In Loving Memory of Dr. Weinberg by pengxiuhui

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									Vol. XV Issue 1                                Harrison High School                                  November 2010

In Loving Memory of Dr. Weinberg
Izzy Sheck
                  News Editor

       As we return to school                                                                           because she was so special
for this new academic year,                                                                             that no one word could pos-
we continue to mourn the                                                                                sibly approach explaining her
sudden death of Dr. Nina                                                                                uniqueness.
Weinberg, who was much                                                                                         “She had a larger than
more than just the school                                                                               life personality,” said Ms.
psychologist here at Har-                                                                               Carolyn Chieco, guidance
rison High school. She was                                                                              counselor, and close friend
a friend not only to students,                                                                          of Dr. Weinberg. “She loved
but to fellow teachers as                                                                               her students, and had strong
well. Dr.Weinberg was a                                                                                 connections with the faculty
caring woman who would                                                                                  and staff. Her tremendous
help anyone with a prob-                                                                                personality was brought out
lem. Those that were lucky                                                                              even more by her wonderful
enough to work with her                                                                                 sense of style, always wear-
were touched by her kind,                                                                               ing interesting clothing and
caring ways. At the memo-                                                                               accessories.”
rial service held recently at                                                                                  “Few realized that Dr.
the high school, friends and                                                                            Weinberg also was a pro-
family were able to come                                                                                fessional singer, and loved
together and celebrate the                                                                              getting involved with the Jazz
wonderful life of Dr. Wein-                                                                             Band,” noted Ms. Chieco.
berg.                                                                                                   “The guidance office was
       Mrs. Deborah DiFiore,                                                                            always full of life, as Dr.
global history teacher at the                                                                           Weinberg walked around
high school, was a very close    berg in a single word. Some         dedicated, compassionate,         WKH RI¿FH VLQJLQJ O Happy
friend of Dr. Weinberg’s. In     of the words people chose to        talented, extraordinary and     Day.” She had a way of mak-
preparation for the memorial     describe her were: beautiful, in-   more than anything…irreplace-   ing people smile and her gift
service, Mrs. DiFiore asked      telligent, loyal, genuine, warm,    able. For some, it was not      RI VLQJLQJ ZDV GH¿QLWHO\ SDUW RI
people to describe Dr. Wein-     caring, giving, open-minded,        easy to describe Dr.Weinberg    what made her different.”
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    Club Hopping at HHS
Ali Paonetti
                       Staff Writer

       Did you know that                                                                                        Harrison can bring their dogs
Harrison High School offers over                                                                                and raise money for an animal
50 clubs and extracurricular                                                                                    rights group of our choice.”
activities ranging from the                                                                                     Casey and Adriana, as well as
Followers of God Club (FOG) to                                                                                  faculty advisor Mr. Burack, are
the Peer Leadership Program?                                                                                    available to provide information
Harrison High School has it all!                                                                                and answer questions on
       It’s a shame that there                                                                                  joining, as well as when and
isn’t enough time to participate                                                                                where meetings are held.
in all of these activities, but                                                                                           For those interested
what’s more upsetting is the fact                                                                               in fashion, you may want to
that few people are even aware                                                                                  consider the Fashion Club.
of these offerings.                                                                                             Students interested should
       While it’s often difficult                                                                               contact faculty advisor Ms.
to convey information                  Humane Society members Difazio and Cioffari Courtesy of Lexi Backer      0RUULVVH\ RU VHQLRU FOXE RI¿FHUV
regarding clubs and activities         With over 50 possibilities, you     Pantelopoulos. “A connection         Lexi Backer, Lily Aslanian,
through posters and written            DUH VXUH WR ¿QG DW OHDVW RQH        starts to grow between you and       Camila Leal or Michelle Barrera.
announcements to the student           extracurricular activity that       the kids, as you not only help                 “Anyone who enjoys
b o d y, c l u b s a r e a l m o s t   interests you. Explore your         them with their homework, but        fashion and has an interest
always willing to accept new           options and join one ASAP.          also become their role model.        in it is welcome to join,” said
members.                                      Perhaps you’d like to        When you leave, you feel good        Lexi Backer. “It’s a great way
       “I believe having               join Color Guard. The Color         about yourself because you           of getting people together who
information about club meetings        Guard provides excellent            know you helped make a child’s       want to be updated on new
in the daily announcements is          opportunities in performance        day a little easier.”                trends, styles, and can put their
in fact very helpful, but not          and participation at sports                Those interested in           creativity to use.”
everyone can regularly hear            games as well as chances to         becoming a part of ROTOY,                      The Fashion Club plans
them,” said junior Marwan              compete or march in parades         contact Mr. Iorio in room D107.      to put together a fashion show in
Bistawi. “I know most of the           alongside the award-winning                If you’d rather join a club   which the clothes are designed
time I’m uninformed about              marching band.                      with a group of friends, the         and made by our own students.
available clubs because some                  If you prefer working with   Humane Society is a good                       While these clubs target
GD\V , KDYH D IUHH ¿UVW SHULRG        children, the ROTOY Program         opportunity. After volunteering      d i ff e r e n t i n d i v i d u a l s a n d
therefore I don’t have the             may be for you. Reaching Out        at the local New Rochelle            interests, they are only a small
announcements read to me.”             To Our Youth (ROTOY) involves       Humane Society, senior co-           portion of the various activities
       Joining clubs or sports         tutoring elementary school kids     founders Casey Stanton and           offered here at HHS. For
teams is an excellent way to           for about an hour a week. More      Adriana DiFazio chose to bring       information on other clubs like
get involved in school activities.     than that, you choose the day       the club back to HHS.                Chess Club, Kids for World
Participating in clubs that            that works best for you, and               “The Harrison High            Health, Jazz Band, or the
interest you allows you not only       transportation from the high        Humane Society is dedicated to       Harrison Troop of Traveling
to meet new people with similar        school to elementary schools        raising funds and awareness of       performers (H2T2), reach out
interests, but it also gives you       is provided.                        cruelty and inhumane treatment       and contact peers or teachers.
the chance to plan and organize               “ROTOY is a wonderful        toward all animals,” Casey           Joining a club or sports team
school events.                         program because it gives us         said. “Our project for the 2010-     that interests you is extremely
       For those that believe          the opportunity to work with        2011 year is a large dog walk-       EHQH¿FLDO DQG ZRUWKZKLOH
that not a single club offered can     and help kids,” said junior Eleni   a-thon, where all people in
meet their interests, think again!

Husky Herald - Page 2
                                     The battle for boobies
   The Business Club.                Amy Carton
       Courtesy of Ms. Frawley                           News Editor

We’re in                                   So long Silly Bandz,
                                     and welcome “I Love Boo-
                                                                         Husky Herald asked our very
                                                                         own principal Dr. Ruck if he
                                                                                                               sy.” McAtee also informed us
                                                                                                               that Keep-A-Breast provides
business                             bies” bracelets. The trend
                                     that began over the summer
                                                                         would consider banning the
                                                                         bracelets, he replied, “If I love
                                                                                                               bracelets with messages be-
                                                                                                               sides “I Love Boobies”. These
Ray Corona                           has since turned into the hot-      boobies was on a shirt without        include: Check Your Self, Art
                    Sports Editor    test, ‘must have’ accessory.        any context, we would certain-        Education Awareness Action,
                                     These multi-colored one-inch        ly ask the student to change          Non Toxic Revolution, as well
       Marketing ideas, learn-
                                                                                    the garment.” While        as LOVE. By offering these
ing the art of business, and of
                                                                                    Dr. Ruck states that       other graphics, McAtee and
course, making money are the
                                                                                    he has not seen            the others on the board hope
aspects of the Business Club.
                                                                                    many of the brace-         that even those not interested
Through exciting events, the
                                                                                    lets worn in school,       in the “Boobies” campaign can
club brings all students with
                                                                                    he did share that,         show their support. If the bans
hopes of being successful in
                                                                                    “If they do surface        on the “Boobies” bracelets
the world of business a chance
                                                                                    we would ask the           continue, will these other de-
to learn how business applies
                                                                                    students or staff to       signs rise in popularity?
to everyday school life. The
                                                                                    not wear them in                  An interesting point
club’s intention is to not only to
                                                           Courtesy of Amy Carton school.”      Although       raised by McAtee is the com-
produce money for the school,
                                                                                    school administra-         parison of the “Boobies”
but to provide an opportunity to
                                     thick silicone bracelets have       tors are required to follow and       bracelets to the pink ribbons
make a difference. Presidents
                                     been spotted on the wrists of       enforce their school’s dress          which are the icon of several
Frank Corona and Matt Turitz
                                     just about everyone; boys and       codes, many have wondered             breast cancer foundations,
have lead a surge of students,
                                     girls, young and old. While         LI WKHVH EUDFHOHWEDQQLQJ RI¿-        including the Susan Komen
freshman to seniors, eager to
                                     some wear the bracelets to          cials are aware if the meaning        foundation. McAtee stated,
make money. You can learn
                                     show support for the Keep-A-        behind the bands. When asked          “Although some people might
how to work with your friends
                                     Breast Foundation’s campaign        about this part of the contro-        ¿QG , ORYH ERRELHV¶ FDPSDLJQ
and make ideas that turn into a
                                     for breast cancer, others sport     versy, Dr. Ruck shared, “My           RIIHQVLYH PDQ\ RWKHUV ¿QG
money-making machine in the
                                     the bracelets simply to receive     assumption is that the initial        it refreshing in a sea of pink
High School. The foundation
                                     a laugh from their friends.         desire of the Keep-A-Breast           ribbons to see people taking
of the club’s ideas is to bring
                                     Regardless of the reasons           Foundation       was
back past ideas that were suc-
                                     for purchasing and wearing          to raise money for
cessful. Past events such as
                                     the “boobies’ bracelets,” the       Breast Cancer Re-
Jenna’s Game, which featured
                                     bracelets have sparked not          search. If someone
teachers versus teachers on
                                     only dinner table discussions,      wants to support
the basketball court, and a
                                     but controversies throughout        the Keep-A-Breast
Haunted House for Halloween
                                     the country as well. What be-       Foundation with a
are all under consideration for
                                     gan in California has recently      monetary fundrais-
this year, along with other new
                                     spread from state to state.         er in HHS, there
                                     As schools across the county        are other avenues
you still are welcome to work                                                                                           Courtesy of Amy Carton
                                     welcomed back their students        that are available
at the events, meeting new
                                     for the new school year, princi-    within the school.”
people and seeing what it’s
                                     pals and school administrators             The Husky Herald was           a positive approach.” Is com-
like to run a business.
                                     began having issues with the        also able to get in touch with        petition beginning between the
       “The objective is to
                                     bracelets, which they believe       the public relations marketing        two? Though both accesso-
not only verbally learn about
                                     have sexual references.             manager of the Keep-A-Breast          ULHV SURPRWH ¿QGLQJ D FXUH IRU
business, but to physically
                                            Due to these beliefs,        foundation, Kimmy McAtee.             breast cancer, both have also
run business throughout the
                                     schools have been issuing           When asked what her foun-             drawn in thousands of dollars
school,” says Frank and Matt.
                                     bans on the bracelets, forbid-      dation has done to improve            for their foundations.
“If everyone can do something
                                     ding students to wear them          the situation, she responded,                As of now the bans on
for the club and have fun, then
                                     during school hours. While          “ It has been great to see stu-       “I Love Boobies” bracelets are
we know that we’re doing
                                     many think it’s ridiculous for      dents rally behind Keep-A-            occurring mostly on the west
something right.”
                                     schools to issue these bans,        Breast and become advocates           coast. However they are be-
       Anyone looking to get an
                                     we must not forget that the         for our cause, and because            ginning to make their way to-
in-depth perception on busi-
                                     majority of dress codes across      RI WKLV ZH VHQW RXW DQ RI¿-          wards the east coast. Which
ness or looking to have fun
                                     the country forbid the wear-        cial response explaining our          Westchester school, if any, will
should stop by Mr. Santos’
                                     ing of clothing, jewelry, or        campaign to students to give          EH WKH ¿UVW WR EDQ WKH EDQGV"
room C-101 after school every
                                     other accessories that contain      WR VFKRRO RI¿FLDOV ZKR KDYH
Tuesday.                             sexual references. When the         came across this controver-

                                                                                                             Husky Herald - Page 3
Lunching Sophs: On or Off?
Casey Rinker
                      Staff Writer
        Should sophomores be         to consider prior to making           lege would allow them to grab        lunch with them.” Having an
allowed to leave campus dur-         such a decision. Allowing an          a ride with an older friend. Apart   older sibling in the high school
ing their lunch period? The          additional grade of students          from the driving dilemma, the        can also foster friendships with
administration has a lot to          to leave school grounds would         majority of students see no rea-     upperclassmen.
consider before making their         add more worries and stress           son why tenth graders should                Students of all grades
¿QDO GHFLVLRQ                       to administrators as well as          not be allowed to leave the          have voiced their support for
        Currently, juniors and       security guards. After all, it is     school for lunch.                    allowing sophomores to eat
seniors are the only students        the security guards who track                “Sure, I would take a         out. Said senior Alexa Bas-
with the privilege to leave          the dismissal and arrival of stu-     sophomore friend out,” shared        ciano, “Sophomores should be
school during their lunch pe-        dents during lunch periods and        senior Nick Puliafico. Many          able to leave because they’re
riods. While this topic has not      frees. Also, permission must be       other upperclassmen also             not freshman anymore. They
yet been discussed by our            given by parents or legal guard-      shared their willingness to          already understand the dimen-
principal, Dr. Ruck, assistant       ians in order for their child to      take a sophomore friend out          sions of the school to be able
SULQFLSDO 0U 0DVWURWD EULHÀ\        leave school property.                for lunch. These friendships         to have the freedom to leave.”
mentioned the issue, sharing                Many feel that since           made between underclass-                    Sophomore Haya
that it hasn’t been brought up in    sophomores have been at the           men and upperclassmen are            Nesheiwat added, “I think we
the past. Allowing sophomores        high school for a year already,       the result of elective classes,      are just as responsible as the
to leave the campus is not an        and are aware of the school’s         athletic teams and other after       juniors and seniors. We should
overnight decision. This propo-      policies and rules, they should       school activities. Sophomore         be allowed out, especially if we
sition requires heavy debate         be allowed to eat off-campus.         Sarah Vallarelli added, “I have      have an older sibling or friend
and taking many factors into         Although tenth graders do not         made many new friends who            who’s willing to take us.”
consideration.                       have their junior license and         are older through varsity soc-
        Safety is a key concern      therefore could not leave on          cer, and they’ve expressed
the administration would have        their own, extending the privi-       they would want to take me to

