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					The Medallion
                                                                                  W. Robinson Secondary School
                                                                           James February 2010                                                                                         Volume 38, Issue 2

                               February 2010
                                                                                                                                   5035 Sideburn Road Fairfax, VA 22032
                                                                                                                                                      Volume 38, Issue 2

                                                                                                                                            Clifton Cardinals in the Spotlight
Clifton RED                                                                                    By Chloe and Emily

 What is Clifton RED? Clifton RED is a committee that was             What would it cost to renovate Clifton Elementary? It could                                                          ―I will protest and
 formed to help save Clifton Elementary School from being             cost up to $19 million.                                                                                              do whatever to
 closed down.                                                                                                                                                                              stop them from
                                                                       Can I help save Clifton Elementary School? YES! For more
                                                                                                                                                                                           closing down
 What does Clifton RED stand for? Clifton RED means Reno-             information go to www.savecliftonelementary.org. You
                                                                                                                                                                                           Clifton. If I could,
 vate our school, Embrace our community, Dedicate your                can help by signing the petition at
                                                                                                                                                                                           I would go from
 efforts.                                                             www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-clifton-elementary-school Renovate our school
                                                                                                                                                                                           house to house
 Why is Fairfax County considering closing Clifton Elemen-            ---home-of-the-cardinals. Also, ask your parents to attend
                                                                                                                                                                                           giving out fliers to
 tary school down? Clifton may close because it is over-              community meetings. Merchandise supporting the effort,
                                                                                                                                                                                           help save Clifton.
 crowded and the water is not always safe to drink. Ac-               such as t-shirts and wrist bands, is available on the website.
                                                                                                                                                                       My favorite memory at Clifton is
 cording to savecliftonelementary.org, ―Because Clifton ES                                                                                                             when we set up camp under our
 is on well water, tests need to be conducted regularly to                                                                                                             desks.‖ ~ Luke, 7th
 determine if the drinking water quality meets state require-                                                                               Embrace our community
 ments. When the water quality falls below the state stan-
 dards, bottled water is brought in for consump-                                                                                                                       ―I will protest to stop
 tion.‖ Because of the water problem, students drink water                                                                                                             them from closing
 from water jugs and paper cups instead of drinking foun-                                                                                                              down Clifton. I will
 tains. Some students bring their own water bottles to                                                                                                                 help raise money to
 school.                                                                                                                                                               help save Clifton.
                                                                                                                                            Dedicate your efforts
 Where would Clifton Students go if the school closed                                                                                                                  Clifton was a good
                                                                                                                                                                       memory in my life
 down? FCPS is considering building a new school for
                                                                                                                                                                       and I don't forget it.
 Clifton students and other students whose elementary
                                                                                                                                                                       If they close down
 schools are too crowded on Liberty Middle School‘s
                                                                                                                                                                       Clifton I‘m going to be very angry
 grounds. Other elementary schools that would possibly
                                                                                                                                                                       and have to go to Centreville.‖
 send students to this new school include Colin Powell,
                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Heather, 7th
 Greenbriar West, and Eagle View.                                     Clifton Elementary School

                                                   On December        The presentation covered computer protection from viruses              navigate the
                                                17th, 2009, repre-    and spam, keeping personal information private, and de-                internet be-

                                            sentatives from           ciding if pictures were doctored. At the end, they played a            cause it‘s
                                           Google, YouTube, and       video that the representatives from YouTube had created                becoming

                                       iKeepSafe came to Robin-       called ―Playing and Staying Safe Online.‖ It lasts about two           more popu-

                            l      son to inform some students        minutes and is available to anyone on the World Wide Web.              lar…we want
                       n ie
                                about internet safety.                  After the video was played, students were allowed to ask             kids to know

   N            and           iKeepSafe is an ―Optimist Club [that]   questions. On the way out, attendees were given a light-up             how to keep
             ly       gives classroom lessons,‖ said Dr. Davina       bouncy ball that said ―Google‖ on it, a magnetic locker                information
         M        Pruitt, one of their representatives. ―Group        white board with a marker and separate magnets, and an                 private, how
     B y
            members give classroom lessons on internet                internet safety booklet. Above all, the main rule that the             to change
        safety. [We came here because] iKeepSafe and                  representatives from iKeepSafe tried to reinforce was to ―be           their privacy
 Robinson have a partnership.‖ Three half hour sessions               a skeptic.‖                                                            settings and              Reps in Recital Hall
were conducted for select middle school and high school                 Dorothy Chou from Google wants kids to know, ―We think               stay on safe
students. After everybody was seated in Recital Hall, Dr.             at Google and YouTube that there are a lot of kids going on            on appropriate websites.‖ For more information, search
Davina Pruitt introduced herself and opened a slideshow.              for fun and education, so we want them to stay safe and                ―Playing and Staying Safe Online‖ at YouTube.com.

According to RMS…                                                     Is it true?                                                   By Molly
                                                                                                                                                      What would you do?
                                          By Nicole                                                                                                                                                   By Molly
                                                             Often, pictures you
                                                           can find online have
  Over 200 Robinson Middle School students were asked if been doctored, or
they have a computer in their room or not, and what                                                                                                   Answer the following questions with ―yes‖ or ―no.‖
                                                           PhotoShopped, so
they use it for if they do. According to the poll results,                                                                                            1. Do you have access to a computer
                                                           viewers of these pho-
about 50% of students have a computer in their room                                                                                                       or cell phone?
                                                           tos have to be skepti-
and 50% do not. Of those who have computers in their                                                                                                  2. Do your parents know what you do
                                                           cal. Look at the pro-
bedrooms, people use the computer in their bedroom for portions, the direc-                                                                               on the computer?
Facebook, schoolwork, and games.                                                                                                                      3. Have you ever responded to an
                                                           tions of the shadow,
                                                                                                                                                          email or text from someone you
                                                           and pay close atten-
                                                                                                                                                          weren‘t sure you knew?
                                                           tion to if something
                                                                                                                                                      4. Have you ever forwarded a rumor or
                                                           was drawn in.                                        Image courtesy of dphotojournal.com       embarrassing picture?
                                                                                                                                                      5. Are you friends with anyone on a

Privacy/Protection                                                                                                              By Molly
                                                                                                                                                          social networking site you don‘t
                                                                                                                                                          personally know?

                            In this modern age, people of                           you live. Also know that spreading rude, cruel,                      If you answered ―yes‖ for the first question, you are
                          all ages are building online                              or embarrassing rumors or photos about                            like most people. If you put ―yes‖ for any of the others,
                          profiles and other egos known                             someone cannot be undone. Be sure you                             then you might want to take a look at the articles on
                          as avatars, posting pictures and                          know your online friends personally. Someone                      this page if you haven‘t already done so. Remember
                          videos from cell phones, texting                          who says they‘re a 13 year old girl who lives in                  to update protection software, keep personal infor-
                          and emailing, reconnecting                                Michigan could really be a 40 year old from                       mation minimal, and keep in mind that once some-
                          with friends they don‘t normally                          Nevada seeking personal information.                              thing is online, you can‘t erase or deny it.
                          see in person, and broadcast-                               To protect your computer from viruses,

                                                                                                                                                      Net Advice
                          ing what they‘re doing to hun-                            make sure to never answer or even open a
                          dreds of people. These are all   Although Facebook        text or email from someone unknown. They
                          fun things to do, but sometimes can be fun, always        could be trying to get personal information or
The WWW is a big
                          people tend to forget that any- remember to adjust        be sending a virus, which is often recurrent in                                                                  By Nicole
place; be careful what
                          thing online is viewable by any- privacy settings to      chain mail. If an email comes and it‘s suppos-
you say and do online!                                     ensure your informa- edly from a bank, pay attention to see if there
                          one. Did you know that one of
those people could try to send malware to your com-        tion is safe!            are spelling errors or if they know your name. If                 -Never give out your personal information including
puter?                                                                              there are, it‘s probably someone trying to                        address, phone number, passwords, social security
  How can people protect their privacy and computers from          access your financial passwords. Be careful of games or videos                     numbers, or any hints to where you live.
the World Wide Web? The best thing to do is don‘t profile any      you play or download, too, for they may contain viruses or re-
information you wouldn‘t want a stranger to know. This goes for quire personal information.                                                           -Never answer emails or click on pop-ups from unfa-
personal pictures, phone numbers, email addresses, or where                                                                                           miliar people or websites.

iKeepSafe Glossary                                                                                                                   By Molly
                                                                                                                                                      -Never talk to people online that you don‘t know.
                                                                                                                                                      Many people pretend to be someone they are not.

                                                                                                                                                      -Beware of getting a virus from websites, email, or
Badware/Malware: Bad software that can steal personal infor-             Sexting: Sending or forwarding sexually explicit pictures or mes-
                                                                                                                                                      downloads. These can crash your computer or steal
mation and send spam.                                                    sages on a phone.
                                                                                                                                                      information from your personal files.
Firewall: Hardware or software that blocks hackers from ac-              Spyware: Software installed on your computer without consent
cessing your info.                                                       to watch/control use of the device.
                                                                                                                                                      -Beware of inappropriate or doctored pictures online.
Intellectual property: Copyrighted commercial products                   P2P: Allows you to share music, games, movies online through a
(books, songs, photos, etc.).                                            network of computers.
                                                                                                                                                      -Be a skeptic by paying attention to details in pictures,
Phishing: When scam artists send spam, texts, or pop-ups to get          Virus: Malware that sneaks onto your computer often through
                                                                                                                                                      emails, and on web pages.
you to send them personal information.                                   emails and multiplies.

The Medallion                                                                              February 2010                                                                                          Volume 38, Issue 2

                                                                                                                             How to Keep your New Year‘s Resolutions
Orchestra at Robinson                                                                                By Nicole                                                                                       By Melissa and Jewel

  Why did you decide to be in                          The orchestra program at Robinson Middle School provides a
                                                                                                                                                                                 A new decade is here and it‘s time for
                                                     place for everyone, from beginner to expert. Students who have
 orchestra and what instrument                       experience definitely have a place, as well as students who have
                                                                                                                                                                               New Year‘s resolutions. Millions of people
                                                                                                                                                                               make resolutions, but fewer then 46%
         do you play?                                never played before. A beginner class called String Ensemble is
                                                                                                                                                                               actually keep them according to John
                                                     offered to students with little or no experience. It is conducted by
                                                                                                                                                                               C. Norcross, a professor of psychology at
―You should play in orchestra                        Mrs. Benolkin. The next level up is intermediate orchestra, or Con-
                                                                                                                                                                               University of Scranton. This year is your
because it is important for mu-                      cert Orchestra, which is also conducted by Mrs. Benolkin. It is
                                                                                                                                                                               year to stick to those tough goals! Here
sic to be part of your childhood.                    geared toward students who have experience, but are still devel-
                                                                                                                                                                               are eight helpful tips for approaching
I picked bass because experi-                        oping technique. The highest level middle school orchestra is
                                                                                                                                                                               your goals.
ence with it might help towards                      advanced, or the Sinfonietta, conducted by Mrs. Rupert. Sinfo-
electric bass.‖                                      nietta is for students who have more experience than others and
~Patrick, 7th

―I am very musical so I enjoy
                                                     have almost perfected more advanced techniques such as vi-
                                                     brato and shifting.                                                     1    Be Realistic: Don‘t try to have
                                                                                                                             a resolution in mind that you
                                                                                                                                                                                      5   Failure is Only Temporary:
                                                                                                                                                                                      Believe in yourself during the proc-
                                                       Orchestra is much more than just putting your bow on a string
expressing myself with it. It also                   and moving it back and forth. There are many different bowing           won‘t keep. If you do, then you                          ess of accomplishing your resolu-
helps me with my musicality for                      styles, notes, rhythms, scales, tempos, dynamics, and more. Or-         won‘t reach your goal. For exam-                         tion. If you fail while trying to
dance. I play the viola.‖                            chestra is a very visual group; you can actually see what the mu-       ple, resolving to do five hours of                       achieve your New Year‘s resolu-
~Alex, 7th                                           sicians are doing. If you‘re interested in music, orchestra may be      homework every night probably                            tion, just try again. Don‘t give up!

―I decided to play in the or-
chestra because everyone else
                                                     the right thing for you.
                                                       ―I decided to play in the orchestra because I like to make music
                                                                                                                             isn‘t going to happen.

                                                                                                                             2     Create a Plan: Plan out how
                                                                                                                                                                                      6    Try Something New: Try some-
                                                                                                                                                                                      thing new this year, don‘t just go
                                                     and because everyone in my family played an instrument at one
in my family does. I play the                        time or another. I play the viola,‖ explained Reagan, 7th grade.        you will accomplish your resolu-                         with the resolutions everyone else
cello because I love how it                            When in orchestra, students are given a chair. The chairs are         tion. Consider creating a chart or                       is doing. Make it unique and your
sounds.‖ ~Libby, 7th                                 identified by numbers and are assigned according to the level of        list of mini goals.                                      own. For example, make more

―I am in orchestra because I
love music and I have been
                                                     expertise of the musician. First chair is always the highest ―rank‖
                                                     chair, and in the front. Last chair is always the lowest ―rank‖ chair   3   Tell Others About It: Tell your
                                                                                                                             family and friends about your
                                                                                                                                                                                      friends, have a better outlook on
                                                                                                                                                                                      life, or perform a random act of
                                                                                                                                                                                      kindness everyday.
                                                     and is in the back. Chair numbers are decided during a seating
playing the cello for six years. I
like it because it is different than
the piano which I have been
                                                     audition where the conductor assesses the skill level of each musi-
                                                                                                                             resolution so they can motivate
                                                                                                                             you and help you reach your
                                                                                                                                                                                      7    Break Your Goal into Steps:
                                                                                                                                                                                      Don‘t try to reach for a big goal
                                                       For people who want an extra challenge, Junior District Orches-
playing for nine years.‖
~Ben, 7th
                                                     tra (JDO) is a great way to expand your horizons to outside of the
                                                     school. This year, Sinfonietta was required to attend the audition      4   Reward Yourself: Give yourself
                                                                                                                             some rewards for what you have
                                                                                                                                                                                      all at once, break it down and
                                                                                                                                                                                      take it one step at a time. Add a
                                                                                                                                                                                      reward at the end of each step.
                                                     for JDO on November 23rd at W.T. Woodson High School. Students
were required to play excerpts from ―Russlan and Ludmilla Overture‖ by Mikhail Glinka, 2 scales, and sight read.
A total of thirteen students in grades seven and eight were accepted from RMS including four 1 st violinists, three
                                                                                                                             accomplished. This is a super way
                                                                                                                             to motivate yourself to keep go-
                                                                                                                                                                                      8   Put Yourself in Charge: Meet-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ing goals is under your control.
2nd violinists, four violists, one cellist, and one bassist.
   ―I had to prepare a 10th grade level song to audition for the event. I also had to get help from the orchestra                                                                     Others can support you but it‘s up
teacher to learn the song correctly,‖ Nicholas, 7th grade said about preparing for JDO.                                                                                               to you, if you actually try to ac-
   After musicians attend the audition, they have about a month and a half to practice the piece, and on                                                                              complish them.
January 7th and 8th there were rehearsals with all who made it, and finally a concert on January 8th. This year‘s
JDO pieces were ―Russlan and Ludmilla Overture‖ by Mikhail Glinka, ―March Petite‖ by Ludwig Van Beethoven,
                                                                                                                             What are your resolutions?

―Lullaby‖ by William Hofeldt, and ―Folk Tune Air and Fiddler‘s Fury‖ by Alexander Safford.

