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									                                  Ewing High School’s
                                   Guidance Gazette
2011-2012 Volume 6, Issue 3: November 14, 2011                                            Informing you on what you need to know!

Announcements!                                                               NATIONAL HISPANIC COLLEGE FAIR
                                                                            EHS Juniors and Seniors are invited to the Fall College and Career Fair,
 EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY FUND PROGRAM                                      sponsored by National Hispanic College Fairs, Inc. Mandatory permission
   The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) is a state-funded program         slips are available in the Guidance Office and must be signed by the
that provides financial and academic support to New Jersey residents who    guardian and returned by November 28th. This college fair is free of
want to attend college full-time. To see if you qualify and meet the        charge with bus transportation provided, leaving EHS at 9AM and
Commission on Higher Education’s guidelines, check their website at         returning at 11AM. Over 50 institutions will be in attendance! Call the colleges you are                Where: Cedar Gardens Banquet, Route 33, Hamilton, NJ
applying to and ask for information on their EOF programs.                             Time: 9:00AM – 11:00AM
 FEDERAL STUDENT AID’S FREE PUBLICATION                                               For:      Juniors and Seniors
   For a complete list of publications, for more information on any                    Cost:     Free
publication listed and to order copies please visit                   Due:      Parent-signed permission slips due Nov 28th!
 FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE, 2011-2012 Semester 1                                  NAVIANCE FAMILY CONNECTION – NEW TO EHS!!!
Thursday – Monday: January 26, 27 & 30 are all single session days             Welcome to Naviance Family Connection!               Naviance’s Family
with school ending at 12:15 PM and no lunches will be served.               Connection is a new and powerful, comprehensive online program that is
   Thursday, January 26, 2012             Block 1 and Block 2 Exams         being used this 2011-2012 school year by EHS parents/guardians,
   Friday, January 27, 2012               Block 3 and Block 4 Exams         students and EHS Guidance Counselors to help students plan for careers
   Monday, January 30, 2012               Make-Up Exams                     and college. The Guidance Department strongly advises you to become
                                          Pre-authorized students only      familiar with the many resources available through Family Connection.
   Tuesday, January 31, 2012              NO SCHOOL for EHS Students        There are many great features that can help guide students through their
                                          Semester Transition Day           career and/or college research. It is a great tool for everything from
   Wednesday, February 1, 2012            SEMESTER 2 BEGINS                 personality and career exploration to college searches. In January and
 FINANCIAL AID NIGHT AT EWING HIGH SCHOOL                                  February, Family Connection will be introduced to juniors and in April, May
College-bound seniors and their parents are encouraged not to miss this     and early June to sophomores and freshman.
wonderful information-packed evening to learn all about current financial      Additionally for seniors, you will be able to organize your college
aid opportunities from guest speaker Robert Alston, Assistant Director of   applications. You will be able to keep personal notes on colleges you are
Financial Aid from TCNJ.                                                    considering, keep track of transcripts and deadlines, and manage your list
           When: Thursday, December 8, 2011                                 of potential colleges. Beginning this year, seniors requesting a “Guidance
           Time: 6:30 PM                                                    Counselor or Teacher Letter of Recommendation” will be required to do so
           Where: EHS Media Center                                          via Family Connection. Parents of seniors should be completing the
           For:      College bound seniors and their parents                ―Parent Brag Sheet‖ on Family Connection. Seniors should be completing
           Cost:     Free                                                   the ―Student Brag Sheet‖ and their ―Resume‖ on Family Connection.
 GOING TO COLLEGE IN NEW JERSEY                                               Our goal at Ewing High School is to provide our students,
   Student aid is widely available in NJ, which ranks among the top two     parents/guardians, and staff with an efficient, streamlined method for
states in the nation for providing need-based assistance for college.       processing college information in a timely and effective manner.
Nearly one-third of NJ full-time college students receive need-based aid.      In September, seniors and their parents were provided with a personal
The Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) administers       access code and instructions for accessing Family Connection.
New Jersey’s student aid programs. For details on finances for students     Parents/Guardians and students must register separately and a unique
going to college in NJ, visit or call 800-792-8670.           email address is required for each registration.
   For students transferring from a two-year school, on September 22,          In Family Connection, you will be able to build a resume, develop a
2008, the NJ President’s Council approved the Comprehensive State-          game plan, explore career and college possibilities, and manage timelines
Wide Transfer Agreement. Under the provisions of this Agreement, an         as well as deadlines for making all necessary decisions.
Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree from a NJ           Family Connection allows us to share information with you about
community college will be fully transferable as the first two years of a    upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other
baccalaureate degree program and will be considered to have completed       Web resources for career and/or college information, as well as including
all lower division General Education requirements. For additional           a link that you can use to send e-mail messages directly to your guidance
information visit, a joint initiative between the NJ         counselor. We hope that you will find this resource useful and helpful.
Commission on Higher Education and the NJ President’s Council.               NEW JERSEY STARS PROGRAM…free tuition is in the stars!
 GUIDANCE GAZETTE                                                             The New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Rewards Scholarship (NJ
      1.                                                STARS) is the first state-sponsored scholarship program in the nation that
      2. Click on ―SCHOOLS‖ (home page, top menu bar)                       is specifically designed for community college students. NJ STARS
      3. Then click on ―EWING HIGH SCHOOL‖                                  covers the cost of tuition and approved fees at New Jersey’s 19
      4. Click on ―ABOUT‖ then ―GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT‖                        community colleges. New Jersey high school students who graduate in
      5. Then click on ―GUIDANCE GAZETTE‖                                   the top 15 percent of their New Jersey high school class may be eligible
                                                                            for NJ Stars.
                                                       Guidance Gazette
2011-2012 Volume 6, Issue 3: November 14, 2011                                                                              

