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                                 Qatar          Newsletter            For
               April 2008

         Outpost Shell Head Office, 6th Floor
Al Mirqab Tower
Outpost Doha Website: http://www.globaloutpostservices.com/doha/
Outpost Email Details: outpost.Qatar@shell.com
Outpost Mobile (Focal Point – Fiona Kibblewhite) : (+974) 589 2680
Outpost Landline Shell Office (Al Mirqab Tower) (+974) 495 7874
Visitors wishing to reach the Outpost office, please go first to 7 th
Floor Reception to sign in as a visitor.

Outpost Community              Office,          Mezzanine,      Floor
Qipco Compound
Outpost Community Office Office Phone: +974 493 0854
Outpost Community Office Mobile : (+ 974) 535 1219
Meet & Greet Email address: meetgreetqatar@hotmail.com
Meet & Greet Mobile: (+ 974) 652 2043
Visitors wishing to reach the Outpost Community Office, please call the
Community Office Mobile
Outpost Community Office Opening Hours:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10am –
Tuesday 1- 3pm

Outpost Qatar Team
Focal Point:                   Fiona Kibblewhite
Webmaster & Hague Liason:      Karen Peacock
Community Office Manager:      Shobhu Rajani
Meet & Greet Co-ordinator:     Diane McLaren
Events Team:                   Hema Wilms & Elena Mravlag
Events Team Email for RSVP „s:       outposteventsqatar@hotmail.com

Outpost Welcome Committee
Marlies Nijhout –             Al Fardan 2
Uta David –                   Al Fardan 2
Mel Hornsby -                 Sphere Compound
Caroline Shire –              Asas Towers
Elizabeth Rincon –            Asas Towers
Annelize Tibshraeny –         Qipco
Dear Community, With the growing sze of our Doha Community,
Outpost has also grown. We now have two offices – one in
the Shell office & one in the community. We now have two
teams of six people     – the Outpost Team & the Outpost

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Welcome Committee. Please    find   above   all   the contact
numbers & email addresses.

Outpost would like to welcome “New Arrivals”
to Doha
Robert & Gillian Harwood & sons Jonathon & Richard
Rolf & Marianne van Kleef & sons Yo-Lin & Timo
Ronald Ling
Roy & Susan Holmes
Keith Walters
Lorraine Wilson
Eric & Eva Jaqueline-Bergtrop , son Dowe & daughter Sietse
Victoria Noland & daughter Anna
Mark Taylor
Ludwig & Adelaide Astl
Alan& Alison Maclachlan & son Calum
Khadija Aisari
Gordon Brown
Kung Chung Ngo & Sing Ying
Thoma & Melanie Kleijn, son Quinn & daughter Vera
Jos van Noort
Mucharun Sumartono
Mark Denney
Willem & Alexandra Caminada, daughters Sophie & Julliete &
son Floris
Mitali Roy
Barry & Simone Tyndall, daughters Sarah & Megan
David MacGillivray
Parilakathcottua Sunifar
Nelsonba Celestial
Andreas Walker
Trevor & Gill Plumbley
Sanjay Patel
Pushpa Thiagaraja
Ludolf & Babel Luehmann
Roelof & Tuijl Cornelisse
Matthew Crawford
Ismail & Mounia Arafa, son Kamal & daughter Ines
Franz & Hildegard Grasser
Shaun & Linda Lee
Brian & Christine Ventress
Franciscus & Yvonne van Maanen, daughter Ninke & son Menno
Anthony & Matsuyo Etherington

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From the Focal Point: The Bi-annual Global
Outpost Conference
In late April, the 7th Annual Outpost Conference was held in
Noordwijk, The Netherlands and Global Outpost Services
(GOS) sponsored two delegates to attend from each Outpost.
Outpost Qatar was represented by Karen Peacock (Webmaster &
Hague Liaison) & myself (Fiona Kibblewhite Focal Point). 70
Outpost delegates attended from around the world, and 45
Outposts were represented.

Guest speakers at the conference included Malcolm Brinded
(Executive Director of Exploration & Production), Mike
Reiff   –   Head   of   Remuneration  &   Benefits,   Shell
International, Karin Brakel – from the Outpost Advisory
Council, Amgad Younes MENA (Middle Eastern North African
Network) , Henk van Hout (Head of Education Services, Shell
International) , Stephanie Boyde (Manager of Executive
Remuneration / Expatriate Policy).

Workshops were held on Dual Careers, Repatriation, Work
Life Balance, Partners in Distress, Team Recruiting, IT
Tools – Outpost Website & the new GOS database, Cross
cultural adaptation., and Budgeting & preparing a business
plan (presented by myself), In the future , taking on what
was learnt at the conference, Outpost Qatar will soon be
implementing the Global Outpost Services ( GOS ) database,
to record incoming queries about relocating to Qatar.