A case of the lunchtime blues
Clarissa Karantzis
                      Staff Writer
       For many freshmen,            lunch period with friends.                                                 ¿QG WKHPVHOYHV VHDUFKLQJ IRU
lunch has recently become            Asked how she felt prior                                                   places to sit and for friends to
their least favorite period of the   to receiving her schedule,                                                 hang with.
day. One of the main changes         Kendra said, “I was a little                                                      Do boys feel the same
involved in the transition from      nervous. I was afraid that                                                 way as girls in terms of worrying
the middle school to the High        a lot of juniors and seniors                                               about having lunch without their
School is the mixed lunch            would be intimidating dur-                                                 friends? Freshmen Lucas Petti-
periods. Rather than eating          ing lunch. But I also felt                                                 nato answered, “Yes, I was very
lunch with solely the students       alright, because I knew                                                    nervous because I was afraid I
                                                                   Jessica Bratberg at lunch.
in your grade, lunch periods at      that I wasn’t the only one                       Courtesy of Nikki Muto    wouldn’t know the freshmen in
the High School mix a handful        going through the transition.”                                             my lunch period. I worried that
                                                                          just walk up to a table and sit
of students from each grade,         What would Kendra have done                                                I would have to sit alone.”
                                                                          with kids you usually don’t talk
causing much anxiety over            if she hadn’t been so lucky to                                                    It is clear that students
                                                                          to. And since I don’t have many
which friends have the same          have lunch with her friends?                                               of all grades would appreciate
                                                                          classes with my friends, I miss
lunch period as you.                 Kendra responded, “I probably                                              having others invite them to
                                                                          having lunch to catch up and
       As the schedules arrived      would have approached a table                                              sit with them at lunch. Even if
                                                                          talk with them.”
at students’ houses in mid           with people I was friendly with.”                                          you’ve never talked to the indi-
                                                                                  After hours of sitting
August, a large number of the               Freshmen are not the                                                vidual before, if you see them
                                                                          through classes and dealing
freshmen began worrying about        only students who worry about                                              sitting alone, ask them to join
                                                                          with the stress of taking tests
OXQFK VSHFL¿FDOO\ EHLQJ VHSD-      having lunch with friends.                                                 you. It’s hard for anybody to
                                                                          and participating in class, lunch
rated from their friends. While      Sophomore Shannon Toohey                                                   approach their peers with con-
                                                                          is for many the one break dur-
many students got lucky and          shared that she found herself                                              ¿GHQFH 6WXGHQWV ZLWK IULHQGV
                                                                          ing the day where they can
enjoy lunch with at least one        in lunch this year without any                                             in their lunch period should
                                                                          relax and chat with their friends.
IULHQG RWKHUV ¿QG WKHPVHOYHV        of her best friends. According to                                          PDNH WKH ¿UVW PRYH LQ KHOSLQJ
                                                                          For those without friends in
lost and alone.                      Shannon, “It’s really awkward                                              to look out for less comfortable
                                                                          their lunch period, this relaxing,
       Freshman, Kendra De-          because you walk into the                                                  students.
                                                                          fun period can become stress-
schamps is one of the fortu-         crowded lunch hall are aren’t
                                                                          ful and worrisome. Students
nate students who shares her         sure what to do.It’s not easy to

Husky Herald - Page 4
Julia Druckman and Hayley Kronthal
                        Staff Writers
       Big changes have come            the morning, and are hungry       choice of an oval versus circu-             or myself. We want to ensure
to Harrison High for the 2010-          by fourth period. 20 out of 30    lar table.                                  that each student is provided
2011 school year. As most               would rather have an eighth              In regard to splitting stu-          the best possible high school
students are by now aware, the          than a fourth period lunch. And   dents up from their friends,                experience.”
high school has added a fourth          30 out of 30 are hungry by the    Mr. Mastrota commented that                 The Vending Machines
period lunch. Another change            end of school.                    honoring a student’s course re-                    Many students are curi-
made at HHS this year was the                    The students in fourth   quests is much more important               ous as to why the vending
removal of the popular cafeteria        period lunch have lots of ideas   than placing them in a lunch                machines disappeared from
vending machines in an effort           about why the administra-         period with his or her friends. It          the cafeteria this year. The
to decrease the number of               tion decided to                                    is the school’s            main reason for their removal,
students late to class.                 add an extra                                        top priority to           according to Mr. Mastrota,
Fourth Period Lunch                     l u n c h . W h i l e “Beginning promptly           make sure                 is that the machines, while
       When schedules arrived           some think the                                      every student             convenient, had led to a con-
in the mail this August, many           change was                                          is put in the             siderable increase in student
students were shocked and               due to schedul-
                                                              at 10:04, many                classes that              lateness. Malfunctions with the
angered to learn that they were         ing problems,                                       they want, not            machines, which caused many
assigned fourth period lunch.           o t h e r s t h i n k consider fourth period the lunch pe-                    students to complain to B-104,
$V WKH ¿UVW TXDUWHU GUDZV WR D          there are sim-                                      riod.                     also contributed to the decision.
close, students remain upset.           ply too many more a time for                                  M o s t                Although the vending
       The main reason stu-             students to be                                      students                  machines are currently on
dents dislike fourth period lunch       accommodated breakfast than for                     agree that the            hiatus from the cafeteria, there
is having to eat very early in          in three lunch                                      ideal time to             still may be hope for the return
the day. Beginning promptly             periods. What-                                      have lunch is             of our metal friends. While the
at 10:04, many consider fourth          ever students
                                                              lunch.”                       from 11:34 to             cafeteria may remain machine-
period more a time for breakfast        may feel, the                                       12:15 (sixth              less, Mr. Mastrota is pushing for
than for lunch. The predica-            latest change                                       period). As op-           their installation in the athletic
ment is especially pressing for         to the schedule is beneficial     posed to fourth period, which               hallway. Mr. Mastrota hopes
students who participate in after       from the administrative point     begins at around the time a                 that installing the machines in
school activities. By the time          of view. Assistant principal Mr.  lot of high school students                 these hallways will encourage
these students get home, which          Larry Mastrota shared, “The       wake up on the weekend, sixth               athletes to try out healthier
can be as late as 5:30, they            EHQH¿WV IDU RXWZHLJK WKH FRQV´   period is almost smack dab in               snacks when they get the need
RIWHQ ¿QG WKHPVHOYHV IDPLVKHG           Mr. Mastrota also pointed out     the middle of the school day.               to feed during hardcore prac-
Another concern expressed               that the time from the end of     No one wants to wait in line ten            tices. When asked her opinion
by students is being unable to          fourth period lunch until the end minutes for a sandwich, when                on the possible introduction,
order from restaurants that do          of the day is actually shorter    what they’re really craving is              varsity athlete Samantha Russo
not open before 11.                     than the amount of time that      coffee and pancakes.                        had this to say: “I think that it is
       A survey conducted by            seventh period lunch students            M r. M a s t r o t a ’s f i n a l    a great idea to place vending
the Husky Herald asked 30               must wait before eating.          thought on the fourth period                machines in the athletic hallway
students in fourth period lunch                  By splitting the student lunch is as follows: “Change at             for after school! We need all
a series of questions. 26 out           body into four lunch periods, the WLPHV FDQ EH GLI¿FXOW KRZHYHU              the energy we can get in order
of 30 think eating lunch at             cafeteria is much less crowded    we ask the students to remain               to fully function in practice or
10:00 is too early. 28 out of 30        and therefore, more productive.   ÀH[LEOH DQG RSHQPLQGHG )RU                games and offering healthy
would switch their lunch period         With fewer students in each pe-   questions and comments re-                  snacks would make it easy
if they had the option. 27 out          riod come shorter and quicker     garding this change, students               and cheap for students to stay
of 30 don’t eat breakfast in            lines, as well as an increased    should come see Mr. Elder                   energized.”

Various scenes from fourth period lunch. How early is too early?                                                               Courtesy of Lexi Backer

                                                                                                                     Husky Herald - Page 5
IB to bring changes
Spencer Rosenstein
                     Staff Writer
        According to its website      quires students to write an          However, as the program pro-          calaureate program allows
(, the International      extended essay that is “inde-        gressed, more and more public         Harrison High School to im-
Baccalaureate (IB) Organi-            pendently researched” and “re-       schools began offering one or         prove many aspects of its
zation “encourages students           lates to one of the subjects that    more of the three programs            already rigorous academics.
across the world to become            they are studying.” The theory       offered. Today more than half         7HDFKHUV ZKR DUH FHUWL¿HG WR
active, compassionate and life-       of knowledge “is a course de-        of the schools that offer IB          teach IB courses will develop
long learners who understand          signed to encourage each             courses are public schools.           a greater understanding of the
that other people, with their         VWXGHQW WR UHÀHFW RQ WKH QDWXUH              Harrison High School          needs of all students. Many of
differences, can also be right.”      of knowledge by critically exam-     hopes to become the fourth            the teachers who will teach IB
IB is a rigorous high-level cur-      ining different ways of knowing      school in Westchester County          classes also may be teaching
riculum of courses that “aims to      (perception, emotion, language       (and forty-sixth in the state)        Regents and AP level classes.
develop inquiring, knowledge-         and reason) and different kinds      to offer the Diploma Program.         The IB program will help all
able and caring young people          RI NQRZOHGJH VFLHQWL¿F DUWLVWLF   For the high school to become         teachers throughout the school
who help to create a better and       mathematical and historical).”       FHUWL¿HG WR WHDFK ,QWHUQDWLRQDO       to become better at their craft,
more peaceful world through                                                   Baccalaureate classes, an          and the program should help
intercultural understanding and                                               IB member team visits the          all HHS students, not only
respect.”                                                                     school and interviews teach-       those enrolled in the IB diploma
        There are three “pro-                                                 ers who would be teaching          program. Students who want
grammes” that are designed                                                    IB level courses. Our site         to take IB courses without the
for students of different ages.                                               visit occurred in October, and     GLI¿FXOW\ RI WKH ZKROH SURJUDP
The Primary Years Program                                                     WKH KLJK VFKRRO ZLOO ¿QG RXW       can take individual courses
is designed for students from                                                 the results sometime early         and get International Bacca-
ages 3-12. This program’s mis-                                                next year.                         laureate certificates. One of
sion statement is to “prepare                                                        “This rigorous program      the only potential downsides
students for a lifelong journey                                               allows students to challenge       RI WKH ,% SURJUDP LV WKH GLI¿-
of learning in the intercon-                                                  themselves and it looks very       culty of the classes. IB classes
nected world.” The Middle                                                     good on a college resume,”         DUH VLJQL¿FDQWO\ PRUH GLI¿FXOW
Years Program, which can be                                                   says sophomore Rajan Mer-          than Regents courses and are
taken by students ages 11-16,                                                 ha.                                equivalent to, if not even more
³LV GHVLJQHG WR KHOS WKHP ¿QG                                                        Many colleges who           challenging than AP classes.
a sense of belonging in the                                                   see IB courses on a stu-                  It is important for stu-
ever-changing and increasingly      Ms. Blunt, IB Creativity Action Service dent’s college transcript can        dents to take advantage of this
interrelated world around them      Coordinator Designee.                    see that the student wants to       VLJQL¿FDQW RSSRUWXQLW\ 7KLV SUR-
and to foster a positive attitude           The last requirement           challenge him or herself with         gram can allow students to be
to learning.” The Diploma Pro-       is called “Creativity, action,        GLI¿FXOW FODVVHV WKDW DUH RQO\        taught the same materials in the
gram, which Harrison plans to        service.” This requires that          offered at a small amount of          same way as students in other
offer, is a two-year course which    students actively learn from          schools. This year’s sopho-           countries around the world. Stu-
“is designed as an academically      the experience of doing real          mores (Class of 2013) will            dents who wish to have a future
challenging and balanced pro-        tasks beyond the classroom.           SRWHQWLDOO\ EH WKH ¿UVW FODVV WR      working internationally can ben-
JUDPPH RI HGXFDWLRQ ZLWK ¿QDO        Students can “combine all three       graduate with an International        H¿W JUHDWO\ IURP WKH ,% RIIHULQJV
examinations that prepares           components or do activities           Baccalaureate Diploma.                As countries around the world
students, normally aged 16 to        related to each one of them                   The International Bac-        become closer and closer, the
19, for success at university        separately.”                                                                                 results of tak-
and life beyond.”                           The IB organization was                                                                ing the Inter-
        The Diploma Program is       founded in Geneva, Switzer-                                                                   national Bac-
made up of six courses that can      land, in 1968. Its main goal at                                                               calaureate pro-
be taken at standard or higher       the time was to prepare chil-                                                                 gram will assist
level. Students are to take one      dren of diplomats for college.                                                                people in all
subject from group 1: Language       According to the organization’s                                                               ¿HOGV RI ZRUN
A1, group 2: Second Language,        website, it was founded by,                                                                   In this twenty-
group 3: Individuals and Societ-     “a group of talented, forward-                                                                ¿UVW FHQWXU\ D
ies, group 4: Experimental Sci-      thinking teachers at the Inter-                                                               program like
ences, group 5: Mathematics          national School of Geneva,                                                                    this also can
and Computer Sciences and            with assistance from several                                                                  help the United
group 6: The Arts (students can      other international schools.”                                                                 States improve
chose to take a course from          Schools from all over the world                                                               its educational
the arts group or chose to take      were able to teach the same                                                                   standing in the
another course from one of the       information in the same way. In                                                               world.
¿YH RWKHU JURXSV                   the beginning, the only schools Dr. Tyler, IB Coordinator designee
        The two-year course re-      that offered IB were private.                                 Photos courtesy Lexi Backer.

