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									Happy Holidays from the
Ponte Vedra Chamber
December 2011
                             Chamber Holiday Events
Volume 16, Issue 9           Sponsored by
    Chamber Before Hours                        Chamber Holiday Boutique                       Chamber Holiday Party
 Wednesday, December 7, 7:30 AM                     Wednesday, December 7,                      Wednesday, December 14,
  Elizabeth’s Café, Sawgrass Village                      4 to 8 pm                                    5 to 8 pm
                                                                                               Ponte Vedra Chamber Office
        $7.50 for Members &                    Fine that perfect Holiday Gift from
                                                your fellow Chamber members!                   Beer, Wine & Hors d’oeuvres
           $10 for Guests
                                                             Participating:                           Holiday Music
         Includes Breakfast!                             66 Distinctive Homes ~
                                                           Glenn Hettinger                     GIANT 50/50 DRAWING
                                            JJ’s Liberty Bistro’s Chocolate Shop Original
                                                                                              Make sure you bring your
                                                       Paradise Palms Massage                       ticket stub!
                                                       Scentsy Wickless Candles             $10 for Members with a Reservation
                                                            Silpada Designs                   and $15 for Members without a
                                                         Stella & Dot Jewelry
                                                                                                  Reservation & for Guests
                                                            Thirty One Gifts
                                                  Still Accepting Participants
                                                      Wine Tasting from
                                                    PRP Wines International

                Ponte Vedra Chamber Corporate Gift Baskets
                        Order & Next Day Delivery to your Office
                                $49 each and contains:
                                                                                            Please Bring an
             Dual Neoprene Wine Holder, Two Woozies & Two Wine Glasses,
                     Corkscrew with Rosewood Wine Cork & Bottle of
                        Clou du Bois North Coast Chardonnay or
                                                                                            Unwrapped Toy
              Sterling Vintner’s Reserve Merlot, Gold Medal Winners at the
                             Sawgrass Wine Festival Judging                                 to All Events for
Chamber Chat                                           Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                                           Page 2

