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                                        Raising Young Voices in Song for Over 25 Years!
                            OFFICEMANAGER@FREDCC.ORG                   10716 ETZLER MILL ROAD                            JUDY DUBOSE
                            301-845-2451                               WOODSBORO, MD 21798                      FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR
                            W W W . F R E D C C . O R G                                                          O C T O B E R        2 0 1 1

   Thank you to
    everyone for a
    very successful     From the Director
    Mums Sale!
                        Dear Parents and Singers,
   We have a                             It has been so much fun getting to know our newest singers in Little Music Makers and Training
    winter concert                        Chorus. We also have singers who are new to the Concert Chorus and Chamber Singers. This
    date and loca-
                                          time of transition is very exciting as we watch and listen while singers experience singing with
                                          an ensemble new to them. We especially enjoy those times in rehearsal when singers share
    tion—Dec 10 at
                                          their ideas about the meanings of the texts and relate these meanings to their own experiences.
    Linganore High
    School!                               During this time of transition, each singer is asked to develop a time schedule of home practice
                                          and to be well prepared to rehearse every song on the weekly schedule. The only time
   We had a great                        rehearsals aren’t fun is when the singers can’t sing the parts they are supposed to know,
    time at our                           requiring us to learn the part at the rehearsal. This sort of learning is kind of boring, as we sing
    Gaver Farm          the same thing several times until it sticks in our memory. This is much better done at home over several days
    Social! Check       or weeks. We want to keep the rehearsals moving forward and, to that end, ask singers to please keep those
    out the photos
                        practice times consistent and to stay focused while practicing.
    inside.             Our staff has been working with great energy and enthusiasm to make our chorus better every year. Several
                        new initiatives have been introduced in order to make our chorus more cohesive and to build social strength
                        among chorus members and parents. Our first initiative was our Social Event at Gaver Farm on September 30.
                        We hope you participated, met or reunited with other families, and had a great time together!
                        If you have suggestions for other social events for our families please forward these suggestions to Gina Ekanger
INSIDE THIS             Our first fundraiser sold 750 mums and was a great success. The weather at the mum pick-up night was fabulous
ISSUE:                  (no rain!). The helpers were in good spirits and very enthusiastic. Thanks to everyone who supported this
                        fundraiser by selling and by volunteering at pick-up night. More fundraisers are coming. Remember, these
9/11 Concert       2    fundraisers help us make the chorus more affordable for families who have limited funds and for those who have
                        several children enrolled. If everyone joins in and helps in some way (either selling or volunteering) we can
                        continue to serve the entire Frederick community without raising the cost to participants.
Mums Wrap-         2    Lastly, I would like to call your attention to a Washington Post insert from Wednesday, September 21. You can
Up                      find it at this link: I especially hope you will read the interview
                        with popular performer Jason Mraz. I found his testimony, which describes his experience singing in high school,
Economic           3    to be rich in the very benefits we strive to provide in the Children’s Chorus. We hope you see many similarities.
Adjustments             While not every child is destined to become a music icon, the benefits have an over-arching effect on every
                        child’s academic and social success.
LMM Calendar       4
                        Sincerely,   Mrs. DuBose
Attendance         4
                        Winter Concert Date and Location Confirmed!
Fundraising        5-   We have confirmed that our winter concert will be held on December 10 at
Information        6    7:30pm at Linganore High School. Thank you to Damon Dye for helping us
                        through the reservation process at the school! Our Mandatory Rehearsal dates
Calendar of        7-   will be December 4 (for Chamber Singers), and December 6, 8, 9, and 10 for ALL
Events                  singers. The weeknight rehearsals will run between 6 and 9 pm. The Saturday
                        morning rehearsal will be from 8:45 to noon. We will have specific start and end times for each chorus in
                        the next newsletter. For now, please put these dates and general times on your calendars.
                        The only excused absence for these rehearsals is a conflict with a required school concert. If you run into
                        such a conflict, please make us aware of it as soon as possible. Please provide a written note to Mrs.
                        Farrell at rehearsal explaining your conflict.
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                                September 11th Interfaith Remembrance Service
                                Thank you to all those who participated in the 9/11 service at Baker Park. Please read on for a thank
                                you from Associate Pastor Jan Daffern at the E&R Church:
                                                           Thank you for your tremendous support of the Frederick Interfaith
                                                           Community Service on September 11 in Baker Park. So many of you
                                                           attended and offered your assistance!
                                                           Millard Haines and the Citizens Brass greatly enhanced the service with
                                                           accompaniment to the hymns and Taps. Amy did an outstanding job of
                                                           formatting and printing the program, Alison Shafer coordinated the
                                                           Community Choir--you probably saw the photos in the Frederick News
                                                           Post of the singers from ERUCC. Following the eloquent call for us to
                                                           see ourselves in the other from Rabbi Dan Sikowitz, Thanks to the
                                                           encouragement and support of Beanie Cornell, Dr. Syed Haque presented
                                a moving account of his experience of September 11 ten years earlier.
 We had a great time            The young people really captured the essence of the day. The Frederick Children’s Chorus sang
                                beautifully and modeled community values in their attentiveness to the program. I was filled with awe
    at our Fall Chorus          and wonder as I listened to Nayab Khan, a student at Monocacy Middle School chant a reading from
                                the Koran and then heard the translation from Khunoot Mansoor a student at Urbana Middle
 Social at Gaver Tree           School. The testimony of Aida Odabasic, the Hood College student from Bosnia who grew up with
                                war, was particularly poignant.
Farm! We jumped on
                                All the work and preparation resulted in an inspiring hour for many people in the community. I heard
     the air pillow for         lots of comments like, this represents the best of who we are. This service was so thoughtful and
                                reflective. So thank you again for your attendance, words of encouragement and enthusiasm and labor
hours, took trips down          on this project.
 the hay slide, fed the