     Middle School Junior                                      Violists                        2nd Violinists
                                                  Molly, 7th (Chair 2)                 Felix, 8th (Chair 30)
  District Orchestra Members                      Paola, 8th (Chair 13)                Zoe, 7th (Chair 37)
                                                                                                                                                          ―Go to weight        ―I want to be         ―Some people say
                                                  James, 8th (Chair 14)                Emily, 7th (Chair 41)
                1st Violinists                                                                                                                            lifting as much as   healthier and hap-    that I need to grow
                                                  Nicole, 7th (Chair 16)
So Yeun, 8th (Chair 1, Concert Master)                                                                                                                    possible so I can    pier in the new       shorter. I guess I
So Young, 8th (Chair 17)                                                                                                                                  get into the best    year.‖ ~Mrs. Tran,    could stop grow-
                                                               Cellist                              Bassist                                               shape possible.‖     7th grade secretary   ing.‖
Alex, 8th (Chair 22)                              Nicholas, 7th (Chair 14)             Andrew, 8th (Chair 2)
Lydia, 8th (Chair 26)                                                                                                                                     ~J.P., 8th                                 ~Noah, 7th

Robinson Clubs                                                                                   By T.J.          Fuel Up To Play                                                  By Lindsey and Paige
                                 Here at Robinson, stu-     ―Zumba is my favorite                                 What is fuel up to play?
                              dents have the ultimate       after school activity                                 *Fuel up to play is a program to encourage healthy
                              opportunity to participate because I love to                                        habits.
                              in after school clubs and     dance to music from                                   *All you have to do is track your eating and fitness ac-
                              activities. The main pur-     my culture. I love the                                tivities on the chart given to you by your gym teacher.
                              poses of clubs are to pro- beat of the Spanish                                      *You can win prizes for yourself and your school.
                              vide a safe environment       music the instructor                                  *Sponsored by the National Football League (NFL).
                              for middle school students chooses.‖                                                Need more information?
                              to receive academic           ~Grace, 7th                                           See Mrs. Miley, Mrs. Aunon, or your PE teacher.
                              support and enrichment,
                              and participate in a vari-

        Mrs. Aunon,
                              ety of activities including
                              fitness, leadership, and                                                            Robinson After School Clubs
       After-School           service. The after school time is a great way to learn, enjoy an activity, and      By Madison
    Program Specialist        even make new friends!
                                 ―The after school program is all about offering students a choice in activi-     Drama Club- The drama club is a                                Homework Club- The homework club
ties. Students can try new activities each week or commit to one or two areas of interest during the              place where students can play fun                              provides students with an opportunity
school year. The level of commitment is really based on individual student availability and level of              theater games and activities. Mem-                             to complete homework in a quiet envi-
interest, so I enjoy seeing students in either setting,‖ said Mrs. Aunon, After-School Program Specialist.        bers also get to be a part of the spring                       ronment. This club meets Mondays in
   The clubs are divided into four different areas. Academic enrichment and support is an area to help            play. Drama Club meets biweekly on                             room A202 and on Wednesdays in
students with academic success. Some clubs in this category are homework club and Science Olym-                   Wednesdays in room D106 and is                                 A100. This club is sponsored by Ms.
piad. Another area is fine and performing arts. The art club and drama club are featured here. This               sponsored by Mr. Kenny.                                        White and Ms. Malloy.
field is good for students who want to go out and express themselves through arts. The next area is
leadership, social skill, and youth development. This category emphasizes building good habits and                Girls Exploring their Magnificent Self-                        ESOL Tutoring Partners- This club pairs
social skills. Clubs in this area are GEMS (Girls Exploring their Magnificent Self-worth), Builders Club, and     worth (GEMS)- GEMS is a great way to                           high school students up with middle
Blankets for Babies sewing club. The final category of clubs is health and fitness. Students participating        learn about future career paths and                            school ESOL students for homework
in these activities go out and do physical workouts through intramurals, fitness room, weight training,           build healthy relationships with other                         help and academic support. This club
or even dance teams and classes. Some clubs in                                                                    people. This club meets Mondays in                             meets Mondays in the Blue Cafeteria
this category are basketball and indoor soccer             Why Should Kids Join Clubs?                            room A224 and is sponsored by Ms.                              and is sponsored by Mrs. Hockenbury
intramurals, zumba aerobics, fitness room, and                                          By Paige and Lindsey      Filmyer and Mrs. Miley.                                        and Mrs. Lopatin.
dance team.
   Remember to always read the Ramblast and                ―You can meet new
                                                                                                                  Builders Club– In the Builders club, kids                      Zumba Aerobics- Come exercise and
listen to announcements on Mondays in the Mid-             people and join clubs
                                                                                                                  get to plan and participate in school                          learn dance moves inspired by salsa,
dle for information on clubs and activities! You can that have to do with
                                                                                                                  and community service projects. This                           meringue, hip hop, samba, and more!
always talk to Mrs. Aunon during your lunch period things you like and en-
                                                                                                                  club meets biweekly on Wednesdays                              This activity is a fun way to work out.
or in her office in sub school 8.                          joy. Also, you can ex-
    ―I encourage all students to get involved in the plore new things and                                         in the Gold Cafeteria and is spon-                             Meet in the fitness rooms on Thursday
after school program as it‘s a great way to make                                                                  sored by Ms. Gilbert and Mrs. Stanos.                          with Ms. Camacho and Mrs. Miley as
                                                           you don't have to com-
new friends and to work with teachers and                                                                                                                                        the sponsors.
                                                           mit to one club if you
coaches in a relaxed and fun environment,‖ said            don't enjoy it.‖ ~Ms.
Mrs. Aunon.                                                                                                       Games Club- At the games club                                  Bridges Club- Build relationships with
                                                           White, Stars and Green                                 members can play all kinds of games                            special education students while hav-
                                                           team counselor                                         with friends or meet new people and                            ing fun. This activity meets every other
                                                                                                                  play with them. This club meets on                             week on Thursdays in room A205 and is
                                                                                    ―I encourage students         Mondays in room A103 and is spon-                              sponsored by Mrs. Skocik.
                                                                                    to join clubs because         sored by Mrs. Beyer.
                                                                                    students get to know
                                                                                    the other students. Also                                                                     Volleyball Clinics- Clinic is open to
                                                                                                                  Fitness Room with DDR and Wii- Come
                                                                                    they get to work on                                                                          experienced or inexperienced volley-
                                                                                                                  with your friends or come alone to
                                                                                    communication skills                                                                         ball players who would like to practice
                                                                                                                  work out. Have fun working up a
                                                                                    and it‘s a lot of fun‖                                                                       volleyball basics with Coach Pearson
                                                                                                                  sweat while playing DDR and Wii. This
                                                                                    ~Mrs. Miley, Comets and                                                                      and high school players. This activity
                                                                                                                  activity meets Mondays in the field
Students relax and have a snack after working out                                   Champions team                                                                               meets Thursdays (spring only) in the
                                                                                                                  house/fitness room and is sponsored
in the Fitness Room.                                                                counselor                                                                                    field house.
                                                                                                                  by Ms. Brodin and Ms. Malloy.

The Medallion                                                                                February 2010                                                                         Volume 38, Issue 2

                                                                                                                                                   Are you going to see Annie?
 ANNIE 411                                                                       By Allison, Cora, and Katie
                                                                                                                                                Did you know that the middle school play always sells
                                                                                                                                                out? Be sure to buy your ticket early! See below for tick-
                                  Will, 7th grader                                         Autumn, 8th grader                                   eting information.
                               Plays Fred McCracken                                       Plays Ronnie, one of the Bolyan Sisters
                                                                                                                                                           Over 200 RMS students were polled.
                           Q: Describe your character ?                                    Q: Is there something you particularly like
                           Will: My character is a hyper radio                             about being a Boylan Sister?
                           announcer that uses a mannequin.                                Autumn: It‘s a really fun part, we have to act                                       34% said no
                           He works with Burt Healy, Jimmy                                 super smiley. I sing in this part and I love sing-
                           Johnson, and the Bolyan sisters.                                ing! So I really enjoy it.                                           66%said yes
                           Q: Are you nervous about the per-                               Q: What song do you sing in the play?
                           formances?                                                      Autumn: ―Never Fully Dressed Without A
Will: I think if I had a larger role then I would be more nerv-     Smile.‖ It‘s a really happy song. I love the dance to it.
ous. Thankfully I am always with other people.                      Q: Do you have friends in the play?
Q: Are the cast easy to work with?                                  Autumn: Yes, the whole cast is like a family. We all talk and there
Will: Yes, we all enjoy what we are doing and like to listen        are so many personalities, so it makes the show exciting!
to each other.                                                      Q: What song and monologue did you sing and read for the                    Which musical do you want Robinson Middle
Q: What made you want to be in the play?                            audition?                                                                   School to perform next year?
Will: My whole family has always performed at Robinson              Autumn: I sang ―Shy‖ from Once Upon a Mattress. That song was
and I had friends that said I should try out.                       great to perform. My monologue was from the character Grace.
Q: Is there anything in Annie that bothers you that you             Q: Which Boylan sister do you play? If you could switch roles,
would change?                                                       who would you be?                                                                             10%                             18%
Will: No, Ms. Hard and Mrs. B make it easy for all of us and        Autumn: I play Ronnie, but I would probably switch. I really
we have a lot of fun!                                               wanted to be Lily, but Sarah Miller already plays the role per-

                                Sarah, 7th grader                                                      Chloe, 7th grader
                                  Plays Lily St. Regis                                                     Stars as Annie
                                                                                            Q: Did you expect to land a main role in the
                            Q: What made you want to be in                                  play?
                            “Annie”?                                                        Chloe: No, I didn‘t. I really thought I was
                            Sarah: I‘ve always love to perform
                            and I‘ve always wanted to be in a
                                                                                            going to be ensemble. I was so surprised by
                                                                                            how well my audition went and the fact
                                                                                                                                                                  33%                             19%
                            Robinson musical.                                               that I was the star!
                            Q: What is your character like in the                           Q: Do you like being the star or would pre-
                            play?                                                           fer a smaller role?
Sarah: Lily St. Regis, my character isn‘t very smart. She‘s         Chloe: I really like being a star because I get the role as a little
flirtatious and causes lots of trouble.                             girl. I get to be very energetic and spunky!
Q: Is it stressful at all? If so how?                               Q: What is your character like?
Sarah: No, not really, it‘s right after school so you don‘t         Chloe: Annie is very outgoing and talented. She‘s not afraid of
have to change your schedule everyday after rehearsal.              saying the wrong thing.                                                                       12%                             8%
Also, it‘s very exciting to rehearse and make what we               Q: Are you excited or nervous about performing?
know even better.                                                   Chloe: I‘m very excited because I get to be carried and spun
Q: How many times a week do you practice?                           around. But, I‘m nervous also because I have the most lines and
Sarah: It depends on your character. For me I have to               dance routines!
practice two or three times a week, maybe more.                     Q: Have you made any new friends?
Q: Is it hard to manage your school work, sports, and the           Chloe: Yes, I‘ve made a lot of new friends! Everyone on the cast                         I want to see Annie!
musical?                                                            is very nice and easy to work with!                                                    How much are the tickets?
Sarah: Yes, I do my homework in RAISE, sports in the eve-           Q: What’s your favorite dance routine?
ning, and rehearsal is in the afternoon.                            Chloe: My favorite dance routine is ―I Think I‘m Gonna Like It              Tickets-           Pre-Sale price: $8.00
Q: How are Ms. Hard and Mrs. B as directors?                        Here‖ because I get to be lifted and I ride on a cart!                                         Online Tickets: $10.00
Sarah: Ms. Hard can be very strict at times, but she will           Q: Anything that is a surprise for you in Annie?
                                                                                                                                                Dates-             Feb. 12th- 7 PM
make sure you know what you are doing. Mrs. B is like Ms.           Chloe: I didn‘t expect it to be so lively and perfect! I really appre-
                                                                                                                                                                   Feb. 13th- 2 PM and 7 PM
Hard, but not as strict.                                            ciate how Ms. Hard, Mrs. B, and all the cast put so much effort
                                                                                                                                                                   Feb. 14th- 2 PM
                                                                    into the play!
                                                                                                                                                       For more info visit: www.robinsondrama.org

What are the Grammys? About The Grammy Nominees...
                                                       By Darian                                                                                                      By Anne and Ameen

   The Grammy Awards are an annual music                                                               Taylor Swift                                                             Coldplay
award show presented by the National Acad-
                                                                                                      Age: 20                                                                  Ages: 31, 32, 32, 31
emy of Recording Arts. The award show was
                                                                                                      Hometown: Wyomissing, PA                                                 Hometown: London
started to ward off the ‗threat‘ of the rock ‗n roll
                                                                                                      Type of music: Country/Pop                                               Names: Chris Martin,
explosion. Grammy is short for gramophone
                                                                                                      Interesting facts:                                                       Jonny Buckland, Guy
which is a old fashioned record player.
                                                                                                        Her grandmother was an opera                                           Berryman, Will Champion
  The first annual Grammy Award Show took
                                                                                                      singer.                                                                  Interesting facts:
place on March 4, 1959 and featured 28
awards. Now the Grammys present over 110                                                                She taught herself how to play                                           To date, Coldplay has
awards. Each year Grammy‘s are awarded for the best song, best                                        the guitar.                                been nominated for 20 Grammys and has won seven.
artists, albums of the year, and many other categories. The person                                      She grew up on a Christmas               This alternative rock band formed in 1996.
who has won the most awards, at 31, is composer George Solti.                                         tree farm                                  Chris Martin, Coldplay‘s lead singer, is married to Ameri-
   This year the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will be held on January                Her first number one song was called ―Our Song.‖               can actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
31, 2010.                                                                                                                                       This year Coldplay has been nominated for two Grammy
                                                                                 This year Swift has been nominated for 10 Grammy
                                                                                                                                                Awards including Best Rock Performance by a Duo or
                                                                                 awards including Album of the Year: Fearless and

What are the Oscars?
                                                                                                                                                Group with Vocals: ―Life in Technicolor II‖ and Best Short
                                                                                 Record of the Year: “You Belong With Me.”
                                                                                                                                                Form Music Video: ―Life in Technicolor II.‖

                                                       By Darian
                                                                                                               Beyonce Knowles                                             Kid Cudi
   Every year up to 25 people receive the highest honor in                                                     Age: 29                                                     Age: 25
filmmaking at the Academy Awards. At the first cere-                                                           Hometown: Houston, TX                                       Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
mony on May 16, 1929, the Academy presented 12                                                                 Type of music: Pop/R&B                                      Interesting facts:
awards. As many as five nominees are chosen to win an                                                          Interesting facts:                                            Kid Cudi‘s real name is Scott
Oscar for each category. Oscars are awarded for best                                                             Beyonce has won five                                      Ramon Seguro Mescudi.
acting, films, music, costumes, make up, set, screenplay,                                                      Grammy Awards.                                                He‘s not only a rapper, but is
graphics, and many others.
                                                                                                                 Her favorite rapper is                                    also a songwriter and actor.
   The movies that hold the most wins are Titanic, Ben-Hur,
and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.                                                             Wyclef Jean.                                                  Kid Cudi, a hip hop artist, has
   The Oscars will be held on March , 2010.                                                                  She is married to Jay Z.                                      worked with Lady Gaga,
                                                                                 This year Beyonce has been nominated for 10                     Kanye West, and Jay Z.
                                                                                 Grammy awards including Album of the Year: I am…               Kid Cudi has been nominated for a 2010 Grammy award
                                                                                                                                                for Best Rap Solo Performance: ―Day ‗n‘ Nite.‖
What are the Emmys?
                                                                                 Sasha Fierce and Record of the Year: “Halo.‖

                                                        By Darian                                          Jason Mraz                                                       Black Eyed Peas
                                                                                                        Age: 32                                                            Ages: 34, 35, 35, 35
  The Emmy Awards are held every year to recog-                                                         Hometown: Mechanicsville,                                          Names from left to right: Ta-
nize the best in television such as Outstanding Lead                                                    VA                                                                 boo, Will.I.Am, Fergie,
Actor/Actress and Outstanding TV Shows. Today                                                           Type of music: Pop                                                 apl.de.ap
over 100 awards Emmy Awards are presented                                                               Interesting facts:                                                 Interesting facts:
each year.                                                                                                Jason plays guitar, mando-                                         Fergie started her career in
  On January 25, 1949 the first Emmy Awards were                                                        lin, ukulele, and the keyboard.                                    a band called Wild Orchid.
presented to local Los Angeles programming, and
                                                                                                          Attended American Musical              The Black Eyed Peas are ranked 7th in Billboard‘s ―Hot
were held at the Hollywood Athletic Club. Over
                                                                                                        and Dramatic Academy                    Artists of the Decade.‖
time, the Emmys became one of the most well
                                                                                                        studying music theater, but              This hip hop band formed in 1995 in Los Angeles, CA.
known award shows on television.
                                                                                                        dropped out a year later.               The Black Eyed Peas are nominated for six 2010 Grammy
  This year the Emmy‘s are planned to show during
                                                                                 This year Jason Mraz has been nominated for Best               Awards including Record of the Year: ―I Gotta Feeling‖
the fall of 2010.
                                                                                 Male Pop Vocal Performance: ―Make it Mine.‖                    and Album of the Year: The E.N.D.

