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					  Disclosure of Information under Section 4 of the RTI Act for compliance of
   direction issued by the Central Information Commission, U/S 19(8) (a)

I. Brief history and Objective of the Institute

    The Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Sreekariyam, Thiruvananthapuram-17,
Kerala is a constituent unit of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research which is a
society registered under Indian Societies Act, 1860 and comes under the DARE, Krishi
Bhawan, New Delhi.

       The Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI) and the Regional Centre at
Bhubaneswar is engaged in Research and Development activities on various aspects of
tropical root and tuber crops. Since its inception in 1963, the institute has made
significant research achievements in cassava, sweet potato, yams, edible aroids and
different minor tropical crops and the institute has many prestigious awards and
recognitions to its credit.

       To undertake basic, strategic and applied research for generating technologies to
        enhance productivity and utilization potential of tuber crops (other than potato)

       To act as a national repository of scientific information on tuber crops

       To coordinate network research with State Agricultural Universities for
        generating location specific technologies

       To act as a centre of human resources development for various clientele systems
        involved in tuber crops research and development

       To undertake transfer of tuber crops technology through consultancy, outreach
        programmes and linkage with developmental agencies.
General Achievements

    The CTCRI is the only one of its kind in the world dedicated solely to the research
on tropical tuber crops. Nearly four decades of concerted research have led to the
development of several production and processing technologies for tuber crops besides
release of nearly 49 improved varieties. The target group of most of the technologies
being marginal and resource poor farmers, adequate emphasis is also given for on farm
evaluation and popularization of the technologies. In addition, several industrial Hi-tech
technologies were also developed in the recent past enabling resource generation
through consultancies.
             II.   Organisational set up

               INSTITUTE MANAGEMENT                                                RESEARCH ADVISORY
                                                          DIRECTOR                      COMMITTE

                ADMINISTRATION &
                   ACCOUNTS                                                              SERVICES

                                                                            PME            FARM           LIBRARY

                    REGIONAL CENTRE                   RESEARCH                    AICRP ON TUBER
                     BHUBANESWAR                                                      CROPS

Crop Improvement             Crop Production            Crop Protection           Crop Utilization      Social Science

                                 Agronomy                                            Horticulture
 Genetics & Cytogenetics     Soil Physics/Soil &          Plant Pathology            Microbiology
     Plant Breeding          Watet conservation          Agril.Entomology            Biochemistry
     Biotechnology             Soil Chemistry               Nematology             Agril.Entomology         ARIS Cell
      Horticulture           Soil Microbiology                                      Org.Chemistry
   Economic Botany            Plant Physiology                                     Agril.Structure &
                                Horticulture                                      Process Engineering
                                                                                     Home Science

                   III. Details of the powers and duties of officers and employees of the

                       Director         :          He is the head of the department and exercises powers as
                                                   delegated to him by the Council. He leads and guides the
                                                   Institute for achieving the goals/mandate of the Institute.

                       Heads of         :          They are responsible for the achievement of the specific
                       Divisions                   Research programmes/objectives set forth by the Institute.
      Scientists    :      There are Principal Scientists, Sr.Scientists, Scientists (SG),
                           Scientist (Sr.Scale) and scientists who carry out research
                           work under a Division Head.

      Head of              At present Administrative Officer is the head of the
      Administration:      administration. He is also the Head of Office.

      Head of Audit &
      Accounts     :       At present Asst.Fin.& Accounts Officer is the head of Audit &

IV. List of rules, regulations, instructions, manual and records, held by public authority
or under its control or used by its employees for discharging functions as per the
following format. This format has to be filled for each type of document.

Name/title of document                     FR
Type of document                           Rules
Choose one of the types given below
(Rules, Regulations, Instructions, manual,
Records, others)
Brief Write-up on the document             Govt. of India Instructions issued from
                                           time to time regarding Fundamental Rules
                                           and other rules. Also the guidelines,
                                           instructions issued by the ICAR.

From where one can get a copy of rules,                     Open Market
regulations, instructions, manual and                (eg. Swamy’s News, Chennai)
Fee charged by the department for a copy N.A.
of rules, regulations, instructions, manual
and records (if any)

V.    Whether there is any provision to seek consultation/participation of public or its
      representatives for formulation of policies? If there is, please provide details of
      such policy in following format.

VI.    Use the format given below to give the information about the official documents.
       Also mention the place where the documents are available e.g. at secretariat
       level, directorate level, others (Please mention the level in place of writing

       Information related to research activities and other information can be had from
       the Institute. Information on Tuber Crops, planting materials and other farm
       related activities can be had from the Scientist-in-charge, Farm, CTCRI,
       Sreekariyam. Other official information can be had from the Principal
       Information Officer of the Institute.

VII.   Boards, Councils, Committees and Other Bodies          related to the Institute:


VIII. Contact information about the Public Information Officers, Assistant        Public
Information Officers and Departmental Appellate Authority of the Public authority

             Public Information Officer           - Tel.No. 0471-2598551 (Extn.111)

             Asst. Public Information Officer     - Tel.No.

             Transparency Officer                 - Tel.No. 0471-2598193

             Appellate authority              - Director, CTCRI, Sreekariyam,
IX. Procedure followed to take a decision for various matters? (A reference to
Secretariat Manual and rule of Business Manual, and other Rules/regulations etc. can be

           Govt. of India Rules and procedures. Also ICAR rules & guidelines.

X.Documented procedures/laid down procedures/Defined Criteria/Rules to arrive at a
particular decision matters? What are different levels through which a decision process

       GOI/ICAR rules and guidelines are followed in arriving at decisions.

       DA → AAO → AO → Director for normal official functions

       Scientist → HOD → Director → for normal research activities

       Scientist → HOD → SRC → Director for normal Institute research activities
XI. Arrangements to communicate the decision to the public?

              Institute website and through the Public Information Officer

XII. Who are the offices at various levels whose opinions are sought for the process
      of decision making?


XIII. Final authority that vets the decision?

              The Director

XV.    Please provide information separately in the following format for the important
       matters on which the decision is taken by the public authority.

Purchase     Chemicals,     glasswares, As per GOI/ICAR rules & guidelines
             equipments, etc.
Appointments Lower levels at Institute  As per ICAR recruitment rules

XVI.   Directory of Officers and Employees

              Provided separately

XVII. Please provide information about the details of the budget for different activities
      under different schemes in the given format:

              The budget details for 2010-11 given separately

XVIII. The Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes Please provide the information
       as per the following format


XIX.   Particulars of Recipients of concessions, permits or authorization granted by it.


XX.    Please provide the details of the Norms/Standards set by the Department for
       execution of various activities/programmes.

S.No. Research activities
XXI.   Please provide the details of the information related to the various schemes
       which are available in the electronic format.

             As available in the website

XXII. Means, methods or facilitation available to the public which are adopted by the
      department for dissemination of information.

                         Website and Public Information Officer

XXIII. Frequency Asked Questions and their Answers.

XXIV. Related to seeking Information

XXV. With relation to training imparted to public by Public Authority.

                                   Training (various)

                                                                  (under modification)

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