Husky Herald - Page 6
 MoCo’s Got MoJo
Joni Cooper
               Managing Editor
       Harrison High’s Model        toric sites including the Lincoln   steak restaurant. Del-
Congress had a very produc-         Memorial and the Washington         egate Matt DiRe, now
tive season last year. Since        Monument.                           a junior, described his
September, the club had logged             In February, the Model       dish simply as “heaven                       Courtesy of Lexi Backer
hundreds of miles and added         Congress, also referred to as       on a plate.”                        Ms. Makarkzuk told Husky
multiple awards to its already      ‘MoCo,’ hit the road again,                As in DC, Harrison           Herald what she enjoyed about
impressive collection of ac-        only this time headed for Phila-    High earned its fair share of       being a MoCo advisor. “We like
colades.                            delphia, Pennsylvania to par-       awards, walking away from the       being able to give you guys the
       The club’s first major       ticipate in the U Penn Model        U Penn Model Congress with          opportunity to take part in the
event last year was the Princ-      Congress. Despite the pending       two honorable mentions. HHS         political process, to be updated
eton Model Congress, held at        storm which led the admin-          Sophomore Rachel Kalichman          RQ QHZV DQG HYHQWV WKDW LQÀX-
the nation’s capital from No-       istration to cancel the trip, a     was among those recognized.         ence your life, and hopefully
vember 19 to the 22. Thirty HHS     compromise was ultimately           When asked about her experi-        impart you with skills that you
delegates attended the confer-      reached and the trip was al-        ence as a PMC delegate, she         can use later in life and perhaps
ence, and although the group        lowed to proceed as scheduled.      commented: “My second Model         even in future careers.”
consisted predominantly of          The group set out at 11 PM the      Congress trip was amazing.                 President Adriana Difazio
XSSHU FODVVPHQ ¿YH IUHVKPHQ        night before in order to ensure     It was great to hear so many        has high expectations for the
represented for the newcomers.      their safe arrival to Philadel-     students’ perspectives from all     club this year as well. She
       %DWWOLQJ ¿HUFH FRPSHWL-      phia. Once there, the delegates     over the country. Winning an        says, “I’m excited because we
tors from across the country,       had a day for some rest and         award at Penn was such an           have a lot of potential. We’ve
HHS arose victorious, garner-       relaxation before the confer-       honor and I really enjoyed be-      had bill writing sessions and
ing one gavel as well as three      ence commenced. Similar to          ing able to positively represent    practices almost every week.
honorable mentions.                 Princeton Model Congress,           my school.”                         We’ve even ordered MoCo
       Though the delegates         the U Penn Model Congress                  Things wound down for        sweaters to wear to committee.
spent up to eight hours a day in    also featured a midday break        Model Congress following the        Everyone wants to do well and
committee, they still found time    during the second day of com-       Philadelphia conference, how-       a lot of the upperclassmen have
for sightseeing and shopping in     mittee. During this break the       ever advisors Ms. Makarzuk          realized helping new members
the DC area. During a midday        HHS delegation visited one          and Ms. Orban already have          has helped us become better
break, members of the HHS           of the cities of brotherly love’s   big plans for this year.            debaters ourselves.”
delegation toured several his-      most famous Philly cheese                  In a recent statement,

Debate team answers back
Christina Loguidice
                     Staff Writer
       The Debate Team is           Ashley Muller, Ally Brabant,        before, there was an equal          DeBois came in second for the
back, jumpstarting the new          Richard Haddad and this re-         chance of placing for all. This     best speaker. Haya Neshei-
school year and upholding           porter have teamed up with          HTXDO SOD\LQJ ¿HOG KRZHYHU         wat was also awarded, being
the prestigious title as one of     Coach Mr. Hertzig to train          certainly did not affect the Har-   QDPHG WKH ¿IWK EHVW VSHDNHU
the school’s most invaluable        these beginning debaters,           rison team, as four students        in addition to Annie Lovjer who
teams. As it begins only its        otherwise known as novices,         placed in the top 20. This          was named the seventh best
second year at HHS, the de-         to become as successful as          included one who ultimately         speaker.
bate team welcomes an excit-        possible, and hopefully as suc-     won the tournament. Sopho-                  So far the team is off to
ing mix of 12 new members           cessful or even more so than        mores Patty-Jane Geller and         an impressive start. The team
from the freshmen, sophomore        last year.                          Sarah Murphy both advanced          successfully represents the
and junior classes. These                  On October 23, the HHS       to the top 20 with records of       high school as a whole, re-
new members are: freshmen           debate team participated in         3-1, while junior Lindsey Bar-      ÀHFWLQJ WKH LPSRUWDQW YDOXHV RI
Danny DeBois Annie Lovjer,          the First Timer’s Metro-Hud-        nett placed sixth, undefeated       hard work, dedication, team-
Sarah Rossman, Aura Gomez-          son League tournament which         along with the winner of the        work, as well as pride. While
Tagle, and Brittany Wolfe,          was held at Byram Hills High        tournament, freshmen Danny          only a single student can take
sophomores Patty-Jane Geller        School. Unlike the many other       DeBois.                             home the ultimate award and
Jungsuh Kim, Hayley Kro-            tournaments that Harrison has              Recognition was also         title of champion, the success
nthal, Sarah Murphy, Haya           attended, this MHL tournament       awarded to those students who       XOWLPDWHO\ UHÀHFW RQ WKH WHDP
Nesheiwat and Zoe Stein. And        ZDV WKH ¿UVW EHJLQQHU WRXUQD-       demonstrated great speaking         as a whole. The Harrison De-
for the juniors, Lindsey Barnett    ment of the year, meaning           skills throughout the tourna-       bate Team is an important as-
is the only new member of the       WKDW RQO\ WKH ¿UVWWLPH GHEDW-      ment. Harrison also excelled        set to the High School and will
debate team from the junior         ers could compete. Because          in this area as Hayley Kronthal     continue to receive recognition
class.                              these competitors had never         was named the top speaker           for their success and essential
       This year’s captains         participated in a debate round      of the tournament, and Danny        values.

                                                                                                            Husky Herald - Page 7
Remembering Dr. Weinberg
(Continued from Page 1)
       Dr. Weinberg was a caring        so incredibly special was the way        she touched, in the homes of the          Scholarship. This scholarship is
person, one who wanted to help          she accepted people for who they         families that she visited, and in my      currently being established by
all those who were in need. She         were. This acceptance made her           memory and the memories of the            Dr. Weinberg’s loving family, who
took a particular interest in helping   an amazing friend to all.                faculty as an irreplaceable friend        already have donated toward its
children with special needs, putting           “Dr. Weinberg always taught       and colleague.”                           creation. The scholarship will be
much of her time into supporting        me that we are all different and that           In Dr. Weinberg’s memory,          annually awarded to a graduating
them in any way she could. Dr.          we should always be proud of our         a memorial bench was placed out-          senior who best embodies the
Weinberg was also a part of the         differences,” said Elizabeth Golini.     VLGH WKH PDLQ RI¿FH $V ZH ZDON           characteristics that Dr. Weinberg
child’s study team which was run               School social worker Mr.          past this bench in this year and          portrayed.
by the school’s social workers          Larry Gold also expressed memo-          the years to come, we should think               The sudden loss of Dr.
and guidance counselors, whose          ries of his dear friend Dr. Weinberg,    about and honor the memory of Dr.         Weinberg has been hard on all of
DLP ZDV WR KHOS VSHFL¿F VWXGHQWV        and how she truly touched the lives      Weinberg. The bench will provide          us; not just the students that she
who seemed to be struggling and         of the people she knew.                  D SODFH IRU SHRSOH WR VLW DQG UHÀHFW      helped through out the school, but
in need of extra support.                      “Dr.Weinberg was an ex-           on their own special memories of          teachers here at the high school as
       No matter how busy she           tremely bright and caring individ-       Dr. Weinberg.                             well. We cannot replace a woman
was, Dr. Weinberg was always            ual,” he said. “She was a mentor,               In addition, several lilac         like Dr. Weinberg, but we can try
available to talk to any student.       teacher, advisor, and friend to fac-     bushes have been planted at the           to remember all of the happiness
She was always one that any stu-        ulty, students, and family. She was      main entrance of the campus.              and love that she brought to our
dent could lean on.                     a skilled clinician who was able to      Lilacs were Dr. Weinberg’s favorite       school and entire community. On
       “Dr. Weinberg always had a       help students navigate their way         ÀRZHUV $V WKH\ FRQWLQXH WR EORRP         behalf of our school’s community,
way of making the people around         through life and school. She was         year to year, their beautiful color       we extend our condolences to Dr.
her smile,” said Mrs. DeFiore,          loved and adored by faculty and          and fragrance will remind us of her.      Weinberg’s family who she loved
“whether it was through birthday        friends. She had a wide breath of               One of the most important          and were so proud of, especially
cards, notes of encouragement,          experience that is hard to replace.      contributions that has been made          her children Josh and Lindsey, and
funny stories or silly jokes.”          My hope is that her memory will live     to the school in Dr. Weinberg’s           her husband Steve.
       One thing that made her          on in the hearts of the students that    honor is the Dr. Nina Weinberg

Band denied trip to Ireland next spring
Trent Lefkowitz
                         Staff Writer
    An incredible opportunity for           If traveling is still encouraged,    required cost from each student           be aware of the many threats in
many students has been denied.          then why is the band being denied        would be more reasonable.                 Europe. When we planned the trip,
The once in a lifetime experi-          the right to attend the parade in Ire-        “I am very disappointed be-          that changed the view and the way
ence of performing in the Dublin        land? While threat levels increased      cause it was very exciting to know        we felt about the trip.”
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade for          in Great Britain, France and Ger-        that we would have been part of               When asked about any alter-
the Marching Band, Majorettes,          many, Ireland has not recently had       a major achievement for Harrison          native trips the band would make
and Color Guard members has             to deal with an increase in threats.     +LJK 6FKRRO´ VDLG IUHVKPHQ ÀXWH          instead of Ireland, he shared that
recently been cancelled. With the       Our administration has shared that,      player Olivia Pagano. “Everybody          the directors and administration
recent increase in terrorist threats    in spite of this, the security threat    was looking forward to it.”               were considering a few options.
UHYROYLQJ DURXQG QHZO\ LGHQWL¿HG        is still great enough in Ireland to          Junior sa xophonist Loren                  “Everything is going to con-
plots to attack major landmarks in      cause the trip to be cancelled.          Griffo also shared in this disap-         tinue the way it is, and it will apply
Europe, the administration simply           Not only has the administra-         pointment.                                to the other trip,” Mr. Briem said, in
does not feel comfortable with          tion taken safety and threats into           “I was upset because it was an        regards to fundraising, bake sales,
sending such a large number of          consideration, but they’ve also          amazing experience and I had true         and music.
Harrison students overseas.             discussed financial factors in-          faith that it was going to occur,” said       Regardless of where the band
    Recently the State Department       volved in the trip as well. Students     Griffo. “I was also really excited        goes, many students believe it
released a cautionary travel alert      and parents alike have expressed         because I’ve always wanted to go          will not be as exciting as Ireland.
for those going to Europe. The          concerns about the affordability of      to Trinity College in Dublin, and I       Although disappointed about the
statement advised US citizens           this trip, and while it is very expen-   could have made my college visit          cancellation, the new trip will still
to use caution while traveling          VLYH WR À\ RYHUVHDV WKH EDQG KDG        while there.”                             prove fun. No matter where the
throughout Europe. As said by the       already begun fundraising. With              In a recent meeting with the          band travels, they guarantee that
spokesperson for the State Depart-      PRUH WKDQ ¿YH PRQWKV RI SUHSDUD-         band, director Mr. Briem laid out         they will do their best, play their
ment, "We're not saying don't travel    tion and fundraising time, students      the reasons why the trip was no           hardest, and enjoy every moment.
to Europe. We are not saying don't      could have raised the necessary          longer an option. As he explained,
visit major tourist attractions or      money to cover the majority of           “The US Government issued a
historic sites or monuments."           the trip. If this was the case, the      travel advisory telling travelers to

Husky Herald - Page 8
Some words of advice for freshmen
Amy Carton
                    News Editor

Dear freshmen,                     \RXU ¿UVW \HDU RI KLJK VFKRRO"       Granted, not everyone does
       Welcome to the high         Cutting classes is one of the        the best when being proactive.
school! I’m sure the majority      easiest ways to get not only in      Some people work better under
of you are totally confused and    trouble, but a bad reputation as     strict conditions. Regardless
still a bit nervous about the      well. Sophomore Miranda Chi-         of your study habits, try not
transition from middle school,     arella stated, “Try in school, or    to wait until the last minute to
but let me assure you, there       else you’ll fall behind and face     complete assignments. Current          The 2010 King and Queen.
is truly nothing to worry about.   the possibility of failing.”         sophomore Micaela Moscato                          Courtesy of the G.O.
:KLOH DW ¿UVW LW VHHPHG D OLWWOH          Stay Organized and on         had this to say, “take your time
now this seems like the sim-
                                   top of assignments - Organi-
                                   zation is one of the things that
                                                                        on everything you do, if you
                                                                        GRQ¶W JHW LW DW ¿UVW WU\ LW DJDLQ´
plest thing. The upperclassmen
seem intimidating
                                   will help you be successful in               Get involved - Whether
                                                                              through sports, or clubs
too, right? Unlike                                                             or simply volunteering,        Brian Lauro
movies and TV                                                                  getting involved is one of                       Staff Writer
shows where the                                                                the most important parts            On the weekend af ter we
juniors and seniors                                                            of high school. While you       defeated John Jay, 17-14, we
do nothing but tor-                                                            may think that college is       celebrated with a Homecoming
ment and bully the                                                             still far away, you’d be        dance.
freshmen, Harri-                                                               surprised at how quickly            As the dance started, everyone
son isn’t like that at                                                         these next four years will      arrived in various groups at the
all. Granted, a few                                                            go by. Before you know it,
                                                                                                               gym to greet and trade compli-
¿JKWV PD\ EUHDN-                                                               you will be graduating and
                                                                                                               ments, snapping photos to soon
out during lunch                                                               the next chapter of your
or during one of                                                               lives will begin. When          adorn Facebook walls. As the
the pep rallies, but                                                           selecting the students          URRP ¿OOHG ZLWK WHFKQR UHPL[HV DOO
they are never the Will these freshmen heed this advice?                       to accept into each col-        started synching their movements
result of a senior                                   Courtesy of Amy Carton lege, the administrative           with the pounding of the bass.
bullying a freshman. By fol-       not only your four years at the      VWDII VSHFL¿FDOO\ ORRNV IRU WKH            Everyone parted and created
lowing the following tips, you     high school, but also for the        individual’s involvement in            an alley for the honorees to dance
should have a relatively smooth    rest of your life. I know it can     the school and or the com-             down. When the music stopped,
transition:                        get pretty annoying hearing          munity during their high school
                                                                                                               the princes and princesses of the
       Go to class - Even          your teachers repetitively telling   years. Aside from the college
                                                                                                               freshman class were named: Jake
though it seems strange to not     you to stay organized by writing     advantages, getting involved
go to class, you’d be surprised    things down in an agenda, but        is also a great way to meet            Marino, Coby Lefkowitz, Jordan
at how many students cut their     here at the high school it’s dif-    other people and expand your           Valentzas and Jen MacIlvane.
classes. As of last year, the      ferent. Little reminders like this   borders. While you may be a bit        They met up and danced to the
administration has really cut      do occur, however not nearly as      nervous to expand your circle          song picked out for them. At the
GRZQ RQ WKHLU ÀH[LELOLW\ ZLWK FXW- often as they did in the middle      of friends, involvement within         end of the pathway, they were
ting, and has continued taking     school. Of course your teach-        the school will help you reach         crowned. Next came the sopho-
actions to prevent this cutting.   ers and other staff members          out to new people in all four          more pairs: princes Rajan Mehra
Whereas last year until about      are here to help you, but the        grades. On getting involved in
                                                                                                               and Erik Johansen, princesses
March or April students could      majority of things are up to you.    clubs and sports, Sophomore
                                                                                                               Peri Mendehlson and Jess Volpe.
purchase food and drinks in the    Keeping track of assignments         Jason Burger stated, “sports
cafeteria in between classes,      and homework is a great way          are fun, and clubs are good for        The junior class royalty were
there are now strict rules and     to stay on top of things.            colleges.”                             princes Nino Prainito and Johnny
times in place to restrict stop-          Be proactive - Part of                Overall, you shouldn’t         Brefere, and princesses Daniella
ping by the cafeteria. In addition the transition from LMK or any       worry about the year ahead             D’Ippolito and Jennifer Volponi.
to these new rules, security       other middle school for that         of you. Take things one step           7KHQ ¿QDOO\ WKH WULR RI VHQLRU SDLUV
guards and other staff mem-        matter includes an increased         at a time and you’ll do great!         were announced: Princes Adriano
bers are assigned to the cafete-   workload. As previously men-         Before you know it, freshmen           3LHUUR] 1LFN 3XOLD¿FR DQG 7HGG\
rias at all times with the ability tioned, more is left to your         year will be over, and you will
                                                                                                               O’Rourke and princesses Alexan-
to look up each individual’s       responsibility. The teachers         be beginning your sophomore
                                                                                                               dria Brown, Adriana DiFazio, and
schedule and determine where       overall expect more from you         year! Some last words of wis-
they’re supposed to be. Unless     than they did in the middle          dom provided by former fresh-          Milena Mora Vindas.
you have a free or written per-    school. Planning your time           men Willie Norman are, “when               Finally, the 2010 King and
mission to be in the cafeteria or  ZLVHO\ DQG ZRUNLQJ HI¿FLHQWO\        you enter as a freshmen, you           Queen were announced: Duke
any other area of the building,    will help you stay on track,         have to remember not to let the        Alvora and Ashley Bratberg. The
don’t bother going there. Why      and will help in your success.       ‘schooling interfere with your         night was deemed a sweet suc-
put yourself in trouble during     To help with this, prioritize.       education.”                            cess.