                     President’s Message
                                                                                                             50 A1A North, Suite 102
                                                                                                             Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Dear All,                           Julius Caesar established the       Ambassador. Certainly both           904-285-2004
                                                                        these groups of volunteers are
                                    Julian Calendar that the                                                 Board of Directors:
As one year closes and                                                  vital to the operation of the
another begins, it is               calendar was stabilized and                                              Christine Adams ~ Rogers Tower,
                                                                        Chamber!                             P.A. ~ 473-1400
customary for each person to        January 1 was again
                                    established as first day of the     Plus our event committees, Golf      Darby Brower ~ Brower Financial
access where they are in life                                                                                Group ~ 280-1669
                                    new year. Since the church          Tournament, Wine Festival and
and make plans to change                                                                                     Felicia Cox ~ Florida Bank ~ 543-
                                    remained opposed to this            Car Show are always looking for
how they live their life in the                                                                              7055
                                    celebration as pagan, January       members so call Ginger to            Vincent Grassia ~ 910=1367
new year. This custom dates                                             volunteer. Although the event
                                    1 has only been celebrated as                                            Dr. Erika Hamer ~ Ponte Vedra
back to Babylonian times                                                committees require a special         Wellness Center ~ 273-2691
when making resolutions for         a holiday by Western nations
                                                                        commitment, they really do offer Craig Hamilton ~ Pineapple Post ~
change were a part of the           for about 400 years.                an opportunity to get to know        249-7477
celebration of a new year.          As I said making resolution         and work with some very special Frances King ~ King & Associates
                                                                        people. The bonus for getting        Insurance Agency ~ 273-9839
The most popular resolution         has always been a part of the                                            Barry McDonald ~ Sawgrass
                                                                        involved in these events is that
then was to return borrowed         celebration, and today the ten                                           Country Club ~ 274-3710
                                                                        they are also a lot of fun!
equipment; however, I doubt         most common New Years                                                    Dan Monk ~ Pusser’s Bar & Grille ~
that is high on anyone’s list       Resolutions are:                    If you have not hosted a             280-7766
today.                                                                  Chamber After Hours then that is Marshall Reddy ~ FranNet Principal
                                    1.   Lost weight                                                         Florida ~ 280-1949
                                                                        a great way to introduce
The celebration of the new          2.   Stop smoking                   members to your business.            Jared Rice ~ THE PLAYERS
year is one of our oldest                                               Sponsoring a Chamber Before          Championship ~ 273-3453
                                    3.   Stick to a budget                                                   Michele Smith ~ RE/MAX Coastal
holidays and has been                                                   Hours or Chamber At Hours
                                    4.   Save or earn more money                                             Real Estate ~ 285-5640
celebrated for over 4000                                                offers members a chance to talk      Staff:
years. Dating back to               5.   Find a better job              about their business usually in a    Ginger Lilley Peace ~ Chamber &
                                                                        more intimate atmosphere.            Visitor Center Executive Director
Babylon, it was celebrated on
                                    6.   Become more organized
the first day of Spring, since it                                       If nothing else, start attending our Julie Davidson ~ Sales & Service
was the beginning of the            7.   Exercise more                  events on a regular basis. We
                                                                                                             Penny Dickhens ~ Chamber
season of rebirth, of planting                                          have something going on every        Tourism Coordinator
                                    8.   Be more patient at
                                                                        Wednesday so just put every          Dan Worrell ~ Accountant
new crops and of blossoming.             work/with others               Wednesday on your calendar as Bryan Goode III ~ Counsel of
The Romans continued to             9.   Eat better                     Chamber Day and you have it          Record
celebrate this holiday in the                                           covered. We really had a
                                    10. Become a better person          blockbuster January planned for Inside this edition:
spring as well, but their
calendar was continually            In case, you have no idea where I   you so plan to attend at least one,
                                    am going with us. Let me add,       if not all! I hope to see you soon Ambassadors
tampered with and got out of
                                    number 11 to this list — Get more   and if you do not know me,           Chamber Clips
synch with the sun. Although
                                    involved with the Chamber!          please come up and introduce         Chamber Contacts
they tried to set the calendar                                          yourself. Happy Holidays and I
                                    Let me know if interested in                                             Events
right in 153 B.C. and set                                               hope to see you soon!
                                    serving on the Board Contact                                           Event Photos
January 1 as the beginning of       Lindsey Godfrey (numbers on
                                                                                                           Holiday Events
the new year, it was not until      page 14) if you want to be an                  Felicia                 Giant 50/50
                                                                                                           Golf Tournament
                                                                                                           New Board Member                                                                  New Members
                                                                                                           New Member Application
                                                                                                           President’s Message                                                                              Renewal Application
                                                                                                           SBDC Tip
Less than 20 Left to Sell!
Chamber Chat           Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                        Page 4

New Membership Application ~ Join Now, No Renewal until 2013
               Please Forward to a Business Associate
Chamber Chat                                              Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                                                      Page 5

Renewal Membership Application ~
!5% Discount if Renew by December 31
Company name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Representative __________________________________ Title ______________________________________________________

Business location ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Mailing address (if different than above)_________________________________________________________________________


Telephone __________________ Fax ___________________ Website __

Email (* must have to be entered in online directory) ______________________________________________________________

Business Category __________________________________________________________________________________________

Repreentative Signature _______________________________________ Date __________________________________________

As a member of this Chamber, it is understood and agreed that any solicitations or business advertisements generated by you or your organization involving the
name, participation of, or endorsement by, the “Ponte Vedra Beach Chamber of Commerce” must first be pre-approved by our Board of Directors.

ANNUAL DUES – Term now to March 31, 2013                                                15% off

     5 or fewer employees                                             $295               $250
     6 to 10 employees                                                $360               $305
     11 to 20 employees                                               $460               $390
     21 to 30 employees                                               $580               $495
     31 to 50 employees                                               $735               $625
     Over 50 employees                                                $920               $780
     Associate/ Non-Business, Retiree, Not Employed                   $185               $155
     Non-Profit Service Clubs, Churches, Charities, etc.              $240               $205

New Combo Advertising /Event Packages for 2012
                       Advertising Packages:                                                                Event Packages:
           1/3 Page Chat Ad for One Month ~ $175                                             Chamber Before Hours ~ $175 per month
          Constant Contact Ad for One Month ~ $75                                              Chamber At Noon ~ $275 per month
       Banner on the Relo, Visitor Page or Member Pages                                       Chamber After Hours ~ $275 per month
                     for Full Year ~ $500
                                                                                        Total Cost if Purchased Individually ~ $725
       Total Cost if Purchased Individually ~ $750
                                                                                    Purchase the Package for $250, a $225 Savings!
   Purchase the package for $500, a $250 Savings!
Chamber Chat                                 Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                            Page 6