The Medallion                                                                                      February 2010                                                                            Volume 38, Issue 2

Winter Fashion                                                                                               By Jaanam             Styles of Robinson                                               By Hiba

                                                                                                                                    Have you noticed all the different fashions here at Robinson? Perhaps
                                                              Boots                                                                some of them have caught your eye. Fashion is a way that many teen-
  This winter a lot of people are wearing UGG‘s, or other sheepskin boots. Boots are pretty expensive, but                         agers express their personalities and their interests. For example, if you
worth the allowance. They are also extremely comfortable and warm when it‘s cold outside. You can search                           see a boy walking down the hall in a team jersey and a pair of jeans,
for these boots at Journey‘s, Nordstrom, or online. Knock off UGG‘s can be found at Target, DSW, Papaya,                           that might show that the student is into sports. And if you see a girl in a
and many other stores. Another popular boot brand is EMU.                                                                          sweater dress with UGG boots, you‘re probably going to think that girl
  If you‘re interested in something a little differ-                                                                               enjoys shopping and putting together really cute outfits. Everyone is dif-
ent you can check out American Eagle Outfit-                                                                                       ferent, but here are some styles that are popular throughout the school.
ters where you can find some slouchy boots.            American                        UGG
Maybe you want something a little different          Eagle Slouchy                     Boots
than the two styles here? You can go to most                                                                                                                         ―I like that [my style] is
                                                      Boots $59.95                    $180.00
clothing stores and find a wide range of styles                                                                                                                      unique and it suits me
and colors to choose from.                                                                                                                                           well. I mostly shop online,
                                                                                                                                                                     but I like stores that have
                                                                                                                                                                     hard to find and interest-
                                                                                                                                                                     ing items. Music, movies,
                          Jackets/Coats                                            Winter Accessories                                                                and my idols mostly influ-
                                                                                                                                                                     ence me.‖
                       If you‘re trying to find a place to               In this cold weather
                     get some nice warm coats or                                                                                                                     ~Neelofar, 8th
                                                                       many people are wearing
                     jackets, you can go to The North                  scarves, hats, and gloves.
                     Face, Hollister, Abercrombie and                  You can find some really                                                                                          ―I like my sense of style
                     Fitch, Aeropostale, and many                      warm and colorful acces-                                    ―[What I like about my                                because I like to mix
                     other stores. It‘s a great time to                sories at The North Face,                                   style is] that it suits me very                       things up. [My style] is
                     shop for coats right now because                  American Eagle, Hollister,                                  well. My personality influ-                           edgy and preppy. I shop
                     they are on sale.                                 and many more stores.                                       ences [my style] very                                 at Abercrombie, Hollister,
                       The North Face has a lot of                     Eskimo hats are really                                      much! I shop at Hollister,                            and forever 21. What‘s
                     really warm outerwear. There are                  popular with girls and                                      Abercrombie, Pac Sun,                                 happening in new shows
                     also some girly coats in Hollister                guys this year.                                             Hot Topic, and Forever                                such as The Hills and
 Apex Bionic Thermal                                                                                                               21.‖
                     and other similar places.                                                         Ian, 7th, shows off his                                                           magazines influences my
      Jacket                                                                                                                       ~Nicolle, 8th
      $179.00                                                                                          Eskimo hat.                                                                       style.‖ ~Ela, 7th

Fashion Over the Years                                                                                                                                                                              By Aisha
                                                                                                                                                                                               The Current
                       1960‘s                                   1970‘s                                  1980‘s                                   1990‘s                                          Decade
                   The 1960‘s was the dec-                      Fashions in the                        In the 1980‘s, neon                  Baby doll dresses with                        Skinny jeans, graphic
                   ade of revolution, people                    1970‘s included                        colors and bold pat-                 puffed up sleeves and thigh                   tees, hoodies, plaid,
                   known as hippies dressed                     mini dresses and                       terns became very                    high stockings were popular                   sheepskin boots, clogs,
                   up in bright colors and                      opaque tights.                         popular along with                   in the 1990‘s. Overalls were                  long necklaces, and
                   patterns such as tie dye.                    Trouser pants,                         leggings, lace, shoul-               also in style and were usu-                   long straight hair are in
                   They were out to make a                      plaid, platform                        der pads, and huge,                  ally worn with one strap up,                  style. Fashions today
                   statement, and they sure                     shoes, and crazy                       very styled hair .                   or with both down and                         focus on layering and
                   did with all those groovy                    patterns were also                     Fashions were big                    cinched with a belt. The                      getting pieces to fit to-
                   colors. The mini skirt was                   huge trends. The                       and loud. It seemed                  grunge look was another                       gether to make cool
                   the most popular fashion                     1970‘s continue to                     like everyone was                    popular trend which fea-                      new outfits. Teens ex-
                   of the 1960‘s.                               play a role in fash-                   trying to steal                      tured flannel, dark colors,                   press their personalities
                                                                ion today.                             Madonna's style!                     and baggy jeans.                              through clothing.

Celeb Looks for School                                                                  By Arianna and Kristin
                                                                                                                                                    Fashion Designer
                                                                                                                                                                                  By Abby
Lauren Conrad and Demi Lovato are pictured below with lightly applied makeup that is appro-
priate for school. Ever wondered how they do it? Well here you go!                                                                               Sarah,  7thgrader, has developed a
                                                                                                                                               new fashion sensation for the middle
                                   Apply a mineral makeup foundation such as Maybelline Mineral                                                school. She creates bags in many
                                   Power Liquid makeup. Wet a makeup sponge, squeeze, out ex-                                                  different sizes and styles out of duct
                                   cess water, and apply foundation evenly for a dewy look.                                                    tape! Her bags come in a range of
                                                                                                                     colors including lime green, turquoise, hot pink, yellow, navy
                                   To add a shimmery color to the cheeks, try Clinique Blushing                      blue, white, purple, and silver. These beautiful bags take her
                                                                                                                                                                                      Annalise, 7th, enjoys
                                   Blush in Precious Posy. This blush gives a glowing look to the                    approximately two to four hours to make. The prices are ten
                                                                                                                                                                                      her bag that she pur-
                                   cheeks with a small dose of color.                                                dollars for a regular sized bag and twelve dollars for a large
                                                                                                                                                                                      chased from Sarah.
                                                                                                                     bag and many students believe that they are definitely
                                                                                                                                                                                      She has been using it
                                   Apply a brown liquid liner with a pointed sponge tip                              worth the money. Sarah began making these bags this sum-
                                                                                                                                                                                      for several months and
                                   such as Lancôme Artliner in Brown. Stop halfway in                                mer at a sleepover when there was nothing else to do. Since
                                                                                                                                                                                      says that it is very du-
 Lauren Conrad                     on the bottom lash line.                                                          duct tape is so durable, Sarah‘s bags are sturdy and hold up
                                                                                                                     well when used. After she brought one to school in October,
                     Brush brows into place with a clean mascara wand. Set with a bit of Vaseline or                 one of her friends asked if she could have a bag and that is how her business began.
                     clear hair gel. Next, apply one coat of an exceptional lengthening mas-                         Sarah‘s inspiration for her first bag came from hdtv.com and then she took off from
                     cara like CoverGirl Lash Blast in Black.                                                        there. She has made about ten bags and has earned almost $45 in total which she
                                                                                                                     uses to buy supplies and go shopping.
                    Moisturize your lips with Blistex Silk & Shine lip balm. This balm gives a light

                                                                                                                     Robinson Good Samaritans
                    sparkle to the lips.

                                       With your finger apply MAC Eyehadow Budding Beauty
                                       Pink all over your eyelid. Dab it on evenly and perfect it                                                                                    By Abby, Casey, and Graham
                                       with foundation to cover up any mistakes.
                                                                                                                        Karen and Kasey, seventh graders,               were putting her shoes on and picking up
                                                                                                                     were walking home from school on Octo-             the things she dropped. ―Dustin was ask-
                                       Apply MAC Black Mascara to your top lashes to
                                                                                                                     ber 3, 2009 when eighth grader Dustin              ing her questions that the hospital
                                       keep them looking full throughout the day.                                    stopped outside of an elderly lady‘s               needed to know like if she was dizzy and
                                                                                                                     house and gave the girls a weird look. ―At         what she was doing when she fell and
                                       Apply MAC Liquid Eye Liner on your top lash line.
                                                                                                                     first I thought Dustin was locked out of his       how she fell,‖ said Kasey. The ambulance
                                       Make the line thin and end with a wing.                                       house until he called us over,‖ Karen said.        soon got there and took the lady away.
  Demi Lovato                                                                                                           Karen and Kasey slowly walked up to                Later on, Kasey and Karen went to go
                                                                                                                     the house and found the woman on the               see how she was doing and she said she
                          With a big blush brush apply Maybelline Luminous Blush to your                             ground bleeding heavily from her head.             was doing fine. She told them that she
                    cheek bone. Make a C shape from the apple of your cheeks to the end of your eye.                 ―She told us to help her up and that she           slipped and fell and that is how she in-
                    This gives your cheeks a rosy, innocent look.                                                    wasn‘t in any pain and that she wanted             jured her head. Kasey said, ―She told us
                                                                                                                     to get inside,‖ Kasey said. Karen‘s sister         that we were good people to help her.
                 Miley Cyrus (pictured below) is sporting an appropriate school look, however, the make              and her friend walked up to see what               She was surprised that such young peo-
                        up she used is really expensive. Here‘s how to get her look, but cheaper!!                   was going on and when they saw the                 ple didn't freak out and just leave her
                                                                                                                     injured woman, the girls helped put her            laying there.‖ She said that it was a good
                                                                                                                     into a chair. One of the girls ran to get her      thing such brave people were there to
Looks For Less

                  Miley‘s look              Expensive:                              Bargain:                         dad to help.                                       help her.
                                                                                                                        While Dustin was asking the woman                  Karen said, ―I felt very proud when I
                                                 MAC Mascara X $12.50                    Maybelline Great
                                                                                                                     questions about her fall, Karen and Kasey          learned that I had saved someone's life.‖
                                                 (Nordstrom)                             Lash $4.50 (Target)
                                                                                         Elf Eye Shadow $1
                                                 MAC Liquid Liner $16.50
                                                 (MAC store)
                                                                                         Cover Girl Line Ex-
                                                 MAC Pigment $19.50 (MAC                 act $5.99 (Target)
                                                 store)                                  Plushious Lip Gloss
                                                                                         $12.99 (Kohl‘s)
                                                 MAC Perfectly Unordinary
                                                 $18.00 (MAC store)

                                                                   Total: $66.50                  Total: $24.48
                                                                                                                           Karen                               Dustin                              Kasey

The Medallion                                                                            February 2010                                                                                Volume 38, Issue 2

Hairstyle Handbook                                                                                                       By Rebecca, Cindy, and Amanda            Your
  Do you ever wake up
thinking ―How should I
                                                                             Monday                                               Tuesday
style my hair today?‖                                                        Step 1: Wash and                                     Step 1: Wash and condition
Check out this five day                                                      condition your hair.                                 your hair.
calendar with different                                                      Step 2: Blow dry on low                              Step 2: Blow dry your hair      Do you prefer
hairstyles for each day.                                                     to avoid frizzing.                                   after washing it.
There are also hair acces-                                                   Step 3: Flip your head                               Step 3: For straight hair,      straight or curly
sories that will make these
hairstyles look fabulous!
                                                                             upside down and
                                                                             gather into a ponytail.
                                                                                                                                  gather into a side pony tail.
                                                                                                                                  Using a curling iron, loosely
You will need some basic                                                     Step 4: Before pulling                               curl the hair in the pony     Over 200 RMS students polled.
hair products to complete                                                    the ponytail through                                 tail.
some of these styles. It is                                                  your rubber band, twist                              Step 4: Spray the curls with
good to have a flat iron, a                                                  it around into a bun                                 hairspray to help the style
curling iron, a brush, a                          and secure it with the hair tie.                        hold.
blow dryer, and hairspray.                        Step 5: Add a fun headband to accessorize this          If you‘re starting with naturally curly hair, you can        200
                                                  style.                                                  follow steps one and two
                                                  **Try looking at Forever 21 stores                      for this style. Instead of
                                                  for cute and colorful head bands                        curling your hair, you can
                                                  like the one pictured                                   leave it as is.
                                                  on the right. You                                       **Use a jeweled hair tie to                                     0
                                                  can also use hair                                       add a fun look to this clas-
                                                  clips to hold loose                                     sic style. You can find ac-                                           Straight Curly
                                                  pieces of hair back.                                    cessories like these at stores
                                                                                                          like Claire‘s.

                       Wednesday                                          Thursday                                                 Friday                         If you could dye
                         Step 1: Wash and
                         condition your hair.
                                                                            Step 1: Wash and condi-
                                                                            tion your hair.
                                                                                                                                    Step 1: Wash and condi-
                                                                                                                                    tion your hair.
                                                                                                                                                                  your hair any color,
                         Step 2: Part wet hair                              Step 2: Part wet hair on                                Step 2: Part wet hair on      what would it be?
                         down the middle of                                 the side of your head.                                  the side of your head.      Over 200 RMS students polled.
                         your head.                                         Step 3: Blow dry your hair.                             Step 3: Blow dry hair, mak-
                         Step 3: Blow dry hair.                             You can use a diffuser to                               ing sure it is completely
                         Step 4: Gather two                                 add more body and vol-                                  dry.
                         even amounts of hair                               ume.                                                    Step 4: Divide hair into     60
                         in the front. French                               Step 4: Put headband in                                 layers and clip them on
                         braid both, beginning                              and slide it to the middle                              top.
at the front. If you don't know how to French     of your head for an elegant style. If you have          Step 5: Curl each section with a spiral hair curler.
braid there are instructional videos on You-      bangs, you can leave them out or pull them              Check to make sure you have every piece
Tube. Stop braiding half way.                     back.                                                   curled.                                                40
Step 5: Secure the two                            If you have curly hair you can leave it the same        Step 6: Spray hair with extra hold hairspray to
braids with bobby pins                            or straighten it.                                       keep the curls from falling out.                       30
or with a hair tie                                **Try looking at Forever 21 for headbands to wear       **Add animal print hair bows on
(whichever one you                                with this style. Below are                              the side of you hair to add flair                      20
prefer).                                          pictures of actual head-                                to this style. You can find the
**You can use floral                              bands you can pur-                                      bows pictured at Forever 21                            10
bobby pins to add a                               chase at Forever 21.                                    stores.
fashionable accessory
to this fabulous look.
                                                                                                                                                                       Blonde Brown    Black   Red   Same   Other

