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This agreement is between the USC Libraries and the <XXX> project. Term of Agreement / Effective Date: ___________________________

1. General Conditions
1.1. This agreement shall become effective upon the signing of this document. The term of the agreement is annual and will renew automatically every year on July 1st. If applicable the annual renewal fee will be charged to the account number provided. All fees are charged to the assigned account number via an internal Journal Voucher (JV) on an annual basis at the beginning of the fiscal year. 1.2. This agreement may be terminated or modified by either party at any time prior to April 1st. There are no prorated refunds. 1.3. Services will only be added / activated after the Department Authorized Signer/Administrator (customer) has signed the SLA and provided a valid USC account number to charge. All renewals must be signed within 30 business days of receiving the agreement. 1.4. All payments are due within 30 days; customers will be deemed delinquent and overdue after 30 days and may be discontinued from services. USC LIBRARIES will make all reasonable efforts to inform the appropriate assigned faculty/staff to correct the situation. 1.5. All users of the services agreed upon in this SLA must adhere to the USC Computing Policies located at All computing activity on the USC network is monitored and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the policies are strictly adhered to. 1.6. The services and prices referred in this SLA are for internal use for University of Southern California (USC) schools, departments and approved associatespartners only. All SLA services will be negotiated by USC faculty /staff only. All assigned staff will need to provide valid USC email address and contact phone for emergency contact and information disbursement. 1.7. The parties to this agreement agree to perform in accordance with the Terms and Conditions specified in this agreement. USC LIBRARIES reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement after providing 30 days notice to the customer.

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2. Terms and Conditions
2.1. Description of Services: This SLA will outline the services provided by USC LIBRARIES for the <XXX> project. In particular this SLA will address the levels of support provided for the Public User Interface and the client content. The groups that are referred to in the document below are: 1. USC Libraries IT Services: the technical production arm of the USC Libraries responsible for the server side and client side resources. 2. USC Libraries Digital Imaging Lab: a department within the USC Libraries responsible for the digitization of content . 3. USC Libraries Techncial Services: a department within the USC Libraries responsible for the design and implementation of metadata and cataloging. 4. <XXX> project. <described> 2.2. USC LIBRARIES Responsibilities for the Public User Interface: 2.2.1. USC LIBRARIES will manage a site maintenance vendor, either USC Information Technology Services (ITS) or a mutually agreed upon third party site maintenance vendor ISP. The vendor will monitor, troubleshoot and coordinate repairs to the <XXX> project with access seven days a week, 24 hours a day, excluding ad hoc downtimes which will be mutually agreed upon in advance between USC LIBRARIES and <XXX> project. USC LIBRARIES is willing to manage the site and the ISP vendor on behalf of <XXX> project for the duration of the agreement for a fee of <XXX>. 2.2.1 Via the ISP vendor, USC LIBRARIES will be responsible for maintaining existing hardware and operating systems used to support the <XXX> project Public User Interface. 2.2.2 USC LIBRARIES will be responsible for maintaining the exisiting software as it pertains to the existing environment to support the <XXX> project Public User Interface. 2.2.3 Any upgrades to the hardware or software used to support the Public Interface must be planned in advance by USC LIBRARIES and <XXX> project and mutually to agreed to in writing. 2.2.4 When a network outage is detected, the ISP vendor will respond to the outage within three hours of the initial call. USC LIBRARIES will investigate and the ISP vendor will repair software related problems and co-ordinate with other departments to resolve hardware or network problems. Neither USC LIBRARIES nor the ISP vendor is responsible for laptop or desktop support issues. 2.2.5 If any emergency maintenance on <XXX> project directly impacts access to the <XXX> project’s <fill in: databases, content, etc.> covered in this agreement, USC LIBRARIES will provide the primary and secondary

