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									This Lien Release is used by a lien holder and a property owner to release a secured
lien against the owner's property. The property owner pays the lien holder a certain
amount of consideration for the release. In return the lien holder releases all rights and
interest acquired in the property by the lien. This allows the property owner to have free
and clear title to the property. This document is a standard lien release form and may
be customized to fit the specific needs of the parties. This should be used by lien
holders and property owners when agreeing to the release of a lien.
                                                Release of Lien
STATE OF ____________________
COUNTY OF ___________________

Lien holder, ___________________ (“Lien Holder”), is the owner of the lien pertaining to
___________________, which was executed by ___________________ and recorded at
_____________ Book, page _________ in the county of ___________________, state of
___________________. Lien Holder acknowledges and accepts full payment of the Lien
and consents to the release of the property attached to the lien. Lien Holder agrees to
execute all necessary documents related to the perfecting the elimination of the former lien.

Dated: ___________________

Signature of Lien Holder

State of ________________                           )       ss:
County of ________________                          )

This document was acknowledged before me on ________________ [date] by
________________ [Lien Holder], (who certifies the correctness of the signature(s) of the
agent(s).) My commission expires:________________
[seal]                        ________________
                              (Notary Public)

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                                                  Lien Release
                                                     Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in
its preparation. This lien release is a very important document to get signed and filed with
regard to your asset related to it.

1.       File the notarized original with the appropriate court, if required. Keep copies in your
file related to the transaction and property holding. This an important document to get for
the release of any lien, from cars to other tangible property.

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