising number of            themselves and use their
                                              experience, as well as advice from a        This may comply with safety
BMX riders who used the ramps to
improve their biking skills. Some of          manufacturer, to provide the best         standards, but what is the point of
these skateparks were good, but               scheme possible in terms of budget        installing something that's not
many were poorly designed. This               and user preference. Often, users         designed to be enjoyed by all end
changed, post 1995, however once              design a scheme that cannot work, or      users?
users started to get involved in the          doesn't comply with the BSEN
planning process.                                                                                           (Continued on page 8)
                                              14974:2006 standards.
The Playing Field                                                                                                   21

          Successful                       A playground redevelopment experience
          Skateparks                                by Richard Venables Islip Parish Council

(Continued from page 7)                      In 2005 Islip, celebrated the
                                           Millennium of the birth of Edward
                                           the Confessor with a year long
  When evaluating a scheme, always         festival of events resulting in over
make sure that you are aware of the        £3,000 being raised for a community
square meterage of the ramps to be         project. It was unanimously decided
installed, as often users are seduced      that the village playground, being
by the biggest de-sign rather than the     probably past its best, should be
project with the most ramps provided.      redeveloped and linking it to the
BSEN 14974:2006 (PAS35)                    festival would be a Viking Longship
guidelines cover wheeled sports            to sit prominently in the middle of       We had already decided we
                                           the new playground.                     wanted a mixture of materials and
                                             One of the key events of the year-    styles in the new playground but the
  These guide-lines mainly cover the       long celebrations had been when a       wooden Longship was proving
installation of ramps. However, just       Viking re-enactment group came and      difficult until the OPFA suggested
because the scheme passes these            set up in the village one weekend       we spoke with Trevor Stewart, a
guidelines doesn't mean that the           culminating in a ceremonial burning     local Oxfordshire play designer and
facility will be good.                     of a large replica Longship villagers   builder.
                                           had constructed.
                                                                                   Work with the designer
  Be careful not to buy a skatepark        Where to go for advice                    He has a very strong creative
from a brochure - always get plenty          We started our redevelopment          vision and was able to incorporate
of advice and preferably go to a           plans early in 2006 at the same time    off-the-shelf play equipment with his
skatepark specialist.                      the BIG lottery money play scheme       own custom-made items including
                                           was announced. We got in touch          the Longship and produced a plan
HEALTH AND SAFETY                          with Cherwell District Council who      that met all of our aspirations
  As wheeled sports facilities are         suggested we made contact with the      including those of the children! We
generally unsupervised, it is difficult    Oxfordshire Playing Fields              had a range of drawings and quotes
for local authorities to enforce the use
of helmets and other safety                Association (OPFA).                     but Trevor came in around £55,000
equipment, so warnings should be             We had a budget in mind of            and we decided to go ahead with his
displayed. Skateboarders generally         around £20,000 not knowing how          design, thanks to successful
do not wear crash helmets, whereas         much play equipment and safer           applications to Cherwell District
many BMX riders do.                        surfacing costs. Roger Davis at the     Council and to the Trust for
                                           OPFA quickly re-educated us and         Oxfordshire’s Environment (Landfill
MAINTENANCE                                suggested we should aim higher as       Tax Credit Community fund).
  Wheeled sports facilities must be        we are only going to build one
inspected at least once a year by a        playground and it might as well be a    Wonderful Opening day
RPII - registered play inspector.          good one!                                 We now have a fantastic
                                                                                   playground that is always in use no
                                           Public Consultation                     matter what the weather and we are
  They should be kept clean and
                                             Following a public consultation we    starting on Phase Two of the playing
should be visually inspected on a          found others had ideas for
daily or weekly basis - depending on                                               field redevelopment to provide
                                           redeveloping the play area and          facilities for older children. The
the amount of users.                       playing field to include a multi use    Opening Day was wonderful as the
                                           games area and tennis courts. We        Vikings returned but this time they
  Believe it or not, some well-            were encouraged to attend the OPFA
designed, popular skateparks have a                                                did not burn our long ship but
                                           AGM by Roger and it was fantastic       enjoyed being photographed on
turnover of 500 users per day at peak      to hear all about other villages and    board with their shields and axes!
times.                                     organisations and what they had
                                           achieved - really inspirational!          We would be delighted to speak
  Andy Peerless is owner of                                                        with anyone considering a similar
Fearless Ramps - consultancy,                With a much better idea of what       project and if you are in the Islip
design and manufacturer. For               we wanted, following a trip to IOG      area please do come and have a look
more information call 01483                SALTEX and looking at other play        at our playground.
4 2 0 7 4 5    o r   e m a i l             areas, we raised our expectations and                     Richard Venables                     funding figure to around £85,000.          Email
22                                                                                                                   The Playing Field

