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									VCC Utility Service Level Agreement Student Information System (SIS)
Customers College faculty, staff, and students; VCC Utility staff; and Systems Offices staff. Mission To support an integrated, technologically advanced Student Information System (SIS) that provides and supports improved access, administration, information, and services for students, faculty, staff, educational institutions, business and industry, and other external customers. The VCC Utility will provide network and operations support, Help Desk support, troubleshooting, vendor management, and modification and maintenance of the PeopleSoft SIS. Services Covered * The VCC Utility will provide network and operations support, Help Desk support, troubleshooting, vendor management, and modification and maintenance of the PeopleSoft SIS. The following PeopleSoft modules are included in the scope of this SLA: PS Academic Advisement PS Advancement (when available) PS Admissions PS Campus Community PS Financial Aid PS Student Financials PS Student Records * Note: This SLA applies only to Utility-based support services. Colleges should develop equivalent SLA’s covering local college support services. Service Goals Manage technology resources to maintain a 99% availability of Utility hardware and software systems during scheduled hours measured from the VCC Utility’s point of presence on Network Virginia. Location Primary Computer Operations Site:


Featherstone Professional Center 1807 Huguenot Road, Suite 114 Midlothian, VA 23113 Application Support Site: Featherstone Professional Center 1807 Huguenot Road, Suite 114 Midlothian, VA 23113 Help Desk Site: Customer Support Center Virginia Western Community College 3093 Colonial Avenue SW Roanoke, VA 24015 Contacts Help Desk - (540) 853-4321 Manager, Help Desk - (540) 853-4324 Director, Customer Support Center - (540) 853-4320 Director, Application Support Center - (804) 423-5632 Director, Network Operations Centers – (804) 423-5633 Email - Fax - (540) 853-4333 Hours of Support Coverage Hours: The SIS on-line and batch systems are scheduled to be available 24 x 7 excluding scheduled backup and maintenance periods. Operators will provide coverage 24 hrs/day from the Network Operations Center from 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday until 7:00 a.m. Saturdays. Operations will be in unattended mode all other times.


Environments Supported   All database, application, and file server components of the Student Information System under direct control of the Utility. All telecommunication and network equipment under the direct control of the Utility

Method for Requesting Services Technical support, where questions related to connectivity, operational status of the infrastructure, etc., will flow through the college help desk to the Utility help desk using established processes and procedures (see Problem Management ). Questions related to application functional issues (i.e. how to use) will receive local college support from local application experts before flowing to the Utility. Requests are made to the Utility Help Desk by the college Customer Support Liaison (CSL) or designee via phone (540 853-4321) or e-mail ( Roles and responsibilities of the Help Desk and the CSL are listed on the CSL home page. Support Levels Level Local Level-1 Level-2 Level-3 Responsibility Local college Help Desk and application experts Utility Customer Support technicians VCC Utility/SO technician/engineer/vendor

Web Support VCC Utility - E-mail Support – for problem reporting, inquiries, and requests


Service Metrics (hours are in business hours)

Level-1 College Level-2 Customer Support Center

50% resolved within 8 hours or transferred to Utility CSC within 8 hours. 50% resolved within 8 hours, or callback date established and transferred to level-3 within 4 hours of receipt. 60% prioritized and resolved within 24 hours or callback date established within 8 hours of assignment.

Level-3 Application Support Center

Level-3 Network Operations Center Priority 1 = Machine/service inoperable Priority 2 = Impaired operations/service Priority 3 = Non-essential resource 95% resolved within 4 hours of assignment 85% resolved within 8 hours of assignment 75% resolved within 24 hours of assignment

Escalation Utility management will be notified at each level should the agreed service metrics be exceeded. A new proposed time/date for resolution will be communicated to the contact and the call-back date updated in the ticket. Service Priorities Service tickets are assigned a priority when logged. Users may request a priority of High be assigned to a ticket if a clear business case is presented. It is the role of the college to monitor the priority of their open tickets and submit a written business case if requesting a higher priority. Tickets will be reviewed and priorities changed as needed based on input from the user and support staff. The contact (customer or CSL) will automatically be notified if the priority is changed. Priorities include:    High - must be resolved immediately. College will allocate resources to work with Utility resources. If college resource is not available within 30 minutes, the priority will be downgraded. Medium - will be resolved as time allows. Low - May or may not be completed depending on higher priority projects.


Service Ticket Resolution Service tickets will normally have the State changed to Closed immediately upon resolution, which will automatically change the Status to Resolved. However, if further college testing is required, the Status will be changed to Resolved and the State will be changed to Returned. Problem management reports will consider tickets in a Status of Resolved to be completed. After the college verifies the ticket can be closed, the help desk should be notified and the State will be changed to Closed. Customer Satisfaction Customers will be surveyed on an annual basis.


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