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					                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Global Engineering Firm Speeds Invoice
                                             Approval Process, Boosts Business Agility

                                             “Microsoft and SAP have delivered exactly what they
Customer: Sandvik Group
Website:                     promised in Duet Enterprise. In just six weeks, we were
Customer Size: 47,000                        able to optimize a key financial process by building on
Country or Region: Sweden
Industry: Engineering                        existing technology investments.”
                                                                                            Nevzat Ertan, Chief Architect, Sandvik Tooling
Customer Profile
Sandvik is a high-technology engineering     To more accurately assess opportunities for expansion, Sandvik
group that offers advanced products based
                                             Group needed to reduce the cycle times of core financial
on its unique expertise in materials
technology and extensive insight into        processes. By deploying Duet Enterprise, which exposes data
customer processes.
                                             from SAP applications in Microsoft SharePoint Server, Sandvik
Software and Services                        streamlined its invoice approval process, cutting time-to-
• Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint
                                             completion in half. With a more efficient financial process
  and SAP Applications
• Microsoft Server Product Portfolio         workflow, the company can be more responsive to changing
  − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
                                             business needs.

                                             Business Needs                                   SAP,” says Ertan. “It will cover about 80
                                             Based in Sweden, Sandvik Group is a high-        percent of our day-to-day business needs.”
                                             technology engineering firm. It provides
                                             tools for metalworking, machinery, and           To better connect its global workforce, the
                                             rock excavation, as well as stainless steel,     company also uses Microsoft SharePoint
                                             special alloys, and resistance heating           Server. Sandvik is in the process of
                                             materials and process systems. Its               upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010 to
                                             operations consist of three major business       take advantage of content management
                                             areas: Tooling, Materials Technology, and        capabilities, enterprise search, and the
                                             Mining and Construction. Sandvik Group           integration of social computing features.
                                             has 47,000 employees and its presence            “We use SharePoint Server to help staff in
                                             spans 130 countries.                             different offices collaborate on bids, share
                                                                                              expertise, and keep people updated about
For more information about Duet
                                             Sandvik uses software from SAP to                changes across our different business
Enterprise, go to:
                                             manage its enterprise resource planning          divisions,” says Nevzat Ertan, Chief
                                             (ERP) functions, including finance and           Architect at Sandvik Tooling. “We see it as
                                             accounting, sales and marketing, and             the ideal tool for collaboration.”
                                             operations. “We will depend heavily on
A number of employees, mostly                                   through an interface that they’re already        approval process. This, in turn, has helped
concentrated in the company’s finance and                       comfortable using,” says Ertan.                  Sandvik streamline its procure-to-pay
operations departments, rely on SAP data as                                                                      cycle, which means that executives can
part of their daily routine. However, most                      After two weeks of testing in late 2010,         more accurately determine the availability
business users only need to log on to the                       Ertan initiated a pilot deployment of Duet       of working capital for investment and
system about once a week to complete                            Enterprise to a group of employees within        growth.
transactional tasks, such as reviewing and                      the accounting department at its corporate
processing invoices. Because these                              headquarters. The project took a total of        Accelerates Time to Value
employees are less familiar with the features                   six weeks to complete. “Some people in           In deploying Duet Enterprise, Sandvik was
of the ERP system, they sometimes find it                       the company thought there was no way             able to capitalize on its existing
difficult to access the information they need                   we could pull off the implementation in          installations of SAP ERP software and
to complete their tasks. This, in turn, slows                   such a short timeframe,” says Ertan. “But        Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The
down workflows and can hamper the                               the entire process went very smoothly and        company also relied largely on available
efficiency of critical business functions, such                 we were up and running right on                  skill sets to manage the implementation.
as accounts payable management.                                 schedule.”                                       This meant that Sandvik could quickly roll
                                                                                                                 out the solution while holding down
To improve business planning and                                The company now uses Duet Enterprise to          deployment costs. “Microsoft and SAP
responsiveness to changing markets,                             handle its invoice approval process.             have delivered exactly what they promised
executives stressed the importance of                           Through a dashboard interface in                 in Duet Enterprise,” says Ertan. “In just six
achieving greater process efficiency. They                      SharePoint Server, staff can quickly view        weeks, we were able to optimize a key
searched for a software solution that would                     the status and deadline dates for the            financial process by building on existing
give users of the ERP system access to                          invoices in their queue and click to view        technology investments.”
enterprise business data and processes                          individual invoice files for processing. “We
from within an application optimized for                        modified the screens to help users locate        Increases Business Agility Through
collaboration. They needed a solution that                      the information they need in as little time      Greater Process Efficiency
was easy to deploy, and they wanted to                          as possible,” says Ertan. “And the Ribbon        Administrative staff in the company’s
minimize acquisition costs by reusing as                        interface in SharePoint Server makes             accounting department can now access
much of their existing infrastructure as                        navigation to folders, lists, and workflows      business data and processes from within
possible. “It quickly became clear to us that                   very easy.”                                      SharePoint Server, which combines an
we needed a way to bridge SAP and                                                                                intuitive interface with familiar document
SharePoint Server,” says Ertan.                                 Based on its success, Sandvik Tooling plans      management, workflow, and collaboration
                                                                to deploy the solution to manage                 tools. As a result, these employees can stay
Solution                                                        additional business processes. For               more productive and complete invoice
When Ertan and other Sandvik executives                         example, the company will expand its use         approvals in less time. “Staff can now
learned about Duet Enterprise for Microsoft                     of Duet Enterprise to manage its Engineer        process approvals in a few clicks without
SharePoint and SAP Applications in early                        to Order and Request for Quote processes.        even logging on to SAP,” says Ertan. “Our
2010, they immediately sought to capitalize                     In the coming months, employees in the           employees are twice as fast now at
on the opportunity. Duet Enterprise, a                          company’s production unit will be able to        performing this task through the use of
solution jointly developed by Microsoft and                     enter price and delivery lead time               Duet Enterprise. This means managers
SAP, provides interoperability between SAP                      information into SAP through a workflow          have greater visibility into the company’s
business management applications and                            interface in SharePoint Server 2010.             current financial picture, so they can make
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. “We saw                                                                        better-informed decisions.”
Duet Enterprise as a way to extend powerful                     Benefits
SAP process functionality to business users                     By deploying Duet Enterprise, Sandvik has
                                                                increased the efficiency of its invoice

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Document published March 2011

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