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									 Organization – Key Qualities

• The writing has a brilliant beginning.
• The writing has a mighty middle that
  develops logically.
• The writing concludes with an excellent
• The details tie together so writing is easy
  to follow.
   Think about: Grouping Details
• Are the details in an order that makes

• Do all the details tie together?

• Is the writing easy to follow?
        Ways to begin – Strong Leads
•   Make a bold statement – startle the reader.
•   Begin with a little known fact.
•   Open with a quotation.
•   Tell a brief, related anecdote.
•   Set the scene with a vivid description (like the stage set for a
•   Let two characters engage in brief, relevant dialogue.
•   Tell Something you (or people in general) have long believed
    – something you’re about to show is true or untrue.
•   Put the piece right into motion: Start with something
•   Raise an important question – to which you’ll provide an
•   Let the reader in on a secret – which is also good for endings.
    Ways to end – Strong Conclusions

• Suggest a conclusion you hope the reader drew.
• Tell something you learned about the world/yourself.
• Tell something that surprised, startled, disappointed, or
    pleased you.
•   Raise a new, related question.
•   Surprise the reader.
•   End with a scene or comment that suggests ‘more to
•   End with a quotation or dialogue that connects to the
    main idea or message.
•   Sum up – if you can do it without being redundant.
 Sea Snakes – Champion Divers

• Work as a group.
• Take the sentence strips out of your envelope and put them in
• Challenge: Can you organize sentences into 2 paragraphs.
 First Lines of Published Authors
Michael Crichton –
  He should have never taken that shortcut. – Timeline
  Tom Sanders never intended to be late for work on Monday, June
  15. – Disclosure
  Things never turn ot the way you think they will. – Prey

Janet Evanovich –
  The way I see it, life is a jelly doughnut. – Ten Big Ones
  Sometimes, there’s a decision to be made between winning fairly
  and cheating for a good cause. – Motor Mouth
  When I was 12 years old, I accidentally substituted salt for sugar in
  a cake. – 12 Sharp
Writing to Inform
 Natural Disasters
  Choose Your Natural Disaster

• Avalanches
• Earthquakes
• Volcanoes
• Tsunamis
• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• Use Office of Library Resources
• Write in bullets
• Paraphrase (DO NOT COPY)
• Use the following categories
     characteristics – causes….
     location/terrain where usually occurs
     memorable disaster (describe)
     how to cope with disaster
• Source your research
                 Label Index Cards
                 Organize Research
Name and Topic                  Category of Research

Writing an Outline
Organize Your Research Report

• Paragraph 1. Introduction/Opening –
  Remember, even though it is a research
  report you want to grab your audience!
• Paragraph 2 – 4 Details – This is the meat
  of your research report and where the
  organization trait is applied.
• Paragraph 5 – Closing – End with a bang!

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