                                                                                                              Husky Herald - Page 9
 Kinect: A game changer?
Jamie Derosa
                         Staff Writer
                        If you’re                                                                                 priced, is not cheap. Kinect
the least bit interested in                                                                                       sells for $150, bundled with
games, you’ve probably heard                                                                                      launch game “Kinect Adven-
about Microsoft’s new control-                                                                                    tures.” Considering all the fea-
                                                                                   Courtesy of Science Magazine
ler-free peripheral for the Xbox          game developers get with the                                            tures being offered, it seems
360. Revealed at this year’s              technology, the more the qual-       “While it may not be perfect       a fair price. But will Kinect
E3 (Electronic Entertainment              ity of the experience improves.      DW ¿UVW , FDQ¶W ZDLW WR VHH WKH   catch on? That’s the question
expo), the new add-on will be                     “I believe it will be gim-   technology grow. I have a feel-    analysts are asking. Microsoft is
called “Kinect.” It promises to           micky,” says junior Danny            ing it can be something special    predicting sales of four million
offer an entertainment experi-            Glass. “I prefer an actual con-      and even change the way we         units by the end of the year,
ence like no other, giving the            troller in my hand.”                 play games.”                       which would be a promising
player complete control over                      It’s a tough argument.               The technology behind      start, but Microsoft’s overall
their Xbox 360 and the games              The launch games don’t look          Kinect is genius in its design.    goal will go far beyond that
they play without ever having to          too promising, but upcoming          Kinect is simply a sensor bar      target number.
touch a controller.                       games look like they can be          with a camera and microphone              Kinect is launching in
       “The concept does sound            something special. Launch            built in for tracking your move-   North America on November
promising, but there are always           games shown at E3 like “Kinec-       ments and voice recognition.       4 and will be in stores every-
some technical problems when              timals” and “Kinect Sports” are      Kinect goes beyond letting you     where. Games designed for
products like this ship,” says            direct rip-offs of popular Nin-      play games differently. Kinect     Kinect will sell for $50, a full
sophomore Albert Sposato.                 tendo products “Nintendogs”          is packed full of cool features,   $10 less than the current typical
“I believe it has some serious            and “Wii Sports.” This has many      like the ability to have one on    console game price.
potential, but there will no              fans fearing Microsoft is trying     one webcam chats with friends,            Will Kinect change every-
GRXEW EH ÀDZV LQ WKH WHFKQRO-             to conquer the casual gaming         to talk to people from around      thing? Is this truly the future of
ogy at launch that will have              crowd which Nintendo clearly         the world without a headset,       gaming or merely a gimmicky
to be worked on as time goes              dominates                            and to do other things like        gadget that people will play
on.”                                              It’s tough to predict the    watch movies and be able to        with for a little while, only to
       If you look at other mo-           future of Kinect.                    pause, rewind and fast forward     eventually return to their Wiis.
tion controller devices like the                  “I believe Kinect will be    with nothing more than your        The wait for Kinect almost is
Wii, the accuracy started off             able to surpass the Wii,” says       voice.                             over – and time will provide
bumpy. The more experience                freshman Josh Kaidanow.                      Kinect, while moderately   the answer.

 A billionaire gives back
Sam Mandell
                         Staff Writer
        Who says Facebook isn’t           erberg grew up in Westchester      Jersey.                              educational world, the Newark
good for school kids?                     County, and now resides in Cal-            The state of New Jersey      public school system must an-
       R e c e n t l y, F a c e b o o k   ifornia. It was not until July of  gained control of the Newark         nually receive $800 million dol-
founder Mark Zuckerberg do-               this past summer that                        public school system       lars from taxes, as well as state
nated $100 million dollars to the         Zuckerberg met with                          in 1995 in attempt to      and federal funding. Though
Newark Public School System.              the mayor of Newark,                         decrease the school        Zuckerberg’s donation is no-
       According to Phil Wahba            Cory Brooker, at a                           system’s failing rep-      where close to the amount the
of, Mr. Zuckerberg              conference, where                            utation. Concurrent        system needs to survive, it will
stated when asked about the               they began discuss-                          with this action, the      certainly enable steps to made
donation: “I’ve had a lot of op-          ing Brooker’s plans                          school board was           in the right direction.
portunities in my life, and a lot of      for the city of Newark.                      also replaced by an               When asked about how
that comes from having gone to                   The Newark                            advisory board. Even       he would spend the money if
really good schools. And I just           public school system,                        this change could not      given the donation, Harrison
want to do what I can to make             which serves more Zuckerberg.                meet the needs of the      Central School District Super-
sure that everyone has those              than 40,000 students, Courtesy off Facebook school district. With       intendent, and recently named
same opportunities”.                      is among the worst school          the extremely generous dona-         Superintendent of the year, Mr.
       Interestingly, Mr. Zuck-           systems in the state of New        tion from Zuckerberg, Mayor          Lou Wool, shared, “I would not
erberg has no connection with             Jersey. According to the New       %RRNHU FDQ QRZ HI¿FLHQWO\ DQG        spend money on ‘stuff.’ I would
the Newark public schools. As             York Times, only 40 percent        effectively take charge of the       spend the money on setting up
Mr. Wahba goes on to mention,             of Newark’s students are able      school system by changing            professional development for
“Mr. Zuckerberg...was just ‘sim-          to read and write by the end       the system and hiring a new          teachers with a minimum of 40
ply impressed by the mayor’s              of third grade, and test scores    superintendent.                      hours per year.”
plans.’”                                  and graduation rates in Newark            In order to improve their
       Twenty-six year old Zuck-          are among the lowest in New        system, let alone survive in the

Husky Herald - Page 10
Internet safety assembly
shocks students into action
Lindsey Barnett
                      Staff Writer
       Born into a generation        million kids ranging from age        Everything you post on Face-                   The new website Form-
that has always used comput-         six to seventeen were victims        book is there forever, and can         Spring allows anyone to post
ers, many of us don’t realize        of cyber-bullying, and that          always be found. For instance,         anything they want anony-
how dangerous the internet           more than two million of those       if you’re applying for a future        mously. While this may seem
really is. The truth is that there   victims never told anyone about      job, more and more companies           IXQ DW ¿UVW KDYLQJ SHRSOH VHQG
are many dangers on the in-                                                                                      you anonymous messages
ternet, like the kind of cyber-                                                                                  asking simple questions or
bullying often found on Face-                                                                                    saying nice things, it can turn
book and other websites, and                                                                                     ugly. If the preset question is,
the possibility of stalking and                                                                                  “Ask me anything,” then anyone
online predators. Recently                                                                                       can literally ask you anything
Thomas Grimes, a speaker                                                                                         -- it soon becomes a favorite
and retired police detective                                                                                     site for cyber-bullying. There
from New York City, came to                                                                                      are many stories about people
our school to talk to and inform                                                                                 who were harassed on Form-
us about these dangers.                                                                                          Spring and wound up com-
       He really got a lot of peo-                                                                               mitting suicide. Suddenly, this
ple’s attention on the subject                                                                                   website doesn’t seem so fun
and truly made it interesting                                                                                    anymore. Similarly, the Chat
for the students. One of the                                                                                     Roulette site seems to start out
main dangers Thomas Grimes                                                                                       as innocent fun, video chatting
talked about was cyber-bully-                                                                                    with a random stranger, where
ing, which is a serious issue.                                                                                   you or the other party can click
Although many send mean                                                                                          to get to the next person at any
messages to someone they                                                                                         moment. Although many of the
don’t like or someone they are                                                                                   roulette players are harmless,
mad at online from time to time,                                                                                 there are a large amount of
it often can escalate to some-                                                                                   users who act inappropriately
thing far more serious. Ac-                                                                                      through this site. The problem
cording to stopcyberbullying.                                                                                    here is that Chat Roulette has
org, children have killed each                                                                                   QR DJH YHUL¿FDWLRQ RU UHJLVWUD-
other and committed suicide as                                                                                   tion required, making it so that
a result of such cyber-bullying.                                                                                 anyone at any age can be on
       People do this because                                                                                    this website from everywhere
they think it is easier to say                                                                                   around the world, making it an-
something online rather than                                                                                     other favorite of online sexual
say it to someone’s face, but                                                                                    predators. Another issue that
                                       Joe Maida never realized the dangers inherent online.
think before sending that next                                               Courtesy of Taylor Friedwald        not everyone knows about is
mean message to someone.          being attacked. Further, some           are searching social websites          Chat Roulette map, a project
According to the Facebook         8% of those cyber-bullying              OLNH )DFHERRN WR ¿QG HYLGHQFH          that takes the IP address of
group “Stop cyber bullying        victims commit suicide. Even if         of any irresponsible actions or        users and roughly pinpoints
and put them in jail!,” it is     you were just “joking around,”          inappropriate pictures. If you         their location on a map, making
estimated that more than 13       the only thing that matters is          have those kinds of pictures on        it not so safe and anonymous
                                      the reaction of the person          \RXU SUR¿OH LW LV YHU\ OLNHO\ WKDW    anymore.
                                      receiving your comment –            you will not be getting the job.               “The meeting was very
                                      and her or she might not                   Also, if you do not have        informative,” said junior Faryn
                                      think it’s so funny.                \RXU SUR¿OH VHW WR FHUWDLQ SUL-        Brown. “It brought important
                                             A nother topic Mr.           vacy settings, you are leav-           issues to the attention of stu-
                                      Grimes talked about was             ing yourself open to online            dents here.” After the meeting,
                                      dangerous social websites           predators or those who commit          she went on her Facebook and
                                      like Facebook, FormSpring,          identity theft. If you’re one of       FKDQJHG DOO KHU SUR¿OH VHWWLQJV
                                      Chat Roulette, and others.          those people who post all your         to private. Many people did the
                                      Facebook, although it is            information and likes and views        same. If people do not know the
                                      a fun website in which to           in your “about me” section of          dangers, then they could get
                                      connect with friends and            \RXU SUR¿OH WKHQ LW FRXOG EH          into serious situations and end
                                      family, can also be danger-         YHU\ HDV\ IRU D SUHGDWRU WR ¿QG        up getting hurt.
Thomas Grimes.
      Courtesy of NY Finest Speakers ous if you are not careful.          you, then befriend or stalk you.

                                                                                                                Husky Herald - Page 11
My Cell, My Eyes Only
JT Nangle
                      Staff Writer

        In today’s world, it seems
each person has some type
of mobile phone or iPhone or
                                     ine the phone as an extension
                                     of that person. Would you run
                                     your hands through that per-
                                                                            instantly. The majority of the
                                                                            time this happens between
                                                                            friends. In that case, it may
                                                                                                               with my phone,” says junior
                                                                                                               Christie Nannariello. “I am
                                                                                                               friends with both my parents on
BlackBerry. These devices            son’s hair or randomly begin to        not seem like a big deal, but it   BBM, and I would be so embar-
are something that we always         massage his or her shoulders?          could be setting a dangerous       rassed if one of my friends did
keep within arm’s reach; they        This is essentially the same as        precedent. Many times, teen-       something I wouldn’t want them
are more or less a modern                                                      agers are friends with their    to see.”
lifeline. Cell phones contain                                                  parents on BBM. When one’s             Finally, the person sitting
lots of private and valuable                                                   phone is borrowed, often        next to you in class should not
information. We tend to want                                                   unbeknownst to the phone’s      be reading your text messages;
to keep such important things                                                  owner, the person with the      they should be paying atten-
private.                                                                       phone has the power to send     tion. The choice to use a cell
        Even if the information                                                mass texts, or change the       phone during class is personal;
on our phone is not a mat-                                                     display name. If the van-       it should have no bearing on
ter of national security, it is                                                dal changes one’s name to       the behavior of others. It is
still imperative for our own                                                   something inappropriate, or     preposterous to think individu-
peace of mind that no wan-                                                     does anything the phone’s       als take it upon themselves to
dering eyes lock onto our cell-                                                owner would not approve of,     read, or attempt to read, what
                                                     Courtesy of Nikki Muto
phones. Parents, friends, or                                                   a student’s parents may see     is on your phone display. There
even complete strangers have         reading the contents of some-          it. Parents of high school stu-    is no plausible reason for a
no right to invade anyone’s          one else’s phone.                      dents tend to dole out punish-     mature person to look over
privacy. Cellphones contain                Another recent trend is          ments easily. Tampering with a     another person’s shoulder. So,
conversations with multitudes        friends borrowing or stealing a        phone could lead to removal of     for those immature types trying
of people - the contents of          phone, and reading the mes-            privileges such as TV, the com-    to sneak a peek at your phone,
those conversations are right        sages it contains, and changing        puter, or even worse –ground-      remember: a phone is an exten-
there on the screen. My advice       the person’s BBM (Black Berry          ing. These may not always be       sion of the person. What you’re
WR WKRVH ZKR FRQVWDQWO\ ¿QG          Messenger) display name.               the outcomes of a joke between     doing is an assault on privacy.
themselves looking at other          BBM is a medium for Black              friends, but it could happen. .
people’s phones is this: imag-       Berry users to communicate                    “I never let anyone play


“I am going to make a HUGE           “I will be relaxing or                “I’ll have a snowball fight         “I will be chilling.”
snowman!”                            studying.”                            with my friends!”
- Freshman Tyler Deraffele           - Sophomore Amanda Araujo             - Junior Chloe Williams             - Senior Jesse Delpriora

