Permission Slip Daisy Girl Scout Troop 50 by HC111205175524


									                Permission Slip Girl Scout Troop ____
Brief description of activity/purpose of activity: Family Swim at Sindelfingen Pool


Location of event:

Telephone number:

Time and place of departure:

Time and place of return:

Mode of transportation:

Leaders accompanying the girls:

Each girl will need:

In case of emergency, the leaders will notify ____________________, who will immediately notify the
parents or guardian.

If you have any questions about this activity please call:

***************** Return lower portion to Troop Leaders ******************

My daughter, __________________________, has permission to participate with Girl Scout Troop __
in _________________________________________________ on _________________________.
               Event Name                                     Date and time

She needs the following reasonable accommodations:

During the activity, I (we) can be reached at______________________________________________
                                                   Address                  Phone #

If we cannot be reached, in the event of an emergency, the following person is authorized to act in my
(our) behalf:

Name:                                                        Relationship:

Address:                                                     Telephone #

_________________________________                            ________________________
       Signature of parent or guardian                              Date

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