   In order to be eligible, (to list a few) students must also:                 in the Guidance Office and submit to Mrs. Rose. Within 2 school days,
     First complete a rigorous series of high school courses                   the student will receive their applications via their homeroom teacher.
     Take at least 12 college credits per semester (max 18 credits)                Allow 10 extra school days prior to the deadline for scholarships that
     Have 5 semesters of eligibility for NJ STARS                              require a teacher recommendation and/or a transcript. The student must
     Take a college placement test                                             fill out a ―Transcript Release Form‖ (parent signature required) and
     Earn a 3.25 cumulative GPA from Community College (CC) in order           ―Transcript Request Form‖ and submit them directly to the student’s
      to be eligible for NJ STARS II                                            guidance counselor. Turn in all completed scholarships on time directly to
 First apply for all other federal and state financial aid by filing FAFSA     the guidance counselor. Remember to proof read!
 Be enrolled in an associate degree program at a NJ CC
 Maintain continuous full-time enrollment at a NJ CC                           Colleges Open House
 Have a 3.0 or better GPA from freshman year to sophomore year                 Before visiting any college open house, and for more information, visit their individual
   Students who have earned college credits during high school will be          website. In calendar order:
able to submit those credits for consideration to the community college,
and upon meeting the established criteria should have those credits             The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ                       Sat, Nov 19th
applied to their degree. For more information and complete details on NJ          Brower Student Center Atrium: 9:45AM – 1:15PM
STARS, visit New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance                     Johnson & Wales University – Providence, RI                Sat, Dec 10th
Authority or                                                     Visit, or call 800-342-5598
                                                                                Bridgewater College – Bridgewater, VA                      Sat, Jan 28th
                                                                                  Register online at         Sat, Feb 11th
   Remains Unchanged for Fall 2011 Students
   TRENTON, N.J.— The New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward
Scholarship (NJ STARS) for community college students and NJ STARS
                                                                                Colleges & Programs
II scholarship for juniors and seniors at NJ's public colleges and              Visit EHS
universities will remain unchanged after Governor Chris Christie signed
                                                                                Posted daily on EHS’s Daily Bulletin too! All college, armed services, and special programs
the FY2012 State Budget into law on June 30, 2011.                              to visit EHS will take place in the Senior Cafeteria during student lunches 11:00 AM-1:00 PM,
   NJ STARS II will provide $6,000 per year tuition scholarships to NJ          BK 3A-D. This is a great way to get a sneak peak, so STOP BY & VISIT! In calendar order:
STARS students who earn their associate degrees at community colleges
with grade point averages (GPAs) between 3.25 and 3.49 and transfer to          Pace University – New York City, NY                                       Mon, Nov 14th
                                                                                California Talent & Finishing School, Roz Clancy Casting                  Tues, Nov 15th
New Jersey's public four-year colleges or universities to complete their        Ursinus College – Collegeville, PA                                        Wed, Nov 16th
baccalaureate degrees. For NJ STARS students who complete their                 Salon Professional Academy – S. Plainfield, NJ                            Thurs, Nov 17th
associate degrees at community colleges with GPAs of 3.5 to 4.0, NJ             The Art Institute of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA                      Wed, Dec 21st
STARS II will provide $7,000 per year tuition scholarships.
   According to NJ STARS legislation, the State will cover half of the cost     Guidance Staff
of the NJ STARS II tuition scholarship and the participating four-year
                                                                                Take a moment and introduce yourself to our guidance staff who are always willing to help
colleges and universities will cover the other half.                            you in any way, or call us at 538-9800.
   You can receive breaking news about NJ STARS by following the NJ
STARS Scholarship on Face book:                                  Assistant Principal for Guidance and Instruction
   Public 4-year colleges and universities participating in NJ STARS II are:                           Betty Jo Prince X2110
   The College of New Jersey                 Kean University                    Guidance Counselors                   Guidance Office Secretaries
   Montclair State University                Rowan University                   Shalieka Jarrett   X2119              Lisa McLendon     X2112
   New Jersey City University                Rutgers University                 Joseph Kittel      X2114              Kathy Rose        X2113
   Thomas Edison State College               Ramapo College of New Jersey       James Pocetti      X2116              Toni Stewart      X2111
                       New Jersey Institute of Technology                       Lisa Roth          X2115
                 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey                     Brenda Solomon X2117
                  William Paterson University of New Jersey                                       GUIDANCE MISSION STATEMENT
               University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey                 “Our mission is to implement a developmental guidance program
                            (Bachelor’s degree only)                              that will help all students acquire the skills in the educational,
 SCHOLARSHIP LIST                                                                  social and vocational areas necessary for living in a multi-
    1.                                                      cultural society. We promote decision making, independency, self-
    2. Click on ―SCHOOLS‖ (home page, top menu bar)                                reliance and life long learning and skills to adapt to an ever
                                                                                changing society. Additionally, we help students to develop strong
    3. Then click on ―EWING HIGH SCHOOL‖                                        introspective attributes and meet personal challenges in a mature
    4. Click on ―ABOUT‖ then ―GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT‖                                                         productive way.”
    5. Then click on ―SCHOLARSHIP LIST‖
  The Scholarship List will no longer be included in the Guidance               Quote of the Day
Gazette, but is available online on our district website as well as on Family
Connection by Naviance. It is the student’s responsibility to seek any
scholarship application for which he/she feels eligible…just fill out a
                                                                                                “Leadership and learning are
―Scholarship Request Form‖ (please request scholarship by application #)                         indispensible to each other.”
                                                                                                                                                      ~John F. Kennedy