                                                                                                     bles, but the more I try, I keep eating more
                                                                                                     candies and snacks. It’s hard for me to exer-     Dear Claustrophobic,
                                                                                                     cise because I’m too tired after school and         Maybe you should try taking your lunch to
                                                                                                     there is too much homework to do. I really        class and that way you won't have to go
                                                                                                     want to lose weight, what should I do?            back to your locker in order to get it. Even if
                                                                                                     ~ Dieting Problems                                you have supplies from your last class that
                                                                                                                                                       you have to put away you could just bring
                                                                                                     Dear Dieting Problems,                            them to lunch and take them back after-
                                          By Nicole, Sam, and Spain                                    Everyone has concerns about how they            wards.
                                                                                                     look or how much they weight. I think you
                                                                                                     should try to be happy with who you are.          Dear Dr. Medallion,
Dear Dr. Medallion,                               a lot of trouble. I saw who stole the item, but    There is nothing wrong with losing weight as        I have some bad grades in a few classes
  I have super powers, but I have to keep         I am scared he will hurt me if I tell anyone.      long as you do in a safe way. Instead of          and I don't really know how to get them
them concealed. If anyone knew about my           What should I do?                                  eating a candy bar, try replacing it with a       back up. I do the corrections if I get a bad
powers it would change my life completely.        ~ The Witness                                      granola bar and try replacing soda with           grade on a test or homework, but I always
I keep getting beat up and almost everyone                                                           water. Water helps you lose weight and it‘s       get more bad grades. Nothing seems to
thinks I am a wimp. I could fight back, but it    Dear The Witness,                                  good for you body. I think you should tell        work with these classes.
would blow my cover. I could get all A+’s in        Wow! You‘re in a tough position, but you         your friends about your problem and maybe         ~ Helpless
every class, but I have to get C’s to keep        should do the right thing and tell the police      they can encourage you or become work-
myself average. I could also break the world      what you saw. Ask them to keep it anony-           out buddies. This will help because it is a lot   Dear Helpless,
record on the mile, but I have to get 10:00. I    mous and tell them why you are afraid. Re-         easier to do something like going on a diet if      I think you should dedicate a little more
don’t know what to do. Please help me be-         porting the crime may make you feel better         you have someone to help you through it. I        time to study before your tests. If that doesn't
fore it’s too late!                               then standing around and doing nothing.            hope my advice helps and good luck!               work out you could ask the teacher to help
~ Secret Man                                                                                                                                           you out during RAISE. Ask your teachers for
                                                  Dear Dr. Medallion,                                Dear Dr. Medallion,                               extra work in order to raise your grade and
Dear Secret Man,                                    I have a huge problem. I gave this girl a          I’ve been having trouble at lunch lately. I     get extra credit. They‘ll see that you‘re trying
  It sounds like you have a real sticky situa-    hug and now all of the sudden she likes me,        always sit with my friends, but they have         to improve and they might end up helping
tion to solve, but thankfully that‘s my job. I    oh boy. Please help me!                            been ignoring me lately. I don’t know if it is    you with your problem.
know that you have to keep your powers a          ~ Mr. Hug + Girl = Uh Oh                           because I said something or what. I would
secret, but you don‘t have to be that                                                                really like to stay friends with them. Can you    Dear Dr. Medallion,
―average.‖ For example, instead of not            Dear Mr. Hug + Girl = Uh Oh,                       help?                                               There’s a boy that sits next to me in one of
fighting back you could only use self de-            You‘re right, this is a huge problem. I think   ~ Lunch Loser                                     my classes that coughs and sneezes a lot.
fense (fighting is never the best choice). But    the best thing to do is to pull her aside and                                                        I’m sort of a clean freak so it really bothers
caution, make sure you can control yourself       tell her that you just want to be friends for      Dear Lunch Loser,                                 me. I try to tell him to sneeze into his arm,
from going into complete battle-mode. As          now and that you want to get to know her a           First of all, you‘re not a loser. I think you   but he can never get his mouth to his arm in
for your grades, you don‘t have to get all        little bit better. Who knows, you might end        should ask them what‘s wrong. If they tell        time. I can’t stand it anymore!
C‘s. Instead you could limit yourself to B‘s      up liking her. Don't be rude or mean, just         you, then you can try to work it out as best      ~ Germ-o-phobic
and the occasional A. Finally, for the mile I     keep in mind that you don't want to hurt her       you can. If they keep ignoring you then
think you should probably just do a little bet-   feelings. She might take this the wrong way,       maybe you should find new friends who             Dear Germ-o-phobic,
ter. Just stay with a group of kids that are      but it‘s better to do it now before things get     actually pay attention to you and make you          That sounds like it can get really gross, but
reasonably fast. I hope my advice helps you       too serious.                                       feel welcome. Try attending an after school       don‘t go blaming the guy. It‘s not his fault he
with your problem. And I also hope you                                                               club to meet some new people.                     coughs and sneezes so much. Instead keep
grow up to be the greatest super-hero (not   Dear Dr. Medallion,                                                                                       politely asking him to cover up. If that does-
super-villain) that the world has ever seen.   I am on a diet right now. I want to lose              Dear Dr. Medallion,                               n‘t work you can always explain the situa-
                                             weight, but I can’t resist eating cookies and             I hate going to my locker after third and       tion to your teacher and get your seat
Dear Dr. Medallion,                          drinking sodas. It was Thanksgiving a few               fourth period, I have B lunch both days. How      moved. Good luck!
  One of my friends was wrongly accused of months ago and I think I gained a few                     do you think I can escape the crowds?
stealing something from Walmart and he is in pounds. I try to eat only fruits and vegeta-            ~ Claustrophobic

Being Sick: How To Make Up Your Work                                     RMS Absences Each Month
                                                                                                                                                               ―I was                          ―I was
                                                                                                                                                               sick for                        sick out
                                            By Lauren and Kenzie
                                                                                                                                                               a week                          of
                                                                                                                              A special
  When you get back, go to            Check Blackboard for assign-                                                                                             and a                           school
                                                                                                                              thanks to
                                                                                                                                                               half                            for a
  your teachers during RAISE to       ments.                                                                                  Mrs. Bailey,
                                                                                                                                                               with                            week
  make up any missed work,            Stay after school to catch up.                                                          SS8 secre-
                                                                                                                                                               H1N1.                           with the
  notes, or tests.                                                                                                            tary, for this
                                      When you think you have                                                                                                  My                              H1N1 flu.
  Contact the school and see if                                                                                               informa-
                                      made all work up, ask teach-                                                                             Mom and I had to look          I made up my work by
  teachers can put together                                                                                                   tion.
                                      ers for a grade sheet to make                                                                            on Blackboard and              talking to my teachers
  some work for you to com-           sure that all assignments and                                                                            email my teachers to           and getting my work
  plete at home while you are         tests are completed.                                                                                     receive all my work.‖          done during RAISE.‖
  recovering.                                                                                                                                  ~Cayla, 7th                    ~R.J., 7th

The Medallion                                                                                     February 2010                                                                                  Volume 38, Issue 2

                                                                              By Jared                          Super Bowl History                                                                     By Dustin

  The Robinson Rams varsity basketball team has won a couple of games,
                                                                                         At the end of every NFL season there is a champi-                 Packers fumbled and the Broncos recovered on the
but mainly have lost games this season. They jumped into the season losing
                                                                                      onship game to determine the best pro football                       Packers 22 yard line. But on the first play for the
four games in a row, and have been on and off since then. The
                                                                                      team of the year. The first Super Bowl was played in                 Broncos, Eugene Robinson intercepted the ball in
game lost against Lake Braddock on December 18th, Robin-
                                                                                      1967. The road to the Super Bowl starts off with the                 the Packers‘ end zone. The Packers offense, led by
son‘s arch rival, was very disappointing. Especially because the
                                                                                      playoffs. Twelve teams make it to the playoffs, six                  Brett Favre, marched down the field to score and tie
team lost by one point. With only three seniors on the team, two
                                                                                      from each conference. Teams make it depending                        the game 24-24. Then, with 3:27 left, the Broncos
sophomores, and the rest juniors, are they going to do better
                                                                                      on their records during the season. Once in the                      had the ball at the Packers 49 yard line, and QB
than last year‘s record of 7-14? You will have to watch the
                                                                                      playoffs, each team has the opportunity to make it                   John Elway knew he had the game lying in his
games and keep up with their record if you want to find that out. They have
                                                                                      to the grand stage, the Super Bowl. All the teams                    hands. On the first play, Terrell Davis rushed for two
games every Tuesday and Friday.
                                                                                      know that one loss ends their season.                                yards, but the Packer‘s Darrius Holland got a face-
                                                                                         In the past, the Super Bowl has been                                             mask call for 15 yards moving the Broncos
Q and A with Ian                                                                      one of the most emotional games in
                                                                                      America because teams either are victo-
                                                                                                                                                                          down to the Packers 32 yard line. Then
                                                                                                                                                                          two plays later, John Elway threw a 23-
                                                                             By Jared rious or they aren‘t. One thing about the                                           yard bullet to Howard Griffith. After a
                                                                                      Super Bowl that is so different from many                                           holding call, Terrell Davis rushed 17 yards
Q-What is the worst loss on this team so far this season?                             other championships is that it is one game, win or                   to the Packers 1 yard line with 1:47 remaining. On
A-The game against Langley.                                                           lose, unlike the World Series or the NBA Champion-                   the next play, Terrell Davis barreled into the end
Q-How hard are the tryouts for the team?                                              ship, where you can lose one game and still get a                    zone giving the Broncos the lead 31-24. And after
A-Very hard, especially the running on the first day.                                 chance to win it all.                                                the Packers gave it their best shot, in the end, the
Q-Do you think the team is going to be good next                                         There have been some great Super Bowls in NFL                     Denver Broncos were the Super Bowl Champions.
year?                                                                                 history and there have been some ugly blowouts.                          One of the great privileges of winning the Super
A-Yes, because all 5 starters are returning.                                          One of the greatest Super Bowls of all-time was Su-                  Bowl is getting a Super Bowl ring. In case some of
Q-What is practice like?                                                              per Bowl XXXII where the Denver Broncos faced off                    you were wondering, the NFL pays for 150 rings for
A-We do a lot of running and drills, especially if coach                              against the Green Bay Packers. It was a great game                   the winning team and each one costs roughly
is unhappy with our performance.                                                      throughout all four quarters but it got really good in               $5000 a piece, adding up to $750,000 every year for
Q-How much time and dedication does it take to be                                     the last 15 minutes of the game when the Broncos                     Super Bowl rings. Even without the Super Bowl rings,
on the team?                                                                          scored to take the lead 24-17. On the kickoff, the                   it still is one of the most prestigious honors ever.
A-A lot because it is a year round commitment, and                     Ian, 11th
there is practice every day.                                        Starting Guard
Q-What was the best win for this team so far this sea-
                                                                                           NFL Predictions                                                                                                         By Evan
A-Fairfax, because we came together as a team in the 4th quarter .
                                                                                           Question:                         Evan‘s                              Dustin‘s                             Patrick‘s
                                                                                                                           Prediction:                         Prediction:                           Prediction:
Games and Times                                                                   Will Jason                       I think Jason Campbell will stay
                                                                                                                   and start next year because if
                                                                                                                                                      I think Jason Campbell will be-
                                                                                                                                                      come a free agent during the
                                                                                                                                                                                            I think Jason Campbell will stay
                                                                                                                                                                                            with the Redskins because they
                                                                         By Jared Campbell stay,                   you actually look at his stats,    off-season; I think the Redskins      can‘t find anyone else for the
      Date                Time               Opponent                Home/Away start, or leave                     they‘re pretty good. Plus, the     are tired of his average per-         job. Why else would they have
                                                                                  next year?                       Redskins can‘t find anyone else    formances.                            kept him for this long?
                                                                                                                   but a rookie.
   1/29/2010            7:30pm                Chantilly                   Away
                                                                                           Will Brett Favre        I think that Brett Favre wanted    I believe it depends on how the       If he gets far in the Playoffs with
   2/2/2010             7:30pm                Westfield                   Home             stay in the NFL         to end his career with a good      Vikings do in the Playoffs, if they   the Minnesota Vikings, he will
                                                                                                                   season and that didn‘t happen      lose their first game then he will    retire. Brett Favre would like to
   2/5/2010             7:30pm                 Oakton                     Away             another year?           with the Jets, but it has hap-     not return. But, if they end up in    leave at his best.
                                                                                                                   pened with the Vikings. I think    the Super Bowl, he will return
                                                                                                                   he will leave.                     with the Vikings.
   2/9/2010             7:30pm                Herndon                     Away
                                                                                           Where will Sam          Sam Bradford: 1st round, 6th       Sam Bradford: 1st round, 6th          Sam Bradford: 1st round, 9th
   2/12/2010            7:30pm               Centreville                  Home             Bradford, Colt          pick, Seattle Seahawks             pick, Seattle Seahawks                pick, Buffalo Bills
                                                                                                                   Tim Tebow: 2nd round, 6th pick,    Tim Tebow: 1st round, 9th pick,       Tim Tebow: 1st round, 7th pick,
                                                                                           McCoy, and
*Districts and Regional's take place after the regular season                                                      Cleveland Browns                   Buffalo Bills                         Cleveland Browns
                                                                                           Tim Tebow go in         Colt McCoy: 1st round, 3rd pick,   Colt McCoy: 1st round, 3rd pick,      Colt McCoy: 1st round, 3rd
ends.                                                                                                              Tampa Bay Bucs                     Tampa Bay Bucs                        pick, Tampa Bay Bucs
                                                                                           the draft?

Hockey for Dummies                                                                        By Andrew            Ovechkin vs. Crosby                                                                           By Bobby
          Hockey Words                           Are you a hockey dummy?                                       According to almost everyone who knows hockey, there is no question that Ovechkin and
Faceoff: A faceoff is when the                                                                                 Crosby are the best hockey players in the world. They are also HUGE rivals. To put it in per-
referee drops the puck in be-         1. What is the         2. How long are         3. How many pe-           spective, it would be like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James hating each other.
tween two players on a faceoff        name of vehicle        players in the          riods are in a
                                      that cleans the        penalty box if          game?
dot after a whistle.
                                      ice?                   they get in a           a. 4
                                                                                                               Alexander Ovechkin                                    Sidney Crosby
Offsides: A player is offsides if a                                                                                             Alex Ovechkin is a physi-            Sidney Crosby was the
member of the attacking team          a. ice vacuum          fight?                  b. 3
                                      b. Zamboni             a. 5 minutes            c. 2                                       cal beast. He is the son             most scouted player in
crosses the opposing team‘s                                                                                                     of a former professional             NHL history by the time
blue line before the player with      c. hockey cleaner      b. 10 minutes
                                                             c. 2 minutes                                                       soccer player and an                 he turned 16 years old,
the puck does.                                                                                                                  Olympic gold medalist                when scouts were pre-
Icing: When a player shoots the                                                                                                 swimmer. He was                      dicting he would be the
puck from behind center ice to        4. How long is         5. Which team           6. Which country
                                                                                                                                drafted into the NHL as              next big star of the NHL.
the opposing team's goal line,        each period?           has won the most        won the Gold
                                                                                                                                the first overall pick in            It was no surprise that he
resulting in a face-off in the        a. 15 minutes          Stanley Cups?           Medal in the 2006
                                                                                                         2004 and played his first season in 2005-2006,              went first overall in the
team's defensive zone.                b. 30 minutes          a. Washington           Olympics?
                                                                                                         when he beat out Sidney Crosby for Rookie                   2005 draft to the Pittsburgh Penguins, but
Hat trick: A hat trick is when a      c. 20 minutes          Capitals                a. Russia
                                                                                                         of the Year. His most successful year was in                some were surprised that the 19 year old was
player scores three goals in one                             b. Boston Bruins        b. Sweden
                                                                                                         the 2007-2008 season. It was the year after                 named the youngest captain ever. In 2007,
game.                                                        c. Montreal             c. Canada
                                                                                                         he signed a contract making him the richest                 Sidney won NHL MVP and had the most as-
Power play: When one team                                    Canadians
                                                                                                         player in NHL history, in which he had 65                   sists and points in the NHL. Even though
has a man-advantage be-                                                                                  goals and became the first player in NHL                    Ovechkin might have the better stats,
cause the other team has a            7. Who has had         8. Who was the          9. What is the      history to win all four major awards. Also, the             Crosby‘s had the most team success, win-
player in the penalty box.            the most goals in      first pick in the       minimum amount Capitals recently named                                                              ning the Stanley Cup with
Body Check: A body check is           NHL history?           2009 NHL draft?         of players that are Ovechkin their captain,                                                         the Penguins last year. Sid
when a player without the             a. Wayne Gretzky       a. Patrick Kane         on the ice for      making him the first ever                                                       will play for Canada this
puck legally knocks the puck          b. Mario Lemieux       b. Taylor Hall          each team?          Russian born captain.                                                           winter in the Olympics, and
carrier down to get the puck.         c. Alexander           c. John Tavares         a. 5                Alex will play for the Rus-                                                     was recently named assis-
Top Shelf: A term used when a         Ovechkin                                       b. 3                sian Olympic team next                                                          tant captain of the team
player shoots the puck into the       d. Sidney Crosby                               c. 1                month in Vancouver. The                                                         by his childhood idol, Steve
top portion of the goal.                                                                                 Russians are stacked with
                                       Answers: 1. b ; 2. a ; 3. b ; 4. c ; 5. c ; 6. b ; 7. a ; 8. c ; 9. b                                                                             Yzerman. The Canadians
                                                                                                         talent and should make                                                          are favored to win gold,
                                                                                                         a run to bring down the                                                         but should watch out for
Hockey Rink Layout                                                                                       heavily favored Canadi-                                                         Ovechkin and the Russians.