                                        Investing in sporting opportunities for rural communities
  Sport England recently unveiled a                          We also know that there are           improving the quality of people’s
£10 million investment fund that will                      specific challenges for organisations   sporting experience.
create sporting opportunities for                          and communities delivering sport in       Dr Stuart Burgess, Chairman of the
people in rural areas. The first in a                      rural England; small and declining      Commission for Rural Communities,
series of themed funding rounds, it                        local populations and higher costs,     said: “I am delighted Sport England
opened for business on 1 April 2009.                       for instance, can hinder sustainable    is investing such a substantial sum in
  Themed rounds will enable us to                          local sporting provision.               our rural communities. This will
tackle specific challenges and                                                                     come as a welcome boost to people
opportunities that we know exist in                                                                living in rural areas facing a tough
grassroots sport as well as helping to                                                             time in the teeth of the recession. I
ensure that our investment is                                                                      hope the funding will bring forward
effectively distributed across the                                                                 many creative ideas that will help
country and across different                                                                       overcome barriers, such as access to
communities.                                                 The Rural Communities Themed          transport, that rural people face in
                                                           Round will give a wide range of         taking part in sport.”
  People in rural communities are the                      organisations, from local authorities
focus of the first round because we                        to sports clubs and smaller               The minimum grant available will
know they face particular barriers to                      community groups, an opportunity to     be £10,000, but in order to maximise
participating in sport, such as                            develop and deliver new and             the positive effect on sport in rural
reduced choice in the sports                               innovative projects to overcome         areas, Sport England is explicitly
available to them and transportation                       these barriers to both participation    encouraging high value, high impact
issues getting to and from facilities.                     and supply.                             projects. A significant proportion of
Sport England’s Active People                                Successful bids will make             the successful bids are expected to
Survey 2 shows that two thirds of the                      significant contributions to two of     be projects requiring National
local authorities with the lowest                          Sport England’s strategic outcomes:     Lottery funding of more than
sports participation rates are in rural                    growing participation in grassroots     £500,000. More information from
S0216 - Fensecure_half:Layout 2                           26/1/09 16:34 Page 1
areas.                                                     sport and sustaining participation by



                                                                                         UK Manufacturer and Installer of:
                                                                                         • Sports Fencing in heights from 1.0m up to 10m
                                                                                         • Playground fencing and gates to BS1722
                                                                                           part 9 and to EN1176 test probe requirements
                                                                                         • Multisport Areas fully tested with Kitemark
                                                                                           Certification to BS EN 15312:2007
                                                                                         • Teenage ‘Meeting Houses’ in various segment
                                                                                         • Vertical bar fencing and gates to BS1722
                                                                                           Part 9:2000
                                                                                         • A large range of street furniture and amenity

                                                                                                     E X P E R T S   I N   S T E E L

                                                                                               T: 01902 490919 F: 01902 490929
The Playing Field                                                                                              23