2012 Ponte Vedra Chamber Golf Tournament
                                                            2012 Ponte Vedra Beach Cham-
                                                                ber Golf Tournament
                                                                A Salute to the Military
                                                                 President’s Day ~ February 20
                                                                        at the Palencia Club
                                                                            Presented by

  A Portion of the Proceeds Benefits Wounded Warrior Project
$2,250 Gold Sponsor Benefits:             $1,500 Silver Sponsor Benefits:           We are
Mention on paid and in-kind                                     in-
                                          Mention on paid and in-kind               proud to
 Advertising, Fact Sheet, Flyers &          Advertising, Fact Sheet, Flyers &       welcome
 Forms                                      Forms                                   as a $750 Bronze Sponsor
Your Logo on Event Banner                 Your Logo on Event Banner                 Benefits:
Can provide Logo Items for the Player’s   Can provide Logo Items for the Player’s
  Goody Bag                                Goody Bag                                                       in-
                                                                                    Mention on paid and in-kind
Logo in Chamber Chat newsletter           Logo in Chamber Chat newsletter             Advertising, Fact Sheet, Flyers, Forms
 (circulation 350 plus electronic           (circulation 350 plus electronic          & Event Banner
 mailing) now through March                 mailing) now through March              Can provide Logo Items for the Player’s
Mention in Constant Contact weekly        Mention in Constant Contact weekly          Goody Bag
 event announcement (now until              event announcement (now until           Logo in Chamber Chat newsletter
 event)                                     event)                                   (circulation 350 plus electronic mail-
Your Logo on Golf Tournament Web          Your Logo on Golf Tournament Web           ing) now through March
 Page with link to your site now           Page with link to your site now          Mention in Constant Contact weekly
 through March 2012 when new               through March 2012 when new               event announcement (now until
 event dates are posted                    event dates are posted                    event)
Mention in Constant Contact weekly        Logo on Program Inside Front Cover &      Your Logo on Golf Tournament Web
 event announcement (now until             One Fourth Page Ad within                 Page with link to your site now
 event)                                   Mention on the St. Augustine, Ponte        through March 2012 when new
Logo on Program Inside Front Cover &       Vedra & the Beaches Event Calendar        event dates are posted
 One-Half Page Ad Inside                   and on                                   Logo on Program Inside Front Cover
Mention on the St. Augustine, Ponte &          Mention on the St. Augustine, Ponte
 Vedra & the Beaches Event Calendar                   Vedra & the Beaches Event Calendar
 and on                                   Recognition at all Chamber events          and on &           now through March               &                  Mention in Press Releases        
Recognition at all Chamber events         Mention in Event Promotion through        Recognition at all Chamber events
 now through March                         other Chamber member clubs                now through March
Mention in Press Releases                 Your Banner displayed at the event        Mention in Press Releases
Mention in Event Promotion through        Photo of Sponsor Representative in        Mention in Event Promotion through
 other Chamber member clubs                 March Chamber Chat                       other Chamber member clubs
Your Banner displayed at the event        Golf Twosome                              Photo of Sponsor Representative in
Photo of Sponsor Representative in                                                   March Chamber Chat
 March Chamber Chat                                                                 Golf For One
Golf Threesome
Chamber Chat                                   Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                               Page 7

2012 Ponte Vedra Chamber Golf Tournament
                                                               2012 Ponte Vedra Beach Cham-
                                                                   ber Golf Tournament
                                                                   A Salute to the Military
                                                                  President’s Day ~ February 20
                                                                           at the Palencia Club
                                                                               Presented by

    A Portion of the Proceeds Benefits Wounded Warrior Project
$250 Hospitality Tent             Lunch In Kind (144 Box       $400 Dinner Sponsor               $175 Hole Sponsor if New ~
 Sponsor Benefits:                Lunches) Sponsor Benefits:    Benefits:                        $125 if Returning & Signed
Sponsor Sign at Tent              Mention on Flyers & Forms    Mention on Flyers & Forms         Up by January 15 Benefits:
Mention on Flyers & Forms         Four Tickets to the Dinner   Four Tickets to the Dinner        Sponsor Sign at Hole
Mention in Chamber Chat           Mention in Chamber Chat      Mention in Chamber Chat           Mention in March Chamber
 now through March                 now through March            now through March                  Chat
Mention on Press Releases         Mention in Press Releases    Mention in Press Releases
Refreshment Cost Not              Golf for one                 Golf for one