                                                         Guidance Gazette
2011-2012 Volume 6, Issue 3: November 14, 2011                                                                                       

Take advantage of these scholarship opportunities!                                         attachments for your records. You may want to complete your application
                                                                                           and your essay on blank paper first, so that corrections can be made
                                                                                           before entering your information online or on the actual form.
                  Internet Websites for the                                                 WHAT’S NEXT? IT’S YOUR JOB, YOUR CHOICE, & YOUR LIFE!
                   College-Bound Student                                                   Choosing a career: The New Jersey Department of Labor and
  College Board Online                                         Workforce Development has put together some key information you may
  College View                                                  need to help plan your future. NJCAN is an online career guidance
                                                                                           system that offers information about careers and employment, plus
  Engineering & Robotics       information about the education and training needed to succeed in your
  FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid                   chosen occupation. NJCAN is free of charge to New Jersey residents. To
  Fast WEB                                                          get started, go to
  Higher Education Information Center
  MA Educational Financing Authority
                                                                                            Should you consider apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are available
  Mapping Your Future                                   for a wide variety of jobs. An apprenticeship is a relationship between an
  Nat’l Assoc. of Student Financial Aid Administrators               employer and an employee during which the employee, or apprentice,
  Peterson’s Education Center                                     learns a highly skilled occupation. The programs consist of a combination
  Sallie Mae
  Scholarships htpp://
                                                                                           of both classroom and on-the-job training. For more information, visit
  The National Commission for Cooperative Education
  The Princeton Review                                               Social                Media                        Tips
  U.S. Department of Education
  Yahoo Search                                Provided by “Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids about Being Online” or online
                                                                                            Remind kids that once they post information online, they cannot take it
Seniors & College                                                                             back. Even if they delete the information from a site, they have little
                                                                                              control over older versions that may exist on other people’s computers
Over the next few months, all seniors will be seen individually by their                      and circulate online.
counselor and given a “Senior Packet” along with a complete explanation                     Use privacy settings to restrict who can access and post on your profile.
of the college application process. Please review your packet! Here is a                      Some social networking sites, chat rooms, and blogs have strong
brief summary:                                                                                privacy settings. Parents should talk to their kids about these settings,
NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, JANUARY                                                                   and expectations for who should be allowed to view their profile.
 Fill out one transcript request form for each college/university and                      Review your friends list. Parents may want to limit their children’s
      scholarship for which you are applying in a timely manner (allow 10                     online ―friends‖ to people they actually know.
      school days)
 Utilize Family Connection by Naviance as instructed by your                              Test Dates 2011-2012
      guidance counselor
 Complete your “Student Brag Sheet” and “Resume” on Family                                ACT National Test: Registration booklets are available in the Guidance
      Connection                                                                           Office or you may register online at for immediate
 Have your parent/guardian complete the “Parent Brag Sheet” on                            response. Test dates are always on a Saturday. The 2011-2012
