ALDERSHOT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                    FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER, 2010

Skating Program:
Group 1 :         Mrs. Hood/Ms. Clark and Mrs. Dufton-Johnstone
                  Skate from 8:40 – 9:30. Buses will leave the school at 8:15 a.m.
                 (altered schedule for Feb. 5)
Group 2 :         Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Lohnes
                 Skate from 9:40 – 10:30. Buses will leave the school at 9:15 a.m.
                 (altered schedule for Feb. 5)
Group 3:          Mrs. DeWolfe, Mrs. Turner-Aucoin and Mrs. Eaton
                 Skate from 10:40 –11:30. Buses will leave the school at 10:15 a.m
                 (altered schedule for Feb. 5)
            February Skating Dates:            Friday, February 5, 12, 19 and 26th, 2010
Skating fees are now past due. If you require a payment plan, please call the school and ask
for Susan at 690-3820. Our rink fees and bus fees are due after each scheduled skating event.
Payment is $18.00 per child or family rate of $25.00.

Other dates of interest:
Friday, February 5………………..EARLY DISMISSAL 11:15
Monday, February 8 ……………..PTA meeting 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Friday, February 12………………FAMILY DANCE AND FUN NIGHT 6:00 -8:00
Wednesday – Friday February 24-26…………….PROJECT FAIR

WINTER CARNIVAL WEEK- February 8 – 12th, 2010
Sunday, February 7……………Family Snowshoeing from 2 – 4
Monday, February 8……………
Tuesday, February 9 …………. PJ Day
Wednesday, February 10………. Back-ward’s Day
Thursday, February 11………….Crazy Hat and Hair Day
Friday, February 12………Dress in Red and White for start of Olympics
Sunday, February 14…….Family Snowshoeing from 2 - 4

Welcome to our new Vice Principal: Ms. Angela Clark started her position as Vice Principal at
Aldershot School on Monday, Feb.1. She will also be teaching with Mrs. Hood in a P-1 classroom for
half of each day. Ms. Clark has previous experience here in the AVRSB, but is coming to us from the
Halifax Board where she is a Primary classroom teacher to take this position until July 31, 2010.
I’m sure you will get to know Ms. Clark at school events and during the regular run of a day as you
visit or call the school. She is looking forward to getting to know our students and their families!

Unexpected dismissals: As we were reminded on Friday, winter weather conditions can change
quickly and schools may be closed unexpectedly. The same might happen if we lose power, heat or
water in our school. Each time we need to send children home unexpectedly we have difficulties
contacting some parents. It is very important to let the school know when you have a new
phone number or change child care arrangements. We need to get all 330 of our students safely
dismissed. We can only do this if we have the right information on hand when it is needed.

Primary Registration: We are continuing to take names of children who will be of school age on or
before December 31, 2010. If you have, or someone you know has, a child who can be registered at
Aldershot School, please call the school at 690-3820 and ask for Susan. We will require the child’s
full name, date of birth, address, phone number and legal guardians’ names. Also, if you know of
families moving into the Aldershot area that will be sending children to our school next year, please
ask them to call the school.

The Guidance Department would like to remind parents and guardians to attend a coffee group to
talk about families who are going through changes, such as separation or divorce. The group will
meet every Thursday afternoon from 1-2 pm at the school. A free babysitting service will be
available. If you are interested please contact the school at 690-3820 by February 11th, 2010.

Provincial Assessment results will soon be going home with Grade 3 students who wrote the
Department of Education’s Early Language Literacy Assessment (ELLA). If you have a student in
grade three and do not receive a letter about his or her ELLA results by Feb. 5, please contact the
school and ask to speak to your child’s teacher.

Your PTA will meet this year on Mondays. The next PTA meeting will be on Monday, February 8th
from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Free babysitting is available. Parents interested in participating are
encouraged to attend.

To date the PTA has purchased two SmartBoards for the school, an easel, a TV, games for the
activity room, sound mufflers for the students’ desks and chairs, a new microwave and bowls for the
kitchen, math materials, and music books. The last fundraiser proceeds went to the purchase of gym
equipment. WOW, what a great start!
The PTA will be looking for volunteers to help with the dance on February 12. If you are able to give
half an hour of your time to help out please call to have your name put on a list.