    To Play: Foursome $525, Individual $145, Extra Dinner $40
Schedule:                                                      Includes:

10:30 am - 11:45 am – Check-In & Putting Contest
                      Check-                                    *Golf Clinic

11:00 am - Golf Clinic                                          *18 Holes of Golf at Palencia ~Schamble Format

11:45 am - Captain’s Meeting                                    *Golf Shirt & Bag of Promotional Gifts

12 noon - Shotgun Start                                                                Hole-in-
                                                                *Six Party Holes, Four Hole-in-One Contests with Brumos Cars &
                                                                Rolex from Underwoods plus Eight Other Contest Holes
 5:00 pm - Cocktail Hour
                                                                *Box Lunch, Cocktail Hour & Dinner with Free Beer & Wine
 6:00 pm - Dinner & Awards Ceremony
                                                                *Awards Ceremony with 1st – 3trd Place Gross & Net Winners of
                                                                 Waterford Crystal
                                                                *Raffle Prizes plus Silent & Live Auction

Yes, We want to provide support for the     Company Name ____________________________________________________
2012 Ponte Vedra Beach Chamber of
Commerce Golf Tournament: and               Address ___________________________________________________________
Wounded Warrior Project
                                            Representative ______________________________________________________
□   Live or Silent Auction Item
□   Raffle Prize                            Signature __________________________________________________________
□   Goody Bag Item ~ approximately 144
                                       Phone _____________________ Email __________________________________
    of each item needed
                                            Description _____________________________________Value_______________
Chamber Chat                                                     Volume 16, Issue 9                                   Page 8

Aqua Grill Named 2011 Small Business of the Year
In the fall of 1987, restaurateur Cary Hart            name change, proved to be a profitable              people's lives.”
moved from Gainesville to Ponte Vedra Beach            decision as Aqua Grill continued to reinvent
                                                                                                           They are proud to also offer locals a place to
to open a second location of his successful Aw         itself and prosper. Working hand in hand with
                                                                                                           call their own. Aqua Grill's goal is to act as an
Shucks restaurant. In March of 1988,                   the Sawgrass Marriott and all of their
                                                                                                           extension of someone's family and offer them
coinciding with THE PLAYERS Championship,              hospitality partners who send out of town
                                                                                                           a warm, friendly gathering spot where
the doors of Aw Shucks opened for business.            guests to Aqua Grill, their goal has always
                                                                                                           community members gather for business and
For eleven years, Aw Shucks operated                   been to act as an ambassador to folks visiting
                                                                                                           pleasure, and to share and commemorate the
successfully in Sawgrass Village showing               the area. They want visitors to leave Ponte
                                                                                                           special occasions in a customer's life. As a
steady, continued growth.                              Vedra with a WOW experience that they can
In 1999, with an interior renovation under             not wait to share with friends.                     result, their bar is known as the local “Cheers”,
works, Hart decided to change the name from            The mission and business philosophy have            where everyone knows your name.
Aw Shucks to Aqua Grill, in order to better            remained consistent for the past 23 years:          Congratulations to Cary Hart and his staff for
reflect the diverse and eclectic gourmet menu          “Build relationships, promote a sense of            their commitment to both their customers and
coupled with a casually elegant ambiance.              community, always come from a place of yes,         to our community.
The interior improvements, coupled with the            and be a steward of the special moments in

New Board Member
                         We are excited to announce that Barry McDonald General Manager of Sawagrass Country Club, has joined the Ponte
                         Vedra Chamber Board of Directors. He is originally from the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York and has been the
                         Sawgrass Country Club’s General Manager for past three years. Barry’s career in the hospitality industry includes several
                         world class clubs in both southwest Florida and central New York over the past fifteen years.
                          Barry’s background in club management has allowed him to pursue his passion of golf and his sincere interest in
                         providing the highest level of sporting and social programs for membership clubs. Other interests include fishing,
                         boating and dining out around Jacksonville.
                         Barry has a degree in Hospitality Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Florida Gulf
                         Coast University. He is also an involved member of the Club Managers Association of America and holds their certification
                         in club management designation, CCM.