Husky Herald - Page 12
Game prices don’t play fairly
Danny Glass
                     Staff Writer

       Recently I had the plea-       it is being sold for.              make a lot
sure of playing through the vid-              I think not.               of money
eogame Alan Wake. Alan Wake                   (YHU VLQFH WKH ¿IWK JHQ-   selling the
was a six-hour long game,             eration of videogames, console     game. For
with a rich narrative and solid       games have been $59.99 for         FODUL¿FDWLRQ
mechanics. It cost sixty dol-         a new release. This was a full     purposes,
lars, which is the going price of     ten dollar increase compared       a Triple
every single newly release vid-       to the fourth generation of con-   A Title is
eogame on the market for the          sole games. One may argue          one with
Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.           WKDW D SULFH UDLVH LV MXVWL¿HG    a produc- Alan Wake: bad bang for the buck.
                                                                                                                        Courtesy of Examiner
The real question is whether          considering that Triple A Titles   tion budget                       Redemption and Alan Wake
that videogame is worth the 10        (AAA) have a large production      over 100 million dollars, as well came out on the same day.
dollars per entertainment hour        budget and in turn they need to    as one backed by a large scale    Red Dead Redemption sold
                                                                         publisher. This is a fair argu-   RYHU ¿YH PLOOLRQ FRSLHV ZKLOH
                                                                         PHQW EXW D ¿[HG SULFH GRHV QRW   Alan Wake sold less than half a
               The Husky Herald                                          make sense for videogames,
                                                                         because they are such a di-
                                                                                                           million. It appears the custom-
                                                                                                           ers do understand something
                   Staff 2010 - 2011                                     YHUVH ¿HOG                       about value.
                   Emma Adler - Editor-in-Chief                                 Halo: Reach is a Triple           This is a growing prob-
                                                                         AAA title developed by Bungie     lem in the videogame world.
                  Joni Cooper - Managing Editor
                                                                         and published by Microsoft        Where does a game like Mod-
                    Ray Corona - Sports Editor                           Studios. The game’s features      ern Warfare 2 fit in? It has
               Amy Carton, Izzy Sheck - News Editors                     include a ten-hour campaign,      multiplayer, campaign, and co-
                     Angela Troia - Arts Editor                          a full-featured multiplayer with  operative play and it also costs
                 Rachel Breslin - Features Editor                        a progressive ranking system,     sixty dollars. Having one price
                    Cherry Aung - Music Editor                           a customizable map maker          encompass all videogames
                 Lexi Backer - Photography Editor                        mode, a theater mode, and         is something that is seriously
                                                                         D IXOO\ÀHVKHG RQOLQH VKDULQJ     hindering good games -- more
                            Staff Writers -                              and storing website. It cost      people would play them if they
  Albert Amarilla, Lindsey Barnett, Timmy Broderick, Tereze Camaj,       sixty dollars. So a game that     were cheaper. Juniors Jared
  Danielle Carpinello, Julia Coash, Alexa Coloccia, Kiersten Colotti,    has all of the features I listed  Cummins and Joe Albanese
  Danny Cuneo, Matt Cysner, Erica Dattero, Helina Dawit, Michelle        above costs the same as Alan
  Deleo, Alexandra Del Tufo, Tyler DeRaffele, Jamie Derosa, Julia                                          both agree that the high price
  Druckman, Nick Esposito, Tom Falciglia, Taylor Friedwald, Ali          Wake. Does a Ferrari cost the     dissuades people from buying
  Fuerst, Tamila Garayo, Johnny Gisondi, Michael Goldman, Tyler          same amount of money as a         possibly great games. “I would
  Hart, Clarissa Karantzis, Matt Karpf, Hayley Kronthal, Brian Lauro,    Toyota Camry? Both can be
  Trent Lefkowitz, Christina Loguidice, Joseph Maida, Amanda                                               have bought Red Faction if it
  Mancini, Sam Mandell, Olivia Manley, Sarah Mazza, Eileen Molloy,       really great cars, but it would   cost forty dollars,” said Cum-
  Meghan Molloy, Nikki Muto, JT Nangle, Vinny Nicita, Jessica Olivier,   be ludicrous to buy a quarter     mins. “In my opinion, that was
  Olivia Pagano, Ali Paonetti, Melina Parrello, Noah Platte, Alexandra   million dollar Camry.
  Psaros, Nick Puliafico, Mandy Quigley, Katie Rian, Casey Rinker,                                         what it was worth.”
  Spencer Rosenstein, Alexis Rubenstein, Hunter Sable, Alexandra                On the other end of the           Videogames are growing
  Sanchez, Logan Schwartz, Izzy Sheck, Kristi Sheehy, Evan Specht,       spectrum are games that pro-
  Jessica Tannenbaum, Sarina Tassone, Robby Tiburzi, Shannon                                               tremendously in popularity;
             Toohey, Sarah Vallarelli, Christine Vecchiola               vide hundreds of hours of         Modern Warfare 2 broke every
                                                                         game play. Games like Red         entertainment record in history.
                    Gary Glauber - Faculty Adviser                       Dead Redemption and Oblivion      It is imperative that the good
                     Special Thanks to Mr. Petrillo                      can take hundreds of hours        games get full appreciation,
                                                                         to complete. Does this mean       especially considering the labo-
   Our mission is to be the voice of Harrison High School by             they can charge more money        rious process it takes to create
   professionally representing and informing our school with an          for these games? Red Dead                        the average FPS
   accurate and entertaining newspaper.
                                                                                                                            or RTS game.
                                                                                                                            Gamers need
   The Husky Herald is published by the journalism classes at                                                               to stand up and
   Harrison High School. Editorial content of The Husky Herald                                                              demand fair
   UHÀHFWV WKH RSLQLRQV RI WKH HGLWRUV DQG VWDII QRW QHFHVVDULO\ WKDW                                                      prices for video-
   of the Harrison High School faculty and administration. The                                                              games. If not,
   staff of The Husky Herald encourages students to get involved                                                            true greatness
   and have their opinions heard. If you have any questions, com-                                                           will not get its
   ments, or would like to respond to an article, please write to                                                           proper recogni-
   us. Letters containing the writer’s name (and that are in good                                                           tion.
   taste) will be printed.                                               Red Dead Redemption: shoot ‘em up for days
                                                                                                  Courtesy of Tech Arena

                                                                                                          Husky Herald - Page 13
 A day in the life
 of an aspiring rapper
Angela Troia
                        Arts Editor
        “So hot if you’ve never               Before making himself         lyrics, it became clear that Rap     take it seriously.
HYHU KHDUG P\ ÀRZ ,¶P D VHHG          known within the Harrison            didn’t need to be spat on the                “As sophomores, most of
in the soil, I need this time to       student body, Cameron was            streets of Harlem or Brooklyn        us were busy playing baseball
grow.” - Vizion                        busy listening to rap legends        for it to be good. Rap can be        or shooting hoops, but Cam-
        Enter the cafeteria during     such as Nas and Big L. “I love       good at any location at any          eron was different. He would
6th period lunch, and you may          music, no matter what type, but      time. Cameron’s rapping be-          spend his time writing lyrics, or
be surprised by what you hear.         Nas really was the artist that       gan freshman year as he spat         free styling. You could just tell
Cameron Ganis, better known            LQÀXHQFHG P\ UDSSLQJ VZDJ           beats for fun, but it wasn’t until   he really loved music,” shared
to the rap world as ‘Vizion,’          %LJ /¶V XQLTXH ÀRZ KDV DOVR          his sophomore year that he           Junior Shang Polera.
brings his freestyle raps styl-        always inspired me to be the         realized he could make some-                     Cameron’s big debut
ings to Harrison, along with           best I can truly be.”                thing out of his rapping. It was     occurred at last year’s talent
his impressive ability to create              After listening to the Nas’   then that Cameron decided to         show, where he not only hosted
a melody under all circum-                                                                                       the event, but also laid down
stances. Has Harrison found                                                                                      some beats. To say Cameron is
the next Jay -Z?                                                                                                 outgoing is an understatement.
        Known as ‘Vizion,’ Cam-                                                                                  In response to this statement,
eron’s distinct label not only                                                                                   Cameron responded, “I love
sounds cool, but also exposes                                                                                    performing, especially rapping
his physical appearance in ad-                                                                                   in front of my classmates.”
dition to his rapper persona.                                                                                            “Cameron is the type of
“I’m half Asian. My eyes are                                                                                     kid that just knows what words
unique.” This creative label also                                                                                work. It’s funny, you watch guys
UHÀHFWV &DPHURQ¶V LQWHUQDO SHU-                                                                                  on T.V. rapping freestyle and it
sona, for he remembers seeing                                                                                    seems impossible. Cameron
life differently from the begin-                                                                                 makes it possible,” says Har-
ning. ³6RPH SHRSOH ¿QG PXVLF                                                                                     rison junior Brian Lauro.
a hobby. I see it as my life.”                                                                                            With such success and
        Although Cameron may                                                                                     fame within the Harrison stu-
have a different take on the                                                                                     dent body, where will this young
world than other teenagers, one                                                                                  rapper be in ten years? Accord-
thing’s for sure, he’s just like all                                                                             ing to Cameron, “I see myself
other teens. Whether dealing                                                                                     on the cover of Vibe Magazine
with girl problems or school                                                                                     ten years from now, and if not
issues, Cameron is truly an                                                                                      that, I’ll be rapping to my kids.”
average kid. In fact, his aver-                                                                                          One thing is for sure, The
age life is his muse.“I rap about                                                                                ‘Vizion’ will always be clear.
my surroundings; my daily life         Ganis a.k.a Vizion.                           Courtesy of Lexi Backer
is what inspires me. “

Husky Herald - Page 14
                                                                                                                                at Stadium
                                                                                                                               Tom Falciglia
                                                                                                                                                     Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                      Eminem and Jay-Z per-
                                                                                                                               IRUPHG OLYH DW WKH ¿UVW FRQFHUW DW
                                                                                                                               the new Yankee Stadium, along
                                                                                                                               with other guest performances.
                                                                                                                               Duets with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent
                                                                                                                               were highlights of Eminem’s set,
                                                                                                                               as he let the rappers take one for
                                                                                                                               themselves. Dr. Dre performed
                                                                                                                               his hit song “Nuthin’ but a G'
                                                                                                                               Thang,” and 50 Cent performed
                                                                                                                               his hit, “In Da Club.” But Emi-
                                                                                                                               nem's scorching encore of "Lose
                                                                                                                               Yourself," the Oscar-winning best
                                                                                                                               song from his autobiographical 8
                                                                                                                               0LOH SXQFWXDWHG ZLWK ¿UHZRUNV
                                                                                                                               could have ended the night right
                                                                                                                                      As the last rain clouds
                                                                                                                               gave way to a clear night, the
                                                                                                                               concert opened to 50,000 plus
                                                                                                                               screaming fans. Fans got more
                                                                                                                               than they bargained for when
                                                                                                                               unannounced guests took the
                                                                                                                               stage, one after another.
                                                                                                                                      “It was ridiculous and mad
                                                                                                                               fun,” said senior John Barchella,
                                                                                                                               who was at the concert. “I loved
                                                                                                                               Jay-Z and Eminem and this was
                                                                                                                               the best way to do it big. Yeah, it
                                                                                                                               hurt the pockets a bit, but it was
                                                                                                                               worth every penny. It also was
                                                                                                                               JUHDW WR VHH WKH ¿UVW FRQFHUW HYHU
                                                                                                                               to be held in Yankee Stadium. It
                                                                                                                               was crazy to see how many Lil’
                                                                                                                               Wayne fans were there. Eminem
                                                                                                                               performed his hit song from his
                                                                                                                               new album “No Love” and, after
                                                                                                                               that, he got the crowd chanting
                                                                                                                               “Free Weezy.” It was truly a
                                                                                                                               spectacular experience for my
        On Friday, November 29 th,        MXGJHV KDG VSHFL¿F FULWHULD WKDW WKH\     Rachel Crozier and Jackie Fonseca
Harrison students of all grades, gen-     were to critique and judge. These         as Mario and Luigi for funniest and        whole family.”
ders and personalities came to school     categories of judging included: best      Daniel Morgan as a piece of toast for             The next night, guests
in their most creative, frightening or    home-made costume, most unique            the best homemade costume. The             included Kanye West and Drake.
stylish Halloween costumes. Whether       costume, the look-a-like costume          best group costume was awarded to
masquerading as babies, penguins,         which resembled a celebrity or char-      juniors Sam Russo, Christie Nanna-         Two songs into the show, Kanye
ants, or even take out Chinese food,      DFWHU WKH VFDULHVW FRVWXPH DQG ¿QDOO\   riello, Rachel Hurvitz, Alison Midollo,    West arrived onstage for a mini-
DOO VWXGHQWV ÀDXQWHG WKHLU FRVWXPHV       the funniest costume.                     Julia Druckman, Cayla Pettinato and        set of his own, riding shotgun
and showed their Halloween spirit.                 Based on the previous cri-       Abby Burack, who dressed as the
        Students also had the oppor-      teria, the winners were chosen and        characters from Toy Story.                 with Hov on the "Power" remix
tunity to take part in the third annual   awarded their prizes. From each cat-               Art teacher and costume con-      and "Monster.” Next and Swizz
costume contest. The contest, which       HJRU\ WKHUH ZDV D ¿UVW VHFRQG DQG       test judge Ms. Tracy had this to say       Beatz joined Jay for "On to the
was held by the art club during the       third place winner, each of whom was      when asked which costumes she
four lunch periods, was open to all       awarded a prize at the end of the day.    thought stood out the most: “The ones      Next One" before Eminem and
students. Judging detailed factors        )URP WKHVH ¿QDOLVWV D JUDQG ZLQQHU       that come to mind are Golden horned        Jay-Z performed their duet “Ren-
of each student’s costume were ad-        was chosen from each category. This       Unicorns, Punk Rockers with Mo-            egade. This easily was the best
ministrators, teachers, and a group       year’s winners were: Albert Sposato       hawks, paintings by Roy Lichtenstein,
of students from each grade. These        as a Haunted Scarecrow for scariest,      blow pops, and even cross dressers!”       concert of the year.

