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					                       Yardley Village News
November 2010

Message from the President                                    In addition, the Board is forming a Community
                                                              Center Advisory Group of Hershey’s Mill village
November is here once again, bringing with it a               presidents and residents to define and develop
return to standard time and an early sunset, so               recommendations to the Master Association for
please make sure that your outside front lights are           priority maintenance programs along with timelines
switched on a little earlier for the coming winter            to accomplish the implementation of the Option A
months. The village seems to be so much more                  program. The individuals who were asked and
pleasant when the lights are glowing in the cold              agreed to serve are Carolyn Eagan, Princeton Village
evening hours.                                                HOA President and Board member, who will Chair
                                                              the Advisory Group; Joe Bove, Quaker Village HOA
Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is on its way           President Jack Gaskill, Inverness Village; Bill Grace,
and OMG, Christmas, already. I always thought my              Oakmont Village; Sam Long, Jefferson Village; Jack
parents were exaggerating when they said, “Don’t              McCombs, Glenwood Village HOA President; Norm
wish your life away” because we were so eager to              Ricker, Princeton Village; Jack Schuerger, Lincoln
reach the next stage of our lives. Well now that I            Villages; Peg Trauger, Kennett Village.
have managed to do so, I am anxious to know how to
slow down the process. Vitamins don’t seem to be              I am sure you will recognize some of the above
doing the trick and exercising seems to be harder             names as those previously connected with the
each year. I think I like the formula that includes           Concerned Citizens Group. Beyond the obvious
managing stress, relaxing and learning to smile more          reconciliation factor, there is, in fact, some specific
and laughing louder. You may not get any younger              skill sets available in these individuals that should be
but you’ll enjoy life more.                                   very useful in accomplishing the group’s mission.
                                                              I will be insisting that all of the recommendations
A number of issues were presented and discussed at            presented by the group include a cost/benefits
the last Master Association meeting held on October           analysis to ensure that we are not investing more
7, 2010. Harry Staller, President of the Robynwood            than necessary in the process.
HOA and current member of the Board of Directors
of the Master Association, was selected as the Board
President, replacing Olivia (Pat) Erickson, who
resigned her position on the Board but will remain as                             In This Issue
President of the Troon HOA. The Master                        Message from the President                      Page 1
Association members expressed their appreciation to           Architect Committee                             Page 2
Pat for her efforts over the very difficult past year.        Landscape Committee                             Page 2
                                                              Social Committee                                page 3
With the selection process completed regarding the            Yardley Activity Corner                         Page 3
future of Winfield Hall, Harry expressed his hope             Neighborhood News                               Page 3
that a process of reconciliation towards a renewed            Letters to the Editor                           Page 4
sense of community balance and understanding will             Web Site                                        Page 4
take place. He also stated that the Board has agreed          Council and Committee Members                   Page 5
that, in the future, the Winfield Hall facility will be
known as the Hershey’s Mill Community Center.
The Board also recommended, and the members                  It was noticed on a village walk around that several
approved, the implementation of the following                garage carriage lights were not on. Check your
regulations regarding the operation of private golf          bulb, photo cell and timer for proper operation.
carts on Master Association property (i.e., the roads        We as a village need the help from every home to
and amenity access points):                                  assist in illuminating our walkways and streets
1. Operators of private golf carts within Hershey’s          especially at this time of year. Disconnect your
Mill must have a valid driver’s license.                     garden hose from the faucet and store in the garage
2. Each cart so operated must be identified with the         for winter. Check operation of trash door. Remove
House # of the owner visibly displayed with at least         window screens to avoid being blown out by winter
2” numbers – preferably on the rear bumper, but              winds.
possibly on either side of the vehicle as well.
3. Carts must be equipped with headlights and                                               Tony Bruno, Chairman