New Members
Acupuncture For Women                   First Coast Signs, Inc                 Selectpay Payroll, Inc.                  WAWS – Action News Jax
Samantha Sager                          Rebecca Walden                         Debbie Davis                             Michael Hardy
120 King Sago Court                     3728 Philips Highway, Suite 37         165 Wells Road, Suite 409                11700 Central Parkway – Unit 2
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082             Jacksonville, FL 32207                 Orange Park, FL 32073                    Jacksonville, FL 32224
904-273-                                904-398-3993
                                        904-398-                               904-264-6322
                                                                               904-264-                                 904-996-0482
                                                                                                                        904-996-                        904-396-6463
                                        904-396-                               904-264-
Brightlink Technology
Joe Flask                                         Sign-
                                        Jax Beach Sign-A-Rama                  Unlimited Resources, Inc.
13500 Sutton Park Drive South,          Bill Kirsch                            Chuck Johnson
Suite 105                               746 South 3 Street                     6014 Bridgewater Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32224                  Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250           Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
904-619-1966                            904-247-4115
                                        904-247-                               904-521-
904-992-9907                            904-247-
                                        904-247-0688                                info@signarama-

                              Thanks to Our November Ambassadors
    Lindsey Godfrey Ed Mercel Debbie Michala Kristin Pirris
Chamber Chat                                            Volume 16, Issue 9                                  Page 9

Chamber Before Hours ~ Berry & Co. Real Estate

Chamber President Felicia Cox along with Susan King,    Clare Berry lead a question    Everyone enjoys getting out for our morning
the new Executive Director of BEAM and our sponsor,     and answer period about the networking event.
Clare Berry.                                            current real estate situation.

Chamber After Hours ~ Pusser’s

Ambassadors Heather Senterfitt, Kristin Pirris and Dana Bob Baer always has a good       Alex and Leigh Quijano of Art & Alex Photography
Merrill take time out to chat.                          time and enjoys the hors         were big winners at the event.

Small Business of the Year Awards Luncheon

Felicia Cox, right, & Ginger Lilley Peace, left,         Richard Willich of MDI, who Amy Morace of Garcia Plastic Surgery, Natalie Dunlop of
congratulate April Hart of Aqua Grill, center, for being sponsored our luncheon, was Media Mix, Jim Mabry of Tropical Smoothies, April Hart,
named Chamber Small Business of the Year.                our speaker.                Marshall Reddy of FranNet, Peter Reynolds of The Griggs
                                                                                         Group, Dr. Erika Hamer of Ponte Vedra Wellness Center &
                                                                                         Sheila Powers of Ten Salon were also nominated.
Chamber Chat                                       Volume 16, Issue 9                            Page 10

Grand Re-Opening ~ Bogey Grille

Chris Peace and Mel Cox enjoyed both the   Margaret Miele of BBVA Compass Bank with Jejnnifer Foreman of SunTrust Bank with Dan
food and the drink.                        Bob Davidson.                            Wortman of No Job Too Small.

Grand Opening ~ Home Video Studio

Dot McGreery with Mike Hardy of Fox. 30.   Julie Davidson with Miguel Salas, Home    Tina Biron of Heritage Bank with Ginger Lilley
                                           Video Studio owner, with his wife.        Peace.
Chamber Chat                                               Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                                                                 Page 11

                                                                                                 Chairman Lindsey Godfrey ~ Ponte Vedra Beach Realty      285-
                                                                                                 Bob Baer ~ Robert Baer Co.                               386-1484

                       Meet An Ambassador                                                        April Biller ~ Hampton Inn
                                                                                                 Brian Crooke ~ BB & T
                                                                                                 Jennifer Foreman ~ SunTrust Bank                         332-8838
                                                                                                 Mike Hardy ~ Fox 30                                      996-0482
                                                                                                 Ed Mercel ~ Queen's Harbour Real Estate Co.              221-2605
Margaret Miele joined BBVA Compass in January 2006 and later was appointed                       Debbie Michala ~ Processing Solutions                    273-2246
vice president and preferred client manager of Northeast Florida. In 2008, she                   Dana Merrill ~ John Merrill Homes                        383-5582
was named district sales manager of the Retail Banking Branch which involved                     Margaret Miele ~ BBVA Compass Bank                       564-8730
supporting relationships with 35 branch networks. Margaret has been the                          Cary-?Rae Oakley-Doran ~ Original Piece                  246-3008
Business Relationship Manager of the Ponte Vedra Branch since 2010. Prior
                                                                                                 Nina Oakley-Doran ~ Original Piece                       246-3008
to BBVA Compass, she spent 10 years working for MBNA America Bank in
Cleveland, Ohio in a variety of management positions. Margaret holds a BA                        Kristin Pirris ~ Pirris Insurance & Financial Services   997—3051
from Ohio University and an MBA in Business Management from John Carroll                         Heather Senterfitt ~ First Coast Focus                   610-3074
University also in Ohio. She holds state certified licenses in Series 6, Series 63               To Become an Ambassador, call Lindsey today!
and Florida Life and Variable Annuity.

