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					Hervé DESHAMPS
Technical Manager, Oracle specialist.

Personal Information

                        Address:      Résidence du Parc
                                      170 Av des Thermes
                                      01220 Divonne les bains
                        Swiss Permit: Yes
                        Day Tel:      +41 79 412 1707
                        Evening Tel: +33 4 5020 4970
                        Nationality: French
                        Birthday:     1969
                        Languages: French: mother tongue
                                      English: bilingual
                                      Spanish: fluent
                                      German: working knowledge aiming at fluency

Skills Summary

                        Areas of expertise
                                      Project Management/Team Lead/Contract Management
                                      Systems Architect
                                      Business Analysis and Developer

                        Methods/Project Management Tools:
                                    ORACLE CDM and AIM
                                    Microsoft Projects

                                        ORACLE EBusiness Suite
                                        ORACLE Designer and Developer Forms & Reports
                                        ORACLE 9iAS, Portal
                                        ORACLE RDBMS Server: 7.x, 8.i, 9.x.
                                        Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML
                                        ORACLE PL/SQL, SQL*Plus
                                        ORACLE JDeveloper


                        Software Engineering Degree, Institut National de Sciences Appliquées,
                        Lyon, France.

                        HR Masters Degree, Valencia, Spain.
Hervé Deschamps                                                               Career summary

                      Latest Training: Java programming, Oracle Server 9iAS, Management: Team
                      in Action, German.

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 Hervé Deschamps                                                                         Career summary

Professional experience with Oracle: 9 years

Since 2001: Oracle Suisse Romande

                         Technical Manager

                         Management Tasks:

                                   Project/Client Management,
                                   Bids and Proposals.
                                   Quality Assurance Manager for the ECA development team,

                         Main Technical Missions:

                                   Technical Lead for custom developments (Java, JSP, Forms, Reports,
                                    Back End Interfaces).
                                   9iAS and 9i Database expertise, architecture and installations.
                                   AGL Designer 6i configuration, including templates.

                         Development of specifics around Oracle EBusiness Suite:

                                   Developments of specifics PL/SQL, Forms, Reports in Web
                                   Databases and specific tuning.

                         ST Microelectronics
                         Technical architect

                         Designed the architecture for a dual production 24x7 website with Oracle

                         Technical Lead, Team Lead

                         Analysis and technical design of HR custom portlets with Oracle 9iAS and
                         eBusiness Suite 11.5.8. Lead team of 4 Java developers to implement.

                         Etat de Genève

                         Specification and development of custom forms for a payment processing
                         system tightly integrated with Oracle Financials (AP, AR, GL).

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Hervé Deschamps                                                                   Career summary

                      United Nations: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
                      Project Manager

                      Installation and training for Oracle 9iAS 9.0.2 in a complex highly secured
                      technical environment.

                      Etablissement Cantonal d’Assurance-ECA
                      Technical Manager

                      Implementation of a specific management application around Oracle
                      EBusiness Suite. First I was lead developer and set standards with Designer
                      6i templates and preferences. Then I was responsible for Quality.

                      Project Manager and Architect

                      Audit of their custom Forms and Reports application. Installation of the their
                      test and production environments.

                      Aéroport de Genève
                      Technical Manager and Developer

                      Development of specific reports for their Oracle EBusiness Suite: invoice and
                      dunning letter.

                      Banque de Commerce et de Placements
                      System Architect

                      Installation of two 9iAS Portal environments. Development of a data
                      synchronization utility.

                      International Institute for Management Development
                      Technical Manager

                      Delivery of a Reports9i workshop.

                      Team Lead and Developer

                      Development of reports and interfaces for their Oracle EBusiness Suite,

                      Loterie Romande

                      Customization of forms and reports for the HR module of their Oracle
                      EBusiness Suite.

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 Hervé Deschamps                                                                      Career summary

Previous Experiences

1997 - 2001 : Oracle USA
                           Technical Manager and Senior Principal Consultant

                           Various missions centered on custom development:

                                  Supervision of small teams,
                                  Analysis and system design,
                                  DBA,
                                  Extensive Oracle Designer use (upper and lower CASE),
                                  Developments of specifics with 9iAS Portal, Oracle Forms, Reports,
                                   PL/SQL in environments Client/Server and Web,
                                  Logical and physical data models designs with Oracle Designer.
                                   Forms generations,
                                  Databases and specifics tuning,
                                  Installations and administration of Oracle databases and Oracle
                                   software for operating systems Unix, NT, in Client/Server and Web

                           Clients included: St. Johns University, Jamaica, New York City; Active
                           Health, New York City; Encompass System, Washington; Northern Virginia
                           Hospitals, Reston, Virginia; National Cancer Institute, Rockville, Maryland;
                           University of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee; Bell South, Birmingham,
                           Alabama; US Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; Intermedia
                           Communications, Tampa, Florida; Envision Systems, St Petersburg, Florida.

1996 - 1997: Softcase – Principal Consultant
                           Designer/2000 Centered Designs and Development.

1994 - 1996 : GEC Alsthom Steam Turbines Ingénieur Informatique Développement
                           Business Analysis, Team Leading, Designer/2000 Centered Designs and

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 Hervé Deschamps                                                                    Career summary


                       Using Oracle Applications Flexfields in your custom forms: step-by-step,
                       Switzerland Oracle User Group, March 2003.

                       Portal 3.0: Moving Folders Across Content Areas with its API, Oracle
                       Internals, February 2001.

                       Migrate Web Site Content in Portal 3.0 with its API - January 2001.

                       Paging People with Oracle 8i out of the Box, Oracle Internals, December

                       Creating a Hierarchical List of Value component in Portal for folders -
                       December 2000.

                       Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) 2000 conference: Web
                       Applications Generation From Designer 6I: Advanced Solutions

                       OpenWorld 1999 Conference: Web Applications Generation from Designer:
                       Advanced Solutions.

                       Web Generate Record Cloning with Designer. - Oracle Professional, Nov and
                       Dec 1999 (2 parts).

                       Web Generate Mass Updates with Designer - Oracle Update, November

                       Designer 2.1.2: Web Generate those Titles. - Select, October 1999.

                       Web Generate Powerful Navigation with Designer 2.1.2. - Oracle Developer,
                       June 1999.

                       Designer/2000 2.1.2. API: Enforcing Column Naming Standards. - Oracle
                       Update, May 1999.

                       ECO’98 Conference, Broadway, New York: Generating 100% drilling with

                       Designer/2000 API: Providing View Column Display Properties. - Oracle
                       Developer, February 1998.

                       Jump Start an application in Designer/2000, Oracle Developer, December

                       Case Special Interest Group, London UK, autumn 1996: Getting the most out
                       of Designer/2000.

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