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                    J ANIM SCI 1979, 49:604-606.

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   T h e procedures t o be f o l l o w e d b y prospective e m p l o y e e s and b y firms or universities in t h e
submission o f i n f o r m a t i o n t o be listed in this Placement section m a y be f o u n d in t h e Placement
section o f t h e J a n u a r y 1979 issue of this j o u r n a l .

    The Dept. of Animal Sci., Iowa State University, is     sible for teaching courses in veterinary science and
seeking a person in ruminant nutrition with emphasis        animal science and will be expected to conduct research
on dairy nutrition and management to develop and            and train postgraduates in population genetics, quan-
conduct extension programs on a state wide basis, to        titative genetics and/or animal breeding.
assume leadership for continuing education programs             Required: a higher degree in population genetics,
for professional nutritionists and to participate in        quantitative genetics or animal breeding. Closes Aug-
program development and training for area livestock         ust 31, 1979.
extension specialists.                                          Send applications to The Registrar, University of
    Required: a Ph.D. with practical background in          Sydney, N.S.W. 2006 Australia.
livestock production, the ability to communicate
effectively and to cooperate with other specialists in          The Winrock International Livestock Research an(J
program development and delivery.                           Training Center is seeking candidates for positions of
    Send a resume and three references to: Dr. S. A.        range ecologist, and range livestock scientist for a five-
Ewing, Head, Dept. of Animal Sci., 101 Kildee Hall,         year range research project in Kenya.
Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011. The Univer-              Required: a Ph.D. or equivalent in specialty area,
sity is an affirmative action, equal opportunity em-        research experience; overseas, graduate research edu-
ployer.                                                     cation and field training experience are desirable.
                                                            Closes September 1, 1979. Contact Dr. Ned S. Raun,
    The Dept. of Animal and Dairy Sci., Auburn              Winrock International, Rte. 3, Morrilton, AR 72110.
University, has a graduate teaching assistantship
available Sept. 1, 1979. The position will allow the            Colby Community College is seeking an animal
pursuit of a graduate program on a two-thirds time          science instructor. Responsibilities will include teaching
basis while teaching livestock judging courses and          two beef cattle production courses, principles of live-
coaching the livestock judging teams.                       stock nutrition and the cattle and nutrition sections of
    Required: a M.S. with livestock judging team            a team-taught general animal science course; assisting
experience.                                                 in the coordination of an artificial insemination course,
    Send applications to: Dr. W. M. Warren, Head,           student work experience program and management
Dept. of Animal and Dairy Sci., Auburn University,          of a new beef cattle unit at the college livestock
Auburn, AL. The University is an equal opportunity,         center.
affirmative action employer.                                    Required: a M.S. or Ph.D. with strong practical
                                                            background in the cattle industry. Applicants should
    New Mexico State University, Dept. of Animal and        have initiative, desirje to excel as a teacher, and mold a
Range Sci., is seeking applicants for an assistant          successful instructional program dealing with all
professor with teaching and research duties in animal       phases of the cattle industry. The ability to commun-
breeding.                                                   icate and work closely with students, staff and pro-
    Required: a Ph.D. with a strong background in           ducers is essential.
statistics. Interest in international agriculture is            Send transcripts, resume and references to Vaughn
preferred. Postion is available July 1,1979.                W. Henry, Chairman, Dept. of Agriculture, Colby
    Contact A. B. Nelson, Dept. of Animal and Range         Community College, Colby, KS 67701.
Sci., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
88003. The University is an equal opportunity,                   California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, is
affirmative action employer.                                 seeking a veterinarian with an animal science degree or
                                                             background. The position is 40 percent teaching and
    New Mexico State University, Dept. of Animal and         60 percent administration of the university veterinary
Range Sci., is seeking applicants for an assistant           needs.
professor, 100 percent research in environmental                 Required: a D.V.M. with strong background in ani-
physiology, particularly with beef cattle. Location is       mal science, preferably a B.S. degree. Needs to be
at the Clayton Livestock Research Center in north-           familiar with common treatments necessary for farm
eastern NM.                                                  animals and would prefer an individual with strong
    Required: a Ph.D. in animal science or related           background and experience with horses or one of the
field. Position is available July 1, 1979.                   other species.
    Contact A. B. Nelson, Dept. of Animal and Range              Contact N. K. Dunn, California State Polytechnic
Sci., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM            University, 3801 Temple Ave., Pomona, CA 91768.
88003. The University is an equal opportunity,               The University is an equal opportunity, affirmative
affirmative action employer.                                 action employer.

   The University of Sydney, Dept. of Animal Hus-                The Oregon State University Dept. of Animal Sci-
bandry, is seeking applicants for a lectureship in ani-      ence is seeking an equitation instructor for an estab-
mal genetics. The successful candidate will be respon-       lished riding program. Responsibilities will include
                                                           JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, Vol. 49, No. 2, 1979

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                                                      PLACEMENT                                                    605

