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									                                           Board of Directors
                                               June 3, 2010


Sheri Bemis, Chief                                            Town of Oxford
James Courtney, DO                                            MRMC
Mark DiFronzo, EMT-P                                          Southbridge Fire
William Dino, EMT-P                                           Barre Ambulance
Dave Duncan                                                   Health Alliance Hospital
Richard Ellbeg, RN                                            Heywood Hospital
Jerry Flanagan                                                Consumer
Joseph Flanagan, Chief                                        Boylston
Tim Heuer, EMT-P                                              Fitchburg EMS
David Hurlbut, Chief                                          Sterling
Edward McNamara, EMT-P                                        Central Mass. EMS Corp
Eric Otterson, EMT-P                                          Auburn Fire
Joe Palomba, MD                                               HealthAlliance
Marc Restuccia, MD                                            UMMHC
Tom Ruchala, Chief                                            Rutland Fire
David Smith, EMT-P                                            Town of Franklin

Daniel Miesels                                                UMMMC
George Stedman, MD                                            NVMC

I.   Call to Order
         A. Meeting was called to order at 6:02 by President Flanagan. Motion Otterson, 2nd Hurlbut to
             approve the last minutes. APPROVED Members were asked to introduce themselves.

II. President’s Report-
        A. The CMED Supervisor has resigned and the position is open
        B. State Budget: It is unknown what the impact will be to the EMS Regions. We should have a
           better idea within the next two weeks. The current picture looks gloomy.
        C. A meeting was held with the other regional directors and presidents this past month to discuss
          CMED funding issues. Another meeting will be held over the summer.

III. Treasurer’s Report: Passed around for members to review.

IV. Medical Director Report:
       A. State Medical Directors upset that ALS services missed 4 STEMI over a six month period.
       B. The data collection system MATRIS should begin this summer
       C. Boston physicians believe that BLS providers should have access to combitube/king/LMA.
          Concern is that there is no oversight of BLS services by medical directors.
       D. B. Auerbach MD is chairing a state committee to look at where EMS should be headed in the
       E. State received a grant (1 of 3 states) to look at the development of statewide trauma systems.
         Dr Restuccia is serving as one of the reps from Mass and will be involved in the development or
         modification of the trauma system.

V. Committee Reports-
      A. Medical Services:
              1. Paramedic/Basic ambulance staffing proposal has been included in a funding bill
                 2. Webster EMS has applied for a special project waiver on use of solemedral for
                    asthma attacks. Dr. Restuccia will work with them to rewrite the study in an
                    appropriate format. Motion W. Dino, 2nd R. Ellbeg to allow Dr. Restuccia to work with
                    Webster EMS to present this application at the July State Medical Services Committee
                    Meeting. Dr. Stedman suggested we hold off until we see the final document. Motion
                 3. Dr Restuccia is the MOLST contact at UMMC.
        B. Training;
                 1. MSP EVOC program is available to EMS services. Currently the program is held in
                     Ayer but it may be moving.
                 2. New Epi-pen training program will be available on our website
                 3. Discussed that there are 250 providers within the state under investigation for not
                    attending trainings and buying their credits
        C. Communication: Need to develop regional communication plan
        D. MCI Committee: No Report
        E. Grants & Legislation:
                 1. Currently have 72 players for the tournament which is being held next Friday

VI. Old Business-
        A. UMMC-Dan Miesels spoke on homeland security grant proposal to get training equipment and
           establish a training site for the region.
                 1. All region 2 services will be allowed to go to the facility and use the equipment
                 2. Con ed courses will be made available to all services in the region, as will refresher
                    training at all levels
                 3. There will be no fee to regional services
                 4. There is no intention in running basic or paramedic levels programs in competition
                    with QCC and other established programs.
            Motion Bemis, 2nd Palomba to send letter in support to the homeland security council.

VII. New Business
       A. Motion Ellbeg, 2nd Courtney to appoint Dr Restuccia as Regional Medical Director for this year
       B. R. Longden discussed the three policies that the accountants recommend CMEMSC to adopt
                1. Whistleblower
                2. Document Destruction/retention
                3. Conflict of Interest
         R. Longden stated he recommends we adopt these policies and after adopted they will be
          revised to make them more specific to CMEMSC. Motion Bemis, 2nd Duncan to adopt these
          policies. APPROVED
       C. Motion Ruchala, 2nd Otterson to authorize the corporation to open a small business savings
          money market account at TDBank, adopt the resolution presented to the board and authorize
          Executive Director to be signatory on the account. APPROVED

 VIII. Motion Hurlbut, 2nd Ruchala to adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph Flanagan

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