                                                                                                                                                 Alexander Ovechkin                              Sidney Crosby

                                                                                                                   Home Country                            Russia                                   Canada

                                                                                                                       Awards                  Rookie of the Year (2006)                     NHL MVP(2007)
                                                                                                                                             2-time NHL MVP(2008, 2009)              3-time All-Star (2007, 2008, 2009)
                                                                                                                                           4-time All-Star (2006, 2007, 2008          Stanley Cup Champion (2009)

                                                                                                                   Age/Years Pro                            24/4                                       22/4

                                                                                                                Career Goals/Assists/                  251/237/488                                165/296/461

                                                                                                                     Nicknames              ―The Great 8‖ and ―Alexander                          ―Sid the Kid‖
                                                                                                                                                     the Great‖

                                                                                                                        Team                     Washington Capitals                         Pittsburgh Penguins

                                                                                                                    Stanley Cups                              0                                          1

The Medallion                                                                                February 2010                                                                    Volume 38, Issue 2

                                                              Winter Olympics 2010
History Of The Winter Olympics                                                               By Will, Ian, and Brent    Fast Facts                            Featured Sports in 2010
                                                                                                                                                   By Brent   Winter Olympics       By Will

  The Winter Olympics were                                                              and skiing events. Unfortu-                                            Alpine Skiing: 10 Gold Medals— Intro-
formed in 1924. It is a world-                                                          nately, due to the outbreak     5,500 Number of Olympic ath-           duced 1936
wide competition featuring                                                              of World War I, the 1916         letes and officials participating     Biathlon: 10 Gold Medals— Introduced
different winter sports.                                                                Olympics were cancelled.
Countries from all over the                                                             However, the Olympics            80+ Countries participating in        (Men‘s) 1960; (Women‘s) 1992
                                                                                                                         the Olympic Games                     Bobsledding: 3 Gold Medals—
world enter the games and                                                               were held in 1920 and fea-
                                                                                                                                                               Introduced (2-
more than a 5,500 athletes                                                              tured figure skating and
compete for their home                                                                  hockey. After the 1920
                                                                                                                         1.6 million Tickets available man); 1924; (4
                                                                                                                         to go to Olympic Games                -man) 1932;
country.                                                                                Olympics, national govern-
  In 1884, The International                                                            ing bodies from several dif-     Vancouver, Canada                     2002
Olympic Committee (IOC)                                                                 ferent countries began to        Where the games are being held Cross-Country:
considered featuring figure                                                             discuss the possibility of a
                                                                                                                                                               12 Gold Med-
skating in the 1886 Summer                                                              separate Winter Olympics.        10,000 Estimated number of            als— Intro-
Olympics. Although this                                                                 Baron Pierre de Coubertin,       media representatives attending       duced
didn‘t happen, skating was                                                              the president of the IOC         Olympic Games                         (Men‘s) 1924;
featured in the 1908 Olympics in London, England. It         opposed this new idea. He claimed that winter
was a very popular sport in Great Britain. In 1911, an       sports were ―the snobbish play of the rich.‖ The town       Olympic Rings The rings (Women‘s)
Italian count named Brunetta d‘Ussaux suggested              of Chamonix, located in the French Alps, planned a          represent the five major conti-
that winter sports be featured in the 1912 Olympics          Winter Sports festival in 1924 when Paris hosted the        nents (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Curling: 2 Gold Medals— Introduced
in Helsinki.                                                 Olympics. Although the IOC did not grant the festi-         Oceania, and Europe.) The colors (Men‘s) 1924, then made permanent
  The Scandinavian countries opposed this because            val the title of The Winter Olympics, they did decide       were chosen because at least          1998; (Women‘s) 1998
they thought it would detract from the popularity of         to call it ―The Olympic Winter Carnival.‖                   one of them appeared on flag of Figure Skating: 4 Gold Medal—
the Nordic Games. Despite the opposition, the 1916             Today nearly 80 countries compete in the Winter           every country in the world.           Appeared in 1908 Summer Olympics,
Olympics in Berlin would feature skating, hockey,            Games for a total of 85 gold medals.                                                              made permanent in Winter Olympics in
Freestyle Skiing                           By Ian     Skeleton                                   By Will    Bobsleigh                                 By Brent Freestyle Skiing: 6 Gold Medals— Intro-
                                                                                                                                                               duced 1992; new events continue to be
Date Entered: 1992                                    Date Entered: Featured                                Date Entered: 4-man,1932; 2-man, 1924;             added
Number of Participants: Individual Sport              in 1928 and 1948, then                                Women's, 2002                                      Ice Hockey: 2 Gold Medals— Intro-
Number of gold medals: 4                              made permanent in                                     Number of Participants: 2-4 people                 duced (Men‘s) 1924; (Women‘s) 1998
Description of event: There are two Olympic           2002                                                  Number of Gold Medals: 10                          Luge: 3 Gold Medals— Introduced 1964
freestyle skiing events for men and women. For        Number of Participants:                               Description of Event: To start, the racers push    Nordic Combined: 3 Gold Medals—
                         aerials, skiers jump off a   Individual Sport                                      off as fast as they                                Individual
                         large snow ramp and          Number of Gold Medals:                                can for approxi-                                   Short Track: 8 Gold Medals— Featured
                         do tricks, such as the       2                                                     mately 50 meters,                                  in 1988; Made Permanent 1992
                         twister, helicopter,         Description of Event:                                 then jump into the                                 Skeleton: 2 Gold Medals—Appeared in
                         spread eagle, and the        When the event begins,                                bobsleigh for a                                    1928 and 1948; Made Permanent 2002
                         iron cross. For moguls,      participants sprint for                               descent down the                                   Ski Jumping: 3 Gold Medals— (Men‘s)
                         participants go down a       about 50 meters and                                   track. The driver                                  1924
                         hill with continuous         then jump head first                                  steers and the                                     Snow Board: 6 Gold Medals—1998
                         bumps. The objective is      onto their sleds. They then race down the             brakeman brakes
                         to try to go down as                                                                                                                  Speed Skating: 12 Gold Medals- (Men‘s)
                                                      track. They do this four times and the person         the bobsleigh at
                         fast as you can with out                                                                                                              1924; (Women‘s) Featured in 1932;
                                                      with the lowest combined time after the last          the end of the
                         falling. It is very ex-                                                                                                               Made Permanent 1960
                                                      heat wins. The sport got its name from the sled       race.
                         treme.                       because it looks like a skeleton.

Do you know your Olympics?                                                                   By Mack        2010 Olympic Mascots                                                        By Mack

Q: What country has hosted the Winter Olym-                                                          Miga: A young sea bear
                                                       2010. Winter sports competitions will run for two                                  Quatchi: Quatchi is a         Sumi: Sumi is an animal spirit
pics more than any other?                              weeks and will take place in Vancouver, Can-  who likes surfing, snow-             sasquatch (Bigfoot) who       who wants to learn about
A: The United States has hosted the Winter             ada. Closing ceremonies are scheduled for     boarding, and anything fun           likes hockey, photography,    sports so he can play with all
Olympics four times including 1932 in Lake             February 28, 2010.                            or exciting. She wants to go         and traveling. He is always   his animal friends. He espe-
Placid, 1960 in Squaw Valley, 1980 in Lake                                                           snowboarding with the                looking for someone to play   cially likes the Paralympic
Placid, and 2000 in Salt Lake City.                    Q: How many athletes have won both Winter     humans. Miga‘s dream is to           hockey with and hopes to      Games. Sumi hopes to share
                                                       and Summer Olympics?                          ―land a corked 720 in the            become a big league           his beautiful wooded coun-
Q: Which country has won the most total num-           A: Only four athletes have ever won medals at half-pipe.‖                          hockey goalie.                try with the world.
ber of medals in the Winter Olympics?                  both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games:
A: Norway has won the most with 280. In sec-           Eddie Eagan (United States), Jacob Tullin
ond place is the U.S. with 216 and in third            Thams (Norway), Christa Luding-Rothenburger
place is the Soviet Union with 194.                    (East Germany), and Clara Hughes (Canada).
                                                       Eddie Eagan is the only athlete to have won
Q: When will the 2010 Winter Olympics take             gold medals at both the Winter and Summer
place?                                                 Olympics. He won gold in the 1920 Games for
A: The 2010 Winter Olympics officially begin           boxing, and also won gold at the 1932 Lake
with the opening ceremonies on February 12,            Placid Games in the team bobsled event.

Luge                                                                                         By Paul        Supportive Comedy                                                           By Nick
                                                                       used to be measured to the             Stephen Colbert, a political comedian, is   hats. Colbert says that 70% of proceeds go
                                   Luge is a Winter Olympics
                                                                       hundredth of a second, how-          sponsoring the 2010 speed skating team.       to the US Olympic speed skating team.
                                event where people lay on their
                                                                       ever, in 1972, two doubles teams     This means that Colbert is                                    ―We almost came up with
                                backs on sleds and race down
                                                                       tied for gold. So, it is now meas-   supplying the uniforms and                                  $300,000, which is what the
                                an icy course. The even also
                                                                       ured to the thousandth of a sec-     helmets for the Olympic                                     team lost. And now they are
                                features men‘s singles and
                                                                       ond, making it as well as short      Team.                                                       skating all over the world in
                                women‘s singles, where they are
                                                                       track speed skating the most           When Colbert found out                                    the World Cups with Colbert
                                the only ones on the sleds. Luge
                                                                       precisely timed winter events.       that the U.S. speed skating                                 Nation on their thighs, on
                                is also done in doubles, where
                                                                                                            team lost their sponsor, DSB                                their chests, and on their
                                there are two people mounted             Luge will begin on Saturday,
                                                                                                            Bank NV, in the economic                                    helmets,‖ Colbert said.
                                on the same sled.                      February 13th, the second day
                                                                                                            crisis, he went to Colbert                                    If you want to buy one of
                                                                       of the Olympics.
                                  This sport was first introduced in                                        Nation, his website, to ask                                 the Colbert Nation hats to
                                the Olympics in 1964. Luge times                                            fans to help raise money to                                 support the U.S. Olympic
                                                                                                            support the team. Colbert                                   speed skating team, go to:
                                                                                                            Nation got money through
Curling                                                                                      By Paul
                                                                                                            donations and by selling                                    www.colbertnation.com.

                                                                                                                                     Where to next?
   Curling is a Winter Olympics       gium, and Holland. The first                                                Over 200 Robin-
                                      recorded match was in 1540 or                                               son Middle                                                                  By Paul
event where one player gently
                                      1541. It was originally referred                                                School
slides a large puck known as a
stone across ice the toward a         to as ―curling‖ in 1639. This                                                   students
target. Other players broom           European game was first                                                         were
                                      brought to North America dur-                                                   asked if
the ice in front, slightly melting
                                      ing the French and Indian War                                                   they
it. Because the broom melts
the ice, those areas have less        (1754-1763). British troops                                                     planned to
friction. This allows the broom       played it when they weren't                                                     watch the
                                      marching or fighting. Curling                                                         Win-
players to guide the stone
down toward the target. Curl-         made its Olympic debut in the                                                         ter
ing is similar to shuffleboard.       first Winter Games in 1924.                                                           Olym-
Each team consists of four              In the upcoming games, curl-                                                        pics.
members.                              ing will begin on Tuesday, Feb-
  Curling was first played in
                                      ruary 16th. The Canadians typi-                                                                  2012 London, UK          2014 Sochi,       2016 Rio, Brazil
16th century Scotland, Bel-           cally dominate in this event.                                                                       (Summer)                Russia            (Summer)

The Medallion                                                                               February 2010                                                                       Volume 38, Issue 2

                                                        Quiz Answers
Your Sense of                                                                                                 Jokes                                 Which TV show
Humor Quiz
                                                   If you answered mostly A‘s,            ―A word to the wise ain‘t necessary. It‘s the
                                                   then you have a sarcastic sense stupid ones who need it!‖ Bill Cosby, comedian.
                                                                                                                                                    makes you
                                                   of humor and probably enjoy
                                                                                          The early bird gets the worm, but the second
                                                   irony. You would laugh if some-
By Melissa, Hope, Marisa                                                                mouse gets the cheese.
                                                   one accidently brought their
                                                                                          There are three kinds of people in the world;             By Melissa, Hope, Marisa
                                                   Spanish book to their English
Ever wonder what sense of humor you have? Do                                            those who can count and those who can‘t.
you laugh when someone makes a sarcastic                                                  Whoever said nothing is impossible obviously
comment or when someone slips on a banana          If you answered mostly B‘s, then never tried to slam a revolving door.
peel? Take this quiz to see what tickles your      you have a twisted sense of            I‘m right 98% of the time. Who cares about the
funny bone.                                        humor. Here is an example:           other 3%?
                                                   Two vultures board an airplane,        Proofread carefully to see if you any word out.
1. What television show or movie do you like
                                                   each carrying a dead raccoon.
      most?                                                                               I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys
                                                   The stewardess looks at them
A. House M.D.                                                                           were a radio and a toaster.
                                                   and says, ―Sorry, only one carry
B. The Office                                                                             Honolulu– it‘s got something for everyone.
                                                   on per passenger.‖
C. Napoleon Dynamite                                                                    Sand for the children, sun for the wife, sharks for
D. The Soup                                        If you answered mostly C‘s,          the wife‘s mother.
                                                   then you enjoy random, or              A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad           “How I Met Your            ―George Lopez. He has
2. Which are you most likely to laugh at?
                                                   slapstick humor. It makes you        memory.                                                     Mother. The diverse        a big head! I love how
A. Witty remarks
                                                   laugh when someone randomly As you get older three things happen. First you                      group of characters        he always fights with
B. Someone falling
                                                   shouts Happy Birthday...two                                                                                  makes for      Benny!‖
C. A melodramatic actress                                                               lose your memory, and I can‘t remember the
                                                   months after your birthday.                                                                                  the funni-     ~Andrew, 8th
D. Saturday Night Live                                                                  other two.
                                                   Slapstick is usually very over the                                                                           est sitcom
                                                                                          Never go to a doctor whose office plants have                         in his-
3. Your friend just got a pet rat and you‘re help- top and originated in silent films.
      ing to name it. What name would you          The actors had to compensate died.                                                                           tory.‖
      choose?                                      for the lack of sound by making        When you die in an elevator, be sure to press                         ~Michael,
A. Cat                                             sure their message was clearly       the up button.                                                          7th
B. Cutie                                           understood.
C. Wobbly
D. Something from a television show                If you answered mostly D‘s, then
                                                   you enjoy parodies. For exam-
4. Choose your favorite game.                      ple, all of the Shrek movies are
A. Yo momma battle                                 parodies of the classic fairy
B. Truth or Dare                                   tales. Instead of Princess Fiona
C. The board game Quelf                            marrying a handsome prince
D. Charades                                        or king, she married a
                                                   smelly old ogre.
5.       You decide to be the ‗funny person‘ when                             ―I love yo momma jokes
   waiting for a table at a restaurant by giving a                            because they bring the
   fake name. Which name would you choose?                                       anger out in people
                                                                                when you talk about                                                 ―The U.S. version of The   ―Scrubs. It is packed
A.Gregory House                                                                                                                                     Office. The show is        with wit and hilarious
B. Dwight Schrute                                                             their mom. They always
                                                                                   make me laugh.                                                   really funny with          fantasies from the main
C. Napoleon Dynamite                                                                                                                                straight man and           character J.D. The show
D. Joel McHale                                                                   ~Alberto, 8th grade
                                                                                                                                                    dead pan, sarcastic        keeps an amazing bal-
                                                                                                                                                    humor.                     ance between humor
6.    Your school is having a talent show. What                                                                                                     It‘s my                    and drama.‖
      would you do?                                                                                   ―I love the ―be there‖ jokes be-              favorite                   ~Ryan, 7th
A. Sit in the audience and laugh                                                                       cause it brings back memories                show.‖
B. A magic trick gone wrong                                                                         from English. It makes me smile to              ~Anna,
C. Something really dramatic                                                                          remember the good old days.‖                  8th
D. A funny skit based on a TV show                                                                                 ~Tori, 8th

Behind the Scenes of Robinson‘s Media
 There are three media production classes at Robinson Middle School. These classes pro-
                                                                                                                                                                         By Owen and Ethan
                                                                                                       is happening around school that week. To be a part of the Mondays in the Middle staff you
duce Mondays in the Middle, the Sentry Yearbook, and The Medallion. The Medallion is a                 have to take Speech Arts Appreciation. The Sentry is a yearbook that takes all year to cre-
newspaper that informs students on topics like new technology, new movies, and sports. To              ate and is distributed every year in June. Members of the Sentry Yearbook staff take the
make the Medallion you have to take Newspaper Journalism or come to after school Me-                   Yearbook Production class. Yearbook Production is a class that requires an application and
dallion meetings. Mondays in the Middle is a weekly news show telling students about what              recommendations from your English teacher.
Ethan, eighth grader, said, ―I really like                          Eighth grader Will, pictured with                                    Zdenka, eighth grader, said, ―I‘m a mem-
making the Medallion because it is a                                other Sentry staffers, got to go on a                                ber of the Mondays in the Middle staff.
good way to have fun and inform the                                 cool trip to a Journalism Confer-                                    Speech Arts Appreciation is a good elec-
school.‖                                                            ence in Washington D.C. Next year                                    tive to take if you're interested in mass me-
                                                                    they will be going to Kansas City.                                   dia production.‖
Ethan explains how the newspaper is                                 Will explains how the yearbook is                                    Zdenka explains how Mondays in the Mid-
made in the chart below.                                            created in the chart below.                                          dle is produced in the chart below.

