NOTES OF THE DOVER EXTENDED SERVICES (DES)
                               SANDWICH CONSORTIUM
                           SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL
                   TUESDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 2009 - 09:30 – 12:00 HOURS

Attendance:     Lynne Moore (Chair) Worth Primary School, James Brown Extended Schools
Development Manager, Colin Aldred Sandwich Technology School, Jo Martin Sandwich Infant School,
Dave Harcourt Vista Leisure, Teresa Buckley Community Manager Secondary Forum, Jane Newing
Cartwright & Kelsey, Karen Morrison PSA, Sarah Handley Sandwich DES Co-ordinator, Jo Keohane
Child Care Development Officer, Simon Georgiou Wingham Primary School, Gillian Gayton DDC, Jack
Williams QES Admin, Karen Morrison PSA, Debbie Johnson Preston School.

Apologies:     Elaine Head, Linda Warren-Dean, Hayley Ince, Angela Clark

1.   Welcome & Introductions & Apologies                             Action/Contact
     The Chair welcomed the group to the meeting and       
     introductions were made. The group congratulated the
     Chair on her recent marriage and were informed that Mrs         Dave Harcourt
     Diane Browning would attend DES meetings whilst the Chair
     was on maternity leave. The Chair would return June 2010
     and the group agreed that Dave Harcourt would Chair
     Sandwich Consortium meetings for this period.
2    DDC – Big Screen                                      
          a. Schools invited to send any filmed events. Films will
             be screened by BBC for content and if appropriate
             will be used for the Big Screen in Dover.
          b. Christmas song – schools interested in being filmed
             and singing a Christmas song children where asked
             to show their interest. GG will organise lists so no
             songs are sung twice. Premier showing will be 27
             Nov. Consent Forms and more information to be
             distributed as appropriate.
3.   DES/QES Dolittle                                                Dan Richards CCCU
     The group were shown an animation DVD created by Dover
     Cluster Secondary Schools, with interviews given by pupils,
     schools staff and parents who have participated in events
     organised by DES this year. Animate & Create helped
     students to produce the DVD.
4.   PASS THE PASSION – DOVER OLYMPIC TORCH                          Dave Harcourt
     EVENTS FROM FRI 25 – FRI 28 SEP                       
          a. The outline launch programme for 25 Sep was
             explained to members of the group and the
             proposed wet weather routine. Sweatshirts and
             goody bags would be issued to pupils for the day.
             VIPs would have lunch at the Churchill.
          b. DH explained how the torch would be relayed from
             school to school week commencing 28 Sep.
          c. The final day- 2 Oct at Sandwich Guildhall was
             discussed and the group made aware of programme
             for the day.
     DH would like information if schools do not intend to
     stay for the final event as this will have issues on
     seating and the certificate ceremony.
     4 schools had been chosen for filming Capel le Ferne, CCC,
     Harbour, River, if schools have planned a particular event
     please inform HI or DH to include in filming schedule –
     photographs and filming of the event have been organized
     for the week and the local press informed.

     The group thanked DH & team for their work with this
     unique event.
5.   QES Established – The Ark Monday 23 Nov 2009         
          Jack Williams has been employed as a student   
             initiative to help schools and DES team to collate
          Any outstanding evidence is required by JW
             deadline of Friday 25 September, for further
          Evidence required of community groups, family
             learning and working together
          Sandwich will present pm on the day the Pass the
             Passion and Dover Bronze Boat Project.
          LM will write context statement.
          Audit Toolkit to be updated by October holiday,
             contact DES team if you need help doing this.
          Schools to print out and bring to next meeting once
             approved by JB.
6.   Your Choice (Disadvantaged Subsidy)                  
          Some schools are fully using subsidy. Evidence
             useful for QES, letters from parents or e-mails or
             proforma JB has given schools.
7.   Poetry Project                                       
          Draft Book format nearly ready for schools to check
             that all children entered have their poem included.
          Next step to book venues, possibly Walmer and
             DGSB halls to be used.
          Date 8 December for Michael Rosen visit.
          Paper work for ordering books and permission slips
             work in progress.
          Jill Tipping given time and ISBN number for
             ordering further books if not ordered on the day.
          Cost of book in the region of £3.99 but all
             participating children will receive a book free of
          Logistics of transport a problem – suggestion that
             all children to pay £1.00 to help towards transport
             whether they walk or have transport.
          TB writing to local Mayors and Rotary in a bid to get
             extra funding required. Work in progress.
8.   Consortium Action Plan Update
     Important for QES that Action Plan is seen to be adhered to
     and links and various priorities demonstrate for QES where
     we are with the action plan in terms of progress.
     Priority 1 – Raising achievement Cluster poetry project,
     good example.
     Priority 2 – Place the school at the heart of the community
     – Sn@p – to be revisted. Bullet points to JB from LM.          Action Point
     Priority 3 – Family Learning – Time together and money         LM and JB to revisit
     sense programme. Support from SRMS for teaching French
     – evidence required as good example. SSCos programme
     offering wider selection of secondary schools specialism.
9    News & Views of Schools and External Partners
     Worth Primary School
     Mrs D Browning covering whilst Mrs L Moore is on maternity
     leave. E-mail address to school remains same.
     End of first cycle – graduation day in October – reports
     work in progress – good buy in for new cycle from schools
     and parents. Good attendance – schools participated did
     brief parents. Reports to schools available soon. Vista will
     contact schools once 2009/2010 cycle is established.
     Sarah Rigby – PSA
     Focus on parenting – popping into schools with survey &
      mapping parents voice – i.e. PTA – Mothers and Toddlers –
      etc – short questionnaire. Lifewise will be replicated in
      Wingham Primary School
      More KS1 after school clubs offered. Expansion of parent
      Sandwich Technology School
      New artificial football pitch and new Headteacher appointed
      – Veronique Gomez.
      Cartwright & Kelsey Primary School
      ICT family learning classes being set up with help of SH.
      Reorganisation of staff. Vista leisure activities and SSCo
      speed stacking activities organised.
      Sandwich DES Co-ordinator - SH
      SH now settling in. C&K ICT project working with families
      and child becomes tutor starting soon. Football coaching
      project with Sandwich Technology School Football Academy
      will start in March 2009. The Chair thanked SH for input to
      the meetings & activities that SH has got involved with
      since being in post. SH to visit Wingham PS.
      Sandwich Infants School
      Provision of infant music. PE now on offer.
      Football/basketball club started.

      Flyer in packs for Saturday Academy starting up Saturday
      26 September, new activities – STEM and Art and Crafts.
      Mini bus available. VRH set up ROAR - 6th former mentors
      will be undergoing training on 7 Oct.
      Summer Activities Programme
            Numbers attending some days a little sparse.
            Schools need to commit themselves to getting
               information home via pupils.
            Overall successful, activities most day in Cluster.
            TB has had some feedback from parents which she
               will disseminate for next year.
      6 adults trained and will be working in schools in Sandwich,
      Deal and Dover.

      Your Choice (Disadvantaged Subsidy)
          Some schools are fully using subsidy. Evidence useful
          for QES, letters from parents or e-mails. Or use of DES
          proforma. PSA refrerral may be useful.           
10.   JB thanked the Chair for her time and the group wished
      Mrs Moore well for the future, but looked forward to her
      contributions in the future.

                             DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING
                    TUESDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2009 – 09:30 – 12:00 HOURS
                            SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL

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