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Taverna provides the ability to configure a Taverna Server in order to execute workflows
remotely and integrate Taverna with the web interface. Taverna Server currently runs only on
Linux or Mac OS and requires Java 6 and above. Also, it is developed using Tomcat 6.0.26
and needs the appropriate WebApp container.

In addition, another key feature that Taverna provides is the RShell service which enables the
execution of an R script inside a workflow. The RShell service is crucial for executing the
scripts for biological data analysis. Finally, tasks which allow file manipulation to store the
output results will be part of the services that they will be used.

       Web Interface

       One of the most important aspects of this project is the web interface. The web
       interface that we intend to use is a pre-existing Java portal in the form of a Content
       Management System (CMS). Examples of this kind of portals are the Liferay, uPortal
       and Sakai. Their main advantage is that they support JSR 168.

       All Java portals which are based on JSR 168 provide full integration with Taverna
       WMS. The Taverna Group through the “NeISS” project provides an application for
       Taverna workflow enactment. The application is consisted of two portlets and one
       servlet. From the one hand, the first portlet provides the selection of a workflow. On
       the other hand, the second monitors the status of the job that is submitted to a Taverna
       Server and fetches the results. Finally, the servlet serves files with the results.

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