Lease Proposal for Commercial Premises

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									This is a form letter which is sent by a potential commercial tenant to a proposed
landlord for the lease of commercial property. Often used as a precursor to a formal
lease agreement to be entered into between the parties and as the initial negotiation,
this proposal sets forth the initial terms the tenant wishes to include in the lease. Some
of the proposed terms include the lease term, rent, proposed usage and renewal
options. This letter is best used by business owners or managers intending to lease
commercial premises or their attorneys.
                          ____ [Instruction: Insert Company Letterhead here.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert proposed Landlord contact name.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert proposed Landlord address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert proposed Landlord city, state, zip.]

                   Re: Proposed Lease of premises located at _____ [Instruction: Insert property

Dear _____ [Instruction: Insert proposed Landlord name.]

This letter is to express interest on behalf of _____ [Instruction: Insert Company name.], in
leasing the property located at: ___ [Instruction: Insert property address, including suite
number, if any.].

_____ [Instruction: Insert Company name.] is a duly formed _____ [Instruction: Insert
jurisdiction where formed and type of business you own – LLP, partnership, sole
proprietorship, etc.] that _____ [Instruction: Insert brief description of business activities.].
Our company has been in operation since ___ [Instruction: Insert formation year of
Company.] and are currently looking to increase the size of our office/industrial space.

After carefully evaluating fair-market value I (we) propose the following terms for your

1. Type of Lease;
2. Lease Term, including number and length of any renewal options and commencement and
    termination dates;
3. Size and location within building of space to be rented;
4. Proposed Usage;
5. Proposed Hours of Operation;
6. Rent including applicable annual increases and renewal term rent increase;
7. Whether or not the lease would be net or triple net, or if you intend Landlord to pay utilities
    and/or taxes;
8. Build out of the space, including those performed by you and those to be performed by
9. Any conditions under which you would not rent [Comment: This sentence could, but need
    not, include such things as potential usage or zoning issues, obtaining permits, etc.];
10. Right(s) of termination;
11. Rights of Assignment/Subletting;
12. Security Deposit;
13. Right of First Offer;
14. Signage;

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15. Parking (number of spaces, type, whether or not same shall be reserved);
16. Any proposed brokerage commission split/reduction, if any.
17. Proposal Expiration Date and Time, if any.

    [Instruction: Insert above any intended lease terms. Those listed are simply a non-
    exhaustive list of some of the most common terms, and may be deleted or added as
    applicable. In this section, you should list any and all terms under which you desire to
    lease the space.]

I am excited at the prospect of leasing the above-mentioned space and feel that _____
[Instruction: Insert Company name.] would be an asset to you. If you have any questions
about this proposal of leasing terms, or our business, please contact me at _____ [Instruction:
Insert contact information, including telephone number and email address.].

Thank you for taking the time to consider this offer. I look forward to a prompt and favorable


[Instruction: Insert signature block.]

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