    animals, did some

 country dancing, ate

 some great food, and

generally had a terrific

  time! We’re glad that so

 many were able to join us
                                    Mums Fundraiser—Thank You!
                                                     The mums sale was a great success once again. Naomi Ruth oversaw our
   and we look forward to                            fundraiser this year and did a great job for us—thanks to her for taking on this
                                                     task year after year! Thanks also to all who sold, including the top three
  getting together more in                           sellers: Hannah Snyder, Natalie Sanino, and the Johnson family – Peter, Ada, and
                the future!                          Mary Joy. Over 750 mums were sold, which means over $2500 profit for our
                                                     chorus. (We also had $231 in donations.) Thank you also to all those who
                                                     helped on mum delivery night. We had 4 FCC members, 11 parents and
                                    grandparents, and Mr. DuBose to help unload, sort, and load the mums. We couldn't have done
                                         it without you! The mums came from Catoctin Mountain Growers, a Frederick County
                                         Business. They looked great--we hope everyone enjoys them. Job well done, everyone!

                                          Concert Blouse Exchange
                                       On October 11 Mrs. Husson will be holding a concert wardrobe blouse
                                       exchange. Girls, please try on your current blouses before this evening.
                                       If you have outgrown your blouse, you may bring the clean blouse to
                                       rehearsal that night to exchange for another girl’s blouse in the correct
                                       size. This process will be first-come-first-serve since we cannot
                                guarantee how many blouses will be available.

                                If we do not have a blouse available for you to exchange, the purchase of a new blouse will be $15.25-
                                16.25 (depending on size).