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2.2.6 2.2.7


contacts advanced notification via email and phone. During any downtime, USC LIBRARIES will display a web page informing users that the system is down. USC LIBRARIES will provide recommendations as to equipment. The cost of equipment and repairs shall be the responsibility of the <XXX> project. USC LIBRARIES will install and utilize software necessary to track the timely resolution of all calls regarding the <XXX> project System. All intial calls should be directed to USC LIBRARIES at <insert phone> where the calls can be triaged. Alternatively, questions or requests can be sent via e-mail to <insert email>. USC LIBRARIES will follow the USC policies governing computing resources found at:

2.3 Preservation 2.3.1 The USC Libraries will make its best efforts to preserve and make available project content into the future through the use of digital preservation standards and best practices. Content is defined as a digital object made up of metadata describing an image, text, audio or video file. Access will be via the Digital Archive and a client dedicated website, if any. The <XXX> project content is guaranteed to be maintained and searchable by the USC Libraries for 5 years from date of ingest if the project follows established standards and practices. In the event a file format becomes obsolete, the USC Libraries will make its best effort to convert content to a corresponding supported file format. The <XXX> project website, defined here as the site by which users can access <XXX> project content, has been completed and made available to <XXX> project in good working condition for use with current versions of web browsers <LIST>. It’s functionality with new versions of web browsers is not guaranteed.The USC Libraries assumes no responsibility for upgrading the project Web site. In the event that substantial changes or a new Web site is needed, <XXX> project will need to secure additional funding for these changes prior to their implementation.



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2.4 <XXX> project Responsibilities: 2.4.1 <XXX> project will provide a primary and secondary contact, as outlined in section 4 of this agreement, to communicate with USC LIBRARIES regarding outages. Any changes to this information should promptly communicated to USC LIBRARIES to insure this information is kept current and the correct individuals are notified in the event of a problem. Upon notification of scheduled downtime, <XXX> project agrees to acknowledge the request for downtime and work with USC LIBRARIES if for any reason the scheduled downtime is not acceptable. The <XXX> project must ensure that the hardware <XXX> project is running on is under warranty. In addition, the hardware must be running on USC LIBRARIES approved hardware in accordance with ITS or the ISP vendor. <XXX> project is responsible for replacing the hardware every 3 years. While USC LIBRARIES will monitor the utilization of disk space, <XXX> project will be responsible for determining how to use the space available and or providing any needed additional disk space.

2.4.2 2.4.3



The cost for <XXX> project will be determined each year in the USC LIBRARIES budget.

Emergency Fund TOTAL Any additional expenses to be covered by USC LIBRARIES will need to be mutually agreed to in writing between USC LIBRARIES and <XXX> project.

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Contact Information
4.1 <XXX> project Contact Information USC LIBRARIES will use the following information, as means of contacting the assigned faculty / staff that are responsible for managing the technical and operational issues and service(s) listed in this SLA. The primary contact is the first person USC LIBRARIES will contact under the terms of this agreement. The secondary contact will be contacted if the primary contact cannot be notified. Both personnel need to be aware and agree that under certain special circumstances, USC LIBRARIES staff will contact them anytime day or night including official holidays if the situation demands immediate attention under the terms of this agreement.

Primary Contact
Name: Designation: Department: Bldg/Room: Mail Code: Phone: Cell/Pager: Email address: Signature: Date: 4.2 IIC Contact Information

Secondary Contact
Name: Designation: Department: Bldg/Room: Mail Code: Phone: Cell/Pager: Email address: Signature: Date:

SLA customer requests for service under this agreement should be directed to the USC LIBRARIES Customer Support Center by sending electronic mail to <insert email> or by calling (213) xxx-xxxx. 5 Signatures-Authorized Staff <XXX> project Authorized signer Name: Designation: Department: Mail Code: Phone: Email address: Signature: Date: <XXX> project SLA v3 Page 5 of 5 USC LIBRARIES Authorized signer Name: Designation: Department: Mail Code: Phone: Email address: Signature: Date: Last Updated 9/3/2009

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