             Abbey Rangers FC                                             Sports Councils
  The Surrey County Playing Fields Association have         Most boroughs and districts in Surrey have a Sports
supported this club for a number of years; we were very   Council; some have more than one. They may be called
pleased to receive this news from Surrey Football         Sport District, Active District or District Sports
Association.                                              Council. They have different constitutions and slightly
                                                          different objectives. Some only cover sport, others
                                                          include some other leisure activities.
                                                            What they all try to do is to act as a link between their
                                                          Council and local voluntary sports clubs. In previous
                                                          editions of this newsletter we have written about some
                                                          of the initiatives undertaken by these organisations and
                                                          in many cases supported by the Surrey County Playing
                                                          Fields Association. Some of the functions they have
                                                          carried out are: disability projects, encouraging school
                                                          sports clubs links, sports festivals, producing sports
                                                          directories, assisting with funding, assisting potential
                                                          international athletes. The major achievement is nearly
                                                          always bringing council staff, councillors and leisure
  This FA Community Club, based in Runnymede              volunteers together.
Surrey were awarded £384,718 from the Foundation
towards the development of a new clubhouse including        Over the years the lines of communication have
changing provision in June 2007. They also received       changed. At one time they obtained information
another Football Foundation grant of £225,000 as part     through Surrey Sports Board – this organisation no
of the Community Club Development Programme               longer exists. Recently they had close contacts through
(CCDP, a Government funded scheme, managed                the Active Surrey Sports Partnership. Following the
nationally by Sport England). Their new facilities were   recent change of strategy by Sports England, we do not
opened on 3 June 2008 by Sir Trevor Brooking CBE,         know how the Surrey Sports Partnership will operate
Director of Football Development at the FA.               after March 2009. This leaves some problems to be
                                                          resolved. One is how to maintain school sports club
  The Surrey County FA works with applicants to           links. Another is to ensure that the Sports Councils
develop facilities providing advice and guidance on the   benefit from each others experience and knowledge.
process required, ensuring that each applicant
maximises the development of football in their             If you think it is important, why not e-mail me with
community. They are a very welcome partner in the         your views and we will try and organise a method of
Playing Fields team in Surrey.                            working together for the benefit of the county. My
                                                          email is

More new artificial pitches
  The Football Foundation has advised us of new
facilities in the county.
  The first was a cheque presentation on 24th September
2008 for a new funding award of £949,500 from the
Football Foundation to Elmbridge Borough Council
towards the cost of constructing a new 3rd Generation
floodlit synthetic turf pitch and changing rooms at
Waterside Drive, Walton on Thames.
  This was followed with the opening of a new pitch at
The Abbey School in Farnham by England striker Gary
Lineker on Wednesday 8th October. The Abbey School
is a special needs secondary school for students with
                                                                   Godalming Fencers recognised
learning difficulties and autistic spectrum disorders
(ASD). This new football pitch was developed as the         Nicki Barlow, Elizabeth Ng, Grace Stafford with their
result of a £40,000 grant from the Football Foundation.   coach Steven Davey. The girls have received financial
                                                          support from “Go for Gold”, the Sport Godalming
  The SCPFA welcomes these facilities, but will
                                                          initiative for potential Olympic athletes.
continue to try and ensure that good natural grass
pitches are still retained.                                Steven Davey was joint winner of the Mayor’s Prize.
      No renovation project is going to be a long term
    success without correcting the conditions that caused
    the field to deteriorate. Poor drainage, soil compaction,
    weeds or lack of a maintenance programme, can all lead
    to the deterioration of turf. Renovation, followed by a
    regular maintenance program can change a poor field
24 into a well-turfed field in a single season. A good                                                             The Playing Field
    playing field must be safe for the players - firm,
    resilient and uniform – and attractive to the spectators.
                A New of the soil is as
    The physical conditionChallengeimportant as the
    turf to a firm, resilient, and uniform surface. A hard,
    compacted soil or a wet, on a drained soil cannot
  I am sitting here writing thispoorlydull winters day. I
    provide a good reading this as regardless of the
trust that you will beplaying surface, Spring begins to
    amount of grass on winter
bring warmth. Thethe field. sports season will be
      Providing adequate surface drainage, be eagerly
drawing to a close and summer sport will aeration and
                   Those of you with children the
    topdressing will improve the physical condition of or
    field. In extreme looking forward to their playing
grandchildren will becases fields cannot be satisfactorily
    improved without replacing the soil. Such fields are
in the open air.
    characterized by:                                                              Playsafe Playgrounds
          will doubtless be reminded, it is a time of
  As - IThin turf.
renewal and spring cleaning. dry.                                                  advert
      - Very hard surfaces when What may well need
      - Waterlogged and slick of fields, weatherbeaten
renewal is the surface surfaces when wet.
      - An sightscreens, cricket covers, the surrounds of
pavilions, excessive number of player injuries.
tennis courts, playground equipment. Over the last few
      The team at Active Grounds Maintenance Limited
years we have become accustomed to being able to
    ( has carried out many successful
provide replacement facilities. Much of our ground
    sports field renovation and maintenance projects across
maintenance is now undertaken by professional
    Surrey and Sussex as well as further afield.

