2008 HAYABUSA by m4N9Vg


									2008 HAYABUSA

To remove the 2008 Busa right side cowling, there are a dozen fasteners/clips that need
to be extracted. Half of these are the larger style "push-clips". Below we see one of
these clips in its "open" and "closed" orientation:
Four of these are shouldered bolts (4mm allen key to removed), and one small hex-head
bolt (10mm socket with 6" extension here). Here are all the fasteners after removal...
the metal bolts are numbered for location purposes in later photos:
Location of Bolts 1 & 2 are fairly obvious, and are the only "exposed" bolts you can
see externally:
Bolts 3 & 4 are located on the upper right dash panel, as seen below:
Bolt #5 (10mm hex-head) is well-hidden. You must lay on your back (literally), and
look upwards through this lower right cowling opening pointed to yellow arrow (a Mag
flashlight helps if in the garage)
Close-up of Bolt #5. A 1/4" drive 10mm socket with 6" extension makes quick work of
this fastener:
Removing the 1/2 dozen or so "Push-Clps" is easy enough, once you find them all. The
 photo below shows the one at the steering neck; page 7-17 of your owner's Manual
   shows the location of all the others. Exercise patience tracking them all down...
 The rearmost belly-pan is retained by slotted "hooks" at the rear of the side cowling, PLUS two of the "Push-
 Clips" that are affixed to a bracket that surrounds the Regulator/Rectifier. It's not a whole lot of fun accessing
these Push-Clips to remove them using the above method; I just used a flat-blade screwdriver to push the center
 pin from the backside , toward the head of the Push-Clip. Below is a good close-up of the right-hand side R/R
                      clip. There is one of these on either side of the R/R. Good times, here.
Once you have removed all the fasteners, now the cowling is going to fall right off after
you pull the remaining two nylon pins from their respective Frame Grommets. Yellow
arrow points to one of these nylon pins having just been yoinked out of its attending
frame grommet:
Success! With the cowling off, it's an easy shot to the oil filter, which was the entire
motivation for this cowling removal exercise:
There is the end target right there. T'was a bit of work to access, but it spins right off
after you loosen it. I don't have a oil filter cap that fits properly, but Channel-Locks are
your friend. This came off easily.
Damnation, it seems like the oil filters spins forever when I removed it for the first time.... shyeah,
you can see why: a mile long thread adapter! Note a square of aluminum foil wrapped around
header pipes to keep oil from oozing all over them. Also note how I still managed to dork it way
and get a little bit of oil on the pipes anyway:
Hope this helps my Busa brethren out.... working slow and methodical the first time
you do this could go a long way to prevent busting up a bunch of expensive

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