On Sunday, February 7 and February 14, bring your family to the school and enjoy some outdoor
activity from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Weather permitting families are invited to do some snowshoeing and
enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

Hot Lunch
Crystal Hartt, our Hot Lunch Coordinator, continues to accept volunteers to help in the kitchen with
the Hot Lunch Program. You don’t need to have a regular schedule of volunteer days.

February 15 -19, 2010 Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
The PTA will be doing something special for all staff and bus drivers to say thank you for all their
caring ways and the hard work they do for our children.
         Behind every GREAT SCHOOL is a GREAT STAFF.

The Board’s “NO IDLING” policy is now in effect. Signs have been posted on the front of the school
and on some posts in the driveway to save fuel and help keep the school healthier – please turn your
engine off when you visit the school, no matter how short your stay. Thank you!

Community Dinner to be held at the Wolfville Lion’s Club on Elm Street on February 12 from 4:00-
6:00 in support of the Wolfville Band Trip to Quebec City and Ottawa. Door prizes raffle basket and
50/50 draw. Ticket prices are: adult $13.00 children 10 and under $8.00. For more information

Annapolis Valley Honour Choir - Sweets for the Sweet: Join us for an evening of wonderful music
and decadent desserts on Saturday, February 6th at 7:30 p.m. at the Berwick Fire Hall. Conductor
Bill Perrot, Accompanist Heather Fraser. Come and listen to the music of the Honour Choir while
enjoying a delicious dessert. Tickets ($10) are available from choir members, at the door or at the
Pharmasave in Wolfville, Kingston and Berwick.

“Teaching and Learning with the Brain in Mind”
The Learning Disabilities Steering Committee of the AVRSB is presenting a Conference entitled,
"Teaching and Learning with the Brain in Mind", March 27, Kentville Fire Hall. Guest speaker will
be Barry Corbin, educational consultant and professor at Acadia University, and author of
"Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain". This conference is open to everyone. For more
information, or to register for this event, please contact Gail Demmings at 538-4638 or email You may also register online at
Registration deadline is March 12th.

                               Slip and Slide ... Your Sledding Guide!
Winter snow means sledding fun! It also means getting your 60 minutes of daily physical activity in
an exciting, easy way. Keep in mind that for every slippery ride down the hill, there is a walk back up
that is keeping us fit. You don’t need a gym membership to keep fit this winter–just a sled and a
snowy slope! (Source: Take the Roof off Winter
Choose your Sled
Pick the one that’s best for you and sled the day away!
- Toboggan (traditional or plastic): low cost, no steering, sit or kneel, for older children.
- Snow racer: comes with steering/braking system, for children over 9.
- Traditional sled: metal runners and steering rein, for children over 6, fast moving.
- Sled luge: wide seat sled, steering rope, very quick, for children over 10.
- Boogie board: high-density foam, for children over 10, shock absorbing.
- Snow saucers: high density plastic, very quick spinning motion, no steering.
- Inner tubes: circular shape gives quick spinning motion, no steering.
- Ski mat: low cost, for any age group, no steering or cushioning, very fast.

REMEMBER ……..Wear a properly fitted helmet to protect against head injuries (hockey or ski

Clothing for Outdoor Activity: All winter activities require warm, dry clothing. To prevent
frostbite, children should be dressed in warm clothes, including: 1) a hat (warm, close-
fitting, and covering ear lobes; not a 'fashion' hat or baseball cap) ; 2) mittens (gloves do
not keep hands warm as effectively as mittens); 3) loose layers (an absorbent synthetic
fabric next to skin, a warmer middle layer, and a water resistant/repellent outer layer) ; 4)
socks A single pair of socks, either wool or a wool blend (with silk or polypropylene ) is
better than cotton which offers no insulation when wet. Avoid extra thick socks as they can
cause cold feet by restricting blood flow and air circulation around the toes ; 5) boots Be
sure boots are dry and not too tight.

Children should get out of wet clothes and shoes as quickly as possible as they are the
biggest factors in frostbite. Jackets should be zipped up. To avoid strangulation during
play, use tube-shaped neck warmers instead of scarves. If scarves must be used, tuck them
into jackets. Remove drawstrings on hoods and jackets because they are also a safety
hazard; better yet, buy clothes without drawstrings.

Safe weather for outdoor play: Children should play indoors if the temperature falls
below -27 wind chill. Keep children away from the banks of ponds, lakes, streams and
rivers during the spring thaw.

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