               THE         TREBLE   VOICE
WWW.FREDCC.ORG                                                                                                                                  PAGE   3

Our 2011-2012 Season Economic Adjustments
In this unstable economy, extra-curricular activities are often the first to suffer. For the past 3 years, we have
been fighting shrinking enrollment numbers, higher drop-out rates, and more scholarship applications than ever
before. We are making adjustments everywhere we can to counterbalance these setbacks. We want you to
know that we do everything we can to give you the best deal in town without going into the red. The following
is a list of some of the measures we have taken to help keep tuition costs down despite having smaller
enrollment numbers…
-Musicianship: We have reduced the number of musicianship classes for the treble group and made each class
larger to help balance the budget. This requires fewer teachers which helps lower costs.
-Chamber Singers: We are moving Chamber Singer rehearsals to Tuesdays in the springtime to reduce the number of director staff
hours we are paying. The Chamber Singers will rehearse with the Concert Chorus sometimes and by themselves sometimes, but we are
able to make this happen without adding staff on Tuesdays. We’ll just be stretching the existing staff a little thinner during those times.
-Spring Calendar Shortened: We are starting our spring semester 2 weeks later than usual. Our spring season has always been a
month longer than our fall season. We are saving 2 weeks of payroll by starting rehearsals on the 17th of January.
-Printing: We've stopped printing posters and postcards for the concerts. We've reduced our program printing numbers and will be
asking families to share a program at concerts.
-Advertising: We've lowered our advertising budget and we are trying to use more creative, cost-effective ways to advertise.
-Concerts: We are raising ticket prices for this year from $6/$12 to $7/$14. We've raised DVD/CD prices because it was discovered
that we were actually losing money on the concert recordings (we lost $1,000 in 2010 for the 25th anniversary concert because it ran so
long it had to be on 3 DVDs!).
-Office Staffing: We are trying to reduce office staffing costs by lowering the number of office hours we have budgeted and pin-pointing
costs where we know they exist (you may have noticed the payment plan fees on the enrollment paperwork, because the task of
depositing checks and maintaining financial records for each singer is one of our most time consuming office tasks).
-Newsletters: We are only going to publish a newsletter every other month (you may have noticed that your August Newsletter said
―August/September‖). This will reduce the hours our office staff spend creating newsletters which are sometimes redundant.
Additionally, only the August newsletter is mailed to you with your Mum fundraiser documents. All other newsletters are published
directly to the website and you will receive an email when it’s ready to be viewed.
-Musicians: You may have noticed that we didn’t have any outside musicians performing at our last concert. We have decided to pick
fewer pieces that require professional musicians unless we can get them to perform pro bono (if you know any musicians like that, please
send them our way!).
-Grants: We are applying for grants to help boost our operating and scholarship funds so that we can do more without asking our
chorus families for more money. Last spring Mrs. DuBose wrote nearly a dozen letters of recommendation in hopes that some of our
worthy students who were in need of financial assistance could receive scholarships from the Frederick Community Foundation. It
worked! Several did receive funding for chorus tuition and private voice lessons.
In summary, we are trying to be creative to maintain the same great experience for each child by making small adjustments in several
places. Your tuition only pays for approximately 54% of the total costs it takes to run the chorus organization. Our static costs, such as
directing staff, are less expensive per person if we have more people to spread them across. Lower enrollment means each person has
to carry a bigger portion of the pie. This is not a complete list of steps we are taking, but includes the items that affect you directly.
While providing a comparable chorus experience to those area choruses listed below, you may be surprised to see that we work on a
much smaller budget, and although our list of members is nearly the same, tuition in Frederick is considerably less.

Comparison Pricing
The Frederick Children’s Chorus:                           Peabody Children’s Chorus (Baltimore area):
        Little Music Makers (ages 5-8) - $350 per year            The Training Choir (ages 6-10) - $610 per year
        Treble Chorus (ages 8-14) - $500 for new students,        The Choristers (ages 10-14) - $716 per year
                  $450 for returning students per year            The Chamber Singers (ages 12-18) - $780 per year
        Chamber Singers (ages 14-18) - $300 per year