                       Small Business Tip~Cathy Hagan, SBDC at UNF
                       Small Business Give Back

As the end of 2011 rapidly approaches, although
                                                       • Acknowledge all staff. When allocating                   •      When giving gifts to customers, promote
there is still trepidation about what lies ahead for
                                                       bonuses, do not forget the behind-the-scenes               products from other small businesses. Support
the economy and your business, small business
                                                       people who have helped craft the successful                the businesses in Ponte Vedra by purchasing
owners still want (and need) to recognize
                                                       client presentations and made the travel                   gifts from your fellow Chamber members.
employees for their performance and customers
                                                       arrangements possible. Try to include them in              Consider charitable contributions. If your
for their loyalty throughout the year. Consider
                                                       your bonus-giving plans.                                   customer is involved in a specific cause or group,
these tips:
                                                                                                                  consider giving to that charity. Making donations
•    Tie employee bonuses to goals. Bonuses                                                                       on behalf of the people on your list can be a
                                                       •      Give the gift of time. If you can not afford to     meaningful way to say thank you.
should non-subjective, measurable, and
                                                       give bonuses this year, give the next best thing –
performance-oriented. So clearly align bonuses
                                                       time. Extra time off during the holidays or an
with company or staff goals. If you did not set
                                                       opportunity to come in late one day a week, for
goals with staff this year but still want to give
                                                       example, demonstrate your appreciation of your
bonuses, consider tying employee performance
to recognized company goals.
Chamber Chat                                      Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                                   Page 12

Chamber Clips
                                       Baptist Medical Center Beaches Receives                        An almost three-decade old
                                                                                                      Jacksonville CPA firm, Patrick
                                               Consumer Quality Award                                 & Robinson CPAs, is
                                   Jacksonville Beach, Florida, November 3, 2011 – Baptist            branching out from its
                                   Medical Center Beaches recently received an Excellence             Atlantic Blvd. St. Nicholas
                                   through Insight award for the “Highest Community Perception        location to an office in Ponte
                                   of Quality” from HealthStream® Research (HSR), a leading           Vedra Beach.
                                   provider of research and learning solutions for the healthcare     Partners say improving client
                                   industry.                                                          access and natural market
                                                                                                      expansion drove the move.
                                   “We have an exceptional team at Baptist Beaches who work           The new office is at 6000-A
                                   together to provide the best care to each of our patients and      Sawgrass Village Circle, Suite
                                   their family member,” said Joe Mitrick, hospital president,        1, near the Sawgrass Village
                                   Baptist Medical Center Beaches. “We are honored to be              shopping center. Partner
                                   recognized for the high-quality care our staff and physicians      affiliations include the
                                   provide to our community with this most recent award.”             Jacksonville Regional
                                   The Excellence through Insight award recognizes hospitals          Chamber of Commerce,
                                   that excel in their ability to gain insight into their patients,   American Institute of Certified
                    Has            employees, physicians and community through research and           Public Accountants, Florida
                    Moved!                                                                            Institute of Certified Public
                                   using the format to build excellence within their organization
                                                                                                      Accountants, and the Small
                                   through high satisfaction and consumer preference scores.          Business Resource Network.
The Morgan Company                 HSR compared the results of consumer perception studies            In addition, Patrick &
Promotional Advertising            conducted in the Beaches community to those of similar             Robinson, CPAs is the only
2520 Isabella Blvd, Suite 50       studies conducted for hospitals across the country. The hospi-     firm in North Florida selected
                                   tals that performed the best were given the award.                 for membership by CPA
Jacksonville Beach, FL                                                                                Connect, a nationwide net-
32250                                                                                                 work of proven CPAs to
904 - 242-0472     Phone                                                                              handle local or national needs.
                                                                                                      For more information, call
904 - 242 -0471    Fax                                                                                396-5400, or visit
University of Florida Career
Showcase Accepting                                                                                    For the holidays,
Registrations for Spring                                                                              Underwoods brings to you
2012!                                                                                                 these top designers all in one
                                   Pusser’s Bar and Grille is excited to announce a Rum Tasting       store:David Yurman, John
Recruit from 6000+ UF                                                                                 Hardy, Ippolita, DiModolo,
students and alumni at the                                         5:30-
                                   on December 12, 2011 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. to benefit Ponte
                                                                                                      Mikimoto, Hearts on Fire,
bi-annual Career Resource          Vedra’s ‘Birdies for the Brave Foundation’, a military outreach    Roberto Coin and many
Center’s Career Showcase on        initiative proudly supported by the PGA Tour.                      more.
January 24th (non-technical                                                                           Underwood Jewelers
day) and January 25th (technical   This truly unique event will be held in the new Pusser’s ‘Rum      330 A1a N # 204
day) for your full-time and        Room’ and will feature over 40 premium rums from around            Ponte Vedra Beach
internship needs. Registration                                                                        (904) 280-1202
                                   the world. The evening will also include presentations from
is now open. January 3rd is the
early registration deadline.
                                   several spirits representatives on the origins of Rum and it’s     JMCLAUGHLIN is opening
Registration and additional        role throughout history, as well as it’s categorizations           early at 9:30 am and
details can be found at            with respect to regional variations and grades.                    closing later at 6:30 .                                                                         beginning Dec. 12th for
Contact Career Events at           Tickets can be purchased for just $15 in advance at                your Holiday shopping or (352)
                                                          needs. We are always
273-2331 with questions.                                                                              happy to wrap your
                                   100 percent of the event proceeds will be donated to               purchases at no charge!
                                   charity. For more information, interested parties should           330 A1A North, Suite 214
                                   call 904.280.7766.                                                 Ponte Vedra Beach
Chamber Chat                                      Volume 16, Issue 9
                                                                                                         Page 13