Thankyou to:
Carla van Venrooij for her dedication to Outpost Meet &
Greet over the last 2 years. Many of you may remember
meeting Carla on your arrival into Qatar. Carla gave many
hours setting up the Meet & Greet procedures, the welcome
packages, the contact lists & the new Outpost Community
Office. Carla‟s 2 year tenure comes to an end this month,
and we wish her luck in her new hobbies and interests.

Carey Witt for preparing the 3 CV workshops at the Outpost
Community Office in support of spouses in Qatar that are
interested in looking for employment.

Phil Lawry for taking our Shellies on a series of wonderful
picnics – first to Sheik Faisals Farm, then to the Movie
Set & Zikrit beach trip. The last picnic in the series will
be held on May 29th which is a photo shoot picnic in ….See
details on page 4 of this event.

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Fiona Kibblewhite
Outpost Qatar Focal Point

Outpost Events for May
    Outpost “ Photo-shoot” Picnic Friday 30th May
We are going to explore Ayn Sinan and surrounds.

      Say meet 0900 at a petrol station landmark en-route (details to
       be advised).
      1000 arrive at beach and set up.
      1045 photographers walk off on photo shoot in Ayn Sinan.
      1130 early picnic.
      1200 leave with group or stay on and return to Doha

Suitable for sedan cars, although the road in is heavily pot holed. 4WD
at the beach would be handy though. No limits on numbers of
participants. No 4WD tour is planned although there is scope for
individuals or small groups if vehicles to explore the vicinity.

    Focusing on our Teenagers in Doha
   At the recent bi-annual Global Outpost Conference in Holland, a
   special workshop was held focusing on expatriate teenagers. A panel
   of 6 teenagers gave their stories of moving around the world, with
   their parents from posting to posting, and we listened to the
   rewards and the challenges. We are now looking to start our own
   Shell Teenager Group who could meet monthly, with the aid of a few
   teenagers and/or parents who would volunteer to have meet ups at
   different locations or just to provide a new teenager with a friend

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   to meet on arrival. Outpost would support in any way we could by
   advertising details etc of the teenage group.

    Coming Up Shell Teenagers Get together in May -
   In the past we have organised a lot of events for the little people,
   but we have a growing number of teenagers in Doha and we would like
   to support this group a little more. We will be having a Horse
   Riding meet-up on a Friday or Saturday morning and anyone from 12
   upwards can particpate in this event. Details will follow closer to
   the date of the horse-riding.

The International School of London
Commences September 2008
The International School of London in Qatar will be opening its doors
to students in September 2008 as part of the intiative by the Supreme
Education Council to attract "Oustanding Schools" from around the world
to open branch campuses in Qatar.
Based in North Duhail, the school will follow the ISL model which has
successfully served the educational needs of the international
community in London and promoted the values of international mindedness
and multicultural understanding over a period of 35 years. The school
follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum.
The school will start accepting applications for Early Childhood to
Year 9 (Ages 3 to 13) as of 6th May 2008.
Website for the school is http://www.islqatar.com/

The staff the school is looking for will ideally have previous overseas
experience, IB MYP or PYP experience, or failing that evidence of an
enquiry and discovery based approach. Language teachers should be
native speakers. They aim to balance the staff with a blend of
nationalities and ages, so do sometimes employ young teachers without
massive experience provided that they can work in a team which has the
experience   to  guide  them.   They  must   have  a   proper  teaching
There are vacancies for many areas, though the school will begin
intensive interviewing in early May. They need Primary classroom
teachers at all ages; also Primary Music and PE staff, and Secondary
Science, Maths,ESL, French, Humanities, Music + Drama. There will be a
need for language teachers, but the exact languages needed depends on
the nationality of the children applying since the school operates a
"mother tongue" programme.
There will also be a need for some administrative staff.
For further details contact the new head teacher Richard Hermon at:

                             Career & Development Guide
                             Important notice for spouses interested in
                             finding employment in Qatar

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Jutta O‟Regan set up a Career and Development Guide for Outpost Qatar.
This paper documents legal regulations and requirements and gives links
to employment agencies, further education opportunities and general
advice on contacts and procedures for obtaining employment in Qatar. It
includes links to paid employment as well as voluntary work and
activities. The document is available from Outpost on request.

Outpost would at the same time like to invite all interested spouses to
fill in a spreadsheet with information about their careers, studies,
working background and specific skills. Occasionally Outpost is
informed about specific job opportunities. The spreadsheet would help
to quickly channel this information into the right direction.

Outpost cannot and will not attempt to find a job for you. However,
Outpost will assist you in your endeavours and will keep you informed
of specific job offers, as they become available, if we think they
might be of interest to you.

From Anne Boudier:
L'équipe du Cercle Francophone de Doha

                           Dear friends

                       We are pleased to invite you on

                           May 9th, 2008


                    The Great Gala Evening

            Of the Cercle Francophone de Doha !

                     « The French Touch »
This   evening   will   be   sparkling  and   colorful, cheerful and
sophisticated. For an even nicer party, we have chosen the elegant
surroundings of the Four Seasons Hotel main ballroom.