                                                                                                                              Husky Herald - Page 15
Cherry Aung
                                      Got Tunes?
                      Music Editor

Lil Wayne: I a m                      and eclectic, with sounds ranging     Already did.                           (released October 5, 2010)
not a human being                     from a distorted heavy rock beat                                             Rock/ Hardcore/ Screamo
(released Sept 27, 2010)              to R&B undertones and a sleek         Bruno Mars: D o o - W o p s &                Maybe not that many peo-
Hip Hop/ Rap                          ballad, all with a Weezy twist, of    Hooligans
                                      course. But while some songs          (released October 4, 2010)
                                      were really good, others were               Pop/ Rock/R&B
                                      just boring. Overall this album             Until a few months ago,
                                      was more mellowed out; lyrically
                                      and musically and neither disap-
                                      pointing nor astounding.
                                              Would I purchase it? At
                                      $9.49 for a short 10 tracks, no,
                                      but I would buy a few tracks that
                                      I liked.
                                                                                                                   Courtesy of
Courtesy of Cash Money Records
                                      Eminem: R e c o v e r y                                                      ple have heard of Chiodos, but
         LIL WAYNE’S BACK!                                                                                         they’re actually pretty big in the
         As some may already          (released June 21, 2010)
                                      Hip-Hop/ Rap                                                                 rock/hardcore scene or at least
know (thanks to the random “Free                                                                                   they were until lead singer Craig
Weezy” posters in the hallways),            Great album. But more                  Courtesy of
                                                                                                                   Owens was “let go” in Sept 2009.
Lil Wayne recently served a                                                                                        This new album was highly an-
much publicized prison sentence.                                            Bruno Mars was… wait who’s             ticipated as to see how the new
However, being behind bars did                                              Bruno Mars? Through a few hits         singer and drummer would man-
not stop Weezy from doing what                                              with B.O.B. and Travie McCoy,          DJH ZLWK VXFK ELJ VKRHV WR ¿OO
he does best: music.                                                        we were introduced to Bruno
                                                                            Mars, a fresh new face on the                  I l l u m i n a u d i o starts out
         His eight studio album/EP,                                                                                slow, soft, orchestrated and
I am not a human being,                                                     music scene.
                                                                                   In his debut album, you         vague as to how the rest of the
contains tracks recorded before                                                                                    album will sound. The songs then
jail and originally intended for                                            delve deeper into Bruno Mars
                                                                            and see that in addition to being      become increasingly dynamic
C a r t e r I V, an upcoming album                                                                                 with screaming vocals, crooning,
(2011). My best guess is that this                                          a solid backup, he is a soulful,
                                                                            talented and unique artist in his      and energetic drumming, heavy
album was an attempt to stay          Courtesy of                                                guitars the type of stuff you would
in the spotlight even while he’s                                            own right an interesting cross
                                      than an album, it’s more like a       between Jason Mraz, Jack John-         headbang to, if you were into that.
serving time.                                                                                                      When the album finally ends,
                                      journey about Eminem recover-         son, and Usher (but not quite at
         We get what we expect        ing from his past (thus the title)                                           we’re back at the beginning: slow,
from Lil Wayne: cocky and brag-                                             John Mayer). My favorite song
                                      DQG ¿QGLQJ D QHZ GLUHFWLRQ           on the album is probably “The          soft singing accompanied by a
ging swagger, sexual, explicit and           You’ve probably already                                               beautiful piano that fades out as
vulgar language and his signa-                                              Other Side,” for its soulful Gnarls
                                      heard “I’m Not Afraid,” and “I love   Barkley-esque vibe but fresher,        the song ends.
ture witty punch lines, chockfull     the Way You Lie,” since radio                                                        My favorite song was
of similes and references… e.g.:                                            hipper and cuter. Notable songs:
                                      stations seem to play them con-       “Grenade,” and the hit single,         “Notes in Constellation,” the bal-
³, EHHQ À\ VR ORQJ , IHOO DVOHHS      stantly. But check out other less                                            lad of the album. We see the new
on the ****ing airplane.” Though                                            “Just the Way you are”, “Liquor
                                      NQRZQ EXW VWLOO WHUUL¿F VRQJV IURP    Store Blues,” featuring Damien         singer’s voice showcased here,
some songs do use autotune, this      the album: “Cold Wind Blows,”                                                and his ability to switch between
album is far from the heavily au-                                           Marley and (Jack Johnson fans
                                      “Going Through Changes,” and          will love) “The Lazy Song” and         high-pitched falsettos and strong
totuned sounds of his last album,     “Cinderella Man.” Favorites from                                             wailing is really impressive. He
R e b i r t h , which many consider                                         “Count on Me.”
                                      the album were “Untitled” (a                 I’d say his strong point is     GH¿QLWHO\ ¿OOHG WKH YRLG OHIW E\
terrible at best.                     bonus track, also found under                                                Craig Owens, and created a
                                                                            his musical versatility; his ability
         “Right Above it” was my      the title “Here We Go”) for its       to jump through different genres       unique sound while retaining
favorite track on this album. I       electrifying rapping and “Space       and sound good. The downside:          some past similar qualities. They
loved the harmony between             Bound,” an unexpected mix of          he’s yet another charming, love-       still paint that same image of a
the rhythm of trumpets, strings       acoustic guitar and a steady beat,    song-singing heartthrob aimed          certain “coldness” to their music
and keyboard (I think?) and the       not really Eminem’s norm.             toward women. But I’m willing          as they did in the past, in my mind
catchy beat. I also loved the                Eminem’s music is real,        to bet he won’t be another one-        at least. I l l u m i n a u d i o GH¿QLWHO\
lyrics “You know you at the top       raw, talent. No autotune, no          hit wonder like Jason Mraz; we         did not disappoint, and I look
when only heaven’s right above        distracting synths; just a simple     can expect more from this new          forward to hearing more from this
it” and hearing him sing together     beat and his words. His lyrics        musician.                              “new” Chiodos.
with the ever-so-suave Drake          are deep, emotional, and con-                Would I buy this album?                 Would I buy the album?
without autotune was cool too.        troversial; not just about money,     Probably, once I get my allow-         Not the entire album, but some
Other notable songs include:”         drugs, sex or “swagger.” After        ance.                                  of the tracks.
Gonorrhea,” “I am not a human         10 years in the game, he’s still
being,”and “Bill Gates.”              untouchable.                          Chiodos: I l l u m i n a u d i o
         This album was interesting          Would I buy the album?

Husky Herald - Page 16
Drake concert rocks Radio City
Taylor Friedwald and Nicole Muto
                    Staff Writers

     It was only last year that        listen to Drake.                      When Drake
popular rapper Drake (A.K.A.                                                 appears on
                                                       5:00-8:00 PM          stage, the
                                                       :H ¿QG RXU ZD\        c r owd g o e s
                                                to Grand Central, then       insane. When
                                                seek a place to eat.         he starts rap-
                                                The Stardust Diner is        ping, it is hard
                                                close to Radio City, and     to hear with all
                                                provides entertainment,      the screaming
                                                as each waiter/waitress      fans. When
                                                is an aspiring Broadway      Drake starts
                                                star. This show doesn’t      singing “Bed-
                                                rate compared to what’s      Rock,” we all
                                                coming. I hand out tick-     s i n g a l o n g , Jay-Z shocks fans with a surprise appearance.
                                                ets and we proceed           word-for-word.                         pearance. It’s Swizz Beats, and
                                                down the line. Our bags      The atmosphere is amazing.             both perform their new song
                                                get checked and we           We dance to the music and              “Fancy.”
Trey Songz joined the show.
          All photos courtesy of Nicole Muto rush inside. Our first          keep snapping pictures.
Aubrey Graham) became the               thought is to head straight for                                                  10:30-11:00 PM
well-known star he is today.            the Drake shirts. The lines are             10:00-10:30 PM                Drake continues to blow the
On Wednesday, September                 long, but it is worth the wait. I           Drake starts bringing out     roof off Radio City and even
27, 2010, sophomores Taylor             RUGHU ¿YH VKLUWV DQG ZH DOO SXW      well known hip-hop perform-          sings a slower version of “Noth-
Friedwald, Jessica Oggeri,              them on right away. People           ers. Birdman, Fabolos and Trey       in’ on You” by Bruno Mars and
Amanda Evangelista, Sarina              start walking to their seats.        Songz perform with Drake,            rapper B.O.B. It is surprisingly
Tassone, Allison Fuerst, and            We all sprint past them. At the      making the concert even bet-         just as good as the original.
Nicole Muto were lucky enough           second tier, we say goodbye to       WHU WKDQ ¿UVW H[SHFWHG -XVW         Fortunately, Drake starts rap-
to attend one of his epic con-          Amanda and Jessica. Sarina,          then, Drake tells the audience       ping “Best I Ever Had,” and the
certs. The following is a diary         Alli, and this reporter continue     to stand up, and Jay-Z hits the      audience raps along. After this,
of the night’s events:                  to the third tier. Our seats are     stage. Each audience mem-            'UDNH UDSV KLV ¿QDO VRQJ RI WKH
                                        amazing. Everything is visible.      ber stands up and screams.           evening, “Over,” one of his best.
       4:00-4:52 PM                     We watch audience members’           Drake and Jay-Z perform the          The theatrics are incredible for
       We meet at the White             text messages to Drake appear        crowd-pleasing “On to the Next       this song. Green laser-beams
Plains train station, excited to        on a huge screen. When the           One.” We thought Trey Songz          ÀDVK IURP HYHU\ GLUHFWLRQ DQG
go see Drake live. We want it           lights dim, everyone screams.        and Fabolos were big news,           strobe lights are going on and
to be 8 pm, when the concert                                                 but once Jay-Z hits the stage,       off. It’s the best song yet and
star ts. We board the train                    8:00-9:00 PM                  we forget all of the other rap-      once it is over, the audience is
quickly, pull out our iPods and                The show opens with           pers. After Jay-Z performs and       all cheers and chaos. Our ears
                                                              T y g a ,      Drake sings another song, he         are ringing, our feet are hurting,
                                                               another       asks for the lights to be turned     and all we can think about is
                                                               Yo u n g      on so he can see the audi-           how amazing Drake was.
                                                               Money         ence. People are jumping and
                                                               label rap-    screaming to get his attention,             11:00-12 midnight
                                                               p e r. H e    some are even shouting “Free                We run to Grand Cen-
                                                               sings a       Weezy” (referring to rapper          WUDO LQ RXU ÀDWV DQG VDQGDOV
                                                               bunch of      Lil’ Wayne) so he’ll notice. He      screaming “Free Weezy” the
                                                               songs,        comments on the Canadian             whole way there. At the train
                                                               including     ÀDJ WKDW D JURXS RI SHRSOH DUH       st ation, we rec eive some
                                                               “Roger        holding and compliments a            cheers from Drake fans that
                                                               That,” and    group of girls in the front row      see our shirts. Although seeing
                                                               then in-      wearing matching homemade            the concert is one of the best
                                                               troduces      Drake shirts. This goes on           nights of our lives, waking up
                                                               the star of   until another widely recognized      for school the next morning is
                                                               the night.    rapper makes a surprise ap-          not so much fun.
Drake sings “BedRock” to his fans.

                                                                                                                Husky Herald - Page17
What the Devil?
Matt Cysner
                      Staff Writer
       Recently, I was unfortu-      ¿YH VWUDQJHUV JHW VWXFN RQ D               The length
nate enough to see the movie         broken elevator and mysteri-        of the movie is
Devil. The trailer looked intrigu-   RXVO\ VWDUW GURSSLQJ GHDG ²         also quite dis-                             Courtesy of
ing and since all of my friends      gets overwhelmed by enough          turbing. It fea-                      think you know what’s going
ZHUH VHHLQJ LW , ¿JXUHG ZK\        incident and absurdity to make      tures a mere seventy-six min-         to happen, a twist is thrown
not? This would prove to be          a Goosebumps fan roll her           utes of mediocre acting. Most         at you. I have to admit in that
the worst decision of my movie       eyes.” I could not agree more.      movies nowadays are at least          scene I jumped out of my seat
watching career.                     The story is so far-fetched         QLQHW\ PLQXWHV :KHQ WKLV ¿OP         like a little girl with a giant spider
       7KH ¿OP LV FRQIXVLQJ IURP     that the line is quickly blurred    ducked below the average              crawling up her leg. This is the
the beginning. As the camera         between horror and comedy.          by fourteen minutes, I knew           movie’s only claim to fame. M.
pans around a city upside            According to, a      something was up. In the brief        Night Shyamalan managed to
down, you begin to wonder            site that culls several reviews     amount of time I was sitting in       freak out the audience through
whether you entered the right        into an average, Devil earned       the theater, I was barely able        the use of special effects, the
theater. As the audience be-         only 44 out of a possible 100       to follow the weak storyline.         art of surprise, and an unex-
gins to laugh because of how         points. This horrendous score       One minute I was looking at an        pected camera angle.
ridiculous the opening scene         RQO\ VROLGL¿HV P\ DUJXPHQW         upside down city and then, all of             Devil truly is one of the
is, the feeling of being in a hor-           “I only took two things     D VXGGHQ , ZDV ORRNLQJ DW ¿YH        worst motion pictures I have
ror movie is taken away. This        away from Devil,” stated avid       people stuck in an elevator. If       ever seen. I would not recom-
becomes a recurring theme            movie watcher and amateur           this movie wanted to gain any         mend anybody seeing this
throughout the entire movie.         critic, junior Matthew DiRe, “M.    fans at all, it should have been      movie. The only appeal would
You have to take a step back         Night Shyamalan cannot write        at least ninety minutes, with         be to a person who for some
and laugh just because the           a movie, and never trust old        more thought put into the tran-       reason enjoys throwing their
scenarios are so ridiculous.         people.” Both lessons support       sitions. I am sure I am not the       money down the drain, and sit-
       In his review of Devil,       my claim that far from a hor-       only one who feels the scenes         WLQJ WKURXJK WHUULEOH ¿OPV 0
movie critic Eric Hynes of Mov-      ror masterpiece, Devil is an        in Devil were pieced together         Night Shyamalan, I am disap- says, “What should        unrealistic atrocity that should    poorly.                               pointed.
be a simple, fool-proof setup        never have been unleashed                  The only semi-exciting
IRU D FKLOOHU RI FRQ¿QHPHQW ²        on theaters.                        part is in the end. When you

Goodnight, M. Knight
Danny Glass
                      Staff Writer

      One can learn a lot about      Others touted him as the next       twists, a pre-written screenplay,
movies by watching them in           Hitchcock. He followed this         and an established fan base, it
different cities. In Pasadena        “masterpiece” with Unbreak-         was destined to be a success.
California when the audience         able DQRWKHU UHODWLYH ER[ RI¿FH    ,W ZDV IURP D ER[ RI¿FH SHU-
watches Legion they laugh at         success and his second collab-      spective, but the critics hated it.          &RXUWHV\ RI EUXQR¿OPVQHW
the scene where the grandma          oration with actor Bruce Willis.    M. Night’s glory days seem to         one. In Memento, it’s his con-
threatens the life of the mes-       Next up was Signs, which made       be behind him. But what killed        tinuation of the cycle of murder.
siah. In Philadelphia, there         a tremendous amount of money        M. Night? Was it the twists, his             Twists will either bore or
is raucous cheer whn Law-            but disappointed critics with its   insane appearances, or did            anger the viewer, especially
rence Fishburne shows up in          lack of a twist. This is when it    people simply get tired of him?       ones that create holes in the
Predators. In New York, no one       began to go downhill.               I have a theory.                      movie, or leave things too
makes a sound at the end of In-             He released three terrible          A dynamic character is         open-ended. A self-realization
ception, mind-blown rather than      movies in a row: The Village,       one that changes dramatically         allows viewers to truly watch
wanting more. Yet there is one       Lady in the Water, and The          from the start to the end of a        and experience a character’s
fact consistent to every single      Happening, each one worse           movie, book, etc. Near the end        changing, becoming something
city and every movie theatre         than its predecessor. Lady          of every one of M Night’s mov-        new. It causes viewers to put
within: M. Night Shyamalan           in the Water was especially         ies there is a twist that serves to   themselves in the same situ-
movies suck. To understand           panned because M. Night made        change everything and give the        ation and see which way they
why his movies suck, one has         himself a major character in the    viewer a new perspective. It’s a      would react.
to understand his history.           movie (He puts himself in all of    cheap way of doing it. A better              My remedy for all of M.
      6K\DPDODQ¶V ¿UVW PDMRU         his movies).                        way is to have the protagonist        Night’s woes is simple: no more
movie was The Sixth Sense,                  M. Night then decided        or antagonist have an epiphany        twists, no more cameos, no
ERWK D FULWLFDO DQG ER[ RI¿FH        to switch tactics. He decided       or self-realization. In Fight         more clichés. Keep it simple til
success. Some claimed he             to make the movie adaption of       Club, it’s the Narrator realizing     the very end, until the charac-
reinvented the thriller genre.       The Last Airbender. With no         that he and Tyler Durden are          ter realizes that everything he
                                                                                                               knew was wrong.