Chamber Clips
                                                                               Brunet-García Advertising, Inc., announces the promotion of
                                                                               Nikki Guillette from accounting manager to finance & opera-
                                                                               tions manager. Since joining Brunet-García, Nikki has ex-
                                                                               panded the vision and scope of her position,       becoming an
                                                                               integral resource for the management team. In recognition of the
                                                                               pivotal role she plays in agency      operations, Nikki will
                                                                               immediately join agency partners and officials as part of the
                                                                               Brunet-García management team.

                                           Recently named a “certified agency operations manager” through Second Wind, a professional infor-
                                           mation resource for mid-sized advertising agencies, Nikki will now oversee accounting, human
                                           resources and operational functions for the San Marco-based agency.

                                           She holds an M.A. from the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, where she had
                                           the opportunity to study operations management internationally with companies such BMW and
                                           Siemens. Her background includes experience in real estate, politics, accounting and small business

                                        Give the gift of life! All year long, YMCA gift certificates are a great way to tell
                                        friends and family you care about their health and well-being. This holiday
                                        season, treat yourself or someone you love with a Y gift certificate, good for a
                                        wide variety of our programs to help get you started on the right foot.
                                        Here are just a few of our most popular gift ideas:
                                                 •    Family and Adult Y Memberships
Grand Opening of Goodwill’s brand                •    Personal Training Packages
new boutique in Ponte Vedra,                     •    Nutrition Consultation with Health Screenings
Bluetique. Left to right: Ginger Lilley
                                                 •    Massage Therapy
Peace, Eric Eastland/Chairman of the
                                                 •    Winter Camp Immokalee
Board, Amber Russo/V.P. of Retail
Sales-Goodwill, Bob                              •    And so much more!
Thayer/President-Goodwill and           For more information on YMCA programs, please visit
Felicia Cox.

Kristin Pirris, CFP®, owner of Pirris Insurance and Financial Services, has been authorized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of
Standards (CFP Board) to use the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CFP (with flame design)® in
accordance with CFP Board certification and renewal requirements. Ms. Pirris specializes in asset protection and tax diversification of
portfolios. These marks identify those individuals who have met the rigorous experience and ethical requirements of the CFP Board,
have successfully completed financial planning coursework and have passed the CFP® Certification Examination covering the following
areas: the financial planning process, risk management, investments, tax planning and management, retirement and employee benefits,
and estate planning. CFP® certificants also agree to meet ongoing continuing education requirements and to uphold CFP Board’s Code of
Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Rules of Conduct and Financial Planning Practice Standards.
                                                                        FOR SALE IN THE CHAMBER OFFICE

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