; Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g


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									Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

       Abhishek Khanolkar
      What is Oracle Fusion?
• “Oracle Fusion Middleware is a
  „preintegrated‟ portfolio of customer-
  proven software that spans from portals
  and process managers to application
  infrastructure, developer tools, and
  business intelligence”.
• In short it is a complete stack of related
  middleware technologies.
      Components of Fusion
• There are about 17 different components.
• In this activity I worked with SOA Suite.
• SOA suite has the Oracle AS (Application
  Server), ESB, business rule engine,
  Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle
  Web Service Manager.
      Enterprise Computing.
• Enterprise computing means computing in
  the GRID environment or where
  applications run on many servers.
• Enterprise Computing is made possible by
  the use of middleware technology.
• Middleware's such as Oracle Fusion, BEA,
  IBM MQ and Tibco.
     Technologies in Fusion:
• EJB (Enterprise Java beans).
• Types of EJB
• MDB (Message Driven Bean), Entity Bean
  and Session bean.
• JMS (Java Messaging Service).
• Web Service (most import part)
         Importance of EJB
• EJB brings about the asynchronous
• It automate the transaction management
  and reduce the code size.
• Provides security.
• Provides the remote access using the RMI
  and CORBA.
             Web Services
• Web Service bring about the application to
  application interaction.
• It has a receiver and sender of SOAP
• SOAP is a platform neutral XML based
• Web Service send SOAP message that
  are then used by the applcations.
• JMS or Java Messaging Service is a
  standard messaging system.
• JMS has 2 messaging models- the queue
  based model and topic based model.
• The SOAP messages in the web Service
  are sent over JMS destinations (queue or
      Installation of Fusion
SOA suite -Oracle AS, business rules and
ESB, BPEL manger and web Service
Installation is easy- open the file and run
the installer.
The environment variables are set
      Environment Variables
• To check the environment variables all you
  need to do is try running the SQL plus
  from the command line and then run a .sql
  file to execute the SQL script.
• Demo of Oracle Fusion.
• Oracle Fusion is Beta tested with the
  Oracle partners.
• Supposed to be launched in 2008.
• The version will be Fusion 11g.
• JDeveloper make the developing an
  deploying task very easy.
• All the standards such as EJB 3.0 (latest)
  are supported.
• Other standards such as JSR188 for web
  Services and JMS for messaging models
  are supported.
• Oracle says that there will be no vendor
  lock in.
• All this is bound to make Oracle Fusion a
  big success with existing Oracle

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