        Medallion Newspaper                                                       Sentry Yearbook                                               Mondays in the Middle
Questions                          Answers                           Questions                           Answers                            Questions                          Answers

How do you       First, we are assigned an article topic. Next      How do you          We use a computer program called in-            How do you make the First, we film the announcements.
make the         we write our article and create a layout.          make the year-      Design. It‘s kind of like Publisher, but it‘s   show?               Next, we film the individual clips and
newspaper?       Our class then edits the articles so that they     book?               better for making actual books.                                     then we give them to Good Morning
                 are perfect to be sent to the printing press.                                                                                              Robinson crew to put together.
How long does The Medallion takes about two weeks to           How long does it         Planning begins in April of the previous  How long does it take The announcements themselves only
it take to make write the article and to make the layouts.     take to make it?         year. We start working on the actual book to make a show?       take one class to film, but the clips
it?             After all of the articles and layouts are com-                          in mid September after everyone has                             vary in how long they take.
                plete, the editing and the actual printing of                           learned how to use inDesign. We have four
                the newspaper takes about two weeks be-                                 deadlines between then and April, when
                fore it is handed out to the students.                                  the book is finished.
How many      There are about 70 people on the staff this           How many peo-       There are 24 people on the staff including      Do you have to take      You can stay after if a specific
people are on semester.                                             ple are on the      after school seventh graders.                   work home or stay        teacher needs you to make a clip.
the staff?                                                          staff?                                                              after school to work?
What is your     My favorite part of making the newspaper is        What is your par-   I am the lead designer and I help every-        What is your particular I film the anchors while they read the
favorite part of that you get to write about a topic you            ticular job to      one with inDesign if they have any prob-        job to make the         announcements.
making the       choose.                                            make the year-      lems since I've had the most experience         broadcast?
newspaper?                                                          book?               with it.
Does your        Mrs. Forte does help us, but we do most of         Do you have to      We stay after school on Wednesdays and How many people are We have about 25 people on the
teacher help     the work ourselves. We make the layout and         take work home      we go in on some Saturdays from 9-12, but on the staff?    staff.
you make the     we edit all of the articles. She takes the arti-   or stay after       all of these sessions are optional.
Medallion a      cles and puts them into a large document           school to work?
lot?             before she sends it to be printed.
How do you       To edit the newspaper, Mrs. Forte gives us a       What is your fa-    I really like seeing everyone‘s mug shots       What is your favorite    My favorite part of the show is filming
edit the news-   copy of the page we‘re going to be editing         vorite part of      (the pictures at the end of the yearbook).      part of making the       the clips and announcements be-
paper?           and then she lets us proofread for about 15-       making the Sen-     The staff also becomes like a family. We        show?                    cause I really like using the camera.
                 20 minutes. Next she calls on people to            try?                enjoy working together.
                 share their edits and for each one you give,
                 you get a Jolly Rancher. Whoever gets the
                 most edits in class gets a lollipop certificate.
How do you     To decide what we write about, Mrs. Forte            Does your           At first Mrs. Hinman helps a lot, but once    Does your teacher          Mrs. Hinman gives us clip ideas and
decide what to gives us a worksheet that has different              teacher help you    we get the hang of it, she isn‘t as involved. help you make the          she collects the announcements
write about?   broad topics we can write about. We brain-           make the year-      She checks everything before the final        broadcast a lot?           from teachers. She puts the show
               storm angles for each topic and pick our             book a lot?         proofs go in as well.                                                    and script together before it goes to
               favorites. She puts us into groups that have                                                                                                      GMR.
               similar answers and then we create our arti-

The Medallion                                                                                 February 2010                                                                        Volume 38, Issue 2

               New Words Added to the Dictionary 2009                                                                                                                                         By Nicholas

                 Every year, new words are added to dictionaries such as Merriam Webster and Oxford. In 2009, Merriam Webster added 100 new words to the latest edition of their dic-
               tionary. To see all of the new words go to: http://www.merriam-webster.com/info/newwords09.htm. Words are added to the dictionary based on their popularity, and on
               how often people use the word. Even though some of these words may already be in the dictionary, they have added new definitions to them. See if you can match up
               the definitions of the new words added in 2009.

A.        Intexticated         1. __ A substance that makes the muscles relax.             9. __ An episode especially of a TV show that may 17. __ A person who spends too much time using a
B.        Sock Puppet          Sometimes injected into skin under eyes to make             or may not have been telecast but can be viewed computer.
C.        Frenemy              one look younger.                                           at a Website.                                       18. __A racetrack with slot machines for gamblers.
D.        Zombie               2. __ One who pretends to be a friend but is actu-          10. __ A vacation spent at home or nearby.
E.        Staycation           ally an enemy.                                              11. __ A blog that contains video material.                                             What do you call
F.        Webisode             3. __ A dead celebrity.                                     12. __ Exclamation used to represent the sound                                          a celebrity who
G.        Dirty Bomb           4. __ Slang: one who advocates extreme meas-                that some people make when they kiss someone                                            has died?
H.        Deleb                ures or changes; radical.                                   on the cheek.
J.        Racino               5. __ Distracted because texting on a cell phone            13. __ Television program that is intended to be
K.        Vlog                 while driving a vehicle.                                    both humorous and serious.
I..       Wing Nut             6. __ To remove someone as a 'friend' on a social           14. __ Novels that are intended especially for
M.        Chicklit             networking site such as Facebook.                           women, often with a young, single woman as the
N.        Dramedy              7. __ A computer controlled by a hacker without             main character.
O.        Mwah                                                                             15. __ A disc jockey on a radio show who deliber-                        Ouch! This is a harsh way to
                               the owner's knowledge, which is made to send
P.        Botox                large quantities of data to a website, making it            ately expresses opinions or uses language that                           find out that someone no
Q.        Mouse Potato         inaccessible to other users.                                many people find offensive.                                              longer considers you a friend.
R.        Shock Jock                                                                       16. __ A bomb designed to release radioactive     Driving while tex-     ...Or it is a great way to break
                               8. __ A false online identity used for deceptive pur-
S.        Unfriend                                                                         material.                                         ting is called what?   contact with a cyber bully.

Answer Key
                                      13. Dramedy 14. Chick Lit 15. Shock Jock 16. Dirty Bomb 17. Mouse Potato 18. Racino
                                      1. Botox 2. Frenemy 3. Deleb 4. Wing Nut 5. Intexicated 6. Unfriend 7. Zombie 8. Sock Puppet 9. Webisode 10. Staycation 11. Vlog 12. Mwah

More Words Added to the Dictionary                                                                                                                                                       By Nicholas
1. Mini—Me: A person closely resembling a            5. Celebutante: A celebrity who is well             9. Fanboy: A superfan of a comic or film          14. Green Collar: To be involved in activities
smaller or younger version of another.               known in the fashionable society.                   genre.                                            that preserve natural environments.
2. Flash Mob: A group of people summoned             6. Crunk: A type of hip -hop or rap music           10. Webinar: An online conference.                15. Zip Line: A cable suspended above an
(as by email or text message) to a desig-            characterized by repeated shouted catch-            11. Carbon Footprint: The effect something        incline to which a pulley and harness are
nated location at a specified time to per-           phrases and elements typical of electronic          has on the environment.                           attached for a rider.
form an indicated action before dispersing.          dance music, such as prominent bass.                12. Funemployed: Taking advantage of              16. Memory Foam: A dense polyurethane
3. Paywall: A program that blocks parts of           7. Netbook: A small, portable laptop com-           one‘s newly unemployed status to have fun         foam that becomes more pliable when in
websites to all but paying customers.                puter with limited memory.                          or pursue other interest.                         contact with heat.
4. Blowback: The Unintended adverse results          8. Radge: A wild, crazy, and violent person.        13. Locavore: One who eats locally grown
of a political action of situation.                                                                      foods as much as possible.

Robinson School Numbers                                                   By Alfonso and Nneka
                                                                                                             Cafeteria Numbers                       Total Number of
                                                                                                                                                     Computers in
                                                                                                             Number of lunches served every-         Robinson Secondary
                       Library Numbers:                                                Total Number          day: 1,650—1,850
                                                                                                                                                     School: 2,247
                                                                                       of Trophies in
                       Total number of items In Robin-                                                       Number of pink lunch
                                                                                       RBSS Display
                       son Library: 32,783                                                                   trays used each year: 160,000
                                                                                       Case: 324
                       Total Number of                                                                       Number of Powerades sold each
                       Paperback                                                                             day: 547                                                              Total Number of
                       Books:                                                                                                                                                      classrooms in
                       1,421                                   Number of rest-                               Pounds                                                                Robinson
Number of                                                      rooms in Robin-                               of fries
lockers in the Total Number of                                                                               sold
               Reference                                       son Secondary                                 each                                                                  School: 231
middle school: Books: 3,583                                    School: 78                                    day: 300

Robinson Talents                                                                        By Casey, Abby, and Graham
                                                                                                                                                                                               By Alex

Zach, 7th                                 Aman, 7th                                Avery, 8th                                     Burke Basketball is a local program whose goal is
                                                                                                                                for kids grades 2-12 to get better at the game of
                                                                                                                                basketball. There are three seasons of play offered
                          Zach has                                  Aman has                               Avery Henry          including spring, summer, and winter. In the Winter
                          been                                      been play-                             wrestles for         seasons of house, players can‘t request to be on a
                          skate-                                    ing basket-                            Fairfax High         friend‘s team, but in the Spring and Summer sea-
                          boarding                                  ball for                               School and has       sons they can. The coaches will do their best to put
                          for seven                                 seven                                  a record (wins-      players with their friends, but there is no guarantee.
                          years and                                 years and                              loses-ties) of 3-0     Burke Basketball includes two different types of
                          first got the                             began                                  -0 for the sea-      leagues, house and travel. The house league is for
                          idea to                                   playing                                son. ―I have         players who need to get better at the game and
                          skate from                                because                                been wrestling       for first timers. Players are guaranteed equal play time. The games are
                          watching                                  of his cous-                           for seven years,     always in Burke, Fairfax Station, and West Springfield and they are
                          television.                               ins. He                                ever since I was     usually no more than a 20 minute drive or so. The skill level is way differ-
During nicer weather, Zach skates                                   currently                              three.‖ His fa-      ent from travel. In house it is a lot easier because it is less competitive
every day, but in the winter, he          plays for a Burke travel team and        vorite wrestling move is called a slam.      and your record doesn't matter because every team makes it to the
only skates about once a week.            plays either point guard or shooting     ―[A slam is when you] grab your op-          playoffs. Then it becomes a single game elimination until there is only
"Skateboarding is fun and enter-          guard. Aman said, "To me, a bas-         ponent from the back and lift him up,        one team left.
taining. The best trick I can do is a     ketball player must be fundamen-         then you slam him back into the                The travel league is for players who want a challenge by playing at a
360 kick flip." Zach does not wear        tally sound, have the will to learn,     ground.‖ To train for a match, he            higher level than house. All of the games are within Fairfax County, for
any protective pads while skating.        and must know the game well."            does normal warm-ups with his team-          example Clifton, Springfield, and Lorton. To play travel, you have to try
The worst injury he has ever gotten       Aman‘s favorite professional player      mates and coaches, and cools down            out for the team, so not everyone makes the team. In travel, a team‘s
is when he fell off a half pipe and       is LeBron James. ―I admire his bas-      after a match with a Gatorade. All he        record matters because it determines if they make it to the playoffs.
bruised the bone of his knee. If he       ketball IQ and how he is so intelli-     is thinking about is pinning his oppo-       Consider playing travel if you played house and thought it was too
could skate for any big skating           gent with the ball.‖ When Aman           nent. ―I enjoy wrestling and I enjoy         easy.
company, he said he would skate           gets older, he plans to play basket-     the fun and energy [of the sport].‖            The spring season‘s registration starts on February 16th and it ends on
for ALMOST because they have a            ball for Robinson at the highest         Avery also plays rugby for Fairfax High      March 31st. The fee to play is $65. The season goes from April 18th
great team.                               level.                                   School.                                      through June 14th. The games are only on the weekends and there
                                                                                                                                are no practices. The program needs a minimum of 32 players to form
                                                                                                                                at least four teams. Each game consists of four, seven minute quarters.
                                                                                                                                Players foul out of the game if they get called for five fouls. Check out
Medallion Staff                                                                                     Robinson                    the rules at burkebasketball.com.
                                                                                                    Secondary School              In all, Burke Basketball is a good program for skilled and unskilled
The Medallion is written, designed, edited and                                                                                  players. The goal for both leagues house and travel is the same, to get
published by Mrs. Forte‘s newspaper journalism                                                      5035 Sideburn               better a the game. The seasons are not that expensive and are really
                                                                                                    Road                        fun and worth it.
                                                                                                    Fairfax, VA 22032
                                                                                                                                                  ―My team is doing                           ―I like Burke
                                                                                                    Dan Meier,                                    well, we are 2-1.                           Basketball
                                                                                                    Principal                                     Burke Basketball is                         because
                                                                                                    Sharon Newcome,                               a great league to                           my dad
                                                                                                    7th grade Principal                           improve your fun-                           can coach.
                                                                                                    Keith Hall,                                   damental skills for                         Also, I can
                                                                                                    8th grade Principal
                                                                                                                                                  basketball, it will                         play with
                                                                                                    Adrienne Forte,
                                                                                                    Medallion Advisor                             help you later in                           my friends.‖
                                                                                                                                basketball.‖ ~Dominic, 8th                 ~Brendan, 8th

The Medallion                                                                                February 2010                                                                         Volume 38, Issue 2

Robinson Middle School Twins                                                                                                                                                    By Ben and Christen

               Dominick & Steffan                                                          John & Helen                                                      Fatima & Aisha
                 Q: Are you both good at                                                Q: Did your parents                                                    Q: What do you like
                 the same things?                                                       dress you alike when                                                   about being A twin?
                 Dominick: Yes, we are                                                  you where kids?                                                        Fatima: I‘ll always
                 both good at basketball                                                John: On special occa-                                                 have a friend.
                 and throwing a football.                                               sions they made us                                                     Q: Do you both like
                 Q: If you had twins what                                               wear matching outfits,                                                 the same subjects?
                 would you name them?                                                   like on Christmas.                                                     Fatima: No, her favor-
 Dominick, 7th Dominick: I would name             Steffan, 7th             John, 7th    Q: What was the most          Helen, 7th               Fatima, 8th     ite is gym and mine is   Aisha, 8th
                 them Timmy and Tommy.                                                  annoying thing some-                                                   math.
Q: What don't you like about being a twin                              one has ever asked you about being a twin?                           Q: Do you both have the same hobbies?
Dominick? I don't like that people get us mixed up.                    John: Sometimes people asked if we‘re related, but it usually        Fatima: Yes, we both love hanging out with our friends and
Q: Who is older?                                                       happens when we‘re close together.                                   going on the computer.
Dominick: I‘m older and I like it because I get to pick on him.         Q: Do you have the same phone as your twin?                         Q: What is annoying about your twin?
                                                                       John: We share a phone, but she uses it more than I do.              Fatima: She is always mean to me.
Q: Do you both like the same subject in school?
Steffan: Dominick and I both like gym.                                 Q: Do you both like the same subjects in school?                     Q: What do you like about being a twin?
Q: What is the most annoying thing someone has ever asked              Helen: We like totally different subjects. I like history and he     Aisha: Telling her everything and knowing that she won‘t
you about being a twin?                                                likes science and math.                                              tell anyone.
Steffan: The most annoying thing someone asked me about                Q: Are you both good at the same things?                             Q: Did your parents dress you alike when you were kids?
being a twin was which twin are you.                                   Helen: No, we‘re not. I‘m better at volleyball than he is and        Aisha: Yes, my mom dressed us up until the third grade
Q: If you had twins what would you name them?                          he is better at basketball than I am.                                and then we begged her to stop. We hated it.
Steffan: I would name them Jeffrey and Matt.                           Q: Who is older?                                                     Q: Do you ever think or do the same thing as your twin?
                                                                       Helen: I'm younger and I don't like being younger because            Aisha: No, occasionally we want to do the same things but
                                                                       he likes to call me little sister.                                   not really.