All Children’s Chorus of Annapolis:                         Children’s Chorus of Washington (D.C. area):
         Training Chorus (ages 8-11) - $250 per year                Treble Chorus (ages 9-13) - $1,075 per year
         Treble and Chamber Choruses (ages 9-18) - $450 per         Bel Canto Chorus (ages 10-14) - $1,125 per year
         year                                                       Concert Chorus (ages 11 and up) - $1,225 per year
          *Note: The ACCA was free to singers for its first 6 years due to all staff
          volunteering their time and a full-time grant writer seeking grants to
          cover all costs. After the first director retired, the organization hired a Children’s Chorus of Maryland (Towson/Timonium
          new director, one or our alumni, Julie Thomas Culotta. They have also area):
          hired a paid office manager. Tuition costs have been slowly increasing              Crickets Program (ages 4-6) - $890 per year
          over the past 4 years in order to continue the organization with paid
          staff. Additionally, there are fundraising "goals" of $300 per child in
                                                                                              Conservatory Program (ages 5 ½ and up):
          treble/chambers and $150 for training. They are only goals, not                      Treble Choir (Beginners) - $2,295 per year
          requirements, and they give singers 30% of all fundraising into a trip
          account.                                                                             Lyric Choir (Intermediates) - $2,995 per year
                                                                                        Concert Choir (Advanced) - $3,495 per year
Glorystar Children’s Chorus (Montgomery County area):
        Beginning Choir (ages 5-8) - $350 per year
        Training Choir (8-11) - $500 per year
        Concert Choir (10-14) - $570 per year
        Chamber Choir (14-18) - $650 per year
         PAGE     4         Little Music Makers—Calendar Change!
                            Our winter concert date has been changed from December 13 to December 20. The time and location
                            remain the same and we will still be holding a pot luck gathering immediately following the concert.
                            We have chosen to extend the LMM session this semester due to several factors. First, we held
                            enrollment open longer this year so we want all the children to have the opportunity to learn the pieces as
                            well as possible. Second, because several on our LMM staff also teach in the schools, we have learned that
                            their school concert schedules conflict with our December 13 date. We want to give our singers and
                            families the best experience possible and changing this date will help us to do just that!
                            We hope that this change will work for our LMM families and will not conflict with any holiday plans. We
                            hope you understand and can easily make the change to your schedule. Please let us know as SOON as
                            possible if you already have a conflict on this date. (You will not be charged any additional fees for this
                            extra week of class.)

                            Touring Ensemble Accepted to the Sing A Mile High Festival
                            Our Touring Ensemble has been accepted to participate in the Sing A Mile High festival next June in
                            Denver, Colorado. The following is our acceptance letter:

                            Congratulations! You have been accepted into the SAMH 2012 festival with guest conductor David
                            Brunner and resident conductor Jena Dickey. You will be joining:
                                      Crystal Children's Choir, Cupertino California
                                          Voices of Africa Tanzania, East Africa
                                        Vivace Youth Chorus, San Jose California
                                    South Shore Children's Chorus, Montreal, Canada
                                     Sierra Nevada Children's Choir, Reno, Nevada
                                 Lenoir-Rhyne Youth Chorus, Charleston, South Carolina
                                         Centennial Children's Chorus, Colorado
                                             Princeton Girlchoir, New Jersey
                                      Young Voices of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
                            We believe that you and your singers will have a remarkable time with inspirational music directed by Dr
                            Brunner in rehearsals on the campus of Colorado Christian University (CCU) and concert in the
                            beautiful performing arts center at The University of Denver (DU).
    Volunteer committee
  assignments were sent     Congratulations to our singers! This will be a great experience for everyone!
out in e-mails during the
month of September. If
you did not receive one,
please let us know! Also    Rehearsal Attendance Policy
 please contact us if you
                                                            1. Be sure to arrive on time. If you are late, check in at the attendance table
   have any questions or                                    to see that you were marked present after the rehearsal is over.
    concerns about your                                     2. Singers may miss a total of two (2) rehearsals between September 6th and
  assignment. We thank                                      the December 10th concert. Illness or family conflicts are good reasons to
             you for your                                   miss a rehearsal.
     participation in our                                   3. Remember, the only excused absences for mandatory rehearsals on
  organization. We rely                                     concert week are for GRADED school choral, band, or orchestral
on your volunteer hours     concerts. You should notify us in writing as soon as you are aware of the conflict, but no later than 2
                            weeks prior to the event. If your child is enrolled in a choral, band, or orchestra program at school, and
      to keep the chorus    you haven’t heard about a fall concert, you should call to ask. This has been our mandatory concert week
   running smoothly and     policy for many, many years. Singers and parents who do not notify us prior to 2 weeks before the
               enjoyably!   concert may be asked not to sing in the concert as this causes us to have to rebuild seating charts and
                            rehearsal plans for the mandatory rehearsals. You may think that one child’s attendance doesn’t make a
                            difference, but it really does!
                            4. We may also rehearse on days with inclement weather if there is an improvement by late afternoon. If
                            you are uncertain, please check our website’s homepage at after 4pm on
                            Tuesdays and after 2pm on Sunday. We will also do our best to notify everyone via e-mail.
                            5. If you have an emergency on the night of a mandatory rehearsal, please call Mrs. DuBose’s cell phone
                            immediately - 301-524-1132. If you don’t call us, we may be calling you.