We propose you an unforgettable evening with welcoming drinks, followed
by a seated dinner. But it‟s not all! Other surprises are awaiting you,
such as a young Opera singer, a fashion show from Karen Millen, ABS,
Liu.Jo and a raffle with tempting prizes... Finally, a DJ will
entertain you on the dance floor, after dinner. Our Gala Evening will
start at 7.00 PM with welcoming drinks. Dinner will be served at
8.00 PM. Dance shall last until midnight... Or later!

                          Practical details

Price          300 QR/person

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This price is net and includes non alcoholic beverages. There will be a
cash-bar which will propose alcoholic drinks and glasses or bottles of
wine for a fee. This is a non-smoking event.

Registration : by e-mail at cerclef@yahoo.fr before May 5th, 2008. All
registrations shall be accompanied by a quick payment to one of the
members of the bureau of the Cercle Francophone de Doha.As we have
tables of 10 persons, you have the possibility to be seated with your
friends ; please inform us of your wishes at registration.

For   more   details     contact Amani   Sami   in   Qipco   Compound    :

                                   See attachment

                  Dress Code   :         Cocktail attire

Book Club:
A group of enthusiastic ladies have started a book club and we meet on
Sunday morning to discuss the book we have read. Our next meeting will
be 11th May   at the Qipco Outpost Office at 10.30am. The book we are
going to discuss is the first two short stories from Wilderness Tips by
Margaret Atwood.:The Book is only available at Virgin Book store. If
you are interested you are most welcome to come along. Contact

              Would you like to join Bridge? All levels including
              beginners with a basic knowledge of bridge are welcome. If
              you wish to play, please call Trudy Schats on 4934960 /
              5619970 or Coby Grootjans 487 0210 / 571 8143.

Babysitters & Maids Needed:
For those people who would be happy for their maid to babysit elsewhere
occasionally in the evening, many new families have requested a
babysitter. Please let outpost know if you would be willing to offer
your maids name to Outpost.Qatar@shell.com for extra babysitting or if
you go on leave and your maid has free time. This would help out a new

Ladies Golf: On Monday mornings a group of Shell ladies, all levels,
get together for social golf at approx 8am. For further information
please contact Lyn Mitchell on 519 6802 or lynnhmitchell@hotmail.com
Many ladies have also taken golf lessons at the Golf Club. For more
information    on   the    Doha   Golf    Club    their   website    is:
www.dohagolfclub.com (look under Golf Academy, then Tuition packages).


                       Read more about lessons given by Mark Ketteris in
                       the March Edition of Outpost’s Destinations. For
                       further information on lessons etc check out Marks
                       website www.kitesurfqatar.com

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Klaverjas Evening Please contact Jacque van Vliet and Barbara de Jong
for information for further details of the next card evening home 413
0957. Although this is a typical Dutch card game, other nationalities
can also show their interest, as the evening is intended to be a social
event and the nature of the game allows for some explanation during the
game for beginners, if not extensive debate after the game

Shell babies Group:
             Shell new & expecting mums, started last year a new
             Mother‟s & Baby Group which will meet again soon to share
             experiences & and support each other. This month‟s contact
             for the group is Dolores de Jong (phone 665 1906)

Exercise Classes at Al Fardan 2
Kara Smith teaches two multi-disciplinary morning classes at Al Fardan
2 Clubhouse that focus on core strength and conditioning:
    Stretch & Strengthen
    Pilates Plus
    Hatha Yoga

Please contact Kara Smith for more details of up and coming classes

Tennis - Professional Tennis Instructor :
Over 22 years experience, flexible times, learn at your local club or
compound. Beginners or advanced players. Children, adults or ladies
mornings either in groups or individually
tarek@tennis.com or phone mobile Tarek 531 6644

               Arabic Language Instructor:
               Would you like to learn progessive ways to speak, read
               and   write  Arabic?   Classical Arabic   classes  with
               experience teaching to expatriates -    Contact Hala on
               531 2929 or email

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Picnic on the Pitch – Friday 2nd May, live music, fun for all the family, bring
your own picnic. It is envisaged that we will be trying to get every Club
member down to the Club, maroon clad, to stage an Embrace Your Club attempting
to hold hands all the way around the pitch and get an aerial photo taken which
we can use in local rags to help our cause to keep our facility. More details

Phone 412 9062 open 10am to 9pm.

Art Show at Qipco
I would like to invite the Shell members to come to my Spring Show in
my home at Qipco on May 5, 6th and 7th. Come and view Syrian
tablecloths and robes and some art work.
Please see attached flyer.I look forward to having you! Noha Nakib 589-

Last but Not Least…………..

                        Danish Children's Clothes

                                   Kelly Bork

                              Next Open House
                           Monday 2nd June 9.00 – 12.30
                           Tuesday 3rd June 9.00 – 12.30

                           QIPCO, 3rd Avenue, villa 13


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