Husky Herald - Page 18
Historic Season
for Huskies’ Volleyball
Alexa Coloccia and Allison Fuerst
                    Staff Writers
         The expectations for this      sity experience. The roster            together and as a team, they            such a young team, I am proud
year’s Harrison Varsity vol-            includes Betsy Sanchez (Out-           came out on top. They had an            of how we were able to come
leyball team were higher than           side), Lily Stokoe (Middle), and       outstanding record during the           back after being down. We
ever. This all-junior team has          Jenna Webb (Right Side), with          VHDVRQ RI  DQG FDPH LQ ¿UVW         KDYH WKH FRQ¿GHQFH WR QHYHU
stepped up and achieved a lot           new members of the varsity vol-        place at sectionals against Wal-        give up. I remember one game
through the course of a rough           leyball team such as Carolina          ter Panas. The team placed              where we were down 13-5 and
and tumble season. The team,            Alvarez (Outside), Alison Mi-          second at the Shenendehowa              we came back to win.”
coached by Coach Loughlin               dollo (Libero), Christie Nanna-        tournament with a close score                  Coach Light is in her
and Coach Light, has lived up           riello (Outside), Elisa Santelia       of 31-29. They also received a          tenth year at Harrison. She has
to those expectations and even          (Middle), and Jennifer Volponi         silver bracket in the Scarsdale         been coaching since 2001, and
exceeded them. Harrison’s               (Outside), all under captain           tournament and third place at           RI¿FLDWHG SULRU WR WKDW 6KH KDV
team recently won the sectional         Jessica Segal (Setter).                the Panas tournament. Coach-            also coached volleyball at Iona
WLWOH WKH ¿UVW +DUULVRQ JLUO¶V YDU-           “I enjoy practicing with        es Light and Loughlin worked            College.
sity athletic team ever to do so).      the varsity, and getting to watch      together in training this team,                The team played well and
         “With an all junior team,      them play,” said freshman Kyle         fully preparing them for the            conquered a truly worthy op-
we have to build up our varsity         Lefkowitz. “I look forward to          season’s battles and beyond.            ponent during the fourth round
because we do not have any              when I get the opportunity to                 “ We are a close -knit           of sectionals. In volleyball, a
seniors,” noted Coach Lough-            play for the varsity team.”            team that enjoys being to-              WHDP PXVW ZLQ WKUHH RXW RI ¿YH
lin, who expects a lot from her                The girl’s varsity vol-         gether on and off the court,”           games. Each team seeks to
juniors. “Another goal of ours          leyball team truly has had an          said Coach Light. “Also, every          win by accruing 25 points, but
is to continue our success and          outstanding season. All team           single member on our team               a victory must be by a margin
competitiveness. With junior            members worked vigorously              has a passion for the sport. For        of at least two points.
varsity players moving up to                                                                                                  7KH VHFWLRQ ¿QDOV DJDLQ
varsity next year, we should                                                                                           the Walter Panas Panthers
be even better. We have a lot                                                                                          was a thrilling contest. The
of very talented players, and                                                                                          ¿UVW JDPH ZH ORVW E\ D VFRUH RI
since volleyball is such a team                                                                                        25-16. The second game was
sport, we do not have any ‘star’                                                                                       a close contest, but Harrison
players, just great athletes.”                                                                                         wound up on top 28-26. The
         This year’s junior varsity                                                                                    third game was secured by the
squad had a taste of success,                                                                                          same exact score. The fourth
SODFLQJ ¿UVW LQ WKHLU EUDFNHW DW D                                                                                     game was another big win
tournament in Scarsdale back                                                                                           for Panas, 25-18. It all came
LQ 6HSWHPEHU DQG ¿QLVKHG WKH                                                                                          GRZQ WR WKH ¿IWK JDPH WR GH-
season at 11-5.                                                                                                        termine who would walk away
         “ We’re looking really                                                                                        as the 2010 Class A Sectional
good,” said JV setter Patty-                                                                                           Champions. Every spectator
Jane Geller.                                                                                                           in the stands could feel the
         This year’s varsity squad                                                                                     pressure and intensity. Finally,
consists of nine top players,                                                                                          after a long grueling battle, the
with four having previous var-         The historic junior nine and coaches -- Sectional champions!                    Huskies emerged victorious
                                                                                    Courtesy of the Yearbook staff             (Continued on Page 23)

                                                                                                                     Husky Herald - Page 19
Cheerleader Appreciation Dinner
Danielle Carpiniello
                       Staff Writer
       On the evening of No-                 The appreciation dinner     in on her particular contribu-       something she’s done each and
 vember 10, the HHS Cheer-            is held each year to honor the     tions to the team, pointing out      every year. She puts together
 leading Team hosted its annual       year’s coaches, the graduat-       VSHFL¿F SRVLWLYH TXDOLWLHV 7KH      a “bag of goodies” for each
 Cheerleader Appreciation Din-        ing seniors, both teams, and       VHQLRUV UHFHLYHG D &HUWL¿FDWH RI     senior, and each item in the
 ner in the school’s cafeteria.       teachers whom each senior          Appreciation and a customized        bag represents a life-lesson
 This enjoyable celebration           has selected as one who has        sweatshirt.                          that she hopes to pass on to her
 has been a tradition for HHS         impacted her life the most. This          “I’ve been looking for-       oldest girls. She takes pride in
 cheerleading squads since            year’s nine graduating seniors     ward to receiving my sweatshirt      this tradition at the annual din-
 &RDFK 5RVD $FRFHOOD ¿UVW WRRN        chose the following teachers:      ever since I made the squad,”        ner, and knows it is important
 on the team.                         Mr. Gino, Ms. Gregory, Mr.         says senior Nicole MacIlvane.        to hold onto such a memorable
       Now in her eleventh year,      Napolitano, Ms. DellaGala,         “It was the best moment of the       event.
 Coach Acocella has a new co-         Ms. Altamuro, Ms. Singel, Ms.      entire night for me. It’s not just          “ This tradition is ex-
 coach, Reina Medina. Coach           Blunt, Ms. Ranallo, and Mr.        a sweatshirt; it really makes you    tremely important to me and
 Medina has coached Harrison’s        Burns. Each teacher was given      realize that you are now one of      Reina,” says Coach Rosa. “It
 JV squads for the past four          D VPDOO JLIW DQG D &HUWL¿FDWH RI   the most important members           allows me to congratulate and
 years, and has now moved up          Appreciation.                      of the team. With being a se-        thank my seniors for all they
 to assist with the varsity team.            The dinner consisted of     nior on a team comes a lot of        have done, and wish them luck
 The teams also have a tum-           a delicious buffet-style potluck   responsibility, and our seniors      on their future endeavors.”
 bling instructor, Kamisi Sim-        -- each cheerleader’s family       this year are really stepping up            However, the night is not
 mons, who has conditioned and        brought one prepared dish that     to the plate.”                       entirely about the seniors. Each
 strengthened the girls for the       was served at the ceremony.               Each senior’s individual      new member of the Varsity
 past two seasons. Coaches            The event was organized by the     accomplishments were also            squad receives a varsity let-
 Acocella and Medina spoke            Cheerleading Parents Associa-      announced during the cer-            ter and a pin, and is individu-
 at the podium and thanked            tion, who decorated the entire     emony, along with the teams’         ally recognized and welcomed.
 parents and cheerleaders for         cafeteria in maroon, gold, and                                          The Varsity letter is a major
                                                                                                              accomplishment that is only
                                                                                                              given once to each varsity team
                                                                                                                     Nicole Murphy, a sopho-
                                                                                                              more on the varsity squad,
                                                                                                              was ecstatic about receiving
                                                                                                              her letter.
                                                                                                                     “I felt so accomplished
                                                                                                              when I received my letter,” she
                                                                                                              said. “It may not be a gigantic
                                                                                                              trophy, but it sure feels like
                                                                                                                     To close the event, the
                                                                                                              seniors show a slideshow
                                                                                                              they’ve created, filled with
                                                                                                              memorable photos to capture
                                                                                                              the fun and accomplishments
                                                                                                              the new teams have had to-
                                                                                                              gether so far.
                                                                                                                     “It’s always a great way
                                                                                                              to end the night,” says cheer-
                                                                                                              leader mom Wanda Carpiniello.
 all they have done so far. The       white, and helped set up the       accomplishments and trophies         “I love seeing all of the fun my
 JV coach, Tashica Clarke, also       buffet.                            received thus far in the season.     daughter and her teammates
 was present and said a few                    At t h e eve nt , t h e             Coach Acocella has         have had, and I’m sure there
 words to her JV squad and            coaches also honored each          also been carrying on a spe-         will be plenty more to come.”
 respective parents.                  senior with a speech honing        cial tradition for the seniors,

Husky Herald - Page 20
JV football on a roll
Sarah Mazza
                      Staff Writer
       This year’s JV football       stepped up to the plate and were         time to interview some of our cur-    are leaving the squad, it makes a
team had a very successful regu-     OHDGHUV RQ DQG RII WKH ¿HOG´ KH         rent varsity players, to hear what    big difference in both our offense
lar season, with a record of 5-1.    said.                                    what they are expecting from the      and our defense,” he said.
       This reporter took a min-            The sophomore captains            upcoming junior varsity players.              The JV players also had
ute with the head coach of JV        of the JV team are Michael                      “I want the upcoming           much to say about what they
football, Mr. Zanot. He explained    Rossi, Anthony Spano, Johnnie            people from JV to work really         might be doing to prepare in this
that this was a very memorable       DeFonce,                                                      hard in the      next off-season for moving up to
season based off of all the hard     and Chris-                                                    off-season       Varsity.
work put in by the players. The      tian Santa-                                                   and to train             Bobby Scatanato said that
JV Football team practiced every     maria.                                                        hard,” said      he will be hitting the books when
day after school to run plays and           “I am                                                  junior Alex      he moves up to Varsity. “Your
prepare for that week’s game.        extremely                                                     Beckett.         studies are what keep you on the
The team was very aggressive         happy and                                                           Char-      team,” he said.
in the games, shown by tackling      proud of                                                      lie Creden-               “When you move up to
and running hard.                    all of our                                                    dino agreed.     the Varsity level, the game is
       “The highlight games of the   players this                                                  “Being in        faster and more intense, more ag-
season were the contests against     season,”                                                      the weight       gressive than JV,” said Anthony
Eastchester and Spring Valley,”      said Coach                                                    room, get-       Spano, “so you have to train
said Coach Zanot, “but overall       Zanot, “and The JV team huddles up.                           ting bigger      yourself to get used to this type
                                                                      Courtesy of Yearbook staff
the coaches and JV players were      this season                                                  and stronger      of playing.”
PRVW VDWLV¿HG ZKHQ WKH\ EHDW         is an unforgettable one. I feel          LV GH¿QLWHO\ D NH\ FRPSRQHQW WR               Kyle Avery, a newcomer to
Rye 22 – 0.”                         like every single sophomore and          making it to the Varsity level,”      Harrison this year, said that he
       When asked who his star       some of our freshman are ready           he said.                              “is ready to train hard in the off-
players were, Coach Zanot said,      for the varsity level.                          Roberto Bruno, the im-         season and to show the varsity
“We do not just have one star               The tenth graders will            pressive placekicker on the cur-      coaches his skills and what he
player, we have a team of many       GH¿QLWHO\ DGG SRZHU VWUHQJWK           rent varsity roster, explained to     can contribute to the team.”
people with different skills that    and enthusiasm to the varsity            this reporter “how important it is            The JV football team’s suc-
contribute to our success.”          team next year.                          the work to your best abilities in    cess continues, as they defeated
       Coach Zanot explained                Coach Zanot continued, “I         practices and games.”                 -RKQ -D\  LQ WKH ¿UVW URXQG
that there are leaders on every      hope they take to heart what my                 Sophomore quarterback          of the playoffs.
team other than the coaches.         assistant coaches and I have said        Vinnie Nicita conveyed “the im-               “Everyone played their
The leaders on this JV football      to them. They all have potential         SRUWDQFH RI ¿OOLQJ LQ WKH KROHV RI    hearts out in this game,” said an
team are all of the tenth graders    to use their abilities and skills in a   the seniors that are leaving.         excited Coach Zanot.
on the team.                         positive way on the varsity team.”              “When you take into con-
       “All of the sophomores               This reporter also took the       sideration that 17 of the seniors

Sportsmanship falters in wake of latest Harrison-Rye game
Trent Lefkowitz
                      Staff Writer

    The tempers were hotter              As Eck dove past the goal           ¿HOG DIWHU WKH FRQWHVW ZDV RYHU       )URP WKH VLGH RI WKH ¿HOG WKH 5\H
in the Rye parking lots than on      line on the right side, Harrison        the Harrison Husky Band had            Drumline approached our band,
1XJHQW )LHOG DIWHU WKH HLJKW\¿UVW   fans were hit with the cold hard        no option but to bravely march         still playing and taunting after
chapter of the annual Harrison-      reality of another defeat. A few        though the crowd. As the band          their team’s victory. Although
Rye game. Although many saw          SOD\V ODWHU D ORQJ ¿HOG JRDO DW-       marched deeper and deeper into         Rye’s actions were disrespect-
this as an imminent win for          tempt fell short for the Huskies.       the celebrating Rye fans, there        ful, Harrison didn’t demonstrate
the Huskies, no one expected         “The Game," as many called it,          was a backlash of hatred. Nasty        perfect behavior either. Several
the surprising and heartbreak-       was one that Husky fans quickly         comments such as “Get off the          Rye fans maintain that they were
ing ending. After dominating         want to forget.                         ¿HOG \RX VXFN´ DQG ZRUVH ZHUH         cursed off by Harrison fans as
the Garnets for three quarters,          One thing that won’t be so          heard from people of all ages.         they left the stadium.
Rye quarterback Connor Eck           easily forgotten was the outra-              “The Rye game was very                 While the loss was devastat-
marched his team 80 yards            geous and childish behavior             disappointing. I think it was          ing, it doesn’t provide the right
GRZQ¿HOG WR FRPSOHWH D FULWLFDO      after the game by both Rye and          ridiculous and uncalled for the        for our students and fans to
touchdown to fellow senior Brian     Husky fans.                             way Rye treated Harrison,” said        demonstrate bad sportsmanship.
Pickup to put the Garnets down           Although many went home             Theo Gevir tz, a sophomore             Two great towns such as Rye and
by a point.                          discouraged from the tough loss,        in the marching band. “They            Harrison shouldn’t have stooped
    Perhaps even more shocking       the band and even some fans             mocked us.”                            so low in their respective behav-
was the decision by Rye’s Dino       had a new reason to hang their              Not only were the fans in-         iors after “The Game.”
Garr for his team to attempt the     heads in shame. Seeing the              volved in this poor sportsman-
two-point conversion.                sea of black and red swarm the          ship, but Rye’s band as well.