A portion of the meeting dealt with the bidding              Landscape Committee
process for the trash and recycling service at
Hershey’s Mill over the next 3 to 5 years. Four firms
were asked for proposals and two were promptly
                                                             Cooler temperatures and considerable rain in early
discarded as being overpriced. Of the two
                                                             October have contributed to good growth of the
remaining firms, both offered savings over the
                                                             newly planted grass seed throughout the village and
current rates, but the members voted unanimously
                                                             a spectacular display of fall color. Hershey Millers
to retain the present carrier, Allied Waste, because
                                                             have only to drive or to walk through the Mill and
of the confidence in their proven record of service.
                                                             surrounding areas to be greeted with all this
Unfortunately, the Yardley Council could not develop         wonderful color. As you read this month’s
any acceptable approaches to change our current              newsletter, you are well aware of the rapidly falling
snow removal process and has decided to continue             leaves and the fading annuals and perennials that
with the service as provided by HML for the 2010-            need to be put to rest after their blooming season.
2011 winter season. We do, however, intend to
                                                             Hershey’s Mill Landscape has given us the following
investigate other alternatives, if for no other reason
                                                             information as they begin their process of cleanup.
than to assure ourselves of the reasonableness of
                                                             We, as homeowners, will want to take advantage of
our current pricing.
                                                             the few remaining mild, dry days to start to clear
We are currently accumulating data to construct the          away annuals and cut back or maybe divide some of
operating budget for Yardley Village for CY 2011. We         the perennials and/or bulbs that we have added to
are hopeful that we can maintain our current                 planting beds. This will help to improve the blooms
quarterly budget level with no increase and, with the        for next year. These plantings can be disposed of
help of some mild weather, also be able to reduce            with our weekly trash pickups. Our efforts will help
the rates with excess snow funds remaining at the            to expedite this cleanup process, and allow us to
end of this year. We will just have to wait and see          control which plantings we want to keep or what we
how this plays out.                                          choose to get rid of. HML will take care of the
                  Joe Ciasullo, Council President
                                                             Fall Clean Up:
                                                              The first of two clean ups will take place during the
Architecture Committee                                       month of November. Obviously, weather will play a
                                                             major role in when and how fast this process will
Well it's that time again! Fall has arrived and              take place. HML will do their best to have things
we should start preparing the exterior of our
                                                             looking good for Thanksgiving.
 homes for winter. Let’s start by checking to see
that our outside lighting is working properly.
Grass cutting:                                                 Yardley Activity Corner
The last scheduled mowing is usually in early
November. After that, mowing will be in
combination with leaf removal.                                 Yardley Village Romeo Club
This wonderful color presently surrounding us and              Gentlemen:
the anticipation of spring color, will hopefully make
the job of clean up a little easier.                            Our next meeting will be on Monday, Nov. 1st.

                                                                       Look forward to seeing you all.
                 Mary Ellen Marra, Landscape Chair
                                                                            Same place-Nudy’s……..9:00AM.
Social Committee
                                                                Gordon D and Jim Swalm
Please mark your calendars for Sunday, December
19th, for Yardley Village's Holiday Brunch. A flyer will
be delivered to your mailbox over the Thanksgiving             Yardley and Zephyr Ladies Luncheon
weekend giving all the details. This has always been
the Social Committee's most well attended event so              YARDLEY/ZEPHYR VILLAGE LADIES LUNCHEON
please make your reservations ASAP after receiving
                                                                        MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2010
the flyer. Hershey's Mill Golf Club, where this
popular party will be held as it has been in previous                                12 NOON
years, has a maximum number of guests allowed by
                                                                     SIMON PEARCE RESTAURANT ON THE
order of the Fire Marshall so if you are planning to
attend, please reserve early. For those of you who
are our new neighbors, we look forward to                                      1333 LENAPE ROAD
welcoming you to this lovely event which usually
                                                                             WEST CHESTER, PA 19382
starts at 11:30 A.M. You will meet many of your
friends and neighbors and we will all have the                      
opportunity to mingle, chat and become better
                                                                 You can order from the menu and they have
acquainted while enjoying a delicious brunch.
                                                                       agreed to give us separate checks.
There are now thirty-eight people planning to
                                                                               Allow time to shop.
travel with us to The Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia                Please respond to Doris Mortimer at
in October, 2011. All but one couple would prefer          (610-918-8235) or
driving rather than travelling by bus. Since the                   Sue DiCarlo at
majority rules, there will be no transportation                       (610-430-7462) by November 10th.
provided. As we get closer to the date of departure, I          Please notify anyone who does not have email.
will send various emails to the group with details
of particulars to make our trip most enjoyable. Some                                            Sue DiCarlo
of us might decide to stop and meet for lunch at
some chi chi little place whereas others might                 Neighborhood News
choose to drive straight through to check into the
hotel by 4:00 P.M. I will keep you posted as we go             Coat Drive
                                                               Keller Real Estate in Exton is holding a coat drive for
The Social Committee wishes a blessed and lovely               the seventh straight year. They are looking for gently
Thanksgiving to you and yours.                                 used coats. Hats, gloves and scarves would also be
                                                               welcomed. Adult and children’s sizes are needed.
        Joane McNamara, Social Committee Co-Chair
These items will be donated to families in need here        Yardley Village Web Site
in Chester County. The coat drive starts now and
lasts until December 1st. Coats can be dropped off at       Send your data and suggestions in an email to
Pat Moyer’s or arrangements can be made to have   
Pat pick up your donation.