             THE      TREBLE      VOICE
                                                                                                                               PAGE          5

Happy Birthday in October!
Marisa Segovia                Concert Chorus       10/1/1998
Ann DuBose                    Staff                10/5/1979
Sean Dickason                 FCS                  10/5/1994
Penny Owens                   Concert Chorus       10/6/2000
Sarah Schmehl                 FCS                  10/08/1995
Adam Rainbolt                 Training I           10/08/2002
Sara Reagan                   Concert Chorus       10/11/1999
Zoe Thomas                    Training I           10/11/2000
Jordyn Shaffer                FCS                  10/14/1994
Kimberly Habicht              Concert Chorus       10/15/1996
Stella Tessarollo             Training II          10/15/2002
Japheth Whitmore              Training II          10/25/1998
Drew Canning                  Concert Chorus       10/28/1998
Ella Roth                     Training I           10/20/2003
Jared Yee                     FCS                  10/31/1997
Emily Fulton                  FCS                  10/31/1996

Silent Basket Auction
The Touring Ensemble of The Frederick Children Chorus is hosting a silent basket auction at the Winter Concert in December 2011. These
baskets would make a wonderful holiday gift! All funds will be distributed equally amongst the Touring Ensemble members to defray the cost
of the culminating trip to represent our children’s chorus. We ask for your support with donations to place in our baskets. Bring your
donations to your child’s practice on Tuesday nights and drop them in our donations boxes. All donations should be delivered by
November 15!

                                   Our proposed themes are:

                                   Chocolate Lover’s (variety of specialty chocolate treats)
                                   Pamper Yourself (manicure/pedicure cards, soaps, massage)
                                   Bakers’ Delight (baking goodies, gadgets, specialty recipes)
                                   Chefs’ Curiosities (kitchen gadgets, specialty box treats, etc.)
                                   Friday Night Family Fun (board games, card games, dominoes, etc.)
                                   Movie Night & Snack (movies, popcorn, Cracker Jack, etc.)
                                   Dining Out (gift cards from a variety of restaurant)
                                   Readers’ Dream (books, gift cards, Kindle gift card, etc.)

Should you have any questions about this event please contact Genny at or Gina at

Scrip Fundraising Program
Scrip is a term that means ―substitute money‖. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing negotiable gift
certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like
food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn revenue for our organization.
The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non-profit organizations to purchase
large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased
with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. Our organization buys the scrip from
Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells the certificates to families like yours for full face value. The
discount – from two to fifteen percent or more – is our organization’s revenue.
Scrip is a popular fundraiser because families don’t have to sell anything. Organization members produce revenue
by making regular household purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can
be purchased with scrip.
Stop by the attendance table at check-in to see all of the available options. The first purchase deadline will be
October 18.
PAGE   6

           Support Our Singers (S.O.S.) Year-Over-Year Fundraising For Future TE
           All singers in all choruses are invited to participate in fundraisers that will benefit the Touring Ensemble.
           Although you may not be a member of the TE yet, you will have the opportunity to fundraise toward future
           events should you become a member later. All singers who have been invited to be a member of the
           Touring Ensemble, whether they accepted this year’s invitation or not are invited to participate in certain
           fundraisers to begin saving for next year’s Ensemble trip. Parents of these singers are welcome and
           encouraged to attend the fundraising committee meeting on October 4 th to hear more. Guidelines or rules
           for our S.O.S. opportunities are listed below:

