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Unit The Amazing Human Body


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									                  Unit 5
= extremely surprising

         The Amazing Human Body
                 You Are Amazing:
                          You Are Human!
You Are Amazing: You Are Human!
        e.g. Your heart is made of stone.
        You are made of 73 percent water.
     You have 206 bones. There are more
     sweat glands in your feet than in any
     other part of your body. There are
     about 60 muscles in your face; you use
     20 of them to smile but 40 to frown.
     Your heart beats over 100,000 times
     each day. You really are amazing!
You Are Amazing: You Are Human!

         The human body is a complex
      machine. From the day we are born
      our bodies grow and change in
      response to our environment, diet,
      and habits.
      e.g. The government
      plans to spend 80 billion
      Taiwan dollars to issue
      $3,600 vouchers in
      response to bad economy.
You Are Amazing: You Are Human!

      The body has many different organ
      systems and parts (that work together
      to allow us to breathe, move, see, talk,
      and digest food all at the same time).
      Most of the time we are unaware of
      what is happening in our bodies;
      usually it is only when we get sick or
      feel pain that we notice.

      e.g. Most smokers
      are unaware of the
      dangers of smoking.
You Are Amazing: You Are Human!
                 e.g. Take care of yourself.
           Many people do not take enough
       care of their complex machines. Bad
       habits like smoking, drinking too much
       alcohol, and eating junk food damage
       our bodies. Stress can also cause
       health problems. People (who worry a
       lot or have busy jobs) often don't get
       enough sleep, or don't eat properly.
You Are Amazing: You Are Human!

      We also damage our bodies by
      playing sports or having accidents. A
      recent survey in the U.K. found (that
      14 percent of people had visited the
      casualty department (Emergency
      Room) or a hospital clinic in the
      previous three months).
You Are Amazing: You Are Human!

      The two most common reasons were
      for injury and poisoning. Clinic patients
      were also treated for many other
      medical problems - from bad cuts and
      broken bones to serious illnesses (that
      needed surgery).
  You Are Amazing: You Are Human!
e.g. Just like any other female human,
this super model desires to fall in love.             4-1

                   Just like any machine, different body
e.g. In fact
He’s lost a    parts sometimes go wrong from old age.
few            In fact, a study in the U.S. found (that 60
pounds         percent to 70 percent of all patients in
since his
girl friend    the Emergency Room were aged 75 or
left him.      over). Fortunately, older people (who
               suffer from an illness or injury) can now
               receive treatment to help extend their
  You Are Amazing: You Are Human!
e.g. Her absence was due to her illness.                 4-2

            Due to the increase in the population of
            elderly people, gerontology is now one
            of the fastest growing areas of medicine.
            It is now common for older people with
            damaged joints, for example, to have
            surgery to replace the old joint with a
            new one (made of plastic or metal).

             e.g. When you replace an old battery with a
             new one, make sure you match the positive
             lead to the positive terminal on the battery.
   You Are Amazing: You Are Human!
                       e.g. The better you study, the
     As with = Like    better your future will be.           5

               As with any machine, the better you
            take care of it, the longer it will last. Of
            course, the best way to take care of your
            amazing machine is to eat the right
            foods, do regular exercise, and get
            enough sleep. Oh, and don't forget to
The 比較級…, the 比較級…
e.g. The harder you study, the better grades you will get.
    How are our bodies
    similar to machines?
Just like machines, our bodies
   sometimes go wrong from old age.
So the better you take care of your
   body, the longer it will last.
In fact, the best way to take care of
   your amazing machine is to eat the
   right foods, do regular exercise, get
   enough sleep, and smile often.
 What advice would the author
give to readers who want to have
          better health?

            breathe (v.)
to take air into and out of the lungs

She breathes deeply and slowly while
she sleeps.
             clinic (n.)
        a medical facility

In that health clinic, doctors treat
patients who go back home afterwards.
             complex (adj.)            Back

having many parts or details that
make something hard to understand or
deal with

Finding a cure for cancer involves complex
scientific research.
       digest (v.)
to process in the stomach

   He can't digest milk.

             illness (n.)
        sickness, disease

Her illness kept her out of work for a
            poison (n.)           Back

any substance that harms or kills
people, animals, or plants if it is
swallowed or touched

She almost died when she drank poison
by mistake.
            suffer (v.)
to experience pain, loss,
hardship, etc.

His wife suffered when her mother

           treatment (n.)
      medical attention, cure

She went into the hospital for

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