                Cole and Dylan Sprouse                                              Famous Twins                                          Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
                                     -Cole and Dylan are Identical twins who were born on               -Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins who were born
                                     August 4, 1992 in Arrezo, Italy.                                   June 13th, 1982 in Sherman Oaks, California.
                                     -The twins grew up in Long Beach, California and began             -Ashley is about eight minutes older than Mary-Kate.
                                     their acting career when they were only eight months               -The twins were hired for their first acting job when they
                                     old taking turns playing Baby Patrick on the show Grace            were only six months old. Together they played the part
                                     Under Fire.                                                        of Michelle on the TV show Full House for the next eight
                                     -Dylan Is fifteen minutes older than Cole.                         years.
                                     -The boys star as Zack and Cody in Disney‘s The Suite life         -Mary-Kate and Ashley have been in many movies such
                                     of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. They are
                                                                                                        as How the West was Fun, New York Minute, Winning
                                     tutored on set for three hours every day while they are
                                                                                                        London, Passport To Paris, and also the TV sitcom Two of
                                     filming the show.
                                                                                                        a Kind.
-The twins took turns playing a five year old named Julian in the movie Big Daddy which
was their first movie.                                                                                  -The twins missed their high school senior prom in 2004 to
-Their hobbies include snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, basketball and they also draw              co-host Saturday Night Live.
and write a comic strip based on one of Cole‘s stuffed animals.                                         -Both twins attended New York University. Ashley stayed for three years and left before
-Future plans for Dylan include going to art college while Cole plans to travel around                  graduating. Mary-Kate left after one year to focus on Dualstar, the twin‘s business.
Europe before returning to acting.

Movie Previews                                       By Kenzie and Lauren                Video Game Genres                                                               By Michael and Martin

                                                                                                          Action                          Construction and Management          Shooter
           Dear John                         Percy Jackson and the
                                                                                                          Action is one of the largest    Simulation                          One of the most popular
Release Date:
February 5,
                                                  Olympians:                                              video game genres, in-          In a construction and manage-       genres of video games,
2010                                           The Lightning Thief                                        cluding survival, shooters,     ment game, the player is given      shooters, requires the
Genre:                                     Release Date: February 12, 2010                                strategy, and vehicle simu-     a plot of land. This plot may       player to use reflexes,
drama, ro-                                 Genre: action, adventure, fantasy                              lations. An action game         already be developed, or you        good aiming skills, and
mance                                      Rating: PG-13                                                  has heavy emphasis on           may start from scratch. In either   firefight tactics to succeed.
Rating: PG-13                              Starring: Logan Lerman, Brandon T.                             combat.                         case, you must successfully         A shooter game is gener-
Starring:                                  Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Peirce                            Includes: Super Smash           manage your resources to cre-       ally rated ―T‖ or ―M.‖
Channing                                   Brosnan, and Uma Thurman
                                                                                                          Bros. Brawl, Terminator         ate a prosperous development.       Includes: Lost Planet, Bat-
Tatum, Henry                               Summary: Percy Jackson, a normal 12
                                                                                                          Salvation, The Conduit,         Includes: SimCity, Zoo Tycoon,      tlefield: Bad Company,
Thomas,                                    -year-old, has his life turned around
Amanda Sey-                                when he discovers that characters                              Frontlines: Fuel of War,        and Rollercoaster Tycoon.           The Conduit, Star Wars
fried, Richard                             from Greek Mythology really aren‘t                             Battlefield: Bad Company,                                           Battlefront 2, and Merce-
Jenkins, and                               myths. A satyr named Grover takes                              and Prince of Persia.                                               naries 2: World in Flames.
Scott Porter                               him to Camp Half Blood, a place for
Summary: John Tyree (Tatum), a             demigods, or people who have one
                                                                                                          Survival/Survival Horror        Other Genres                        Adventure
young soldier who has been de-             mortal parent and one godly parent,
                                                                                                          In these two genres, you        The genres listed here are not a    An adventure game has
ployed over seas, comes home for           to keep Percy safe. There, he finds
                                                                                                          must keep your character        list of all video game genres.      the player‘s character(s)
a vacation. He meets Savannah              out he is the son of Poseidon, God of
                                                                                                          alive. To do so, you must       Due to the nature of video-         star in the plot. These
Curtis (Seyfried), a college student       the Sea. When Zeus‘s master lightning
                                                                                                          scavenge for food, water,       games, the genres must be           games often are parts of
who is on her spring vacation and          bolt is stolen, Percy, Grover, and
                                                                                                          and shelter. Survival horror    constantly updated. Here are        series and can include
they develop feelings for each             Percy‘s friend Annabeth, daughter of
                                                                                                          is typically more combat        a few more: music games,            solving puzzles, strategy,
other. Over the next seven years           Athena, go on a quest to recover it.
                                                                                                          based, and you must sur-        programming games, puzzle           and hours of play time to
the young couple is separated by           However, the catch is that it must be
                                                                                                          vive hordes of zombies or       games, sports games, word           beat. They are a very
John‘s deployments and time in                                   returned to Mount
                                                                                                          other enemies. Survival         games, art games, educa-            popular genre, supported
service. Their relationship continues                            Olympus (aka the
                                                                                                          games in general require        tional games, casual games,         by traits of others.
through letters sent between them.                               600th floor of the
                                                                                                          lots of preplanning and         massively multiplayer online        Includes: Prince of Persia
John‘s deployment term is almost                                 Empire State Build-
                                                                                                          thought.                        games (MMOs or MMORPGs),            series, Final Fantasy series,
over when 9/11 hits and he feels he                              ing) by the Summer
                                                                                                          Includes: Alone in the          and exergames.                      WarioWare, and The Leg-
must stay in the army as a duty to                               Solstice, or else the
                                                                                                          Dark and Fatal Frame.                                               end of Zelda.
his country. With this decision, John                            Gods‘ war will de-
loses what he loves most, Savan-                                 stroy the real world.
nah. Will he be able to win her                                  Will they find the                       Vehicle Simulation              Strategy                            Party Games
back?                                                            master bolt in                           In a vehicle simulation         Strategy games have several         Party games have been
                                                                 time?                                    game, a player takes            subgenres, but the two major        popular for years and allow
                                                                                                          control of one or more          ones are real time simulations      many more players to play
                                                                                                                                          (RTS) and turn-based simula-
      Valentine’s Day                          Alice in Wonderland                                        machines to play as. They
                                                                                                                                          tions (TBS). An RTS has a player
                                                                                                                                                                              at a time than other gen-
                                                                                                          can range from fighter                                              res. Party games can be
Release Date: February 12, 2010            Release Date: March 5, 2010                                                                    build, trade, explore, and fight
                                                                                                          aircraft to submarines or                                           set in bizarre locations and
Genre: comedy and romance                  Genre: family, fantasy                                                                         in real time. A turn-based game
                                                                                                          tanks. These games re-                                              players complete tasks in
Rating: PG-13                              Rating: PG-13                                                                                  does the same in strict turns.
                                                                                                          quire a steady hand and                                             free-for-all or in teams.
Starring: Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner,    Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny                                                               RTS: Sins of a Solar Empire, Em-
                                                                                                          often a different mindset                                           Includes: Mario Party series,
Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher,             Depp, Helena Carter, Crispin Glover,                                                           pire: Total War, Age of Empires,
                                                                                                          for each machine.                                                   Dance Dance Revolution,
George Lopez, and Emma Roberts             Anne Hathaway, and Michael Sheen                                                               and Halo Wars.
                                                                                                          Includes: Ace Combat 6,                                             Rayman Raving Rabbids,
Summary: Intertwining couples and          Summary: Alice is now 17 and runs off                                                          TBS: Civilization, Civilization
                                                                                                          Battle Stations Midway,         Revolution, and Master of Orion     and WarioWare.
singles in Los Angeles break-up and        after finding out she is to be married
make-up based on the pressures             to someone she doesn‘t love. She                               and Heatseeker.                 3.
                         and expecta-                             returns to visit her
                         tions of Valen-                          old friends in                                             Can you put these games into a category?
                         tine's Day.                              Wonderland                                                 (Note: Some games have more than one category!)
                         Watch to see                             where she had                                 All games rated ―T‖ or under by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board)
                         who ends up                              her childhood
                         with whom!                               visit. While there,
                                                                  she tries to end
                                                                  the Red Queen‘s
                                                                  reign of terror
                                                                  with the help of
                                                                  the Mad Hatter
                                                                  who is played by
                                                                  Johnny Depp.

The Medallion                                                                            February 2010                                                                         Volume 38, Issue 2

Name That Lyric!                                                          Review: Sakura                                    By Jeremy      Review: Shiro                                   By Wesley
By Riley and Cheyanne
                                                                          Japanese steak houses are a popular dining choice for many families because of quality service and food. This
1. I‘m talking pedicure on our       2. I would like to make myself       type of restaurant is good for any occasion. Here are two that we highly recommend.
toes, toes                           believe                             History: Marc Ha opened his first Sakura restaurant                                         Atmosphere: When you first
Trying on all our clothes, clothes   Planet Earth turns slowly           in the small town of Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1988.                                      walk in the restaurant, the smell
                                                                         When the restaurant first opened it only had seven                                          of seafood and steak fills the
3. This is all so crazy              4. I‘ll be looking out night and    hibachi grills. Marc worked as manager and chef in                                          air. Polite waiters serve you as
Everybody seems so famous            day                                 the restaurant. After a while his hard work paid off                                        soon as you walk through the
                                                                         as many customers started coming back to the                                                door and continue throughout
                                     took my heart to the limit, and
                                                                         restaurant. Now there are 13 restaurants in Mary-                                           your meal. The waiters are very
                                     this is where I stay
                                                                         land, five restaurants in Virginia, one in New Jersey,                                      kid friendly and treat their cus-
5. We talk on the phone from         6. And even though it‘s a strug-    and one in California.                                                                      tomers with respect.
night to the morn‘                   gle, love is all we got so we       Atmosphere: When you first walk in to Sakura you                                            Menu: At Shiro, dinner is served
Girl you really changed my life      gonna keep, keep climbing to        have a choice of being at a regular table or you                                            in a series of courses that you
                                     the mountain top                    can choose to sit at a hibachi table where the chef                                         choose. First, you are given a
                                                                         comes to you. After you select a table, the servers                                         steaming bowl of soup, and
7. I know what I did wasn't clever 8. My lashes are dry, purple          usually give you a minute or two to choose a bever-                                         then you are given the choice
Cause you and me were meant teardrops I cry                              age and about ten minutes to choose your food.                                              of white or fried rice. After the
to be together                     It don't have a price, loving         Menu: You first choose your main entrée and after         Watching a chef prepare a         two appetizers, you begin with
                                   you is cherry pie                     that diners also select an appetizer and side of ei-      meal on a hibachi grill is a      the main course. The chef be-
                                                                         ther fried rice or steamed rice. Both soup and salad fun part of eating in a Japa- gins to cook chopped steak or
9. Laughing on the park bench        10. You‘re the perfect lullaby      are included with the main entrée price. My favorite nese steakhouse.                      chicken in whatever way you
thinking to myself,                  What kind of dream is this          thing to get when I go there is the filet mignon and                                       like it and then starts preparing
Hey isn't this easy                                                      shrimp with double fried rice and shrimp as an appetizer. some juicy shrimp. Now that you are pretty much full,
                                                                         The average price for one person is $25. I know that           here comes my favorite part, dessert, which consists of
                                                                         sounds like a lot, but for the amount of food you get it‘s
by Taylor Swift 10. Sweet Dreams by Beyonce
                                                                                                                                        fresh fruit, tarts, cakes, and soufflés. Prices are decent,
                                                                         really a good value.
Jason Derulo 8. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga 9. You Belong With Me
                                                                                                                                        ranging through at the most $25 per person.
                                                                         Service: If you choose a hibachi table, the chef will come Service: When you walk in, a host escorts you to a table
5. Replay by Iyaz 6. One Time by Justin Bieber 7. Whatcha Say by
                                                                         to you. What‘s great about the chefs is that they cook in      that seats 10-12 people. Shortly after, your chef arrives
USA by Miley Cyrus 4. Meet Me Halfway by The Black Eyed Peas
Answers: 1. TiK ToK by Ke$ha 2. Fireflies by Owl City 3. Party in the    front of you so when they serve you the food is still really   and introduces himself to the table. He does all kinds of
                                                                         hot. The chefs also joke around with you and pull some         things, like juggling metal spatulas to making onion vol-

Name That Movie Quote!
                                                                         pranks. When you go there on your birthday, at the end of canoes! Throughout your meal, the chef entertains all
                                                                         your meal they will take your picture with your family and while cooking delicious food. I like in when he the chef
By Riley and Cheyanne                                                    give you a complimentary slice of cheesecake.                  cooks some small shrimp than tosses it into your mouth!
                                                                         Conclusion: Diners are usually there for about an hour.        Location: The Shiro I go to is located at 9276 Old Keene
                                                                         Overall it doesn‘t feel like an hour because you‘re having Mill Rd., Burke, VA, 22015.
                                                                         fun when you go there.                                         Conclusion: I‘ve gone to Shiro multiple times, and I can
1.―My mama always said, life was 2.―Let me tell you something            Location: The Sakura I go to is in Fair Lakes right across     say it was always an enjoyable experience. With savory
like a box of chocolates; you     my father told me, look at             from the Jared‘s. For coupons, menu, and locations,            food combined with exceptional service and moderate
never know whatcha‘ gonna         the stars, the great kings of          check out: www.sakurasteakhouse.com                            prices, makes for a great dining experience.
get.‖                             the past are up there watch-
                                  ing us.‖                                                                                                                                       two wave simula-
                                                                          Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas                       By Jason
                                                                                                                                                                                 tors. To finish it off,
3.―May the force be with you.‖       4.―I‘ll get you my pretty, and                              A cruise ship      rants including Johnny                                       there is a huge
                                      your little dog too!‖                                    called the Oasis     Rockets, Seafood Shack,                                      water playground
                                                                                               of the Seas set sail an ice cream parlor,                                         for kids.
5.―Houston, we have a problem.‖      6.―God creates dinosaur. God                              December 1st         Central Park Café, and                                          In the spa and
                                      creates man. Man destroys          2009. It has been called the largest       Sorrento‘s Pizzeria.                                         fitness area, there
                                      God, man destroys dino-            cruise ship in the world. Oasis of the       On board the Oasis of                                      are solo and cou-
                                      saur...‖                           Seas is five times the Titanic‘s weight. the Seas there are seven                                       ple‘s massage
                                                                         That is 220,000 gross tons.                neighborhoods, each                                          suites and a small
7.―B-E-A-Utiful!―                    8.―Safety never takes a holi-         With its great size and weight, Oasis with their own hotels.                                          area for hair and
                                      day!‖                              of the Seas can hold up to 6,226 pas- Depending on which                                                makeup services.
                                                                         sengers. If you were on this ship it       room you are in, you                                         For those who
9.―Now that‘s high quality H2O.‖     10.―Just keep swimming, just        would look like you were in an ocean may have an ocean                                                  want to exercise
                                      keep swimming...‖                  city with huge malls and a long            view, a beautiful board-      For more info, check out:      while on board,
                                                                         boardwalk with many exotic animals walk view, or a Central               www.oasisoftheseas.com         they have kick-
                                                                         and sights. The ship has an entertain- Park view. Some rooms                                            boxing, yoga,
                                                                         ment center with a dance lounge, a may be near entertainment centers               and 158 fitness machines!
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 9. Waterboy 10. Finding Nemo                        1,380 seat theater, as well as gaming or pool and spa areas.                         If you are looking for a Caribbean
Wizard of Oz 5. Apollo 13 6. Jurassic Park 7. Bruce Almighty 8.          and arcade stations. There is a Cen-         In the pool sanctuary, there are      cruise vacation, this is perfect for you
Answers: 1. Forrest Gump 2. The Lion King 3. Star Wars 4. The            tral Park area that holds many restau- four giant pools, ten whirlpools, and       and your family!!