management of a modern horse facility and collabora-               Search reopened--Murray State University is seek-
tion with existing faculty.                                    ing a full time director for a planned program in veter-
    Required: A B.S. or higher degree in animal sci-           inary science technology. The successful candidate witl
ence and evidence of successful involvement in an              be involved in planning the curriculum, facilities and
equitation instruction program. Closes August 31,              program. After implementation of the program the
1979.                                                          director will also assist in the instruction and adminis-
    Send transcripts, resume, certification, other per-        tration of the program. The position will carry aca-
tinent information and have three letters of recom-            demic rank within the College of Environmental Sci-
mendation sent to Dr. J. E. Oldfield, Head, Dept. of           ences. Closes November 1, 1979.
Animal Sci., Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                Required: a D, V. M. degree, an understanding of
97331. The University is an equal opportunity,                 veterinary technology programs and successful teach-
affirmative action employer.                                   ing experience. Available January 1, 1980.
                                                                   Send a vita, a professional file and names of three
    Dow chemical Company, cerjtral research, is seek-          references t o Chairman, Dept. of Agriculture, Murray
jng a Ph.D. level animal physiologist, biochemist or           State University, Murray, KY 42071. The University
endocrinologist to participate in a research program to        is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.
exploit hormone interactions and control as a means
of improving animal growth and meat production.
     Required: a Ph.D. with experience in one or more                      PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEES
o f the following areas: releasing hormones, hormone-
 receptor interactions, regulation of fat and protein
metabolism. Immediately available.                                 Box No. 73. M. S. in animal science with 10 years
    Submit resume, college transcripts, list of publica-       R&D experience in animal health and nutrition is seek-
tions and names of three references to: David P.               ing a position. Has developed protocols f o r and mon-
 Beechuk, Technical Placement, 1776 Building, Dow              itored clinical trials with universities; conducted field
Chemical, U.S.A., Midland, MI 48640. Dow is an equal           development work; conducted basic research on the
opportunity, affirmative action employer.                      effects of feed additives on animal growth; developed
                                                               in vitro and in vivo screening techniques and designed
                                                               and maintained animal research facilities. Available
    The University of California, Davis, Dept. of Ag-
                                                               June, 1979.
ronomy and Range Science, is seeking a visiting pro-
fessor in Range and Wildland Ecology to teach one
                                                                   Box No. 74. Ph.D. in beef systems production and
course in multiple use of rangelands with emphasis on
                                                               management including nutrition, physiology, genetics
North America and one graduate seminar.
                                                               and related plant sciences is seeking a position. Exper-
     Required: Ph.D. or adequate training and exper-
                                                               ience includes dirt farming, vocational agriculture and
ience in range science, range ecology, wildlife biology
                                                               extension teaching, university teaching, experiment
and management or animal science and livestock man-
                                                               station supervision, R&D testing, operations analysis
agement. Must have aptitude for relating to multiple
                                                               and environmental regulatory compliance program
use of range and wildiands including livestock-wild-
life relationships.                                            planning and development. Terms and availability
                                                               negotiable for functions in academic, government,
     If interested, send a resume and a complete list of
                                                               industry or other related activities.
publications to J. W. Menke, Search Committee Chair-
man, Dept. of Agronomy and Range Science, Univer-
sity of California, Davis, CA 95616.                               Box No. 75. Ph.D. in dairy husbandry-reproductive
                                                               endocrinology with over 11 years experience in dairy
                                                               farm management and artificial insemination leader-
     The Comell University Dept. of Animal Science is          ship is seeking a position. Research included the use of
 seeking an extension associate in beef cattle produc-         drugs and ultrasound in male castration, molecular
 tion. 100 percent extension. Responsibilities will in-        chemistry of isolates sperm plasma membranes and
 clude assisting in the development of education mater-        endocrine factors associated with postpartum anestrus
 ials, participating in short courses for producers,           in dairy cattle. Is interested in research or teaching.
 providing in-service training for extension agents, assist-   Available December, 1979.
 ing with NY bull testing program and developing
 methods for implementing the best technology on                   Box No. 76. B. S. in animal science (Kansas State
 small beef farms.                                             University), experience with exotics in zoo and beef
      Required: a B. S. in animal science and an M. S. in      cattle. Free t a travel. Available immediately.
,a subject area related to the position. Experience in
 one or more aspects of beef cattle production are de-             Box No. 77. Recent graduate in animal science and
 sirable. Candidate must have a genuine interest in the        dairy science with a B. S. degree and experience in
 education of beef producers and have the initiative,          dairy farming is seeking a position in some aspect of
 creative capacity and dedication to develop an exten-         the dairy industry. Available immediately.
 sion program.
     Applicants should send a detailed resume, includ-             Box No. 78. Ph.D. nutritionist is seeking a reward-
 ing transcripts, and arrange f o r three letters of refer-    ing and challenging position in research, extension
 ence to be sent to D. G. Fox, Animal Science Dept.,           and/or management. Research experience includes
 Morrison Hall, Cornelt University, Ithaca, NY 14853.          mineral metabolism and absorption, chemical evalua-
 The University is an equal opportunity, affirmative           tion and practical application of waste products and
 action employer.                                              on farm, practical trials involving area livestock prob-

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606                                              PLACEMENT

lems. Experienced in management, mini-computer pro-       Georgia, McGill University and the University of
gramming, teaching and consulting. Available immed-       Texas. Available January, 1980.
                                                              Box No. 81. Fall, 1979 Ph.D. in animal nutrition
    Box No. 79. Ph.D. in animal nutrition with 11
                                                          desires a research or research/teaching position in the
years experience in the U.S. and Middle East is seeking
                                                          U.S. or ~ r o a d . Areas of competence include ruminant
a position. Work history includes: college teaching,
                                                          and monogestric nutrition, forage evaluation, mathe-
research and extension in ruminant nutrition and man-
agement and research in physiology. Numerous pub-         matical modeling and applied statistics. Experience
                                                          includes teaching and three years in West Africa with
lications. Desires a teaching and/or research position
in academia or industry. Available September, 1979.       the Peace Corps.

    Box No. 80. Ph.D. in animal science from Kyushu           Box No. 82. Ph.D. in animal science with exper-
UniversiW (Japan) is seeking a research position in       ience in environmental physiology and reproductive
reproductive physiology. Has expertise In sperm phy-      physiology is seeking a position. ~ interested in teach-
siology and endocrinology using tissue culture tech-      ing and/or research. Has experience in the Middle East~
niques. Post-doctoral experience at the University of     Available immediately.

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