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									                                 Los Angeles Mission College
                                  CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
                                      February 12, 2008

 Members Present:      Cindy Cooper, Madelline Hernandez, Myriam Mekelburg,
                       Said Pazirandeh, Mike Reynolds, Leslie Foster, Sandy Thomsen,
                       Mi Chong Park, Lilamani DeSilva, Carolyn Daly (arrived at 2:05 PM)

 Guest:                Deborah Paulsen, Phoebe Rivera, Terri English

 Members Absent:       Sonia Soto


 Said called the meeting to order at 1:10 PM

I. Approval of Minutes

          November 6, 2007 minutes M/S/Approved Cindy/Lil
          December 4, 2007 minutes M/S/Tabled Cindy/Lil

II. Old Business

   a. Multimedia 100, M/S/Approved Cindy/Myriam; (Coreq. Art 638) M/S/Approved

   b. Multimedia 200, M/S/Approved Cindy/Sandy; (Coreq. Art 638, Advisory MM 100)
      M/S/Approved Cindy/Sandy

   c. Multimedia 210, M/S/Approved Cindy/Leslie; (Coreq. Art 638) M/S/Approved

   d. Learning Skills 001T M/S/Approved Cindy/Sandy

   e. Addition of a District Course - PE 131, M/S/Approved Leslie/Sandy; Course
      Reinstatement - PE 322 M/S/Approved Leslie/Sandy

III. New Business

          A. Course Updates - none

          B. New Courses - none

          C. Addition of a District Course

                    History 52 M/S/Approved Cindy/Sandy

          D. Distance Education - none

          E. Archives - none
         F. Certificates/Skill Certificates - none

         G. Degree Option

                   AA-Liberal Arts
                   AA-General Studies
                   AA-Liberal Studies

                These degrees will replace our current Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies
                (now General Studies) effective Fall 2008. These degrees were a collaboration
                b/w the Articulation Officer, the Curriculum Chair, Department Chairs, and
                Counseling, and have been reviewed and supported by EPC.

                M/S/Approved Leslie/Sandy (all 3 AA degrees as a package)

         H. Course Change Request

                   Dev Com 22, A, B, C, D, E (district hour change) M/S/Approved
                    Cindy/Sandy (as a package)
                   Basic Skills 007CE (district number change) M/S/Approved Cindy/Sandy
                   Learning Skills 4 (Harold Gee requested that a formal course change
                    request be submitted for an already approved PNCR) M/S/Approved

         J. Program Changes - none

IV.   Committee Reports

         a. (Pazirandeh) New Math and English requirements will be adopted district-wide in fall
         2009. Faculty should be aware.

V.    Other Business

         Motion to place the item below of the agenda M/S/Approved Cindy/Sandy

         Informational: The English Department, via proxy from Chair Louise Barbato, presented
         by Madelline Hernandez, made notification to the C.C. of the change of accepting a
         score of 3 on the English AP Exam for English 101 equivalence, replacing the prior
         criterion of a score of 4. Effective for Spring 2008.

Meeting adjourned: 2:37 PM

Transcribed by Mike Reynolds

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