Book Reviews                                                                    By Brandon, Rhea, and Maddie
                                                                                                                        Robbie Book Club                                                  By Maddie

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw                     Half Moon Investigations                                       The Robbie Book Club is open to all students in
Author: Jeff Kinney                                      Author: Eoin Colfer                                          the Middle School and is sponsored by Mrs. Keith.
Genre: Realistic Fiction                                 Genre: Mystery                                               The club meets every other Monday in the library.
                                                                                                                      Members read books from many interesting genres
Summary: Greg Heffley is a ris-                          Summary: Fletcher Moon has
                                                                                                                      such as mystery, adventure, fantasy and science
ing middle schooler who tries to                         never been like other kids. For one                          fiction. Mrs. Keith does a survey at the first meeting
stop his wimpy ways at school,                           thing, he has to deal with the nick-                         of the year. The students let her know what they
friends‘ houses, and at home.                            name ―Half Moon‖ because of his                              like to read and then she picks the books accord-
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last                           short size. But the real reason he is                        ingly. After students read the book, they always
Straw focuses on his life through-                       different is that he always has a                                             have a discussion about it. They talk
out the middle of the school                             way of sniffing out a mystery, ever                                           about what they liked and what
year until summer vacation.                              since he was a baby. After gradu-                                             they did not like about the book. So          Mrs. Keith
   Greg has two brothers who                             ating at the top of his internet                                              far, the students‘ favorite book was
annoy him a lot. Rodrick is a                            class, he became known as the youngest detective                              the Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern. The most popular au-
show–off who thinks he knows                             in the world. He even has a silver-plated badge to                            thor amongst the students is J.K. Rowling. Mrs. Keith‘s favorite
everything and is a bully to Greg. His little brother,   prove it. But one day, one of his classmates, April                           books so far are Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris and
Manny, annoys him by making loud and unneces-            Devereux, comes up to him and asks him to find a                              House of Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. If you like to read
sary noises. His dad, Frank, says that Greg needs to     lock of hair which she bought from a pop star. All                            books, than this is the perfect club for you!
toughen up and challenge himself or he will have to      clues point him to the most infamous crime family,
go to military school. His mom just wants Greg and       the Sharkeys. Soon, his prized badge is stolen, and
his brothers to stay away from dangerous stuff. If
Greg wants to stay out of military school, he needs to
                                                         someone tries to attack him in the middle of the
                                                         night. Fletcher is convinced that the Sharkeys were            Club RAMBO                                                       By Brandon
focus on school, not summer plans. He also tries to      responsible for these incidents. But before he knows         Club RAMBO is an all boys reading          are pirates and ninjas, survival, and
impress a girl in school named Holly when he plays       it, he got framed for a crime, and he has to team up         club sponsored by Mr. Calamito             science fiction.
soccer. Read Greg‘s hilarious diary entries to see       with the Sharkeys to solve the mystery and find the          (Eagles‘ English teacher) and Mr.          What do you do at meetings?
how his school year ends.                                guilty party… or is he the guilty party?                     Kapelski (Read 180, RMS Reading            Mr. Kapelski: We talk about how
                                                                                                                      Specialist). Below is an interview with    much we have read, we might have
If you liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw, try   If you liked Half Moon, try out these books by Eoin          Mr. Kapelski about Club RAMBO.             a guest speaker, then we do some
out these books:                                         Colfer:                                                                                                 sort of activity. We love to compete
           Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dogs Days                          Artemis Fowl                                                                                 with each other. It‘s all for fun,
           The Loud Silence of Francine Green                       The Wishlist                                      What does RAMBO stand for?                 though.
                                                                                                                      Mr. Kapelski: Reading Activities for       How long do the members have to
                                                                    Airman: The Legend of Spud Murphy
                                                                                                                      Men and Boys Only                          read a book?
                                                                                                                      What genres are Club RAMBO read-           Mr. Kapelski: We read the books for
                                                                                                                      ing?                                       the month, then after you‘re done,
Catching Fire                                             and Peeta make it out alive
                                                                                                                      Mr. Kapelski: So far we have read          you get to keep the book.
Author: Suzanne Collins                                   again? Catching Fire is the se-
                                                          quel to the award winning                                   horror, sports, and we are starting        Who chooses the books?
Genre: Science Fiction
                                                          novel, The Hunger Games both                                war.                                       Mr. Kapelski: So far the teachers
Summary: Katniss Everdeen and fellow district trib-                                                                   Why is this a ‗boys only‘ club?
                                                          written by Suzanne Collins.                                                                            who run the club have chosen the
ute, Peeta Mellark, have won the annual Hunger                                                                        Mr. Kapelski: We find that boys            books. We pick two or three to be
Games, a fight to the death amongst 24 teenagers.                                                                     don‘t read as much as girls. There         available, and then the boys get to
They are now back in their poverty stricken home,         If you liked Catching Fire, check
                                                          out these books by Suzanne                                  are a lot of different reasons for this.   pick which one they want to read.
known as District 12. Both get nice houses and a                                                                      We wanted to give boys a cool              We take a lot of ideas from the boys
never ending supply of food for themselves and their      Collins:
                                                                                                                      place where they can find cool             in the club, though.
families. Seems great, right? Not really, because they                                                                books and participate in fun activi-       Do you do any other activities be-
won by defying the Capital and the President him-                     The Hunger Games                                ties with them.                            sides reading?
self. President Snow wants revenge, so he sends all                   Gregor the Overlander                           What books are you planning to             Mr. Kapelski: We don‘t spend a lot
the winning tributes from the past years back into                                                                    read in the second semester?               of time in our meetings actually
the arena, determined to have his precious Hunger                     Gregor and the Rats of Underland
                                                                      Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane                 Mr. Kapelski: We don‘t know spe-           reading. Most of the time, we‘re
Games played out again by the rules. Can Katniss                                                                      cific books, but some of the themes        talking or doing some sort of activity.

The Medallion                                                                                 February 2010                                                                               Volume 38, Issue 2

Robinson Crossword 2                                                                    By Neil and Ryan
                                                                                                                      VesseL                                                By Zdenka, Rachel, and Mery
                                                                                                                        Most average teen-                                             he knew it would make
Welcome to the second crossword puz-
                                                                                                                      age boys like to skate-                                          a perfect band name.
zle of 2009-2010! We hope you enjoy our
                                                                                                                      board, play video                                                   Manager Matt said
puzzle and are excited about the sur-                                                                                 games, watch movies,                                             that the band stays
prise award to the first three people to                                                                              and hang out with                                                focused during prac-
finish the puzzle correctly and turn it into                                                                          friends. However, seven                                          tices. ―Everyone in the
Mrs. Forte in room E217. Remember–                                                                                    Robinson Middle School                                           band is very profes-
never use spaces! Good luck.                                                                                          eighth grade boys                                                sional, so when it‘s time
                                                                                                                      have a different way of                                          to be serious everyone
                                                                                                                      using their time. They                                           is under control.‖
                                                                                                                      decided to form the                                                 VesseL started with
                                                                                                                      band called VesseL.                                               only four members and
                                                                                                                      The members of VesseL Members of VesseL: Kyle, Matt, expanded until they
                                                                                                                      include Zach playing         Noah, Michael, Zach, and Alan had all seven mem-
                                                                                                                      the bass, Michael as the                                          bers. The original mem-
                                                                                                                      lead guitarist, Alan Duran as the lead       bers are still in the band, but they felt like
                                                                                                                      singer and keyboardist, Kyle on the          it could be better with more people who
                                                                                                                      drums, Johnny as the second guitarist,       are into the same type of music and
                                                                                                                      Noah as the second vocalist, and Matt        have similar styles. The members of Ves-
                                                                                                                      as VesseL‘s manager.                         seL enjoy playing, writing, and practic-
                                                                                                                         Their music is mostly rock and heavy      ing their music.
                                                                                                                      metal. The name VesseL came to Mi-
                                                                                                                      chael one day when he was jumping on
                                                                                                                      his trampoline and happened to look at
                                                                                                                      the blood vessels in his arm. That‘s when

                                                                                                                                       Zach, 8th                                       Michael, 8th
                                                                                                                                       Q: Which band do you                            Q: Which band do you
                                                                                   Congratulations to last                             model yourself after?                           model yourself after?
                                                                                   quarter‘s top three                                 A: Here Comes the                               A: Avenged Sevenfold
                                                                                   crossword puzzle win-                               Horizon                                         and Metallica
                                                                                   ners.                                               Q: When did you start                           Q: What made you
                                                                                   1. Hemin, 7th                                       playing bass?                                   want to start a band?
                                                                                   2. Thomas, 7th                                      A: I started playing last                       A: I started a band
                                                                                   3. Bethany, 7th                                     year when my parents                            because I wanted to
                                                                                                                      got me a bass for my birthday.                  be like Metallica so I got my friends that
                                                                                                                                                                      play instruments and started VesseL.
ACROSS                                                     DOWN
1. What is the last name of the middle                     2. How many desktop computers are in
                                                                                                                                      Alan, 8th                                         Noah, 8th
school newspaper journalism teacher?                       E217, the newspaper journalism room?                                       Q: Which band do you                              Q: Which band do you
4. How many lunch lines are in both cafe-                  3. How many languages can you choose                                       model yourself after?                             model yourself after?
terias combined?                                           from to learn at Robinson Middle School?                                   A: Hollywood Undead                               A: The band Atreyu
6. The banner in the main hallway reads,                   5. What is Mr. Hall‘s favorite baseball                                    and System of a Down                              because most of our
―A teacher is like a _____, it consumes itself             team?                                                                      Q: Why did you want to                            members wear skinny
                                                           6. What is the last name of the first princi-                              join a band?                                      jeans and band shirts.
to light the path for others.‖
                                                           pal of Robinson Secondary?                                                 A: People told me I                               Q: What part do you
9. Mrs. Keith, a RBSS librarian, grew up in                                                                                                                                             have in the band?
                                                                                                                                      sang good. I thought it
which country?                                             7. How many ovens are in the family and
                                                                                                                      would be cool to be in a band with my           A: I basically control sound and beats in
10. What is the last name of the RBSS                      consumer sciences kitchen?                                 friends.                                        the rap part of the songs.
teacher who appeared on The Bachelor?                      8. What is the name of the music hall?
12. Who won the VHSL wrestling state                       11. Where did Mrs. Aunon go to college?                                      Kyle, 8th                                       Johnny, 8th
championship in 1975?                                      13. Is the Spring Ram Rally on a blue or a                                   Q: Which band do you                            Q: Which band do you
15. What is Mrs. Newcome‘s middle                          gold day?                                                                    model yourself after?                           model yourself after?
name?                                                      14. What will Ms. Hinman‘s last name be                                      A: Metallica                                    A: Metallica.
                                                           after she gets married this summer?                                          Q: What made you                                Q: How often do you
16. How many dollars is the Chick-Fil-A
                                                           17. What is the last name of the theatre                                     want to join the band?                          practice guitar?
check in the E wing display case made out                                                                                                                                               A: I practice a lot.
                                                           sports sponsor?                                                              A: Michael and I
for?                                                                                                                                    started because he                              When I‘m not doing
18. Where did Mr. Hall work as an assistant                19. How many pay phones are in Robin-                                                                                        homework or chores,
                                                                                                                                        found out I played the
principal before coming to work at Robin-                  son?                                                       drums and he played the guitar. So we           I‘m usually practicing. I usually practice
son?                                                                                                                  said we should start a band.                    by playing songs by other famous
                                                                                                                                                                      bands, or by making up riffs.

Best of 2009                                                                                  By Brittany, Anjali, Mitch, and Eric         Best of the Decade
           Fads of 2009                     Most Watched YouTube Videos 2009                                                                Most Googled Celebrities of the Decade
                                          Top 5 Videos
 Burger Bonanza                           1. Susan Boyle– Britain's Got Talent (120+ million views)                                       2001:   Britney Spears and Eminem
                                          2. David after dentist (37+ million views)                                                      2002:   Jennifer Lopez and Eminem
 Snuggie                                  3. JK wedding entrance dance (33+ million views)                                                2003:   Britney Spears and David Beckham
                                          4. New Moon movie trailer ( 31+ million views)                                                  2004:   Britney Spears and Orlando Bloom
 Twitter                                  5. Evian roller babies (27+ million views)                                                      2005:   Paris Hilton and Howard Stern
                                          Top 4 Music Videos                                                                              2006:   Britney Spears and Steve Irwin
 Teacup Pigs
                                          1. Pitbull: ―I Know You Want Me‖ (82+ million views)                                            2007:   Britney Spears and Ron Paul
                                          2. Miley Cyrus: ―The Climb‖ (64+ million views)                                                 2008:   Sarah Palin and Barack Obama
 Zhu Zhu Pets
                                          3. Miley Cyrus: ―Party in the U.S.A.‖ (54+ million views)                                       2009:   Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson
 Sigg Water                               4. Keri Hilson: ―Knock You Down‖ (35+ million views)
                                          Source: searchengineland.com                                                                    Source: Google, Inc.
 Bottles        Source: People Magazine

Most Googled Celebs 2009                                2009/2010                  Most Popular iTunes Songs of 2009                                              Fads of the Decade
                                                  In                     Out   1. Black Eyed Peas: ―Boom                                  Ed Hardy T-shirts                                    Statement Totes
1.  Michael Jackson                                                            Boom Pow‖
2.  Lady                                  Skinny Jeans          Bell Bottoms   2. Flo Rida: ―Right Round‖                                 Livestrong                                           Crocs
    Gaga                                  iPod touch            iPod nano      3.Lady Gaga: ―Poker Face‖                                  Wristbands
3. Robert                                 Justin Bieber         Jonas Brothers 4. Black Eyed Peas: ―I Gotta                                                                                    Cupcakes
    Pattinson                             Miley Cyrus           Hannah Montana Feeling‖                                                   The iPhone
4. Taylor Swift                           UGG Boots             EMU Boots      6. Lady Gaga & Colby O‘Donis: ―Just                                                                             Skull and Crossbone
5. Miley Cyrus                            Snuggies              Blankets       Dance‖                                                     Trucker Hats                                         Fashion
6. Kim Kar-                               Droid                 iPhone         7. Miley Cyrus: ―Party in the U.S.A.‖
    dashian                                                                    8. Miley Cyrus: ―The Climb‖                                UGG Boots                                            Online
7. Susan                                                                       9. T.I. (featuring Justin Timberlake): ―Dead                                                                    poker
    Boyle                                                                      and Gone‖                                                  Sudoku
8. Rihanna                                                                     10. Kings of Leon: ―Use Somebody‖
9. Lil‘ Wayne              Source:
10. Adam Lambert           Google, Inc.                                            Source: iTunes rankings as of 12/8/09
                                                                                                                                                                     Source: People Magazine

                                                                           Movies Coming Out In 2010

February 5         February 12            March 5             May 7            May 21             June 18                  June 30           July 2              August 6       November 19            December 10


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