           Rules of SOS Fundraising:
                  Non-TE singers can fundraise towards any future trip they might take with
                  Any funds raised go into a "bucket" with their name on it (in a spreadsheet).
                  No funds raised via SOS can be used for tuition/costume/regular season
                  No funds raised via SOS can be paid back to the family in cash.
                  Any balance in a singer's SOS account at the end of their enrollment with
                   the chorus gets rolled into the general TE account to be dispersed towards
                   the next trip.
                  Participating in SOS is not a guarantee that a singer will be invited to be a member of the TE.
                  SOS fundraisers will only be individual fund-raising efforts. Group fundraisers the TE engages in, such
                   as a carwash, where funds raised get divided up among the singers who participated in that event, will
                   only be available to current TE members, to help them raise funds toward their current year trip goal.

           When we announce fundraisers we will note whether they are for the general chorus or specifically for the
           Touring Ensemble. Please let us know if you have any questions.

           Program Ads
                                                       Program ads will be accepted through Friday, November
                                                       18th for the Fall Program and Friday, April 20th for the
                                                       Spring program. The form to be submitted with ads can be
                                                       found on the website. All artwork must be submitted on a
                                                       disk in PDF format or properly sized on white paper and
                                                       ready to scan. Ads can be turned in to the attendance desk
           or mailed to the chorus office. We can also accept properly formatted ads by email
           ( To be included in the program all artwork must be accompanied by a
           completed Ad Form and a payment for the ad. We will also accept congratulation messages from friends
           and family as ads. You can turn in your ad at rehearsal or mail it to the chorus office. If you have any
           questions, check with Mrs. Ekanger!

           Mixed Bag Fundraiser
           This fall, the chorus will be participating in a Mixed Bag fundraiser. If you attended the
           social at Gaver Farm, then you may have seen the display of the bags. Mixed Bags are
           eco-chic, reusable high quality tote bags. These bags are great for shopping, travel,
           toys, beach trips, projects, and so much more. The chorus will receive 50% of the
           profit from the sales. Orders will be due on Tuesday, October 25 (Sunday, October
           23 for FCS).

           Your singers should have received their materials (including the catalog of items) at
           their first October rehearsal. Please check their binders/chorus bags if you have not
           yet seen them. You can also find more information on their website:
           Mixed Bag Designs.

           If you have any questions, please contact chorus parent Priscella Celentano at or
           240-462-5602 .
WWW.FREDCC.ORG                                                                                                                                                   PAGE          7

  The Frederick Children’s Chorus
                                        Raising Young Voices In Song For Over 25 Years!
         Regular Tuesday Rehearsal Schedule
  TC Musicianship 5:00-5:45 and 7:15-8:00—Trinity Chapel
                                                                                Calendar of                   Please arrive 15 minutes early to each event. If
                                                                                                               you arrive late, be sure to check in with the director
     Little Music Makers 5:00-6:00pm—Trinity Chapel
      CC Musicianship 6:15-7:00pm—Trinity Chapel
                                                                                   Events                      at the end of the rehearsal. Bring all of your music to
                                                                                                              each rehearsal. In case of treacherous weather, check
                                                                                                               the website and look for an e-mail with rehearsal up-
    Training Chorus Rehearsal 6:00-7:00pm—Social Hall
   Concert Chorus Rehearsal 7:15-9:00pm—Social Hall                             October 2011                                            dates.