      Family Connection                                                                    registration fee is $33.00-ACT (No Writing), and $48.00-ACT Plus Writing
 Colleges and universities that accept electronic documents must be                       (late fee $21.00 each when applicable). For standby testing add $41.00.
                                                                                                     Date        Registration Deadline   Late Fee Required
      completed through Naviance                                                              ACT Dec 10         Nov 4            Nov 5 – 18
 Apply to your colleges (completed applications should be submitted                          ACT Feb 11         Jan 13           Jan 14 – 20
      to your counselor at least 10 school days prior to the deadline)                        ACT Apr 14         March 9          Mar 10 – 23
 Take SAT and SAT II by November/December for most regular                                   ACT Jun 9          May 3            May 5 – 18
      decision application processes
 Have SAT & SAT II scores sent to all schools/programs to which you                       SAT Reasoning Test: Ewing High School (code 311-480) is listed under
      are applying                                                                         the Trenton heading in the College Board’s Bulletin. Registration booklets
 Notification period for early decision Nov 15th-Dec 15th (when mailing,                  are available in the Guidance Office or you may register online at
      remember…Small envelopes are bad…Big envelopes are better)                  for an immediate response. Test dates are
 Attend Financial Aid Night at EHS, Thursday, Dec 8th at 6:30PM in                        always on a Saturday from 7:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. For 2011-2012, the SAT
      EHS’s Media Center                                                                   registration fee is $49.00, plus a late fee of $26.00 when applicable.
 Complete the Financial Aid forms (FAFSA and/or CSS Profile)                              Fee waivers for students who receive free or reduced lunch are available
      required by your colleges (available in Guidance Office)                             from Mrs. McLendon in the Guidance Office.
                                                                                                                             Date        Registration Deadline   Late Fee
 Mail FAFSA after Jan 1st only                                                               SAT & Subject Tests            Dec 3           Nov 8               Nov 20
APPLICATION TIPS: Your application may be your first introduction to                          SAT & Subject Tests            Jan 28          Dec 30              Jan 13
an institution and you want to make a good impression. Make sure your                         SAT only                       Mar 10          Feb 10              Feb 24
application is clean, neat and thoroughly completed. Make note of                             SAT at EHS & Subject Tests     May 5           April 6             Apr 20
deadlines and submit your application well in advance. Proofread your                         SAT & Subject Tests            Jun 2           May 8               May 22
application and your essay. Make a copy of your application and any
                                               Guidance Gazette
2011-2012 Volume 6, Issue 3: November 14, 2011                 

                  Mark Your
Sat, Nov 19th     Young Scholars’ Institute, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
                  Trenton Central High School – Main Campus
                  Free College Admissions, Financial Aid and
                  Career Planning Workshop
                  To register, call 609-393-3200 X 1101 or visit
Wed, Nov 23rd     Single Session Day, EHS ends 12:15 PM
Thurs-Fri         SCHOOL CLOSED
Nov 24th & 25th   Observance of Thanksgiving Day

Thurs, Dec 8th    Financial Aid Night, Media Center 6:30 PM
Fri, Dec 9th      EHS Cotillion, West Trenton Ballroom, 7-10:30 PM
Fri, Dec 16th     End of S1, Term 2, Qtr 3
Fri, Dec 23rd     Single Session, EHS ends 12:15 PM

Tues, Jan 3rd     SCHOOL RESUMES Full Day
Mon, Jan 16th     SCHOOL CLOSED
                  Observance of Martin Luther King Day
Thurs, Jan 26th   Final Exams for Block 1 and Block 2
                  Single Session day for EHS – EHS ends 12:15 PM
Fri, Jan 27th     Final Exams for Block 3 and Block 4
                  Single Session day for EHS – EHS ends 12:15 PM
Mon, Jan 30th     Make-Up Final Exams for pre-authorized students
                  Single Session day for EHS – EHS ends 12:15 PM
Mon, Jan 30th     End of Semester 1 for 2011-2012
Tues, Jan 31st    SCHOOL CLOSED K-12
                  Staff Transition Day

Wed, Feb 1st      EHS Semester 2 for 2011-2012 begins
Wed, Feb 15th     EHS Back-to-School Night for Semester 2, 6:30 PM
Mon, Feb 20th     School CLOSED
                  Observance of Presidents’ Day


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