    SCPFA Comment
  We may no longer be able to afford this. Clubs may
      to would note more. company happen, they
need Weuse volunteersthat the If this is tohas carried out
    successful improvements and their work. at also
must ensure that insurance covers maintenance It is Alfold
    Football Club and Lower Beeding. Active The
important that they know what they are doing.Grounds
Surrey County Playing Fields Association can provide
    Maintenance Limited are one of a number of effective
                   our area. We are The SCPFA can
grants towardsinthe cost of training. very grateful for the
also help identify suitable courses. of important points.
    article which points out a number
  The jobs needed to maintain a ground are not always
obvious. SCPFA will consider providing the money for
   Area survey and a Officers
a ground Development maintenance plan. If your                             Area Development Officers
     These are the has brought in their own
ground contractor best contacts if you are looking for help in your local area. They or one of their District
                                                                   These are the best contacts if you are looking for help
   Representatives will come and to at The SCPFA
equipment, you may need accesslookkit.your project or problem. If it is a request for financial assistance, be it a low
                                                                 in your local area. They or one of their District
    knowledge or a grant, we would hope to process and
hasinterest loan about the availability of equipment it in 6 to 12 weeks.
                                                                 Representatives will come and look at your project or
can provide grants and loans towards purchasing it.              problem. If it is a request for financial assistance, be it
    The area Development Officers are:-
  In this age where there are many places to spend one’s                          a low interest loan or a grant, we would hope to process
                      Mole Valley, Woking
      Elmbridge, is important that facilities are of a high
leisure time, it                                                                  it in 6 to 12 weeks.
             Elsdon-Dew, Heath Over Heath few Walton
      Dr R and are attractive. Cottage,the lastDrive, years on the Hill, Tadworth KT20 7QS, Tel 01737 812781
      Epsom & Ewell, markedly; we must ensure that
quality has improvedReigate & Banstead, Tandridge we
                                                                                  The area Development Officers are:-
                                                                                    Elmbridge, Mole Valley, Woking
      G B these standards.
maintain Perkins, 25 Stagbury Avenue, Chipstead, Coulsdon, Surrey. CR5 3PD Tel 01737 553565
      Runnymede, Spelthorne, Surrey Heath                                           Dr R Elsdon-Dew, Heath Cottage, Heath Drive,
      E E Sears, “St Francis”, 17 Avenue Road, Staines. TW18 3AW Tel 01784 461191
  The need to retain and maintain equipment means that                            Walton on the Hill, Tadworth KT20 7QS, Tel 01737
      Waverley, Guildford
we must ensure that it is safe. There are revenue grants                          812781
                                                                                    Epsom & Ewell, 01483 574024
available, try 1 Wharfingers Cottages,sure that children's Shalford. GU4 8EH Tel Reigate & Banstead, Tandridge
      M Clark, and find them. Make Stonebridge Wharf,
play equipment is regularly inspected.                                              G B Perkins, 25 Stagbury Avenue, Chipstead,
                                                                                  Coulsdon, Surrey. CR5 3PD Tel 01737 553565
    Honorary Planning Officer                                                       Runnymede, Spelthorne, Surrey Heath
  This applies to private play parks as well as those run
      P S Garber Dip TP, Dairy House, The Street, Capel, Dorking, Surrey RH5 5ER Tel 01306 711015.
                                                                                    E E Sears, “St Francis”, 17 Avenue Road, Staines.
by public authorities. The SCPFA can put you in
contact with suitable organisations. If you need more                             TW18 3AW Tel 01784 461191
    100% recycled please
information, paper                                                                  Waverley, Guildford
                                             Produced by: Oxfordshire County Council’s Design & Print Unit.
                                   contact one of the Area
    Printed with vegetable based inks                                               M and printing requirements.
                                           A fast, efficient service for all your designClark, 1 Wharfingers Cottages, Stonebridge Wharf,
Development Officers whose details are given across       Tel: (01865) 815672 - Shalford. GU4 8EH Tel 01483 574024
                                                                                   Fax: (01865) 204309                             E051-12(04/08)
the page.
                                                                           Honorary Planning Officer
                                                                            P S Garber Dip TP, Dairy House, The Street, Capel,
                                                                           Dorking, Surrey RH5 5ER Tel 01306 711015.

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