                                                                                                                   Husky Herald - Page 21
Soccer girls kick it to another level
Izzy Sheck
                    News Editor
       The Harrison Varsity         knowledge of those players.          a success, as proven by their
Girls Soccer Team fought hard       Professional soccer team Sky         per formance in preseason
through the playoffs and made       Blue helped the varsity squad        games.
a huge impact prior to their 5-1    during the preseason, running               As the season was un-       Alexandra Misisco, game hero.
loss to Somers on November 3.       training sessions to help with       derway, the Girls squad was            Courtesy of Ms. Diane Frawley

Despite concluding the regular
season with a 6-8-2 record,
                                    player fundamentals. Despite
                                    the tough drills and brutal
                                                                         able to go 6-2 through Sep-
                                                                         tember, including substantial
                                                                                                            Juniors Take
the Varsity team proved by
their late season performance
                                    weather conditions, the team
                                    was able to increase its skills
                                                                         victories against Rye Neck
                                                                         and Haldane. In their hot start,
                                                                                                            Angela Troia
that there was                                                                       Cassidy Cohen                               Arts Editor
a resurgence                                                                         scored four goals,            The junior girls showed
in Girls’ soc-                                                                       along with contri-     their senior counterparts who’s
cer. Under the                                                                       butions from un-       the boss at this year’s PowderPuff
supervision of                                                                       derclassmen Kate       football game, winning 12- 6.
coaches Jon-                                                                         Faxon and Sarah               “The seniors were saying
Erik Zappala                                                                         Berman. Despite        they would wreck us,” said Lexi
and Andre                                                                            finishing October      Rubenstein, center for this year’s
Ostacoli, the                                                                        0 - 6 -2, the team     junior squad. “Meanwhile, we kept
Varsity Girls                                                                        was able to be a       our heads high and ignored it.”
grew into a                                                                          part of the Section           The game began with a
formidable                                                                           1 playoffs. As un-     touchdown from Nina Sarmiento
unit, becom-                                                                         derdogs through-       on a double reverse run.
ing one of the                                                                       out the playoffs,             “I couldn’t believe it hap-
best squads                                                                          the gir l’s squad      pened,” said track star Sarmiento.
through hard                                                                         was able to reach      “I mean we had run the play in
work and de-                                                                         as far as the Sec-     practice, but for us to actually
                  The team poses before the Rye Game.       Courtesy Claire Parker                          complete it felt amazing. The en-
ter m inat i o n.                                                                    tional Semi Finals.
The team, consisting of soph-       IRU WKH ¿UVW JDPH %\ DWWHQG-        Although losing to Somers,         tire touchdown was a team effort
omores, juniors and seniors,        ing a Sky Blue Soccer game,          they never gave up, and were       and success.”
made people want to hear            players also could see what          able to put their name on the             The senior offensive line
more about their successes.         qualities were needed to be a        board, as junior Izzy Sheck        SXW XS D ¿JKW DJDLQVW WKH MXQLRU
Students wanted to see for          great soccer player. By focus-       scored within the last ten min-    defense. After going back and
themselves what all the hype        ing on players that shared the       utes of play. Girls Varsity Soc-   forth for two quarters, leading
was about.                          same positions, members of           cer was able to make a strong      senior running back Nicole Tenner
       Prior to the start of the    the team could gain a further        impact as they went deep into      scored a touchdown early in the
season, the Varsity team knew       understanding of their duties        the playoffs, upsetting favored    fourth quarter.
that the only way to win was        RQ WKH ¿HOG                         teams along the way.                      “ O n c e we s c o r e d t h at
through hard work. In the midst            To star t the season,                No matter how the sea-      touchdown, we really wanted to
of the preseason, many girls        Coach Zappala and Coach              son ended for the Varsity team,    win,” said senior Sarah Hand.
attended the UK Elite Soccer        Ostacoli had tough decisions         their achievements and impact             With the score knotted at
Camp, which helped improved         to make on players for the de-       on Section 1 Soccer won’t be       6-6, the stands grew louder and
the conditioning and soccer         fensive line, since most of the      forgotten. With key seniors        the girls more determined than
                                                     past defend -       leaving, the underclassmen         ever to win.
                                                     ers graduated.      have proved that they can                 “ We thought the game
                                                     Coach Zappala       step up and get the job done.      would end tied, something no one
                                                     moved Andrea        Coach Zappala and Coach Os-        wanted,” said junior Ally Brabant.
                                                     Moschetta and       tacoli already are preparing for          Within the last minute of the
                                                     Joni C ooper,       next year, hoping for continued    game, however, junior Alexandra
                                                     who originally      success.                           Misisco found the drive to pull
                                                     played outside              “There are more skilled    through. She led her team to the
                                                     PLG¿HOG WR GH-     players to come,” said Katie       two- yard line. Finally, she scored
                                                     fense due to        Rian, a sophomore, looking         the triumphant points.
                                                     their tremen-       forward to moving up to varsity           “It felt amazing to score a
                                                     dous speed.         next year, “and everyone feels     touchdown with such little time
                                                                                                            left,” said an enthusiastic Misisco.
                            Courtesy Claire Parker The decision          that Harrison Soccer will be on
                                                    turned out to be     the rise.”                         “I was so proud of my team!”

Husky Herald - Page 22
 Volleyball Girls
 Take Sectional
 (Continued from Page 19)
with an astonishing 26-24 win.        son, which came to a close
The crowd went wild as Lily           against the powerful Section
Stokoe’s block secured the            9 champions, the Cornwall
victory, while team members           Dragons.        The Dragons
and fans then rushed onto the         made the State finals last
court to help celebrate.              year and are six-time Class A
       Stokoe led the way with        champions. Yet the Huskies
15 points off serve; she also         had the lead in each of the          Steven Ricciardi leads his teammates during a tough contest.
had 14 kills, while captain           three sets this past weekend                                                        Courtesy of Yearbook staff
Jess Segal had 28 assists.            at John Jay High School. In          Huskies dominate gridiron region
       “We are a small team           the competitive loss, Jess
                                                                           (Continued from Page 24)
of nine and have been play-           Segal had 18 assists, 13 digs,
                                                                                  If the Huskies proved any-            The last time a Huskies
ing together for so long,” said       and three blocks. Lily Stokoe
                                                                           thing against Eastchester, it’s        team won a Sectional was 2006;
Segal following the victory.          had 14 digs, 12 kills, and six
                                                                           that this is a very talented team      the last time we won States was
“Everybody on the team is             blocks. A good-sized crowd
                                                                           who has not only a few stars, but      in 2002. The Regional chal-
close friends – we have grown         showed up to root for the Har-
                                                                           also a good group of young guys        lenge at Mahopac this past Fri-
up together. I started playing        rison team.
                                                                           who are ready to step up when          day featured a tough matchup,
for varsity as a freshman. And               Even though the sea-
                                                                           needed. These are the signs of         as the Section 1 champion
as sophomores, Lily Stokoe,           son has now ended, the ac-
                                                                           a great team.                          Huskies faced an undefeated
Jenna Webb and Betsy San-             complishments of this historic
                                                                                  The team had a heart-           Section 9 Wallkill Panthers
chez also played on varsity           team are memorable. They
                                                                           breaking end-of-the-game loss          team, who came into the game
with me.”                             ZHUH WKH ¿UVW JLUOV¶ WHDP IURP
                                                                           WR 5\H WR ¿QLVK LWV VHDVRQ DW ¿YH      undefeated at 10-0.
       Segal thought back on          Harrison ever to win a Sec-
                                                                           wins and one loss. Since then,               The Huskies rediscov-
the season’s challenges with          tional title, and their efforts
                                                                           the team has gone on to an             ered their power running game,
fondness.                             heightened awareness of the
                                                                           impressive win against the John        and dominated the Section 9
       “Fox Lane was both my          volleyball program. Perhaps
                                                                           -D\ ,QGLDQV LQ WKH ¿UVW URXQG RI       champs, jumping out to a 28-0
favorite and toughest game            the best aspect is that every
                                                                           the playoffs 17-13, followed by        lead. An Alex Acompora inter-
because it determined wheth-          team member will be back
                                                                           another win against the Pough-         ception got things started for
er or not we won league,”             next season as the current ju-
                                                                           keepsie Pioneers, 42-27.               the Huskies (he would have a
said Segal. “It was a good            niors become rising seniors.
                                                                                  The team was able to            second interception late in the
win because we had played             The team promises to build
                                                                           capitalize on several mistakes         game). Tanner Knox powered
them before and they were             on its current successes to be
                                                                           from Poughkeepsie, who were            LQWR WKH HQG ]RQH IRU WKH ¿UVW
our only loss.”                       even better come next year.
                                                                           plagued by turnovers. This set         score. He and Steven Ricciardi
       The varsity volleyball
                                                                           WKH VWDJH IRU D VHFWLRQDO ¿QDO DW      both had long breakaway runs
team has had a great sea-
                                                                           Mahopac against the Horace             for touchdowns. In addition, a
                                                                           Greeley Quakers. This cold             ÀHD ÀLFNHU IURP WKLV UHSRUWHU WR
                                                                           weather battle turned into a           James Tirella connected for a
                                                                           defensive gem. The team won            32-yard score.
                                                                           6-0, mostly on the strength of               In spite of sportsmanship
                                                                           good defensive plays through-          issues in the closing minutes,
                                                                           out. Offensively, a big run from       the Huskies walked away with a
                                                                           Ricciardi set up a touchdown           35-20 victory. Guard Mike Oliva
                                                                           run by Acompora. Apparently            was named most outstanding
                                                                           Quaker QB Justin Ciero broke           lineman, while Ricciardi was
                                                                           his foot early in the game, and        named most outstanding back.
                                                                           was unable to run his usual            The team now advances to a
                                                                           game. The Huskies also had             game next Friday at Kingston’s
                                                                           some challenges going on:              Dietz stadium against the formi-
                                                                           Knox was hobbled by a high             dable Burnt Hills Spartans.
                                                                           ankle sprain and was not play-               A victory at Kingston takes
                                                                           ing to full strength, and the wind     the winning team to the State
                                                                           factored into a few near misses        ¿QDOV SOD\HG LQ 6\UDFXVH¶V &DU-
Elisa Santelia was a strong part of this year’s team.
                                              Courtesy of Yearbook staff   by kicker Bruno.                       rier Dome.

                                                                                                                 Husky Herald - Page 23

                The team celebrates after winning a sectional title over Greeley.                   Photos courtesy of Ms. Diane Frawley
Vinnie Nicita
                         Staff Writer
       The Harrison Husky foot-           benches and things getting out     and Brandon Bonistall was out,        down, everyone came out even
ball team is back on track. After         of control on the field. After     the Huskies were left playing         PRUH ¿UHG XS WR SURYH WKH WHDP
a few down years, the team                things were settled, the teams     Eastchester without four of its       is more than just those few
is finally making a powerful              UHVXPHG SOD\ DQG ¿QLVKHG WKH       starting seniors.                     players.
post-season statement. Tom                rest of the game                                   Although Har-                The second half opened
Lovinger, a sophomore, is                 with no problems.                            rison was still predict-    with senior halfback Steven
SOD\LQJ KLV ¿UVW \HDU RI YDUVLW\                 “A c ouple                           ed to win, they knew        Ricciardi returning a kickoff
Even he knows this team is                seniors should                               it wouldn’t be easy         for a touchdown. The game
something special.                        have known to                                going up against a          was pretty much in Harrison’s
       “It’s nice to be part of a         walk away be -                               physical Eastchester        hands after that.
team that has a shot to go very           cause they could                             team. Some players                 “That play really set in
far,” said Lovinger. The team             be suspended,”                               were forced to play         the right direction for the rest of
already has proven him correct.           said senior full-                            positions they were         the game,” said starting tackle
       The Huskies started out            b a c k Ta n n e r                           not used to and some        Charlie Credendino.
the season undefeated after               Knox.                                        young players had to               After that touchdown,
a couple of big wins against                      In the days                          try to take the place       the Huskies went on to score
division rivals Roosevelt, last           to follow, the Hus- Senior Tanner Knox.      of their missing team-      another touchdown as well as
year’s division champ, Sleepy             NLHV ZHUH QRWL¿HG                            mates.                      D ¿HOG JRDO IURP NLFNHU 5REHUWR
Hollow, and Eastchester.                  that two players would be sus-            At halftime, the score         Bruno to win the game with a
       Probably the biggest               pended: Duke Alvora (starting      was all tied at six, leaving          ¿QDO VFRUH RI  ,W ZDVQ¶W D
challenge of these contests               guard and defensive end) and       many people wondering if              pretty win, but the team knew
was the Eastchester game,                 Michael Callari (starting defen-   the Huskies could pull off a          just how crucial this game was.
because the squad played it               sive tackle). Obviously, playing   victory without their missing         The team got big contribu-
somewhat short-handed. Late               without these two would be a       players. As a team member,            tions from younger players like
in the game against Sleepy                KXJH GH¿FLW IRU WKH WHDP $GG      this reporter saw the faces of        sophomores Robert Waldman
Hollow, two players started               to this the fact that starting     players who were determined,          and Thomas Lovinger, as well
going at it, which eventually led         halfback Alex Acompora was         not upset about the score.            as junior halfback Will Hilliard,
to several players leaving their          sidelined with a sprained ankle    Instead of putting their heads        who scored in the second half.
                                                                                                                          (Continued on Page 23)

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