                                       2011                                                                      Little Music Makers Resumes!
                                                                                           Date:       Jan 17—Orientation—5-6pm in Trinity Chapel
        CC, FCS, TE—Performance at E&R Church Sunday Service
                                                                                           Date:      Jan 24—First Class—5-6pm in Trinity Chapel
Date:       October 16 at 10:00am for warm-up with service beginning at
            10:30. Dismissal following end of service, approx. 11:30-                               CC and FCS—MD Young Voices Festival (Mandatory)
            11:45. This event is mandatory for TE.                                         Date:     Feb 11 from 9am-10pm
   Attire – Black pants or skirt, black chorus shirt, black shoes and socks/stockings      Location: All Saints Episcopal Church, Frederick, MD

               Touring Ensemble/Chamber Singers Retreat                                                ACDA Eastern Division Convention, Rhode Island
Date:      October 22                                                                      Date:      Feb 15-19—Directors will be out of town
Time:      TE Retreat from 9am-12pm; FCS Retreat from 12:30-5:00pm
(All TE and FCS are expected to attend. If you already have a conflicting event,                      FCS—Performance at E&R Church Sunday Service
        please contact Mrs. DuBose immediately to discuss alternatives                     Date:      February 19 at 10:00am for warm-up with service beginning at
            (Please bring a bag lunch if you are attending both sessions).                            10:30. Dismissal following end of service, approx. 11:30-
                       CANCELLED—Girl Scout Event
  The event originally scheduled for November 12 has been cancelled due to                                     Let There Be Music Girl Scout Event
  unavailability of a location. Instead, all ages of scouts will be invited to the         Date:      March 3
                              March Girl Scout event.                                      Time:      Staff and CC Helpers arrive 8:00am for setup; Junior Scouts and CC
                                                                                                      Helpers 9-11am; FCS Helpers 12:15-3:00; Teens 1-3pm
      Small Group—Prelude to Amahl Performance (Tentative)                                 Location: E&R Church
Dates:     December 1&2 Rehearsals; December 3&4 Performances
A small group of singers will be chosen to perform as prelude to the Amahl Perform-                 CC/FCS—Performance at E&R Church Sunday Service
             ance held at the Frederick Seventh Day Adventist Church.
                                                                                           Date:      March 25 at 10:00am for warm-up with service beginning at
                         ALL—Winter Concert Week                                                      10:30. Dismissal following end of service, approx. 11:30-
Rehearsal Dates:                                                                                      11:45. This event is mandatory for all CC and FCS.
          FCS only:            Dec 4—3-6 pm—E&R Church
                                                                                                               ALL—Bring A Friend Ice Cream Social
            All Singers:        Dec 6—6-9 pm—E&R Church                                    Date:       April 10
                                Dec 8—6-9 pm—Linganore HS                                  Bring a friend to experience a regular rehearsal and play some musical games with us!
                                Dec 9—6-9 pm—Linganore HS
                                Dec 10—8:45 am-12:00 pm—Linganore HS                                  MACHE Home School Book Fair—Recruiting Event
(All choruses will not be scheduled to rehearse for the entire scheduled block. Specific   Date: April 13-14
   start and end times for each chorus will be available in next month’s newsletter.)      Location: Frederick Fairgrounds
Concert Date: Dec 10 – Singers report to Linganore HS at 6:45pm                             FCS members are asked to sign up for a shift at the table. We need 6 FCS total to
                   Concert begins at 7:30pm                                                                     help with this event, 2 for each of 3 shifts

                Little Music Makers Concert and Reception                                                          Little Music Makers Concert
Date:       Dec 20—Concert begins in Sanctuary at 5:30 pm                                  Date:      Apr 17—Concert begins in Sanctuary at 5:30pm
            Singers report to Social Hall at 4:45 pm—Pot luck reception to be                         Singers report to Social Hall at 4:45pm
            held in Social Hall immediately following concert
                                                                                                 LMM and TE (+TE Invitees)—Frederick Children’s Festival
                             FCS—Messiah                                                   Date:     April 28
Rehearsal Dates:     Dec 11 &18 FCS Messiah Rehearsal 4-6                                  We want to showcase our singers so the parents at the Festival see what their children
                     Dec 21 FCS Load-in and rehearsal at Weinberg 7-9                                          could be doing if they joined the chorus.
Concert Date:        Dec 22 Messiah Sing-Along – FCS Call 7:30
                                                                                                            ALL—Tentative Spring Concert Week
                     Performance 8:00pm
                                                                                           Rehearsal Dates: April 29 FCS Rehearsal 3-6; April 30-May 4 All Choruses re
    Come support our Chamber Singers and take part in this yearly event! Visit
                                                                                                     serve 6-9 for rehearsals – pending approval from FCPS
          for ticket information.
                                                                                                     May 5 Rehearsal 8:45am-12:00pm
                          Dec 23-Jan 16 Winter Break                                       Concert Date: May 5 – Location TBA – Pending approval from FCPS