If you have an item you would like to donate or             Letters to the Editor
would like more information please contact:
Pat Moyer 1624 Yardley Dr., (610) 220-7888.                 Please submit questions or comments to


MONICA KAPLAN of 1738 Yardley Dr. died October 5,
2010, sixteen months after the death of her husband
Sydney. Monica suffered from a neurological disease
that kept her in a wheelchair for the last several
years but it did not affect her good nature. Many of
us in Yardley and others in “The Mill” played bridge
with Monica and Sydney and after Sydney’s death
we continued with Monica. She had bridge games
scheduled most days and some evenings. Having so
many devoted friends allowed Monica to stay in her
home with only an aide at night, while her devoted
daughter Cheryl came over every morning. All of us
who considered Monica and Sydney friends are
better people for having had them in our lives.

Monica is survived by her daughter Cheryl and
husband Eric, son Ian and wife Tali and four

                       Yardley Village Council and Committee Members
                       Yardley Village Council                          CSK Management, Inc.

                       Joe Ciasullo, President                          P. O. Box 775
                       Joane McNamara, Vice President                   Devon, PA 19333
                       Richard Katucki, Secretary                       Janet Burgess, Manager
                       James Swalm, Treasurer                           1-610-687-5686
                       Art DiGiuseppe, Member at Large                  Fax: 1-610-687-5083


                                     K. Hovnanian Companies
                                     5 Commerce Way
                                     Hamilton, NJ 08691

                                     Customer Service/Warranty
                                     Fax: 1-732-623-6966
                                     Paula Miller’s or

Architecture Committee                          Maintenance Committee                 Newsletter Committee

Anthony Bruno, Chair                            Ed Sweeney, Chairman                  Lee Gamma, Chair
Jim Alexander                                   Jim DiCarlo, Co-Chair                 Georgie Brophy
Connie Campbell                                 John Babiec                           Leslie Kirsch
Annette Coleman                                 Rex Cassel
Francis Risica                                  Tom Day                               Landscape Committee
Katie Worhacz                                   Ben Ellis
                                                Roger Fleming                         Mary Ellen Marra, Chair
Decoration Committee                            Dave Woodley                          Janet Day
                                                Al Zuccarello                         Nancy Hansen
Katie Worhacz, Chair
Nancy Hansen                                                                          Bob Moyer
                                                Social Committee                      Barbara Reeves-Cohen
Sandra Loose
Judy Molt                                                                             Lynn Trump
Marian Sweeney                                  Janet Day, Co-Chair                   Val Woodley
Edward Sweeney                                  Joane McNamara, Co-Chair
Lucy Watt                                       Marleen Babiec
Tom Watt                                        Susan Bronner
                                                Joyce Cassel
Finance Committee                               Barbara Clancy                        Web Manager
                                                Lynne Fleming
Jim Swalm, Chair                                Peggy McReynolds
Joe Ciasullo                                    Marian Sweeney                        Roger Fleming
Art DiGiuseppe
Jim Falcone


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