                                       2012                                                                ALL BOYS—Baltimore Boychoir Festival
                                                                                           Dates: May 18—5-9:30pm
                           ALL Rehearsals Resume                                                  May 19—8:45am—9:30pm with concert at 7:30pm
Date:      Jan 17—All choruses resume regular schedule                                     Location: 3400 Norman Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213
    Note: All FCS rehearsals will take place on Tuesdays 7:15-9:00 in the spring                     This event is mandatory for all boys in ALL choruses.

    ABBREVIATIONS:                            TC = TRAINING CHORUS      CC = CONCERT CHORUS
    FCS = FREDERICK                           CHAMBER SINGERS      LMM = LITTLE MUSIC MAKERS
                                                    TE = TOURING ENSEMBLE
                                     Fall/Winter 2011 Schedule
Sunday               Monday         Tuesday             Wednesday            Thursday              Friday              Saturday


2– FCS Rehearsal     3              4—Rehearsal         5                    6                     7                   8
9– FCS Rehearsal     10             11—Rehearsal        12                   13                    14                  15
4-6pm                               Blouse Exchange
16– FCS Rehearsal    17             18—Rehearsal        19                   20                    21                  22 - TE Retreat 9-12
4-6pm                               SCRIP Orders Due                                                                   FCS Retreat 12:30-5
Performance at E&R

23– FCS Rehearsal    24             25—Rehearsal        26                   27                    28                  29
4-6pm                               Mixed Bag Orders

30– FCS Rehearsal    31             1—NOV—Rehearsal     2                    3                     4                   5

6– FCS Rehearsal     7              8—Rehearsal         9                    10                    11                  12

13– FCS Rehearsal    14             15—Rehearsal        16                   17                    18                  19
4-6pm                               Gift Basket Dona-
                                    tions Due
20– FCS Rehearsal    21             22—Rehearsal        23                   24                    25                  26

27– FCS Rehearsal    28             29—Rehearsal        30                   1– DEC                2-Amahl Rehearsal   3-Amahl Performance
4-6pm                                                                        Amahl Rehearsal       (Tentative)         (Tentative)

4– FCS Mandatory     5              6—Mandatory         7                    8– Mandatory          9– Mandatory        10—Mandatory
Rehearsal 3-6pm                     Rehearsal—6-9pm                          Rehearsal—6-9pm       Rehearsal—6-9pm     Reh 8:45-12 noon
Amahl Performance                                                                                                      Concert call at 6:45
(Tentative)                                                                                                            Concert begins 7:30
11– FCS Rehearsal    12             13                  14                   15                    16                  17

18– FCS Rehearsal    19             20                  21– Messiah Reh at   22– Messiah Sing-a-   23<< ————           24——————-
4-6pm                                                   Weinberg—7-9pm       Long—7:30 call

25————-              26 —- WINTER   27 ————-            28 —————             29 ————-              30—-BREAK           31 —————>>

1—JAN                2 —- WINTER    3————-              4————-               5————-                6—-BREAK            7—————>>

8————-               9 —- WINTER    10————-             11————-              12————-               13—-BREAK           14—————>>

15————-              16————-||      17– Rehearsal Re-   18                   19                    20                  21
                                    LMM Orientation
22                   23             24—Rehearsal        25                   26                    27                  28
                                    First LMM Class

29                   30             31—Rehearsal        1—FEB                2                     3                   4

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